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Commemorative Photo

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He heard his name being called.




Except it wasn't his name. He watched nervously as his idol, his crush, his world walked by talking to Yuri. Yuri Plisetsky.


Who was he kidding? This entire Grand Prix was a disaster. Yuuri Katsuki went in with so much anxiety. He felt like everything was against him, so he tucked away for a bit of eating, something that brought him comfort not thanks to his parents. He just hoped this mini weight gain wouldn’t hold him back.


But then…


Vicchan died.


Grief and depression kicked in before his performance and with his mind upset, not being there for his dog, his beloved four legged friend whom he named after his idol, as the pup passed away. He got the call before he went on and he held back tears as he attempted his best, even setting a record for himself.  But behind closed doors in his hotel room, the flood gates opened up. Yuuri wept.


The next day, the grief was thick. He informed his coach of what happened and still went out to do his best. 


6th place. Dead last. His first Grand Prix, wasted.


Viktor Nikiforov is the champion again


Yuuri felt like dirt. 


Going into the bathroom to wash his face and accept his defeat, he called his family. They still supported him and hoped he'd do better in the next competitions so he could make it to Worlds. He hoped too. He knew Vicchan was watching him.


A harsh kick against the stall door scared him and he quickly cleaned himself up. In front of him was Yuri Plisetsky, the junior Grand Prix champion.


Russians. He thought.


He had barely understood the thickly accented English coming out from the teen's mouth but he knew it was a challenge. The teen would be moving to the senior division the season after the next, so it was a legitimate challenge. Yuuri just stood there confused. 


Now as he watched his idol at the rink’s lobby casually talking to the other Yuri, not him, the beautiful snowy Russian saw him and looked back with his smile that was for the fans.


"A commemorative photo?"


The words hit Yuuri like a katana. Did Viktor not know who he was? Did Viktor not even know anything about his crash and burn? Or that they actually competed against each other? 


Not wanting to face him, his heart crushed and shattered, he turned away, ignoring the calls from his reporter acquaintance.


The following morning he woke to a headache and a twisted stomach. He remembered going to the banquet later in the evening, but what happened was all a blur until he really woke up. He could feel his body ache like he did more than just the competitions, or he landed too hard on the ice jump after jump. Rolling over, his eyes growing wide and in shock. He was in bed with his idol.


The beautiful 5 consecutive Grand Prix winner Viktor Nikiforov was peacefully asleep next to him as if the world didn’t exist. His long lashes covered his eyes, his white skin glowing in the pale light of the morning sun that was starting to creep in. His soft hair falling onto the pillow.


Anxiety, embarrassment and guilt flooded into Yuuri's brain all at once. He needed to get out of there and leave, fast. This was going to create a scandal, and his career was done for. He quietly and quickly gathered his things and got dressed, booking it out of the hotel room and down the hall to his. It was early morning so no one was awake yet. He let out a frustrated sigh as tears started to sting the corners of his eyes. He just wanted to go home. He's ruined everything.



Yuuri breathed in that fresh Hasetsu air as he left through the airport. He missed home and was glad to be back. He gathered his bags and started his trek home. He could've grabbed a taxi, but he really needed the time to think. 


His family didn't know he was home early. In fact they didn't know a lot, but soon they would. 


After the GPF, Yuuri's life took a 90° turn. For the worse or better? He didn't know yet. He competed one more time at Nationals but didn’t make it to Four Continents or Worlds. With that result, it only added to his depression. He thought long and hard about his situation and that maybe this whole time he wasn't cut out for skating in the big leagues. The japanese skater did see himself as a failure to his country and the sport, no matter how much his friend, Phichit Chulanont, told him he was doing good for what's been happening in his life. 


But really what good was there? Vicchan was gone, his parents were busy with the onsen, his sister Mari was helping too while living her own life. They weren't rich enough for him to take his parents with him to these events. He failed his first Grand Prix, got challenged by the Russian Yuri, had a drunken, forgotten, one night stand with his idol and now…


He placed a hand on his stomach. 


The truth to that whole mess was still having him in shock but he should've expected it. Unprotected drunk sex when you're a carrier who isn't on birth control as a personal choice can lead to something serious. 


That something: A baby. 


Yuuri had been sick before his last competition and his failure led to the end of his season. It threw him off, didn't give him any rest and he barely pushed through before the anxiety got to him. He chalked it up to reliving some of the thoughts of his last event which was the Grand Prix. 


At Nationals he nearly passed out on the ice. Celestino had to help him off the ice and into the back where he did pass out for a few minutes before waking up with athletic doctors looking him over. He was dehydrated, malnourished, and anemic. They sent him to the emergency room where they did testing and checked his vitals. Nothing was good. 


He begged the doctors to not call his parents. He was 23 and living on his own in a foreign country. Surely this medical mishap he could handle. They complied and listened to his wishes and got him hooked up to the machine. He laid back, finally resting. He could feel his body getting lighter and more alive. Celestino came in to visit to let him know he redirected the press to another upcoming skater so his health was hidden. 


It had been 20 minutes and the doctor returned. Celestino went to excuse himself.

"Well Mr. Katsuki, I am surprised you're still skating."


"I wanted to give it my best." Yuuri sheepishly replied.


"And I applaud you for that. What was the score in your last performance?"


"Nothing too high to get me qualified, but why are you asking?"


"Because if you did get qualified, I would have to make you forfeit."




"Well the decision is up to Mr. Katsuki, but seeing as you are currently 11 weeks pregnant, if you still wish to go through an abortion you would still need a month or longer to recover. Not just physically, but emotionally."


Yuur’s stomach jumped in his throat at the doctor's words. 


"We'll be keeping you overnight just to make sure you're in good shape. Please think seriously about this Mr. Katsuki. Male carriers are at high risk when it is decided to keep the child. It'll be lesser of a chance to have another, if you plan to have another, if you decide to go through with the abortion."




Yuuri swallowed as the doctor quickly checked on his saline bags then left him alone. Yuuri tried to breathe. 


Anxiety returned.


"Oh Kami-sama… what have I done?"


Flashing back to the present, Yuuri tried to think of the positives about his choices. He was able to transfer his classes online while he finished out the school year and next year he would attend a local community college that took college credit from a foreign school. Another positive was that he was home early. He could spend the days in the onsen, being close to his family and thinking about his returning season. The Japanese skater still had yet to inform the officials about his upcoming off season, but with his last appearance at Nationals, he would be fine. Lastly on the forefront of his mind, the real reason why he came home.


He placed a hand on his stomach again, already feeling the gentle curve. He chose to keep the baby. He had the option about having an abortion but the whole thing about it felt wrong to do. The child was innocent, he was an idiot for getting blackout drunk ( Thanks Otousan ) and Yuuri figured that taking a break might do him good. He could focus on something else rather than skating and his failures of a dream. 


He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and he dug it out. Phichit’s name popped up on screen. He had a feeling this would happen.


“YUURI!” His name screamed at him over the phone and he had to move it away from his ear. 


“Hello Phichit…”


“Did you make it back to Japan okay?”


Yuuri nodded although his friend couldn’t see it. “Yes, I did, landed about an hour ago. I’m just making my way home.”


“Are you taking a taxi?”


“No, I’m walking home.”


“Yuuri!” Phichit shouted. “You better not be carrying anything heavy!”


The japanese man rolled his eyes. 


After his visit in the hospital and his return to Detroit, he and Phichit had a few days before the Thai skater had to go to his competition. Yuuri didn’t want to say anything, but the smell of Phichit’s Pad Thai made him gag and he ended up throwing up for the next 10 minutes. 


“Yuuri what is going on?”


“Ugh. Promise me you won’t tell anyone this. No social media or any of our skater friends.” He managed to say after he felt his stomach settle. 


“Uh, sure.” Phichit toned down his worry, knowing that Yuuri rarely got serious. 


“I’m… pregnant.”


Phichit’s phone slipped out of his hand and his mouth was open in shock. 


“I’m 11 weeks along.” Yuuri added. 


Phichit dropped to his knees, his mind trying to collect all the evidence and gossip he collected. Yuuri could see his mind dancing behind his eyes. So he waited until the younger college student gasped. 


“YUURI!” He shot back up to his feet. “VIKTOR!”


Yuuri let out a small chuckle. 


“You got so drunk at the banquet, the dancing and then he went and talked to you… then you two left and Russian Yuri said Viktor was scoring… then you looked so nervous in the morning.” Another large gasp.  “YOU FUCKED VIKTOR!?”


“Shhh! Phichit!” Yuuri didn’t want to disturb the neighbors. “Yes, I think I did! I don’t remember a lot, I was drunk and I woke up next to him. I don’t remember dancing, I don’t remember talking to him, I don’t remember sleeping with him!” Yuuri stood up, feeling a little better. “Though there was evidence when I woke up.”


“You were all over Viktor at that banquet. I had never seen you fanboy so hard.” Phichit giggled. “You were hanging off of him and begging him to be your coach.”


“No!” Yuuri’s turn to gasp. 


“Mmhm! You were half dressed and seducing him hard . I had never seen the man blush so hard.”


Yuuri covered his face with his hands. He was now dying of embarrassment months later. He sat on the bathtub edge and tried to calm himself down. Phichit took a seat next to him and rubbed his back. 


“Are you going to tell him?”


“I can’t!” He instantly answered. “I don’t have his contact information and I can’t burden him with this and the scandal! Phichit! Everyone’s going to think I’m a whore, having already failed my first ever Grand Prix and now I’m having his baby. It makes me sound desperate.”


“Hey, stop that!” Phichit lightly hit Yuuri’s dark hair. “No more bad thoughts. This was clearly an accident, unintentional. The only ones you should worry about are Viktor's fangirls, but then again you are like the biggest one I know. So you could boast that you got to lay the Viktor Nikiforov.”


That made the japanese male laugh a little. 


“I’m going to transfer my credits to a community school back home and finish school online. I’m hoping to go online since the new school year starts in a couple of weeks. School in Japan is harder and year round than here in the US where you can have a Summer off. I’ll probably take next season off to take care of the baby.”


“You’re going to be amazing, Yuuri. You’re one of the strongest people I know and my best friend in school and the skating world.” He hugged the newly pregnant male. “You got this.”


“I know that, it’s just my carry-on and roller suitcase.”  Yuuri replied to the present Phichit 


“Good. Light exercise is good. Just don’t over do it.”


“I know, I know. I can see home coming up. Thank you for checking up on me. I’ll talk to you later, yeah?”


“Anytime bestie!” Phichit then hung up and Yuuri paused at the entrance of his childhood home and the last onsen in Hasetsu. 


He gripped his bags and headed in. The last bit of snow was melting for the season as the warmer weather was heading their way. He always had a key to his house but it was unlocked for business hours. Carefully sliding it open, he hoped to just sneak up to his room but right in the entryway was his mother.



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"Yuuri Katsuki?" 




"I haven't heard of him before." 


Viktor looked at the roster for the event. People were still coming in from their flights and visiting the rink to hopefully get some practice in before the competition. 


"Oh Yuuri." Christophe Giacometti, Viktor's long time friend off and on the rink, looked at Viktor's phone. "He made it this year. Good for him."


"How do you know him and not me? I know everyone I compete against." Viktor was a little offended.


"This is Yuuri's first Grand Prix and Prix debut. He must've worked hard." Chris shrugged.


"Seriously, how do you know him?"


"He's been in a few competitions with me. He's a really good skater and very pretty." Chris winked. 


The doors to the lobby opened and sure enough there was Yuuri Katsuki. The small, timid Japanese man followed by his great Italian coach Celestino. 


"Speaking of, give me a minute. He doesn't look too good."


Viktor watched as Chris left his side to go greet the Japanese man. He did have to admit the younger male did look attractive, but he too noticed the red eyes, the wobbly lip and the sat atmosphere. Chris gave him a hug and kissed his cheeks before returning to Viktor with a sad expression. 


"First debut at a Grand Prix and he's already getting bad luck."


"What happened?"


"His dog passed away on his flight over here. The dog was with his family back in Japan but as he got off the plane he got the news."


"Oh no, that's horrible." Viktor felt sorry for the other skater. If anything happened to his Makkachin he too would be devastated. 


"He said he had the pup since he was 12. Named him after someone he admired."


"What was the pup's name?"


"Vicchan." Chris opened up Yuuri's Instagram on his phone. A post was already made to let his fans know. "The post is in Japanese so I can't read it." The picture was of a young Yuuri with a tiny toy poodle. The dog looked like a mini version of Makkachin. "Such a shame too."


"Why do you say that?" Viktor asked as he looked up Yuuri's instagram on his own phone.


"Yuuri doesn't do well if he's distracted."


Chris's words were right. Viktor watched Yuuri's performances. Although they were good, they weren't winning. He felt sorry as he watched the younger skater weep at the kiss and cry. Failure was written all over the soft face. 


When it came his turn on the ice, he gave it his all, winning his 5th consecutive title. Upfront he showed that he was glad to have won again and skate with his friends but behind the scenes, he couldn't take his mind off the Japanese skater. In a break between interviews, Viktor looked more into Yuuri's Instagram. There were some skating videos, pictures of his dog and the Japanese landscape, some selfies with a friend of his in what seemed to be a college, and a few pictures of him on the TV. The captions were in English "Good Luck Vicchan!"


Something clicked. That was the name of the skater's dog. He looked through to see other events and the entrance to a hot spring: Yu-topia. There were more grainy photos of himself and pieces of him as posters in the background. 


Yuuri Katsuki was a fan. Not just any fan, devoted. Hell, the man named his dog, a poodle , after him.


Usually Viktor's fangirls were screamy and loud, posting lewd art and edits of him online and gushing over how attractive he was. But here was Yuuri, respectful, quiet, not overbearing. And he was here at the competition to try to win against the Russian champion.


Viktor's medal felt heavier around his neck. He felt as if he won by default. It didn't settle well. 


He then saw a flash of blond hair coming from the men's bathroom. Little Yuri Plisetsky, prodigy and rink mate had a scowl on his face when he left. 


"Oh, Yura!"


Yuri stopped, glaring at the older skater. "What." He growled.


"Are you doing okay?"


"I'm fine. Just went to give the crybaby piggy a pep talk."


"Crybaby piggy?" He noticed the door open and Yuuri Katsuki came out, his eyes red and the loss still heavy on his shoulders. 


"Yura!" Viktor hissed at the blond. "Stop trying to pick fights." Viktor wanted to scold the teen more but then their coach, Yakov Feltsman came to get them. Yuuri went in the opposite direction.


After the interviews were finished, and everyone gathered their bags, all the athletes and last minute press gathered in the lobby. He was distracted talking to the Yuri he skated with and missed the Japanese Yuuri. But something in him caused him to turn around as Yakov was lecturing the blond. 


Sure enough the two made eye contact. Viktor knew he was a fan so he offered something that this particular fan would enjoy, something he never offered his regular fans. 


"A commemorative photo?" He smiled sweetly. 


Instead he saw fear and hurt in the chocolate eyes. He saw them already beginning to water. Yet instead of taking the offer, Yuuri just turned around and walked away. The reporter who was with him was even shocked he denied the opportunity.


"Did he not…" Viktor spoke up to the reporter. 


"Agh! He's not doing well. Some rumors are going around that this is it." The reporter replied. "At least he got to skate against you. That's more than he's ever achieved."


Hearing that shocked Viktor even more.  Yuuri was a mystery but it felt like he was trapped in his own shell. He looked at his phone and had to make it back to the hotel to change. The banquet would be soon so maybe he could get a chance to talk to Yuuri then.


The banquet arrived and everyone was catching up with each other. Chris joined him again wondering how things were.


"You are looking~" Chris teased.


Viktor scoffed. "Am not. I just wanted to wish him good luck in his next competitions."


"Then davai." Chris down his glass of champagne. "Yuuri almost never shows up to the banquets in international events."


"Why not?"


"Come on Viktor, really. We are from different places, English is hard to speak. Plus he's very shy and nervous. The only way he really talks is through skating."


Viktor nodded, getting it a little. He mingled with other people as the night went on and it was getting close to wrapping up when he heard a bit of a commotion. Coming out of the shadows in a deep drunken haze was Yuuri Katsuki himself and he was spouting about something in Japanese. His suit was ruffled and unkempt. 


Chris joined in on the shenanigans and soon the party turned into a dance party. Viktor was getting excited and the radio turned into something more upbeat and lively. Just as things were getting started, the two made eye contact again. Yuuri, half dressed and tie wrapped around his head jumped on Viktor, laughing and shouting something in his native language when the English broke through it sent a surprised spark in the Russian champion.


"Be my coach Biktoru!" The accent thick on the smaller tongue. 


Yuuri was dancing all over the place with Chris and even the younger Yuri. Everyone was laughing and having a good time that even he was dragged in. Drunk Yuuri was all smiles and laughter as the two danced with Yuri joining them. Viktor was drunk as well but clearly not as much as the japanese skater. He had no idea where the poll came from as Chris and Yuuri stripled down into their underwear and made an incredible show. This was something no one would forget about and talked about in the future. 


After things started to die down, Yuuri 


"Ah, Yuuri, we should take you back to your room, da?"


"Mmhm." Yuuri nodded as he clung to Viktor.


Yuri was raging in the back at the contact between the two. Chris was giving him a whistle while the coaches all were in shock at what went down. 


Viktor wrapped an arm around Yuuri and led him out into the hall. He helped put Yuuri's pants back on and slipped on his shoes but by then the skater was starting to fall asleep. 


"Hey hey, Yuuri, stay with me. I can go get Celestino for you?"


Yuuri shook his head before water works started to flow. It was one of those phases of being drunk and if Viktor saw his chocolate eyes red for the 3rd time today he was going to cry, the alcohol not helping at all.


"Alright. Let us go to the hotel then." He helped the man to his feet and out the door. He texted Yuri to grab his things and meet him at his hotel room later. 


Except when he got to the hotel, he had no idea where Yuuri's room was. 


"Biktoru, Itoshi teru." Yuuri mumbled. "Ai, ai!."


"Uh, okay? Ai?"


Yuuri nodded sleepily. 


Viktor walked him down the hall and opened his room, allowing the Japanese man in. He deposited the skater on his bed while finding a spare pair of clothes for him to change into when he turned around to see Yuuri already stripping. The Russian’s pants grew tight at the sight. Yuuri’s pants were off and he was in his tight underwear, it sculpted everything. His dress shirt ws open exposing his slim chest and waist. Yuuri’s glasses were off and on the bedside table while he sat on the bed, eye fucking the Russian. 


“Viktoru~” His name was coming out more clear while Yuuri was starting to sober up.


The silver haired skater swallowed the lump in his throat. He had only met the Japanese skater earlier and although his mind felt sorry for him, his heart had been pounding since Chris pointed him out the previous day. Viktor’s eyes traced the smaller body down his face, his toned chest and his strong thighs. His pants grew tighter.


Making a quick decision, Viktor stripped off his shirt and pounced on the skater like a tiger to its prey. The Japanese skater let out a few playful giggles as they stripped the rest of their clothes and the rest was history.


Outside, Yuri was going to bring Viktor his things but turned around and went right back to his room after hearing a pleasurable “ONEGAI VIKTOR~!” echoing in the hall. 


The next morning, Viktor woke with a headache, a messed bed, clothes everywhere and the Japanese skater to be gone. His heart ached a little bit, but he was glad to share that moment with him. Picking himself and his semi broken heart, he cleaned up the room and went to the lobby to grab some breakfast with Yuri before they had to fly back to Russia to tune up their routines for the next couple of competitions. 


“So… you like Asians now?” Yuri snickered upon greeting him. 


Viktor wasn’t in the mood for his teasing. “Yura, we’re Asian.”


“Yeah no shit.” The blond teen rolled his eyes. “So was he freaky like they say?”


“Oh my god, Yura. Can we not talk about this please?” Viktor pinched the bridge of his nose. He needed coffee and a long nap, but the nap would have to wait for the flight.


“Just good for you man. You finally got some.” Yuri patted his back and started to walk ahead before he could say something. 


After a few more competitions, March was rolling in and the last event coming up was Worlds. Viktor knew he could make it and compete at his best, but in the skating world, he was a bit lonely. His friends were doing well and he didn’t hear a word about Yuuri. He even followed the skater’s instagram but the last post was of him at Japan’s Nationals saying he didn’t make it but thanked his fans for the season. 


“What!? He’s out for the season!?” Viktor felt like he was living under a rock since it was posted still around the beginning of the new year.


He was already planning to go to Japan to visit him to see if he really wanted to train next season, so once Worlds was finished he would fly there. During a resting day he was lounging on the couch with Makkachin when he got a text from Chris telling him to look up something. 


“Your Asian minx has done something kinky.”




Viktor instantly went to youtube and looked up Yuuri Katsuki. The top result surprised him. 


Yuuri Katsuki skates almost perfect program of Viktor Nikiforov


He clicked it and the video was slightly edited with his music. It was the recent program he used and was going to end the season with. He watched intently as Yuuri glided across the ice and got most of the parts correct except for a few jumps which were of the lower level. Yuuri skated a better performance than he did at the Grand Prix. 


Something sparked in Viktor. He was going to help Yuuri gain confidence in his skating and help him get a medal. He quickly moved, Makkachin moved off his lap huffing in annoyance and the Russian quickly packed his bags.

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“Yuu-chan!” Hiroko cried after seeing her son enter through the door. 


He caught his mother in a hug. His father and older sister also appeared after hearing Hiroko shout. He waved to them and they too came in for hugs. 


“What are you doing home so early? Don’t you have a year left?” His mother worriedly asked. 


“Ah yes. I can explain everything later when we close for the night. I just got back a few hours ago.”


“Oh of course! Jet lag. Please go relax in the meantime. Oh, also go say hello to Vicchan.”


His family returned to their duties as he relaxed. He put his things into his room then walked to the more private place of the attached house and saw the small altar his parents made for his beloved poodle. It was sweet and it made his heart ache.


“Hello Vicchan,” He greeted the photo while he lit some incense. “I’m home. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it. I hope you were a good boy until the end.”


He sat there for a few minutes to get his thoughts clear. He couldn’t sit around all day, he still had work to do. Getting up, he decided to stop by his town’s ice rink to skate one last time. It would be a long while until he skated, but he also wanted to get this out of his system. He had been practicing in his freetime and thought he was at a good spot. 


He snuck out of the house and with his skates headed towards the ice rink. He had a light jog but nothing too serious. He didn’t want to put too much strain on his body so he was going to be daring this final time. By the next time he would be on ice, he would have someone watching him from the stands. He honestly couldn't wait to meet his baby. Slowing down by the time he reached the ice castle, the skater was all warmed up.


“Sorry we’re closed!” The sweet voice called from behind the rental counter. 


“Even for me?” Yuuri called back. 


A beautiful woman with brunette hair and a petite body popped out from the blade racks and smiled when she saw him. “Yuuri-kun!”


“Hello, Yuuko-chan.”


“The rink is always open for you. I’ll let Takeshi know.”


“Of course.”


Yuuri strapped on his skates and headed to the rink to do a few laps before Yuuko showed up on the sidelines. Yuuri skated over, asking Yuuko to hold his glasses while he did this program, ‘Skate with Me’. He imagined the music after listening over and over to the song. He matched the step sequences and spins (but not too fast) and turned the major jumps into small ones. He wasn’t supposed to be on the ice, but he needed to do this one last time. At the end he saw Yuuko crying and applauding him before her triplet daughters and husband showed up. They even commented on his weight. Yuuri was lucky he could still play it off as binge eating weight, but soon that would change. 


After wrapping up and heading home, he took a quick shower before gathering his family after the last customer left for the night. Hiroko set out a bowl of katsudon for Yuuri but his stomach decided to twist at it, so he picked around it to eat the rice. 


“So, Yuu-chan, why are you home early? Are you on a break?”


Yuuri took a deep breath. “Actually I’m transferring here for my final year. I’m taking a break from skating to focus on school. I’ll be taking online courses.”


His parents' smile fell a little. 


“Well that’s alright, you can go at your own pace.” His father, Toshiya assured.


“But there is something else.” Yuuri took a breath. “I’m… pregnant.”


Silence fell across the table. Mari, his older sister who was about to light a cigarette, put it back. 


“What do you mean, Yuu-chan?” Hiroko’s voice was a little shaky. 


“I got too drunk at the banquet and slept with someone.” He hung his head in shame. 


“Yuuri…” Toshiya huffed. “I thought you knew better.” His father reached out and patted his arm. “But I’m proud of you.”


“P-proud?” Yuuri sniffed. 


“Of course! You’re just like me when I get drunk! Oof!” 


Hiroko smacked her husband upside the head. “Otousan!” She turned her attention back to Yuuri. “Yuu-chan, this is a shock and I can see you are set on keeping the baby. You can live here, we won’t kick you out. Just help around the onsen when you can.”


Yuuri nodded, feeling a warmth spread through him. Then he heard his mother sniffling.


"Ah! Kaa-san! Are you okay?" Yuuri started to panic.


Hiroko nodded. "Of course I am. I'm going to be a grandmother!"


Yuuri relaxed. He got up and got closer to his mother, giving her a hug. She hugged him back and the air around them smoothed out. Toshiya and Hiroko then had to turn in for the night, wishing their son good luck before it was just the siblings. Yuuri could tell Mari was itching to light one but she refrained now that she knew she'd have to smoke elsewhere. 


