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Date Night, Part II

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They've already fucked once, unable to keep their hands off each other when finally naked, Chris sliding down Matt's body to lick every last drop of come from his lover's ass before rolling him over and pushing inside again. Matt on his hands and knees, Chris with his arm around him, fucking him slowly this time, so slowly, mouth pressed to his ear, cursing softly and letting him know how good he feels, how hot, how wet, how he's going to fill him up again and again...

Rocking on all fours, pushing back to meet Chris's hips with each thrust, Matt is lost in a haze of erotic torment. Once naked, Chris had been very 'hands-on' in directing Matt exactly how he wanted him, and Matt had acquiesced with an eagerness that had everything to do with the seductive words already spilling from his lover's mouth. That mouth is now brushing against his ear, Chris's breath hot and damp as he utters increasingly filthy suggestions of what he, Chris, will do to him if he has his way.

"More..." Matt whimpers as Chris's cock slides over his sweet spot at the same moment his lover is describing a particularly dirty idea of his, "I want it all..." he adds breathlessly.

"One of these days, I'll keep you covered," Chris promises, breathing heavily. "Come on and in you again and again. Mix your come with mine. Paint you with it, feed it to you, from my fingers, my mouth..." So close again he's just barely holding on.

Matt moans at the words, his body reacting to the images they conjure for him. "Your mouth... your tongue... your saliva..." Matt rambles, turning his head a little, wanting to kiss that very mouth.

Chris shifts, pulling Matt into his lap, fucking up into him as they kiss, tongues tangling, his balls drawing up tight. His free hand dropped to Matt's cock, stroking roughly.

It all happens so suddenly, one moment Matt's body is responding to the extra stimulus, his orgasm building steadily, then in the space of a breath, a heartbeat, his body spasms and then goes rigid as it is shaken to the core by a mind-shattering explosion of pleasure. For Matt, in those moments, there is nothing but the intense sense of connection, of the unifying sharing of the most exquisite intimacy with his lover, Chris.

Hot wet coats his fingers, the clench of Matt's body shoving Chris over the edge in an instant, pleasure lighting up every single nerve.

Matt reaches blindly for the headboard, not sure he can stay upright in the moments after Chris has cum. His breathing is ragged, noisy, he can feel beads of Chris's sweat drop and then trickle over his skin. Disorientated and unsteady Matt trusts that his lover won't loosen his hold.

"It's okay, I've got you," Chris murmurs, the words smeared across Matt's skin, aftershocks rippling through his frame.

"That was..." Matt trails off, his brain slow at providing him with a suitable description, "insane."

Chris grins, licking the sweat from the back of Matt's neck. "You're incredible."

"I am?" Matt scoffs softly. "Cowboy, that was intense, I swear I saw stars."

"Yeah?" Chris's eyes sparkle, his grin widening, "Yay me."

"Yay me," this time the repetition is accompanied by an eye roll, not that Chris can see it. Now his body seems to be able to respond once more Matt looks down at himself, his cock, nearly flaccid, is smeared in semen, as is his belly and Chris's pillow. "I made a mess," he chuckles.

Chris looks over Matt's shoulder. "You did," he agrees with a smile. "You got my hand too," showing Matt his fingers.

Curling his fingers around Chris's wrist, Matt brings his lover's hand to his mouth, inhaling the scent of semen and sex before slowly licking away some of the smeared ejaculate.

Chris's softening cock gives a rough throb and a groan spills from his lips. Trusting Matt can stay upright he releases his hold on him, trailing the fingers of his other hand through the come on his belly and offering it up too.

Leaning back against the solidity of his lover, Matt swaps one hand to the other. He licks away the semen presented to him before turning Chris's hand over to nuzzle at the smears of cum that paint the skin there.

The moment, the intimacy between them, steals Chris's breath away. He presses a kiss to the back of Matt's neck, savouring this quiet time, this stolen space, wishing he could freeze them here, not forever, but a while longer.

When he's done Matt tips his head back against Chris's shoulder. "Are you done now?" he asks softly. "Satiated?"

"Yes," Chris wraps his arms around Matt again. Hugging him. "For now," he grins, clearly kidding. "You?"

"I think so," Matt turns his head to bite at the corner of Chris's jaw. "I think I could let you fuck me all night and still want more."

