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Time to Go Home

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Stephen looks at the bags piled on the bed with resignation. He can't in all good conscience complain about them returning home, not when he was the one who set the date, but he can admit to feeling apprehensive, reluctant, scared even. He blows out a long breath and tries to tell himself that he can handle this.

"Ready?" Antony asks, sticking his head into the master villa. "The guys have their stuff on the boat and we've done a check of all the buildings."

"Yeah," Stephen picks up his hand luggage, he's still not able to haul larger bags about without his ribs bitching so he waits as Antony grabs both remaining bags. "We can come back here some time, yeah?" he asks, still not really moving, his gaze set on the bed. The bed where he and Antony reconnected, where he had found his centre again, where his future became something he could look forward to again.

Antony smiles, a little surprised but pleased nonetheless that Stephen would want to come back. "Of course we can," he nods, then a little more softly, "You okay?"

Before all this, Stephen would have nodded, replied with a quick smile and covered his discomfort as something he had to deal with; but it's all different now. "Not really," he admits. "I'm scared, about going home, about how I'll feel there. About work, about all the enormous changes to our life that we've been able to think about simply as abstract concepts here. The shape of our relationship going forward, a new home, me coming out, you being around all the time... nothing looks the same, and I'm not sure I have the inner strength to deal with all that."

Antony sets the bags back down and wraps his arm around Stephen's waist, pulling him in close. "You probably won't," he says simply, softly. "Not at first. Which is why you'll lean on me and the guys when you need to. But you'll get stronger and more confident and on more solid footing with each passing day."

"I hope so," Stephen sighs, leaning into the embrace. "At least here I knew it was just the six of us, and that each of you had me as your priority. Back there... well, I'll have to deal with strangers, with situations I can't control, with all the normal day to day shit I've not had to face for weeks."

"I know, but when it gets too much, you say so," Antony urges. "Remember, everyone back there believes the official line - that you've been in an accident. No one's going to be surprised if you need to take a moment or step back."

Stephen nods. "Yeah you're right. One day at a time right?"

"Yeah." Antony nods and gives Stephen a kiss. "One day at a time. And remember - we've all got your back. You're still everyone's priority as long as you need them."

This time Stephen does put on a brave face, he nods, smiling. "I guess we'd better head home then?" He follows Antony out of the villa, down to the boat where the others are waiting.

Antony tosses their bags to Marcus and helps Stephen into the boat, chuckling and shaking his head at the way Logan and Christos are already busy giving each other grief. "Want to sit up front with me?" he asks Stephen, Kim having settled into a chair at the back, his feet up on the side.

Nodding, Stephen settles in a seat beside his husband, he turns his face to look back at the villa complex. So much has happened, it's been a bittersweet time here, but for all the pain he's endured and worked through, Stephen knows he will always look back on his time here as positive.

It's not a long trip back to the main island and Antony points out a few of the houses and various oddities everyone had noticed going back and forth. Stephen hadn't felt like venturing away from their island but maybe if they come back... "The market's incredible," Antony says, smiling at his husband. "Really colourful." He's about to say something more when several dolphins breech the surface alongside the boat and everyone drops what they're doing to take a look.

Well, if anything could distract Stephen from his melancholy it's the sight of the dolphins keeping pace with their boat. He laughs, leaning closer to the edge, to get a better look. "How amazing is that?" he glances at Antony. "Maybe it's a sign...?" he adds softly.

"For what?" Antony asks, every bit as spellbound as the others. "That we should come back?"

"Yeah... but that we're on the right path?" Stephen offers a small shrug, his gaze back on the water.

Antony's smile deepens and he nods. "I think you're right." Marveling as the dolphins continue to swim alongside the boat, accompanying them back to the marina.


Within the hour they're climbing aboard the plane, Stephen heading straight to the private bedroom at the back, having warned the others he wanted some peace. He's pretty sure Antony won't be far behind him once everyone is settled. Kicking off his shoes, Stephen makes himself comfortable.

The plane in the air and the guys busy with drinks, snacks and various electronics, Antony finally follows Stephen into the bedroom. "Hey," he says with a smile, closing the door behind him. "How're you doing?"

Stephen had been doing some of the stretching exercises Kim had given him, trying to keep his mind off what lies ahead. He looks up when Antony steps into the small space. "I'm okay." Moving to the bed he sits down, after a moment's pause he glances up at Antony. "You still have the valium they gave me, right?" It's a question that tells Antony just how vulnerable Stephen's feeling. Since the 'incident' as he's started to call it, Antony had been in charge of Stephen's medication, first the painkillers, antibiotics, and sedatives and now just the occasional painkiller and the largely unused valium.

