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Of Love, Threats, and Unknown Power

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In a faraway realm, where magic still lived, rested the beautiful Kingdom of Grace. This kingdom was known for its splendor, appealing to the desires of many different characters from across many plains, numerous mountains, and a plethora of all in between. In the heart of this Kingdom rested its capital, Himmel. This was the home of the King, a supposedly fair and just ruler, and the home of those closest to him.

But that’s not where our story starts. Instead, it all begins in the city to the west of Himmel... Volkland. It was the day of the Volkland Harvest Festival, and every year that it was held, huge masses from all over the kingdom would come together to take part in the festivities. Music, dancing, food, alcohol, parties-- truly anything you could imagine. The festivities were a sight to behold.

Near the outskirts of the city, inside a small tavern called Lebensfrucht, there lived a young woman named Evelyn. She was beautiful-- light olive skin and a rounded face adorned with purple eyes and framed by brilliant cherry-red hair. Normally, she would leave it lay, but today she had decided to pull it back-- just a very loose ponytail fastened with a silver band. Likewise, she wore an elegant bodice of navy and white that gracefully flowed into a skirt that reached just beyond the knees.

With a deep breath, she opened a window and looked out at the bustling street nearby with a smile. In the past, she had never really been able to attend the festival, but today the tables had turned.

“I finally am going to attend,” She mused to herself, “thanks to you.”

“Thanks? What did I do?”

Startled, Evelyn looked to her left, to see a complete stranger had been standing nearby, probably just a random traveler in town for the festivities. Catching herself, she smiled awkwardly.

“O-oh, nothing! I was thinking out loud!”

The man scoffed, raising a skeptical eyebrow before walking off, grumbling about how back in his day crazy people would simply be taken away.

She watched him leave, before sighing aloud and returning to her duties. Evelyn worked at the tavern by herself, and it often offered food and drinks to the many travelers in and out of the city. Her thoughts wandered back to the festival. She had never really attended the event in the past, always justifying it by telling herself that the festival was the busiest and most profitable time of year for the tavern.

Who would've thought that a strange traveler would convince her to close the tavern for the day, and join in on the fun with him?

After closing up shop and getting ready, it was one last check in the mirror upstairs, and she left her room, smiling eagerly as she made her way back down. Today was going to be awesome. She could already see Armin, the aforementioned traveler, waving to her from across the tavern. A slender goblin of a gentle green hue, around her age and height, with unruly black hair and striking roguish red eyes that perhaps would seek to challenge her own striking red hair. Evelyn noticed upon seeing him again that one of his long ears was clipped-- she had known him all but one morning and decided that it seemed like him. What she DID take notice of earlier, however, were his razor-sharp teeth, now in the form of a beaming smile directed towards her as he watched her descent.

Next to Armin stood an unfamiliar face-- he hadn’t been present when Evelyn had talked to the goblin and made plans. He was a tall and extremely handsome elf. Evelyn had heard of how notoriously beautiful the people from Elfenstaat were, but she hadn’t expected to see... this. He was tall, with slender features and striking seafoam eyes. His thick long mahogany hair was bejeweled with golden beads, complimented by the golden ruby-embedded earrings he wore. The points of his eyes are accentuated with a similar ear cuff. He wore a ruby elven robe with golden leaf accents with black trousers and boots.

The elf was apparently distracting enough for the poor girl because she missed the last step and stumbled down onto the floor. She got up, nothing hurt but her pride, Armin's laugh clear as day. Evelyn gathered herself and got back up again, shooting him a look. Next to him, his friend was also trying to hold back his laughter.

Armin’s laughter continued, “What was that?? Did you forget how to walk?”

Evelyn huffed, a feisty bite in her voice. “No, but I can make it so you do!”

“Are you alright?” She was caught off by the elf’s voice, her anger dissipating almost instantly as he spoke. His voice was smooth, gentle, and Evelyn decided she liked it immediately.

Evelyn coughed slightly, a blush and derpy smile spreading across her face. “I am now.”

Armin snickered once more. “I hope you don't mind Evelyn! This is my friend Dezider, he’ll be joining us.”

Evelyn nodded quickly, obviously still oggoling the elf. “Not at all, he can stay with us as long as he would like.”

Armin grinned. “Good, I’m glad we settled that so quickly, cause I'm hungry! Let's go~!”

Dezider chuckled, holding the door open for the two of them as the trio set out into the busy street.