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Joining Forces

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“Looks like the Scarlet Rose crew has beat us again to this bounty, captain” one of the crew members tells their leader while he looks in fear to see the response of their leader who bites her lower lip looking agitated at the man that just addressed her. “This is getting annoying, this is the tenth time already that he’s beaten us to some loot and a good one as well” Red Monika growls frustrated and tries to think of a possible way to get rid of this nuisance but her frustration makes it hard to come up with a plan.

“Why not try joining forces with him? Perhaps marry him to gain his favor? You would be unstoppable if that were to happen” another member of her crew suggests which gets him a few smacks on the head from his fellow crew members since it was rare for Monika to join a new pirate crew because she does not trust many people. They feel lucky to have such a renowned pirate becoming their captain but this new one has been undermining them and some of them already are talking about removing her from leadership.

“Not sure though meeting him would be a start to at least asses whom I’m dealing with and perhaps find a weak point or two” Monika thinks while trying to make a plan for it so she could beat her competition for once. “Wouldn’t hurt to meet him at least, go find out where Scarlet Rose can be found and stays and all that so I can face him” the busty redhead orders and her men are quick to get up and starts looking for the information that their leader wants on her now bitter rival.

Weeks pass and Red Monika get annoyed again when she misses two other bounties. “What the hell have you been up to? We’re losing money here and there isn’t anything I love more than money” she shouts at her men who have just returned from their investigations when her angry stare meets them. “We found out that he’s staying at the pirate guild at the capitol and that you can easily recognize him from his fire-like red hair though not much more, for some reason anyone that encountered him have forgotten pretty much everything else aside from a certain amount of fear” the crew tell her while she has been listening attentively.

“Well, I guess I’m off to the capitol than while you lowlifes try to get a bounty for yourself for once” Monika growls while she makes her way to her horse and starts preparing it. “Any recommendations, boss lady?” she gets asked and she tells them to get the easiest target before she jumps on the horse once it is saddled up. “Now to see this Scarlet Rose and see what his deal is” she tells them “and if worse things happen, I might end up marrying him before I kill him in his bed” Red Monika grins wickedly which sends shivers down her men’s spines before the hot redhead sets off.

The ride takes her two weeks before she finally arrives at the capitol and makes her way to the guild. “I’m looking for this Scarlet Rose, can you tell me if he’s here?” she asks the girl at the reception who smiles at her. “No, she’s not in but she did say she’d be back in two days so if you want a room, there is one here you can take while you wait” the women suggest and Monika tells her that she will take it. “Did she just refer to as a she as in Scarlet Rose is a woman?” Red Monika wonders while she unpacks the small backpack she brought with her before she rests on the bed after that long journey.

That last bit of information sends her mind spinning since she had assumed that Scarlet Rose was a man and most likely an arrogant and narcissistic one at that which she could have dealt with easily but dealing with another woman is a different matter. “Could I seduce her and make her my companion or partner so I can dump those losers?” the woman thinks before her mind drifts off and falls asleep after that long journey.

The next morning the busty woman gets out of bed and sees a bath is ready for her as well as breakfast. “That is one of the advantages of being in the guildhall, their hospitality is always up to par” the busty redhead thinks while she undresses before grabbing the plate as she enters the warm bath. Tension washes off of her body while she takes several bites from her breakfast sitting back once she finishes “so I wonder how I should handle this Scarlet Rose…maybe she is still a man since those losers did tell that not many could remember their encounter with her?” she wonders while she sits there in the bath until the water grows cold.

“That was good, I hope whatever this Scarlet Rose is” she talks to herself “will be here sooner rather than later because I’m not really a patient woman especially when it comes to money” After that she goes outside and explore the city and visit the stores to see if she finds weapons, armors on other magical trinkets she might be able to use.

The next day the guild door opens and a redhead with hair the colors of fire with a smile on her lips when she greets the woman at the reception. “Hello Carla, anything new?” Scarlet Rose asks the brunette who greets her friendly. “There is one person asking for you by the name of Red Monika who I assume has a bone to pick with you” Carla chuckles and Marcella grins at that. “Wouldn’t be the first time and I got a nice amount from the last bounty which some loser group thought to get but they were no match, especially with their leader gone” Marcella says which gets a laugh from her friend.

“Speak of the devil” Carla says when she sees Monika walk down the stairs which gets a curious look from the female redhead who looks at the new arrival with her beautiful green eyes. “Red Monika meet Marcella Highthorn also known as Scarlet Rose, Marcella meet Red Monika” the receptionist says introducing the two ladies when Monika steps forward looking a little disappointed since she had hopes that it was a man she could seduce and kill. “By the look in your beautiful eyes I can tell you’re a little disappointed, I assume you expected some arrogant and vein man?” the goddess asks with a smile and could tell from the look on Monika’s face that she got it right.

