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An Unexpected Request

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"Gustaf," it was said in a low, demanding voice.

Seconds later, the young man in question appeared out of breath at the office door. The woman was having one of those days! At least she had finally stopped calling him boy.

"Yes, Miranda?"

The editor looked at him over her glasses, with narrowed eyes and pursed lips.

"Why are there only five fabric swatches on my desk?"

"Maybe because you said it would be enough?" Gustaf responded promptly, trying not to roll his eyes.

Miranda frowned, her gaze burning at the audacity.

"That was yesterday. Bring the other three. You have ten minutes."

To the editor's astonishment, Gustaf flashed a smug smile.

"Just a moment, they're in my drawer," he said shrewdly, turned on his heel, and quickly went to get the swatches.

As soon as Gustaf was out of sight, Miranda let out a huff and allowed a small smile to spread across her face.

In the months following the arrival of the new assistants, testing them was deliciously refreshing, and with countless benefits. Despite the daunting tasks, they both remained examples of efficiency.

Gustaf returned with the fabric swatches and silently placed them on Miranda's desk. Back to her bored look, the woman only raised her eyebrows, before shooing him away with one hand. The assistant gave a polite nod, and within seconds, she was alone again.

The editor smiled, shaking her head, once again in awe. Andrea and her troupe surely did a good job. Things at Runway were quite complicated. She did not even want to imagine what it would be like without Alicia and Gustaf managing the chaos.

Miranda had her mind-wandering interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone.

"I was waiting for your call," she commented with a playful smile, as she answered. "Yes, yes. You know I want the best, even more, under these circumstances...Do not let me down. Okay. That's all."

Miranda Priestly's little smile was arrogantly victorious.

* * * *

As promised to her family, Miranda left Runway early, and arrived at the townhouse a little before 7pm. After receiving a warm welcome from her daughters and exchanging a few friendly words with Eliza and Sophie, invited to dinner, the editor went upstairs to look for Andrea. They said she was in the bath.

Upon reaching the master bedroom, Miranda found her young partner looking at herself in the full-length mirror in the walk-in closet. Andrea was wearing nothing but a set of delicate, comfortable underwear in a shade of dark green.

"Hi, darling," Miranda greeted her softly as she hugged her from behind. On tiptoe, the older woman sniffed her neck still fresh from the bath, giving it a loving kiss. "You are getting more and more beautiful every day."

Andy snorted in disbelief.

"I'm getting bigger every day, you mean…I'm going to look ridiculous in the awards dress," she pouted, her eyes watering.

Miranda smiled in sympathy with her partner's insecurities, so normal at this point in her pregnancy.

"My beloved," the editor appealed to the sweet, melodious voice that Andrea loved. "Your body is just adapting to house our child, who grows beautifully in you," she calmly continued her now familiar speech. "You have barely gained any weight. Plus, your skin and hair show that radiant glow that only pregnant women have," Miranda stated, and then placed another kiss on the neck near her lips. "As for the dress, do not worry, I will arrange everything. It will be magnificent."

Andy took a long breath.

"I'm being silly, aren't I?" She asked the obvious, leaning her body closer to the one who was supporting her. She hated these hormonal crises.

"Just pregnant," Miranda chuckled. "A beautiful pregnant woman, who will look even more stunning in an exclusive creation by Donatella Versace," she decided to be a little indulgent, just to lighten the mood. She could not bear to see Andrea upset.

Andy was grinning, her eyes, meeting Miranda's in the mirror.


"Uh huh…"

"Now I'm curious," Andy said excitedly, her insecurities already forgotten.

Miranda's little smile was sly.

"You will have to wait until next week, when you will have your first fitting on the dress."

Andy pouted.

"Trust me. The wait will be worth it," Miranda assured in an enigmatic tone, with a smirk.

Andy smiled tenderly. Then, she closed her eyes, her lips, letting out a small, appreciative moan, as she felt Miranda's mouth kiss and bite her neck and ear.

"Don't start something you can't finish…" She scolded, her tone, already husky.

Miranda's laugh sounded thick and teasing.

"I would never do such a thing, darling..."

"Dinner...Our friends are here..." Andy tried to argue, although her voice did not sound convincing.

