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An Unexpected Request

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Miranda Priestly narrowed her eyes and skimmed them subtly over her daughters. She took a generous sip of her coffee, and then calmly set her cup down on the table.

"Caroline…" The mother drew her attention in a dangerously low tone.

The girl grimaced and immediately stopped the spoon she was using just to play with her chopped fruit topped with plain yogurt and honey.

"I'm sorry..."

Miranda frowned. She turned to Cassidy, who had also barely eaten her homemade strawberry jam toast. She also saw that their orange juices were mostly intact.

The woman sighed deeply.

"You two should have stayed in bed, resting. I let you girls come downstairs, just because you insisted you wanted to have breakfast with me."

The twins lowered their heads.

Miranda sighed again, this time, with a dismayed expression.

In the last few days, she had been immersed in a maddening workload, and her daughters, even more fragile physically and emotionally, missed her greatly. Although Irv's support, and Miranda worked more from home than at Runway, much still needed to be done. The editor wanted to advance what she could, but not at the expense of her family. After all, it was all for them.

"Bobbseys," Miranda called to the two of them in a soft voice. "During chemo weeks you always get more tired and nauseous. If you two did not have the stomach to eat right now, you should not have insisted on coming with me. All you had to do was ask me to stay with you upstairs. We have talked about this before, sweethearts. Mom does not want you girls to wear yourselves out for nothing. I know I have been going to Runway more lately, but I will always try to stay with you as much as I can, okay?"

The twins smiled and nodded enthusiastically. Their mother had been keeping her promises flawlessly.

"Good morning," Andy arrived with shuffling steps, thick voice and eyes still sleepy. As the others returned her greeting, she placed a smacking kiss on each girl's smooth head. At home, the twins no longer cared about the lack of hair.

Andy got behind their chairs, bent down a little, and wrapped her arms around their shoulders.

"Did you sleep well, sweethearts?"

"It wasn't bad...

"We don't wake up so much..."

Andy nodded in understanding, along with a smile.

"And you? Did you sleep well?" Cassidy asked with a smirk.

Andy snorted.

"Do you still doubt?!" She laughed along with the twins, and walked over to Miranda, who was grinning. As the pregnancy progressed, Andy became even sleepier. However, she had never felt so good.

After the episode in the hospital, Andy adopted the strategy of isolating herself from the world as much as possible, until the end of the pregnancy. The young woman only left the townhouse for medical examinations that really needed the clinic, and the rest, was managed at home, by Dominique. Andy had been extra careful when reading or watching something, and her friends and family had been avoiding discussing topics that could cause her tension. She admitted to being in an alienated period, but Andy was not going to take unnecessary risks again. At least, she was taking advantage of her seclusion to finally devote herself to her book.

Miranda had to suppress a moan as she received Andrea's good morning kiss, which, even though it was quick, was very naughty, her tongue darting dangerously along the length of the older woman's lips.

Andy gave her partner an impish wink and sat down between the twins. Soon, the girls and she were chatting happily. The twins even started to nibble on their food.

Andrea and her magic.

Miranda could not get enough of watching her interact with their children.

Then the editor sighed heavily. She had duties to fulfill. Miranda needed to attend a meeting at Runway.

"Well, I was just waiting for Andrea to get up, to leave. I will be back as soon as I can."

Her three girls immediately lost some of their shine.

"I promise."

The three of them smiled. Miranda rolled her eyes, but she also had a carefree look on her face.

"We'll have guests for lunch, don't forget," Andy reminded her with a knowing smile.

Miranda made a sneering sound.

"Are you talking about those two?" She argued with mock disdain. "Eliza and Sophie practically live in the townhouse. They could save time by moving here altogether."

Andy put her finger to her chin and made a thoughtful face.

"Umm...You wouldn't be a bad idea! Liza would make her delicious dishes, and Sof, could keep a closer eye on our physical condition."

"True, Andy!" Caroline helped, with a conspiratorial smile.

"It would be so cool!" Cassidy added excitedly.

"Perfect! We can make the offer to them today! What do you think, Miranda?" Andy argued, and the twins and she smiled slyly.

The older woman narrowed her eyes.


The twins and Andy laughed heartily.

* * * *

"Hey! Wait, wait!"

Roy, who was already driving the car out of the property, stopped immediately, tires screeching against the asphalt at the sudden command of the brakes.

Miranda rolled down the window of the Mercedes and faced a breathless Andrea.

"You should not run like that," the older woman was stern, although concern could also be felt in her voice.

Andy blushed at the deserved scolding.

"Sorry...But it was only a few meters. I just forgot to give you this," she shyly showed her an envelope.

Miranda looked at Andrea over her sunglasses and raised her eyebrows.

"And 'this' would be...?"

" beginning of my book..." Andy was chewing her lips and shifting feet anxiously.

Miranda's eyebrows rose even higher. It had been a while since she had seen Andrea so insecure. Her partner looked like the out-of-place young woman in her hideous cerulean blue sweater. Not that Miranda wanted a return to that phase, but she had to admit it was refreshing that she could still make Andrea nervous, from time to time.

"Elaborate," the editor prompted in a bored tone, going along with her plan.

