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sweet mornings.

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Senju panted heavily as she caught her breath, her wide eyes blinking slowly as she stared up at the ceiling. Her heart pounding in her chest. She chuckled breathlessly as she turned on her side, her soft hair tickling her flushed cheeks. A mellow pleasantry settling in the center of her chest as the room remained quiet with the exception of two humans breathing. 

“Tired?” She asked her companion and Mikey groaned loudly as he buried his face further into the pillow. Her hand reached out and curled a strand of his hair around her finger, enjoying how soft it felt. He turned his head, pulling his hair from her hand as his dark eyes looked at her through a half-lidded gaze. His face was still completely flushed red, making his eyes look glossy as they slid shut. His mouth opens and his tongue licks his swollen lips. Senju smiles to herself; knowing she’s no better, maybe even looking worse for wear. 

The afterglow is enjoyed for a few minutes of comfortable silence, gazing at each other because no words need to be shared. She sits up slowly and the sweet soreness is starting to settle into her body, her lower back feels hot, her thighs feel weak and her cunt- 

“Oof!” She huffs when an arm is thrown over her shoulders to be dragged back into laying down. Mikey throwing a thigh over her hips, hugging her close until he’s laying his face next to hers. “Mikey!” She giggles, squirming until she can get comfortable, her hands resting on his thigh and he squeezes her tight whenever her fingertips find a leg hair to pull on. 

“Don’t move.” He commanded as he pressed a kiss into the side of her head. 

“I want to get out of bed,” Senju answers back, even though she’s made herself comfortable in his death grip. “Let go of me.”

Mikey pulled his head back, blinking at her through bleary eyes and she looks at him wondering why he already looked so irritated when they just had so much fun. “Denied.”

Senju rolls her eyes and knows she could leave his hold if she wanted but, it felt nice to be hugged so tightly by him. Certainly, a rewarding way to spend their morning, being woken up with his fingers and mouth put Senju in a good mood. Even if he was letting himself fall into his childish ways, she was exceptionally happy. Even after knowing him all this time and knowing the type of violence he could commit, it was always refreshing to see the sweet boy he held within when they were alone. 

She snuggled into him closer, her forehead against his cheek as she let the morning run away as they fell into another rest; anything she had to do could wait until they got up later. 

Except their little nap turned longer than expected. 

Her belly waking her more than the afternoon sun that peered past the blinds of their shared room, rumbling and protesting as hunger fought its way through her. Senju was surprised that Mikey hadn’t woken up, whining and complaining that he was in a similar state. 

“Mikey…” She tries to push his leg off of her, suddenly feeling the heat of their bodies melting together with discomfort. How the hell did she sleep so much when he was a walking heater?! 

He grumbled and the arm around her waist shifted until his hand rested on her chest, holding her breast in his hand and squeezing it. “Stop moving…” He grumbled, groping her like if she was a stress toy. 

Senju pouts and pinches his thigh, making him frown and open his eyes to glare at her. 

“Get off. I’m hungry.” 

Mikey rolled his eyes, detaching himself from her and kicking off the sheets. Speaking under his breath, It’s too fucking hot…  

Senju giggles slightly, letting her eyes wander across her lover’s naked body. Down from the muscles of his abdomen to the little happy trail down to his-Wait! She was on a mission for food first!

Her panties and t-shirt were pulled on, and after a visit to the restroom, she sets out to look for something to eat. 

Mikey never kept his place stocked, the empty fridge just reminding Senju why she preferred they do it at her place. She drank water until her throat felt completely nourished and she finds the paper bag of baked goods that Mikey had gotten on their way back to his place. She eats the sweet bread as she walks back to the bedroom, kneeling on the bed. 

She waves the half-eaten sweet in front of her lover’s face until he opens his mouth to take a large bite of it. Humming happily as he chewed. 

His hair is wild as he sits up and Senju knows she’s the same, both of them smiling at each other as they enjoy the different pieces of bread with different fillings. Kissing each other to share the flavors and soon, their tummies full of desserts has them focusing on one another. 

Mikey laying back against the pillows as Senju straddles him, moaning against her lips as she ground herself down against him. Raising herself only to tear her t-shirt off. Senju doesn’t get to the chance to lean down into him again as Mikey sits up, his mouth taking bites and open-mouthed kisses along the marks he had left the night before and this morning. His arm wrapping around her waist, rocking her down onto his wakening cock. 

