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Riding the Waves

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A slow storm was spinning in Xie Lian’s mind; a debilitating fog so deep and incompasing that Xie Lian could scarcely breathe. With each lungful of water, Xie lian’s entire body shook from over-exertion, as if he had just swam a thousand legions without rest. His gills feebly fluttered about, like the wings of a sea butterfly—finicky, flickering, and fleeting—while the back of his neck burned.

Fuzzily, Xie Lian continued to drift along the shoreline, riding the flow of the riptide while shaking his head in a vain attempt to clear it and re-organize his mess of a mind.

Why had he even come here again…?

Something… No, someone. He was coming to see someone, someone… By the docks? Yes… Yes he was looking for that red… the one in red… the one that would always toss him fish while giving him a beaming smile... The one who smelled so nice... Hua… No, San… S…?

Nothing in his brain was connecting. The gears in his mind were rusted and gummed, unable to properly run and function to enable thought.

Normally it was rather easy for him to find the docks; there was a sharp streamline of tide running parallel to the shoreline which was frequented by the other merfolk and used to traverse between the local reefs easily. One of the off-shoots of the current bled right past the local human settlement and through their docks. And, given his species’ innate ability to sense currents and vibrations within the water, locating such an intense rush of streaming water should have been a simple task.

However, in his dazed confusion, Xie Lian was not quite sure which direction the docks even were. His entire body felt off-kilter, as if he were a stingray trying to swim upside down. His sense of direction and vision was addled by an uncharacteristic vertigo, while intense lethargy was seeping into his bones and making his fins droop like the heavy leaves of a kelp forest.

But, that wasn't even the worst of it.

Rather, the worst of it was the burn.

His body was frighteningly ablaze. The sensation mimicked the same intense scorch of feeling the sweltering sun upon dried out skin and scales, even though Xie lian was still safely submerged beneath the icy-cool drifting tides.

In other words, something was wrong.

Something Xie Lian innately knew to be dangerous, but hadn’t a name for—at the moment, names were fluid and fleeting, slipping through the fingers of his mind which vainly tried to reach out and grasp them at them.

So, Xie lian continued to drift.

It was well past nightfall by the time Xie Lian finally began to realize what was happening to him.

Whereas before slow confusion and lethargy had claimed him, slowing his senses and ability to process, now his coherency was—briefly—being returned to him. Just enough time for Xie Lian to feel the heated tension sealed within his body begin to move, flowing freely along his meridians as an unbearable rush of energy poured into him, making his fins twitch and his gills flutter.


He should have recognized the symptoms sooner.

But, Xie Lian was unused to recognizing the warning signs of his current predicament. Healthy merfolk omegas generally only suffer a heat every two to three years or so. However, he had been a scavenger for almost the entirety of his life; a drifter who lived off of what little scraps he could scrounge up and muster, constantly on the move to escape the wicked creatures or other merfolk who would wish to hunt him down or claim him. As such, he had spent most of his life in no condition for his body to even be able to produce a heat, having been too stressed, too malnourished, too exhausted, or a near-lethal combination of all three.

Now, with fresh blooms of excitement sprouting and unfurling within him, Xie lian was all to aware of the sickly sweet scent of his own pheromones wafting through the water; a beacon which would summon either predators who would take advantage of his weakened state to feed upon him, or foreign alphas who might wish to claim him.

Xie Lian was not especially taken with either of the two options.

Panic swelling, Xie Lian groaned and flattened his fins to his sides; as if trying to suppress the pores which allowed the influx of sweet into the water. “No, no, no… Why is this…?!”

It made no sense. Why would he be getting a heat now? After so many years of nothing?

In a desperate bid to save himself, Xie lian used the rest of his energy to propel himself towards the shoreline, leaping through the crashing waves only to be unceremoniously battered down onto the sandy shoreline. Heaving, Xie Lian clawed himself away from the surf-zone, dragging his useless tail and fins lifelessly through the cool sand; an icy and soft surface that teased into his overheated skin like the cool edge of a blade.

“Have to… h-have to…”

Movement upon land was not something Xie Lian was accustomed to. Generally, the most he had ever partaken in the dry-world was sunning himself upon the rocks adjacent to the shoreline, grinning at the kinder passerby sailors who might be willing to toss him a few scraps of fish or food. But, doing such a thing was always a risky endeavor; despite being on the same level of intelligence, some humans illegally would hunt merfolk for sport, selling their fins and scales for ludicrous prices. As such, Xie Lian had only ever tried this on a clawful of occasions.

