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Wreck Me Like This City

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Nagazora is a huge mess.


The honkai that swarm the destroyed city are mostly small sized, agile beasts— nothing for Fu Hua to write home about, but definitely troublesome opponents for people who aren’t her. Their coordinated attacks have destroyed both previous Valkyrie squads before they could even reach the source of the disaster.


Which is why Hua is sneaking in alone now— Fenghuang Down seamlessly making her invisible to the swarm.


The Herrscher is still holed up here, but there’s no telling when she’ll move. She has to be taken down as soon as possible.


Hua tracks down the source of the disturbance all the way to a school. It’s… barely recognizable as a school anymore— it’s more like a hive of honkai beasts. The walls are covered in, or even replaced by a sticky structure Hua doesn’t quite recognize, somewhat reminiscent of honeycomb.


This used to be Chiba Academy. Now there are only zombies and beasts. Hua can only give the deceased students a mournful nod.


She goes through the classrooms in order. Most of them are completely wrecked, and filled with busy hive workers. If it wasn’t a dire situation, Hua would be quite interested in investigating their social structure— honkai rarely bothers establishing semi permanent bases like these. It seems like they’re renovating the building for better use of space? Hua doesn’t stop her search to look into it further. She’s here for the Herrscher and only for the Herrscher. 


The second floor… still only beasts, even denser than before.


On the third floor she hears a distinctively human voice.


Is that a cry of pain? Are there survivors here? Is the Herrscher torturing them? Possibilities stack up in her mind. If there is a survivor, Hua will do her best to ensure their safety, but it’s unlikely that she’ll manage to save them. The Herrscher is close, and the building is filled to the brim with enemies. Looking after a defenseless civilian will be extremely difficult. 


If she can take care of the Herrscher with Fenghuang Down quickly, she might have a chance, though.


Hua slinks to the next room, on her guard. The night has fallen— it’s quite dark in there. This is where the noise is coming from. It’s giving her goosebumps.


It’s a girl’s voice— a teenager or a young adult. The words she says are incoherent, occasionally slipping into high pitched squeals instead. Two harsh breathing patterns mingle. Less distinctive are wet sounds that she can now hear quite clearly.


…she can’t stall any longer.


Unlike the rest of the school, the classroom hasn’t been “renovated” with any comb on the inside, but when she tries to step in, her foot sinks into the floor. Eh? There’s a strange amount of pillows blanketing the ground. 


Hua almost backs away, tempted to take off her shoes. It feels rude to trample on the fabric like that.


It’s a silly notion, though, so she enters anyway, pausing only to let her eyes get used to the dark. There’s movement in this room, cloaked by darkness. It smells oddly musky.


Hua’s eyes widen. She stops dead in her tracks. 


She expected the Herrscher to be torturing her victim. Not… having sex with her.


This is awkward. Does she… wait until they’re done? 


The one Hua identifies as the Herrscher has long dark hair. She’s on top, taller than the other girl, pinning both of the other’s wrists above her head. Her free hand is busy between the human’s legs, hypnotically thrusting in and out of sight.


The human, by contrast, has messy white hair that Hua can see quite clearly despite the darkness. Her legs are wrapped around the Herrscher, and she’s being quite vocal , too. Blissed out, she repeatedly moans what must be a name (“Mei”). She’s clearly… enjoying herself. 


This is voyeurism.


Neither of them have noticed Hua yet. Should she use the opportunity to take down the Herrscher? In any other situation, she would have, but hypnotizing someone who is knuckles deep into someone else feels incredibly wrong. 


Furthermore, there’s the possibility that the Herrscher will react violently to Hua’s presence, and in such close quarters, it would kill her lover. Regardless of whether the situation is consensual, no doubt that the Herrscher would be enraged. Enraged Herrschers are much more dangerous than they can otherwise be. Better wait until there’s any distance at all between them. It will be safer. She might be able to save the human girl. Yes. This is a rational decision.


