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The one I hold most precious

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To Yuuta, Maki was someone unapproachable. Someone who stood above him, and yet, someone who extended her arm to lift him by his side. To him, Maki was someone whom he aspired to be, and someone he wished to be able to hold with his hand as they walked side by side.

He knew, of course, that was impossible.

Maki was way out of his league. After all these months, Maki had only accepted him as someone who belonged in her world-a jujutsu sorcerer-, but would never consider him as something more intimate. And he was ok with that. He had nothing to give to her. He was happy enough by just being by her side. One afternoon, he noticed how the new haircut made her look more mature. More beautiful. It was that, or the fact that Maki had his neck in a strong leg lock that was depriving him from oxygen. He felt like he was going to pass out at any moment and his last delirious thought was that he would love to run his hands through her hair.

Suddenly, Maki lets go of him and Yuuta took a deep breath, coughing and panting loudly.

“You still lack in strength,” the girl pointed out as she got up. “I could have easily escaped from that.”

Yuuta couldn't answer-being more busy trying to breath-, but nodded nevertheless. No matter how much physical training she put him through, he couldn’t catch up. He would always be on the weak side yet it appeared that Maki was determined to squeeze out all his stamina each day trying to improve it. Granted, Yuuta had noticed one morning in the mirror the outlines of some muscles in his squalid figure, a sense of pride invading him. Of course, they were nothing compared to Maki’s. He had caught glimpses of them when her shirt lifted slightly during training and holy shit she had abs.He sometimes wondered how it would feel to run his fingers over them.


Yuuta whimpered when Maki bumped the side of his head with the cold bottle of water, a contrasting sensation with the heat of his body. He smiled sheepishly at her and proceeded to drink it so fast, the plastic wrinkled from suction. Maki drank from her bottle as well, wipping her mouth with the sleeve of her uniform.

“Yuuta,” she called, turning his attention towards her. “Wanna kiss?”

He immediately choked with his water, coughing violently as the liquid and saliva dripped from his mouth. He pressed a hand to his chest and his coughing fit continued until his vision was clouded by tears. He gasped for air and a towel slapped him in the face. Maki was looking at him calmly but her brow was slightly furrowed.

"Don't choke for something so little."

Shame filled his chest, and Yuuta buried his face in the towel, wishing that the earth would just swallow him.

He screwed up. He screwed up so bad.

‘Please, God, just let me die here.’ he thought, moaning pitifully against the fabric. But that wouldn’t be so easy, and the tapping of Maki’s finger on his head returned him to Earth.

“You ok there?” she asked casually, as if she hadn’t just suggested kissing.

Yuuta’s face blushed furiously remembering that sentence and almost choked on his own spit again. He wiped the cold sweat from his face avoiding her gaze and took a deep breath before speaking again. His voice came out hoarse.

“W-why..?” He coughed and cleared his throat “Maki-san, why do you want kiss me?”

She shrugged, stuffing her hands on her pockets. “I just want to kiss you,” she changed her weight to another leg. “But if you don’t want to, don’t sweat it.”

Never in his life had Yuuta shook his head so hard that he clearly heard a bone pop.

“I want to!” He blurted out and immediately regretted it, his face burning in shame. He had sounded so goddamn desperate.

“Ok,” said Maki.

Thoughts rushed throught Yuuta’s mind as she stepped closer to him.Is this really happening? Is she serious? But why? Why him? He’s no one. He can’t-

Maki grabbed him by the uniform before dragging them behind a wall.

“I don’t want those idiots seeing us.”

Her words stabbed him in the chest and his exhilaration died immediately. Of course she wouldn’t want anyone to see them. He was a scrawny kid who was barely able to stand a training session because of his poor stamina, and she was Maki, strong and gorgeous.

Maki peeked around for a last time and gazed at him.

“You ok?”

“Y-yeah,” He answered, anxiety bubbling in his stomach.

The girl frowned and crossed her arms.

“What's it?”

“N-nothing I’m ok!”

“You don’t seem okay, and I don’t want to do something that makes you uncomfortable. So tell me what’s on your mind.”

Yuuta swallowed and glanced down, fidgeting with his fingers. “You said you didn’t want anyone to see us.”

“Yes, because they would make a big deal out of it, and I want this to be only with you,” If her words hadn’t just swamped his chest in warmth, Maki’s finger pressing slightly against the line of his jaw did. “So can I kiss you?”