Besides, ever since he had started seeking out the red-clad man, Xie Lian had been given all the food he could need.

Sluggish, Xie Lian continued to haul himself as far away from the shoreline as he could—away from the lapping ocean which could call all sorts of beings to him. Here, upon the shore, few merfolk or other monsters would dare give chase.

Biting his lower lip, Xie Lian drearily scanned the horizon, his eyes squinting against the glare of the rising sun rolling over the far-off mountains. He just had to… find a place to shelter. Where he could ride the rest of this out for a few days…

It would be fine.

A short distance away, Xie lian spotted a small littoral cave; a dark and deep enclosure running parallel to the shoreline. To Xie Lian's broiling blood, the cool embrace of the yawning depths of that place was deliciously welcoming; a cool bath of hushed and quiet darkness, away from the glare of the sun and the claws and fangs of those who would seek to harm him.

Xie Lian moaned as he dragged himself into that abyss, feeling the frosty sand below him cushion up invitingly, begging him to lie down and rest. Xie Lian fought off the inclination for as long as he could, teetering on the verge of unconsciousness, until finally his trembling arms collapsed beneath him, falling limp and pliant into a pillow of plush sediment.

And he drifted.





A man, swathed in dark rosy petals of red was kneeling on the edge of the local docks, smiling patiently as he held a small juvenile tuna out to him in offering. Xie Lian regarded the man carefully, flattening his ear-fins to his sides as his eyes flickered from the face of the man and back down to the fish, unsure of what to do.

The man stretched his arm out just a bit more, reaching for him—causing Xie Lian to flash his fangs in warning before retreating a short distance back, proceeding to glower at the man with his head half-submerged in the surrounding water.

Rather than be intimidated by Xie Lian’s behavior, the red-clad man merely began to chuckle. A teasing flair to his voice, the man coaxed, “Come on now gege, I’m not going to toss it to you this time. You’re hungry, aren’t you? If you want it, you’re going to have to come over here and get it.”

Snorting, Xie Lian sunk deeper into the water, trying to mask his embarrassed flush which had arisen at the man’s tone through a field of bubbles.

This only seemed to amuse the man further, as his grin widened. “There’s no need to be like that. How long have we been doing this? Years? And have I ever tried to harm you?” With his free hand, the man gestured to the fish. “I’ve been doing some reading… and tuna is one of your preferred prey, correct? Looking so hungry, surely gege wants a taste?”

Xie Lian was tempted to dive down and swim away—perhaps that would teach this alpha some manners—! … But he found himself unable to as the amused light in man’s single gleaming eye tempered into something that made Xie Lian’s heart go fuzzy and soft.

Drawing his hand back just a bit, the man said, “Hey, your San Lang won’t ever hurt you, please don’t be afraid. You have my word of this.” Hua Cheng paused for a moment, before continuing, “I’m sorry if this was too much for you, this one was getting too ambitious too soon. Never mind. You don’t need to come over.”


Hua Cheng seemed to be about to fully draw back and toss the tuna into the water when, somewhat meekly, Xie Lian swam forward a few centimeters—his head still barely peeking above the crest of the water. With this tiny movement, Hua Cheng’s retreat halted, and the gleam in his eye centralized into an excited glint.

With tiny, barely noticeable movements, Xie Lian nudged himself towards that outstretched arm. When he finally was close enough Xie Lian opened his mouth a small sliver, and gingerly began to crane his neck above the water in attempt to reach the fish.

With a gentle nudge, Hua Cheng pressed the fish into Xie Lian’s open mouth, allowing him to sink his fangs into it to get a hold of it. Xie Lian closed his eyes and let out a small groan, the rich flavor seeping into his tongue. He hadn’t had a fish this fresh in ages—Hua Cheng must have found one of premium quality and—!

A hand brushed over the top of Xie Lian’s head, halting Xie Lian’s train of thought and causing him to yelp in surprise through his mouthful of fish. Ducking down, Xie Lian sank beneath the surface of the water and stared upwards.

He was greeted by Hua Cheng’s delighted face and outstretched palm, still hovering in the place where Hua Cheng had sneakily decided to pat the top of his head. That smile never leaving his lips, Hua Cheng hummed, “Forgive me. Gege just looks so adorable sometimes, it was a bit to much for this one to bear.”


