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Ultimate Multifandom Fanfic Spectacular

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"Cri-cket!" Two sung out from the bottom of the tree. "Just let me help you down already!"


"NO! Why can't Dad help me?"


"He's asleep!"




"She's in an incredibly complicated conversation with Rita and Nicole! About 'mom stuff' or whatever!"


"Gramma? Tilly?"


"They're both busy in other places! Just let me help you!"


Cricket stubbornly grasped the branch.


"Why do you not want me to help you?!"


Cricket sighed. "I just don't trust you!"


Two softened their expression. "Cricket, I have infinite power. If I ever let someone get hurt with me around and I was able to use my powers, I would never forgive myself. I just want to help you down."


Cricket looked down. "You won't drop me?"




"Alright, alright. You can do it."


Two focused their powers on Cricket and flew him down onto the ground.


"You okay, Cricket?"


"I've been better, but I'm good!"


Two smiled and picked Cricket up, clutching him in their hands. "You're cute. Has anyone ever told you that?"


Cricket blushed. "Sometimes."


Two chuckled. "Now, what should we do now?"




Two held Cricket up in the air. "Sure thing, as long as it doesn't involve you getting stuck in a tree again."


Cricket giggled. "Of course."


And then they skipped into the daylight, awaiting whatever adventures happen next.