Antony nods. "Do you want one?"

Surprised that Antony didn't question him, but made the offer without comment, Stephen pauses before he answers, biting the inside of his mouth. "No, not right now... not yet."

Antony takes a seat beside Stephen and reaches for his hand, linking their fingers together. "What can I do for you?" he asks. "Do you want to talk? Do you want a massage?"

"I want you to hold me, and I want to know how you see our days being structured when we get home. At the moment all I can feel is chaos, uncertainty. It's like going back to those first few days out of the hospital." Stephen doesn't look up, he keeps his gaze fixed on where their hands are joined.

"C'mere." Antony pushes up the bed until he's got his back against the headboard and Stephen in his arms. "Until you're back to work, I see us getting up each morning, having something to eat, working out, then doing our training. After that we'll grab some lunch, go over to the house and see how it's coming along. If I need to drop into work, you can come with me. If you need to see your people, I'll come with you. After that, we'll drop by the new gym or go for a walk. You can help me prep dinner. We can train some more. Believe me, there'll be plenty to do and if you need us to slow down or back off or you need some space, you can have that too."

Settled against Antony's body, Stephen slips his hand beneath his husband's shirt his fingers seeking out the body hair that lies beneath. He listens as Antony outlines their days, eyes closing as he relaxes. "So, we'll spend every day together?" he asks quietly.

"Yeah, unless you get sick of me," Antony says with a smile. "And I have to make arrangements to entertain and meet with the guys who are taking things over but that'll be minimal and you can be around for most of it if you want."

Stephen shakes his head at the offer. "No, take the weekend you need to do that, Logan or Christos can stay with me." There are two reasons Stephen had turned down the offer; he doesn't want any more to do with the type of men who will be taking on Antony's jobs and he knows he needs to get used to not having Antony around all the time. His husband can't simply follow him on set when he returns to work in a few weeks.

"Okay. So, yeah, other than that, we'll spend every day together," Antony nods. "Tommy's happy to stay until you return to work and Marcus'll give him some help and I can do anything I need to do remotely."

"You can't babysit me all the time, Tony," Stephen points out. "I have to start acting like a fucking grown up at some point."

Antony's taken aback, a little, by Stephen's response. After the last month nothing truly comes as a shock. "I didn't mean that," he says quietly. "I wasn't thinking I was babysitting you. I was trying to grab every last bit of solid time I could with my husband before we both get back to work and aren't quite as free with our schedules."

Stephen simultaneously tightens his hold on Antony and pushes out a frustrated breath. "I'm sorry. You're right. It's not you I'm irritated at, it's myself," he admits, his fingers tight on Antony not wanting to let go. And now he feels even worse. Fuck.

"You've got to give yourself a break," Antony says softly, hugging Stephen close. "I told you once I didn't know any step by step path through this but one thing I do know is it's not linear. You'll have your ups and downs and the more patient you are with yourself, the better things'll go."

"But... I'm my own harshest judge, you know that..." Stephen tips his head up and opens his eyes. "I shouldn't have let them take me. Then I should have done more to get away. And I should be able to get over this, I should be better than this by now."

"You know what I'd say to all of that, don't you," Antony says, more than willing to say it again - and again - if he needs to.

"Yes, yes, and you can keep saying it, I just can't seem to hear it," Stephen's frustration colours each word. "Just like before, when I felt I was never a good enough submissive."

"It's not just me saying it though," Antony points out, wishing he could do something more to convince Stephen. "All the guys would tell you the same thing when it comes to this. And I know that doesn't override whatever internal dialogue you've got going on but it's important you keep reminding yourself of that fact."

Stephen doesn't reply to that because he doesn't know what to say. He sets his cheek back against Antony's chest and sighs. Intellectually he knows what Antony is saying is true, but emotionally, he's very far from being able to forgive himself for his weakness.

"I love you," Antony says, kissing the top of Stephen's head. "And I know you doubt yourself but I don't. You're one of the strongest, most incredible men I know and I am so fucking proud to have you as my husband."

And doesn't that just bring tears to Stephen's eyes; he squeezes them shut, trying to stop them, and he bites down hard on the inside of his mouth to distract himself. Not wanting Antony to know, not wanting to give himself away.

Antony's not expecting a response. He knows Stephen's struggling and there's only so much either one of them can do in the moment. So he simply kisses the top of Stephen's head again and hugs him even closer.


