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Wilfre and Mirror Man

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I don't know if this makes any sense, or if I should even share this but

The Mirror Man and his song from Jack Stauber's OPAL gives me slight Wilfre vibes?????

I just keep imagining Wilfre in the next game no longer technically being a threat but is still creepy and is super upset that he doesn't hold any power and that everyone seems to reject him. So he just... takes his love of beauty and fashion, and tries to use his skills to fix himself in the worst way possible.

Here's a video with his main bit b/c I don't want to link the whole short lol.

I think the reason Wilfre came up in my head is due to the "Crafting the world its next new savior" bit. And "God is in my skin". That just sounds like Wilfre to me.

Also I must add that the idea of Wilfre saying "life is a costume away, oh life's a wardrobe change" is humorous and intriguing to me. Figuring the amount of forms and disguises he has.

Let me know what y'all think of my little ramblings.