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Lay it On Me

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The Burnish Alliance worked out of a small building downtown, in an area with reliable fresh water and spotty access to electricity. Lio’s office was cramped, with overflowing shelves full of documents they had yet to digitise, but he liked it. He’d always thrived in chaos. 


The walls were paper thin, so he heard his secretary say, “Mr Thymos!” two seconds before his door slammed open, so violently that it bounced back from the wall. In the doorway stood Galo, his eyes manically wide and his jaw clenched and serious. 


“Good to see you,” Lio said. 


Lio’s secretary fluttered behind Galo, her expression somewhere between horror and confusion. Lio waved her off. She’d never seen Galo in a mood before and didn’t know what it looked like. She rolled her eyes and left with her hands in the air.


“What’s this about?” Lio asked. 


Galo reached Lio’s desk in two, quick steps. He pulled a piece of familiar, blue-tinged paper from his pocket. He unfolded it quickly and slapped it on the desk between them. Lio raised an eyebrow. Galo pointed at the paper and then tapped quickly on the chipboard. Hurry! Lio looked at the document, which was very similar to the one he’d received the week before. 


Test results, Galo Thymos… Hep B, Hep C, Syphilis… non-reactive. Negative. 


Lio looked up to see an absolutely rabid smile on Galo’s face. 


“Well, okay then,” Lio said. 



A second door slammed open that day, equally violently as the first, with a heavy wooden crack that boded very poorly for Galo’s security deposit. They tripped through the doorway, joined from lip to hip. They’d managed some semblance of decorum on the bus home, but their dignity had failed in the elevator up to Galo’s apartment floor. 


Lio managed to push the door shut behind them, a colossal feat given that his right leg was wrapped around Galo’s waist and his spare hand was fisted into Galo’s hair. Galo pressed him against the wall and Lio moaned gratefully into his mouth. That appreciation disappeared immediately when Galo pulled away from him.


“Come back!” Lio cried. 


Galo pecked him on the lips. “I want to suck your dick,” he said. 


Lio’s cock jumped in his pants. Galo pressed another quick kiss to his cheek. 


“I want you down my throat,” Galo rolled their hips together, “I want you to fuck my mouth.”


“You’re so demanding,” Lio replied, huskily. 


Galo smiled, as smug as a rooster. 


“And when you can’t take it anymore, you’re gonna pull out and cum on my face,” Galo said. 


Lio couldn’t deny that he favoured the idea of finishing on his partner, where he could see what they’d made together, spread over smooth skin. He hadn’t shared a bed with many who mirrored the sentiment. Warm, sticky cum didn’t stay that way for long. 


“Are you sure?” Lio asked, skeptical. 


“Please, I’ve been waiting so long for my results,” Galo said, with a little pout. 


“Well it is your big day, I suppose I’ll just have to let you fellate me,” Lio said dryly. 


Galo dropped to his knees in a move that would’ve hurt anyone without his enthusiasm and muscle control. His tongue brushed over his upper lip as he neatly popped the button on Lio’s suit pants and pulled down the zip. Galo pulled Lio’s cock from his briefs with similar alacrity. 


“Thank you for the meal,” Galo said sweetly as he pressed a kiss to the head of Lio’s cock. 


“You’re welcome,” Lio replied. 


Galo’s eyes closed blissfully as he gave Lio’s cock a long, languid lick from base to head. He drew Lio into his mouth and groaned with satisfaction. Lio clutched at Galo’s shoulders as the vibrations passed through him, pleasure coiling between his hips. He fought the urge to thrust into Galo’s mouth. Galo sucked him without hurry, his clever tongue leisurely as it rolled around the tip of Lio’s cock. Every so often he’d press the flat of it against Lio’s slit, hungry for the precum he’d previously been denied. 


Lio ran his hand through Galo’s hair, then carefully gripped a handful. Galo looked up and made a curious sound that made Lio’s knees weak. Lio could see his cock pressed against the inside of Galo’s cheek. Lio’s restraint frayed.


“Still want it in your throat?” Lio asked. 


Galo hummed softly in the affirmative.


“I’m quite keen on it, myself,” Lio admitted. 