The journey home had proved uneventful and without delay. And despite his misgivings at returning there, Stephen is glad to find himself home as Antony pushes open the front door and they step inside. The penthouse is familiar, its view, smell, each item of furniture is predictable and known. Setting down his bag just inside the living room Stephen takes a look around and then gives a brief nod. "Coffee?" he asks, turning on one foot to look at his husband.

"Yeah, thanks," Antony answers, setting the other two bags down as well. They had laundry on the island so there's not the usual rush to get clothes into the washer. "Do you want anything to eat?"

"Not right now," Stephen answers back. The penthouse is spotless and smells clean and fresh, not at all like it's been left empty for weeks, and when he opens the refrigerator Stephen's not at all surprised to find that it's fully stocked with much of their usual groceries. "Do you mind putting some music on? It's too quiet," he calls out as he pulls out two mugs.

"Sure." Antony uses the remote to turn on the system, selecting the first playlist in the queue. "Is that good or do you want something different?"

"No, that's fine." Stephen busies himself with the coffee, checking in the freezer he pulls out some of the gnocchi Antony had made before they left; comfort food at its finest. Setting it on a plate to defrost he then carries the coffee out into the living space. "I bet Marcus is glad to get home to his own space," he remarks as he takes a seat on their oversized sofa.

Antony laughs. "I'm pretty sure this qualifies as the longest he's had to spend time with other human beings ever."

"He's been a fucking good friend through all this," Stephen sips his coffee as he toes off his sneakers. "I'm not sure how I'd have managed, at least at the beginning of all this if he hadn't been around." He wonders too, if Antony feels the same, and how much he leaned on the strange man while Stephen was being held captive.

Antony nods. "I'm really glad he helped you," he says. "I know what his loyalty is to me and I know he said it extended to you, but it really did, and not just as an extension of me. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah. He likes me, I get that." Stephen nods, rather amused at the idea. They are very different men, with only Antony in common.

It's a lot more than that but Antony's not sure how to explain it. "He was really rooting for us," he says with a smile.

"Of course he was, we work, as a triad. I realised that a long time ago. You need me, and you and he need each other. I wouldn't have it any other way."

"He's not everyone's cup of tea," Antony says, taking a sip of his coffee. "I'm lucky you guys get along. We both are."

"Well, whatever his flaws, whatever his dark secrets, he's someone we can both trust implicitly. That's something I've learnt is priceless." And it's not a dig, Stephen says it without thought, a sign perhaps that his trust in Antony is on surer footing now.

Antony nods in agreement. That right there explains his whole relationship with Marcus. Implicit trust. He's never had to doubt for a second that Marcus has his back. And with everything that's happened, he's recently realized just how true that is. "We should do something for him."

"I'd like that. But I don't know him well enough to suggest anything. Do you have something in mind?" Stephen slides down the seat a little, sprawling out some more. Clearly feeling comfortable at home, despite his misgivings about returning.

"I never looked into getting him a cleaning lady. After he was asking about Luisa," Antony says. "We could do that. Hire someone through the club, someone he knows won't go through his stuff and that he can trust. It's nothing on what I owe him but I think it's something he'd actually appreciate."

"Has he never expressed an interest in the club itself?" Stephen's wondered that before, it's not like Marcus couldn't afford it.

"What would he do?" Antony asks.

"I don't know. I don't know how out there his thing is." Stephen shrugs. "But if you think him having his own cleaner is a start, we can do that."

"His thing's out there. Illegal out there," Antony says, setting his mug down. "I did think about whether there was any work-around but he's got it locked down tight and I'd be worried about triggering something."

"Oh." There's not a lot else to be said. Because whatever Marcus's thing is if it's outside of what the club can cater to and it's illegal it can be only one of three things, things Stephen really doesn't want to think about. "Let's not talk about this again then, yeah?"

Antony nods. He's more than happy to let the subject go. "So, we'll get him a cleaning lady, maybe even a housekeeper since he doesn't cook, and we'll make sure we invite him over more often."

"A housekeeper, yeah, that sounds good. As for asking him over more, well once we're in the new house, I want to see more of all of them. I've enjoyed their company." Stephen know Antony has too, it's been a very positive revelation amongst all the upheaval.

"They're good guys," Antony says, really happy Stephen feels the same way. It's a meshing of worlds that reinforces the fact that he really can get out without having to leave everything - even the good parts - behind. He smiles at Stephen. "I hate the reason we were there but that island was incredible and having them all there with us? That part was a lot of fun."