Hua swallows, self-conscious about how hot her cheeks are. She’s not one to indulge in worldly pleasures, or be in voluntary contact with them at all. Watching the entwined girls is making her feel all kinds of… improper. Her mouth’s gotten dry.


“Kiana…” The Herrscher speaks softly, eliciting a high-pitched cry from the white-haired girl. It couldn’t be only the name. She must have… crooked her fingers, or something along those lines. 


“Mei” sounds so loving. Isn’t the Herrscher supposed to be a monster?


Hua should look away. She really should, but she can’t. Kiana’s blissed-out face is shiny with sweat, drool pooling at the corner of her mouth. She’s writhing, thrusting her hips in time with Mei’s fingers like she can’t get enough of them, her legs wrapped tightly as if to never let the Herrscher go. Mei’s face is obscured from the angle Hua watches them at, but her breathing is equally chaotic, and her naked back glistens beneath Kiana’s hold. She’s more quiet, but she’s definitely into it, too.


Hua barely stops a groan from her own throat. 


Ah… she can’t make noise. She can’t. The Herrscher would immediately attack her. She shamefully presses her hand between her legs through her clothes, hoping to alleviate some of the growing pressure. 


This is really turning her on. Dammit.


Hua had thought avoiding matters like sex would be best not to distract her from her mission, but she was wrong. Now she realizes she’s built zero resistance. It’d be different if she was being attacked or forced— aggression, Hua can handle, but this? It’s making her feel all kinds of ways that are definitely out of place, and she can’t even leave to clear her head.


Kiana suddenly interrupts Hua’s thoughts, with a higher-pitched cry than before. She almost sounds like she’s sobbing. She arches her back under Mei’s hands before relaxing, no longer moaning but terribly out of breath.


Mei slides her hand out. It’s slick, gleaming in the low light. Mei opens her mouth, still focused only on her lover, and starts licking herself clean. Hua swallows. Mei’s tongue drags up the whole length of her fingers, one by one, and then she sucks on them, slowly sliding them between her lips. The Valkyrie can’t tear her eyes away. Neither can Kiana, whose cheeks are blazing. “Like what you see?” Mei taunts softly.


The Herrscher releases Kiana’s wrists and leans forward, kissing her on the mouth. Hua spies her tongue cleaning the drool that leaked during their love making. It’s a soft gesture, a gentle kiss, but Kiana’s hands come up to grab at the Herrscher to pull her closer still, and the kiss immediately becomes more heated.


If Hua had any doubt about whether the human was willing, well, they’re just about cleared now. She bites her lip.


When Mei pulls away, a string of saliva continues to link them for a brief moment. “Do you want… to continue?” Her voice is uneven, hitched by brusque breathing.


“Y-Yeah,” Kiana answers in a similar tone. 


Mei smiles. No… even from this angle, Hua thinks it might be more of a smirk; but it’s so devoid of malice that Hua almost didn’t notice. “What do you say?”




“Good girl.” Heat pools in Hua’s belly. She swallows again. Her mouth is so dry. Damn. The Herrscher is good at this. Her voice is just a little rough, husky. It wasn’t said to Hua, it definitely wasn’t said to Hua, she’s imagining the glowing pink glance her way— She can’t make a noise. Hua desperately presses her fingers against her crotch, willing herself to keep cool, but there’s no meditating in this kind of situation. Her focus has been broken to pieces. It’s just impossible.


Mei unhooks Kiana’s legs from behind her back, spreading them wide apart. Hua’s breath catches in her throat. Kiana’s pussy is swollen and red, gleaming with wet. Hua spies some bite marks on her thighs, likely made before she intruded; Mei traces them with her thumb, as if to give a tour of her work.


“Mei…” Kiana sounds pouty. It’s adorable. “You’re teasing me.”


Mei chuckles. This, too, is a precious sound. Hua catches another flash of her pink eyes when she keeps speaking. “You’re cute when you’re desperate.” 


