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Indoraptor: The Living Weapon

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Night dawned down on New Region, the dinosaurs and creatures slowly falling asleep under the warmth of the summer breeze. But far inside the woods, hid an undefeatable monster, the Indoraptor. It's eyes glistened with a terrifying glance, the slit moving forwards and backwards, searching for the unlucky prey. Tapping its claws on the ground impatiently, it finally found a visitor, a Compsognathus. The raptor pounced at it onto four legs, and leaned down onto the smaller dinosaur. It shrieked, but it had to choose death. This was its nature. 

After the Indoraptor devoured the small creature, it turned away, leaving only a little evidence of where it stayed and headed towards the hut.


“Lokes, love, what's happening?” Tony asked when he noticed that the Norse god buried his head between his knees.

“Everything is fine.” Loki answered, his voice rough and uncertain. Oh, of course, Tony could hear it.

“You're hiding something, aren't you? Can you tell me, I'll massage your shoulders if you do.” He pleaded.

Loki swallowed and let out a sob. He rubbed his eyes and shifted closer to Tony whilst pressing a hand on his legs.

“You can tame the most monstrous dinosaur in the New Region... Why can't I?” Loki said, He stroked the Arc Reactor in Tony's chest, his nightlight. Loki hated sleeping in the dark. However, no one knew that only since Anthony came into his life and the thing that kept him alive also helped Loki from sleeping peacefully.

“No. I don't think so! You're amazing, Loki, I'm sure that there'll be a more wonderful creature for you to tame, or maybe more!” Tony encouraged him, pulling him in closer.

“What if…” Loki started, but Tony pushed him down, shushing him back to sleep.

“We'll talk about things tomorrow. Rest.” With Tony's comforting hands on him, his eyes fluttered close and fell into deep slumber before he even knew.


And nothing had happened until midnight. Tony woke up with a horrified gasp touching his Arc Reactor which was the only light in the dark room. There was a muffled shout beside him, and he couldn't help but look-

His dearest Loki was attacked in his sleep. A deep and dark dinosaur was on top of him, its claws sharp and were dug into Loki's skin. Tony's eyes widened and yanked the creature away, leaning on top of the mage, protecting him with all his might. “N-No Anthony, let me take care of this.” Loki blurted and coughed into the pillow, avoiding looking straight into the monster's eyes. Its eyes shone ruby red, making a stark contrast with the black skin.

Tony barked at the creature next to his lover, and wrapped his arm around Loki, pulling him close to his side. He leaned down and kissed the top of Loki's head, patting his back as he reassured him that he was okay. “Anthony, run- Please... Leave this place as fast as you can…” He muttered and trembled as the monster closed the distance between them.

When its mouth leaned close enough to attack, Tony was drowned in fear. He wanted to help, he wanted to save, but he didn't, he couldn't. His body wouldn't listen to him. Tony could just watch as the creature bit down.


Loki had not felt that much раin before. His sight had gone black and he could feel unbearable weight on top of his body. His body shivered with hopelessness. He thought he was about to die. His heart pounded fast, his breathing quickened, and let out a whimper before falling into unconsciousness.


Loki blinked, surprised by the softness under him. He gasped, looking around and found Anthony next to him, holding his hand, eyes filled with worriedness. Loki shifted but there was pain going through his body as he did.

“A-Anthony.” He let out a whisper, holding a hand out.

“Oh good, you're awake.” Tony's eyes brightened with hope, "I almost thought that you're dead, love."

Loki pressed his hands into the mattress, trying to sit up.

“No no no Lokes, that cursed monster had caused too much damage to you. I advise you not to move too much first.” Loki sighed, but obeyed.

“Water? Please?” The Scandinavian God pleaded and the mortal quickly jumped away to pour his lover some water.

"You okay, Lokes?" Tony asked from the kitchen.

"Yes. Just hurts a bit on my arm and I'm thirsty." He answered from afar. Tony returned and placed a cup on Loki’s lips. 

"Oh... What a greedy mouth...." Tony smiled warmly. Tony.

