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No choices | Incredibox AU [Tromp x Monk]

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Tromp Dwerryhouse, only 23 years old, short but not exaggerated, with black hair and blue-gray eyes. And, that he had one of the heaviest jobs a person could have.
Being a psychiatrist in a mental hospital.

It may seem like a pretty tedious thing, and in fact, it is; But at least Tromp doesn't have a difficult time, as he is a recent graduate who is just working in the institution and of course, they cannot give him such a heavy job as dealing with one of the most dangerous patients, by God, they would not do that!
The staff were quite friendly people, even the manager of the place, Choir, despite his serious and firm demeanor, was really a patient person and with whom you could totally chat over a cup of coffee.

Anyway, continuing with the theme, Tromp specializes in childhood and adolescent disorders, it may not be very easy, but at least it is lighter than dealing with certain patients who have to be locked up.
Not everything was so bad, at least Tromp's patients were mostly docile, since they were minors, but he had to be very careful with them in the same way, because he did not want those young people to suffer more, they reminded him and his younger brother when they had to put up with their father.
Or at least, before they changed, and with it, their father's treatment of them.

  Those moments so bitter that it was still difficult for him to process, were the worst moments that he could have spent in his entire life together with Snare, and now that he thought about it, working in a mental hospital did not sound as bad as still staying by his side (although, well, it's not like he wanted to work in an institution like that, but as he said, anything was better than being with his father).