"So who'd you sleep with?" She asked in a hushed voice. 


"Mari-nee!" Yuuri whined. He laid down on the ground flat, placing a hand on his small bump. "Viktor."


Her eyes grew wide. "You're shitting me."


"I don't remember much. I just remember being very nervous so I drank to relax and I guess I drank too much because I woke up next to him in bed. Phichit said that there was this dance off but that was it." Yuuri embarrassingly replied.


"Are you going to tell him?"


Yuuri shook his head. "I have no way of contacting him. His DMs are closed on Instagram and there's no other way to get a hold of him."


"Can't you ask your friend who knows everything?"


The skater sighed. "It's better to just leave it. He's at the height of his career right now. I'm still at the bottom so I still have a chance to bounce back if I feel like it. I'm still Japan's top skater."


"You have too big of a heart. I don't think you'll drag him down, but this is your choice so you'll get to live with the consequences. Just brace yourself if he demands custody or cuts you off."


Yuuri sat back up, then stood to stretch. "I know. Right now I just need this break. I want to finish school and be a parent for a bit."


Mari too got up, ready to go outside to smoke. "How far are you?"


"13 weeks? I still need to get properly checked. I'll do so soon. I've got a lot to take care of."


Mari hugged him again telling him goodnight then left out the door. Yuuri felt like he could melt. He was home, his family wasn't upset and for the first time in months he could finally breathe.


Although that breath didn't last long. The next two weeks he was busy setting up his upcoming school year for online classes, going to job interviews to get a little extra cash (which a lot of people were surprised he was looking for work. Then again if you weren't skating, sponsorships weren't paying) for his upcoming expenses. Two weeks after his return he was finally able to book his first check up and ultrasound. A lot of mothers in the area were expecting too. But there was a cancellation so he slipped into the spot.


Overall his general health was good, he had been taking vitamins since he found out about the pregnancy, and tried to keep the exercise light. His new doctor was surprised at how well everything was and deemed the baby in good health. The heartbeat was strong and steady, making Yuuri cry he couldn't wait to meet them. 


As for his physical appearance, he was starting to look like the large meal he ate wasn't from binge eating but showing signs of it being an actual baby. Yuuko was shocked to find out when he asked her about doctors and health. She was happy to help and he threatened her daughters, Axel, Lutz, and Loop to keep all of this off social media. They swore his secret was safe.


With his first sonogram photo in hand, Yuuri happily walked home with a smile on his face. The March air had turned into April but it was still weather for light jackets. Yuuri stuck to his skating jacket since it was soft and comfortable against his skin.


Seeing home in his sights, Yuuri picked up the pace a little, excited to show his family the good news. When he opened the door, he saw a cloud of fluffy brown come towards him and he darted out of the way before he was tackled. The energetic pup lightly woofed and went back up to Yuuri, giving him a good sniff. 


"Awe, you're cute. You're like Vicchan." His heart hurt a little as he remembered his own tiny pup. 


"That's what we said." Toshiya said as he walked in with a crate of bottles. "He came in with a good looking foreigner not too long ago. I think he went to soak.




Yuuri looked down at the dog and saw it was a larger breed of poodle and was very similar to the one his idol cared for. But when his father mentioned a foreigner… Yuuri dashed to the onsen, running past the guests and to the bath. He cleaned the steam from his glasses as his jaw dropped in shock.


There in the onsen was the Viktor Nikiforov. Yuuri watched as the Russian skater, in all his glory, stood to present everything .


"Yuuri~" His name was drawn out beautifully in the thick accent.. "Starting today I'm going to be your new coach!"


This couldn't be happening, this wasn't happening. Yuuri took off his glasses and tried to rub his eyes to wake up from this dream. But it was real. A wave of anxious nausea slammed into Yuuri and he was going to be sick. Covering his mouth with a hand, he bolted back to the private bathroom and spilled his breakfast into the toilet. He gagged a couple more times before it finally seized up. Mari came to check on him and he dragged her into the bathroom.


"What's got you freaked out?"


"Viktor's here!" He said in a low whisper in his native tongue.


Mari's eyes grew wide. "No way. I was in the back folding towels.


Yuuri started to panic as he took a seat on the edge of the tub, flushing the toilet on his way. "What am I going to do? I can't land him with a baby. We were drunk! He might not even remember and accuse me of being something horrible!"


Mari walked up to him and placed her hands on his shoulders. "Yuu-kun, breathe. It'll be okay. Though this is your situation, you can handle it however you want, I know you are more likely to hide things than lie." She looked down at his stomach. "You're already showing for 15 weeks. Even if he leaves and comes back the evidence will still be there." She hugged him, helping him calm down. "I know you love Viktor more than anything, so go with your heart."


Yuuri calmed down a few minutes after Mari gave her support. He let her go of the hug and tried to make himself look presentable. She was right. His skating jacket was made to cover his slim figure but now it looked like he was getting a gut.


"O-okay. I'll try to talk to him."


"I'll be here if you need me."


Yuuri opened the door and made his way back to the lobby. Sure enough,a confused Viktor was sitting at one of the tables with his robe on and his dog's head in his lap. A hot cup of tea was steaming on the table in front of him. Yuuri wringed his hands as he slowly approached. 


" Uh, Viktoru?"


The Russian perked up at the call of his name. "Yuuri! Are you okay? You look pale." The man was already worried. His english was good, but the accent made Yuuri's heart flutter.


Yuuri nodded. "Yes. I'm okay. Can I sit?"


"Oh of course!" Viktor waved to the seat across from him, as he smiled. "I'm sorry for scaring you if I did. I hoped it was more of a surprise."


"Oh believe me, it was a surprise." Yuuri let out a chuckle as he unzipped his jacket. The workout shirt he wore underneath was tight and really showed off his bump. He was going to do this casually as if he were normal. "I'm sorry for the abrupt leave. It's not everyday we get famous skaters in the onsen."


"Really? Well after your invitation I wanted to come check it out before my competition at Worlds. It is very lovely and relaxing here."


Yuuri blushed at the compliment. "Thank you."


"So what do you want to talk about? You seem like you wanted to say something."


"R-right." Yuuri needed to get back on track. "Um… to be honest I don't remember what happened at the banquet." He itched his cheek in embarrassment. "I tend to get black out drunk quickly so everything is extremely blurry or I don't remember it at all."


He looked at Viktor and saw a mixture of things, but it mostly seemed like disappointment.


"I see." Viktor replied after a few minutes of silence. 


"I remember waking up next to you if that means anything. But I felt guilty and horrible which is why I left."


"Oh. I thought you missed your flight." Viktor sounded even more depressed.


"Oh, no!" Yuuri put his hands up. “It's not your fault. I just don't remember anything so I don't know what happened. Phichit mentioned a dance off but that was about it."


A little bit of joy returned to the Russian's face. "Ah yes. The dance. It's why I'm here actually," he let out a soft chuckle. "You said that if you won the dance off that I'd get to be your coach, or that's what someone translated for me. You are heavy in your native language when intoxicated. The only English was 'be my coach, Viktor' and I do admit it lit a spark."


Yuuri was tomato red and he was starting to fumble with a reply. "Ah. I see. I take it that I won the dance off?"


"You did in bed when we slept together." Viktor had said it like it wasn't bothersome or embarrassing. 


Yuuri could feel the nose bleeding start. "H-how was I?"


"Oh one of the best fucks I've ever had." Viktor replied in the same tone as he took a sip of his tea. "You actually took charge. I don't think I've ever ridden like that before."


Yuuri was dying. "Okay, okay, I get it…" he hid his face in his hands. "Oh my god I don't want to drink again."


Viktor then let out a soft laugh. "I'm sure it'll be a grand time the next time you do."




The two fell into a comfortable silence and Hiroko walked over with some ginger tea for Yuuri. "Getting along?"


Yuuri accepted the tea, thanking his mom. "I think so."


Hiroko patted her son's head and left them alone. He translated to Viktor that she was asking how they were getting along and the older skater smiled. But now Yuuri would have to speak up. 


“Um… I had something else I wanted to say.”


“Hm?” Viktor looked up from petting his dog. 


“I… I can’t train with you…” 


Blue eyes snapped to look at Yuuri. It was hard to tell what he was thinking, but if Yuuri could put a name to it, it would almost be betrayal?


“I got sick after my country’s Nationals. I didn’t qualify for the next competition or Worlds, as you can see…”


“Is it… Is it because of the Grand Prix?”


Yuuri was shocked at how concerned the accented English came through. He gave a side laugh. “Yes and no.” He would open up any other time about his feelings on his failure, but already this was enough. So he continued. “I passed out on the ice once I finished and was rushed to the hospital. I was… not doing well…”


“Your Nationals… they were a little over 3 weeks ago?”


“Yeah. I’m starting to feel back on track.” Yuuri assured the skater. “But…” It was harder to talk to pretty much a complete stranger about this. Placing a hand on his belly, Yuuri took a breath. “I’m...p-pregnant.”


The Russian skater’s eyes widened. “O-oh.” 


Yuuri’s heart shattered. Whatever Viktor was really here for, Yuuri was sure he just crushed it. There must’ve been something else going on to why the idol he’s loved since he was 12 was visiting. The only thoughts Yuuri had were that he was that good in bed or because of the drunken promise. 

“I’m sorry.” Chocolate brown eyes looked down to his lap in shame. He felt guilty. Keeping the baby could be ruining his one in a lifetime chance to get to be trained by his idol, his first… love. He bit his lip as he held his stomach. He made his choice and he was going to stick to it. 


“Then tell the father good luck for me…” Viktor’s voice was so broken. He started to stand up. “The bath made me tired. I think I’ll go take a nap.”


Yuuri’s brain started to work in an instant as he watched Viktor take a few steps away. His body reacted before he could do anything. 


“Viktor, Davai!”

Chapter Text

Viktor already loved Japan the moment he stepped off the plane. The trains were interesting and the people were very helpful guiding him in the right direction of the little seaside town of Hasetsu. His heart was thumping loud at the thought of being close to Yuuri. 


Since the morning after the GPF banquet, he followed the skater on Instagram but hadn’t heard a word sense. Yet, his heart was stolen. Viktor wanted to still be with him the next morning and wake up to him and cuddle him. 


The bed was empty. 


Then after seeing the video, he was lucky Worlds was being held in Tokyo so he quickly packed his bags and Makkachin then flew off to Japan. 


The trains pulled into Hasetsu station about mid morning and he got off, holding Makkachin’s leash close. The dog was eager to sniff and mark everything as his. Viktor had to tug too many times before they were enroute to the onsen Yuuri invited him to. The locals took a few looks at him and he waved a quick hello in his very rusty Japanese. 


The skater turned tourist was having fun taking pictures and letting Makkachin sniff the new scents. Eventually he reached the onsen and his eyes lit up. This was Yuuri’s home. He remembered seeing it on Instagram as the most recent post was a picture of the front of the onsen with words in the language that the app translated to “It’s good to be home! Please stop by Yu-topia for a good soak!”


Viktor was going to do just so as well as get to know the skater. He was going to coach him for the next season and help him win a medal.


“Let’s go Makka.” 


The pup followed as he opened the door to the lobby. He saw that shoes were lined up at the entrance and he took his shoes off as well. Then a short, welcoming local approached from the kitchen. She said something in her native language and Viktor tried to communicate that he would like a room. 


“Hiroko, that’s Yuuri’s Vicchan.” A stout older man said as he appeared out of nowhere from behind Viktor. He was carrying a crate of beer and he had a cat-like smile on his face. 


“Vicchan!” the woman asked. “Yes, yes, room for you, up, up!” She gestured upstairs. “Toshiya, Yuuri is going to be so excited!”


Viktor perked up as he heard Yuuri’s name. “Yuuri? Is he here?”


“Mm, out, not home.” She said, “Mom,” She pointed to herself then to the man. “Dad.”


“Oh, then where are my manners! Haji-me-maste? ” 


“Yes! Nice-to-meet-you!” She said in very broken english. “Room, up!”


Viktor followed the short and round woman upstairs to an old storage room. It looked like there were a lot of boxes as the room hadn’t been used in a long time. 


“Mess, sorry . Mari clean soon!”


“Ah, okay, I can leave my bags here. Um, can my dog go outside?”


“We look!” She seemed to assure him. “Hot spring down. Very warm!”


“Oh lovely! I’ll be down shortly. Thank you Mrs. Katsuki!”


The woman blushed. “Yes, Vicchan!”


She left him alone in the dusty storage room. He could tell it must’ve been a great room but with the shrinking population, there weren't as many customers so it must’ve turned into storage. Viktor would help later to clean it up so there wasn’t so much pressure. He should’ve booked it first, but this trip was so spontaneous, even Yakov was on his ass about it. 


As for Yuuri, they said he wasn’t home so Viktor figured he should take up the hot spring. He allowed Yuuri’s parents to watch Makka for a bit while he went to go soak. He had just sat down in the water, feeling the heat already relaxing his muscles when he heard a commotion and the man he came to see burst through the door. 


Viktor stood up and announced that he was going to be a coach to Yuuri for the next season. Though he didn’t get the reaction he was looking for. Yuuri looked pale, almost green then dashed back out. Viktor thought the soak would have to wait. He quickly washed himself off and slipped on a robe the inn provided. He lightly walked into the lobby looking for Yuuri but he was nowhere to be seen. 


“Vicchan! Come have a seat, I make tea!” Yuuri’s mother waved to him to sit down at a table in the corner, private from some of the others. Makkachin was brought back in by Yuuri’s father and the dog rested by him. 


“We got him food.” The father seemed to speak more English.


“Thank you!” He itched the dog’s ear. “Good boy.” 


He took a sip of the tea and found it warming him up just as the bath tried to do. After a few minutes, he was approached and it turned out to be Yuuri. He let him sit across the table and the two entered small talk. He gave his serious thoughts about the banquet night and the two shared a small laugh. He watched as the many clouds that covered the chocolate candies were starting to clear up. 


He took a moment to look over the skater as well. He gained a few pounds but nothing easy to lose. Viktor was excited to get to know him and work with him. He could see him being the winner and the Russian was determined to get Yuuri there. 


But everything shifted when Yuuri said he couldn’t train with him. He felt his heart break a little. Surely Yuuri had a good reason. He watched as a hand was placed on the skater’s weight gain. 




The words were soft on his lips and Viktor could hear the blood pumping in his ears.


“O-oh.” He honestly didn’t know how to act. Yuuri was going to become a father? Mother? A parent at least. 


“I’m sorry.” There was so much guilt in the words as if he was making a mistake choosing a baby over him. 


Viktor was starting to feel faint. “Then tell the father good luck for me…” He started to get up, he needed to be alone. “The bath made me tired. I think I’ll go take a nap.” His plan had been shattered, and once again he only thought about himself and not the other party. The short time wondering about the Japanese skater and hoping they could work something out was clearly not written out for them by fate. 


But before he could walk away, he felt someone, Yuuri, grab his hand. 


“Viktor, good luck. ” 


Viktor stopped in his tracks. Yuuri didn’t say ‘good luck’ in Japanese, no, he said it in Russian. 


He thought he was going to snap his neck at how fast he turned around. 


Desperation was flooded in those small chocolates that were staring intently at him. 


No. There was no way. Viktor opened his mouth like he was a fish, trying to figure it all out. 


Yuuri let him go. His head was hanging in shame. 


“I need a moment.” Viktor quietly said as he called for Makka and went to his room. 


“Go ahead.” Yuuri whispered, his voice almost nonexistent.

Viktor hated to just leave him there but he needed to think about all of this. There was no way he was the father of Yuuri’s baby. But Yuuri also wasn’t the one to sleep around. Chris pointed out that Yuuri was a ball of anxiety and kept to himself when he went places. The interactions he saw with Yuuri and his Thai friend also showed that Yuuri wasn’t like this. 


He sat on the floor trying to wrap his head around it all. Yuuri wasn’t one to just dump a random baby on him. He looked terrified and here Viktor was running away from him like he was a disease. He found his phone still connected to the charger that was plugged in and he almost dive bombed it. He scrolled through to find Chris’s number. The skater was almost shaking and he jumped when he heard a door slam open downstairs and an angry woman with rapid fire japanese call out something about him.


After a few rings, Chris picked up without anything wrong in his voice. “Mon Cher, Viktor! Pleased for you to call.”


“Chris… I think I fucked up.”


“Oh? Do tell the details.”


“Yuuri… I’m in Japan, taking him up on his offer-”


“Oh the drunk request. He really swept you off your feet that night.” Chris recalled clearly. 


“Yes, I know.” Viktor continued after being interrupted. “But he just told me he’s out for the next season. He said he wanted to finish his schooling and take a break.”


“Okay? So this lead to you fucking up, how?”


Viktor took in a breath. “He told me he’s also pregnant.”


The other end of the phone was quiet before a hum returned. Viktor could tell the swiss man was smirking in delight over the news but he had something to say. 


“Then go to him. I know you are not one to abandon something once you set your mind to it.”


“What do you mean? I came here to teach him to skate.” Viktor reminded.


“Ah ah ah, my dear Viktor~ You and I both know you’re not just there for skating. You’ve had your heart set since the Grand Prix and that romantic night. Now get off the phone and go talk to him. He’s probably more terrified than you are.”


“Right. Thank you Chris, I needed to be grounded.”


“Davai, mon cher.” With that Chris hung up the phone. 


The shouting and native language had died down once the call was over. He sat there for a moment to just think. He and the Japanese skater had done something at the Prix but he remembered bits here and there when he often thought about the man. Family was also a tough subject for Viktor so to learn that he procreated, that meant more family. 


Viktor stood up, steeling himself. The Russian knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to run out on this child, his child. He wasn’t a coward like his old man. He wasn’t regretful like his mother. There would be plenty of time to get to know Yuuri and get used to this situation and right now he was being an ass. 


He set his phone down and opened the door, Makkachin headed out before him and headed directly to Yuuri. The older pup knew who was upset and always wanted to be a good boy by comforting whoever it was that wasn’t feeling good. Viktor didn’t deserve him sometimes. 


As he approached the corner, he heard sniffling and soft words of comfort in Japanese. He paused to give it a minute before he re-entered the scene. He felt guilty as he watched Yuuri look up and see him then frantically try to wipe away his tears. A woman sat beside the younger skater and was new to him. 


“Sorry, sorry. I just feel bad for dumping this on you.” Yuuri said between sniffles.


“Don’t be, I’m sorry for leaving you. I needed a moment.”


“I needed one too when I found out.” Yuuri side chuckled.


“I wanna smack him. ” The woman next to Yuuri scoffed. 


“No, Minako-sensei… I just told him.”


Yuuri then stood up and quietly coaxed Viktor to follow him. Makkachin stayed with the mystery woman, sniffing her and giving her a few kisses. He slowly followed the younger man to the upper floor and past his room. There was a room at the end of the hall and Yuuri tensed. 


“Uh, please don’t laugh.”


“Why would I?” Viktor wondered but the answer instantly popped up as he followed Yuuri inside what seemed to be the skater’s private place. 


A few posters of him from a couple of Junior competitions and several of his senior career covered the walls of the bedroom. He felt touched. Chris did mention that Yuuri was a fan and he clearly saw when he scrolled through the skater’s Instagram page. The room was still picked up but was warm and cozy, this was a safe space. He was honored to enter sucha private place and took a seat on the floor after Yuuri placed a pillow down before going to sit on his own bed. 


“I’m still really sorry.” Yuuri started. “I knew that I was a carrier and I never told you. We were both drunk and I already have a hard time thinking about stuff like sex so I never slept with anyone else after the Grand Prix.”


“I won’t lie, the thought did cross my mind for a split second, but after meeting you and hearing stories from Chris, you aren’t like that.” Viktor assured him. “You don’t seem to be the person to dump a baby onto someone.”


Yuuri nodded, picking at his fingers and nibbling his bottom lip. “I… I wanted to contact you the moment I found out so we could talk about this, but there were already so many things preventing me from talking about it…” He could tell Yuuri was a bit uncomfortable being open about this, so he held his patience. Viktor didn’t want to scare off Yuuri more than he already has. 


“Like what?”


“I was 13 weeks when I found out, so not long ago. I wanted to contact you, but I was nervous to ask people and your Instagram was locked so I couldn’t exactly message you, but I probably would’ve been nervous to do that too.” He paused and looked at his belly. “Whether the baby was yours or not, it felt wrong to end their life. They are innocent and honestly right now is a perfect time for a baby. I can do online school and I don’t think I can show my face to the skating world after my failure at the Grand Prix.”


Viktor’s heart hurt from hearing the many reasons, all sounded pretty valid. He thought about his words carefully before speaking up. Yuuri looked at him like he was waiting for a response. 


“I actually followed you back after the Grand Prix so my DMs were open to you.” Viktor smiled a little. 


“What!? Really? I have my notifications turned off because of my followers. If still your stuff would’ve been buried. I’m such an idiot.” 


Viktor chuckled as he continued. “I commend you for not ending your child’s life, but whether I had an in from the start, it’s your body. I wouldn’t force you to keep it, but now hearing your answer, then I would like to offer any help you would need. This child is half of my afterall so I feel responsible for my half. I want to put less stress on you while you finish school.” 


Yuuri seemed to relax. 


“As for the Grand Prix.” Viktor got serious. “I don’t see it as a failure. I watched you skate that night. Surely it is a work in progress, but you were in pain. Chris explained to me what happened and I would be in the same boat as you. If my Makkachin died before a competition…” He didn’t even want to imagine it when Yuuri lived it. “You still went out there with everything you had, so I don’t see it one bit as a failure.”


He could see those chocolate candies start to get misty. Viktor moved closer, getting on his knees and taking Yuuri’s hands. He looked up at the man with so much compassion and love. 


“I want to help you, with skating and with this. I’m already here and I’m not going to run away.”


“But, what about Worlds?”


“I’ll still go to that, but I’ll be right back. After that, I’m all yours. I want to get to know you, Yuuri Katsuki. I want to be here for the child, our child .” He emphasized.


Yuuri was silently crying as the affirmation Viktor was giving him. “Can.. can I hug you?”


“Of course, moya lyubov'.” Viktor allowed, standing up and helping Yuuri off of his bed. 


The Japanese skater then attached himself to the man, hugging him tight. Viktor could already feel something settling in Yuuri’s lower stomach and already his heart was swelling with pride. 


Yuuri let go after a moment and was blushing madly. “I’ve wanted to do that since I was 12.”


Viktor let out a chuckle. “Well now you have plenty of other chances. I still have a bit of catching up to do.


“Oh! I’m already forgetting!” Yuuri gasped as he took Viktor’s hand and placed it on his belly, hastily. “I’m 15 weeks, so I’ve got a small bump. Vicchan, this is our baby!”


Viktor’s heart was going to explode as Yuuri looked at him with so much adoration and love. Viktor wanted to kiss him, but right now would be too soon. They still had a lot of getting to know each other normally. Instead he brought Yuuri into another hug, apologizing for his behavior and thanking him. 


A soft knock came at his door and Hiroko poked her head in. “ Yuu-kun, does Vicchan want something to eat? He hasn’t eaten since he got here.”


“Oh right, Kaa-san’s asking if you want something to eat.” Yuuri translated. 


“Oh yes, I have been famished. What do you recommend?”


Yuuri gave a smug grin. 


Several minutes later, everyone was settled back down on the lower floor. Steaming hot bowls of Yuuri’s favorite dish all around were set down. Yuuri and the mystery woman, who Yuuri introduced as Minako, his old ballet instructor, had said their words before eating then dug in, though Yuuri lightly ate his food. 


“Vkusno!” Viktor said after a few bites. “Yuuri, this is amazing!” 


“Yes, it’s a pork cutlet bowl, I eat one after I win a competition.” Yuuri smiled as he picked at his food. 


Viktor wanted to make a comment about him not winning but then he looked at the belly where the baby was growing and refrained. Yuuri will get the pass this one time. 


Hiroko was blushing as she left them be and Minako flashed Yuuri a teasing look. 


“Yuuri gains weight easily during the off season so we work him hard. But now that he’s carrying a mini skater, then he needs to pack on the pounds. He was so skinny when he returned.”


Viktor noticed Yuuri was picking at his food. “Not hungry?”


“No, I am… I don’t think the baby likes katsudon…”


“Oh Yuu-kun.” Minako said before getting up to tell Hiroko. 


Yuuri and Viktor exchanged glances. Yuuri’s discarded jacket from earlier was still close to him. He reached into the pocket and pulled out his first sonogram. The shape of a baby was clearly seen. Yuuri was already almost 4 months along so the baby was bigger than the Russian expected. He looked over the photo with Yuuri and cooed. 


Yuuri, ask Viktor where he wants me to put his stuff.”


The two looked down to see a lot of Viktor’s things. It was time to unpack. Good thing too because it looked like Viktor was going to stay for a long while.

Chapter Text

Yuri watched in shock as he watched the Japanese Yuuri try to skate Viktor’s recent program. He heard that the older skater failed the next couple of competitions and failed to qualify for Worlds. The young blond Russian would be lying if he didn’t say he was looking forward to watching him attend Worlds. He looked around the rink and was thankful Viktor had the day off. He was sure the old man would have a heart attack if he saw what was going on. 


Ever since the Grand Prix, Yuri had witnessed Viktor enter into a spiral. Everyone knew that he was planning to take the next season off to think about his career and do some traveling to find some inspiration and possibly rest his limps after going on them so hard for the past 5 years.