Kiana huffs, and kicks Mei lightly with the ball of her foot, but— “No moving,” Mei chides. She presses her palms on both of Kiana’s thighs, spreading them apart some more. Kiana audibly swallows, loud enough for Hua to hear.


This is so… normal. This Herrscher isn’t crazy. She’s in love with a human, gently building pleasure just for her. Is she not aware of the rampaging beasts outside? Does she feel it’s not her problem? Hua realizes that the honkai army has not gone far out of the city yet— rather, it’s been guarding and consolidating this place. The world of humanity is a Herrscher’s enemy. Is she trying to keep Kiana and herself safe here?


How… sweet.


Hua is broken out of her thoughts again by Kiana’s moaning. Mei has leaned forward to suck on one of her large breasts. One of her hands fondles the other one. Kiana’s fingers tangle in the dark hair. “Ah… ah…” She’s clutching the Herrscher with pleasure on her face.


Her eyes meet Hua’s. No. Hua’s imagining it, isn’t she? Those blue eyes aren’t seeing her. It’s dark. The girl’s distracted. Those eyes, those moans aren’t some kind of— invitation, or approval. Kiana is not really seeing Hua.


Despite her rationalization, Hua’s fingers curl against her crotch. She’s wet through her clothes. There’s no denying it. Shame colors her cheeks. Hua throws her free hand over her mouth, determined not to make any noise. They can’t go on forever. This will be over soon. Then she’ll deal with the Herrscher. Yes.


Mei pulls away from Kiana’s chest, leaving a warm-cheeked girl panting. She kisses her lover’s mouth hungrily, and her ears are tinted pink when she pulls away again. “I want to fuck you,” the Herrscher groans against the human’s mouth. “Let me make you mine.”


I’m already yours,” Kiana pants cheekily.


“I know.” Mei straightens herself up, on her knees between Kiana’s wantonly parted legs, and then she presses forward, snapping their hips together. Kiana gasps.


Is Mei… wearing something now? Hua didn’t notice, but from what she’s, ahem, seen of her equipment so far it’s the only thing that makes sense. 


Mei thrusts into Kiana, going quite slow. “Ah… you’re so warm,” the Herrscher groans. Her nails dig into Kiana’s thighs. “So warm. You’re so good.”


Kiana thrusts up her hips, making Mei gasp. “H-Hey. What are you so slow for. Weren’t you going to fuck me?”


Mei gently hits Kiana’s head. “M-Maybe I like to give a good show,” she pants. “Don’t be impatient.”


“I’m not the one writhing in my cunt.” Kiana laughs, but it’s a little strangled, her breathing too uneven to let out a smooth sound.


Mei snorts. “That would be lonely.”


Absurdly, Hua feels like it’s a jab aimed at her. She’s not— it doesn’t matter if she’s lonely.  


The room soon fills up with moans, from both girls this time. Hua bites her tongue. Her index rubs against her crotch, the friction just enough to distract her. This is such a mess. She came here to get rid of a Herrscher, not be some kind of voyeur. She can’t just leave , but she doesn’t have the heart to attack Mei, either. It seems wrong. She’s in love with a human, and she’s given no indication that she’s planning to destroy anything more than the initial eruption did. Could Hua… talk to them? Convince them to come with her? Kiana doesn’t seem badly affected by the honkai radiation yet, but it could be dangerous to stay here on the long term. They would be out of food eventually. Otto might run out of patience and try to nuke the place.


Hua’s thoughts fizzle out. She’s trying to force herself to make plans, to intrude on the girls less, but her ability to focus has been shot to death. Kiana and Mei’s moans reach a crescendo— Hua bites her tongue and closes her eyes.


It’s foolish to close her eyes in front of a Herrscher, but she doesn’t want to see them come down from their high again. She’s out of place. Heat rolls down against her skin. She shouldn’t— she shouldn’t be seeing them loving one another. Her own breathing shouldn’t be ragged just by hearing and watching them. She shouldn’t be tempted to slip her own hand down her pants, to desperately seek release from the pressure they built in her.