"It really was beautiful. I'd love to go back. And I guess that speaks to how much I loved it, given the mess I was in when we got there, and the problems we dealt with." They're still a long way from anything like 'normal', even though they probably appear to anyone looking in that they're back to an even keel and have patched things up. "I felt safe there."

"And now that we're back here?" Antony asks. "You let me send Marcus home."

"Yeah, I know," Stephen thinks on it a moment. "I guess I'm able to rationalise situations a little more now. We're at the top of the building, no one can get up here easily unless we want them to. There's a door between the lobby and us - and you've weapons here... the risk is minimal. Plus, we're in a better place now. There's some trust now."

"Only some?" Antony says.

He knew the moment the words left his mouth that Antony would pick up on it. Stephen drops his gaze and his hands tighten on his mug. "Yes, some," he reiterates. "I can't just flip it back on. It's earned, over time. You've been incredibly attentive and supportive, I seriously couldn't have asked for more from you, and those things have brought us back together. But... there's still a part of our life we've not addressed, and that is underpinned by my absolute trust in you, it has to because in the past I've literally put my life in your hands." He swallows hard. "I know it's not what you want to hear, but I'm determined to be truthful with you."

"And I respect that," Antony says, tamping down any frustration he might feel. "But when and how do we address it? I'm not trying to pressure you. I'm not trying to rush things. But you've said you're not even sure if you want to get back to any of that and we can work with that too. I just don't want to be sitting here doing nothing if you're waiting on me to make a move or say or do something."

"I can tell you now, I am not waiting for you to make a move," Stephen pushes up and sets his mug down on the coffee table before rubbing his hands over his face. "And I'm still not sure, but I do know that if I can't, it will leave a hole in our relationship, and that scares me."

Antony thinks on that for a long moment then exhales softly. "After my captivity," he says, slowly, feeling his way, "and after my break, when I came back, they offered me a desk job. Hell, they offered me anything I wanted. Told me I didn't have to be out in the field. But I went right back out. It was fucking terrifying. Every time we went out I was sure we were going to be blown to pieces. But it eased up. Bit by bit, with every trip, until one day I realized I hadn't thought about it at all. So... I'm not rushing you and I don't think you need to rush yourself. As far as I'm concerned you're still on your break. But maybe, when you think you're even a little bit ready, we could try something really low-key, really simple, set parameters, and see how it goes. Keeping in mind that one failure or even two or three doesn't mean we'll never have any of that again."

"And I'm flip-flopping between wondering if you're saying this because you can't see being with me without my submission or is it because the vanilla sex we're having isn't enough. Even though I know, deep down that isn't you. You're not that kind of man. It's all such a mess in my head." Pushing up out of sofa Stephen makes his way to one of the many windows. "Maybe you're right, I need to just do it... and see, because the worst has already happened. I've got nothing left to lose."

Antony pushes up as well, moving behind Stephen and wrapping his arms around him. Lips brushed across the nape of his neck. "I love you, so much, and I don't want you doing anything because you think should. I wanted to be back out in the field. It scared the shit out of me but I wanted back out there. I don't think you should be doing anything until you're sure you want at least some of what we had."

"And if that's another month? Longer? A year from now?" Stephen queries, covering Antony's hands with his own.

"I'm not going to lie," Antony says, kissing Stephen's neck again. "I'll miss it, but if I can touch you, if you're touching me, if we're still being intimate, that's the part that's most important to me."

"I need that too. I want us to be intimate, it's an important part of us healing as a couple, but the kink, it's just a step too far at the moment." Stephen tips his head back to rest on Antony's shoulder. "I miss kneeling at your feet sometimes, but that's all at the moment," he adds softly.

"You can do that whenever you want," Antony says, holding Stephen close. "I won't assume it means anything more," he promises.

"I need to tell you one more thing..." Stephen closes his eyes, savouring the feel of Antony's warmth, his husband's breath on his skin. "It seems we reached a point that I can't orgasm without your permission, not easily anyway. And... I can't let myself jerk off either."

Any other time Antony would tease or make a joke but here he bites it back and bites it back hard. "What do you need from me?"

"I don't know." Stephen turns in Antony's embrace, slipping his own arms up and around Antony's neck. "If I ask you help me break that behaviour, it'd feel like I'm turning my back on us ever being in a power exchange again. And... well we're not having nearly as much sex as we used to either."