Fuck. And just like that, Chris's cock gives another throb, more than willing to fill again. "Those are dangerous words," he murmurs, nipping at Matt's lower lip. "But maybe we'll test them on our honeymoon." And not when there's likely to be a Lulu coming in to see them at the ass crack of dawn.

"Only maybe?" Matt pouts, reaching up and back to cup the back of Chris's neck with his hand. "Tiring of me already?"

"Never," Chris promises, kissing his way down Matt's throat, his cock swelling further, his hips rocking, making sure Matt feels it. "I have so many things I want to do to you, with you, so much I want us to explore..." One hand moving higher, fingers stroking over Matt's nipples.

"Tell me, tell me the things you want us to do on our wedding night..." Matt entices as he tilts his hips, moving back in time with Chris's movements. He can feel the thickening of his lover's dick once more, still stunned at Chris's capability to just keep fucking, over and over.

"Mm," Chris groans as Matt moves, meeting his every thrust. "That depends. You're only getting one wedding night. Do you want things more romantic or do you want it as down and dirty as I can come up with?"

"I can't have both?" Matt's breath is getting more ragged as they pick up a pace. "Don't you want both?"

"I've never tried to have both," Chris admits, licking over the side of Matt's throat, the salt and taste of his lover on his tongue. "But I will," he promises, rolling and tweaking Matt's nipples as he thrusts harder, pulling back a little more and sinking deep each and every time.

Later Matt might wonder at Chris's confession, at what that hints at in regard to his previous sexual relationships but right now all he can think about how good it feels to be touched like this, fucked like this, used like this. "Lick my neck again," Matt demands, shuddering at how that play of tongue over the sensitive skin of his neck make his body light up.

Chris loves it when Matt sounds like that. Hell, he loves everything about the way Matt sounds, feels, loves it when he submits and when he gets demanding, their give and take coming naturally. He licks over the same spot and then another, nipping at the tender skin this time, his cock throbbing roughly inside Matt.

"Oh fuck..." Matt breathes out the expletive as Chris's teeth press into that oh so sensitive spot, tipping his head even further over to offer his throat he licks over his lower lip. "Fill me again, fill me until it just fucking runs down my thighs..."

Chris groans at the words and actually bites this time, fairly lightly, testing Matt's response as he fucks him even harder, riding the edge of a third orgasm.

The sound Matt makes is pure sex, a low keen of pleasure, even his own cock which has been flaccid until now kicks up at the hint of pain in a sea of pleasure. "Now Chris... now..." he demands, sure that if his lover doesn't orgasm soon he will simply disintegrate, unable to take much more.

Chris bites harder, that sound and the pulse of blood beneath his teeth shoving him over, pleasure crashing over him as he empties every last drop inside his lover.

Now Matt really is done. His skin is sheened in both their sweat, his ass pressed as it is to the cradle of Chris's hips is slick with the semen that has been fucked out of him. "Enough..." he murmurs, holding tight to the arm that encircles him.

It's tempting to tease but this time Chris resists the urge and simply hugs Matt close for a moment, an "I love you" brushed over his nape, before gently easing out and dropping down to the bed, carefully taking Matt with him.

Matt can't recall ever feeling quite so thoroughly fucked as he does right now. Sure, in his 20's he was as promiscuous as any other young gay man exploring the delights of LA's gay subculture but he'd always used protection, had always avoided body fluids in his casual encounters. But here in Chris's arms, he feels not just used but he feels filthy, his skin slicked in cum and sweat, the room is scented by the heavy perfume of male sex. "That was..."

"Mind-blowing?" Chris supplies helpfully, because it was certainly was for him.

"Uh huh," Matt nods, eyes closed, his body twitching here and there as all the tension dissipates.

Chris grins. "Quite the date night," he murmurs, kissing the top of Matt's head. "And we managed not to wake up the whole house." Which is quite the feat the way they go at it. Thank god for an older home with nice thick wall and the pounding surf outside to help cover things up.

"Will all our dates end with a marathon sex session?" Matt asks around a yawn that he doesn't even attempt to smother.

"Most of them, probably," Chris admits with a soft laugh and another kiss. "I can't seem to keep my hands off you."

"Glad to hear it," A second yawn and Matt turns into Chris's body a little more, clearly settling down to sleep. "I love you cowboy."

"I love you too," Chris says with a smile, his heart swelling. He reaches for the light and turns it off. They'll clean up in the morning.