A few seconds pass, or maybe a hundred years. Hua is tugged forward.


She opens her eyes, but it’s too late. The Herrscher is dragging her to where she left her lover. When did she notice Hua? Just now? Or was she naive to dismiss those sideways glances? But then why did the girls ignore her?


Did they realize Hua wasn’t a threat before Hua herself?


While her mind fills with questions, Mei sits down and drops her across her lap.


“What are you—?!” Hua gasps, but she doesn’t exactly resist, either. She could easily break the hold, but she doesn’t sense any hostility from Mei. She’s not attacking Hua. She’s… taking her shoes off, and throwing them aside. 


The Herrscher sounds pleased. “You’re not a zombie. You didn’t die. That’s good.”




“You didn’t die,” Kiana clarifies, “from being close by.” She looks excited. “It’s only been the two of us so far. Welcome.” Kiana crawls forward until she’s resting against Mei’s shoulder. She seems quite tired. For obvious reasons. Unfortunately, Hua is acutely aware of the girl’s naked chest pressing against her own shoulder blades. Not helping. 


“It must have been hard… to make it all the way here,” Mei tells her, still catching her breath. Her index traces down Hua’s body, starting from her collarbone down to her belly. Hua shudders. Her touch is electric. “Don’t worry. You’re safe now.”




Mei cups Hua’s cheek. She’s smiling. “It’s okay. We’re not mad you were watching.”


“It was kinda hot,” Kiana adds, amused.


So they did notice her. That realization colors her cheeks crimson. Something twists in her belly, too, at the knowledge that they deliberately let her stay. This place… these girls are getting to her head.


Kiana’s arms wrap around her middle from behind. It’s comfortable. Hua doesn’t want to move away. They welcome her; a primal part of her is starved for touch. When’s the last time anyone touched her? The last decade and a half, she spent mindlessly following Otto’s orders.


Because she intended stealth, she’s not wearing a proper uniform. The girls must be mistaking her for a civilian.


“What’s your name?” Kiana asks.


“Hua… Fu Hua.” Kiana draws small circles on her belly with her thumbs. “What… are your intentions?”


They haven’t made any attempt to put clothes back on. Hua’s been staring at their naked forms all this time, so she has no room to complain, but her need still burns and the lack of modesty is not helping that at all.


Staring into Hua’s eyes, Mei licks her lips.


“You liked what you saw.” She’s not directly answering her question, but Hua isn’t stupid enough not to guess her meaning. The Valkyrie’s cheeks burn. “I could make you feel good, if you want. Though… it’s  your choice.”


…is the honkai making the Herrscher’s sex drive like this? She looks almost like she’s starving. Like Hua’s about to be devoured… but she’s holding back. Asking for permission.


Mei’s nails rake across Hua’s skin as she forms a fist. Her face is flushed, but serious. She sagely waits for an answer.


Her choice, uh. Kiana’s arms tighten slightly around her. Mei’s warm hand is still cupping her cheek. Her choice? It’s a choice? Those simple words set her desire ablaze all over again. Maybe she’s not thinking right. Every time she tries to focus on her mission, her thoughts fizzle out, replaced by delicious sensations.


Intruding her mind is a mental image of Hua being held down by Mei, her head on Kiana’s lap. A hand slipped in her aching wetness, soft words just for her. Maybe she’s being influenced, too, but she can’t bring herself to question it.


“Okay,” Hua says, before she can think that it’s a bad idea. She catches Kiana’s smile before hands slip under her shirt and lift it above her head, obscuring her view. Her pants are being tugged at too. Teamwork from both girls. They’re not losing a single moment.


Before long, she’s only wearing her underwear; greedy hands explore her skin. Mei moved Hua off her lap for a better range of motion, but Kiana is still holding her, affectionately nuzzling into her neck from behind. 


Hua’s breathing is growing ragged again. She’s extremely unused to this. It seems it doesn’t take much to drive her crazy. 