"It is still early. Those two are smart, they will distract the twins," Miranda pointed out.

The hands, from Andrea's waist, came up. Wasting no time, they opened the bra and quickly got rid of the piece, so they could hold breasts, even fuller.

"I will be quick, I promise. Just an appetizer..."

Andy opened her eyes, watching them again in the mirror, the sensual scene, melting away any vestige of resistance. Her smile, like her voice, was seductive, "So, will I have full service later?" She turned in the embrace, facing Miranda.

"It will be my pleasure," was the promise in a lascivious tone, before their lips met in urgent demand.

* * * *

"I love the ways you make good on your word," Andy said breathlessly with a giggle, hours later, after Miranda had fulfilled her promise made before dinner.

The older woman let out an amused huff.

"Thank you, my dear. It is really been a pleasure, believe me," she stated mischievously. Andrea continued to feed her desire madly. Despite the challenge, her current body state had a delicious new allure.

"Oh, no doubt about it! Mine, too," Andy teased, her sweaty, satisfied body snuggling closer to the one hugging her from behind, on the unmade bed.

"I liked it, by the way," Miranda said between kisses on her neck.

"Me too!" Andy bit her bottom lip. "Do you want a second round?" She moaned softly at a nibble near her ear. "Love, as much as I want to, and you know I always do, we need to take it easy…Dominique said sex is still safe as long as we're careful…"

Andy hated to remember such a restriction. She wanted to have Miranda incessantly, and it was not just because of her crazy hormones. Would the desire become less intense over time? At the moment, Andy thought it impossible.

She felt Miranda's snort on the back of her neck.

"I am talking about your book," the older woman explained in a mocking tone.

Andy stiffened.

The woman and her damn sudden changes of subject!

Because of her tumid belly, Andy turned awkwardly in the embrace, facing Miranda.

"First off, do not give me that look," the editor was quick to demand, not wanting Andrea to tense up.

The young woman sighed.

"You need to trust yourself more, Andrea. Be more assertive in front of your editors. Are you always so insecure?" Miranda finally expressed what she thought of her defensiveness.

Andy was chewing her lips nervously.

"No. It's you. Only with you..."

Miranda smiled.

"Good, then," she frowned, "I guess," she added.

"Umm...You said you liked it..."

"Although it was still in the beginning, I found the narrative line interesting. I confess that I was surprised. Crime Novel?"

Andy shrugged.

"I had the idea when I was in college, but I thought it needed time to mature..."

Miranda nodded in understanding.

"Resuming the idea now, with you more experienced, was the right choice. From what I have read, the narrative is solid. While not my type of reading, it has intriguing characters and the writing style managed to hook me. The story is very good, Andrea. With the right preparation and editorial attention, the book is bound to be great."

Andy put her arms around Miranda's shoulders and buried her face in the older woman's neck.

"Thank you," her voice was muffled by the proximity to her partner's smooth skin, though Andy's smile was noticeable.

"Do you know that I will want to read the manuscript until you close that book, do not you?"

"Uh huh…"

"And that I will make numerous observations in your work."

"Uh huh…I'm counting on it..."

Miranda paused and frowned. Suddenly, she felt totally manipulated. When the editor was about to continue the conversation, however, she was interrupted by Andrea's loud yawn.

"Enough for today, let us go to sleep," Miranda then suggested.

"Uh huh…" Andy agreed once more, already groggy, carefully turning her back to the older woman again. "You always know what to say..."

Miranda huffed at the sleepy nonsense.

"That's all, Andrea," she blurted out in mock reproach.

"I love you..."

Miranda smiled lovingly, but felt that her young partner had already fallen asleep.

"Love you, too..." She whispered anyway, and placed a soft kiss on her hair.

After turning off the lampshade on her nightstand, Miranda snuggled closer to Andrea, the heat of the bodies still damp with sweat, which in the past would have made her look for a shower, with the young woman, causing her to smile contentedly. Despite arrangements to replace her lost work hours, Miranda Priestly now knew that time spent with family always had its precious rewards.





"Do not be ridiculous, Andrea. Let me see," Miranda demanded, already impatient, at the inter-connecting door to the bedrooms.

