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“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Wang Zhuo sobbed, his whole body shaking with every thrust He Huo launched into him.

Gripping tightly into Wang Zhuo’s hips, He Huo groaned, yanking the other back onto his cock as fast as he could. He leaned over Wang Zhuo’s back and licked and nibbled at the back of his ear, relishing in the blush that came afterwards.

Wang Zhuo wailed, clutching at the pillow below his cheek. He clenched around He Huo, who sucked in a breath.

Wang Zhuo’s hand found its way to He Huo’s arm, the blush spreading to his shoulders. He Huo immediately stopped and massaged his lover’s lower back, peppering little kisses up to the small mole that was just to the right of the centre of Wang Zhuo’s back.

Retracting from He Hao, Wang Zhuo pulled off and turned around. He pushed He Huo into a cross-legged position and plopped himself into He Hao’s lap, moaning while rubbing against He Hao’s stiff cock with his ass.

“My Ritian,” he panted, his expression so fucked out He Hao felt himself grow harder at the sight of it, “Fuck me like this.”

Not needing to be told twice, He Hao positioned his cock at Wang Zhuo’s entrance and soon enough he set a ruthless pace thrusting up into Wang Zhuo, who achingly grinded his own cock against He Hao’s chiselled abs.

He Hao leaned down and lightly bit one of Wang Zhuo’s nipples, eliciting a delicious moan from his lover.

“You grew bigger,” Wang Zhuo commented, whining against He Hao’s neck.


He Hao pushed Wang Zhuo down, making him release his neck. He grabbed into Wang Zhuo’s thighs and fucked into his lover in quick, rough thrusts, wanting to fill Wang Zhuo with his cum, wanting to see how Wang Zhuo looked when he came—

He Huo’s eyes shot open. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he got up, pulling on the jacket by the side of his bed.

He looked down.


Pulling the jacket down so that it covered his lower parts, he scooched off towards the toilet, careful not to wake the boy sleeping just above his bed.

Another day, another unrequited boner.