Xie Lian continued looking upwards, staring into the deep crimson of Hua Cheng’s robes. The red seemed to bleed out, reaching down towards the water and seeping into him, carrying with it a rich aroma that made Xie Lian’s skin tingle—

And then, the memory shattered.





When Xie Lian next awoke he wasn’t the same.

Sweat—a fluid he was entirely unused to feeling upon his skin and scales—rivered freely down his flushed body. The heat which was blooming before had finally blossomed into a full frenzy. Xie Lian gasped and dug down into the earth, clutching into the sand and gnashing his fangs as his fins and tail involuntarily twitched and fluttered.

It hurt.

It hurt it hurt it hurt it hurt.

Xie Lian could only whimper feebly as he felt his slit thrum and pulse. Fluid was freely leaking out of his hole. His cock had already slid out—white hot—as he had slumbered.

“Gods—!” Xie Lian rocked into the sand as a crashing wave of churning heat lapped at him, tugging him more viciously than a tidal wave. Gasping, Xie Lian rutted wide-eyed into the sand, a congealment of tears and drool running down his face and spilling below him. Confused and hurting, Xie Lian began to wail, “Help! Please, someone… A-aah… help me! Help!”

His cries reached no one; at least they would not onshore. Merfolk vocal chords were specialized for long-distance communication while submerged within fluid. Onshore, Xie Lian’s voice was little more than chirps and rasps. While his heart was full of suffering, his words were completely intelligible to all others but himself.

And, ever so relentless, the sweet scent continued to intensify as more fluid seeped out of his slit; as if his body had been delighted by his own needy, heated cries, betraying him completely.

After a few involuntary gyrations of his body, helplessly rutting into the sand, Xie Lian flopped onto his back and gaped up at the roof of the cave, shuddering as he felt an embarrassing amount of slick spill out and over his body from his puffed, enflamed slit. Whimpering, Xie Lian tried to reach down and rub at his hole, but then immediately recoiled his fingers away—hissing and spitting—as the clawed tips of his fingers painfully nipped at his sensitive skin and scales.

In an attempt to placate himself, Xie Lian instead reached down to grip at his burning cock and let out a snarl of equal parts pain and pleasure as another rush of slick seeped out of him. Testily, Xie Lian began to slowly pump at his cock, gritting his teeth and squaring his shoulders to brace himself against the aching hollowness that relentlessly speared into him from a region just a few inches lower.

Xie Lian’s hand on his cock felt good, but it wasn't what he needed.

It wasn't what his body was craving for.

Gasp after gasp spilling from his lips, Xie Lian began to allow himself to fantasize and lose himself in his half-awake dreams. Gods, he just wanted something to fill him—something to make the smoldering ache satiated. For years, Xie Lian had scoffed at the many other omegas of his people—wondering why they would ever allow themselves to be taken and claimed while in the throes of heat, many times by complete strangers.

Now, twisting and turning in the sand and utterly brimming with the indescribable tormentous rapture, Xie Lian better understood the instinctive impulse. It was as if his body were not his own, and had no desire to be. He clawed at his own chest, shredding the gauzy white fabric which covered his torso, desperately trying to alleviate the burn—trying to force down the tidal rush of desire he feared drowning beneath.

But it was useless.

The thought of a hot cock sinking itself into him, fast and hard, was more potent to his body than puffer-fish venom. Of having something thrumming and alive, warm and welcomed, rocking into the most intimate places of him, swelling and filling him with hot seed. Of that cock pulsing and swelling inside of him, locking into him firm and snug as a knot would—

The sound of shifting sands brought Xie Lian back down to reality.

Xie Lian went quiet.


There it was again.

Faintly, more silent than falling marine snow, was the sound of footsteps—quietly making their way through the sand. With a heavy yet methodical and steady gait, there was no mistaking what species these feet belonged to.

A human.

Although desire was running rampant within him, Xie Lian could not yet shake his impulse to cower and flee. Gasping, Xie Lian whipped his head to and fro, searching for some nook or cranny he could stuff himself into to hide. But, there was nothing, the rocks and walls of this cave were smooth and well-weathered, having been slowly hollowed out by a gentle fluctuation within tides and time.

Xie Lian’s two options were to either stay here and stand his ground, or flee back into the ocean, where the possibility of him escaping unscathed or unmated were practically zero. And, despite how nice it seemed in fantasy, Xie Lian had not yet completely lost his grip on his own sensibilities.

So, Xie Lian rolled over, hunched down into the stand and waited, trying his utmost to suppress the way he was trembling.

