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A Little Encouragement

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The brush clinked softly against the inkwell; a few stray drops of ink pittered against the table in a trail leading toward the parchment. Xie Lian tried to focus on the brush, the sound of rough strokes against paper filling the otherwise silent room, the smell of freshly ground ink and fine incense that was wafting through the air. 

He can do this. 

This is nothing for him to do. 

Hua Cheng said he would definitely focus better like this, that he just needed more encouragement to improve his calligraphy. He said that if Xie Lian could sit still through their session he would be sure to write like a practiced scholar. And what kind of instructor would Xie Lian be to his husband if he couldn't provide the most appropriate learning environment, if he couldn't encourage him to try and do better?

Hua Cheng hummed contently to himself, shifting a little as he reached forward to dip the brush back into the ink. Xie Lian let out a choked noise, nails digging into the flesh of Hua Cheng’s muscled back. 

He focused on the wet sound of the horse hair swirling in the ink, counted the harsh strokes against the paper; 

1, 2, 3. 

He had to focus on something, anything that wasn't that burning feeling deep inside him.

“Gege,” Hua Cheng began coolly, measured breath caressing the shell of Xie Lian’s ear,” If you start moving your hips and clamping down on me like that, how will this husband be able to write properly?” 

Xie Lian could hear that coquettish smile in his voice; he whimpered, struggling to form words,

“ moved first, San Lang…” 

“Mn," Hua Cheng muttered a little absentmindedly, as if focusing on his task and unbothered by their position, "I had to re-wet the brush, I apologize to his highness; truly I am sorry for causing you any discomfort.”

Xie Lian huffed a sigh, practically pouting as he buried his face in Hua Cheng’s shoulder.

“Ah, you really are so insincere…” 

Hua Cheng laughed, airy and sweet before he spoke,

“My beloved, have I not proven time and time again my utmost sincerity to you?”

His laugh resounded through them both, his chest rumbling against Xie Lian’s and causing his cock to shift inside him once again. Xie Lian gasped, turning into Hua Cheng's neck and inadvertently pushing those maple-red robes further down his arm. He, in all honesty, just wanted to tear them the rest of the way off and start riding. The lack of stimulation was becoming unbearable.

“...San Lang.” 

Hua Cheng hummed happily in response, and Xie Lian felt it in his pulse, filling the cavity of his chest. It slipped into him slowly, like nectar, sliding all the way into the pit of his stomach, settling in his groin. It was warm and welcoming. It was home. He didn't know how he’d spent the majority of his life without this. It was unimaginable now. This man was the beginning and the end of him; his person in life, his ghost in death. His husband could make him debauched and pliant, torturing him all day if it meant he would continue to smile and laugh like this with him. It truly was such a simple thing to be happy when it was with his San Lang.

Hua Cheng set the brush down with a quiet clacking sound and blew on the parchment. 

He must finally be done; thank the heavens.

“Come, look here, what does gege think?” He asked as he lifted the paper up to his eyes, free hand cupping and squeezing the plush flesh of his husband’s bottom.

That same hand slowly drifted upward, teasing and light until it brushed Xie Lian’s hair to one side, skimming along the nape of his neck with soft, coaxing touches. The pads of Hua Cheng’s fingers, rough but loving against his heated skin, sent a shiver down his spine. 

He had to school his expression, swallowing hard before he sat up a little and turned his head. His breaths were coming out shorter and faster, and the movement once again jostled that hot thing inside him. He was unable to hold back the moan that had been building up in his throat. Hua Cheng grunted at that, cock twitching against Xie Lian's most sensitive spot. 

“Aren’t you going to look at my work, gege?” Hua Cheng asked, voice suddenly strained.

Xie Lian finally raised his head enough to peer at his calligraphy.

It was that same old poem that Hua Cheng seemed to love. It was their poem. That would make him happy in and of itself, however, the penmanship…well…somehow it had become worse??

“San Lang, you…” he was truly at a loss for words.