Whoever had invented the word ‘cocksure’ had been thinking of Galo Thymos, on his knees, with a dick between his lips. It should not have been possible to smile that broadly with his mouth full. 


Galo set his fingers on Lio’s hips, his grip firm. Lio bit down a whine as Galo sucked him deeper, warm and wet, past the root of his tongue. Galo’s throat hitched as the tip of Lio’s cock nudged inside. Lio clenched his hand in Galo’s shirt. His breath quickened. Galo’s throat was deliciously, unforgivingly tight. Lio moaned helplessly as Galo swallowed around him. He’d fucked Galo’s mouth before, but never raw, with no smooth, dull barrier between his skin and the gorgeous textures inside. The clench of Galo’s throat was harder to resist while bare.


“Oh, god,” Lio hissed, his hips beginning to pulse in spite of himself, thankfully held back by the strength of Galo’s hands.


Galo moaned around him, as his mouth began a gentle, pulsing rhythm, deep then shallow, throat then tongue. Lio gently pressed Galo down again, until Lio was all the way inside him, as deep as he could go. 


“Let me fuck you, baby,” Lio said.


Galo looked up into Lio’s eyes, a picture of innocence even with his mouth stuffed. His lips opened wider and his clever tongue peeked out and dipped down, to lap at the base of Lio’s aching balls. Galo took them in hand, his hold worshipful. He squeezed gently. 


Lio grunted, desperate, guttural, a sound he’d never before heard himself make. Galo’s remaining hold on Lio’s hip went loose, his mouth open and ready. He kept his head still as he urged Lio’s hips forward into his mouth. He swallowed around the tip of Lio’s cock as it filled his throat again and Lio had to fist his hands and count backwards just to resist the urge to cum. Lio pulled Galo’s head away out of self preservation, only to be tested by the ravenous suck of Galo’s mouth. 


“If you keep that up, you’ll make me cum inside you,” Lio hissed. “I won’t be able to hold it.”


Galo grumbled around Lio’s dick and sent him a glare which was, honestly, a little hilarious. 


“Isn’t it flattering that you’re turning me into a minute man?” Lio asked. 


Galo rolled his eyes and tapped his hands on top of Lio’s ass. Get back to it


Lio renewed his grip on Galo’s hair and began to rock his hips once more. He gritted his teeth against the gnarly-wet sound of his cock fucking in and out of Galo’s throat. Galo had let his mouth go loose, so Lio could more easily set his own pace. Lio let himself fuck a little harder and was rewarded by the sight of Galo’s eyes rolling back into his head. 


“I’m gonna cum,” Lio said helplessly. “You’re gonna make me-”


Lio cried out, bereft, as Galo pulled his head away from Lio’s dick. Galo’s hand replaced his mouth, his grip unyielding but glorious. His thumb rubbed over the tip of Lio’s cock with every stroke. 


“Come on,” Galo whined. “I want you, I want to feel you.”


Galo looked up again, his cheeks flush and his eyes bright and eager. His mouth was open, his tongue pressed to his lower lip in a thoughtlessly thirsty way. He didn’t just want to feel Lio on his skin. He wanted Lio’s cum in his mouth, in his belly. Wanted to taste it. 


Lio bit down on a scream, his eyes held open by sheer will, as he let go. Galo’s face shone with bliss as the first spurt splashed against him, into his hair and over his quickly-closed eye. He sucked the second wave into his mouth, his tongue pressed over Lio’s slit. Galo moaned in satisfaction as he tasted Lio’s release. He lapped at Lio’s cock until the well ran dry and huffed quietly when Lio, too sensitive, pulled him away. 


Lio leaned against the wall behind him, as unsteady as a newborn colt. His lungs fought for air as his blood finally slowed. A warm molasses feeling flowed through his body as he came down from the high of orgasm. 


He felt the warmth of Galo’s cheek against his hip. When he looked down he could see the thick line of cum on the other side of Galo’s face and the beatific expression that had bloomed there. A shock flew up from Lio’s groin up his spine. They had made that together, Lio’s pleasure painted on Galo’s sated face. 


“Thank you, baby,” Galo said, his voice raspy. 


Lio laughed, reflexively. “I think you have that backwards,” he replied. 