After a few moments, a dark silhouette blotted out the gleam of daylight at the mouth of the cave. Still pressed down, Xie Lian glowered at the newcomer, flashing his fangs in warning.

Then, a voice called out.


Xie Lian flinched.

... It was him.

His silhouette now clearly recognizable that Xie Lian had a voice to ascribe to it, Xie Lian watched, dumbstruck as Hua Cheng called, “Gege, that’s you, isn’t it? You’re hurt, aren’t you? Your San Lang was worried when you didn’t show up to the docks and thought something might have happened.”

There was a strong crossbreeze which ran parallel to the coastline; Hua Cheng likely could not yet detect Xie Lian’s scent. And, cloaked in sand and shadows, he also likely could not make out the nature of Xie Lian’s condition.

To Xie Lian however, Hua Cheng was what he was, clearer than the water of a fresh raindrop.

An alpha.

Xie Lian came to a stinging understanding.

It was… his fault, wasn’t it? He had been eating better, had been feeling more comfortable with him… his body must have assumed that…!

As Hua Cheng took a few steps closer, Xie Lian let out another distressed cry and flashed his fangs—half in warning, half in pain. In response to this, Hua Cheng halted his advance and tried to assure him, “Gege—! … I know you must be scared and hurting. Please, just let me see what’s wrong so I can help you.”

Help him?

Xie Lian’s nostrils flared as Hua Cheng took a few tentative steps closer, his body just barely beginning to cross into the boundary between light and shade. Xie Lian continued to snarl at Hua Cheng as he approached, but his vocalizations were already weak and broken, barely more than whistling whispers. To Hua Cheng, they must have appeared to be cries of pain. Xie Lian tried to cry out don’t come in, but his voice was too ragged to be decipherable to Hua Cheng’s ears.

Crossing the boundary, Hua Cheng fully submerged himself in the stark shade. Now that he was inside of the cave and out of the ripping cross-breeze, Xie Lian was immediately hit by a powerful overwash of Hua Cheng’s scent: crisp, spiced, and sharply floral.

The smell alone was enough to coax Xie Lian to flatten his fins in submission and begin whimpering.

And the smell made him throb.

Hearing the distressed mewls, Hua Cheng quickened his pace—his domineering scent spilling out all around him as his adrenaline surged. “Gege?! What hurts—?! Just hold on, I’ll—“

Then, abruptly, Hua Cheng startled, his advance skidding in the sand. Paused, Hua Cheng’s nostrils flared. Following the inhalation, Xie Lian could detect a ripple flow through Hua Cheng’s body, coursing through his muscles like a current.

“… Gege…?” Hua Cheng’s voice was hoarse—edged with confusion and hints of the void. “… Are you having a…?”

Although he was likely doing his best to suppress it, Hua Cheng’s pheromones spiked in response to the smell; an opiate administered directly into and staining Xie Lian’s mind. Like a minnow drawn to the sun, Xie Lian began to claw himself towards the source of the rich pheromones, gasping and panting as he pulled himself through and swished his tail in the sand.

Immobilized, Hua Cheng watched Xie Lian’s unsteady advance, utterly bewitched. He seemed to be trembling slightly as he breathed, “Oh gege…”

Eyes heavy and lidded, Xie Lian began to pant through his delirium, saliva rolling down his cheeks like a rushing stream. Now on the verge of Hua Cheng’s feet, Xie Lian tried to launch himself at him, wanting to forcibly claw him down to tussle with him in the sand, but lacked the strength to do so. He could only weakly paw at and grapple Hua Cheng’s legs, urging him to come down.

Compliant, Hua Cheng obeyed, slowly lowering himself down to Xie Lian’s level. Settled down onto his knees, Hua Cheng was now at a level at which Xie Lian could easily access him, and promptly proceeded to push his head and upper torso into the man’s lap, clinging at the fabric of his red tunic and nuzzling into his chest. Pressed close, Xie Lian could feel the rush of of the tide of Hua Cheng’s blood as it pumped ferociously through his veins.

Xie Lian tried not to purr as he felt Hua Cheng’s arms slowly wrap around him, beginning to gently press into and explore his back. Hua Cheng’s chest rumbled against Xie Lian’s cheek as he asked, “If you are like this why did you…?” His voice hitched as his fingers caught on one of the shredded tatters of Xie Lian’s robes.

There was a sizzle beneath Hua Cheng’s skin, an upwelling of feverish rage that wafted over Xie Lian’s face and nose, carrying Hua Cheng’s alpha scent along with it.