“I have heard of you quite a lot and wanted to become a pirate because of that but I guess I captured a few of the bounties you were after?” Marcella asks and Monika is surprised about the other’s bluntness but there is something she likes about this Scarlet Rose. “So why were you looking for me?” the fey asks the human whose ruby lips turn upside down. “To be honest I did hope you were a man I could seduce and then give him a crimson smile but there is something I like about you, why don’t we have a talk because I have a proposition for you which you may like” Red Monika says while she proposes to take a drink to discuss this matter with her fellow redhead.

The two of the take a seat while the woman orders the drinks while she takes a seat with the herm who can tell already that she likes this woman personally and not just by reputation. “What did you have in mind then?” Marcella asks warmly which surprises the woman who is used to more cold and apprehensive behavior from her fellow pirates. “I would like to propose joining forces together either through a professional agreement or a personal one” Monika suggests telling the dragoness that they will make a contract with the things they would agree with like percentage of the loot and such.

“The personal would be a little weird in some way since it would be you and me in a relationship though it could be fun to have a lesbian relationship and blow their minds” Red Monika chuckles at this because this does make it more fun and kind of hard which one Scarlet Rose would pick. She watches the other pirate think over what she suggested and then sees those heterochromatic stare at her with a smile on those red lips. “Since I assume the professional one would take a lot of time to arrange which could take days or maybe ones and none of us can wait that long while we could be losing money so I think doing the personal relationship between you and me which should be fun”

Monika chuckles when Marcella’s smile turns into something more serious “there is one secret I’m willing to share with you beforehand…I’m a hermaphrodite” she tells the woman who looks stunning with her red lips wide open. Marcella leans over and puts her finger underneath the woman’s jaw closing her mouth while she smiles. “Well I can see why no one has found that out yet but you sure you want to get more personal with me? What about your crew?” the female redhead asks the hybrid herm who grins which confuses her a little. “That won’t be a problem, I have a crew of one” Marcella says with a smirk when she sees the impressed face of the woman she is going to be in a relationship with.

“That explains the fear I heard from your conquests if you were the one beating an entire crew of soldiers on your own” Red Monika says thoroughly impressed “maybe this could work out better than expected and perhaps we could get my original crew out of jail so I can dump those losers as well as getting an interesting lover” The herm goddess chuckles at this and leans in to kiss the woman on the lips whose green eyes widen at first but then kisses back after this she parts her lips and the herm goddess does the same and their tongues switch mouths as the two of them kiss deeply for a minute before they break it.

“That seals the deal then but how do we go about it, go out on a date? Where to?” Marcella asks and Red Monika thinks for a minute. “Honestly hadn’t thought that far ahead, thought to just use my womanly charms to get what I want but that was with a man in mind and a herm never crossed my mind though that kiss wasn’t bad at all” Red Monika tells the herm who laughs warmly at that though she cannot deny that it was unexpected. “Why don’t we share the guest room and think clearly after we had some drinks as well” the woman suggests and Marcella nods. “Sounds like a good idea and maybe we can decide on how to go about it and how far you want to go with this though I can tell that I like you at least” Marcella tells her “girlfriend” bluntly.

“That is a good point though at first I thought to be your wife and then kill you in your sleep but I think I like you as well so perhaps that is still up on the table but for now let us drink” Red Monika says who raises her glass which she clangs against Marcella as they start to plan this date and relationship.

Later that day the two of them make their way to their room though Monika is a bit intoxicated so Marcella carries her upstairs in her arms and into their room. “Looks like as if we just got married” the herm goddess thinks with a smile on her lips when she puts the woman on the bed to let her sleep. When she gets up Monika is not breaking the hold on her neck and Marcella did not want to force the break so she decides to join the woman in bed letting her sleep off all that mead she had consumed while she snuggles between those large breasts with a smile.

“Ouch my head hurts” Monika groans when she opens her eyes and sees those heterochromatic eyes staring at her. “Did something happen?” she asks while slowly getting up and looking at the herm. “Not much aside that I think we became girlfriends after I agreed for our relationship to be a little more personal than professional” the hybrid herm says with a grin which makes the woman grin as well. “Ah yes it is coming back to me but I better get something inside me before we go wild on the town before we go out and about” Monika says while she sits up holding her and to her forehead when Marcella softly hums a little tune making all the pain go away.