Yuuta nodded and now he could clearly see that Maki’s cheeks were slightly red. Or it was the heat from the sparring, which made much more sense. She closed the space between them and gave him a peck on the lips. They both stared at each other as she moved away.

A part of Yuuta was disappointed and other one screamed ‘That’s it?’ before the girl shrugged.

“I don’t see what the big deal is.”

Yuuta tilted his head, confused. “Big deal?”

“Yeah. I assumed that the first kiss would be more...tingly.”

He gawked at her. “That was your first kiss?!”

Maki nodded. “Don’t worry, I know you gave your to Rika.” There was a pause before a mischievous grin painted across her face. “You womanizer.”

Yuuta looked at her scandalized. “Don’t call me that!”

She let out a chuckle before stepping closer to him. “Let’s kiss again.”

This time she moved her lips against his and Yuuta was able to taste the flavor of her lip gloss.


The way Maki signals him that she wanted to kiss him never failed to send shivers through his body. It's a light caress on his hand, always brief and quick before Panda, or Gojo could see them. It’s also their knuckles bumping into each other, or Maki lacing her pinky around the finger closest to her hand.

The kisses they share are clumsy, with teeth, and awkward.

They get better with time.

There are times where Yuuta has manage to gather up the courage to initiate, him being the one that momentarily grabbed one of her finger, squeezing slightly, or tracing the back of her hand as they sit under the shadow of a tree. It’s something that made Maki smile with that appeared to be pride.

They start to use their tongues. The first time Yuuta almost melted against the tree they were using as support, and he ended holding her by the waist to support himself as he deepened it. By the time they separate, a thin thread of saliva connects their tongues and Yuuta swore he had never seen something more arousing than Maki’s face in that moment. Red, and slightly panting for the lack of oxygen. She wanted to do it again so they end up kissing like that until Panda yelled from the kitchen for them stop training and come have dinner.

Yuuta almost gave them away one night they’re watching a movie and Inumaki pointed at the screen where the lead actors were kissing.

“Bonito flakes” which roughly translated to ‘You and Maki’

Yuuta flt his soul leave his body, almost dropping the bowl of popcorn from his lap. However, Panda laughed out loud as Maki kept munching on the snacks like they hadn’t been caught.

“No way would they do that kind of stuff. Maki’s too tough for that”

He regretted his words when said person kicked him off the couch with a frown on her face.

“Shut up.” she growled.

After the movie finished, Yuuta was able to intercept his classmate before he could enter his dorm. His hands sweated as the anxiety burned his stomach.

“I-Inumaki-kun, knew?”

The other one nodded. “Tuna mayo.”

‘Oh my god.’ thought Yuuta as he covered his face.

“Spicy Cod Roe.” Inumaki waved his hand, saying it wasn’t a big deal.

Well, it was to him.

“C-can you keep it a secret? Please?”

Inumaki tilted his head. “Bonito flakes?”

“She doesn’t want the others finding out...she say they would make a big deal out of it.”

Inumaki nodded at this, approving Maki’s argument. “Salmon.”

“Gojo-sensei? Why would he....” Yuuta paused, rubbed his chin in thought and finally, shuddered. “You’re right...I hadn’t thought it like that.”


“Thank you Inumaki-kun.”

Still, he didn’t know what kind of help Inumaki could provide to him. After all, they were only kissing.

That thought went out the window when one day between kisses, Maki asked him if he could touch her. He froze mid kiss and pulled away, not sure if he had heard right.

“Touch you?” He repeated.

There was that frown Yuuta was familiar with, the one Maki had when she was feeling embarrassed. She looked the other way as she pushed his face away.

“Don’t make me say it twice.” she said, blushing.


“If you don’t feel comfortable, it’s okay.”

“N-no, I want to!” ‘I would love to’ is what he really wanted to say, but he cleared his throat. “But I don’t know how.”

He was being sincere at that point. He wanted to touch her but the last thing he desired was to make it uncomfortable by doing something wrong as he advanced clumsy into unknown territory. He extended his hands, wrapping it around her pinky, rubbing it delicately.

 “You could… show me.”

Those words break the awkward atmosphere, and Yuuta felt like he could breathe again when Maki nodded. She gazes down, takes his hand and placed the palm against the softness of her breast.

“Like this,” her words come out quietly as she stared in his eyes. “You can try and squeeze.”