"Shut up.” The Silvertongue commanded, pulling the mortal down to stroke his cheek. They both beamed.

"Are… Are you hurt anywhere? What happened after I blacked out?" Loki asked with a frown.

“It ran away, after I pushed it off of you and kicked it hard. Nope. I'm not hurt." The man answered, pulling the other close.

“Wait…” Loki started but Tony held him tight, telling him to go back to sleep.

“Sleep, take a rest. Let's get you healed until you're good enough to find out.” Tony said as he climbed up next to Loki and pulled the blanket up around them.

They really had to wait, but Loki was that kind of person who demands the truth immediately.


It was in the middle of the night when Loki awoke from a nightmare. In his dream, the monster which attacked him also hurt Tony with its sharp claws - No, he couldn't think. No more. His head hurt. He looked over to Tony who was sleeping soundly and slowly slipped away from the bed. Going outside of their hut, Loki started to walk to the Evolution Centre, to the lab near it.

Maybe he could find his answer there.


The lab was full of Tony's things. A lot of science-related things that Loki didn't know how to operate.

He stepped forward to the grand screen and went in front of the computer. The screen there was literally the screen size in the cinema, showing New Region and

the logo on the sleeping mode.

Loki placed his hand on the sensor and the screen flickered to life, showing the map of New Region and some details. He plugged in the USB and saw the old ‘Jurassic World’ files.

Clicking on ‘Dinosaurs’, he saw a list of the creatures including their pictures. Loki scrolled down and saw it. Under ‘Hybrids’, were two dinosaurs.

One was 'Indominus Rex' and the other ‘Indaraptor’. Before he could click on it. His phone vibrated with a familiar ringtone. It was Tony. Without any hesitation, he answered.

“Lokes! Where did you go? I was worried sick when I saw you weren't home!” Tony's anxious tone rang through the phone.

“I went to your lab to check on the dinosaur.” Loki answered with a shaky tone, “That one.”

“Okay.” Tony let out a sigh, “I'm coming right now. See- Wait your wound!!" 

“Magic, See you in ten minutes, Anthony.” Loki nodded and hung up. He sighed as he sat on one of the chairs in the large room. It had been a while and Loki was close to falling asleep when a soft ‘ding’ echoed in the empty room. He literally threw himself into Tony when he saw him.

“Sh, sh, what, let's go check out.” The mortal said reassuringly and patted Loki's back. The other man hummed in response and took his hand to lead him to the devices.

It took them long enough to go through the raptor's files in the Lost World's disk, but when they did, it shocked them both.

“It's a hybrid. Tony, it's a hybrid of your Indominus and a Velociraptor. It... It might be a lot more powerful than any dinosaur,” Loki said. voice any trembling with nothing but fear.

“Worry not. I'm sure we'll be okay.” Tony comforted, “We'll set off tomorrow in search of the Indoraptor.”


The Indoraptor growled as the two approached. Tony grabbed Loki’s arm as he stepped closer. It barked at them, its red eyes glaring. But it did not attack. There was a roar behind them two and Tony quickly wrapped a protective arm around the mage. Green sparks appeared at Loki's fingertips. It was a familiar roar, though. The Indominus Rex.

“Indo! I told you to stay back there!” Tony yelled disapprovingly.

Wait, they were communicating. The growls and barks and roars, no wonder. Indoraptor is a hybrid of Indominus Rex.

The bigger dinosaur snapped it's head at Tony. Its voice echoed in his head.

This creature is a friend of mine. He doesn't have a home and is hoping your Loki can keep him.

“Lokes…” Tony whispered, “Could you keep him?”

“NO!” Loki shouted, “He's a monster, I don't want him!”

“He doesn't have a home…”

“He hurt you!” 

Never again. A new voice echoed.

The Indoraptor laid down on the grass and rested its head on Loki's foot.

“I'll try, he's cute.”

The raptor behaved quite well which made Loki love him a lot more.

“He's not a monster, he's a cinnamon roll.” Loki told Tony days after.