“Magic huh, well that does not stop this stomach from growling” Monika chuckles “so I hope my girlfriend was smart enough to order breakfast” The redheaded woman smiles when she sees the blush on Marcella’s cheek when she just called her girlfriend which makes her blush as well when she realizes that slip of the tongue. “That will be something to get used to but I do hope we will love one another as well…aside from some fun conveniences” Marcella says warmly and winks which gets a chuckle from the pirate captain. “I don’t know what it is about you but you make me feel at ease and save” Red Monika says before she takes a bite and gestures the herm to take a bite.

“Though I have no need of food, I do enjoy the taste and flavor” the fallen angel says which gets a raised eyebrow from her companion. “Something I’ll tell you once I get to know you better, darling” Marcella winks before taking another bite and then grins “so you wanted to go to this fight this afternoon, that should be in an hour if I’m not mistaken” Those green eyes of the woman widens before checking the clock on the temple and realizes what time it was. “You looked so beautiful sleeping, I dared not wake you up” Marcella says before she gets pulled along by the hand as Monika guides her towards the fight pits.

“Good to see you again Monika, here to see the fights I assume?” a tall and burly man with a scar on his left cheek asks with a big grin. “Of course Caylen, you know I will always come to watch the fights whenever I’m I town” the busty woman grins who wears her usual red and yellow attire. “And who is this then? Never seen her before” Caylen asks while he looks Marcella over from head to toe. “She’s Scarlet Rose and my date for today” Monika grins and kisses Marcella on the cheek to leave a lipstick mark behind while the man’s eyes widen when he hears that name quickly guiding them to their seats.

“Feeling like bragging huh?” Marcella asks which gets a laugh from her girlfriend who shrugs with a warm smile. “Hey whatever works to get the best seats in the house” Red Monika says and winks before leaning in to kiss the goddess on the lips who looks surprised at first but then kisses back where they sit in full view of the other spectators as it turns from tender to passionate until the bell rings. “Time to watch this, it should be fun” Monika tells her girlfriend when the first two fighters enter the pit and the woman snuggles against the other redhead who looks at the fight.

“I don’t know what it is about her but there is something about her that is so attractive, a sense of peace and warmth about her. Not something I expected and she kisses me like no other have ever kissed me like this…is this what real love is?” the busty redhead thinks while her green eyes goes from her girlfriend to the fight while she watched the fight between two unknown fighters which is a rather boring when the next fight comes up she sees a fighter she has seen before. “That one is a very good fighter called Ivan but has a tendency to kill his opponents so they usually have an open challenge and if no one accepts it, he just walks out and pouts like a baby” the pirate captain informs the pirate when Ivan looks up at them.

“I heard that, not sure which one of you said that but you better come down here and fight me or I’ll kill you both!” Ivan shouts while pointing at them. Marcella gets up and then jumps down the pit before her girlfriend could respond. “I’ll accept your challenge and dedicate it my beloved Red Monika!” Marcella announces grandly which makes Ivan laugh wickedly. “Once I’m done with you, I will turn that lesbo bitch into my personal sex slave” he shouts and is apparently not aware of the pirate captain’s reputation who looks at him with righteous anger that would have killed him if looks could kill.

Marcella smirks “you won’t ever get the chance to do that because you’ll be dead soon enough, there is no way I can let you threaten my girlfriend and let you get away with it” she announces when Ivan lunges with his sword in hand at the herm but before Monika could respond Marcella dodges the attack easily and brings her elbow down hard on the man’s wrist which cracks bending in a way it was never intended to. “You fucking cunt! You will pay for that!” the man growls angrily when he shakes his broken wrist and grabs a knife from his boots attacking the unarmed herm.

The brawler tries to stab her but he misses and cuts air instead of his opponent and he looks around with his head going left and right when he feels a hand on each side of his head. Ivan is unable to move his head from the pure strength that surprises the man but that does not stop him from shouting obscenities towards his opponents when a snap echoes through the fight pit. Ivan looks directly at the herm who is behind him as his life comes to an end and Scarlet Rose lets her opponent’s body hit the floor.

Red Monika watched this all take place and could not shake the feeling that the hybrid herm was holding back but she was thoroughly impressed at how her girlfriend dispatched of the ruffian. “At least that explains why I feel so save around her, she dispatched Ivan so easily without using a weapon” she thinks when the crowd erupts and starts to cheer the goddess on who were all glad that Ivan was gone because no one enjoyed his fights anyway.