Now Antony does tease. "I'd be happy to fix that anytime," he says, eyes crinkling, unable to help himself.

Stephen rolls his eyes. "You are such a horndog," he accuses.

"I can't help it," Antony returns, his grin widening. "Have you seen my husband?"

"Is he hot?" Stephen can't help grinning at that. He loves it when Antony flirts with him when he's playful like this.

"So hot," Antony says. "When he walks into a room he still steals my breath away and even when I'm fantasizing, it's all him, all the time."

A moment later, Stephen is pressing his mouth to Antony's in a kiss, finding himself, surprisingly, turned on by Antony's words. Being desired so hard by a man he loves, touches something deep and damaged inside Stephen.

Antony groans into the kiss and tightens his hold on Stephen, his body responding eagerly, immediately, to the feel of his husband pressed against him.

Sliding one hand down Antony's arm, Stephen pushes it between them to cup and squeeze his husband's erection through his jeans. He pulls back enough to murmur against Antony's lips. "Love me Tony, take me to bed and love me."

A shudder of arousal runs through Antony's frame and he nods, taking Stephen's hand and drawing him down the hall to their bedroom. There, he backs Stephen up against the bed, hands busy with his clothes, shedding them carelessly onto the floor, his need too great, too present and insistent. His mouth goes to Stephen's throat, licking, sucking, tasting, testing, teeth grazing against his skin.

"Yes! Fuck yes," Stephen growls softly, tipping his head back, his hands, squeeze and knead at Antony's torso, scratching and pinching.

Stephen naked, Antony pushes him down onto the bed, dropping his shirt and jeans before crawling between his legs, one hand reaching for the lube even as the other grasps his husband's cock and strokes it, roughly, his own bobbing heavily, wet at its tip.

Drawing his legs up, Stephen sets his feet flat to the bed he arches, lifting his butt off the bed. "Fuck me, fuck me," he demands as he makes a grab for Antony's hair.

Fuck yes. It's a wet dream come true and Antony's not about to risk waking up. He slicks his cock and then his fingers, pushing one and then two into Stephen, quickly working him open.

His body doesn't respond with the speed it used to, but even so, Stephen's hole loosens, eager to be penetrated. "Now! I'm good..." he grinds out, trying to pull Antony closer.

Antony goes with the pull, getting his cock lined up and pushing in, trying to not go too fast, hurt his husband. It's been so fucking long since they've done it like this, fast and hard and wanting, everything else pushed aside.

Lifting his hands, Stephen cups Antony's face in his palms and holds his gaze as his husband slides his cock deep inside him. It's a deeply intense moment, Stephen holds his breath until Antony stills having fully entered him.

Groaning with pleasure, his eyes locked on Stephen's, Antony rocks his hips a few times, making sure he's got every last fraction of an inch, before pulling back and pushing deep again. "Whenever you want," he whispers, his head swimming at the tight heat of his husband's body. "Whenever you can..."

Stephen gives a brief nod in response, not breaking their eye contact, aware on some level this is Antony's way of giving him permission, without explicitly doing so.

Bracing himself firmly, Antony gives a few more full deep thrusts before starting to pick up speed, his throat, chest and shoulders flushing red with arousal. "Oh, god, you feel so good," he breathes, licking his lips, sinking himself into Stephen's body again and again.

"My body...." Stephen stalls for a moment, before finishing, "...was made for you..." He says it because he knows it's true. Despite everything, Stephen knows they were made for each other, and he can't deny it.

Antony's chest tightens, his heart thrilling at those words, and he nods, stilling for a minute, his body racing ahead of him. "Fuck. Yes. You were made for me. We were made for each other," he gets out, using every bit of willpower to get himself back under control. "I love you so much."

"Don't hold back," Stephen urges, Antony's fight for control evident in the tension that vibrates through his body. "love me, revel in it."

And Antony does. That small bit of control regained, he starts fucking Stephen again, harder, faster, holding nothing back, their gazes locked, never once closing his eyes or looking away.

It's as raw and uninhibited as they've been since the incident, and Stephen takes it, his body responding with need and arousal of his own. "I love you," he states, clearly, enunciating each word in the moments before he's sure Antony will attain the peak of his pleasure.

That does it. Those words shred that final vestige of self-control, Antony slammed over the edge in an instant, every muscle seizing tight as he comes with a shout, cock spurting hot and thick inside his husband.

Stephen smiles as he soothes Antony through his orgasm, his hands now petting sweaty skin, murmuring nonsense noises, urging his husband to relax and settle in his arms.