"Uh...So...I've only written forty pages, but I wanted you to take a look already..."


At the rough sound coming from the other woman, Andy clutched the envelope to her chest, as if to protect her writing.

Miranda wanted to roll her eyes. Of course she would love to see what Andrea had written! However, the editor held back. She would keep the staging until the end. While a part of her felt sorry for Andrea, her young partner needed to learn to be more confident about her work, in front of anyone. For God's sake, Andrea was a solid, well-recognized reporter!

Andy sighed, clearly unmotivated.

"Uh...Right...I don't think it was a good idea...Bad timing...Don't worry about it, I understand..."

"Give it to me..."

"I know you're too busy to waste time on this-"

"Andrea, give me the damn envelope!" Miranda demanded exasperatedly.

Andy fell silent and her eyes widened. Reflexively, she offered her the package, and Miranda practically pulled the envelope out of her hands.

"Good. Now, stop wasting my time, which, as you yourself pointed out, is scarce. I am already late. After all, we will have guests for lunch."

Andrea then laughed at her lack of control.

"Okay. Thank you..." Gone was the frightened young woman, back, her partner.

Miranda's smile was pure evil.

"Do not thank me yet, darling," she rolled up the car window, leaving Andrea with a mouth hanging open, as she watched the Mercedes pull away from the townhouse.

Miranda Priestly finally laughed.



Miranda dressed and finished getting ready for bed. She was leaving the ensuite bathroom and heading back to the master bedroom, when the sight made her stop her steps.

Andrea was standing, next to the bed, wearing only comfortable white cotton panties. A few stray reddish-brown strands adorning her face, the rest of her hair, flowing in a straight cascade down her smooth, alabaster back.

The young woman was looking down, her eyelashes long and naturally dark, blocking the view of her beautiful eyes. She was absorbed in smearing almond oil over her prominent belly and even fuller breasts.

At nearly six months pregnant, Andrea Sachs was magnificently admirable.

After the initial complicated period, although still a pregnancy that required special attention, with the preventive measures adopted by the family, Andrea finally found peace and tranquility, and the pregnancy blossomed.

Every time Miranda saw her like this, lost in the aura of attention to the body that housed the unborn baby, she felt her heart, if still possible, expand a little more. It was immeasurable how much Andrea meant to her.

As if sensing the other woman's emotion, Andy turned toward Miranda, who was watching her with loving, longing eyes. Andy just smiled and handed her the bottle of oil.

Miranda knew that smile and the fire in her gaze. She knew exactly what her young partner needed.

In two strides, she was beside Andrea.

The older woman took the almond oil and poured a generous amount into her right hand, placed the bottle on the bed, and rubbed her hands together to distribute the viscous, aromatic liquid evenly.

Miranda massaged the younger woman's belly and back carefully, her hands gliding minutely over the soft, warm skin. Andrea's sighs and little moans were, undoubtedly, heating her desire, despite her attention to the task.

Miranda then stopped and placed a long, motherly kiss on the protruding belly, before picking up the oil and repeating the process, focusing on Andrea's chest. The older woman slowly circled her right breast, and on the left one, in addition to smearing it with oil, she could not resist lightly pinching an inviting nipple.

When the caress went from careful to erotic, neither of them could specify.

Despite the lingering concern, Andrea's condition was under control, and they could continue with their intimacy, as long as cautiously.

It did not take long for Miranda's hands to take possession of Andrea's body again, but this time, with a new purpose. Her mouth joined them, kissing and nibbling delicious skin, until Andrea was trapped in a slow, deep kiss. Miranda's touches remained soft, meaningful. She wanted to prolong the moment as long as possible.

When Andrea's labored breathing proved it was dangerous for her to still stand, Miranda led them to the bed. She helped her partner to sit on the edge, and laid her partially on the soft mattress covered with linen sheets. Then the older woman proceeded to remove her silk pajamas slowly, her eyes locked with Andrea's, who watched her in eager anticipation through lids heavy with lust.

"Miranda…" Andy could not suppress the call in a husky tone, as she saw the older woman discard her lacy black panties.

Miranda gave her a small sensual smile, and with her eyes still locked with her young partner's, she gently spread Andrea's legs and knelt on the floor between them. With reverent hands, the older woman gripped the elastic band of Andrea's white panties and pulled them down, at a teasingly slow pace, until she tossed aside the piece already ruined by her partner's arousal.

"Mi-Miranda..." Andy repeated her plea in an even huskier voice, her hips moving involuntarily.

Miranda, who was alternating kisses and small bites on her quivering thighs, smiled in satisfaction, her hot breath near Andrea's sex, causing the young woman to give a languid moan in response.

"Do not worry. I will take care of you, darling…" She assured in a deep tone, and used her arms to steady Andrea's legs in place.

With her thumbs, Miranda parted her partner's swollen, wet lips and ran a naughty tongue up and down her opening, until she covered Andrea's pussy with her mouth. The older woman kept her movements always long and slow, while Andrea's breathing became more ragged, and her moans and requests more and more urgent, until the young woman filled the bedroom with the scream that attested to Miranda's success.