“...If it is too displeasing for his highness to bear then I shall start from the beginning and--”

“No!” Xie Lian said too quickly.

Hua Cheng raised an eyebrow.

Xie Lian cleared his throat.

“N-no need, no need!” He waved his hands before covering his face and sighing, “I just... aiyo, I'm starting to think my San Lang is doing this on purpose.”

Hua Cheng feigned innocence, tilting his head like a confused pup.

“I have not a malevolent bone in my body, your highness, honestly, how could i?” 

Xie Lian didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

“Yes yes my husband is a saint, Buddha himself must be striving to be like you, really.” Xie Lian said, a resigned laugh rolling out of him.

Before Hua Cheng could retort to his sarcasm, Xie Lian cupped his face and gave him a small peck on the lips.

“But, really, I'm at my limit, I suppose we can resume your calligraphy lessons at another time.” 

Hua Cheng grinned at that, as if he’d won some battle.

“Hmm, I don't know, clearly, somehow, I've become worse. I may need to keep practicing for the rest of today.” he said as if seriously mulling this over. 

He dipped the brush, swirling it around lazily before raising it up to examine it.

“You’ll continue to help me, won’t you gege?”

That cheeky tone and feigned ignorance couldn't prepare Xie Lian for what happened next. Suddenly, there was something wet and cool gliding across his back. He squeaked and shivered, unintentionally clenching around Hua Cheng.

“S-san lang!”

Hua Cheng began to pepper his slender shoulder in kisses, the calligraphy brush slowly moving down his spine and back up. Xie Lian began to squirm in his lap, utterly helpless to Hua Cheng’s ministrations. Kisses turned to nibbles which turned to bites, and the gentle hands caressing Hua Cheng’s strong back soon was nothing but nails digging in and dragging down in some effort to seek purchase, to keep composure. 

“Gege, do you not want me to improve my calligraphy?” Hua Cheng asked as if still somehow unaffected.

“You, I--” Xie Lian’s resolve cracked with a sharp breath and crumbled into soft sighs as Hua Cheng lifted him, pushing him back onto the table. He continued to paint, only along his chest now.

Xie Lian couldn't help but roll his hips up, but Hua Cheng seemed to be more focused on painting all over him, “practicing his calligraphy,” as he put it. The brush tickled his sides, his perked nipples. It was somehow too much and yet not enough; it was driving Xie Lian insane. Ink stained the curve of his neck, it dripped over his collarbones and down his heaving chest, rolling off his sides and pooling beneath him. This was absolutely maddening; he was really going to lose it!

“My heart, if you could see how gorgeous you look right now…writhing around under my touch…”

Xie Lian bit his lip, whining in frustration as he tried to pull away from the ticklish brush strokes.

“I would look even better, if you put the brush down and--” he gasped as the horse hairs caressed right above his leaking cock, “and focused on me .” He tried to sound commanding but in this sort of predicament, he could only sound like he was begging. And, well, wasn't he?

Hua Cheng paused his relentless teasing, leaning over Xie Lian and pressing a kiss to his rosy, bitten lips.

“Are you uncomfortable, your highness?” 

Xie Lian looked away, blushing furiously. 

“I’m not I just--I want--” Xie Lian covered his face and groaned, unable to find the words.

Hua Cheng carefully pried his hands away from his face, kissing one of his palms and working his way down that jade-like wrist.

“It's okay, take your time.” He cooed, nipping the inside of his forearm before pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead.

XIe Lian rolled his hips, making a poor attempt to press on that bundle of nerves inside himself. He let out a soft, broken sound as he worked himself up on Hua Cheng, gaze slowly turning hazy, pleading with his eyes.

Hua Cheng let out a shaky breath, his chest full of lust and endless adoration. 

The brush was finally tossed aside without a care and two strong hands found their way to Xie Lian’s hips. He lifted him some more so that his back was arched before pulling out slowly, savoring Xie Lian’s breathy whine as he thrusted back in to the base. 