Galo nuzzled into Lio’s hip. 


“Thankful all around,” Galo said, a blissful smile on his face. 


Lio ran his hand through Galo’s soft hair. Galo arched into his touch and an aching tenderness passed through Lio’s heart. 


“Come up here,” Lio said. “I miss you.”


Galo rose up from his knees with remarkable ease given how long he’d spent on them. He pressed a chaste, salt-bitter kiss to Lio’s lips, before he straightened to his full height. Lio touched a finger to the cum he’d left on Galo’s face, then looked down to see a wet patch on the front of Galo’s pants. 


“I’ll make tea and put the laundry on, if you want to have a shower,” Lio said. 


Galo grinned and looked, surprisingly, a little sheepish. 


“This was so incredibly sexy,” Galo said. “But yeah, I wouldn’t mind getting your cum out of my hair before it starts to set.”


“I’m offended, but I’ll survive,” Lio replied. “Leave your clothes by the door.”


“Thanks, babe,” Galo said.


He reached down and tucked Lio back into his shorts, then did up the zip on Lio’s pants. He patted gently over Lio’s dick, a cheeky grin on his face. 


“Once you can get it up again, I want you in my ass,” Galo said, before he turned neatly and sauntered down the hall towards the bathroom. 


Lio’s penis ached. “At least let me have a glass of water and a piece of fruit, first,” Lio replied. 


Galo took his shirt off in response. Lio was treated to the gorgeous plane of his back as he walked away. In an act of unprecedented cruelty, Galo undid the button on his jeans and let them drop to the floor before he disappeared into the bathroom. The round swell of his glutes was devastating. 


“I am so lucky,” Lio whispered to himself, before he pushed away from the wall and walked down the hall. 


Lio had a good sex drive, from his perspective. If there were time for it, he’d fuck every day and twice on Sundays. Galo shared his enthusiasm but tested his stamina. Lio was, fortunately, capable enough to go the distance. Usually. 


“Fuck me harder!” Galo shouted. 


Lio had his hands on Galo’s waist, his grip achingly tight as he worked his cock into Galo’s magnificent ass. Galo’s spine was a long, clean line before Lio’s eyes. The muscle of Galo’s back clenched and released as he pushed his hips back into every harsh thrust. As before, it was different without a layer of rubber between them. More visceral; softer, hotter, wetter. Sweet, needy cries fell from Galo’s lips every time Lio’s balls slapped against his perineum. Galo loved to be fucked from behind. Lio loved to oblige him.


But each breath caught in Lio’s lungs. His legs shook, his heart raced. How long had they been fucking? Twenty minutes, at least. Half an apple had been less restorative than Lio had hoped. 


Galo’s spark had lit a fire in Lio’s soul, but where the spirit was willing, the flesh was weak.


“Baby, loathe though I am to say it,” Lio gasped. “I can’t keep up with you.”


Galo whined, a wanton, petulant sound that Lio had never heard before, and turned to look over his shoulder. His pout should not have been as upsetting as it was. 


“Do you want to stop?” Galo asked.


There was a forlorn shine to his blue eyes and lovely flush to his cheeks. He looked like a needy sex-kitten, denied the cock he so desperately required. 


“It’s not a matter of wanting, I’m going to fall over,” Lio said. 


Galo looked thoughtful. “What if I rode you?” he asked. 


Galo’s hips rolled back and forth in gentle undulations, the movement so subtle that Lio was not sure he was aware that he was doing it. His ass clenched and released over Lio’s cock. Galo bit his lip and Lio realised, hopelessly, that Galo was about to fuck his brains out. 


“That sounds fine,” Lio said, breathlessly. 


Galo pulled away from Lio’s cock, his hole clenched tight as he did so. Lio’s hips twitched against the urge to thrust back inside, where Galo was slick and warm. Galo rolled over smoothly onto his back, so that Lio could see his beautiful dick, hard and wet against his belly. Lio would’ve asked to suck it, but it was still Galo’s night and he was calling the shots. Galo patted the bed next to him. 


“Come here,” he said. 


Lio flopped down onto the bed beside him and luxuriated in the cool sensation of the cotton sheets against his back. Galo had good taste in linens. 