Yuri did a few laps around the rink before going through his routine again. He had successfully won gold and silver at his recent competitions and lastly it was Worlds. 


Which happened to be in Tokyo this year. 


Vikor almost jumped through the roof when he found out about the news. He could finally shut up and find his Japanese minx. Yuri almost wanted to puke at how lovesick their giant puppy was. Mila laughed at Yuri’s disgust when Yakov made the announcement. 


Yuri had to double check his schedule to make sure his training wasn’t around Viktor around that time, but sometimes the blond missed his loud activity. Viktor was an inspiration and rival after all so not having his ‘motivation’ around was making him slack. 


One practice session, everyone was asking where Viktor was and no one knew. But when Yakov showed up with a pissed off look, Yuri went to his phone. 


Sure enough, in bold cryillic, headlines were all over the news of Viktor heading to Japan early for Worlds. Yuri was beyond pissed. How dare he! Viktor was supposed to be here practicing like the rest of them and hopefully begin working with Yuri on a new program the silver haired Russian promised him years ago. 


“YAKOV! WHERE IS HE!?” Yuri got off the ice, slipping on his skate guards. 


He hunted down his coach, his fists tight. He found the coach getting ready to deal with reporters. He hurried up close and yanked on the old jacket the man wore. 


“Yura, what is it?”


“Did he travel to Japan?”


“Da… I’m more pissed than you though. You will be going there for Worlds anyway, but he must’ve caught wind of that Japanese skater’s video.” Yakov grumbled. “I need to deal with these reporters.”


“Let me go after him.” Yuri stated. “I can train at a rink there and bring him back after Worlds. It’s only a month, right?”


“Three weeks…” Yakov grumbled, letting out a long sigh. “If you can keep up with your activity then I’ll book you the flight. Bring him back. The flight will be in two weeks for documents to go through.”


“You got it.”


Yuri went to change and headed back to his grandpa’s place to pack. Nikokai, his grandfather, was curious as to why he was in such a hurry and Yuri quickly explained. Though the flight wasn’t in until two weeks later, he still wanted to be ready to drop everything. 


“You really care about Viktor, don’t you.” Nikolai smiled. 


“I do not!” Yuri grumbled, knowing not to snap at his grandpa. “He’s making a dumb decision right now and I’m going to go get him. At the same time, scouting out the enemy for next season.”


Nikolai just chuckled and returned to relaxing in his chair.


Two weeks later Yuri was on a plane to Tokyo, after saying goodbye to his kitty Potya. He looked up Viktor’s instagram and saw him post a picture of an old Japanese style castle. The caption was in cryillic and said “In cool Japanese town! Making a stop before Worlds!”


Yuri scrolled through Yuuri’s twitter and saw several pictures and he paused at the onsen that he remembered the drunk skater mumbling at the banquet. He turned off his phone and tried to relax the rest of the flight. 


Upon landing in Tokyo, the teen was already confused. He heard the town was called Hasetsu and it was several hours to get there by train, no plane. He grumbled as he got cleared by customs and went to exchange some money. He asked around a few people in his poor English and pointed to the onsen.  A few let up with a smile and helped him on the train. He thanked them, knowing that they wouldn’t take money, then boarded.


Several hours later and with a stiff back, Yuri got off at Hasetsu station and began his trek. He was looking at weird statues, and other tourist attractions. It was in the afternoon, almost close to it being dinner time as he looked for the skater. He shouted his name, looking everywhere and ended up in some sort of shopping district. 


“Hey, Viktor!” He shouted, earning a few looks from the locals. 


But the small skater stopped when he saw a shirt with a tiger on it. He quickly bought it and slipped it on, taking a picture and posting it to his Instagram page.


(Yakov furiously yelled at the phone. He thought Yuri went there to get Viktor, not goof around)


Yuri worked hard to where he was. Viktor made a promise with him and he was going to make sure he kept it. But unfortunately, he got lost and didn’t know where he was until he shouted for him again and a local kindly pointed out where he might be. He eventually made it to the ice rink the local pointed out and saw a lot of reporters outside, trying to push their way in. There were even little girls trying to keep them away, but Yuri walked right past them. They tried to stop them but were shocked that he was there. 


He heard a few ‘excuse me’s in English and the native language as the familiar Japanese skater was slowly walking up the steps with grocery bags in hand. His cheeks were rosy and warm as the big jacket around him was bundled up. 


“Yuuri!”  The three little girls hissed to him. 


“Hm?” Yuuri turned to see what they wanted just as Yuri was moving forward to kick him. 


But the Russian’s foot only connected with air. He had missed. The Japanese skater looked terrified and was about to drop to his knees. Finally a burly Japanese man came out and shouted at the reporters to leave. It was private property and he was going to call the cops for harassment if they didn’t leave. Slowly the crowd left and it was just the girls and the two skaters left along with the other man. 


Yuuri, are you okay?”


Yes. I was just surprised.” The dark haired skater nodded, looking at Yuri in fear. “I don’t know why he looks so upset with me… unless.


Yuri could see the gears turning as they all went inside. He spoke insults in Russian under his breath. He was going to get Viktor, win gold at Worlds in the Junior division and take Viktor home. 


“Um… Why are you here?” Yuuri asked as he set the grocery bag down on the bench. The girls and the rink attendant left him alone after they asked if he would be okay. 


“Viktor promised me a program if I won gold. But what about you?” Yuri looked up (but down) on the Japanese skater who had a habit of crying in the bathroom.


“Well… We haven’t talked about anything if that’s what you’re worried about.”


“What!?” Yuri snapped. “So he’s here because you wooed him that night and the two of you fucked, is that why?”


Yuuri seemed to back up at the accusation. 


“How could Viktor possibly want anything to do with you? All because you begged him to be your coach and spread your legs?”


Yuuri looked like he was about to cry but he held his ground, not letting the broken English get to him. Instead he smirked. 


“Why are you smiling fatty?” Yuri growled. 


“I still wonder why he showed up. We were drunk and I don’t remember a thing so I must’ve done something. But if you’re that worried, he’s in there.” Yuuri pointed to the double doors and grabbed his bag before opening it and allowing the blond to enter first. 


Inside he saw Viktor skating away. The movements look familiar and steady. Yuri could see the concentration on his face as he worked on the step sequences. He was totally captivated by the practice performance. 


“No way… He’s working on a program for his next season.”


He heard Yuuri gasp. “What?”


“Viktor, in his free time, was already working on the next season and the programs. It's getting harder to surprise the judges and the audience. He’s been at it for so long that they’re starting to expect the surprises. Soon enough the crowd will get burnt out. He’s pretty much a fish out of water.”


He looked over to see Yuuri watching intently and his eyes were filled with worry.


“If he’s going to take the season off, I wonder if he’ll let me take his program for the final year in the junior division. I’m a rising star, I’m going to surpass him.” 


“Surpass him?”


“HEY OLD MAN!” Yuri abruptly shouted, making the man the two were looking at to stop. 


“Oh Yura! I take it you're here to collect me?”


Yuri sputtered for a moment. “That and you promised me something.”


Viktor skated over and put on his guards. Both Yuris stood before him as Viktor chuckled a bit. 


“Sorry about that. I know you won gold, but I was hoping you wouldn’t come to me until your senior debut!”


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Well I think I’ll be taking an extended break. Might even retire.”


“RETIRE!?” Both younger men shouted. 


Yuri was pissed but Yuuri looked like he was about to break out into tears. Yuri was beginning to think that’s all his Japanese rival was, a giant cry baby.


“No! You are going to choreograph for me and I’m taking you back to Russia. I’m not going to let you quit chasing some fatty sushi!” Yuri declared as he stomped his foot. 


But he paused when he heard sniffling next to him. Yuuri had broken the dam. 


Viktor, who was in thought, stopped when he heard the Japanese man starting to cry. 




“I.. sorry…” The dark haired man started to wipe his eyes. “I… You should go, Viktor. You promised him after all.”


Yuri felt his chest hurt when he watched the other skater put on a painful fake smile.


“What? Yuuri, no, I told you I’m not leaving.”




“Why can’t you leave him?” Yuri questioned harshly. “This isn’t because of the damn GPF is it?”


Viktor stood straight, looking at Yuri fiercely. “Of course it is.” He then let out a sigh. “I’m sure Yuuri and I wanted to tell you a different way, but since you’re so set on bringing me back to Russia…” He flashed a look to the skater. 


“Just say it! I’m tired of being led around the bush!”


“Yura, I got Yuuri pregnant.”


The blond stopped all train of thought at what Viktor had said. 


Yuuri was still sniffling a little, the look of shame and guilt was written all over his face. “Whether Viktor decided to stay or not, I was going to have this baby. I was already setting up to move on and become a single parent but right after I made that choice, Viktor showed up. 


“I’m not begging him to stay, I’m not forcing him to stay as the door is everywhere. But he’s choosing to stay.” He stopped before he said he could say anymore. 


Yuri could see doubt and guilt in his eyes as he looked down to the floor. 


“I’m sorry Yura, for disappointing you.” Viktor almost sounded broken. “But I can’t leave Yuuri. Maybe one day I can bring him to Russia, but I want him to feel comfortable here when the baby comes.”


The blond Russian was still in shock and swallowed his words. “R-right…” He didn’t seem to sound so crushed, but that’s how he felt. Then again, Viktor made a mistake and is fessing up to it and making a wrong into a right so he couldn’t be all that mad. “Yakov’s going to kill you.”


Viktor let out a chuckle. “Oh I know, but once I tell him he gets to be honorary grandpa, I’m sure he’ll soften up. Babies are secretly a weakness of Yakov. Only when they start to talk back is when he’s the way he is.”


Yuri laughed too. “True.”


“I have an idea for both of you.”


“Huh?” Yuuri lit up.


“I’ll choreograph two programs, one for Yura, one for Yuuri. But! You can only use them when Yura, you enter the senior division, and Yuuri, you are in your weight range that you can skate in.”


“Both of us?” Yuuri didn’t sound so sure.


“Both of you.” Viktor gave a smile. 


“Then what about you?”


“Are you serious, Yura? I have a baby to take care of! We’ll have a small exhibition match between the two of you who I get to coach. If Yura wins, then I coach Yura here in Japan. If Yuuri wins, then I get to coach him in Russia. The baby should be old enough to travel by then.”


Yuri was dumbfounded while Yuuri was beginning to feel faint and needed to hold onto the railing. 


Yuri was still in a buzz and somehow ended up at the onsen. He decided to house up the spacious closet of Viktor’s room. He was going to get as much help as he could during his short trip before his junior division and he had to leave and not see Viktor for a long time. 


When they arrived back and Yuuri hung his jacket up, he could clearly see the baby bump and it was making everything so real. He felt sorry for Yuuri who was carrying Viktor’s giant spawn, but he knew how much Viktor wanted a family. Eventually the man was going to settle down and family would be his new interest as Skating faded around him. Yuri knew at some point he was going to be left behind while Viktor moved on, but he never expected it to happen so soon. 


A loud growl in his stomach alerted the other room attendants. Yuuri chuckled and offered him some food downstairs and a chance to relax. The jetlag was starting to set in so he would have to sleep soon. He accepted the offer and followed them downstairs. The delicious scents of food were in the air and his stomach growled louder and made his mouth water. 


“Let’s go bathe Yura, then we can eat. It’s still being prepared.” Viktor smiled. 


After the most relaxing bath Yuri had ever had, he was rewarded with the Katsuki special of Katsudon. The teen wolfed it down, the delicious flavors clashing and blending together in his stomach, filling him up.


The door slid open revealing an older woman who looked tired and bored. She spotted him instantly. 


“Oh another guest Yuuri?”


Yuri turned around confused at the Japanese that was being said but he heard his name and looked. The woman seemed to explode upon seeing his face. 


“He looks like the emo blond kid in the band I listen to!”


Yuuri translated. 


“His name is Yuri too.” Hiroko whispered to the woman with a smile on her face.

“What? No way, that’s too confusing with Yuu-kun.” She pointed at the blonde and smirked. “You’re Yurio!”

Chapter Text

The insults hurt. 


Yuuri could forgive Yuri for almost attacking him, but the insults stung. 


His walls broke when the young blond teen stated he was going to take Viktor back with him once Worlds was over. Yuuri’s guilt he had pushed down the past two weeks came bubbling back up. Yet his chest hurt further at what Viktor added. 


“I’m sorry Yura, for disappointing you.” Viktor almost sounded broken. “But I can’t leave Yuuri. Maybe one day I can bring him to Russia, but I want him to feel comfortable here when the baby comes.”


Yuri, who was looking at them in shock, finally seemed to come back to Earth, understanding what Viktor meant. 


He watched as the two conversed with each other until Viktor proposed an idea over the whole program issue. He said that the two of them would compete when Yuuri recovered from having the baby and Yuri was in the senior division. It wasn’t a bad idea, but he still hated waging on the older skater. Yet both options sounded like he was going to stay with him. 


The doubt still hung in the air as they returned to the onsen. Yuuri found it amusing that Mari dubbed the blond Yurio so she wouldn’t get him confused with her brother and since Yuuri was her brother, his name didn't change. He tried to hide it and push it down, but once night fell and the two Russian skaters went to bed and Yuuri back in his room, he broke down. He sat on his bed, hugging a pillow and crying into it to muffle his sobs. 


He may have told Yurio that he wasn’t forcing Viktor to stay but that’s not how he felt. He knew in his heart it was right to tell Viktor the truth and not hide it from him, that Yuuri would never forgive himself for it if he didn’t tell Viktor. The imagination started to run. The Japanese skater would be competing in an event, his silver haired child cheering him on from the stands, then everyone would know and there goes his chance to even talk to his idol.


Honesty was the route he went. Yet it still hurts. Already it felt like he was holding Viktor back. He should be out there fulfilling Yuri’s promise and skating his best. Instead the silver haired man was fooling around with him. 


Two soft knocks sounded at his door spooking him. He jumped a little and took his sleeve to wipe away his tears before he set the soaked pillow to the side and got up to answer the door. Sure enough there stood a restless Viktor. Yuuri felt worse, now the man wasn’t getting any sleep. 


“Yuuri… What's wrong?” His voice was smooth and calming.


“N-nothing.” Yuuri said, not fully opening the door. “I-I’m sorry if you woke you up. Please go back to sleep.”


“Nonsense! I can’t sleep anyways.”


“I don’t believe you.” Yuuri squinted. 


“Oh alright!” Viktor sighed. “I wanted to spend time with the baby.”


Yuuri was shocked at the words. His grip loosened on the door and he just stepped back to allow Viktor in. It was still weird having the living legend in his room where the walls were covered in the man himself. Viktor lightly stepped in and closed the room, a smile spreading on his lips. 


When Viktor first showed up and after they talked about the baby, Yuuri found out that the Russian was very flirtatious and cuddly. Viktor already tried to kiss him when they were first cleaning up his room! Yuuri was still getting used to the contact, but after the 3rd night of Viktor demanding to sleep together, Yuuri had to tell him about boundaries and how he gets anxious a lot. He’s not good with overly loud noises, he’s in his headspace a lot, and when he needs to be left alone, he needs to be left alone. After that, Viktor was respectful of how Yuuri dealt with things.


Yuuri went to sit on his bed again, turning the pillow so Viktor wouldn’t see the wet spots. He could already feel his cheeks burning at the embarrassment. Viktor took a seat next to him but didn’t fully climb up onto the bed out of respect. 


“Um… I don’t know how…”


“Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Already this is a big step.”


Yuuri froze. “Big step?”


“I know you are probably still nervous with me around, I don’t blame you either.” Viktor took a look around the room. “You’ve only known me through pictures or images on a screen. Real life can almost be a bit frightening, da?”


Yuuri nodded. 


“I’m a bit nervous myself.” Viktor admitted, looking at his lap. “I was going to come here soon, but coming earlier really has my heart racing.” He smiled a little. “I had no idea who you were before the Grand Prix, so when Chris knew you I was surprised I didn’t. I don’t make a lot of friends in the skating world because I don’t want them to be crushed when I compete against them. Chris was the first person not to care. So when he told me about you, it piqued my interest.”


Yuuri listened intently. Viktor also wasn’t one to open up so he stayed still and waited. 


“I didn’t know how attractive you would be, and the bravery you had when you skated. It pissed me off when Yura came out of the bathroom and said he gave you a pep talk. I never got mad for someone else’s sake. Then we know how the banquet went,” He paused to look at the bump. “I wanted to talk to you after, but our jobs were calling us. I even tuned in to watch your nationals much to Yura’s annoyance. After that I became a supporter.”


Yuuri’s eyes were tearing up again. 


“I don’t regret it one bit. I hoped you would qualify for Worlds, but when you didn’t, I wanted to contact you, ask what happened, but I also didn’t want to just message you. With how you acted upon seeing me, I had a feeling you would ignore it.” Vitkor gave a soft chuckle. “Then I watched the video of you trying to skate my program, and I knew then I wanted you. I wanted all of you. You know the rest, hence why I’m here.”


There was a pause in the air before Yuuri spoke up. “I still can’t believe you're here, that you’re going to leave after Worlds. I feel so guilty for taking you from your home and your friends. I’m not opening up because I’m afraid that you’re going to take off. I’m prepared to do this alone and get back into skating on my own, but I’m getting used to being here and now I’m scared. I’m scared, Viktor. I don’t want you to leave!” 


He was crying again, turning away from the skater and grabbing his tear soaked pillow. The pregnant skater stilled for a moment before he felt a warm hand on his back, slowly rubbing up and down in comfort.


“If this is about what Yura said, I’ll talk to him. He’s a child, so a promise like this is important to him especially in this sport. I’m getting closer to the end of my rope, he’s got a long way to go. So I can see why he wants me to go back before my time runs out.” Viktor sighed, moving closer. “I found my next dream already, just when I thought it was time to put up my skates.”


Yuuri took a few deep breaths, moving to face Viktor. “What do you mean?”


“You, Yuuri.” Viktor looked at him with so much love, so much compassion. The moonlight filtering through the curtains landed on his long lashes and made his eyes glow like a pool of water. “You’re my next dream.”


The Japanese man’s bottom lip wobbled a little, his heart about to explode from so much emotion at once. 


“I can see you thinking bad thoughts.” Viktor smiled slightly. “You are better than you set yourself up to be and I want to help you bring out the bright side of you. I mean it when I say that I want to know you and stay here for you and the baby. I’m not… I’m not like my parents. I don’t ever want to walk away.”


Yuuri broke down. Out of all the people in the world, his idol chose him. A worthless skater, a failure to his country and someone who can’t even do things right. It felt nice to hear that Viktor is choosing to stay but it still hurts. One day Yuuri would get over it, but right now, it was too fresh on his mind. He felt warm arms wrap around him and hold him. Yuuri sank into the comfort. He didn’t want the warmth to end. 


“I’m sorry you have to go through all this. I bet the hormones don’t help.”


“They d-don’t.” He hiccuped.


Viktor let out a soft chuckle. “It’s getting late. I didn’t think we’d talk like this, I did want to see the baby though.”


“Oh, right, sorry. I made it about me again.”


“Yuuri, you’re okay. Just take it one day at a time.” Viktor wiped away his tears when they parted.


“I don’t deserve you or this.” Yuuri mumbled as he lifted up his shirt. 


A warm touch cupped his belly. “Neither do I.” He leaned down and kissed Yuuri’s belly, saying something in Russian and Yuuri blushed madly. Viktor straighten up and moved to get off the bed. “I’ll let you sleep.”


Yuuri reached out and tugged on his sleeve. “Stay, please… for the baby.” he added at the end, not wanting to admit the truth. 


“Of course.” 


The two moved around on the small bed to get comfortable. Yuuri was faced away from Viktor, the Russian wrapping his arm around his belly and gently holding him close. A few minutes later he could hear the soft breathing of the man and soon it lulled Yuuri to sleep as well.


The following morning Yuuri thought he had died and gone to Heaven. The Russian was glowing from the morning sun now peaking through the curtains. He took to lighting real well. Yuuri had ended up sleeping on his back but Viktor seemed to stay in the same spot. Yuuri faced him and felt the Russian stir. Bright blue eyes then showed, the rest of the face, groggy. 


“Good morning.” Yuuri greeted softly. 


“Good morning.” Viktor greeted back.


“Did you sleep okay?” 


“Da, just a bit stiff, nothing I can’t walk off. How about you?”


“Alright, one of the better sleeps. I feel lighter.”


“Good good.” Viktor nodded before turning his head away to yawn. “Sunlight looks good on you. Really captures the pregnancy glow.”


Yuuri blushed at a loss of words. 


“Yuuri, can I give you a good morning kiss?”


Yuuri blushed harder before giving a soft nod. Viktor smiled and slowly leaned in, placing a hand on Yuuri’s back to keep him in place. The younger skater closed his eyes and felt the warm lips connect with his. It was soft and comfortable. Viktor didn’t push it but Yuuri almost wanted to go further. That was until a knock sounded at his door. 


“Yuu-kun! Breakfast is ready, I can’t seem to find Vicchan or his friend.”


Viktor raised a brow.


“Mom.” Yuuri said as he stood up. “Be right out. Vicchan is with me. Yuri is probably still asleep.”


“Alright, come down when you’re ready.” Hiroko almost sounded like she was teasing. 


Yuuri rolled his eyes and started to sit up. Viktor attacked him in a quick hug, kissing his belly and saying morning to the baby in Russian before they got up and went to check on Yuri. Turns out the teen went to the rink for early training so they were going to eat by themselves. Hiroko smiled at her son as the two sat close and Yuuri leaned upon Viktor. 


In this moment, Yuuri felt content.

Chapter Text

“Let’s go shopping!” Viktor decided once Yuuri got back. 


“Huh?” The blond said. 


“Shopping?” Yuuri looked at him with a quizzical face. 


“Yes, shopping! I’ve always wanted to go look around the shops and check stuff out. Competitions don’t let you be touristy all that much. Plus I was going to surprise you, Yuuri but since Worlds is in a week, I want to take you as my plus one, so we need to get you an outfit.” 


The Russian found it entertaining to watch the Japanese man turn into a tomato every time. Yuri of course scoffed and rolled his eyes. But some relaxation would do him good too. 


“But, Viktoru!” The accent thick for a moment, “I’m pregnant and kept it on the downlow for a while. Everyone in Hasetsu knows who I am!”


“It’s still chilly outside, a heavy jacket will keep you warm.” Viktor shrugged. 


“Ugh.” Yuuri sighed. “What about Worlds then? I’m going to get spotlight too. I failed Nationals and dropped off the planet and here I am showing up with you of all people, bloated like a whale!”


Ah this is a mood swing I read about.


“Yuuri, I’m sure they will be more focused on me at Worlds. I have a title to uphold. But I was hoping we could announce it at Worlds. About the baby.”


Yuuri didn’t seem to like that suggestion. He frowned, crossing his arms. 


"Trust me, please Yuuri." Viktor lightly begged.


"No. Because the moment I show up with you hovering around me, both of our reputations are going to drop."


"Is that what you're worried about? How is our star status? That's ridiculous to think of!"


"It's not! My fans know you're my huge inspiration on my skating career. Your fans are like rabid dogs waiting to bite the moment you are taken. Have you ever thought about what the world is going to think? I'll be called out as a whore and your fans are not going to be happy and end up treating me like shit ." Bits and pieces of the rant were in Japanese but Viktor could tell Yuuri was not happy at all.


"No." Viktor simply answered, seeing Yuuri flinch. "I have not once cared what others think besides myself. I skate for myself and because I have fun. If I get a score then that's my personal challenge to do better. My fans are fans, they are not my friends or my family so I don't think about them. What I post online is to show that I am happy. 


"This doesn't mean I don't care about my friends, I do deeply, but coming out to say I'm going to start a family is something that will make me happy and I hope you as well. You should be able to show your happiness, not hide behind negative comments." Viktor stepped up to Yuuri and grabbed a hand while placing the other on Yuuri's bump.


(Yuri stood off to the side lines, fake gagging and waited for them to finish)


Yuuri was teary eyed again. 


"Do you still want to find cute outfit to show off happiness or do you want to rest while I take Yura?"


The Japanese skater shook his head. "I'll go."


Viktor smiled. "Okay. If the media sheds light on this. I will handle it. You don't have to lift a finger."




"I promise."


"Are you two done now? This is literally my only free day until I have to go to Tokyo. Yakov's flight gets in tomorrow." Yuri complained.


"Yes, sorry. Let Yuuri get dressed then we'll head out."


Once Yuuri was calmed down and dressed comfortably, Viktor strapped on the small travel backpack he had filled with snacks and a few rechargeable batteries and the trio headed out. Viktor would've brought Makkachin but since they'd be going inside buildings, he didn't want the pup making a mess.


Yuri walked ahead while Viktor and Yuuri walked back a bit. Viktor tested it and slipped his hand into the dark haired skater's, earning a blush and a squeeze back.


Yuuri took him and Yuri around several shopping districts and old fashioned buildings. Each was able to find a suit or a nice outfit for the banquet after Worlds and much to Viktor's taste, found a comfortable black turtleneck and stretchy slacks for the pregnant male. Yuuri liked the plainer look so the attraction wouldn’t be on him. They stopped at a small restaurant for lunch then started their way back. Before they reached the onsen, they stopped by the beach. 


