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"Alas, I had such huge expectations from you two, but perhaps expecting is what leads to failing on saving the humanity." Als gave them disappoint look as he stared at the explorers on the floor, defeated yet with mercy as he couldn't find himself to kill them as they were the ones who were there when he grieved for his mother. His mistakes... Yes, this is all of his mistakes, and he must fix this. After all, he is the cause of destruction to humanity.

No, I can't just... give up... We were there...

Shikuro gripped on his staff as he stared at his unconscious partner next to him.

I promised to protect him. And he promised he won't leave me.

Shikuro gripped on his partner's hand, and it felt warm this time. Not like when his partner was in coma for three years, not like when he died on his arms after he stopped Maou Ragi, not like when Bender murdered him in Marlo of Republic, not like... all the worlds he left as the corpse of his friend was buried in the ground. Some were in the wild, some were just ashes as it was blown away and flew in Three-Country Borderline, some were disposed by assassins that were sent by people they made enemies with.

Is humanity truly worth saving?

"Now, I just need to remove the white-haired explorer."

This whole thing... Why they had to do all of this? Why can't those rulers do something about this? And the future? Who damn cares?! He just wanted to live life with his partner without this whole thing!

Again, he stared and stared before he let out a loud laugh as the Alchemist God is shocked to hear him. Perhaps he sounded so insane, but who cares?! This loop. This humanity. This destruction.

"Hey, Als-kun, did you ever think that I experienced more than you think? Ever thought I'm tired of this and wanted to end all of it?" Shikuro let go of his partner's hand as he stood up with crazed look that even God is surprised to see. Guess he is just good actor. "I was there, I experienced everything. I was there, I watched the humanity burned down. I was always there. Unlike you, the one who just repeats without second thought, I am there."

"What are you saying-?!" To God's surprise, Shikuro ran towards him to stab with the sharp end of his staff at the stomach as God's cloak's used to be white turned into crimson.

"While you are wasting everything, I must make means to reach the ending of our story, even by means killing you. You may be a God, but you were also human with immortality and amazing alchemy, you can still be weakened and die from simple stab." And Shikuro didn't joke as before the God tried to attack him back, he continued to stab him on his stomach as he ignored the blood splatters on his clothes.

The end, he must reaches the end, he doesn't want to disappear, he doesn't want to repeat this without memories.

"Y-you... monster..." The God choked out as he unable to heal himself with his magic with the wounds beyond repair.

The white-haired explorer stared at him before death succumbed the no longer eternal God to darkness along with everything he created and synthesized, crumbled down before Shikuro went back to his unconscious partner.

"I'm glad you're heavy sleeper, Ev-kun..." Shikuro smiled sadly as he held on Ev's hand again. Not dead. This time. But... what should he do now? Shikuro pursed his lips as he wondered before he looked at Als's corpse. Ah... He murdered him, right...

Sikuro looked at his staff with bloodied end. Guess this is what he becomes, someone who is more menace than a monster.

Who said the God is always benevolent?