“You’re so pretty,” Mei murmurs, smiling. She traces a scar on Hua’s thigh, before running her hand up her side. She kneels between Hua’s legs and leans forward to continue up, reaches the edge of her bra, and slips a finger under it. Hua shudders. “Be good for me. Don’t squirm too much, mhm?”


“Ah—” Mei’s thumb runs over her nipple, straining the fabric. Simultaneously, Kiana leans forward and kisses her throat.


“You smell so good,” the human says, teeth against skin. “Making me hungry”. She doesn’t specify the exact nature of her hunger. 


Mei pinches her, and Hua twitches in surprise. She’s plenty used to pain, but this felt... good. Pleasure-pain. An alien sensation, enough to be taken by surprise. 


Mei hums, pleased by her reaction.


“Is it alright to bite you?” she asks, still caressing Hua’s chest despite the restraining cuff of her bra. Hua doesn’t trust her voice right now, so she nods. It sounds… good. She’s not one to indulge, she doesn’t know how she’ll react, but it appeals to her. 


Hua expects Mei to do it, but it’s Kiana whose teeth suddenly bite down into her skin. There’s an initial jolt of pain, but it’s immediately followed with the intimate sensations of the girl’s wet tongue, the tingle of her exhalation on her skin.


“That makes you mine,” Kiana claims shamelessly in her ear, “for tonight, at least.”


Mei chuckles darkly. “Should I bite the both of you, then?” Right next to Hua’s face, she takes Kiana’s lips in for a brief yet hungry kiss. She doesn’t stop fondling Hua, though. Hua can’t muster any intelligent thought anymore.


“Can I kiss you too?”


Mei asks her this next, just when Hua feels a tingle of want for what the two of them have; she finds no damn reason to refuse and nods. A kiss… has she ever been kissed before?


Mei kisses her. It’s soft. It sends tingles down her spine. It’s chaste until Mei licks Hua’s lips— the tip of her tongue touches her teeth and Hua realizes what she wants. She’s inexperienced in kissing, not dumb. She opens her mouth, welcoming Mei’s greedy tongue, sucks on it when it intrudes— tries to figure out what the Herrscher girl’s doing to return the favor. 


Mei tastes strange, but it’s a good kind of strange that makes her feel warmer. Instinctively, Hua’s hands that had remained slack clamp down on Mei’s bare shoulders, her nails digging into bare skin. 


Kiana bites down on her again, lower, and Hua can’t help but moan into the kiss. From the twitch in Mei’s hand on her chest— she found it a pleasant surprise. She nibbles on Hua’s lip before pushing her away, against Kiana.


Mei’s black hair forms a messy halo behind her. She unclips Hua’s bra with her free hand, slides it free from her body, leans against her, skin to skin, licks the spot where her neck meets her shoulder. “My turn, mhm?” 


Hua doesn’t have time to brace herself. Mei bites down, harder than Kiana did, hard enough that Hua can feel each of her teeth clearly. Is it her… or are they unnaturally sharp? 


Yet she has no will to pull away. In fact, it churns the heat in her belly, making her try to squeeze her legs together. Her nails dig deeper into Mei’s shoulders.


Mei pulls away, licking her lips. Oh… There’s a little blood. Her glowing eyes are blown wide with desire, like the taste of copper did nothing but deepen her hunger.


Kiana grasps Hua’s wrists, gently pulling them away from Mei. There might be a little blood on her nails, too. She doesn’t get to check; Kiana yanks her hands, suddenly scooting back so Hua rests her head on her lap rather than shoulder-level. Ow. “Wha—” Kiana chuckles above her and holds her wrists prisoner down on the floor, on either side of her head.


She’s trapped.




Her eyes don’t glow. It’s harder to see the human girl’s face. Her voice is cheeky, so Hua paints that kind of expression on the muddled darkness and nods. She could easily break the hold, but the concept of being held down like this… it’s a little thrilling.


Mei’s impatient fingers are on her belly, lowering, grasping at the hem of her last article of clothing, but refusing to pull it off yet. Instead Mei traces its outline, stray fingers sometimes brushing below.