"Calm down, wait just a little longer! I'm almost ready!" Andy yelled from the other end in a nervous tone.

Since early in the morning Nigel, Serena and Emily had been helping her get ready for the awards ceremony. Aside from the first fitting, in which Miranda made her pointed remarks about the outfit, Andy did not let the older woman see her in the dress again. She wanted it to be a surprise for that night.

Andy had been reluctant to attend the ceremony, both, to be able to continue avoiding the press, and also, for fear of leaving the twins only with the medical staff, in a very difficult week. Though, the restriction of the event to be covered only by authorized media, and Eliza and Sophie committing to stay with the twins, were decisive in Andy finally agreeing to be out for a few hours.

"There," Nigel swung open the door and smirked as he caught Miranda by surprise, and then froze at the glare he received from the woman.

Still narrow-eyed, Miranda positioned herself to the side waiting to see Andrea, her perfectly painted mauve lips pursed in uneasy anticipation.

"I present the diva of the night!" Serena dramatized, dragging, along with Emily, a shy and extremely apprehensive Andrea Sachs.

Miranda's adoring gaze and smile were immediate.

Her Andrea looked magnificent.

The deep blue Versace was exquisite. The long-cut dress with strategic layers disguised her pregnancy and the need for special shoes. Her long hair was in a loose bun, her makeup sober, flawless in highlighting her beautiful eyes and generous mouth in a matte red tone. The white gold earrings and the ring, with a diamond in the shape of a rose, perfectly completed the ensemble.

Miranda walked over to Andrea and took her hands, which were cold and a little shaky. The older woman brought them to her lips and placed a gentle kiss on soft, fragrant skin.

"You look beautiful, my love. Truly ravishing."

Andy sighed, calmer now, and smiled brightly.

Miranda turned to Nigel, Emily and Serena.

"Good job."

The three smiled proudly and relieved. Andy was extremely insecure and anxious, while Miranda behaved like Miranda. Dealing with the two of them in such moods was not easy. Glad that all the work was worth it, and that the couple was finally going to a formal event, after so long.

* * * *

As they hurried past the paparazzi horde at the entrance, Miranda and Andy then gracefully entered the hall, where the Aspiration Award was to be presented. The Times spared no effort. The place was tastefully decorated in black, gold and silver, and apparently, the catering was delectable.

Their arrival was very noticeable. Andy really did look magnificent, and Miranda, although also in a Versace, wore a more discreet black model. It was Andrea's night. The editor knew that her presence alone would attract stares, and she did not want to do anything that would display her even more, Andrea was already too nervous. Aside from the award, it was the first major event they attended as a couple.

During the minutes leading up to the award ceremony, Miranda tried to convey the necessary confidence and stay close to her young partner. At one point, however, while they were talking to an influential couple in New York society, Irv interrupted them to take Miranda to a high-ranking editorial group. As much as the woman wanted to take a back seat, she was Miranda Priestly. Many wanted her attention.

As she talked to editors and investors, Miranda watched Andrea discreetly. She smiled slightly when she saw the young woman laughing along with her companions. Her partner's caring and friendly nature had already won them both over.

Nevertheless, soon afterward, Miranda stiffened as she noticed who was approaching Andrea.

Christian Thompson.

How could she be so careless?

She did not bother to find out if he would be on the guest list. After all, she barely remembered the slippery blonde. As far as she knew, Christian had never looked for Andrea again.

Miranda noticed that her partner tensed up at the sight of him. The editor wanted to put a stop to the man's supposedly gallant smile, along with all his teeth.

"Andy, you're still a vision," he greeted with a crooked smile and looking down at her belly, interrupting the conversation between her and the couple in her company.

The young woman smiled awkwardly.

"Christian, it's been a while," she introduced him to the other man and his wife, who, after polite exchanges, excused themselves to join some friends.

"Look at you…Now you're Miranda's girl, in all propriety," as soon as they were alone, Christian commented with a smile that was a mixture of mockery and sorrow.

Andy shot him a glare. She was not in the mood for games. Also, from the glass of whiskey in his hand and his already heavy eyes, it was evident that Christian had been making good use of the buffet's liquor supply. All Andy did not want, and needed to avoid, was stress and scandal. The press had finally left her family alone. She did not want to give them any reason for further media harassment.