"What about you?" Antony says, unable to relax completely yet.

"You can use your mouth, I can wait a few minutes," Stephen counters, pressing a kiss to Antony's lips, he tastes salt there, the air around them heavy with the musk of their sex.

Antony nods, satisfied, smiling and returning the kiss. "That was incredible."

"Yeah?" Stephen lets his fingers trail over Antony's brow bone, "I guess we rechristened the marital bed at least."

Antony grins at that. "Just think. When we get into the new house, we'll have a ton of rooms to christen," he says, eyes crinkling as he turns his head just enough to press a kiss to the inside of Stephen's wrist.

"Hmmm, promises, promises," Stephen sing songs softly. "Does that mean I get to fuck you over the dining room table then?"

It still feels weird, the thought of letting anyone - even Stephen - fuck him, and Antony sort of wishes they'd done it long before all of this, the way in which it finally came about feeling even weirder. But he covers for all of that - or at least does his best - and nods. "Yeah, sure, if that's what you want," he says with a smile.

Stephen chuckles at that, pressing his fingers to Antony's lips. "Could you sound more enthusiastic?" he teases, raising a brow.

"I'm sorry," Antony says, knowing he owes Stephen that complete honesty they keep talking about. "It still feels weird. I'll get used to it and it'll be better, knowing we're back on decent footing, but it still freaks me out a bit right now."

"I thought you enjoyed it?" Stephen lets his fingers trail down Antony's throat now until they're petting the chest hair that begins at the base of his throat. "You certainly came hard enough if I recall."

"I did, physically," Antony says softly, hoping he's not fucking everything up by sharing how he'd felt. "But mentally, things between us still felt... strained and like you were still angry with me and there was a part of me that was doing it because I felt like I had to do whatever you wanted and I told you that." He blows out a breath. "I don't want to feel weird or conflicted or anything but sheer fucking lust when you want to fuck me. My brain's just getting in the way at the moment."

"It's okay," Stephen reassures, his voice low. "I get it, I do. Because before this, the idea of me topping felt fucking wrong, and emotionally we've been all over the place. But it's important to me that we have that now, that we have something about our sex where we're equal."

Antony nods, so fucking grateful Stephen understands. That he hasn't just gone and lobbed another fucking grenade into the settling landscape of their relationship. "Do you want that now?" he offers. "Or do you still want my mouth?"

"Your mouth," Stephen grins as his cock kicks up in agreement where it's pressed between them. "You give great head..."

Antony grins and kisses Stephen, slowly sliding down his body and straight to that gorgeous hard cock. He flicks his tongue over and around the head, eyes locked on Stephen's.

"You evil bastard," Stephen groans out, his mouth curved up in a smile. His body responds by gifting Antony a fresh dribble of precum.

"What?" Antony grins, eyes crinkling as always. "I'm getting there." And just to prove the point he takes the crown between his lips and into his mouth, sucking lightly.

"Fuck!" Stephen's head drops back against the bed with a thump. "I am going to use that line on you sometime, 'I'm getting there', see how you like it," the words are punctuated by low moans and hitches in his breathing.

Antony laughs around his mouthful but takes Stephen deeper, swallowing him down this time, his head bobbing.

Given Stephen had been very thoroughly aroused by the sex itself, it doesn't take long for his body to catch up and get right back to that point where he can feel the tension coiling quick and hard low in his belly. He writhes under Antony's mouth, moaning and pulling at the bedding.

Slipping one hand between Stephen's thighs, Antony takes his balls in his palm, kneading them gently as he bobs faster, taking Stephen deep, right down his throat with every drop.

"Now! now, oh fuck..." Stephen warns, making a grab for Antony's head as his cock starts to pulse with spurt after spurt of cum.

Antony chokes a little but still manages to swallow most of Stephen's seed, his nose pressed tight to his husband's groin.

Stephen goes limp, his breathing ragged, eyes closed. "C'mere darling man, wanna kiss and taste myself."

Antony eases off, his throat complaining a little, and moves back up Stephen's body, his mouth pressed to his husband's, tongue delving between his lips.

Stephen melts when Antony kisses him, his own semen fresh on his husband's tongue. His hands slide up and down Antony's back, lightly scratching, tucking him closer.

"I love you," Antony murmurs, any concerns he'd had about coming home as eased as they can be.

Stephen smiles at that and presses another kiss to Antony's mouth. Maybe being home won't be as bad as he'd anticipated.

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