“Sorry you got to see that but no one talks to my girlfriend like that” Marcella says with confidence which Monika has not seen before and it started to make her heart beat faster. When Marcella notices the expression her date’s face and the blush on those beautiful cheeks, it made her respond in the same way. “Why am I falling so hard for her? This isn’t like me at all, I’ve always been in control of my emotions most of my life but here is a woman whom I only met yesterday yet I am starting to feel so strongly for her” Monika thinks feeling really conflicted about this trying hard to deny what her heart is telling her but it is slowly winning over her reasoning.

It is not only her that thinks that her feelings are going faster than normal but Marcella feels the same way about Monika as Monika feels about her. The herm goddess sits next to her girlfriend who rests her head on the vampiress’ shoulder who wraps an arm around the woman’s shoulder when the next fight starts.

The rest of the week the two of them spend together going to see some of the sights and having dinner together. They spend as much time as possible together and their feelings only keep growing during that time and rumors start to spread throughout the city about the pairing which slowly makes their way outside as well reaching the location of Monika’s current crew who seem to ecstatic at the thought of having Scarlet Rose join them and they are counting all the money they will earn after losing that last chance at that.

“So what do you want to do, my love?” Marcella asks her girlfriend to whom she has given her heart during that week, no longer trying to fight her feelings as has Monika. “Honestly I would rather prefer to rescue my original crew from jail than go back to those losers” the redheaded woman says “I only joined them because I needed a crew and they were as desperate as I was so I joined them much to my regret so I hope you can help me free my real crew and then be my right hand futa professionally and personally”

“I would love that and I don’t care about the risks as long as I am with you” Marcella tells Monika straight from the heart who looks into those heterochromatic and sees that the herm means it which makes her incredibly happy. “I would love that then let us start planning things to help me with their escape” the beautiful woman says with a warm smile when the two of them start planning as Marcella tells more about herself to better aid her girlfriend in her crew’s escape.

“Are you ready, my love?” Monika asks a few days later while they stand a mile away from the prison where her former crew is being held. “As ready as you are, my beloved” Marcella whispers before she raises her hands and eyes start to glow when a fog starts to slowly form around the prison. Once it is fully enveloped Marcella grabs Monika’s hand and they slowly move towards the gate where they take out the guards silently. The couple takes the keys to go inside where they look through the list of prisoners and find the ones they are looking for.

Then Marcella casts a silence spell around them and all goes quiet and Monika uses the sign language they had practiced. The couple moves slowly towards each jail cell and taking out every guard they come across who could not hear them coming. They open the cell doors while the captain hand signals them to follow her and when they reach the final jail cell, Monika thinks “we better get them armed just in case” to which Marcella replies “it is two level lower from this one but why don’t we do it like this then?” and her girlfriend replies “it would be handier but I tend to do hand signals out of habit which is the reason why”

Marcella nods and takes the lead and the pirate captain tells her crew to follow her who look questioningly at her first but follow the other redhead as soon as they see their leader doing so. There are still a couple of guards but with the large crew now with them, they are easily dispatched when suddenly they see a ship flying in. The pirates look at one another with a grin but Monika gestures to get the weapons first before they take the ship. They all rush downstairs and find the weapon room which is blocked until Marcella gives it a good push to which the lock breaks and they all grab a weapon before they all make their way upstairs.

The crew of the airship is surprised when suddenly a bunch of armed men comes running at them without a sound which strikes more fear in them than when they would come in screaming like mad men. “Break the spell” Monika tells Marcella who nods when suddenly all the men are shouting which stuns the crew of the airship until they are all knocked out by the pirates who bind and gag them. “Airship secured, Captain” one of the men says with respect to their leader before they all look at the other redhead standing at her side.

Red Monika grins and looks at Marcella lovingly while grabbing her hand “I’d like to you to meet Marcella Highthorn also known as the Scarlet Rose and my future wife” she tells her crew confidently and Marcella smiles warmly at this announcement. “Is this a proposal for marriage then?” the herm goddess giggles and winks when the woman realizes what she has just said namely future wife and not girlfriend. “I guess it is, though it came out differently than I intended, I do want you by my side for the rest of my life so what do you say my love…will you marry me?”

Marcella and the pirate crew look surprised at this proposal and all eyes are on the hybrid herm who blushes for a second before she turns towards Monika. “Yes, I will marry you Monika. There is no greater pleasure to be your wife and to have you as my wife” the fey replies which gets a big smile from the woman who locks her lips on that of her fiancée. The rest of the pirates surround the newly engaged couple whom they congratulate once they stop kissing before they head inside the airship and take off.