Viktor loved to feel the sea breeze against his face. It reminded him of home, a little of which he was homesick. He looked to the left of him and soaked up the image of the younger skater. Yuuri was being kissed by the sun, his eyes were closed as if he was enjoying the warmth and the wind played with his hair. The jacket Yuuri wore thankfully hid his belly, but honestly he wasn’t showing that much. If anything he looks like he had a few large meals in the off season, but that’s not how the other saw himself. 


When Yuuri lifted his shirt when they changed for the onsen or to get changed to go out, Viktor should really see the bump settled between the slightly wider hips and strong thighs. 


“Oi, quick eye fucking him.” Yuri spoke to him in Russian quietly.


“Never. What’s wrong?”


“My fangirls found me. Posted a picture of me shopping with you. They noticed you and the fans here instantly knew Yuuri and it spread. Nothing too big, but they thankfully took the pic. Katsudon is safe.”  


Yuri showed the phone to Viktor and it was a simple picture of them walking down the street, but the two adult’s hands were being held. Viktor was happy but this was what Yuuri was worried about. 


“I told them to leave us alone while relax before Worlds training and the competition. Some of the mods took action at the more offensive comments.”


“Your fans are too kind. Thank you for looking out for him.”


“Pfft. He owes me two bowls of that good shit.”


“Viktor, can we go home now?” Yuuri sounded tired and he was holding his back. 


“Of course, sorry for keeping you waiting.”


The trio then began their walk to the onsen. Makkachin was happy for Viktor and Yuuri to be back and almost tripped his owner. Viktor went to walk him around the block while Yuuri went to relax. He didn’t look too good or that something was on his mind. He hoped Yuuri wasn’t too sick and that he could help when he was back. 


The cold spring air nipped at his ears but Makkachin was having a great time. The pup laid by the heater when they returned. Yuuri was also relaxing with a cup of tea and the same look on his face, only that it was added with confusion. Viktor shed his coat and took off his shoes to go join him. He lifted up the kotatsu blanket and got under, sitting close but not cuddling. 


“You okay my love ?”


“I think so. I thought I had an upset stomach after we ate.” Yuuri said, leaning onto Vitkor’s warmth. 


“I’m sorry to hear that, is there anything I can do to help? Does anything hurt?”


“No, it didn’t hurt, I thought it was gas, but it's on one spot.” Yuuri sipped his tea before pausing in mid sip. He finished the sip and placed his hand on his stomach.


Viktor watched as Yuuri tried to concentrate before his eyes snapped opened and he stared at the older skater with sparkling eyes. 




“It’s the baby.” His voice was a whisper, Viktor almost didn’t hear him. “Viktor, the baby’s moving, I can feel them!” 


Viktor’s heart blossomed into love as he watched the skater let out some tears of joy. Viktor reached over and placed a hand on the belly. It made Yuuri giggle and he said something about having to wait, but he still wanted to enjoy the moment. Viktor wanted to kiss him. He wanted to hold him, give him so much love, but the Japanese man wasn’t into affection. 


“Viktor.” Yuuri called his name. 


The Russian skater looked up and when he did, his lips were instantly captured. The kiss wasn’t soft like he gave Yuuri, this was passionate, almost thankful. It was deep and needy almost. Yuuri’s hands left his belly and were on the profile of Viktor’s face. He was being held lightly in the hands of this amazing man. Viktor deeply kissed back, having a hand come up behind Yuuri’s hand to hold his head. They slightly opened their mouths to kiss a bit deeper until they heard a throat clear behind them. They stopped. 


“If you’re done tongue fucking each other, I’d like a ride to the station.”


The two broke apart, Yuuri more red than Viktor. 


“So impatient.” Viktor teased. “Yuuri and I were celebrating, the baby moved!”


“That’s great.” Yuri deadpanned. “So?”


“O-oh right. I can g-get Mari to help.” Yuuri stuttered for a minute as he regained his breath and got off the floor. 


Viktor saw that Yuuri’s belly was right with his face so he quickly kissed it and earned a quick affection pat on his head as he watched the man leave. Yuri just rolled his eyes. 




“Oh don’t look at me like that, Yura.” Viktor chuckled, also standing up. “I see the way you look at Altin.” He dared to tease. 


The blond teen’s cheeks turned a little bit red as he looked red and mumbled something in Russian under his breath. Yuuri returned with his older sister in tow. Viktor took a look at him and could see he was getting tired. It was a long day so he needed a rest. Yuuri told Mari to help Yurio with his bags and the ride and this train ticket. 


“You need to get off at this station and it’s closest to the rink.” Yuuri instructed.




“No problem.” Yuuri smiled. Then he hugged Yuri which surprised everyone since he wasn’t a very affectionate person. “We’ll see you next week. Thank you for visiting.”


“Let go of me!” Yuri grumbled, wiggling out of the grasp. 


“Sorry.” Yuuri let him go. 


“Behave, Yura. Treat the staff at the hotel nicely. Good luck.”


“Thanks Baldy.” Yuri snickers back. 


Viktor’s hand flew to his hair and he pouted. “I am not bald! I’m not even 30 yet!”


Mari helped Yurio out and into the car. The skaters waved goodbye from the door as Mari drove him to the station. Once the car was out of their sight and they went inside, Yuuri’s hand slipped into his. It surprised Viktor when Yuuri was affectionate and he loved every moment he was given it. They resumed their seats at the table, now sitting closer than before. Viktor’s arm wrapped around his waist and the other hand resting on the belly while Yuuri napped in his arms. 



Skates hit the ice with a familiar sound. Over the weeks Viktor had been here in Hasetsu, he still got in as much skating as he could without going overboard or straining himself. Yuuri would join him on the ice for a little bit before his ankles would start to swell and he would go sit on the bench. He was told that the other man’s doctor said he could do laps but no jumping, no spins, nothing extreme since his center of gravity was changing. 


Yuuri had already fallen on his ass before and Viktor told him to stay at the barrier in case he fell again. Yuuri didn’t like to hear that, but he didn’t want to give up his ice time soon. But now that his ankles hated to be strapped into skates, he would only glide for an hour before his ankles and back were protesting. 


Viktor was excited when Yuuri made another X on his calendar to signal to countdown the day their baby was born. It was predicted that mid September was when the baby was born. Viktor was excited, just before skating season though they were both taking the next season off. By then the next year, Yuuri hoped to be in shape again and compete again. Viktor was still unsure what he wanted to do. 


“Vicchan, you turned too early.” Yuuri informed him when he stopped for a drink of water. “You need to time it just before that last beat.”




“Are you okay? You seem a little nervous.” Yuuri worried. “I know we have to go to Tokyo tomorrow, but we said we’d do this together-”


Viktor captured him in a light kiss. He smiled when they parted. “I know my love . I was just thinking about the next season, how we’ll be taking it off to spend time with our precious son or daughter.”


Yuuri blushed. “B-but that’s months away.”


“True, but I still can't help being excited.” Viktor smiled. “How about you though? I know you didn’t get much sleep last night.”


Yuuri sighed. “I felt them kicking me all night. I am a little nervous because now we are telling the entire skating world about this, about us, so I still have some anxiety about it.”


Viktor tried to hug him over the railing. What they were, they still hadn’t talked about what they were. Yuuri had been a fan of Viktor’s for almost 12 years and knew a lot about him. Yet the Japanese skater would still ask questions as if he’s never heard the answer before, something about wanting to know the truth, not some magazine article. Viktor has been asking similar questions and knows Yuuri more, but not enough to really be called something other than a friend. Being at this Worlds competition will be putting a name on what they have. It was nerve wracking. 


“It’ll be okay. I’ll be the one doing the talking, so you’ll be safe. You’ll be there as a friend and a translator. We bumped into each other-”


“No, we’re not lying to them. It was all over the news you came here and your coach covered it up as ‘pre-training’. You came here to train and sightsee while booking a room at my family onsen. That is the truth.”


“Okay.” Viktor deflated. “It is better to tell the truth.” He lightened up a bit. “But I’ll be handling the baby news.”


“Okay.” Yuuri nodded. “Do one more round and we’re going home. My back is killing me and I need a soak.”


“Cramps again?”


Yuuri nodded. “Just my body adjusting to a growing baby.”


Viktor only gave him a sympathetic look before pushing off the barrier and redoing his routine. 


The moment they got back at the onsen, Yuuri instantly headed towards the spring and changed. A few other customers were using the public bath so Yuuri kept a towel wrapped around him as he shuffled through. Viktor wasn’t far behind and helped Yuuri into the soothing water. The Japanese man let out a few noises of pleasure before melting into the water. Viktor joined next to him. They wouldn’t be in long, only a short time due to Yuuri’s condition, but Viktor enjoyed spending this time with Yuuri. 


“Turn around my love .” Viktor softly said. 


Yuuri was confused but he did, resting his chest on the smooth rocks that lined the edge of the spring. Viktor then placed his hands on the sides of Yuuri’s hips and took his thumbs to rub the middle of the other’s lower back. 


“Vicchan- oh, kimochii.” Yuuri melted further at the touch. 


“That sounds good, da?”


“Mmhm, very good is what English says.” Yuuri tried to look back. “What is the nickname you give me? I know your nickname is Vicchan.”


“Which I love to hear. Mine is close to ‘My Love’ if it were in English.”


He could feel Yuuri pause at the touch and then melt all over again. Viktor smiled as he finished the massage. They sat together for a bit before it was time for Yuuri to get out. After they changed into more relaxing clothing, Hiroko had food waiting for them. They ate in quiet peace before cleaning up and going to bed, the two snuggled in each other’s arms.

Chapter Text

Yuuri started to finally pack. Viktor had packed the night before and was just cleaning himself up in the bathroom. Yuuri wanted to do it in the morning so his mind was fresh and he wouldn't forget anything (which he's lucky he hasn't yet due to his pregnancy). As he was packing, he got a surprise video call from Phichit. He quickly answered, hoping his friend would calm down his nerves. 


"Good morning Yuuri!" The Thai skater greeted with a smile while several of his hamsters crawled around on his shoulders and hands.


"Morning Phichit!" Yuuri waved back after he propped up his phone so he could continue packing. 


"Are you ready for Worlds tonight?" 


It was tradition for the both of them to watch the Grand Prix and Worlds if neither of them were competing. It was fun to cheer for their favorites, Yuuri to gush over Viktor, and Phichit to post their fun little at home event online. 


"Actually, about that… you might see me at Worlds…"


There was a pause as Phichit tried to process what his best friend said. 


"Whaaaaat!? No way, how? You're not in! You can't be in! Unless you skated behind my back this whole time when you should've been growing your baby." 


Yuuri showed him his bump earning a big 'WOW'. "I'm still very much pregnant. No, Viktor invited me as his plus one to the event."


"Lucky!" The Thai man whined. "One day we'll both be there to skate!"


Yuuri looked a little sad. "I hope so." He placed a folded up shirt in his bag.


"Oh Yuuri… don't worry. Once the baby is here and you're down to your normal weight you can compete again."


"That's not my concern. Well it kind of is…"


"No bottling it up. Spill it Katsuki." His friend was serious.


"Okay fine. I know I can skate once they are born and I'm back to… normal, but I don't want to become that parent that dumps their baby on someone while they're traveling the world."


"Who says you have to dump them on someone? Athletes bring their kids all the time to their stuff, especially young parents. It's common at the Olympics too."


"I know." Yuuri sighed. 


"Then you have nothing to worry about."


"I shouldn't-"


"I hear a but."


"But what about Viktor? He's already taking next season off to help me care for the baby and heal so then the season after we can get back into skating. Plistesky was just here and it made me worried."


"Yuri was there? Damn, Hasetsu must be getting popular. I should visit during the off season." Phichit wondered before shaking his head. "Did the kid say something?"


Yuuri shook his head. "Despite a few insults, and threatening to take Viktor away, nothing too bad."


"You're kidding."


"No. That's not what's bothering me. It's that Viktor said he might take 2 seasons off in a row. One to watch the baby and another to fulfill a drunken promise I made at the Grand Prix."


"Oh." Phichit understood. "Well… Let him."


"Huh?" Yuuri was curious. 


"I mean it's Viktor's career, not yours. If you want to go back to skating once the mini sushi roll is a year old then go for it. If Viktor wants to take that time to watch your child and coach you then let him. You won't be holding him back, you'll be supporting his choice."


The realization slapped Yuuri in the face so hard that he started to tear up. 


"Yuuri, don't cry, I know it's tough-" Phichit tried to comfort his friend.


"No, I'm just so stupid. I'm so so stupid. Of course I would support him, I just didn't think about his time on the ice…. Could be tonight…" More tears started to roll down his cheeks. He was trying hard now to break down but hearing his friend tell him something he needed to hear was a relief, but it was sad because if Viktor chose to be off the ice, he might find being a father more fun and could stop all the way. 


"Yuuri…" Phichit sniffled too before he gasped. "Yuuri, do you still have the black set?"


Yuuri was wiping away his tears, throwing his friend a confused look. "B-black set?"


"Yeah, the one time our classmate pranked us with. We each got one because she thought we were a couple." A small giggle sounded over the phone.


Yuuri's face turned a bright red. "Phichit! Did you sneak that in my boxes?" Yuuri ran to his closet and started scrambling through some of the smaller boxes that held his stuff.


"I might've. Look the moment you said you were gonna move back to Japan and you said the baby was Viktors, I saw you toss it in your give away pile and I-"


"Oh my god, Phichit!" Yuuri whined in embarrassment as he held up the lacy set of underwear and silk top. "I'm going to make you sit on your legs when you visit for the whole day!"


"Anyways," Phichit giggled and rolled his eyes. "Use that to persuade him then. If you don't want him to leave the ice after your child is born, then talk to him. Show him a good time. I know you know how to mix it up in bed even when you're sober."


Yuuri looked at the fabric before folding it up and small as possible and shoving it in his case. "You owe me." Yuuri hissed. 


"Said and done. I'll leave you to it. Good luck! I'll be telling Viktor 'Davai' all the way from Thailand!"


"Bye Phicht." Yuuri waved back before turning off the call on his end and placing it on the charger. 


He quickly finished packing and then headed to the bathroom to gather his tooth brush and comb. But when he opened the door, he saw Viktor leaning up against the wall in the hallway. He had a look of slight frustration on his face. Yuuri's stomach dropped. 


"How long have you been standing there?"


"Not long." Viktor said as he pushed himself off the wall and faced Yuuri with a smile, but Yuuri didn't feel it was a genuine smile that Viktor only gave him. It seemed false. "Are you ready?"


Yuuri wanted to ask how much he heard, but he had a strong feeling that Viktor might've heard enough of the conversation. "J-just my bathroom items and vitamins."


"I'll help you."


Once their items were gathered, Viktor said bye to Makkachin and the two were driven to the station by Mari. Yuuri gave her a hug, she gave one to Viktor and wished them well. The train ride was a bit awkward for Yuuri. The people in his country could see he was pregnant so they let him have a seat. Luckily not everyone knew who he was, so he wasn’t bothered. Viktor took turns standing and sitting as other women and children or elders needed a seat. Yuuri thanked him each time and the Russian said he didn’t mind. It was like exercise. 


Finally after several long hours the two skaters arrived in Tokyo. Yuuri never visited often but he did have fun whenever he visited. This weekend though it was Worlds so it was more busy as people tried to adjust their schedules for the train fares. After navigating the station and several “sorries'' from Viktor about his bags and not understanding much of the language. Yuuri helped translate and at the end of it they were finally out of the station. The hotel was the same as Yuri and other other athletes that was a few blocks down. 


“Are you okay to walk?”


“I’m fine, I need to stretch.” Yuuri said, as he adjusted his jacket to look less pregnant. 


Only Yuuri knew and Viktor admitted to telling Chris when he excused himself when he was told, but no one else knew. Viktor still took Yuuri’s bag and carried it so it wouldn’t be so much on his back. The two walked, looking at the buildings and lights. It was early afternoon so they had time to settle in and sight see before the event, but Yuuri said they could visit later. He wanted Viktor to meet up with his coach and Yuri. 


As they got closer to the venue Yuuri took his bag back. He positioned it to his front so it would hide his belly as they got closer. Reporters were already staking out the hotel and a few greeted them. Viktor asked for privacy and they backed off to Yuuri’s surprise. Inside the hotel lobby, Viktor checked them in and instantly his name was being called. 




Yuuri watched as Viktor put on his fake personality and turned around with a big smile. “Yakov!” He switched to his native tongue. <”Long time no see! I hope you’ve been well.”>


<“Don’t get all sweet with me Vitya, I want to see you on the ice for practice. I expect that you are better than you were at the Grand Prix.”> Yakov, an older balding and extremely grumpy Russian growled in his native tongue back at Viktor. But then he spotted Yuuri. 


<“What’s he doing here? He didn’t qualify. Is he a spectator?”>


Viktor smiled again, wrapping an arm around Yuuri. <“He’s my plus 1 and a translator of sorts. I’ve been staying at his onsen after he invited me when we were at the Grand Prix. He also lives near a rink so I’ve had plenty of practice.” >


“Don’t get smart with me, Vitya . Yakov then bowed a little to Yuuri. “Feltsman, Yakov.”


Yuuri bowed back a little. “Nice to meet you Mr. Feltsman.” He stuck to Japanese when he was nervous or didn’t know anyone. 


<”Just don’t be late, Vitya.”> Yakov warned Viktor as he eyed Yuuri quickly.


Once the elder man was gone, Viktor let out a sigh then turned to Yuuri with a real smile. “Shall we settle you in? I’m sure your ankles are screaming.”


“Not as much as my bladder. I really have to pee.”


Viktor then led him and their bags to their room and Yuuri bolted to the toilet while Viktor situated the luggage. Yuuri returned feeling refreshed and holding his belly. 


“They like to sleep on my bladder and kick my ribs.” Yuuri grumbled.


“Are they kicking right now?”


“Yes, now that they have room.” Yuuri walked over to the bed and sat down. 


Viktor took the chance to kneel down and hug Yuuri’s waist to be close to his baby. He would speak soft Russian to the baby and to Yuuri’s torture, the baby loved hearing Viktor, his voice and his music for the skate programs. He was going to be tortured this weekend but he’d rather enjoy it while the kicks weren’t as strong.


“I can’t wait to feel them too.”


“You’ll be excited. The kicks are still soft for me, but they’ll only get stronger. Wait until I’m 30+ weeks and you can see their feet!”


“That happens!?” Viktor sat back a bit shocked. 


“It can.”


“You poor thing. I’ll be sure to pamper you in those weeks. You deserve it.” Yuuri blushed. He then started to yawn and a sudden wave of exhaustion came over him. “If you don’t mind, I think I’ll take a nap. Go with your coach, get some practice in.”


Viktor deflated at that. “Are you sure?”


“Of course. Nothing’s going to change. I’ll mostly be in the room unless we’re going to the events or out to dinner. I might want to order in tonight.”


“Well then we will.” Viktor stood up and took Yuuri’s hands. “Anything for you.”


Yuuri gave a small smile and watched Viktor gather his sports bag and leave. Yuuri let out a sigh, thankful for the tension to be gone. Viktor was still hiding something and Yuuri knew it had to do with his call with Phichit. Sure his best friend had a good point: to let Viktor choose his life and he just supports him. But Yuuri wasn’t ready. He still wanted to compete against Viktor, he still wanted to be next to him on the podium or break a record. But this was something to talk about after Worlds.


The Japanese skater got off the bed and picked a side before laying down and getting comfortable. He took one of Viktor’s pillows and placed it under his belly and instantly felt relief in his hips. Soon he was off to dreamland. 



Yuuri slipped on his jacket and VIP pass. Viktor had finished getting into his tracksuit and finished packing his costumes. Yuuri was a bundle of nerves. Today they would be greeted by the public and have the attention on them. He already wasn’t feeling good from lack of sleep and the baby kicking his insides. But he knew he could push through for the short program. He wanted to cheer Viktor on as well as Yuuri and a few other of their friends. 


Lights, screaming fans, and reporters greeted them as they arrived at the Kosé Shin-Yokohama Skate Centre. Reporters were asking Viktor lots of questions on his way in which he ignored most of them. But inside were the more polite ones. Ones Yuuri would rather deal with. But speaking of nice people:




Yuuri looked around for his name and sure enough there was one of his supporters and upcoming announcing star of Japan in the skating world, Hisashi Morooka. 


“Morooka-san! It’s been a while!”


“It has! It's so nice to see you.” His face fell for a moment. “I’m sorry to hear you didn’t make it after nationals. That was a rough one to watch. I hope everything is okay?”


Yuuri nodded. “Oh I’m doing much better. I already told the Japan Skating Federation I’ll be taking the next season off to focus on school. I graduate next April.”


“Really!? Well good luck!” Morooka smiled, patting Yuuri’s arm. 


“Yuuri, I have to go now.” Viktor said as he jogged up to him. “I’ll see you during prep, da?”


“Mmhm, Hai. Ganbate!” Yuuri nodded, smiling, forgetting for a second who he was talking to. 


“Hmm? Viktor Nikiforov? Since when did you two get all buddy buddy?”


Yuuri jumped a little before sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. “It’s a long story. But I guess I was drunk and invited him to my family onsen. So he’s been visiting while he’s practicing. The hot water helps after training.”


Yuuri didn’t technically lie, but soon the skating world would know everything about him and Viktor. He ended the conversation with Morooka and went to find Viktor. He waved to a few people he knew and eventually found his way. He saw Viktor already stretching with Yuri helping him. The blond looked up and saw him, rolling his eyes. 


“Of course you’re here.”


“Hey, play nice, Yura.” Viktor pouted before shouldering him off and standing up. “The event is about to start, you should find your seat.”


“I know.” Gosh looking up at Viktor, Yuuri wanted to give him a hug and a kiss good luck, but that would really draw his attention. 


“Yuuri~” Viktor said his name, drawing out the pronunciation. 


“Hm?” He raised a brow before Viktor quickly kissed him and gave him a small hug, reading Yuuri’s mind. “Vi-Vicchan!?”


“It’s okay, it's just Yura and I. Everyone is off in their own little worlds. I could tell you wanted to give me good luck. So I stole it.”


Yuuri was growing red with embarrassment. 


“If only I could rub the belly for more good luck.” Viktor whispered into his ear.


Oh god what was this man doing to him? First he was mad and making the younger skater worry, then now he’s trying to make him hard before going to find his seat, he didn’t know what was going to be next! 


“I’m going to go find my seat.” Yuuri managed to squeak out before moving past him. 


Yuuri could feel the cold air hit his face as he entered the rink. There were already so many fans cheering and chattering. Not many people were in the VIP section so Yuuri felt a little exposed, but also private. He found his seat and sat down, happy to have some relief from his back and ankles, but the seating wasn't all that great and he would have to get up and move around. 


Soon the lights dimmed and the event was under way. First off it was going to be Emil Nekola. It was nice seeing the Czech skater again. He's grown so much since his debut two year prior. The man picked good music and his outfit suited his theme, which Yuuri guessed had to do something with family. 


Next up was a new skater Yuuri hadn't heard of from Canada. He was attractive with blond hair and brown eyes. His short program was very enthusiastic, almost on par with Chris's which was right after. 


Yuuri had to get up and pace, his back now starting to get sore from the seat. He leaned up against the railing as Otabek Altin started to skate. Victory was his theme he remembered from the Grand Prix. His program was flawless as ever. Next was the best part.


The crowd started to go nuts when Viktor slid out onto the ice. Even Yuuri shouted, wishing him good luck in Russian and Japanese. He waited in anticipation as the music started and the sound of blades scraped the ice. Yuuri watched, almost breathless as the man he's loved for most of his life skated along the ice. As the music went further, he started to feel the small kicks and jabs in his belly. The baby knew this song, and knew their father was skating. 


Yuuri looked around to see if anyone was watching him, but mostly everyone was quiet, their mouths dropped in awe as Viktor skated better than he had before, so Yuuri placed a hand on his belly, hoping the small rubbing would calm down the baby.


Once Viktor finished his short program, the entire stadium exploded. Flowers were being tossed to the ice with poodle plushies. Yuuri was in tears. He knew JJ was going to be on but he really wanted to see Viktor. After the kiss and cry announcement of the Russian in first place, Yuuri broke down. He didn't mean to but relief swept over him. He wasn't holding back the skater these few weeks. Viktor could still skate even after being there for him.


So with hope, Yuuri left the stands. He had more courage now to talk to Viktor, to encourage him to continue skating after they both had their year off. He wanted to compete with the man again at a more equal level than that happened back in December.


Getting to the hallway, Viktor was finally walking out, giving JJ good luck and continued on. Yuuri stepped out from his small hiding spot and waved a little to Viktor. The Russian spotted him and trotted over to him in his stakes before wrapping him into a hug. 


"Did you see that!?"


"I did." Yuuri smiled. "The baby also moved." He whispered into Viktor's ear while they were still in their embrace. 


Viktor let go of Yuuri in excitement. "Really!? Oh man can't we tell them now? Please!" 


"Not until the press conference. People already have rumors about your next season so you got to be honest."


"Fine." Viktor slumped. "Join me while I change, then we can eat dinner. I'm sure you are hungry."




That evening they ate takeout in their hotel room, lowering the risk of Yuuri being seen pregnant. Viktor told him how much fun it was to skate with a meaning now. 


"Before I used to skate for myself, escape reality, do something to make myself happy. But now," Viktor placed a hand on Yuuri's exposed stomach, "now I got you and tiny star here." He leaned over and placed a kiss. 