“You’re soaked,” Mei notes, and her index brushes against the place that burns the most. Hua can’t help but whimper. “Glad to see we’re taking good care of you. I’d feel bad, otherwise, you know?” 


She starts rubbing small circles, making Hua squirm, but Kiana holds her upper body down in her lap. Her hands are trapped, making it outright impossible for her to relieve her own ache now. “Hng… You’re teasing me…”


Mei raises an eyebrow. “You want me to stop?” She takes her hands away.


“No…” Hua glares, just a little. Mei’s good mood hasn’t wavered one bit. She knows perfectly well why Hua protested. She’s really just teasing her. 


“What do you want then?” Mei places her hands flat on Hua’s thighs. “Tell me, I’ll do it for you.”




“Please what?”


Hua got this far, but this is more difficult to say than she expected. “Stop teasing me…”


Mei smirks. “You’re telling me to stop something, not to start something else.” Idly, her index traces loose patterns on Hua’s thighs, never brushing close to where she’s wanted. “Tell me what you want. I’m not doing things to you without permission.”


Hua thinks she must be blushing to the root of her hair.


“Take those off…” Thankfully, Mei isn’t so cruel as to ask her to specify what to take off. She slips a finger under the hem and slowly slides Hua’s panties down— so close yet so far to the burning heat between her legs.


“Alright. Is that all?” Mei asks her again, clearly relishing in her embarrassment. She leaves the underwear at knee level, restraining Hua’s movements some. Even though Hua is tempted to open up her legs like a whore, she can’t part her legs without tearing up her panties like this. 


“Aren’t you being a little mean, Mei?” Kiana asks, but when Hua glances up at her she’s staring her down hungrily. Kiana has been kneeling, her lap serving as Hua’s pillow, but she squirms and licks her lips and Hua realizes the show is turning her on too. She must be less concerned and more impatient. 


“It’s not mean. I’m savoring the moment,” the Herrscher affirms confidently. “Now, it’s up to her if she wants to get on with it…”


Hua takes a deep breath, trying to gather herself enough to form the sentence she wants to hear. “T… Touch me?”


“Touch you where?”


This… Hua takes a trembling inspiration and squirms. “Down there…”


“Here?” Mei tugs at the hem of her soaked panties, still trapping her legs together. Hua squeezes them, whimpering from desire.


“No…” She bites her lip, using the pain to focus. “Take that off me.”


Mei smirks. She does exactly as asked, unbearably slowly, staring into Hua’s ocean eyes. It’s the Valkyrie who is drowning. 


Once the article of clothing has been fully discarded, Hua spreads her legs on either side of Mei, exposing herself. Even if she can’t see herself since Kiana holds her down, she can tell she’s wetter than she ever remembers being. “Touch me. There. Please, Mei.”


Mei freezes up.


E-Eh? Did Hua do something wrong? “Ohh, she liked that,” Kiana sneers. “Hua. You broke her.”


Kiana’s teasing snaps the Herrscher out of her fascination, and she clears her throat. “You asked so nicely, so I’ll do it.” It’s difficult to say in the pink glow of her eyes, but Hua thinks she’s blushing like mad. 


Hua saw her with her fingers sliding in and out of Kiana’s cunt earlier. That’s what she expects to happen; but Mei lowers her head between her thighs, and Hua feels herself bluescreen.


A hot tongue laps at her folds. A-Ah. She’s seldom touched herself properly, so this? This is an entirely new sensation. Mei licks at her, cleaning some of her leaking wet, and then she starts to suck on a certain spot and Hua sees stars. Her breathing is ragged, and she’s lost track of what her voice is doing, she can’t help but tense, she’s close, she’s—


Mei pulls away from her, her lips glistening. Hua moans helplessly. Why did she stop? “Good girl. You’re so sensitive, uh? So fast, making such pretty noises for me.” A-Ah, that gets to her, Hua’s pleasure-addled brain soaks up the praise with a groan. Still. She needs more. Just a little… “I like you. I like you a lot.” Mei licks her lips, but this time she looks less hungry and more… possessive. “You’re so cute. I’m keeping you.” She glances at Kiana, who doesn’t object.