The punched out sound that left Xie Lian was utterly intoxicating to Hua Cheng. The strongest wine couldn't compare to the way he affected him. The wet sound of their union, the slap of Hua Cheng’s hips against his thighs and ass; this is what he craved deep down in his very core. Hua Cheng rolled his hips again, jutting into that bundle of nerves and Xie Lian sobbed with the pleasure of it all. 

Uun ...San Lang please, please…” Xie Lian babbled, head lolling off to the side as Hua Cheng set a merciless pace.

“I’m right here, gege, I have you. Let me take care of you, hm?” He brushed some stray, sweat soaked hairs to the side, holding Xie Lian’s jaw and guiding him into an open-mouthed kiss. 

What else could Xie Lian do except let his mouth be pried open, let their tongues tangle together and taste those sweet, honeyed lips. Hua Cheng gently caressed one of his legs, all the way from the sole of his foot to the bend of his knee before tossing it over his shoulder. This new angle made Xie Lian scream, little fucked out groans leaving his throat with every thrust. There was something incongruous about the way he touched him so delicate while fucking him senseless. The combination made Xie Lian see stars; there wasn't a single cun of space left in his brain for coherent thought to occupy. 

There were only Hua Cheng’s hands, his cock pistoning in and out of Xie Lian’s tight hole, the sound of their body’s crashing into each other. His insides were on fire, his gut clenching with every drag of that heavy cock against his sensitive walls. He could only babble uselessly, drool and cry for more; he wanted them to meld into each other, after all what was one without the other but lost and aimless?

“San Lang, San Lang I’m, I’m gonna--”

“Come for me, it's okay, I have you.” he whispered reasuringly, hand gliding against slick, hot skin until he reached Xie Lian’s throbbing cock.

With a few rough strokes, he was cumming all over himself, trembling with the sheer weight of his own orgasm as it carried him into a warm, hazy place. Hua Cheng didn’t stop though, he kept pumping him up and down, using his cum to ease the slide of his hand until he pulled Xie Lian out of his fuzzy post orgasmic state and into delicious overstimulation. All the while his thrusts became deeper, more erratic, more relentless; he was getting close.

“Where do you want me to release, my beloved?” Hua Cheng asked coyly, breath like a cloud of steam against Xie Lian’s skin.

Xie Lian shut his eyes tightly, turning his head.

“You….San Lang already knows where I like it…” he whined.

“Mn, but i like to hear you say it, i like it when you beg.”

Xie Lian sobbed at his words, twisting this way and that as if he could escape this unabating love. He let the heady feeling consume him, let himself be lost in Hua Cheng, otherwise how would he be able to toss his inhibitions and reserves into the abyss?

“San Lang, my husband please, please, fill me up i want--i need, wait--! Ah... hnn …” he let his head fall back again as another orgasm was torn from his body.

“Fill you up, where, gege?” Hua Cheng pressed on, his thrusts harsh and short now, hand still working Xie Lian’s cock.

“I-inside here, here!” Xie Lian lowered his trembling hands, to his ass cheeks, parting them and spreading his legs a little wider despite how they trembled.

Hua Cheng grinned devilishly, thrusting one last time, burying his cock deep inside. His hands rested on the back of Xie Lian’s knees, pushing his legs into his chest as his seed spurted out, filling his husband up. Xie Lian shuttered as his abused hole worked still, milking Hua Cheng of all he had despite how it gaped, still trying to drink up his spend. 

Hua Cheng slowly drew out, some of his cum leaking out with the drag of his length. He thrusted back in, pushing the cum deeper inside. Xie Lian couldn't help the tears that began to gather at the corners of his eyes and spill. It felt so good, but he was also terribly overstimulated. 

“Oh, gege, come here, just a little more.” Hua Cheng cooed as he kissed his tears away. He finally pulled out, scooping his husband up into his arms bridal style. 

“Let’s go take a bath, yeah?”

Xie Lian could only nod weakly, curling up into Hua Cheng’s embrace.

“Good, I'll clean you up and we can discuss how I'd like to go about tomorrow’s calligraphy lesson.”