"You spoil us too much." Yuuri laughed as he continued to eat. The baby was kicking which is why Viktor was attached, even though he wouldn't be able to feel it yet. He still enjoyed talking to the baby. 


"I don't spoil you enough."


"One more day then the season is over, huh?" Yuuri sighed, setting his food aside and lowering his shirt.


"One more day then the fun of the press conference and the banquet."


"I'm not mentally prepared for that." Yuuri groaned. "At least this time I can't get drunk and make a fool of myself."


"Ah, but you were a sexy fool who seduced me and we created a beautiful child together." Viktor complimented.


Yuuri blushed again. 


“Um… Viktor…”


“Hm?” Viktor looked up, sitting up and beginning to clean up their mess. 


“When we return to Hasetsu… Can we talk?”


Viktor paused before turning to look at Yuuri. His face showed concern and worry, a little bit of something Yuuri couldn’t detect. 


“I-it’s not anything bad… just an idea I have. I want to talk to you…”


“Of course we can talk. I appreciate you wanting to wait to talk about it, but we can talk about it now if you want.” Viktor quickly washed his hands before returning to the bed. 


“I don’t want to put it on your mind when you still have a skate to go.”


“Kind of late for that, silly.” Viktor teased. “But if you want to wait, I can wait.”


“Thank you.” Yuuri relaxed a little before a yawn overcame him. 


“Let’s go to bed.” Viktor suggested, helping Yuuri to his feet. 


They changed into their nightwear then slipped under the covers, sleep hitting them instantly.



Yuuri was on the edge of his seat as everyone skated to their hardest and best in the free skate. Chris seduced the crowd, Emil had them jumping around, Otabek had a few in tears, JJ had everyone chanting, the new guy even set a few records for himself, but it was Viktor who stole the whole show. Viktor was at his best and Yuuri was crying by the end of it. He was scrambling out of the VIP section to go to him as the Russian was leaving the kiss and cry with tears running down his cheeks. 


Yuuri was on the tip of his toes, waiting in the hall for him. His baby could also feel the excitement and was fluttering. But as soon as Viktor stepped out, a swarm of reporters entered the halls to congratulate him and the other skaters. JJ won 2nd while Chris won 3rd, Otabek 4th, New Guy 5th and Emil 6th. Yuuri however was brushed aside, by his own people, no less, for Viktor to have the spotlight. 


The Russian was in the right to have the attention on him at the moment but Yuuri wanted to be the first to tell him how proud he was. Little did the Japanese skater know, this was just the beginning of a snowball. 


He snuck out of the hall and was making his way back to the hotel room when he bumped into Yurio. He barely missed seeing the teen until Yuri stopped in front of him. 


“Oi, where’s Viktor?”


“Oh, hi, Yuri. He’s um busy with the reporters.” Yuuri looked up and saw a silver hanging around the teen’s neck. “Oh, congrats.”


Yuri shrugged. “It’s whatever. I’ll dominate them next year. I still won the Grand Prix.” The blond shook his head. “Why aren’t you with him?”


Yuuri frowned. “I can’t be with him right now. We still have yet to tell everyone.”


“You wanted to greet him…” The teen seemed to understand. 


“It’s nothing. I’m tired anyways. If he asks where I’m at, I’ll be there.” 


Yuuri wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone now. He could feel tears threatening to spill and he just needed to be alone. 


His arm was grabbed though. “The press conference is soon. I think you want to be there for that.” The teen stopped him. He then let out a sigh. “Just stick with me then, da? If Baldy won’t I’ll watch you.”


Yuuri was touched. “Thank you.”


Sure enough, an hour later there filled a room with several reporters with the top three sitting at the front of the room. Yuuri stayed in the back next to Yakov and Yurio. He stood there, watching and listening, fighting hard not to rub his stomach when the baby kicked in an uncomfortable spot. 


First they asked Chris what he was going to do in the off season and he said he was going to visit family and his nieces then come back stronger. JJ talked about wedding planning with his fiance for the following off season and his plans for the next season, then they got to Viktor. Yuuri’s heart leaped up in his chest. This was it. The entire skating world was going to know they were a couple and starting a family. 


“Mr Nikiforov, what are your plans for the off season and next season.”


Viktor seemed to think about it for a moment. “I’ll probably relax with my family. I quite recently found out I’m becoming a father.” He smiled with a small laugh and the room exploded. JJ’s jaw dropped and Chris laughed into his hand. 


Once the noise died down he continued to talk about taking the next season off to help raise the baby, but Viktor not once mentioned who his partner was, nor did the reporters ask. Yuuri felt… heart broken. Yakov’s gears were turning and looked down at him, his eyes wide in shock. Yurio was even surprised. Yuuri didn’t want to be in the room anymore and silently left. 


“Oi, Katsudon!” Yuri tried to chase after him. 


“Leave me alone, Yurio, it’s just hormones-” He tried to shake the teen off. 


“Bullshit, he was being selfish-”


“Just leave me alone and go back there. I’ll see you at the banquet.” He fired off in Japanese, sounding more upset and left to go to his hotel room. 


The moment Yuuri was alone, he fell to the floor. He let out his emotions and felt loads better afterwards. But he needed to get up and shower, maybe take a small nap before the banquet. He was also hungry so he snacked on a complimentary granola bar and went about his afternoon. 


Viktor didn’t show up until an hour before the banquet. He rushed inside the hotel room, scrambling to change and get ready. Yuuri was relaxing on the bed, phone in hand texting Mari how he missed home and couldn’t wait to get back. Finally after what felt like forever, Viktor was presentable and ready. Yuuri got off the bed and fixed his outfit with a shallow neck dark blue and black long sleeve  top with black maternity jeans and comfortable shoes. He had his hair parted and combed neatly. 


“Yuuri, I’m so so sorry about earlier. I was sad to see you gone.”


“I don’t want to talk about it. I’m tired and I just want to eat something.”




The Japanese man was upset and of course most of it was the hormones, but he couldn’t help it. But Viktor did kind of make it up. The banquet was a more private affair and Viktor did tell everyone there that he and Yuuri were together expecting a child, he just didn’t want to say it to a bunch of biased reporters. Yurio rolled his eyes and glanced at Yuuri like he was watching him. The pregnant man finally got some food, but after a while he was getting tired and he wanted to push down his earlier feelings to surprise Viktor for winning gold. 


“Vicchan.” He whispered to the winning skater.




“I’m getting a bit tired. I’m going to head up to the room. I’ll text you.”


“Are you sure?”


Yuuri nodded. “It's been a long day for us.” He said, finally happy to touch his belly publicly.


“Alright. Be safe, I’ll be up soon.”


Viktor kissed Yuuri on the cheek real quick before the dark haired man departed. 


Yuuri made his way back to the hotel room and he started to get ready the moment he closed the door. Soon could be minutes for Yuuri so he set to work. He changed out of his clothes and slipped on the lace outfit Phichit snuck back to him. The panties were comfortable but the top was now small on him. It would’ve gone down to his hips, but now they stop just above his belly button. He actually looked pretty good when he looked in the mirror to slick his hair back like he did when he skated. He topped it off with strawberry lip gloss and texted Viktor. 


‘Hey, I’m still not feeling good, can you help me?’ 


Then he sat on the bed and waited. 


And waited.


And waited.


He texted the skater again to ask if he was coming but still no answer. 


An hour passed by. Still no sign of Viktor. 


He tried to call, but it went to voicemail. 


So he waited a bit more. 


By the third hour after a bit of pacing, repackaging his bag and setting out an outfit for the morning, Yuuri gave up. He sat on the bed again and texted once more but after no response, he gave up and crawled into the sheets. He tried hard not to cry, but he failed. The one time Yuuri felt confident to do something and get out of his comfort zone, failed and he didn’t know if he’d get this comfortable again.

Chapter Text

Viktor had never skated that good before in his life. The crowd went insane and he looked over as he waved to the fans that Yuuri was in tears. He wanted to get to the love of his life quickly. 


But it didn't go as planned. 


The moment he stepped off the ice and after the kiss and cry, reporters bombarded him in the hallway. It hurt Viktor because instead of Yuuri it was the media. He tried to look over the crowd for the precious Japanese man but he was nowhere to be seen. His stomach dropped. 


Was Yuuri then crying because he didn't win but now that the season is over? Was Yuuri crying because another issue with his anxiety had arisen? Viktor wanted to get to him as soon as possible to assure him that he was good, everything was going to be okay and be ready to announce their baby.


It never happened. He couldn't find Yuuri once he broke free. Viktor wanted to take his skates off but he was pulled back for the podium. Yuuri wasn't anywhere to be found. 


When he was finally able to take off his skates he was once again dragged around until it was the press conference. The Russian skater rarely got mad in public but he was about to snap. Yuuri was missing and probably having an emotional breakdown and Viktor wasn't there to comfort him. 


Flashing lights greeted him when he was practically shoved into the conference room. JJ and Chris sat on either side of him and the skater looked to the back and finally relaxed once he spotted Yuuri in between Yuri and Yakov. He could see despair and sadness in his eyes as they were slightly puffy from crying. He could also see that Yuuri was trying to resist to cradle his belly because the baby was probably kicking and making it uncomfortable. 


Viktor waited and listened as his fellow skater colleagues talked about their plans for the off season. When it was his turn, he looked at Yuuri and decided to change a little something. The man already looked tired and upset so the spotlight on him would be too much. So Viktor, as promised it would be alright, took the stress of the reporters. 


“I’ll probably relax with my family. I quite recently found out I’m becoming a father.”


The room went nuts! All the attention was on him now but the result of that didn't go well. He saw past the lights how pissed Yakov got, glared at Yuuri and well Yuuri… looking at him in shock and with so much hurt. He saw him slip out with the blonde Yuri behind him. 


Viktor wanted to get up an shout for him but refrained since he still had his stupid public image to uphold.


"I'll be taking the next season off to help raise my child. My partner's also a skater but it's a stressful time right now. I want to mention his name, but I'd rather want him to say when he's ready. For now, please give us some privacy while we get ready for our little bundle." Viktor said, the part he wanted Yuuri to hear.


Yuuri would just get scared easily and Viktor was trying hard to make things easier, but maybe he was being too easy on Yuuri. He knew the skater was strong and had a good heart, but Viktor didn't know when he crossed lines. 


Once the conference was done, a few people congratulated him as well as the other skaters. Viktor attempted to go find Yuuri but was lastly dragged back for his exhibition skate and missed out on fixing anything that hurt Yuuri.



Viktor didn't get back to his hotel room an hour before the banquet. When he opened the door Yuuri was there on the bed, ready to go, hair still damp. He was on his phone rapidly texting and looked upset. Viktor wanted to talk to him very much, but by the time he finished with his shower, put on his clothes, styled his hair and put a bit of concealer on it was time to go. 


At the banquet he more politely brought Yuuri around to the people they knew and told them that he and Yuuri were together. The Japanese skater seemed to relax a bit at that, both earning congratulations.  But not long into the night, Yuuri said he wasn't feeling good and went back to their room. Viktor gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, letting him know he will be up soon. 


After Yuuri left, Yakov pulled him aside and gave him a good scolding about Yuuri in hushed heated Russian before softly sighing and giving him a congratulations. 


Then once again, Viktor's plans to be with Yuuri were ripped apart when the new Canadian skater, who happened to be an old school friend of JJ's invited everyone out for drinks. Becore Viktor could even text Yuuri the main skaters headed out to the nearest drinking district Tokyo had to offer and got drunk. Even the newest Canadian tried to flirt with Viktor but everyone shot him down after they backed the Russian up that he's having a baby.


Then about midnight their celebrations died down. Viktor went to go get his phone and didn't find it on him. He searched hisnpockets, the bar, the areas he was in and lastly found it in his gym bag. He turned it on and found several messages from Yuuri, getting more and more frantic by the text and even a few voicemails were left. 


Now Viktor didn't get that drunk, since he knew he had to get back to Yuuri, but now he felt shameful for going out in the first place. Grabbing his stuff and rushing to his hotel room he quietly entered to see the lights dimmed. The bed was empty and the bathroom door was closed. A flush of the toilet indicated Yuuri was still here. 


The door opened, bathroom light blinding him like a criminal who was caught robbing a house and there in the bathroom was a very angry Yuuri Katsuki wearing an oversized t-shirt and basket ball shorts. 


< "Where the hell have you been?">


Viktor swallowed. He's heard that but less angry before. 


"Did you get any of my texts or phone calls?"




"No. I don't want to hear it. I never got to see you at all today. I get that you're the #1 ice skater right now but you can always tell them no! And to think I had the confidence tonight." Yuuri turned to grab something off the counter and threw it at Viktor. 


The skater took a moment to look at it and found lacy fabric.


"I wanted to celebrate with you and you didn't show up. I thought you didn't care now that you're a champion again!" 




"I'm tired. I don't want to talk about it. Just be quiet. Don't even think about touching me tonight." Yuuri shoved past him and went to his side of the bed, crawling into the covers and facing his back to him.


Viktor’s shoulders dropped. He stood there like Makkachin did when he scolded the poodle then quietly got ready for bed and nervously climbed into his half of the bed and fell asleep. 


When morning arrived, Viktor rolled over in bed and found Yuuri’s side to be empty. He sat up in a panic. With his semi blurry eyesight from the alcohol, he looked around the room to see that all of Yuuri’s belongings were gone. He started to push back the covers when he spotted a piece of paper on the pillow. Picking it up, his heart sank. 


‘I’m getting the early morning back to Hasetsu. I’m sorry for acting out last night. Enjoy spending time with your friends. ~Yuuri’




Viktor felt like anger beginning to bubble under his skin. Surely Yuuri had to understand that not meeting at all wasn’t his fault. But the other skater was playing it out to be. Yuuri’s words rang in his head again:


~‘I get that you're the #1 ice skater right now but you can always tell them no!”’~


“I tried Yuuri, I tried to ignore them-” He argued out loud to no one. 


~’I thought you didn't care now that you're a champion again!’~


“I care for you Yuuri, I care so much about you. You’re just being stubborn.” 


He got up to go to the bathroom to try to find the black laced set, but it was missing too. Yuuri was probably embarrassed by it now that Viktor knew about the fabric. Groaning, the Russian flopped back onto the bed. He would’ve loved to see the Japanese man in that, the belly round with this baby, Yuuri crawling over him and ravishing Viktor. 


He felt his pants grow tight and looked down. It wasn’t just morning wood anymore. Rolling his eyes, there were only two ways to fix this. Take care of it or take a cold shower. The Russian chose the shower.


That didn’t work, damned Russians used to the cold.


Once his bags were packed and his face was red from his shameful act, he headed to the lobby and was greeted by Yakov and Yuri who were also checking out. 


“Why do you always look like shit after a banquet?”


“It’s a new look, didn’t you know?”


“I can’t drink yet so I wouldn’t know.” Yuri smirked. “Where’s Katsudon?”


“Left already. He got an early train back to his parent’s house.”


The blond’s green eyes grew wide. “Again? Viktor, what do you keep doing to make him leave early?”


“It's really none of your business other than I fucked up again.” Viktor grumbled with an ice glare.


“You've got to stop that.” Yuri sighed. 


“Are you coming back to St. Petersburg then?” Yakov asked, a brow raised. 


“I can’t. I’ve already started the documentation for citizenship. I’ll come visit after the baby is born. I can’t just leave him now.” Viktor answered with a sigh. 


“Whipped.” Yuri snickered before Viktor roughly shoved him. “Child abuse!”


“Behave, both of you!” Yakov barked. “Viktor, I can’t coach you on parenthood, so the only advice I can give you is to be forgiving. If you do that, then it should be okay.” The elder coach had a look of regret in his eyes, almost as if he referred to his past marriage to someone. 


“Okay, thank you Yakov. I have to get going. Yura, I’ll check up on you and come up with a good program for you. It’ll just be a while.”


“I get it. Now go to Katsudon.”


Viktor waved to them with a smile before heading towards the station for the long train ride. 



What felt like days later, not just hours, he arrived at the station in Hasetsu. He was greeted by a few of the locals who knew he was hanging around and made his way to a taxi. His foot bounced on the ride back to the onsen. Viktor didn’t want to admit outloud, but he was concerned for Yuuri. He knew the man was capable of traveling alone, but now that he was pregnant and carrying his baby, he knew that anything could happen. 


He paid the driver when the taxi pulled up and Viktor got out with hids bags. The last surprise snow had melted so it was easy to run up the steps. He opened the door, slipped off his shoes and heard Makkachin barking already and barreled towards him. He greeted his pup and set his bags down. Yuuri went into the room to get Makkachin but stopped when he saw Viktor. 


“Yuuri…” Viktor smiled, relieved he was safe. 


The Japanese man then turned around and started to walk away when Viktor ran up to him and lightly grabbed his arm to stop him from leaving. Yuuri tugged. 


< ”Let go of me.”>


“Yuuri I can’t-”


Yuuri pulled free and started to walk away and Viktor had enough. 




Yuuri stopped and turned to him, the chocolate brown eyes blown wide at the outburst. 


“Will you please listen to me and stop running away when I try to talk!?” 

“No! You didn’t even try to push the media away for one second.” Yuuri was now facing him, tears now rolling down his cheeks.. “I wanted to be the first one to greet you and I was swept aside. Then at the conference you didn’t even mention that we were together, you showed me around at the banquet like I was some sort of accessory even though everyone knew who I was, then you never answered your phone. I should’ve just gone home!”


“Yuuri, I-I’m sorry. I wanted to see you, you were on my mind that whole day, I left my phone in my gym bag and when you went to rest, I went out with my friends. I didn’t see your message until late.”


“It doesn’t make up for the fact that I felt alone and left out all day. I was looking forward to telling people we were having a baby. Baka! Baka baka baka! ” Yuuri stomped his foot.




“Just go. Go back to Russia. I saw how happy you were in your skating world. You’re on a whole other level than me. I don’t belong with you. So just go back and work with Yuri on his program. I know you’d rather be at your home than here with a pathetic person like me.”


Yuuri looked to the ground then left to go up to his room. Yuuri’s family was around watching their fight. Viktor silently groaned and looked like he wanted to strangle Yuuri then went to go after him but by the time he reached Yuuri’s room, he had the door slammed in his face. The Russian wanted to scream but refrained himself. Instead he stormed back downstairs and slipped on his shoes. 


“Watch Makka for me please.” He asked the Katsuki family before grabbing his bags and angrily leaving out of the onsen.

Chapter Text

Yuuri didn’t mean to get upset, but it felt good to finally let out what was on his chest. 


Yuuri didn’t mean to slam the door in Viktor’s face, but he really needed the space to calm down. 


Yuuri didn’t mean to push him away and tell him to go back to Russia, because he wanted a hug from the skater now more than ever. 


He sat on his bed, rubbing his belly as his baby fluttered and kicked aggressively, feeling his emotions. He needed to calm down for his baby’s sake. Taking deep breaths, he could feel himself calm down when a knock came at his door. Was it Viktor? Was he going to say sorry again and ask for forgiveness? It would be foolish of him to do so since the two of them not spending any time together the previous day wasn’t either of their faults.


He got up and opened his door seeing his parents and-




The floofy poodle padded into the room and sniffed around before seeing the posters and letting out a whine. Yuuri went over to the pup and gave a few scratches behind his ears. His parents entered the room with a tray of tea and closed the door behind them while they took a seat on his floor. 


“Did he really leave?” Yuuri asked, scared to hear the answer. 


“We don’t think so, just to another hotel. Otherwise he would’ve taken the dog with him.” Toshiya softly said with a smile. 


“We don’t really know what was going on, do you want to talk about it?” Hiroko asked, holding out a cup of tea. 


Yuuri took the cup and sat down slowly. It was hard moving around as he was getting used to having a belly that wasn’t from food. He took a sip of tea and explained everything to his parents and how he felt about it. He was being stupid in getting upset with Viktor but he also couldn’t help it. The son was in tears by the time he was getting up to their stupid fight and confessed that he misses Viktor. 


Makkachin moved closer, resting his head in Yuuri’s lap and nuzzing his bump. It was like the pup could almost smell Viktor in his belly. Yuuri patted the poodle. “I miss him too Makka…”


“Do you want us to send Mari to get him?”


Yuuri shook his head. “Viktor was very upset. He probably thinks I blame him for it all. I want to wait. I’m not sure how long it takes for him to calm down.”


Hiroko patted her son’s knee as his parents started to stand up. “If you need help, let us know. We know how much you care about him now with being together and all.”


After his mother and father left, Yuuri got to thinking. What he and Viktor had actually didn’t have a label. They’ve obviously had sex, but since then they’ve only been a few walks with Makkachin, made out or lightly kissed, and slept together. But there was no label to it. Were they boyfriends? Were they friends having a baby? Rivals having a baby? 


Sighing as he got off the floor, Yuuri needed to figure out what they were and hoped that Viktor would return soon. He looked at his social media and Viktor hadn’t posted anything other than he won gold at Worlds, a post he must’ve done after the podium but the comments were filled with congratulations about him becoming a father. 


Thinking about it more, he was glad that Viktor didn’t say that it was the Japanese skater who was carrying his baby at the press conference. Male pregnancy in Japan wasn’t a common thing, more high risk than a normal pregnancy (but not like deathly dangerous), so having to explain that to not only his country but also the skating world would’ve been a headache, not to mention how they got pregnant. Yuuri actually wanted to quietly post on his social media about the baby, but now he couldn’t do it without Viktor. 


He texted Yurio if he heard anything about Viktor on his way to Russia, but the blond hadn’t heard anything. Yuuri thanked him then even texted Viktor that he was sorry and that he will wait to talk when the gold medalist is ready. With that, Yuuri made it back downstairs and distracted himself with folding laundry and washing the towels. 


A week went by and Yuuri still hadn’t heard from Viktor. He had worried himself sick and was in bed by the end of the next week. He didn’t want to be sick, but with nothing from Yurio, nothing on social media, and no response to his text, Yuuri was a mess. He broke down in Mari’s arms crying, wondering where Viktor went. Yuuri, the notorious eater in the off season, wouldn’t even eat but he had to force food down his throat for his baby but even after a few minutes he would just throw it back up. 


“That’s it, I’m taking you to the hospital.” Mari finally snapped. She hated seeing her brother like this and something needed to be done. “Then I’m going to track his ass down and beat it.”


Yuuri tried to stop her, but failed. “Mari-nee, just forget it. He’s not coming back. I’ll get better-”


“No! Even in your depressive episodes you never get this bad. Think about your baby, Yuu-kun. You’re starving them. You’re already sensitive as it is. I won’t stand by while I watch you have a miscarriage at 19 weeks! You don’t even know the gender yet.”


Mari had really become the mother hen to Yuuri since she found out about the baby. She was there more often than their parents since she had a bit more free time. Yuuri curled up at her words and nodded, agreeing to go to the hospital. He knew his baby was also suffering because of him and wasn’t moving as much. The baby would only move when he played Viktor’s music and even that would make him bawl his eyes out in the end. 


On the ride to the hospital, Mari called Minako and Yuuko if they’ve seen Viktor. None of them had heard from him and neither had Yurio still. She borrowed Yuuri’s phone and called Yurio even though it was in the middle of the night in Russia.


“Viktor, phone, Yuuri in Hos-argh, Doctor!” Mari’s English wasn’t good, only a few words.




Yuuri took the phone out of her hand, telling her to drive. “Sorry Yuri, I’m not feeling well so I’m going to the hospital to get some fluids.”


“The hell? Why? You were perfectly healthy when we saw each other.” Yuri grumbled over the line. 


“It's been a rough week. I stress out easily and Mari doesn’t want me to lose the baby-”


“You’re losing the baby!?”


Yuuri had to hold the phone away from his ear. “N-no, not yet I hope. I can’t keep anything down and I’m really really tired.”


“Is… Wait, is this because of Viktor?”


“Mmhm.” Yuuri hummed. “I can get into depressive spirals sometimes, and I’ll binge eat but this time I can’t.” He started to sniffle. “I don’t want to lose my baby, Yuri-kun. I can’t.”


“Shit. Okay I’ll try to contact him. Just text me the hospital you’re going to be at. It’ll… It’ll be okay Katsudon, for both you and the little cutlet.”


Yuuri’s heart melted and he sniffled a little bit more. He hung up just as Mari pulled into the hospital. She helped him inside and admitted him. The nurses and doctor set to work by giving him and his baby an exam, setting him up for a night, and making everything less stressful. 


As the nurse was strapping the heat monitor around his belly, he felt the baby kick. He felt a little relieved that the baby was doing okay and he felt more stress leave when they gave him a cautionary ultrasound. 


“We can tell the gender of the baby early if you’d like.” The technician offered. 


Yuuri shook his head. “No thank you, I want the father to be here when we find out.”


“Would you like me to get a print and write it down and place it in an envelope? We’ll be conducting your exam while you’re here, a week early.”


Yuuri agreed to that and was set up. After he was all relaxed in the bed, IV giving him fluids to get him not so dehydrated and a small cup of broth, he was feeling better. Well physically, but mentally he was still worried about Viktor. He placed a hand on his belly and rubbed a spot that wasn’t occupied by the monitor. 


“I’m such an idiot. I got mad over something stupid and now look where we are.” He spoke to his baby quietly in his native tongue. “Be thankful for your Auntie Mari-chan.”


