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Sewer Cats

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Grian walks in, tail held high as he carries in another item from the large blue office that his destruction will sometimes sneak into. He walks over to one of the walls of their den and places the item down, pushing it into place using his nose. He turns, walking over to Scar, who he noticed was sleeping in their small nest of materials. Impulse and Bdubs must still be out. Grian walks over to the brown tabby and licks his head. Scar doesn't move and Grain just plops down next to the other male, curling up next to him and falling asleep.


The next morning, Grian awakes to Impulse and Bdubs being a part of their ball of fur. Grian yawns, standing and stretching. He sees Scar walking around and carefully steps over the two gray cats to go over and say good morning. He nudges into Scar's neck and the darker-colored male reciprocates his gesture. They both sit in front of each other and talk, waiting for Impulse and Bdubs to wake up before all four of them head into the city above. They speak about the one Male that always leaves food out in an alleyway. It's made it far easier to eat than to hunt the rats here in the sewers alone. The last time that happened, a large chunk of Scar's left ear was ripped off. They were as big as them, and they were not afraid to fight back compared to the smaller mice they find on the streets.


When they all are awake, they make the trek up through the sewer pipelines. The light from the sun blinds them at first, but they just quickly and make their way through the busy streets. When they arrive at their destination, they see a few humans waiting out front of a large building holding many bowls and tins in their hands. The group of cats stays a far distance from the small crowd of people. They don't get noticed, and Grian, being the most reckless of the dowt, walks ahead and meows to get their attention. They hear him and stop talking, walking towards him.


He bolts back to his group and watches as the humans put down the bowls by the wall and fill them with food and clean water. They fill eight bowls total and walk back to the door of the building, keeping an eye on the feral cats. After some time, the felines head over to the bowls and start eating.


Mumbo stands in front of Keralis, and Xisuma. For the past couple of days, Keralis has been feeding a group of stray cats outside his office building. He's asked Xisuma and him to try and help him capture the cats; he knows it's not safe for them to be living in such a busy city as this one. He's told them that they have been visiting him for food since the day he found them in the alleyway and fed one of them a few chunks of his lunch. At first, he only believed it to be the gray tabby, but the next day three more joined the gray one.


"Do you think today is the day they will let us pet them?"


"Mumbo, I still think it's too soon. It's still clear that they don't trust us yet."


"I know X, but the tan one came up to us today and meowed! What if that's a sign?" X sighs.


"If you feel like it, you should try. But maybe wait a bit until the end of their meal. They are skinny enough as it is." Mumbo gives a small cheer and walks over to the wall the four cats are facing to eating. He stands to their sides, so they can see where he is and he slowly approaches. The one closest to him is the tan one, and it doesn't look like it notices his approach. He moves slowly, taking careful and calculating steps, and when he gets close enough, he reaches out his hand and gently moves it down the cat's back. The cat jumps, hissing as it backpedals from his touch. Its fur stands up along its back and tail. Mumbo apologizes for scaring it and steps back. He sits on the ground and stares at the cats. All four of them were startled when the tan one jumped, and they have all stopped eating. After Mumbo's staredown with the first one, the cats turn and they start walking away. Back down the sidewalk and into the city.


"I told you it was too early," X says, coming to stand behind the dark-haired male.


"I know... I just really was hoping I could pet one. So they knew we wouldn't hurt them."


"I get that Mumbo, I do. But they are wild cats. We don't know if they have even been handled before. It will take a long time to gain their trust."


"Just what X said. It will take time, but when that time comes, we won't be expecting it. Cats are a complete mystery."