Hua Cheng’s fingers traced over the claw marks, sinking in between the gashes and greeting Xie Lian’s smoldering skin. Hua Cheng’s voice was more hollow than an abyss as he asked, “… Gege… did someone… do this to you? Are you… trying to hide from someone?” Then, his voice pitched even deeper, even darker. “Did someone try to do something to you?”

Xie Lian chirped as Hua Cheng’s fingers unfurled and pressed into his sides, hauling him up and then rolling him onto his back. Xie Lian whimpered, swashing his tail and pluming up bits of sand as Hua Cheng tugged at the fragmented remains of Xie Lian’s robes, tearing them open in order to get a better view of Xie Lian’s body in search of wounds.

A meadow of clean, flushed skin was promptly bared, faintly shimmering from a coating of sweat and shining in the low light of the cave. Who knew how thoroughly debauched must have appeared—nipples peaking, erection leaking, as slick pooled from his pulsing slit below. Xie Lian felt his pheromones peak from the exposure, whirling through the electrified air to tease at Hua Cheng’s flaring nostrils.

Hua Cheng moved a hand forward, hesitantly reaching down to Xie Lian’s sides as he carefully examined some of the fins about Xie Lian’s waist, brushing his fingers over them like the tip of a paintbrush. While doing so, ever so slightly, Hua Cheng’s palm ticklishly pressed against his skin.

The caress scorched like the sting of a jellyfish—Xie Lian jolted and let out a wail.


Hua Cheng immediately paused, dropping the fin and letting it droop back down to Xie Lian’s side. Twitching and trembling, Xie Lian threw his arms out, grasping at empty air as he tried to hug onto Hua Cheng and pull him down. He continued to beg, “Please, please, please…”

Though his voice was shredded in the open air, the meaning behind Xie Lian’s vocalizations was quite clear. Hua Cheng stared down at Xie Lian, a frightening blankness settling across his face as his scent fluxed out.

In a half-whisper, Hua Cheng asked, “Does it hurt…?”

Tears burning his eyes, Xie Lian nodded his head—a gesture which was universally recognizable between species.

Leaning down, Hua Cheng’s face loomed over Xie Lian’s own. His arms settled down into the sand on either side of him, caging Xie Lian within a dark world consisting only of Hua Cheng’s presence.

“Does gege… want me…?”

His canines subtly exposed and cresting out of his lips, Hua Cheng quietly pressed, “… Does gege want me to share his heat with him?”

Xie Lian whimpered.

He shook.

He cried.

And, he nodded his head.

The glint in Hua Cheng’s eye crackled like a flame. Mouth falling open, Hua Cheng swooped down and crashed his lips into Xie Lian’s own, lightly clinking their teeth against one another. The arms that had been caging him pressed in, snarling themselves around Xie Lian’s back as Hua Cheng collapsed atop him, pressing down and rolling with him into the sand.

”Oh—!” A whistling, lungful of air shot out from Xie Lian’s throat as Hua Cheng aggressively pinned him into the sand through the contact of their chests. Wide eyed, Xie Lian clawed at Hua Cheng’s back, shredding apart his clothes as if they were thin strands of algae.

Hissing, Hua Cheng coaxed his tongue into Xie Lian’s mouth, hungrily trailing it over Xie Lian’s sharp fangs and lips—tasting and teasing him. After a few moments of sloppy kissing, Hua Cheng pulled back and panted, “You… I can’t believe… you want me to… that I can finally touch you like this.”

Hands gliding up Xie Lian’s sides, Xie Lian shuddered as Hua Cheng carved a path ticklish delight across his skin, making his eyes and fins flutter from the aftershocks of the tremble.

Eye wide in wonder, Hua Cheng continued, “You always seemed so timid with being touched. Sensitive and fickle, but still more alluring than the most polished pearl.”

His right hand ghosted northward, sweeping over Xie Lian’s chest to then harshly tweak the peaking bud at the center of the clean skin. Xie Lian’s mouth fell open, and he let out a cry of pain and delight.

Hua Cheng continued, heaving, “… Gods—! You smell so… warm. I…” Hua Cheng’s gaze flickered downward, eyeing the place that seeped out that sweet, aromatic nectar.

“…!” Xie Lian squealed as he felt Hua Cheng’s head duck down, a trail of hot breath tracking over his chest and down his navel, occasionally accompanied by the tiniest nudge of a nuzzling nose. Eventually, Hua Cheng reached his target—leaning down to lap at Xie Lian’s slit, moaning as he tasted the sweet fluid flowing out from the region.