"What do you want, Christian?" She was harsh, making clear her intention not to prolong the contact.

The blonde held up his empty hand in mock surrender along with his trademark smile.

"Gee! Just wanted to say hi to an old friend," he retorted cynically, his eyes devouring her body. "You really look beautiful," he sighed, "it's such a shame..."

Andy could not resist a smirk.

"Not for me, believe me. I'm where and with whom I want to be."

Christian sighed dramatically. Then he smirked.

"It was great to see you again, Andy, but I think I'd better go now. Dragon in sight," he commented scornfully, seeing Miranda Priestly's subtle but decisive approach.

"Good to know that, despite being arrogant, you're still smart."

Christian gave her a wink, and after turning on his heel, walked away, with one hand in his pocket and the whiskey glass revisiting his lips.

"The air here was kind of suffocating, was not it?" Miranda asked dryly, wrapping her arm protectively around her waist.

Andy smiled at the welcome display of possessiveness.

"Yes, quite a lot. Thanks for the rescue."

Miranda just nodded, and then narrowed her eyes slightly.

"Apparently, we still have surprises in store," she added quietly.

Confused, Andy discreetly turned to where her partner was looking at.

Lily was holding hands with a beautiful young woman.

"Hi..." The newcomer greeted them shyly.

Andy was smiling, her heart singing happily. She had already forgiven her friend some time ago. After everything was clarified and the most tumultuous phase had passed, they kept in touch by email, and in recent weeks, by phone. Still, the conversations remained casual, mostly on Lily's part, which still feared more intimacy. However, her being there meant that the adaptation period was finally over. That Lily was ready for a real rapprochement.

"Lil!" Even with the mobility and contact complicated by the bulging belly, Andy hugged her enthusiastically.

"Hey!" The other woman did not hesitate to return the gesture. "Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, Andy! And look at you, girl, you look amazing!"

"Thanks, Lil! You look amazing yourself. Glad you're here," the young reporter then frowned.

"Diana received invitations and I wanted to surprise you. I wouldn't miss this night for anything!" Lily guessed what was on her friend's mind. "By the way, let me introduce you. Diana Donovan. Diana, Andrea Sachs and Miranda Priestly."

The tall blonde with stylishly short hair smiled.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you. And congratulations!"

"Thank you!" Andy shook her hand, smiling back at her. Lily was dating!

Even Miranda was politely kind to the younger couple.

"Well, we're going to take a look around before the ceremony. It's almost time," Lily glanced at Miranda, who nodded almost imperceptibly.

"Lillian, Diana, Andrea and I would be delighted to welcome you both to our home. I think dinner would be lovely," the editor offered cordially, looking from the couple to her partner, who nodded excitedly in agreement.

"Yes, that would be wonderful!" Andy verbally endorsed it, with a hopeful smile.

Lily and Diana looked at each other and then smiled.

"We greatly appreciate the invitation."

"We'll be happy to attend."

"Great! After the awards, we can arrange everything just right," Andy pointed out with satisfaction.

After promising to talk later, once the couple had left to look around the hall, Andy turned with a loving smile to Miranda.

"Thank you..."

The older woman shrugged.

"It was time for you two to take the next step. I just took the opportunity of this being in a safe place."

Andy gave her a smirk.

"Not just the dinner invitation...Lily conveniently being here today. Thank you...It means a lot to me..."

Miranda looked at her, confused.

"I do not understand your implication..."

Andy snorted.

"Do you really think I bought the story that Diana got invitations? This party is exclusive to publishers, sponsors and the elite."

Miranda shrugged again, but a small smile crooked her lips.

"Maybe the girl belongs to the industry, or who knows, she is an unknown heir..."

Andy snorted a second time.

"Uh…I don't know...Their clothes...something tells me they've visited The Closet..."

Miranda was now smiling broadly.

"Do not be ridiculous, Andrea."

Andy's response was to wrap her arms around the woman's neck and take her lips, showing anyone who would see how grateful she was to be Miranda Priestly's girl, in all propriety.