And Yuuta does it. He felt the outline of her sports bra with his palm, but under its firm support, his fingers touched the softness of the breast, digging slightly in it. He repeated he motion again, kneading the flesh watching fascinated the way Maki’s expression turned from frowning to biting the side of her hand in an attempt to quell her voice. Underneath the sport bra, he could feel firmness of her nipple that poked out lightly through the cloth, and, with curiosity, he pinched it.

Maki let out a moan and grabbed his arm to support herself.

Yuuta immediately stopped to grab her, worried.

“Are you ok?” He asked, panic rising to his chest.

Maki nodded quietly and leans against him, her head resting on his shoulder.

“It felt better than I thought.”

Holy shit, holy shit.

Carefully, Yuuta wrapped his arms around her, unsure if he could give her that kind of gesture. Were they even in that kind of relationship? He didn’t know. All he knew was that Maki hugged him back and they stood there for a good half hour until Inumaki called Yuuta to go on a mission.

They don’t touch like that for a while, but Yuuta finds Maki’s hand closer to him. It comes to a point where he can intertwine their pinkies together if they sat close enough. Maki interlocks all their fingers together the third time he does that. She never looks at him but she squeezes their hold as if to reassure Yuuta because he was sweating buckets. It’s honestly a miracle that Panda hasn’t realized. Inumaki was blatant enough to give Yuuta a quick thumbs up as he passed by, causing him to laugh nervously. They keep kissing outside the view from others, this time in the girl’s lockers room, and Yuuta panted heavily as he pulled away from the kiss. He swallowed and cleared his throat.

“C-can I touch you?”

Maki nodded. This time she doesn’t wobble but makes muffled sound as Yuuta knead one breast with a hand as the other went lower.

“Can I-“

“Yes.” she gasped raggedly.

Yuuta quickly realized that he wouldn’t be able to slide his hand inside. Maki always wore three layers of clothes, making him groan with mild frustration when his hand couldn’t go pass the leggings. It was too tight, too cramped and he wanted to touch her in that moment. He pulled his hand out and began to rub his thumb in circular motions between her legs as his finger slid up and down in her crotch, watching carefully the way Maki’s frown deepened with his movements, and soon she was clinging to his shoulders, telling him don’t stop and Yuuta doesn’t, even when she lets out a whine in his ear and collapsed against him. Yuuta quickly supported her with his free arm as he felt a wet patch on the cloth between her legs. Maki clung to his clothes, gasping for air and nuzzling the crook of his neck.

“You smell good.” she murmured.

That was weird considering how they both sweated like crazy after the sparring session, but even he could smell the faint scent of her shampoo standing so close to her.

“Yuuta,” she looked down, where there was a clear bulge in his pants. “Can I see it?”

He doesn’t remember if he nodded or answered with a word because his hands felt numb as he helped her take off his belt. Everything passes in slow motion, his heart beats in his ears and suddenly he crashes down when Maki touched his length tentatively. By the corner of his eye he can see she’s starring at it intensely.

“Tell me if I grip too hard.”

She doesn’t. Maki's touch was delicate and Yuuta doesn’t bit down the grunts that come out of him as she slowly pumps him, picking up the pace when she sees it’s not bothering him, and his eyebrows furrow in concentration as his breathing comes out raggedly. He barely has time to warn her when the high hits him, and he can’t help but to mimic her same action when she had her orgasm: he clings to her, nuzzling her face as her name comes out stuttered. Maki’s lips rub his cheek as they both relax into each other, their foreheads touching as they try to catch their breath.

“That was good” she said and looked at the lockers. “We should probably clean, tho.”

Yuuta agrees to that, and a shower, feeling sweaty and sticky all over. Although part of him just wanted to be held by Maki and close his eyes.


“I want to take things further,” she tells him one day in the morning jog. “If that’s okay to you.”

“Further as in...?”


“Oh.” he pondered for a moment. “Ok.”

“Ok. I don’t have neighbors in my floor. It’s 11 pm good?”

“It’s good.”

Yuuta wondered how the fuck he maintained a straight face during that exchange. Maki glanced at him.

“If you don’t want-“

“I want to.”

“You sure?”



They keep running in silence until Yuuta was out of breath, and Maki scolded him for not being able to last longer after all these months of training.


Inumaki eyed his suspiciously when Yuuta asks if he could wait for a moment while he bought something.

“Tuna mayo?”

Yuuta looked at him scandalized. “Oh my god, no! You can’t go and buy them for me!”

His friend shook his head. “Bonito flakes.”