“Can’t wait…” Senju murmured, breathless and rushed. A small squeal leaving her plush lips as Mikey bites a ring around her perk nipple. His black eyes looking up at her through his messy fringe. His pink tongue darting out and licking over the sore tissue with an apology as he smiled widely. Her hands plant on his shoulders to lift her ass and Mikey works with her like clockwork, pushing aside her panties to give himself room to guide his cock back into her. Senju’s pale hair hanging over her face and his as she brought his lips to her again, whining softly as she felt the stretch spoil her once again. 

“Fuck…” They both whine in unison, lost in each other so quickly as they roll their hips together. 

Mikey moves his face away, burying his face into her shoulder as he held her soft hips, forcing her to take his cock at his pace. 

Senju’s mind clouds. 

The heat she feels is different now, smoldering and suffocating her as her only breathy moans only sing his name.  

She leans back on her arms, planting her hands on his spread thighs as she fights against his hold. A sweet smile on her lips, her eyes glistening with affection as she challenged him. Mikey’s own face is similar, smiling lazily as he understood. Leaning back until he fell on his elbows to support his weight, getting a full view and a free show of Senju lifting her hips, rocking them, rolling them against him. Riding his cock to her pleasure and her voice shows for her, moaning and sighing in pleasure as she bounced on his cock. 

His usually powerful, sweet lover was such an eager slut for him; just for him.

Her cunt gushing around his length the more she rides him, pleased and aroused. Gripping and fluttering around his cock, her voice high praise as his cockhead grinds in and out of her slippery walls. It’s not long before Mikey is the first one to start his descent to orgasm, leaning back up to hug her, whimpering her name into her chest. Her sternum, tits, and nipples; anything he could get his mouth on are bitten and kissed. 

Senju giggles out loud when she’s rolled over suddenly, shifting against the sheets and letting him push between her thighs. Mikey’s cock immediately pounding into her as soon as he got his leverage. Her hands rest on his waist, scratching and holding him as she’s fucked into the mattress. 

He murmurs that he’s cumming, rushed and hot against her lips. He can cum inside, he knows he can, but hearing her hushed, pleasured voice beg him to do so makes his stomach tighten as he looks down to where they meet. His cock glistening with the juices of her slicked pussy and he groans heavily. His hand coming down and planting on her mons, his thumb rubbing her clit as close to the beat of his cock fucking into her as he can. 

Mikey… Mikey…”  Senju desperately warns, bringing him close to kiss him to rob herself of breath as she feels her clit throb dangerously at what’s coming. 

Fuck…” And in the same breath, he also utters, ” Marry me…”

Senju blinks her eyes open, knowing what she just heard the words that slipped from his lips but Mikey stares right back at her. 

Two pairs of eyes boring into each other as the hefty weight of those spoken words hang in the air.

Both of them blinking slowly, feeling flustered for other reasons than fucking each other. She feels his cock twitch inside of her and her lips tremble. The sex mood wasn’t ruined but it had certainly been replaced with something else, something warm and soft.

“O.. Okay…” Her voice is small, sweet, and Mikey sits up, his red blush trailing down his neck to his shoulders. “I said okay.” 

“I heard you.” He counters and she wonders if she’s ever seen him so embarrassed before. His hands leave her body altogether, dragging down his face as he let out an exasperated sigh. His dark eyes peak down at her between his fingertips and Senju smiles at him; his face was glowing pink behind his pale hands. 

She pushes herself up until he’s within arms reach, clinging to him and forcibly bringing him back down into her embrace. Her hand caressing his hair as she buries her nose against his cheek. 


Mikey turns his head, blinking slowly at her; embarrassment and shyness written all over his facial features. “So… I’m marrying you.” 

Senju grinned widely, looking youthful as she brimmed with happiness. Her lips mold against his and their lust melts together again, their mood burning with passion once again as their hearts pound for a new reason. 

“You’re marrying me.” She chuckled softly against his smiling lips. Her giddy attitude is unable to combat her usual snarkiness when they were alone; teasing him sweetly. "Never you took you for the marrying type-" 

Mikey frowns immediately, forcing her to shut up as he kissed her roughly. "Shut up." Though her giggling persisted even when he glares at her.

Senju’s sweet laughter soon melting away into heated gasped as Mikey began to move inside of her again - obviously consummating their new engagement.