Mei leans forward and kisses Hua, more breathlessly than before. She licks and nips at  her lips and forces her way instead Hua’s mouth as if to devour her more. They’re chest to chest, belly to belly; the Herrscher’s skin feels burning hot, sending electric tingles down her spine. 


It’s good. It’s good, she feels good, but she’s so so close, it’s unbearable. Hua can’t use her hands, but she can still move her lower body. She ruts against Mei, seeking release, it’s just, just barely out of reach—


Mei pulls back and slams her hands on Hua’s hips, stilling them. “So desperate. Have I made you wait too long?” Yes! Hua nods. She wants. She wants this. Please. Is she babbling incoherently? She can’t even tell.


“Alright. You’ve been very good, so I’ll reward you.” Kiana’s fingers squeeze on Hua’s wrist.


Something warm touches her dripping core, wasting no more time and rubbing against her folds. Hua moans shamelessly. It feels good, even better than Mei’s tongue from before. It takes its time, slides smoothly inside of her— “You're so wet,” Mei groans— then she feels oddly full, and Mei stops moving.


Mei is panting. Still, she gives Hua time to get used to the sensation, calm down a little so she doesn’t fall off the edge just from being penetrated so deeply. What… What's inside of her? It’s larger than a finger, less rigid. Warm. It twitches slowly inside of her. Stranger still… it feels like it molds itself against her walls, the sensation both new and incredibly welcome.


Hua glances down on their connected bodies, confused by the only conclusion that makes sense despite the heated daze. What links her to Mei right now… oh. It's not fully inside, yet. 


It’s not… it’s not natural. It’s coming from Mei, writhing near the base like it has a life of its own, straining to move where it’s not been able to enter Hua. With a delicious shudder Hua understands that it wants deeper, harder, it’s just that Mei is holding it with one hand, squeezing to hold it back. 


Mei’s biting her lip. “K…Kiana’s gotten used to it, but you…”


Hua shakes her head, her breathing ragged. Whatever that tentacle is, she doesn’t care right now. Her cunt is burning, slickening the appendage where it wants to slam deeper into her, and she wants it there too. “It’s fine,” she pants, opening her legs wider. “I’ll… I’ll take it all.”


Mei’s fingers around her member twitch, and she bites back a moan, shaking. So that tentacle is sensitive for her, too. “Haha…” She musters a smirk despite her heady state. “L…Look at you, Hua. Such a slut you are.”


Hua’s feels her insides clench at the words and Mei moans, the tentacle finally slipping through her fingers. It wastes no time, slams into Hua’s cunt with no restraint. It burns. She’s being split into two. It’s big, bigger than what Hua assumes humans have, though it’s a little softer. It squirms inside of her, rubbing at her walls and filling her up more completely than she thought possible. “Ah—” 


It twitches inside of her even when Mei doesn’t move, stimulating her. She’s drooling, but Hua can’t care. She wants to come. She’s so so close, she just needs a little bit more—


Mei’s fingers find her cunt, next to where the tentacle buried itself, and start rubbing her hard clit. Fuck . Mei’s touching herself, too, buried so deep and so close that she doesn’t need another hand to do it. Hua only lasts seconds, feels herself fall over the edge, her body trembling violently until she finds herself boneless on Kiana’s lap, just a little more sane.


But Mei isn’t done. Hua’s sensitive cunt is still full, squirming just the same. Mei’s fingers kindly let her come, but Mei has much more stamina than her.


“Ah— Ah—“ Mei is fingering her clit while her tentacle cock twitches inside Hua, fucking herself because she dares not to move. Still, it sends a jolt down Hua’s spine, oversensitivity amplifying the small sensations in her tender cunt. “I’m—” She’s straining against herself, breathing ragged, almost like she’s in pain.