“Sizes?” There were sizes for that? “I-I guess it’s average?”

Inumaki scoffed. “Tuna”

Yuuta blushed deeply and before his friend could say anything else, he entered the pharmacy. He came out moments later avoiding his gaze, but Yuuta knew -he could feel- that Inumaki wassmiling smugly under his turtle neck.

“Bonito flakes?”

“I’m not telling you that.”


Gojo didn’t care what time they went to sleep but Yaga did, so he was obliged to verify that they were in their dorms at ten o’clock sharp. After that, he didn’t care what happened. They could set the building on fire if they so much wanted it, but what they usually did was a late midnight snack or a movie. Gojo was speaking loudly on his phone when he checked on Yuuta.

“Come on, Utahime! What kind of teacher I would be if my students didn’t do their exams?”

“There’s going to be an exam?” whispers Yuuta worried but Gojo shushes him with a finger.

“Of course I do them, I’m not irresponsible” he grinned cockily. “But let’s say, hypothetically, that I don’t. What would you do then?” Whatever the woman answered over the phone makes him shudder with excitement and he walked away with a huge grin. “And how exactly would you kick my ass?”

Yuuta waited until he had disappeared at the end of the hallway before he closed his door and went up the stairs. With each step, his heart thundered in his chest, and he felt his knees go weak when Maki opened her door. Sitting at the edge of her bed, he felt stiff, unsure of how to begin.

“What’s on your mind?”

He flinched and turned to see Maki who had crossed her legs, and was leaning on her hand staring at him. Yuuta played with his fingers nervous, unable to look at her in the eyes, and asked the question that had been buried on the back of his mind the first time they kissed.

“Maki-san, do you like me?”

Maki blinked, and raised her eyebrow. “Of course I like you Yuuta.”

“But a friend?”

The girl slapped his shoulder and Yuuta hissed in pain.

“No, you idiot. The stupid lovable kind” Maki frowned crossing her arms. “If that’s not clear enough for you, it’s the type that Satoru feels for Utahime-sensei.”

Yuuta stopped breathing for a second. The words sink even further and he blushed furiously, and somehow his words don’t come out stumbling. They come out soft and he was able to look at her in the eyes as he said them.

“I like you as well, Maki-san.”

And Maki looked away as her cheek tinted in pink.

“Gross, Yuuta, don’t add the ‘san’.”

He laughed sincerely, his chest bubbling with happiness. Yuuta moved forward and gave her a peck like she had done all those weeks ago. Maki looked surprised and her eyes travelled down to his lips. Slowly, she cupped his face with her hands.

“Yuuta,” she whispered. “Can you kiss me more?”

He nodded and deepened the next one as he caressed her cheek. She hummed and wrapped her arms around his waist. It was comfortable. It was intimate. Yuuta doesn’t know how long have they have been kissing but at some point Maki had already taken off her hoodie and unclasped her bra. He couldn’t help himself to stop and stare, and Maki arched an eyebrow at him.

“What? You’ve fondled them.”

“Y-yeah, but over your clothes. They look....” he licked his lips, nervous. “Soft.

Maki chuckled.

“I guess they are.”

Yuuta found out that they were really soft when he cupped both of them with his hands, his fingers sinking in the flesh. Maki gasped quietly when the pad of his thumb rubbed her nipple. Yuuta kept doing that, watching in fascination how she began squirming. Then, her hands latched to the hem of shirt and pulled harshly.

“It's not fair, take it off” she mumbled as she tried to pull it over his head.

Yuuta stammered a ‘yes,’ but laid her on her back before doing it. Under the dim light of the desk lamp, Maki’s body glows. Yuuta stopped and ran his eyes over it slowly.

“You’re so beautiful.” he said, trapped in the vision before him. He traced her abdomen, feeling her warmth under the palm of his hand.

"You always do that," whispered Maki, her hand taking his over her stomach. "You always speak like I’m the most precious thing in the world to you."

"But you are, Maki." This time, he was the one intertwining their fingers. "You’re my most precious."

And this time Maki was the one blushing furiously. She tried hiding it by pulling her hands to her face, but Yuuta doesn’t allow it. His breath comes out raggedly as he moved them away, fearing for a moment that Maki would lash out at his blatant action.