The flick and dip of Hua Cheng’s tongue was mouthwateringly delicious; Xie Lian’s breath huffed out in crisp cumulus clouds as he lied back strangled by delight. Gasping, Xie Lian tried to arch up into the movements, his mind completely enraptured by the hot press of that tongue.


Lifting his head, Xie Lian tried to peer through his strained and fluttering lashes to get a better view of what Hua Cheng was doing. In doing so, Xie Lian only grew more uncontrollably heated; Hua Cheng’s eye was completely closed as he bore a blissed out expression. In the low light, Hua Cheng’s fangs peeked out and danced atop his vivid scarlet tongue, glinting.

Whimpering, Xie Lian shakily reached down to paw at Hua Cheng’s head, lightly cuffing him over his ear. In response to the contact, Hua Cheng lifted his head and opened his eye, his gaze solidly fixed on Xie Lian’s own, immobilizing him.

“Gege…” Mouth hanging open and fangs bared, Hua Cheng slowly crawled up to reclaim Xie Lian’s lips, having Xie Lian once again melt down into his hold. This time, their kiss was more labored and embracing, with Hua Cheng seemingly wishing to slowly discover and worship the entire area of Xie Lian’s lips, teeth, and tongue.

After lightly nipping at Xie Lian’s lips, Hua Cheng broke the kiss and murmured, “Can you taste how sweet you are?”

Wordless, Xie Lian’s face flashed red and white.

Hua Cheng chuckled, before leaning his head down to deeply inhale the musk of Xie Lian’s neck, his nose pressed into Xie Lian’s throbbing scent gland. A tiny mewl crawling past his lips, Xie Lian tilted his head, exposing the soft expanse of petal-soft skin to Hua Cheng’s open mouth.

Sucking in a strangled breath, Hua Cheng breathed, “Gege… you… be careful what you’re asking for.

Xie Lian nearly screamed as Hua Cheng kissed, then lightly nipped at the burning gland; it was not hard enough to break the skin, but was just enough to apply a maddening, certain sharpness that pushed Xie Lian’s flickering consciousness to the verges of reality.

The voice moved north, biting at the thin membrane of Xie Lian’s delicate ear-fins. “Be patient with me… I do want you. I had been doing research in hopes that… well… the time isn’t right yet. Gege deserves a better occasion for something of this caliber. Forgive me.”

Shaking his head, Xie Lian tried to protest—tried to arc his next out further to coerce a bite—but Hua Cheng was cunning and swiftly returned his attentions to the area below Xie Lian’s navel, beginning to press and tease at Xie Lian’s seeping slit with one of his fingers.

Voice weighted with fervor, Hua Cheng continued, “In the meantime, I will do my best to at least satisfy you here. Would that help me make it up to you?”

Xie Lian hissed and flailed his tail-fin as Hua Cheng sunk a finger into his hole; a smooth entrance followed by syrupy and dripping pleasure. He was already rather well-prepared for entry of something larger—foreplay of this flavor was not common in his specific species of merfolk given their claws—but that finger and the delight it carried in its exploration of Xie Lian’s body was absolutely welcomed.

A ridiculous river of intelligible babbles flowed from Xie Lian’s mouth, as raw and hot as that finger swimming about inside of him. It wasn’t long before Hua Cheng experimentally pressed two more fingers, testing the capacities of Xie Lian’s body as well as hunting for the ways he could make Xie Lian gasp and scream.

It wasn’t long until Hua Cheng found an especially sensitive place inside of him; Xie Lian watched on helplessly as Hua Cheng’s face twisted in a predatory, feverish delight as he pressed into that spot and increasingly drew out more pitched and punched-out wails from Xie Lian’s lips.

“Is it good, being filled like this? Are you close, gege?” Hua Cheng tracked his gaze to Xie Lian’s leaking red cock, seeming to be captivated by the way it leaked and thrummed in response to Hua Cheng’s kneading fingers. Shakily, Xie Lian nodded, squeezing his eyes shut and waiting for the rapidly centralizing blast of pleasure to overtake him.

But, it never came.

Rather Hua Cheng slipped his fingers out of Xie Lian’s feebly clenching hole, ignoring Xie Lian’s cry of disappointment as he then said, “Good. Then wouldn’t you rather be filled by something better?”