“Do you need a breather?” Galo asked, gently. 


Lio shook his head. “I want to be inside you incredibly badly.”


Galo smirked sweetly, then sat up on the bed. He threw one leg over the other side of Lio’s hips, then sat back on Lio’s thighs. He gave Lio’s dick a friendly stroke with one hand. A lick of fire raced down Lio’s spine. He clenched his fingers into the sheets out of self preservation.


“You have the most perfect dick, do you know that?” Galo said. 


Lio assumed it was a rhetorical question. 


“Just the right size for me.” Galo crawled further up the bed. “You fill me up so well.”


Galo reached behind him and once again took Lio’s dick into his grasp. He lowered his hips slowly, too slowly for Lio’s overwhelmed heart and libido. Lio’s eyes rolled into the back of his head when he felt the kiss of Galo’s hole against his cock. 


“Baby, look at me,” Galo said. 


Lio opened his eyes once more and saw a shockingly sweet expression on Galo’s face. He sank down onto Lio’s cock with a sweet sigh, their gazes locked. Lio gasped as tight pressure gave way to penetration, hot and slick and silky around Lio’s dick. 


“It’s so much better bare” —a tremor had made its way into Galo’s voice—“nothing between us.”


Galo’s eyes closed and his mouth dropped open. His hole shivered around Lio’s dick, as if he’d talked himself into a peak of arousal, one step closer to orgasm. Galo’s cock twitched and a blurt of precum dripped down his thick length. He had a beautiful dick. Long and pretty and much more than a handful. Lio’s reached for it thoughtlessly. 


Galo caught him by the wrist, gently, and redirected his grip to Galo’s waist. Lio cursed behind gritted teeth.


“Galo, please, I miss your cock,” Lio whined. 


Galo huffed a laugh. “I just want to feel you,” Galo replied. 


Lio put his other hand on Galo’s hip, so he could feel smooth, warm skin beneath his fingers. It was a mostly satisfying alternative to jerking off his boyfriend. He gripped harder as Galo began to shift up and down slowly, each fall punctuated by a roll of his hips.


“It’s good,” Lio said, shakily. 


“I’ve wanted this for so long,” Galo whispered. “I used to- I used to look up amateur vids, of guys fucking into fleshlights, where you could see the head of their dick going in and out.”


Galo never talked about porn. He seemed to find the concept dull compared to actual fucking. To actually seek it out—


“I liked to watch them get wet while I thought about you, dripping inside my hole, rubbing up in me,” Galo’s hips began to work faster. “Not just opening me up, but slicking me up too, making me full of you.”


Lio reached his hands back and grabbed Galo’s ass, gripped tight at the muscle, then let his fingernails scratch against his skin. Lio slipped two fingers down Galo’s crease and rubbed them around the edge of Galo’s stretched hole. He was so soft there. Galo moaned blissfully. His heavy cock slapped down against Lio’s stomach as he fucked himself harder with Lio’s prick. 


“Tell me more,” Lio pleaded. 


Galo nodded his head. “I’d put a rubber cock in my ass, and when those guys came inside those fake holes, I’d pretend it was you, cumming inside me because you wanted me, to be a part of me after we fucked.”


Lio’s hips quirked up, like he was close, and Lio realised he was close. He was going to cum, inside Galo, really inside Galo, for the first time. Not licked up or swallowed down. He was going to leave a piece of himself inside. 


“Shit!” Lio cried, his eyes clenched shut. 


“I want you everywhere,” Galo said, his voice desperate. “In my mouth and in my ass and on my skin.”


Lio dug his heels into the bed and tried to fuck up into Galo from below. He wanted that too. To be a part of the man he loved. Whatever Galo wanted, he could have.


“Lio,” Galo whimpered. 


“Yes,” Lio panted. 


“I want you with me all the time,” Galo said, his eyes painfully sincere. “Baby, always— I always want you.”


Lio cried out, guttural, his pleasure sharp through the root of his hips, in the head of his cock and down his spine. His orgasm tore through his veins and set every nerve alight. It was cosmic agony, the little death that he had never believed in before. More than he could have ever known to ask for. 


And after, nothing. 