With a heavy sigh, Yuuri rolled over onto his side and got comfortable, letting sleep take over.


Morning light came as well as a nurse. She had brought him some jello to try and eat which he successfully did and even brought his envelope that had the gender of his baby. He couldn’t wait to open it with Viktor, if Viktor came back. Once he was given the okay for the morning, the nurse left him alone and he messed around on his phone, looking again for a sign of Viktor but there was nothing. 


He was going to settle down for another nap when he heard a commotion and his sister’s angry voice. The door to his room slid open and an upset big sister entered, dragging Viktor by the ear, she was pinching hard. 


“You bastard, fix my brother! He’s in here because of you!”


“Mari-nee! V-Viktor!” Yuuri sat up in shock. “What did you do to him!?” Yuuri stood up and dragged his IV with him, pulling Viktor down to inspect his ear. “Are you trying to rip it off?!”


“No thanks!? Fine I won’t help you next time.” Mari huffed, crossing her arms and leaving to go have a smoke. 


The moment she was gone, Yuuri grabbed Viktor’s good ear and pinched it really hard too. 


“Ow ow ow! What is with you two and my ears!?”


“I’m probably not as hard as Mari-nee .” Yuuri rolled his eyes before placing his hands on his belly and glaring at Viktor. “Where the hell did you go? Did you really go to Russia?”


“No. I didn’t.” Viktor sternly answered. 


“Then where?” Yuuri asked seriously.


“I went and left Hasetsu, found another rink and started to work on the programs for when you return to the ice and you go against Yurio. You obviously didn’t want me around so I got a head start.” Viktor quietly shouted back. 


“I never wanted you to leave!” Yuuri confessed. Tears started to form. “I thought you were never coming back, th-that you didn’t care about m-me or the b-baby or Makkach-chin. I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t eat. The baby stopped moving, so Mari-nee dragged me here.”


Viktor straightened up and looked worried. “Wait, so is the baby okay? Yurio called me saying you could’ve lost the baby.”


“He probably didn’t understand my English, I said, /almost/ . I obviously didn't, they are healthy, they just missed their < father>.


Viktor gasped when Yuuri called him father in Russian. 

“Yuuri, I’m sorry for leaving and putting you through hell. I was just… so angry that you were mad at me. I didn’t want to do something I regretted. I didn’t want to turn into someone I hated so I needed to leave so I wouldn’t hurt you or the baby.” Viktor was getting a bit teary eyed.


“I’m sorry I got mad at you. I knew you were going to be busy and I should’ve stepped up and said something. I did appreciate you keeping the attention off me but I think I’m ready to tell the world.” Yuuri took Viktor’s hands. “But first I want to know what we are. Are we friends having a baby, or are we boyfriends who are becoming parents? I want us to have something so when they ask questions we can tell them a tiny lie about how our baby was made.”


Viktor smiled a little. “I thought you didn’t want to lie.” 


Yuuri shrugged. “Well…”


“I’m alright with us being boyfriends.” Viktor picked. 


“Then I am too. I thought about it and I’m ready to go beyond skating rivals and idol/fan relationships.” Yuuri blushed, becoming shy all of a sudden. 


Viktor moved closer so the IV wouldn’t tug and wrapped his arms around Yuuri. The Japanese skater looked up at him and leaned up to kiss him. They kissed for a moment until an alarm went off, signalling Yuuri’s fluids bag emptied. A nurse came to check him and he was discharged later that afternoon after he was put on a strict diet and on bedrest for two weeks to make sure his levels remained stable. 


Viktor earned a scolding from the Katsuki parents when they arrived home with Mari. Viktor didn’t understand, but Yuuri translated every word to a T and almost had Viktor on his knees saying sorry. Makkachin was happy to have Viktor return too, jumping on him and barking while circling his feet. Once the pup was settled down, dinner was made and the two skaters retired to the shared bedroom, Yuuri felt the exhaustion take its place instead of the stress. 


“Can I cuddle with you?” Viktor asked. “I know you were upset the last time.”


“I’m better. You can.”


“You’ll have to put on that set again and we’ll have to celebrate properly.”


“On second thought-”


“Yuura- wait!” Viktor was about to say sorry when Yuuri broke out into a laugh. 


“You’re such an idiot. ” Yuuri moved closer and kissed the Russian, placing a hand on the smooth white cheek. “Ah, ow.” He winced. 


“Yuura?” The man started to panic.


“The baby kicked. They’re excited you’re home. They know you’re back.”


Viktor relaxed. He peeled back the sheets and got down to Yuuri’s belly. Yuuri felt gentle touches and kisses along with soft words of the other’s native tongue. 


“Um, the nurse found out the gender of your baby early.”


Sky blue eyes looked up at him in shock. “Really!?”


“Y-yeah. She put in a picture and wrote the gender on it.”


“No way! I want to find out, do you?”


“I do, but I have an idea.” Yuuri blushed, itching his cheek. 


The following week at the ice rink, Viktor set up his phone to livestream one of his skating sessions. A lot of fans tuned in and watched, he even gained a new hundred followers. Viktor was practicing his old routine, not wanting to give away what he had been working on and at the end he greeted his fans. 


“Hello!” He greeted the audience in English, Russian, and Japanese. “I will mostly speak English for this, but I have exciting news to share!”


Yuuri gave him a thumbs up from behind the phone, tying up his own skates. 


“If you tuned into the press conference at Worlds, I revealed that I am becoming a father!”


The chat went insane, as if they heard the news for the first time. 


“Well my partner wants to share some news with all of you today.”


Viktor skated off camera for a moment then returned with Yuuri, holding his hand, since his center of balance was off, but Yuuri could balance for the most part. Yuuri waved to the camera and greeted the audience. The chat was flying by. 


“Hello, I am Katsuki, Yuri, one of Japan’s top skaters.”


“Yuuri and I have been together for a while now and he’s the one carrying our baby!” Viktor gave his audience a smile, all while still holding Yuuri’s hand. “Today we have a photo of our precious star and we wanted to reveal the gender with all of you! We haven’t seen it either so we all get to be surprised!”


Yuuri nodded. Viktor skated off camera to get the envelope while Yuuri kept his balance and held his belly. Viktor returned and waved the envelope to the audience. 


“Yuuri, would you do the honors?” He handed over the envelope 


With shaking hands of nerves, Yuuri opened the envelope with Viktor looking over his shoulder. He pulled out the black and white photo cooing over the image for a moment before looking in the corner. Neatly typed in Japanese read-


“Baby Girl.” Yuuri read it out loud in Japanese, shock coming to his face and his eyes tearing up. “Vicchan, we’re having a girl!”


Viktor looked at the Japanese letters as Yuuri translated. 


“A girl!” We’re having a girl!” 


Viktor opened his arms and wrapped Yuuri into a giant hug, the two of them skating away from the camera for a moment and the two shared a passionate kiss, right in front of their viewers. Viktor let go of the pregnant skater and went up to the camera. 


“It’s a girl!” He skated away, shouted something in Russian (It’s a girl!) and in momentum jumped a quad before skating back to Yuuri who was laughing and crying as Viktor gave him another kiss and placed a hand on his belly. 


“I love you so much.”


Yuuri blushed. “I love you too, Vicchan.”


After that, Viktor said goodbye to his fans and turned off the livestream. 


That day the most trended hashtag on Instagram was #VikturiBaby.

Chapter Text

Viktor stirred in his sleep, feeling that morning had arrived. He rolled over from his back to his right side to face Yuuri who was still fast asleep. It had been a month since they revealed that they were having a little girl. 


Of course the internet and skating world went nuts. People made a new hashtag and were searching for anything related to them. It was after a long discussion and careful planning that Viktor and Yuuri opened a new instagram called "Vikturi Family (@vikturi_fam)". The two of them, plus Yuri would all have access to it to post delightful adventures of the two parents and Yuri when he visited. 


They wanted to connect to their fans but also still be private enough. Viktor and Yuuri posted simple yet understandable photos, like one with Makkachin on the beach, tasty bowls of katsudon, or a picture of Yuuri's back while he stared out the window. The most recent photo was of Yuuri's 24 week belly with a stack of cookies on top and a caption "Trying to get Baby Girl to kick!" in their 3 languages. 


Speaking of kicking, their daughter was starting to kick stronger for Viktor to feel. So far it's been very light taps but he's patiently waiting for a roundhouse kick to his hand, that hopefully won't hurt Yuuri too much. 


Yuuri began to stir as he too knew it was morning. His face scrunched up before his chocolate eyes blinked open and adjusted to the light.


"Mm ohayo." He said. "Why are you looking at me?"


"Ohayo," Viktor whispered back. "I'm watching you because you look adorable when you sleep." He brought his hand up under the covers and rested it on the bump. "Ohayo to our little star as well."


Yuuri smiled, moving to get a bit more comfortable. "You're going to hate me." 


"Hm, why?" Viktor was curious.


"I really need the pregnancy pillow Chris bought us. She's getting heavy and big for me to sleep normally."


"And I'll hate you, how?" 


"Because it takes up most of the bed and the only way we'll be able to sleep together is if you spoon me." Yuuri whined. 


"It'll be okay." Viktor affectionately rubbed Yuur's arm. "You're growing our daughter, so of course you need to be comfortable."


Viktor lovingly looked at his boyfriend. He found the man so beautiful and wanted to just eat him up. Yuuri had mentioned his heightened sex drive and Viktor wanted to help, but Yuuri was too nervous and they also never had the right moment. Viktor promised that they were in a good spot to move their relationship further and being attracted to each other was only natural. 


Viktor started to hug the underside of his belly and place light kisses, running his hands up Yuuri’s plush hips and rub them. Yuuri seemed to tingle at the sensation and shift himself in bed for Viktor. The Russian kept kissing lower and lower before hooking a finger into Yuuri’s underwear and kissing the outside. Yuuri hoisted himself up a bit so Viktor could shimmy the fabric barrier off. 


“Scoot to the end of the bed, use pillows for your back.”


Yuuri did just so, spreading his legs wide. Viktor knelt down and threw the limbs over his shoulders and started to feel up Yuuri. Because Yuuri lacked testicled because he was a male carrier, he still had a small opening for birthing but it wouldn’t open unless he was sexually aroused or giving birth. He still had a cock and it was raised up against the underside of his belly. Viktor took good care of Yuuri. 


Yuuri was getting close when Viktor’s phone went off. 


“Blyat!” Viktor hissed.


He stood up and grabbed his phone, putting it on speaker.


< What Yakov, I’m busy? >


Viktor went back to pleasuring Yuuri, trying to ignore Yuuri. 


< You need to come back for a bit.>


Viktor wrapped his hand about Yuuri, earning a small mewl. He really didn’t care if Yakov was listening. The two waited far too long to have to themselves. 


< Why? > Viktor asked as he stroked Yuuri harder. 


< Your Mother, Vitya. >


The Russian then rubbed hard and Yuuri and the Japanese man came. He cried out in pleasure as Viktor finished him off and started to clean him up, his own hard on gone. He grabbed his phone and left the room to go to the bathroom. As he cleaned up he started to have a heated conversation with Yakov. 


< I was still listed as an emergency contact for your family. She’s in the hospital Vitya. She’s been asking for you. >


< She never cared about me so why should I? >


< Vitya… You could bring Yuura with you, I’ll pay for it. >


Viktor contemplated. He did want to show Yuuri his home, and show him around the rink but to visit for this reason? It was like there was something else going on. So he humored Yakov. 


< Fine, I’ll come back. I just need Yuuri to be cleared by the doctor first for travel. >


< Call me when you’re ready. >


When the skater returned to the room, he could see Yuuri gathering himself from his post-pleasure high. He was getting ready to take a shower but stopped when he spotted Viktor. 


“Is everything okay? Did you…”


“No.” Viktor sighed. “We need to go to Russia.”


“What? Why?”


“Something about my mother. Yakov was persistent.”


“Oh, well um… I hope it’s nothing too serious.”


“I wouldn’t know. I haven’t been in contact with her for a long time. Family is a rough subject to me and this is how I want to see family, not what I grew up with.”


“Well okay. Let me schedule a doctor’s appointment so I’m cleared for a flight and let Okaasan know.”


Viktor nodded, letting Yuuri pass to go wash up. 



Several days later


“Here you go Makka, home.” Viktor said as he stepped into his apartment. 


The poodle lightly boofed and went inside. 


“Wow! It’s beautiful!” Yuuri said as he entered. He held his belly and waddled over to the window to look out the scenic view of St. Petersburg. 


Viktor’s apartment was minimally decorated, mostly white with chrome and black accents and squishy looking loveseat. He had a flat screen on one of the walls and a cozy rug and fireplace. 




“Yes! This is very, you!” Yuuri praised. “Minimal, relaxed, nothing too overwhelming.”


“Well, I guess it would be Russia home.”


“I would agree. Russia home.”


“But I’m planning on selling it. I want to find a more family friendly home once our daughter is home. Then I would like to look for a home in Hasetsu that’s close to your parents.”


“Really!?” Yuuri lit up before letting out a sigh. “I wanted to talk to you about that. I love my parents, but I don't want the baby bothering the guests. Plus there is already so little space.”


Viktor sets the bags down before walking up to Yuuri and wrapping him in a hug. “Then when we get back we shall search for a new home for our family.”


Yuuri hugged back, the feeling of the baby kicking hit Viktor’s stomach. 


“Even she agrees.” Viktor chuckled. 


The two started to settle in since they would be there for the week and then went to the grocery store to get groceries. Viktor and Yuuri had to wear masks and hats, and Viktor sunglasses, so they could shop in peace. Only one person recognized them but thankfully didn’t bother them, yet the two could hear the whispers before the woman of the group told them to leave them alone. 


They checked out and headed back to the apartment before making a small dinner and then heading to bed. They slept off their jet lag and continued to lounge around the next day. During their second day, Viktor showed Yuuri around the rink and Yuri skated over, actually giving Yuuri a hug. 


“A girl, huh?” The blond commented. 


“Yep! A little girl.” Yuuri patted his belly. 


Two other skaters showed up, Mila and Georgi, two of Viktor’s other rink mates. 


“Wow! It's been awhile, Vitya!” Mila said, her red hair bobbing with her short steps. 


< Welcome to Russia. > Georgi said in Russian to Yuuri. 


“Hello everyone!” Viktor happily replied. 


Some of the other skaters and visitors to the rink had waved and watched the champion chat with his friends. Viktor really wanted to get on the ice and skate with his friends, but he was saving it for later. He told them he had to do a few things with his paperwork for Japan citizenship and that he would stop by later. 


On day 3, it was time to do what Viktor was summoned to Russia for. Viktor took Yuuri to a hospital in the area and the two checked in to see someone, Yuuri was lost because everything was in Russian. Viktor then held his hand and sorta dragged him along. He could feel Yuuri stick close. They stood outside a room, Viktor holding Yuuri’s hand. 




“I will be talking in Russian, I just need you here.”




“This is my mother.” Viktor said, hearing Yuuri gasp as he opened the door. 


Viktor stepped into the well lit room. He could smell the sterile scent hospitals had but also a familiar perfume. Yuuri was behind him and there for him which made everything so much easier. But what he saw shocked him. In the bed was someone he once knew, yet they were now almost a shell. The once beautiful woman that was famous in Russian media with her beautiful red hair was now bald, wearing a beanie. Her blue eyes were now gray and dull, her beautiful skin was paper thin, it was almost disgusting. 


Viktor gasped and was by the side of the woman’s bed. He was frowning that after all those years, this was when she finally decided to talk to him, when she was moments away from death. 


The gray eyes that were looking out the window were now looking at him. Viktor never forgot that glare, he could still feel the sting on his cheek and light scratches from her nails. 


*Russian, English *


“I see… Yakov called.”


“Yes, he did. He didn’t tell me why. If he did, I probably wouldn’t have come.” He admitted. He then spotted a chair. “Yuuri, take a seat. This shouldn’t take long.”


The Japanese man nodded and took a seat, awkwardly lowering himself into the seat, keeping his head focused on the round bump in his lap. 


“Who is he?”


“He’s my boyfriend. Someone who loves me for who I am.”


The woman rolled her eyes, inhaling sharply. “I take it he doesn’t know who I am.”


“I never needed a reason to tell him. As far as I knew, you stopped being a part of my life when I was 12.”


“I always thought that skating was a waste.”


“Do you always have to sound disappointed?” Viktor was getting fed up. 


“I’ve been disappointed the moment you came out of me. I was fine and he fucked up my life.” She grumbled, almost coughing.


“Then you should’ve gotten rid of me!” Viktor snapped.


“No.” She simply said. “Because if I did, then he wouldn’t be happy.” She looked at Yuuri.


Viktor looked back at Yuuri who was now looking out the window and rubbing his belly.


“I’m sorry Vitya…” He looked back to see his mother looking at him like a normal person for the first time. 


“You don’t have to say sorry.” Viktor sighed. 


“I guess so.” She said, “Vitya, don’t be like I was, hell you already aren’t.” 


“I’m not.”


The monitors started to go off as the woman was taking her last breath. 


“Mama? Mama?” Viktor stood up and got close to her, trying to lightly shake her away, but the nurses came in and cleared him and Yuuri out. 


*English, <Russian>*




“It's… I’ll be okay.” Viktor breathed as Yuuri held his hand and rubbed his arm in comfort. 


The doctor stepped out of the room, announcing his mother’s death. Viktor gave instructions about what to do with her. She asked to be cremated and put to rest with her sister. He was firing off Russian and Yuuri was getting confused. 


“Vicchan!” Yuuri yelled, the skater stopping. “Calm down.” Yuuri breathed. 


Viktor stopped and waved away whoever he was talking to and was pulled away from the scene by Yuuri, around the corner and into the nearest bathroom. 


“Yuuri, what are you-?”


“Vicchan…” Yuuri’s hormones were getting the best of him. “It's okay, we’re in the bathroom, you can cry and not be judged. It’s private. As long as Yurio doesn’t show up, it should be fine.”


“I don’t need to cry.” Viktor carefully pried himself away from Yuuri. “I’m done crying over her.”


“Vicchan…” Yuuri whined. 


"No, she doesn't deserve to be cried over, not after what she did to me." Viktor's voice was strained, like he was still going to cry. 


Yuuri placed a hand on his back. 


"I lied when I said I skated for myself. That I wanted to make myself happy." He looked in the mirror, his eyes turning red. "I skated to prove that I wasn't going to be like her, that I did exist, I wasn't a mistake. I skated to make her proud, Baba proud, myself proud. But none of it worked. Baba passed away when I was 16. I was never acknowledged for my talent. I was swept under the rug in her eyes. So she doesn't deserve… my…"


But the walls broke and he hung his head. He turned and hugged Yuuri, burying his face in the other man's shoulder. Yuuri sniffled too but stayed strong for Viktor, rubbing his back and giving him affirming whispers. 


"Is it bad to feel relieved that she's dead?"


"I don't think so. She seemed to cause you pain. Now you're free." Yuuri confirmed.


"She was still my mother, Yuuri. I was still her son."


"From how I see it, blood doesn't make the family. It's the connections you make with the people you want in your life." Yuuri let him go, but still remained to hold his hands. "I'm really sorry for your loss, but we're here now. You, me, our daughter, my parents, Mari, Yuri, Yakov, Chris, we're your real family."


Viktor smiled a little. "I know… thank you, Yuuri. For being here, for giving me everything." He placed a hand on the bump.


"Of course, you deserve it." Yuuri stood up a little and kissed his boyfriend on the cheek."


"I still have to sort through a few things, I hope you don't mind if I do it alone?"


"I don't mind. Take your time Viktor, and if we have to stay an extra week, we will. Baby Girl and I don't have any place to go besides next to you."


Viktor blushes. "You wound me Yuura."


They kissed a little more before Yuuri got a taxi back to the apartment while Viktor handled what he needed to do. 



Blades glided across the ice as Viktor skated with a blank mind. The past couple of days had been hectic but manageable. He discovered that his mother left him a small house in case skating wasn't for him. A few of the money assets went to his cousins and some in a trust fund for any potential grandchildren.


His mother was once a beautiful Russian actress, acting in any role she could get her hands on, even posing in a few X rated magazines for money. She had Viktor later in her career and it resulted in her retirement. His father was out of the picture and his grandmother was already older so she could only do so much. His mother would try to be out as much as possible once he was able to crawl and after she tried to get him to become a childhood actor through her fame, Viktor threw a tantrum and resorted to his hobby of skating.


He never had a father, he stopped asking after his mother never gave a real answer. So he was the odd one out in school, sporting his father's locks and structure. The only thing Viktor got from his mother were her odd blue eyes. He loved his eyes though, he made sure they were cheerful despite being sad and depressing on the inside. 


Viktor started to just lazily skate. Skating was his dream at first, but then he used it to hopefully one day gain the attention of his mother, to show her he's got his own talents and he would make fame that way. But she never showed up to any of his games, boasted to her colleagues about her son's success or showed interest in his metals. They were never on display. Only tucked away in a box in the corner. 


He felt a little free when Yakov offered a room to help him be successful in his senior career and once Viktor had the money, he bought the apartment he lives in now. But now it was all over. No father, no mother, no Baba to keep him tied here in Russia. He could just move in with Yuuri and remain in Japan with his new family. The family that admired him, proud of his accomplishments, and loved him far more than he was worth. He would have to talk to Yuuri.


Viktor didn't do any jumps or spins in this lazy skate, just enough to get his thoughts in order. He paused when the double doors opened revealing Yuuri in a pair of black pregnancy slacks, a button down shirt that flaunted his bump beautifully and his hair was set up. Viktor skated to the edge. 


"I set your suit in the locker room."


"Thank you my love . You look stunning." Viktor complimented.


"As best as I can look for a funeral. Are you sure you wanted it public?"


"It's what she wanted. Fame and fortune was her life. Even if she didn't love me, my nation loved her."


Viktor slipped on his skate guards and headed to the locker room. Yuuri waited in the lobby. He quickly changed and grabbed his bag and collected Yuuri before heading to the venue.


His mother requested to be cremated and buried with family, but to throw a party for her sake. He let his mother's assistant pick the guests and anyone she knew privately. Social media took its turn announcing the passing of one of Russia's greatest actresses. Viktor didn't really care how everyone else handled it. He was handling it in his own way.


Lots of people showed up for the event and offered their condolences to Viktor and their congratulations to Yuuri. Viktor let Yuuri go off on his own to find food while he handled a quick speech. Everyone clapped and he got off stage for others to also talk about his mother. 


Turning his ear to the great messages people had about her, Viktor went to find Yuuri. Which he found over by the food, talking with an older man with silver hair. The older man looked oddly familiar. He had a trimmed beard and he seemed to have a genuine smile while he talked to Yuuri. Having enough and the curiosity getting the best of him, he greeted both men.


"Yuuri, are you getting enough?" 


"Oh! Vicchan, yes, I am."


"That's good, made a friend?"


"Oh sorry," The familiar man said in thick accented English. "Matvey." He held out a hand, now facing Viktor.


The Older skater was shocked at who he was seeing. It was like Viktor was seeing an older clone of himself except for his eyes which were a rich honey color. Even his smile was heart shaped. 


"Viktor." The skater took the hand, shaking it back. 


"Yuuri is telling me about your accomplishments. I didn't know Viktoria had a son."


"She rarely spoke about me after I refused to become an actor." Viktor already knew this.


"I see. Well, she was very pretty. I remember visiting with her once, it was very special. But she never called me back."


Viktor rolled his eyes. Oh great, a one night stand is here. Not like she's had a million of those.


"I can see you are not happy." Matvey noticed. "You see, at the time I was a male escort. She asked for my services and with enough money I helped her out." 


"Oh really?" Viktor still wasn't impressed. 


"Viktoru, don't be mean." Yuuri lightly hit his arm. "Well what happened Matvey-san?"


"I don't know if I should be telling you this, but your eyes are just like hers." Matvey gushed. "You are her son so… maybe this might clear up my 27 year old question." Matvey shuffled his feet before asking them to follow away from the crowds into a quiet corner. 


"Viktor, Viktoria wanted a child. She said her career was slowing down and she didn't want to go through doctors since she had a fear of them." Matvey started. "So I guess she hired an escort and I happened to be the one that was hired for the night."


Everything was clicking into place. Yuuri gasped. 


"Viktor, we can do a test, but 27 years ago I slept with Viktoria and I never got a call back, so I thought the plan failed. I see now that is not the case."


"Are you trying to imply?"


"Da, Viktor, I might be your father."

Chapter Text

While Viktor was giving his speech and greeting people who knew his mother, Yuuri made his way to the food table. The baby was hungry and kicking him to let him know. He knew this was hard on Viktor with it being so soon and not the trip Viktor wanted to make. Yuuri didn't know how bad Viktor's mother and him were estranged but at least they got to see each other one last time.


He grabbed a plate and began piling on the food. Though he didn't want to snack too much. As he moved down the line, Yuuri wasn't paying attention to where he was going and accidentally bumped into someone!


"Oh sorry." He said in Japanese.


"Oh? I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." The man also replied, turning to look at Yuuri.


The Japanese skater swore he was about to have a heart attack. He thought Viktor had aged in front of him, but when he saw gray eyes instead of blue, he calmed down. 


"No, I'm sorry. I just want to eat everything right now." Yuuri laughed it off. 


The man looked down and his mouth formed an O. "Then by all means, eat up!" The man stepped around him. 