She doesn’t. She rested her hands on her sides and gave him the control. Yuuta began kissing her, leaving a trail as he went down, stopping at the tip of breast, and took her nipple in his mouth. Maki moaned loudly and her hand ran down his hair as he began to suck. His name came out in a stutter, and she thrashed lightly in the bed when he massaged the other, pinching her nipple delicately. She likes that, noted Yuuta, so he kept doing it until Maki’s toes curl into the sheets.

“Yuuta,” she gasped, red and frowning. “Stop teasing me.” and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulled him down and the bulge between his legs rubbed against Maki’s core, both moaning in unison. She repeated the motion several times before Yuuta grabbed her thighs, stopping her.

His hands clung to the hem of her leggings, and Maki raised her hips to let him remove them along with her underwear. Yuuta stumbled with his, the excitement making his hands sweaty and clumsy. The fact that they were completely naked made him feel somewhat timid of his scrawny figure compared to Maki’s muscles, even if he had gained a little more over the past months. His eyes traveled between her legs, where he could see that she was wet, slick trickling down her slit. Yuuta thought he was prepared for anything in that moment. But Maki guiding his hand over her core wasn’t one of them. It was warm and wet. It was very different from touching it over her clothes.

“Come closer,” she said.

And Yuuta moved to her side, where she wrapped her fingers around his length and began pumping him. He groaned and began moving his hand as well. They had done this before, many, many times, but this was different. This was better. He started by rubbing his thumb in circular motions over her clit before he slid his middle finger inside, making Maki’s breath come out in pauses. This time there are no leggings stopping him, and Yuuta was able to push further inside. A second digit is added and he curls them, feeling the pad of his fingers touch a bumping and rough spot.

Maki’s reaction was instant. Her back arched as she bit down a moan that finally came out when Yuuta rubbed that spot again and again.

“Wait, Yuuta, wait, I’m-“

And Yuuta curled his fingers, and her walls clench around him. Maki squirmed in the bed, gripping the sheets and finally went limp, breathing quietly.

He caused that.

Maki looked at him with a flushed frown, a light layer of sweat on her forehead. Her voice came out tinted in pleasure. “I wanted us to finish together, you idiot.”

Yuuta wondered why Maki always thought of him first when it should be backwards. He thought of her first, and him second. And yet, ever since they began touching and sharing each other, Maki always asked for his permission first. He caressed her cheek as he pondered why Maki held him dear in her life. He couldn’t give her anything. He had no status, no clan. He was weak and she was the strongest person he knew.

He wanted to be able to return that.

Maki nuzzled against his palm and kissed it. She doesn’t pay attention at the way he squirmed flustered, and reached to the drawer of the desk where she pulled out a condom.

Yuuta gawked at her. “You had one?”

Maki nodde “I got them from Ieri-san at the infirmary. She taught me how to put them.”

“Oh....I didn’t know that, I bought them.”

She smiled. “Glad to see that we’re both smart,”

Yuuta chuckled lightly at the implication. It didn’t bother that she slid on the protection. However, anxiety filled his head when he positioned himself against her entrance, his throat becoming dry.

“I’ve been told it hurts.”

“What, to you?”

Yuuta flushed.

“N-no, you! It will hurt to you!” He clarified nervous, but Maki smiled and shrugged at his words.

“It’s okay. I’ve had it worse.”

Her finger traces the dim scar in her abdomen. Those were old. Those were from her home. From her own family that hated her. Yuuta felt his heart clench painfully at that meaning and he frowned worried.

“But you shouldn’t have had it worse, Maki. You didn’t deserve that, you didn’t-”

Maki stood up and kissed him, cutting his rambling. When she pulled away, her eyes glimmer as she positioned herself in his lap.

“Sometimes you’re too sweet to me, Yuuta. Too caring. I’m not made of sugar if that’s what worries you” she cupped his cheek and smiled. “But that’s what I like about you.”

Her knees pressed into the mattress as she tried to lower him on his back by pressing his chest down, but Yuuta stopped her and slowly lays her on back again. He grabbed her hips, pressed forward, and slid until he was completely inside. They both shudder and gasped. It was warm. Everything was warm, and soft, and Maki wrapped her arms around his neck, urging him to move. Yuuta shivered as he struggled to stay still, waiting for her to adjust first.


She’s gasping and for a moment Yuuta's afraid he screwed it up somehow and the faint smell of cooper made him more anxious.

“Does it hurt? Should I pull out? Maki, are you-“

“I’m okay.” she mumbled and began to rocks her hips against him.