“So what do we do with that other crew, my wife to be?” Marcella asks which makes Monika giggle before a serious look is on her face again. “I think I may have an idea” the woman smiles wickedly before she gently squeezes the hand of the one she loves “don’t worry, I won’t have them killed” she swears and her fiancée nods with a warm smile on her lips which makes her heart skip a beat. “I know, I’m not worried one bit though I do think we better find a place to make this ship unrecognizable or at least make it look like it is ours” Marcella suggests and snuggles up against the woman who giggles.

A few weeks later and the Red Rose takes to the sky and the stories of a pirate wedding taking place soon spread throughout the kingdom while the former crew of Monika find themselves captured and jailed for some trumped up charges of which some are real.

“Looks like Monika is getting married, do you want to go to the wedding Garrison?” Gully asks the proud man who shrugs. “Who knew she would get married, I feel sorry for the man that gets married to her so it would be fun to see” Garrison smirks and then nods. “Ok, I’ll tell Knolan and Calibretto about this” the young girl says who is just as curious to find out who their friend will marry though the name Scarlet Rose does ring a bell but she cannot figure out where from.

Two months later both Monika and Marcella stand before the priest at what is dubbed the red wedding because of both their nicknames. They look deeply in one another’s eyes while they hold their hands and they look so beautiful in their red wedding dresses. “She sure looks happy” Garrison whispers and Gully nods. “They both do, never seen two people more in love than they do” the blond girl says while she watches the two ladies say their vows though she notices Knolan wiping a tear from his eye.

An hour later and the married couple make their way out of the temple with the most beautiful smiles on their lips while they get into the carriage which takes them to the place that is now their home in the capitol where Marcella carried Monika inside for the second time already. “God I love you so much” Monika whispers in her wife’s ear before she kisses Marcella deep on the lips as they get out of their wedding dresses. “I feel the same, my darling” Marcella coos while her dress drops to the floor “my heart is yours for now and forever” she says before they both get on the bed naked kissing deeply while their hands rub all over the other’s body with their hearts racing like crazy in their ample chests.

Their breasts pressed against one another while their tongues play with the other while kissing passionately. Marcella’s hand slips between her wife’s thighs and starts rubbing over her love button while Monika’s wrap around that girlcock which she starts to jerk to hardness. The newlyweds moan lewdly in the kiss when Marcella breaks it and slides down between Monika’s sexy yet powerful thighs where she starts to French kiss her slit.

“Mmm baby that feels so good mmm aaah speaking of babies” the woman moans out loud while she grabs a hold of her wife’s head and slowly grinds her slit against those lips. “My wife is making me so wet aaah drink deeply from my juices before my lower lips take your shaft and spread its seed inside my womb to make me a mother” Monika moans happily as she feels the heat in her body rising noticing her wife’s thick shaft already hard as a rock. A smile creases her lips when she sees that and knows that her wife is as turned on about this as she is then she suddenly throws her head back and starts to orgasm all over her wife’s face who drinks her juices gladly.

“Your juices taste so good, love of my life” Marcella purrs sweetly while she kisses her way back up which sends shivers down her wife’s body and stops to lick and suckle on those nipples which harden. “I’m going to make love to you whenever possible” the goddess swears which makes the human’s heart beat faster when Marcella is face to face with Monika and kisses her deeply before she sinks her love rod into her wife’s love tunnel who gasps softly in their kiss before Marcella starts to thrust her hips back and forth making sure her semen is fertile so that the two can make the first of their children.

Minutes pass and Monika digs her nails into her wife’s tattooed ass when she can no longer hold back her orgasm and starts squirting all over those nuts screaming “MINE!” as if she was marking her wife’s crotch. Marcella hilts deep into that tight pussy and fertile seed gets ejected into the woman’s womb while the dragoness roars “MINE!” as well as she claims that womb and keeps it inside until all is out before she pulls out. She sees her cum spilling form her wife’s slit and smiles warmly as she looks deep into those green eyes “we’re going to be wonderful parents but we both know that we’re not done by a long shot” which makes Monika nod and giggle as the newlyweds make love deep into the night.

Nine months pass and Monika stays in charge of her crew as long as possible where Marcella takes over before the due date of their first born child. They leave the Red Rose in the hands of their third in command while the couple prepare for the birth of their firstborn.

Days later and the sounds of a child crying comes from the house after Monika’s and Marcella’s daughter Mackenzie has just been born who has the herm’s eyes and the woman’s hair while the proud parents send messages out to friends and family.


The End