The crowd then clapped as Viktor ended his speech and a few other people started to step on the small stage.


"I didn't know Viktoria had a son…" He seemed to mumble. 


"I just recently met his mother, as she was passing. It's a sensitive subject." Yuuri heard the comment.


"Oh, do you know her son?" The man questioned. 


"Yes, we're dating actually." Yuuri smiled. "Sorry, Katsuki, Yuri." He held out a hand. 


"Matvey." The man shook his hand. "Congratulations, I take it the baby is his too?"


"Yes, just about to hit 25 weeks. We're having a girl." Yuuri blushed, rubbing his belly. 


"Yuuri are you getting enough?"


Both men looked to see a tired Viktor. 


"Oh! Vicchan, yes I am." Yuuri smiled as he stood closer to Viktor. 


The two men greeted each other and exchanged names and Yuuri thought he was seeing double. Although Viktor was 26, Matvey looked like an older version but not by much. Just some crows feet and some white hair instead of silver. They were about the same height and could easily be mistaken for being related.


But as Matvey and Viktor talked, Yuuri listened in on Matvey's story and gasped. 


"Viktor, we can do a test, but 27 years ago I slept with Viktoria and I never got a call back, so I thought the plan failed. I see now that is not the case."


"Are you trying to imply?"


"Da, Viktor, I might be your father."


It was as if the room went silent around them (it didn't) and a pin could be dropped. Viktor stood frozen in shock. 


"Is this some kind of joke?" Viktor lowly spoke. "My father ran out on my mother when I was a baby."


Now it was Matvey's turn to react. "Oh… well I'm sorry then. I hope you don't get the impression I am calling your mother something horrible, I never meant the intent."


Before Viktor could speak up, Yuuri abandoned his food and got in between them. 


"Calm down Vicchan. I'm sure Matvey didn't mean it. But…" he trailed off, looking to the older Russian behind him. "He does kind of look like you."




"Look. Just stand next to each other and I'll take a picture. If not then we can leave. Does that sound okay? Matvey?"


"Sure. We can use both phones. Even if we are not, taking a picture with the Ice King of Russia is still good."


Yuuri took both phones, the two men stood next to each other and he took the photos. He and Viktor looked over his phone while Matvey already made his comparisons. 


"Your smiles are the same, the hair, the cheeks, chin, build. If you two aren't doppelgangers, I'd say you'd be related." Yuuri pointed out to both of them."


He could see the stress settling in Viktor. He had enough for the day. Yuuri asked to exchange numbers with Matvey and was surprised to have a line account. Once they exchanged numbers, Yuuri dragged Viktor out and back to their apartment. He took Makkachin out while Viktor showered and when he returned, the Russian was nursing on a whiskey.


"Viktor, I'm sorry for earlier." He said as he made it over the couch once Makkachin was fed. 


"It's nothing." Viktor brushed off. 


"Liar." Yuuri called him. "Clearly it is bothering you. I stepped a boundary and instead of backing you up, I backed up a complete stranger." He sighed. 


"My mother and I weren't the greatest. She wanted me to follow in her footsteps but after a few commercials, I couldn't handle it. I got into ice skating to do something on my own and to make her proud of me. No matter how hard I tried, she never cared or watched my programs so she doesn't know." Viktor took another sip. "Because we never talked, maybe that Matvey is right. The pictures showed something…"


Yuuri stayed quiet as he cuddled up to Viktor. Sure it was warm, but the A/C made it comfortable. He reached over and grabbed Viktor’s phone and opened the phone. He clicked on the photo and relaxed his head on Viktor. The two men looked really similar. Just one older than the other. 


“I was going to sell the apartment.” Viktor spoke up as he continued to look at the photo. “I figured I’d have no connection besides skating. I had no family left. Sure I wouldn’t mind returning to visit once Baby Girl was born, but to live here…”


“Vicchan…” Yuuri gasped. 


“I honestly don’t know what I would do if he is my father. I grew up without one, so having one now is… irrelevant.”


Yuuri gasped, moving away. “Irrelevant? Viktor, you’d be getting more family! Not only that, Baby Girl would get another Ojii-san. Or would that be…?”


“Dedushka.” Viktor lightly smiled.


“So she’d have a Deda and an Ojii.” Yuuri also smiled. 


Viktor let out a groan and downed the rest of his drink. “Okay, I’ll go for a test.”


“What, really!?”


“Yeah, but it’ll be my choice if I want to keep in contact with him. I just want you to support my decision.”


Yuuri took Viktor’s hands and held them. “Of course.” He blushed. “I’m sorry for butting in.”


“I know.” Viktor placed his hands on Yuuri’s belly. “It’s been a lot for you too. Having to fly here, meet my mother as she died, dragged around her wake, and now this… Just, thank you Yuura, so so much.”


Yuuri was a little teary eyed. He nodded. 




Baby Girl must’ve picked up on the emotions he was feeling because she woke up from her nap when he went to walk Makkachin. He could feel her turn and stretch. 


“Yuuri!” Viktor gasped. “I felt her!”


“Y-yeah, I felt her too.” Yuuri painfully chuckled. “She’s up.”


“Baby Girl, don’t hurt Otousan so much, he’s working hard to keep you safe.” Viktor adjusted himself on the couch, peppering Yuuri’s stomach with kisses, eventually making the Japanese man laugh. 



Viktor skated around lazily once more. He did a few jumps and eventually took a break. He had a little bit of time left before he had to go to the doctor’s appointment to do a DNA test. He was really going to see if Matvey was his father. He was numb about it. In all 26 years of being alive, he’s never had a father in his life. He supposed Yakov would be like one but Viktor only say him as a coach. 


“Oi! Baldy, when are you getting off the ice!”


He looked up to see the ferocious blonde teenager. “Oh, Yura!” He waved as he skated over. 


“Why do you look like-” The blonde caught himself. “Nevermind. Too soon.” Yuri waved a hand. “But seriously, you look like Katsudon ran out on you again after sex.”


“You and that expression.” Viktor rolled his eyes and cocked his hip. “I can’t tell you. It's not something for kids like you.”


“Again with the kids. I’m 14 Viktor, plus I’ve seen some shit.” Yuri countered him. 


“I’m not telling you Yura. It’s nothing you need to worry about.”






“Come on, we’re rinkmates, we’ve changed in the locker room. I’ve seen…” He waved to in between Viktor’s legs with a disgusted face. “That thing.”


“I’m not telling you!” Viktor snapped. 


“Tch, I might be annoying, but I can keep a secret.” Yuri turned up his nose. 


Viktor felt a little bad. But he knew what he would say could hurt the teen. “I’m really sorry Yura. I wish I could tell you, but…”


“Is this something I could find out over social media?”


Viktor felt worse. “Possibly… on the family account…”


“Then spare me the shock and tell me.” Yuri crossed his arms. 


“I might… have found that I… have a father.”


The blond relaxed a little, his smug look dropping.


“I didn’t want to tell you because of your upbringing. We both bonded over having a lack of certain parents, finding a love for the ice.” Viktor looked away feeling bad. “I’m just having a test. I won’t now for sure.”


Yuri nodded slightly, looking at the ice. “Well let me know.”


“Of course.” 


Viktor then stepped off the ice, leaving the teen alone with his thoughts.



Yuri walked into the door to his grandfather’s home. The teen didn’t spend much time on the ice, rather went for a walk instead. The smell of piroshkis was in the air as if somehow his grandfather knew when he was upset. 


“Oh, Yura, welcome back. How was practice?” The elder Plisetsky, Nikolai smiled when his grandson walked into the kitchen. 


“It was okay… I didn't practice much. Mostly went for a walk.”




Yuri looked down to see his fluffy brown and cream kitty, Potya. She was looking up at him and rubbing against his leg. He bent down to pick her up and hugged him, burying his face in her fur while she purred, even gave him a few licks. 


“Oh?” Nikolai responded, coming out to the dining room with a basket of Yuri’s favorite food. 


The teen set the cat down and joined his grandfather at the table. Nikolai smiled silently as the blond took the food and bit down, a small tear slipping down his cheek. 


“Yura, what’s wrong? You are rarely upset like this.” Nikolai worried, also taking a piroshki. 


“It's nothing…” Yuri mumbled through his bite.


“You can tell me.”


“Viktor…” Yuri started. “He uh… Viktor might have an Otets…” Yuri sniffled. “D-Deda…” Yuri whimpered and the elder man got out of his seat and hugged the boy, food forgotten. 


Nikolai held the boy close. He had raised Yuri from a young age and was helping him into a fine young man. His parents were a tough story but he knew that Viktor and the boy connected on their parent problems and became like family. In some ways, Viktor was like the father that the boy never had, which is why Nikolai was thankful of Viktor. 


“It’ll be okay Yura. Nothing will change.”



< “ And you’re done. You should get your results in two weeks. We will contact you both. Just rest and eat something to not feel faint.”> The nurse told both Matvey and Viktor in Russian. 


The two thanked her and then started to get ready to leave. Yuuri handed them each a granola bar he packed while he snacked on his own, his daughter demanding food.


“I apologize if this is awkward.” Matvey said as he got off the chair. “But thank you for giving me an ease of mind.”


“I think it would give me ease of mind too.” Viktor said before taking a bite of his bar. “Sadly we won’t be here. We have our flight tomorrow.” 


“I know, so sad the trip is short.” Matvey said a little deflated. 


“But Viktor and I will probably visit again after Baby Girl is born.” Yuuri assured. “We want our daughter to know her roots here.”


“Then even if this is a failure,” Matvey nodded, “We can still be friends.”


Yuuri looked at Viktor. Viktor looked at Matvey before smiling. 


“Matvey, even if this doesn’t work out, you’ve been the only one kind to me outside of the people I know here. You’ve treated me well these past couple of days and have given Yuuri and I nothing but respect. So… even though we just met, we’ve both agreed…” He moved to hold Yuuri’s hand. 


Together they said:


“Regardless, We want you to be Baby Girl’s Dedushka/Ojiisan.”

Chapter Text

Matvey waited for a few minutes, seeing Viktor and Yuuri leave. A ping in his heart was growing as he watched his potential family leave. They will be returning to Yuuri’s country tomorrow and await the birth of their daughter. He smiled lightly at the thought of having a granddaughter, but he was getting ahead of himself.


He continued his day with picking up a shift at his dry cleaner then headed home. Home seemed more lonely now. Placing his keys in the bin by the door and slipping off his shoes he shuffled further into his apartment, flicking on the switch he nearly jumped back. 


Sitting in his chair seemed to be a carbon copy of himself but in a suit and his silver hair slicked back and a pair of glasses resting on his nose.


“Mikhail.” Matvey gasped. 


“Hello, Matvey.” The man looked and stood up, a smile coming to his face. 


“Brother!” Matvey ran to his brother, launching himself into his arms. “It’s been so long!”


“I know it has been.” Mikhail hugged back. 


Matvey couldn’t believe it. His older brother was here in his apartment after so many years. He hadn’t seen his brother since high school graduation. Matvey was crying when he saw how old he got, then again he got old too. 


“I think I’ve missed enough birthdays.” Mikhail said, putting them apart. “Happy Birthday.”


“Happy Birthday.” Matvey said back. “Oh I feel the aches now.” He laughed. “I can’t believe we’re 56. We’re so old!”


“We are.” Mikhail laughed. 


“So why are you back after 38years?” Matvey asked as he went about making coffee while his brother relaxed. 


“I’m not back for fun if I’m being honest.” The elder sibling’s voice was low and serious. 


The younger sibling returned with two hot cups of coffee. Matvey took a seat and listened to what his brother had to say. He looked over to the dining room table to see a file, this was very serious. His face fell and his mouth formed into a thin line. 


“I have redone my will.” Mikhail said, as Matvey picked it up to review it. 




“Originally I had everything set up to whoever I choose as my successor would get everything. But as I got older I started to realize, I don’t want my branch to go in a certain direction.”


“You know I never wanted to be a part of this…” Matvey replied seriously.


“I know, which is why I came to this decision. All you have to do is sign, once you hear me out.” Gray eyes met matching gray eyes. “Natural causes or your hand is my way of death. Everything I have in assets will go to you and the branch will dissolve. Anyone in my branch who breaches this, will be punished by the government’s hand. I’m done with this. But its too late for me to get out, so I’m ending it at the end of my life.”


Matvey was tearing up. 


“I’ve kept my eyes on you for a long time, finding the right time to speak with you. What have you been up to?”


“Oh me?” Matvey shrugged his shoulders, feeling like a shy teen again. “I’ve been working my job at the dry cleaners. I went to a wake earlier this week. You know that actress, Viktoria Nikiforov?”


“Hmm I might’ve heard of her. Did she pass away?”


Matvey nodded. “She did. Cancer.”


“I’m sorry to hear. Did you know her well?”


“Not exactly. Hold on.” He got up and went to his room and returned with two letters. “One is an invitation to her wake, and the other was a letter that came with it. There wasn’t much, just an apology and to look for Viktor. I didn’t know she had a son. But after actually running into a man who was Viktor’s boyfriend and Japanese pro skater, I met Viktor and he looks so much like her and like us-”




“Viktor might be my son!” The Russian brother in name exclaimed. “I went with him this morning to do a DNA test. Mikhail, I might be a father!” 


Mikhail smiled and stood up to hug his brother again. “I’m so happy for you Matvey.”


Matvey was in tears again. He was always the more emotional of the two. 


“But this is why I’m ending the branch with me. I don’t want anything to happen to us. Father made a mistake tearing us apart. I don’t want you to tear you and this chance apart. If you sign, then the money is yours, the branch is broken. No inner workings or fine print. My branch knows this and I’ve set them up with good jobs and stable futures. You won’t have to worry about anything.”


“What if I don’t sign?”


“It’ll end up in charity funds, you still get a portion.”


“Then I’ll take that.” Matvey agreed to. “I love you Mikhail, I always have, but I never wanted to associate myself with the Mafia.”


“I understand.” His twin agreed. “I’ll still try to keep in touch. Let me know how the father thing goes.”


Matvey shook his head while he led his brother to the door. “I probably won’t for their safety. Happy Birthday Big Brother.”


“Happy Birthday, Little Brother.”


Matvey closed the door and resumed on with his life. 



The ringing of his phone woke Matvey out of his nap. He had a day off and was waiting for a very important phone call. With this phone call, his life would change. He quickly answered it, not even looking at the ID.


“Hello is this Mr. Fedorov?”


“Y-yes this is him.”


The nurse introduced herself then went along with what he had been waiting for. “Good afternoon, Sir. I’ve called to share your test results. It came out matched, you are Mr. Nikiforov’s father! Congratulations!”


Matvey’s hands started to shake as he thanked the nurse and hung up. He jumped for joy. He was a father! He calmed down. He was a father. Matvey fell to his knees, letting the tears fall. One of his lifelong dreams had finally come true. He had family .


Once he felt calmed down and sure he was alright, he checked the time it was in Japan. It was late in the night, but he really needed to tell someone. He opened up the line app and sent a message to Yuuri. 


~Yuuri, I want to visit the springs. ~Mat


He waited a few minutes after sending the message, hoping he wasn’t waking up the couple. Bubbles popped back up before a message was sent through. 


~I want you to visit too. Did you get the results? ~YK


~Yes! I am so very happy! I want to be able to catch up with my… son. That is weird to say. ~Mat


~Viktor is processing it. But I think you two should get to know each other before jumping to conclusions. ~YK


~I have a passport. Getting a Visa will be easy. When can I visit? ~Mat


~I might be having a baby shower soon since I entered my 3rd trimester. Viktor and I just started to look for a home after we have the baby. I will message you when I have the set date. ~YK


~Of course! I don’t want to push anything. I will let you sleep. At least tell Viktor I said hello. ~Mat


~Yes, I will do so. Goodnight. ~YK


Matvey set his phone aside and took a breath. He was going to meet his son. He was going to meet his potential son-in-law, and he was going to be a grandfather. It was all so much and almost too much. He laughed to himself before getting ready to plan his future trip. 



It felt good to be home. After the long flights and a night in Tokyo to recover a bit, Yuuri and Viktor were back at the onsen. Viktor took care of the bags while Yuuri went to catch up with his parents, but left out the bit of Viktor having a father. Yuuri and him had decided to let Matvey into their lives whenever they visited Russia. Viktor had to blame Yuuri for his big heart, as Viktor was still a little unsure about it all. 


The trip in itself was all over the place. He honestly didn’t care about his mother but after Yakov asking him and seeing he was about to become a parent himself, he didn’t want to be like her where he put his skating above his family. 


It was horrible for Yuuri to meet his mother as she was literally dying in front of them, but still. Yuuri was there for him, supportive and understanding. 


Then there was Matvey. Viktor didn’t know what to make of him. The two of them did look alike, almostly too alike right down to their smiles. Viktor didn’t usually trust his mother and never asked about his father so possibly his mother did lie to him. The man was a mystery yet Viktor believed the man over his mother which is why he did the test, even with Yuuri’s bit of pushing. 


They had a couple of weeks before they could hear the results and Viktor was feeling two things at once: excited and nervous. He was excited because then he found a reason to stay in Russian and he would have more family. But he was nervous because he was going to possibly have a father. Before he could jump to conclusions, he would have to wait it out. 


So now here he was, two weeks later, having a movie day with Yuuri since he finished his classes and tests early. He knew he would be getting a phone call about the test results. Both men were shirtless, fans blasting on them while they watched a random anime movie in Viktor's room to keep themselves distracted. 


Viktor looked over to see Yuuri wincing as they both saw his rund stomach almost twist as their daughter turned. 


“Wow! Did you see that!?” Viktor said as he splayed a hand on the taut skin where their little girl was now resting. He could feel her back pressed up against his hand.


“See, I felt that, Vicchan. She sat on my back and did a sit spin. Her feet are starting to settle finally.” Yuuri rolled his eyes. 


“Calm down, Sweetheart.” Viktor said to the bump, placing a kiss just above the navel. “You’ve got a bit left to grow.”


“Just three more months, right? I’m just turning 28 weeks.”


Viktor smiled before changing the subject. “Have you thought about that one place at all?”


“I have. I felt the most home out of all of them. I’m just struggling to leave here. This was my home for my whole life, minus the years I went to school in Detroit. But we can't rely on my parents forever." Yuuri decided. "I want to make an offer."


Viktor smiled and moved in to kiss him. Yuuri accepted the kiss. The Russian wanted to take it deeper but the ringing of his phone stopped them. He quickly reached to grab it and answered it. 




<Hello! Is this Mr. Nikiforov?">


<"Yes it is.">


<Excellent! I have the results for your DNA test to Mr. Fedorov,"> Viktor took a breath. <"It is a match. Mr. Fedorov is your father! Congratulations!">


Viktor thanked the nurse and then hung up. Yuuri sat in anticipation next to him, holding his belly. Viktor softly smiled. A tear escaping his eye. He nodded, confirming it all. He had a father. 


"Oh Vicchan. It'll be okay." Yuuri shuffled closer to him on his knees and hugged him the best he could."


"I… I don't know what to feel…"


"That's okay. It will take time." Yuuri soothed, rubbing his back. 


"I have to call Yuri, I promised him I would tell him." 


Viktor seemed antsy so Yuuri let him go and the Russian left the room to go to the bathroom to call the blond. He could tell Yuri wasn't happy but Viktor assured him that their relationship wouldn't change. The blond jokes that Yuuri and him were like his helicopter parents but that nothing will change. Viktor gave him a farewell before processing it all. 


Matvey Fedorov was his father. Fedorov . The name sounded familiar. He did a quick search but couldn't find anything. He remembered his mother saying something about that name when he was young but it was a distant memory.


Finally gathering his thoughts, Viktor left the bathroom and rejoined his Yuuri who seemed to have brought them some iced tea and cucumber chips. Viktor sat down next to his boyfriend and leaned against him a little, taking a cucumber and crunching down on it. 


"You okay?"


"I will be… I will be."



That night just as they were settling into bed, Viktor heard Yuuri’s phone buzz. He was wrapped around Yuuri, cradling his bump and nuzzling the back of the Japanese man’s neck. 


“Mmm who is it?” Viktor’s tired voice asked, turning into a yawn. 


“Phichit.” Yuuri yawned back. “Asking about the apartment situation.”


“Ah okay, tell him I said hi.”


“I will.”


Yuuri then set his phone aside after a few minutes and turned to face Viktor, the Russian adjusting to the new position and the two of them fitting together like puzzle pieces. Viktor had an interesting twist to his life but little moments like these were what was going to help him along.

Chapter Text

“So if you sign here and here, then the mansion is yours!” The real estate agent informed them. 


Yuuri translated for Viktor and both men signed the document, making the apartment theirs. Viktor had found it in Fukuoka. It was a bit of a ways from Hasetsu but it had everything for their growing family. The apartment also accepted foreigners and the landlords were ice skating fans so it was easy to win their hearts. 


The apartment (Mansion said by the locals), or more like a townhouse type building, had two bedrooms, and a bathroom on the upper floor, another toilet, living room, dining room, kitchen and small backyard on the 1st floor. It was small and perfect. 


The agent gathered the paperwork and the deposit before taking their leave to go grab the keys and let the new couple settle. Viktor held Yuuri’s hand as they walked around the house again. Yuuri voiced his ideas about where to put his things as well as Viktor’s things until they reached the room that would be their daughter’s. The agent returned with the keys and once they were gone for sure, Yuuri held up the keys. Viktor quickly took out his phone and snapped a photo. The white curtain behind Yuuri gave the correct glow, Yuuri holding his belly and the keys with a genuine smile. 


After Viktor took the picture, he showed it to Yuuri and he approved. They posted it on their family account with the caption: Finally found Baby Girl a room for her own!


The post was flooded with all kinds of congratulations. 



“No, just a little to the left.” Yuuri said as he stood back to observe. 


The movers were helping them set up a couch that the two bought since they didn’t have one. Viktor was setting up things elsewhere in the house while he gave Yuuri the job of traffic director since he was banned from lifting any box. He was 30 weeks, half way through his 7th month, and he already felt like a whale. He hoped to lose a little bit of weight. 


Once it was placed and he directed a few more pieces of furniture, it was evening by the time 75% of their things were set up. Yuuri decided to test the couch and sunk into it. He felt instant relief on his back and his ankles. Viktor had emerged from somewhere else and he too looked equally as tired. 


“I’ve got our room all set up. How about we shower, have a movie on and I order takeout?”


“That sounds amazing. Food rub too?”


“Of course! You go shower first while I order food.”


Yuuri nodded but failed to move. Smiling sweetly at Viktor, the older skater got the meaning behind it and helped Yuuri to his feet and up the stairs. Yuuri washed up while he heard Viktor order them dinner then shuffled to the bedroom. It was set up just how he wanted it. Dark blue sheets with a gray comforter, the softest mattress Yuuri had ever felt. The walls were still white but were lined with photos of Viktor’s victories and Yuuri’s too. It was their room built for them. Across the bed was a dresser with a TV on top and a desk off to the side in the corner for his classes. It was relaxing and peaceful. 


“Food’s here.” Viktor said as he opened the door. “Dish yourself up while I shower real quick.”


“Of course.”


Viktor set the food on the desk while he grabbed his clothes and went to shower. 


Yuuri’s mind was still reeling that Viktor, The Viktor Nikiforov , was his boyfriend, they moved in together and were having a daughter. It almost felt surreal. He felt a kick as he dished up his food and got himself comfortable on the bed. He gave a quick prayer before digging in. Viktor hurried quick with his shower and joined him on the bed with his own plate of food. 


“How are you doing?” Viktor asked while they ate. 


Yuuri let out a sigh. “Honestly, I’m already homesick.” 




“Well I’m not fully homesick since I’m here in Japan, but it reminds me of Detroit. Living on my own, someone new…” He blushed looking at Viktor. “I’ll get used to it. On the other hand, I’m happy to not be a burden to my parents.”


“Hey, you aren’t a burden to your parents or anyone. I’m sure they are proud of you for moving on and up in life.” Viktor patted Yuuri’s thigh. “I’m a bit nervous too to live with someone new since the last person I lived with was Yakov. But I’m happy to start a new chapter with you.” 


Yuuri blushed harder. “Me too. You and our daughter.”


“Yes.” Viktor moved a hand to Yuuri’s belly. “We should also think of names soon.”


“Oh right, I had a question about last names.” Yuuri perked up. 




“I want her to have your last name.”


It was Viktor’s turn to blush. “Really? W-well I’d be honored.”


“S-so how… How would that go? Japanese are like America where the surname stays the same with the child born. I read that Russia is different.”


“Hmm well yes and no. We can choose to have our children of the same name, but since we’re having a girl it could be changed to Nikiforova, if we kept it. But traditionally, it could be Viktorova? What do you think?”


“Hmmm. They are interesting…” Yuuri admitted, rubbing his belly while Viktor took care of the plates and food. “They are both good, but do you mind if we keep Nikiforov?”


“I don’t at all. She’s your child too. I’d be happy with mine or Katsuki. I’m just honored that you wanted to keep my last name.” Viktor smiled. “So then, can I request that she has a Japanese name?”


The younger skater’s eyes lit up. “Of course!”


“Perfect. Our adorable Baby Girl will be a perfect mix of both her roots.”


Happy they agreed on how they will name their daughter, Viktor finished cleaning up and cuddled back up to Yuuri and the two completed their night watching a movie.