Is she… she’s holding back, for Hua’s sake?


“Fuck me,” Hua blurts.


Mei’s fuschia eyes widen, her movements freezing altogether. But it’s not the wrong answer. Kiana’s trembling hands squeeze her wrists. 


“You can fuck me. I… can take it.” She spreads her legs as far as she can go, almost pleading.


Mei stares at her, panting. For a moment Hua thinks she’s too far gone to understand her, but she’s proven wrong immediately.


Mei pulls back, the slick tentacle sliding partly out of Hua’s pussy, and slams her hips back roughly. “Fuck,” the Valkyrie can’t help but gasp, but Mei is done sparing her. She snaps her hips over and over, desperately chasing her own release— building up Hua’s pleasure as she does.


“I’m— Hua— You're so good— I’m going to breed you—”


The room fills with wet noises and pants. Absently, Hua feels a shift under her head, Kiana gently transferring her to the crook of one of her knees to change her position. She raises her other leg, letting go of Hua’s wrists to touch herself freely while she watches.


Hua orgasms for the second time while Mei is fucking her, the rhythm growing more and more erratic; she’s just come down from her high when Mei’s hips still and the tentacle tenses deep in her oversensitive cunt.


Something warm gushes inside of Hua, ripping a gasp out of her throat and an erotic scream from Mei. Kiana whispers curses under her breath, crooking her fingers in the corner of Hua’s eyes. She’s transfixed by what she’s seeing. Hua can’t fault her— the tentacle is shiny with her slick where Mei’s and her bodies connect, the slight bump of fullness in her crotch obscene. Even though she’s starting to feel sore, she can’t tear her eyes away, either.


Mei doesn’t pull out immediately, taking the time to catch her breath. The glow in her eyes has dimmed slightly, at least up until they fall on Kiana.


Hua’s own tiredness must be at play, to be so alright with a girl fucking herself right next to her head, or maybe she’s just lost any and all sense of dignity. Following Mei’s line of sight, Hua turns her head to watch three fingers of Kiana’s disappear into her drenched pussy, just in time for the human girl to finally pull herself over the edge.


Perhaps it was Mei and Hua’s gazes that did it. She tenses and moans, loud, squirting her juice right in front of Hua’s face.


Hua swallows, throat dry, but the dull aching in her incredibly full cunt holds her back from asking for more. This was… a lot, already. She came twice. She’s not used to this. She’s tired…


Mei leans forward to kiss her forehead. “You did so well, Hua.”


She blushes like mad. “Thanks,” she replies dumbly. Mei hasn’t retracted herself yet. When she speaks, when she moves at all— Hua feels her member twitch inside of her cunt.


Mei leans forward even further to kiss Kiana above her, forcing Hua to follow the movement. Their cunts are pressed together, Hua’s hips raised and her legs folded on either side of Mei to accommodate their position, but she doesn’t mind at all.


Hua watches the young women kiss deeply above her head, soon finding her own breathing irregular. Every few moments she spies a tongue, a hint of teeth, twitching from Mei’s member.


When they pull away from each other, they look down at Hua between them, Mei still buried inside of her. They exchange a glance Hua’s flushed mind doesn’t understand. Kiana lifts her head once more, fitting pillows underneath her so she can move out from under her. Then she leans back down, much further down than she could before, to kiss Hua upside down.


It’s… strange. It’s a strange position, but Kiana’s good at this and her hands wander off to pinch her nipples so Hua moans into the kiss, feeling herself squeeze on Mei. She hears a strained moan from the Herrscher. Something warm trickles out of her full pussy, gushing out because of the movement. 


Hua rocks her hips, but Mei grabs them again, forcing her still. “Shh. You’re a desperate little slut, aren’t you? Did you love my cum so much?”


Hua doesn’t reply. Her mouth feels too dry for that. Her brain became mush long ago. 


“You look so good like this.” A smile. “Hua,” Mei asks sweetly, coherency much recovered from their earlier session, “how would you like me to breed you some more?”