Xie Lian let out a frustrated shriek, slapping his tail and kicking up sand in indignation. Hua Cheng merely laughed as he slowly began to unbuckle his trousers, swiftly pulling them down to expose his own throbbing, leaking length.

Upon seeing it, another rush of heat tore through Xie Lian, making him snarl. Half-blind, Xie Lian tried to haul himself up and drag himself over to Hua Cheng, wanting to wipe that gleeful smirk off of Hua Cheng’s face and get that stupidly fat cock inside of him as fast as—

Immediately, Hua Cheng growled and pounced Xie Lian, throwing Xie Lian’s back down into the sand as an ungraceful huff of air punched out of his lungs. Fangs bared, Hua Cheng hissed, “And where do you think you’re going? Hm?”

Xie Lian returned the glare, trying to arch up and press his slit against Hua Cheng’s shaft. He managed to make a grazing contact, before Hua Cheng once again hissed and ground Xie Lian down further into the sediment, spearing him into the earth like a sand-submerged stone.

Hua Cheng gritted out, “Did this one… not tell gege to be patient?”

Xie Lian hissed in reply, eyes narrowed and pupils slitted like a shark’s.

“… I see. Then, you will have to forgive this one for what he does next.”

Arching his body, Hua Cheng positioned himself such that he nudged the engorged head of his cock against Xie Lian’s slit. Then, with one powerful, relentless thrust—Hua Cheng sank himself inside.

Complete, total, and filling ecstasy followed.

”Aaa-ah Mmm—!”

Head thrown back, Xie Lian screamed as Hua Cheng finally took him; filling that aching void inside of him with a cock so thick and brimming with life that it made Xie Lian fell as if he might expire from sheer jubilation—he was overcome with a wanton desire to worship the thick and pulsing cock that thrummed into his body with the same steadiness and importance as his own beating heart.

Tears were rolling down Xie Lian’s cheeks, dancing in the low light with the glimmer of stars. Hua Cheng lapped at them, his hot tongue trailing over his cheek—savoring the taste of him—and leaving a trail of liquid fire in its wake.

Body sent into overdrive, Xie Lian tore into Hua Cheng’s back, raking his claws across his shoulders and feeling hot welts of blood well up beneath his touch. If it hurt, Hua Cheng did not acknowledge it. Rather, he continued to stare down upon Xie Lian’s debauched state and tightened his hold on Xie Lian’s waist, his arms snaking around him and pulling him close into his thrust.

Hua Cheng’s lashes were fluttering—his face was flushed and discomposed. Through gritted teeth, Hua Cheng groaned, “Gods… you feel so perfect… it’s a perfect fit. So fucking snug—like you were made for me.”

Indeed, Hua Cheng slotted into Xie Lian perfectly; his cock filled him in his entirety, with Xie Lian’s hole enveloping its shaft with a secure grip on all sides—tightly embraced from its head to the base where Hua Cheng’s balls pressed up against him with a tantalizing pressure that made Xie Lian’s head swirl.

Gargling, Xie Lian stared up at Hua Cheng, a silent plea swimming in his eyes.

He wanted him to move.

“…” After a heavy pause, Hua Cheng’s eyes pulsed with awareness, immediately understanding what Xie Lian was asking for.

Screaming as Hua Cheng testily pulled back and pushed forward, Xie Lian shot his head forward and sank his fangs down into Hua Cheng’s forearm; clear droplets mixing with trails of crimson as he latched on, shook his head, and refused to let go. One of the hands wound around Xie Lian’s back began to knead down, massaging into Xie Lian’s burning skin with a maddening pressure.

Sputtering, Xie Lian cried and begged, “Knot me! Knot me! Deeper! San Lang, Oh San Lang—!”

Even if Hua Cheng could not understand Xie Lian’s words, he could clearly discern the meaning behind them. Countenance ablaze, Hua Cheng demanded, “Does gege want me to knot him? Breed him? Fuck him full of my cum?”

“Yes, yes—!”

“Gods—! Gege, I swear I’ll take such good care of you, love and worship him—! Bring him as much as he wants—! Give him all he—!

Each thrust and press of Hua Cheng’s hips was wonderful, racketeering Xie Lian’s mind with a carnal delight. However, Xie Lian couldn’t help but feel a bit greedy, wanting to feel even more of Hua Cheng’s cock, wanting to know how deep and hot it could be pushed inside of him.