The world came back slow, like sinking fog. The first thing was the sound of his breath in his lungs. Then the feel of hands, warm and soothing on his body, followed by a weight that pinned down his hips. Lio opened his eyes and saw Galo, who had a tender, pained expression on his beloved face. 


“You with me?” Galo asked. 


Lio nodded. 


Galo smiled, softly. “Good to have you back,” he said. “I’m going to take you out of me now, okay?”


He was still inside. Had Galo plugged up. Lio let his head loll back and grumbled in wordless complaint. He nodded again, reluctantly. 


“Thanks,” Galo said. 


Lio closed his eyes and bit his lip as Galo slipped off him and left his cock cold and bare. Lio slipped a hand between his legs and cupped himself reassuringly. How cruel it was, to leave paradise. 


“I’ve never seen you this fucked out before,” Galo said. 


“I’ve never been this fucked out before,” Lio replied, his voice shaky. “I think I saw god.”


Galo’s weight shifted backwards on the mattress. 


“Wow,” Galo whispered.


Lio pushed himself up on his elbows and saw Galo balanced on one hand, the other deep between his legs. Galo’s knees shuffled further apart. Lio heard a wet, ugly sound that would have been terribly unappealing had Lio not known exactly what it is. 


It was his cum, pushed from Galo’s well-fucked hole, into his hand. Galo sat back up and brought his hand forward, his eyes electric-keen on the slippery mess in his palm. Galo whimpered and Lio felt a painful twitch pass through his spent cock. 


“You gave me so much,” Galo said, an unexpected neediness threaded through his voice. “Did I feel that good?”


Lio realised that Galo was still hard; red and leaking. 


“So good,” Lio replied. 


Galo’s hand drifted back between his own legs to curl around his neglected cock. His hips twitched forward, the way they did when he was at his most sensitive, when he’d been teased for too long. Lio watched, eyes wide, as Galo gave himself a light stroke that spread Lio’s spend down his entire length. He paused at the top of his dick. 


“Play with the head,” Lio said. “Mix us together.”


Galo groaned as he obeyed. He polished the sensitive tip of his cock with his wet palm. The muscles in his abdomen flinched and clenched. His hips jumped forward in aborted thrusts. 


“I’m gonna cum,” Galo moaned. 


Lio sat up, still between Galo’s thighs. He put his hands on Galo’s waist and watched, enthralled, as Galo pleasured himself. Galo was gorgeous when he was close, his face so overcome he almost seemed to be in pain. Lio pressed a wet kiss to Galo’s open lips. 


“I want you too,” Lio whispered. “I want you the way you want me.”


Galo moaned, wordlessly, his eyes shut tight. 


“Baby, give it to me,” Lio begged.


Galo cried out, a wild sound, and Lio felt the satisfying spatter of cum on his chest. Galo slumped forward. Lio let himself be born down against the mattress, their bodies pressed together, slick with sweat and cum. Galo’s breath hitched in his lungs as Lio soothed his hands down Galo’s back. Galo was perfection in Lio’s arms. 


“I love you,” Lio said, tender, devastated.


Galo tilted his head and pressed their lips together, in silent answer. 


After, when their breath had slowed and a wet cloth had eased their stickiness, they basked in each other's arms. Lio had never felt so languid or at ease. Sex had become revelation. 


“What you said, about how you want me,” Lio said, gently. 


Galo buried his head into Lio’s shoulder. 


“Lio,” Galo whined, “be nice about my sex talk.”


Lio threaded his fingers through Galo’s hair. He curled a soft lock around his finger.


“You said you wanted me everywhere, here—”


He brushed his fingers over Galo’s lips. 


“And here—”


He trailed down Galo’s chest, his touch light as it passed Galo’s waist. 


“And here too.”


He rubbed his fingertips over the top of Galo’s cleft. 


“Well, I do,” Galo replied, mulishly. 


Lio smiled and pressed a kiss to Galo’s forehead. Galo cuddled in closer to him. Lio could feel Galo’s heartbeat against his skin. Beautiful. 


“I might have some ideas,” Lio said. 


Galo’s breath had started to slow. He nodded, sleepily.


“We can talk about it later,” Lio replied.