Yuuta shuddered at the delicious feeling and began to move as well. He slowly picks up the pace, watching how Maki panted underneath him. He could do better. Yuuta gripped her hips and remembering the bumpy spot, he trusted trying to cause friction with it. Whatever he did, even if he didn’t know if it was right, she must have like it considering how she clung to the sheets as her back arched.

"Just like that,” she gasped “Keep going..."

And Yuuta trusted as fast as he could, watching how her breasts stirred to his rhythm. It was alluring, it was arousing.

Maki was arousing.

Her sounds, her smell, her everything. Yuuta wanted it all for himself. The imminent feeling of an orgasm started building closer and closer, and Yuuta bit down the inside of his cheek to distract himself because she hadn’t finished.

Maki was first, and he was second.

He rubbed her clit in circular motions and pressed one, twice and Maki finished with a wail, her walls clamping around him, and Yuuta grunts as he cums as well, gripping her thighs so hard he’s sure there will be bruises. He doesn’t know when Maki’s legs had wrapped around his waist but they’re holding him in position, preventing him from moving.

He doesn’t want to anyways.

But her legs slowly go down, relaxed, and Yuuta pulled out, both of them hissing slight at the overstimulation. He carefully removed the condom and disposes of it, tossing it at the bin at the side of her bed. He felt exhausted. Maki was still catching her breath so Yuuta wrapped his arm around her waist as he laid down next to her.

“Let’s stay like this for a moment.”

It was almost a beg. Maki gave a small ‘Uhu’ and closed her eyes, resting against him. ‘Just a moment’ thought Yuuta as he closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth Maki’s body irradiated.


It was morning when he opened his eyes again. Yuuta felt drowsy, tired and Maki’s hair tickled his nose. A blanket wascovering them both which was confusing because he didn’t remember a blanket near them last night.

Unless Maki did it.

Shame filled him as he realized that he fell asleep but Maki didn’t, and must have covered them both with a blanket. He squirmed in frustration and covered his face. Maki groaned weakly, and nuzzled the crook of his neck.


“I fell asleep” he said, his voice muffled through his hands.

“Me too,” she yawned. “I want to sleep more so stop moving.”


“Yuuta,” Her voice came out raspy as she hugged him with one arm. “Just sleep with me.”

Her finger traced his lips and Yuuta leaned into her palm, closing his eyes. Then someone banged the door so loud it made Yuuta’s heart leap out his throat.

“Wake up sleepy-head!” screamed Gojo excitedly. “Everyone’s favorite Kyoto Teacher is coming to visit us!”

Maki groaned loudly as Yuuta hid himself under the blanket as best as he could in case Gojo broke down the door with his knocks.

“She’s not coming to see you, Satoru!” Maki answered annoyed.

“I’ll pretend you didn’t say that, so hurry up and get change!”

Gojo walked away humming and Yuuta let out the air he was holding under the blanket. Maki groaned again, rubbing her eyes as she stood up.

“Let’s go before he tries to drags us out of our rooms.”

“He wouldn’t....would he?”

“Don’t underestimate what Satoru wouldn’t do for Utahime-sensei.”

Yuuta didn’t.

“I-I think I should go back to my room before Gojo-sensei realizes I’m not there.”

Maki nodde, and gave him his clothes as she began to dress herself. Yuuta followed her example and stared at her.


He stepped close, swinging his weight from one leg to the other, and finally, gave her a quick peck. Maki looked at him surprised and chuckled at the way his cheek blushed.

“I’ll see you downstairs.” he mumbled and exists her room.

Gojo, thankfully, banged on his door a few seconds after he closed it.

“C-coming!” He yelled and moved stuff a room his room pretending he had just woken up. When he opened the door, Gojo greeted him with a grin.

“There's the sleeping beauty! I knocked on your door three times but you never answered me.”

Yuuta screamed internally.

“R-really?” he stuttered. “I didn’t hear you! I was exhausted for the training. Y-you know, Maki’s training.”

“Uhu, I see, I see.” Gojo pats him on the shoulder, grinning. “As expected of my distant cousin! He wants to be as strong as me.”

Yuuta laughed politely without knowing what to answer him. Gojo put an arm around his shoulder and dragged him out of the room.

“Well, let’s go have breakfast before my favorite person in the world yells at me that I don’t feed you guys!”

“You don’t...” mumbled Yuuta.

“Shhhhhhh, Yuuta, don’t say things you don’t understand.”

They go down the stairs together, Gojo humming under his breath and smiling.

“So how was the sex?”