Without warning, Xie Lian wrapped his tail snugly around Hua Cheng’s legs. Hua Cheng let out a noise of surprise, pausing, then gasped as Xie Lian sprang head forward his teeth down into Hua Cheng’s shoulder and wrenched his body to the side, sending the two rolling across the sand while still firmly slotted together.

Hua Cheng spat and dug his nails into Xie Lian’s back, holding onto him as Xie Lian gained the upper hand and switched their positions—himself now on top and pinning Hua Cheng with his weight while the alpha snarled and struggled beneath him.

“Gege—! You—!” Hua Cheng’s voice was half-aroused, half-enraged—likely his alpha having been affronted by being pinned by an omega. Ah, well, it couldn’t be helped. As a merman, Xie Lian was much stronger than Hua Cheng, no matter their dynamic.

With a half-grin, trying to mimic Hua Cheng’s prior smirk, Xie Lian rolled his hips—coaxing a startled gasp from Hua Cheng’s lips. Just as he thought, Xie Lian could feel the pressure of Hua Cheng’s cock even more fully now; he could sense its swollen, seeping head in the deepest recesses of his being.

Groaning, Xie Lian continued rutting his hips, gasping and eyes rolling back as the thick shaft slid in and out; slick pulsing and spilling out over Hua Cheng’s trembling body, seeping into the blurred redness of his clothes. Hua Cheng continued to gasp beneath him, eye-wide and mouth hanging open in bliss and shock as Xie Lian rocked his body against him.

What truly began to send Xie Lian over the edge however, was feeling the subtle swell at the base of Hua Cheng’s cock—the makings of a knot. Desperately, Xie Lian chased after the growing pressure, trying to force the bulb inside of himself and he gasped and purred through the throes of his ecstasy.

“Please—! Knot me, breed me, San Lang, oh my San Lang—!” Xie Lian came before Hua Cheng; his body overflowed with an upwelling of tantalizing pleasure and pressure, completely overwhelming his coherency. With a broken cry, Xie Lian felt his own cock pulse, then flopped atop Hua Cheng, still weakly trying to rut his cock into him and feel the burn of his knot.

In feeling Xie Lian’s strength ebb, Hua Cheng began rutting his hips upwards in a savage motion, bobbing Xie Lian’s pliant body up and down upon his cock.

Drool spilled from Xie Lian’s mouth, growing more profuse as Xie Lian felt the swollen base of Hua Cheng’s cock slip inside of him—burning delightfully and filling him with the encompassing carnal delight that rode on the delirious waves of being so wholly filled and claimed.

Xie Lian shrieked as he felt Hua Cheng’s cock pulse and the knot at the base swell to full size. Hua Cheng snarled and bit down onto Xie Lian’s shoulder in a savage claim, holding him still as he locked them together. Soon after, a steaming stream of fiery seed was pumped inside of him—fulfilling the aching need to be filled and curing the bleak, echoing hollowness inside of him that had been gnawing at him since the start of his heat.

After waiting for Xie Lian’s trembling to cease, Hua Cheng then slowly unlatched his teeth from Xie Lian’s shoulder—greedily beginning to lap at the fresh indentation of his fangs and the bright crimson which flowed from them. Into Xie Lian’s tingling shoulder, Hua Cheng breathed, “Gege…?”

“Mmn…” Xie Lian snuggled his head down into Hua Cheng’s neck, contentedly sighing as he breathed in Hua Cheng’s scent. Hua Cheng shifted beneath him, cocooning his arms around him as he hugged Xie Lian closer. As he was moved, Xie Lian could feel the the knot inside of him shift slightly, still firmly locking the two together as Hua Cheng’s cock continued to intermittently pulse and pump seed inside of him.

“Don’t move around so much.” Hua Cheng nosed Xie Lian’s ear-fin, then gave it a small nip in warning. “Just try to relax. I’ll take you home once the knot goes down and let you get some rest.”

Xie Lian purred in reply, gleefully snuggling down even closer to Hua Cheng, savoring the waves of warmth wafting out from his body. Hua Cheng huffed—his chest having been compressed from the movement—then erupted into a burst of rumbling laughter and lightly rubbed at Xie Lian’s back.

“Alright, alright! Gods, just look at you… we will have plenty of time for more of that later. For now—“

Xie Lian hummed as Hua Cheng craned his neck up, giving Xie Lian a light peck on his lips.

“—just try not to crush me, alright?”

An amused snort was all that was received in reply. The sound of Hua Cheng’s gasp quickly followed, as Xie Lian once again rutted down against him…