Yuuri sat patiently at Hakata station in Fukuoka. He hadn’t been waiting for long, only half an hour before he could hear the familiarity of a frantic voice. Yuuri got up, with a little struggle before he walked in the direction. In the midst of the station, a few of the locals were looking at the confused man while others tried to get an autograph, thinking it was Viktor. 


“Matvey-san!” Yuuri called out to him, trying to breathe as he walked. He was wearing a mask and touristy clothes to hide in and not be disturbed, his belly sticking out and round.


The Russian turned around a smile of relief on his face. 


“Ah! Coming!” Matvey grabbed his suitcase and wheeled it behind  him as he followed Yuuri out. 


Yuuri hailed a taxi to take them to his apartment and waited with the Russian. 


“Yuuri, you look amazing! It feels like forever since we met!” Matvey smiled. The older man was clearly excited to be here despite being tired. 


“Thank you. It’s getting close! I hope the flight was okay.”


“It was long, yes. I’m excited to help Viktor decorate your daughter’s room and meet your friends! Since I got the results, I’ve been thinking of what to say, but I think addressing him as Viktor would be fine enough. I don’t want to push it. I want him to make the move in what relationship we have.” Matvey expressed. 


“Which is entirely fine.” The taxi showed and the two got inside before continuing the conversation. “Spending time together is something I want you two to do so then you can make the right decision. I could tell Viktor was nervous too about wanting to speak with you.”


“Thank you for keeping this a secret. I hope he won’t be mad at us.”


“With our other friends there, I don’t think he will. Although I do want to warn you about Yuri.” Yuuri chuckled. 


“About you?”


Yuuri shook his head. The taxi pulled up to the house and Matvey got out, helping Yuuri. He then grabbed his bag while Yuuri paid the driver. 


“Well this is our home!” Yuuri waved a hand as he started to walk towards the house.


Before he could open the door, it flew open and the one person that Yuuri warned Matvey about came out, speaking rapid fire Russian angrily. 


<“Periwinkle would be a better color not powder blue, Dumbass!”> The blond stopped when he saw Yuuri and the older looking guy who resembled Viktor a lot. The blond paled. “K-Katsudon…”


“Hello Yurio.” Yuuri nervously greeted, holding his belly protectively.


The blond looked at the guest and clicked his tongue. He then walked past them to go walk around. Clearly he was upset about something. Yuuri walked into the house, Matvey behind him. 


“Vicchan, Tadaima!”


“Oh, Uh, Okaeri!”


Viktor then paused when he walked into the genkan. Matvey nervously smiled, giving a shy wave. Viktor’s blue eyes locked with Yuuri’s earthy brown and his jaw tensed. He then broke away and shakily spoke. 

“Matvey… Okaeri.

Chapter Text

"Yuuri can I talk to you?" Viktor asked, taking Yuuri's hand and bringing him into the kitchen. He dropped his boyfriend's hand and almost growled at the smaller skater. "What did I say about you supporting me and letting me do my own thing with him?" He said angrily but hushed. 


Yuuri stepped back a little, knowing he messed up. "To just support you…" 


Viktor sighed. "Right. Which meant to let me reach out to him when I am ready."


"I know… but he reached out to me first, he said he wanted to visit the Inn and surprise you!" Yuuri was being defensive. 


"What? When?" Viktor narrowed his eyes. 


"A-about a month ago…"


"A month ago!" Viktor was surprised but his tone made Yuuri shrink in on himself.


"I-I'm sorry…" the pregnant Japanese man began to sniffle. "I s-still support you, but with Baby Girl on the way, you wouldn't have t-time to even think about getting to know h-him." Yuuri was bawling now. "H-how can you know him if you don't t-talk to him!? I just want y-you to be happy, Vic-chan!"


"Yuura, I'm sorry, don't cry." Viktor brought his boyfriend into a hug, muffling the sobs. "I know you meant it with good intentions. I haven't been exactly fair either, but I just see the picture of family differently. I didn't grow up with loving parents like you did. I lost my mother and now I have a father. You need to see it from my point of view."


Yuuri nodded. "I'm still s-sorry."


"I know, and I forgive you." Viktor let go of Yuuri and wiped away the tears with his thumbs. "Thank you. If you didn't bring him here, then I might've never gotten the courage to face him." He placed a kiss on the top of his love's head. "Are you okay?"


"I-*hic*-will be. Just give me a minute."


"Of course. I'm sorry for upsetting you. I better go get him. He's probably lost."


Viktor let Yuuri be while he went to fetch Matvey. He still found the poor older man looking confused in the genkan. 


"Sorry about that-"


"Don't be upset with him!" Matvey interrupted. "I planned this. I just needed help navigating Japan. I was so excited when I got the results, I instantly planned the trip. I got my papers and visa all lined up. I should've called first, but then it would be no surprise! So please don't be mad with Yuri."


"Okay, I won't. And it's Yuuri, longer than Yuri."


"Right." Matvey nodded.


"So you take off your shoes here. It's a custom in Japan, keeps the house clean." Viktor set down a pair of house slippers. "You wear these."


"Oh okay. Fancy." Matvey took off his shoes and slipped on the slippers.


"I'll take your bags. We've got a fold out couch so I hope you're okay with that.”


“I don’t mind. I’ve slept on worse.” Matvey smiled as Viktor led him into the home further. 


Though the moment he stepped foot towards the living room, a flash of brown and blue flashed in Viktor’s vision. Yuuri’s friend and old colleague, Phichit, ran into the room. 


“My ‘Yuuri is crying’ senses are tingling. What did you do Viktor!?” Phichit glared at the Russian. 




“Itai!” Followed by a crash of a cup dropping. 


Both Viktor and Phichit dashed into the kitchen with Matvey right behind them. Their other guest, Chris, also came out from the other rooms hearing the crash. 


“Yuuri, are you okay?” Viktor quickly went into worry mode while Phichit started to clean up the shattered mug. 


“Y-yeah… I think…” Yuuri was gripping the counter with one hand while the other was holding his belly. “That was just weird.”


“What happened?”


Yuuri’s face scrunched in concentration. “I think… I had a false contraction.”


Viktor relaxed a little. “W-well that’s good, right?”


Yuuri relaxed a little more before leaning into Viktor’s touch. “It was scary, but yes, it’s good. It means I’m on track and Baby Girl is excited to meet us.”


Viktor rubbed his back, hoping to help calm him. He started to feel guilty if the stressful moment from a few minutes before was the reason why a false contraction had come up. Their doctor had warned them they would start soon the closer Yuuri was getting ready for the birth. 


“Vicchan, I’m okay.” Yuuri whispered, assuring him. 


Viktor nodded, letting Yuuri go. 


“I’m actually going to take a nap. Keep everyone entertained. Oh, and get Yurio. I saw him leave on my way in. I’m worried about him.”


“I’ll go find him. It's a rough time for him too.” Viktor kissed the top of his love’s head again before turning to Matvey. “I’m going to help him to bed. We’ll recruit Yura and we’ll all go to the store. We’re decorating the nursery for the home warming / baby shower in a couple of days.”


“Of course, do what you need to.” Matvey said as he stepped aside. 


Chris had gone to let Makkachin from the outside to indoors so the pup could nap with Yuuri and keep him safe. Once Yuuri was down, Viktor, the boys, Matvey and Yuri all went around to shop. They went to the paint store where Chris and Yuri once again argued about the room color until Phichit took the samples and showed them to Matvey. 


“Grandpa gets to choose!” The tanned Thai stated. 


Viktor was shocked, Yuri and Chris interested and offended. Matvey was thrown off. He studied the colors and ended up with the periwinkle. Yuri puffed out his chest in pride. They then shopped for a few wall decals, Matvey finding snowflake patterns. 


After the decorations, they went to a maternity store to pick up Yuuri a few outfits and to pick out a few baby clothes. Phichit was crying at how cute everything was. Yuri found a cat hoodie and bought it secretly for his own present to the couple. He even found a onesie with mini cat buns all over it. Matvey found a few things he wanted to gift Viktor and Yuuri but had to ask for currency help. Phichit had him covered and politely declined the rubles as repayment. 


“Anything for my best friend.” Phichit claimed.


They stopped for a late lunch before making one last stop at a baby store. Viktor brought a list that Yuuri made of what he wanted. He got a stroller, a changing table and a playpen for later. He grabbed bottles, stocked up on formula, spit up rags, binkies, a bouncy chair (which Yuri paid for half), and some more blankets and clothes. They were set on a crib since Yuuri’s parents were going to surprise him with his old crib they held onto. 


Finally at the end, they headed back in the car Viktor rented. He dropped Phichit and Chris off at their hotel while Yuri and Matvey were brought back. 


Yuuri was awake when they got home and he closed his eyes. He wanted the nursery to be a surprise for the housewarming party and baby shower combo. He had ordered take out before they returned and would be any minute. Matvey was also greeted by Makkachin, a few sniffs and licks before everyone could finally settle down. Yuuri remained in the middle of the couch, a pillow on his back and each side of him. Viktor to his right, Yurio to his left, and on the loveseat sat Matvey all alone. 


“So, enjoying Japan so far?” Yuuri started the conversation. 


Viktor kept an eye on Matvey, almost like a protective dog. Viktor had been on edge since Yuuri’s contraction earlier. 


“Hm, yes, very busy. Breezy, clean, and peaceful. Very nice place.” 


“I thought the same in St. Petersburg.” Yuuri itched his cheek. “It was very beautiful.”


Viktor knew that Yuuri was trying to make small talk to ease the growing tension, but it didn’t seem to work. It was Yuri who broke it and snapped, shocking everyone. 


“Alright, you… Well I don’t know what to call you. But if you ever hurt Viktor, you’ll not only feel the wrath of Katsudon, but you’ll have to face me.” Yuri growled. “He grew up without a father like me so we had each other. I don’t want you forcing yourself into him and becoming his father in an instant. I was here first, got it?”


“Yura!” Viktor snapped. “That is no way to treat a guest!”


Yuri crossed his arms and sank back into the couch, moving closer to Yuuri, almost hiding. 


“Sorry about him…” Viktor apologized. 


Matvey seemed to gather his thoughts before speaking. “No, he’s okay. I don’t ever want to impose on something you already have. This was a silly thing I brought up at Viktoria’s wake. There are some days I am glad to have said something, but others, I know you’ve already got a life and I’ll be a stick in the mud. I don’t expect you to accept me right away, just that you know I’m here, an ally if you ever return to Russia. It's why I also planned this trip to get a feel of you and your family so if there is space for me, it would be up to you to accept it.”


“I don’t want to disrupt your life too. I was upset with Yuuri earlier because my trust was broken slightly, but it was for a good reason. I don’t think I’d ever contact you, honestly. Yura is right, I grew up without a father so I don’t know how to react. I do want to get to know you though.”


Yuuri was about to say something, but then felt a heavy weight on him. Yura had fallen asleep on him and was trying to cuddle up with him. Viktor quickly took a photo and posted it on the family account, captioned: A kitten cuddled up to baby sister.


The account went nuts again. 


“Oh, social media?” Matvey pulled out his phone which was a simple smartphone. 


“Oh yeah, we have a family account between the three of us. Yura is like a little brother/son figure, whereas Yuuri and I are the parents in a sense. Actually…” Viktor sat down and took a quick selfie with Matvey. “Can I post this?”


Matvey was shocked at the photo, seeing how alike the two were. He nodded before Viktor posted another photo with the caption: New Dedushka for Baby Girl!


Everyone went insane. 


“They have photos of Katsuki’s parents and older sister. Ojiisan, Obaasan, and specifically Oneesan. You are Dedaushka.”


“Ojii, Obaa, Mari-nee and Deda we hope are the nicknames.” Yuuri said quietly, petting Yuri’s head as he was snuggled up to Yuuri. “Vicchan, can you get his futon please?”


“Of course.” Viktor said as he left the room to set up in the nursery. 


“Vicchan, I heard you call him that at the wake, is that his nickname?”


The japanese man nodded, a blush on his face. “Viktor-chan if it was really pronounced. But we shortened it to Vicchan. Yuri is Yurio dubbed by my sister since we both have the same name.” 


“I see. You called me Matvey-san earlier.”


“Hmm hai. Means Mr. Matvey. Unless there is something else you’d like me to call you?”


“Oh, you can call me Mat. It's easier to say.”






“Sorry it's my pronunciation. Matto. It still means your name.” Yuuri nervously chuckled. 


“I actually like it. Matto. Mat-to.” He tested it out. 


“I'll be alright, but Vicchan will still call you Matto, er, Mat-.”


Matvey smiled. Viktor returned with bedsheets, exhaustion also setting in for him. He set them down then sneaked around to pick up Yuri to set him up for bed while Yuuri got up and removed the couch cushion for the hide-a-bed. Matvey got up and helped him pull it out and make the bed. Once Matvey was settled, Yuuri wished him a good night and headed upstairs. 


Viktor came down to get a few glasses of water and spotted Matvey on the bed, looking at his phone. He had to ask, he just had to. He needed to do so for the sake of his family. If he could get it out of the way here, then he could relax the rest of the visit. 


“Um, Matvey?”


“Hm? Oh Viktor… Sorry, am I being too loud?”


“Er, no. I just have a question.” Viktor said, gripping the glasses of water. 


“What is it?”


Viktor took a breath before getting serious. “Are you associated with the government branch mafia run by the Fedorovs?”


Matvey looked shocked before he shook his head. “My brother… Mikhail is the one in charge. Our father, Fyordor gave us an option after we graduated high school: Join the Mafia or Leave and be dead. My brother and I split. He now runs the branch. I have picked up jobs throughout my lifetime.” He sat up more. “I’m sorry I did not tell you sooner or at the wake about my last name. People usually hear Fedorov and run for the hills.” He looked to his lap. “I changed my name after high school to Orlov but legally it is still Fedorov.” He then looked at Viktor. “I’m not putting your family in danger. I promise. I’ve had no trouble these past 38 years. That branch is run by the government, but Putin himself, so it is safe. If anything happens to your family, then I shall take 100% of that blame as a Fedorov myself.”


Viktor studied him in the slight dark. “We can talk more later on, but I don’t sense a threat from you. I’m an ice skater so I don’t want anything to do with that side of my country. I have a growing family and I’d like to keep it that way.”


“O-of course.” The elder Russian assured the best he could. 


“Goodnight, Matvey.” Viktor nodded. 


“Goodnight, Viktor.”

Chapter Text

Yuuri woke up to a familiar movement in his belly. The sheets were off of him from it being a hot night and his shirt was ridden up. He looked down to see the large mound protruding from his middle. He could see his daughter stretch and kick. Placing his hands on either side of the stretched skin, he talked to her quietly in Japanese, telling her how much she was loved. 


Then out of nowhere he felt the dull ache of a false contraction. Yuuri tried to remain calm as it rose through his back and wrapped around the front. It was like a large cramp that hugged him tight. If this was going to be a constant, he didn’t know what they’d be like when he went into real labor, but he expected them to be much worse. 


He pressed around and felt that she was head up and started to kick at his bladder, a sure sign he needed to get up and use the bathroom before he wet himself. Rolling onto his side and using his arms to push himself up, he managed to get to his feet. But the moment gravity set it, it was too late. He could feel his pants grow wet.




He looked to the bed and saw that Viktor wasn’t around, probably getting a head start or by the smell of food in the air, cooking breakfast. Sighing, he tried to stop himself and grabbed a pair of clothes to take a shower. But first he needed to finish then come back to clean up his mess. Thank goodness for non carpeted floors. The pregnant male was able to finish in the bathroom, set his clothes on the counter and grab a towel. Yuuri used the bed as leverage as he eased himself off the floor and started to clean. 


“Yuuri, good morning-” Viktor cheerfully and quietly greeted as he stepped into the room with a tray. “Yuuri! What are you doing!?” Viktor set the tray off the side on the floor and rushed over to where the man in name was scrubbing away at the floor, determination on his face.


“I… wet myself. She kicked me and gravity set in. I was just cleaning up my mess.” Yuuri said. 


“You should’ve called me!” Viktor knelt down, taking the soiled rag from Yuuri’s hands and helping the pregnant male to his feet. This wasn’t the first time Yuuri had wet himself, but Viktor had told him to ask for help. “Here, I’ll keep your breakfast warm. Take a shower and I’ll work on laundry.”


“Can I do the laundry, please?” Yuuri asked, blushing. “I don’t know what it is, but I have this itch, let me clean up a bit.”


Viktor smiled. “Alright. I’ll leave it, but don’t overdo it.”


“Thank you, I’ll be done shortly.” 


Yuuri continued to take a shower then dressed before walking to the garage to do the laundry. He had a basket in hands and greeted his house guests. Yuri was munching on a piece of toast while Matvey was nursing a coffee. 


“Ohayo!” Yuuri greeted both. 


“Ohayo.” Yuri said back. 


“Oh-hi-yo.” Matvey attempted. 


It made Yuuri smile that the elder man was putting in effort to speak his language. Viktor started to set up his breakfast again and make his tea. Yuuri placed the laundry in the machine and then joined everyone else. 


“So what are your plans for today?” Yuuri asked as he took a sip of his tea that Viktor made him. 


“Well when Chris and Phichit show up we’ll start painting. Phichit said he wanted to talk about party details.”


“Seems okay to me. You are the one that said that I should relax.”


“That is true.” Viktor agreed. 


“Ugh, get a room!” Yuri fake complained. “This is worse than the Grand Prix.” 


Matvey sat there confused and offended. 


“Don’t worry Matto. Yurio here is all bark and no bite. He’s just a hormonal teen.” Yuuri assured the older man.


“What!?” If Yuri was a cat, his hackles would be raised. 


“Yura. Calm down.” Viktor snapped, quieting the teen. He then turned to Matvey. “Let’s border the windows and trim while we wait for friends, da?”


The elder nodded and followed. Then it was just the two Yuris’. Yuuri managed to finish his breakfast before getting ready to take Makkachin out for the pup’s morning walk. It was his light exercise the doctor approved of him to have. Because he was a male carrier, there still were so many things that medically were unknown. 


“Come on, Yurio.”


The blond lightened up as he went to get ready. Once Makkachin was on her leash and everyone was set, the two set off. Yuuri walked the dog and Yuri around the area and to a nearby dog  park. He took a seat on the bench and let Makkachin loose to play with the other pups. Yuri took a seat next to him, focusing on Makka. 


“So… about this whole new thing with Viktor…” Yuuri could tell the teen wanted to talk about it so he was giving him the opportunity. 


“About him getting a father? Yeah it's great.” Yuri huffed, rolling his eyes and sounding sarcastic.




“And stop calling me that!”


Yuuri shrank back a bit. He still wasn’t fully used to the teen’s abrasive nature, remembering all those weeks ago when the blond Russian had chased down Viktor to Hasetsu. So he remained quiet while he watched Viktor and rubbed his stomach, thinking about his own Russian. 


“It's not fair…” The words were almost missed in how quiet they were. 


Yuuri looked over to see the teen looking down at his lap. “I never had a father like Viktor and when I found out he also didn’t have a father, but a shitty mother like mine, I felt like I could stand equal to him. We often talked about the similarities and with both of us being raised by elder figures, it’s just giving me false hope.”


The Japanese skater took the chance to be kind and placed a caring and gentle hand on his companion’s back. Yuri shook under the touch before relaxing into it. 


“We both wished to have a father in our lives and at times I felt as if Viktor was that for me, or an older brother. But with him randomly getting a father, it makes me feel hopeful that mine will come back too.” The teen was wiping his emerald eyes with the backs of his hands. “But mine won’t ever come back…”


“What happened, Yuri?”


“My parents were teens, reckless and irresponsible teenagers. It's why I try not to be like them. I stay away from alcohol and drugs, but sometimes… an old itch is dug up. Deda said it was because of what my mother did…” He sighed. “I take to the ice to sedate that itch, and being friends with Viktor made me have a sense of normalcy, but I’m afraid that this guy is going to take Viktor from me…”


Yuuri felt sorry for the younger Yuri, but he also frowned. “What about me? I’ve literally taken Viktor if you think about it. We’re having a baby together.”


“That’s different…” Yuri also frowned. “You two feel like my parents, or parent-like figures. You radiate mother energy and that’s not because you’re knocked up. I just don’t know him…”


Yuuri relaxed again a little. “Well Viktor and I don’t know him as well, which is why we’re letting him visit so we can. It's just like when you first enter competitions. You don’t know anyone, but then you get to know them through skating and in between turns on the ice and you eventually make friends. Viktor still cares about you. So do I.”


Yuri nodded before standing up and calling Makkachin. Yuuri agreed they needed to head back. 


Yuuri moved to the edge of the bench to stand up when he felt the workings of a false contraction. Yuri gathered the poodle and attached the leash and was going to call for the Japanese version when he saw the pained expression on the older’s face. 


“Shit, Katsudon?”


Makkachin was close to Yuuri, nuzzling his belly and softly whining. 


“I’ll be fine. I’m okay.” Yuuri breathed. “It’s just false.”




“So… it doesn’t mean anything. It’s supposed to be happening. It’s practice for when I have her.”


“D-dies Viktor know?”


Yuuri nodded, as he could feel it pass. “I had my first one yesterday while trying to make tea.”


“Fuck. Well we should get back anyway. Curry boy and Flirty will probably be there.”


“Right. Help me up?”


Yuri held out a hand and hoisted the pregnant skater up and the two slowly started to make their way back. 



Once he heard the front door close, Viktor and Matvey set to work on covering up the trim and laying plastic down. He had put away Yuri’s futon in the closet then started to set it up. 


“Anything I can help with?” Matvey asked, peeking his head into the empty nursery.


“Of course!” Viktor tossed him a roll of painters tape. “You can tape the window.”


Matvey nodded while he set to work. It was awkward and tense in the room between the two men. It was Viktor to break the ice. 


“So, you mentioned when we first met that you were a male escort?”


Matvey paused for a moment before blushing with embarrassment. “Eh… um… yes. I’m quite embarrassed about it. It was my first job, and I worked it for 15 years.”


“Oh? Did you start right after school?”


“Yes. I also met your mother through it.”


“Could you… tell me more about that?” Viktor asked, feeling curious.


“Right. So uh… I was working a shift when I got requested by a visitor. It was high security so they must’ve been important. I went in and she greeted me.” He continued to tape the window. “She was already ready with paperwork. She said that she had been watching me for a while, knew my connections to the government branch even though I denied my involvement with them.” Matvey paused, slowly the memories pouring back into him. 


“I see.” Viktor waited. 


“Viktor… I’m going to be honest…” Matvey faced him head on. 


The younger Russian stopped too to face his supposed father. 


“You…” Matvey looked pained, but the small tears were forming in his eyes. “I was the victim…”


Viktor’s heart dropped. 


“She… she forced me to sign the paper… wouldn’t let me use protection… I… Then the news that she was taking a break from acting to have her child…”


“Matvey…” Viktor breathed.


“I don’t know what she told you, but if this were normal, I would've been there. I’m not one to abandon the people I ch-chose to be with. You were innocent in her actions against me so I could never be mad at you. So I…”


“Hey, Mat, it’s okay.” Viktor placed his hands on the older’s shoulders, grounding him. “I’m sorry for bringing this up. If I’d known how painful it was…” He looked away. “She was a cruel woman. I too had my own time with her and it wasn’t pleasant. She’s gone now, she can’t hurt us anymore.”


Matvey nodded, sniffling. Viktor left a brief moment to grab tissues and handed it over. “I do want to know you and your boyfriend and hopefully be a part of your daughter’s life as her Dedushka. I just didn’t want to bring any of this: her, the mafia, or my work history, into your lives.”


“Yuuri and I would love it if you were part of her Russian family.” Viktor smiled. “I was honestly thinking about selling my home there and making the local rink my new home rink but now that I know I have more family, I can keep being connected to my home. So thank you.”


Matvey smiled a bit, nodding and thanking Viktor too. “Do you think I could get a hug?”


“Absolutely.” Vikor himself was a hugger and the moment he hugged Matvey, he felt whole. He found he got his touchy-affectionate side from Matvey. 


When they separated, they shared a smile before starting up talking about Viktor’s skating career, Matvey’s childhood, and the sound of tape sticking to the walls. 



The weekend rolled around and things were finally in full swing. Yuuri was helping Phichit hand decorations, Chris was picking up the cake, Matvey was putting finishing touches on the nursery, and Viktor was taking Makkachin out for a quick walk. The doorbell rang, making everyone pause. 


“I got it.” Yuri said as he came out from the kitchen. The teen offered to make piroshki as a snack and used the quick second to fetch the door.


“I got it.” Yuuri told him. “Keep an eye on the food, I don’t want my house to burn down.” The pregnant man pushed him back into the kitchen on his way to the door, the older man waddling with the weight between his hips. 


Yuuri opened the door and there were his parents and sister, Minako, and the Nishigori family. He greeted them and let them inside, moving out of the way of the genkan and let the last person close the door. Everyone pleasantly commented on his pregnancy progress and even the triplets gave him a small group hug.


The apartment was getting lively and some even went outside to enjoy the odd cool day in july. Hiroko went to help Yuri in the kitchen, the poor 14 year old almost burning the food. Phichit and Chris greeted his father, Toshiya and Yuuko then Mari, Minako, and Takeshi were chatting while the triplets were playing outside. Viktor returned 5 minutes after everyone else and the triplets exploded at the sight of the poodle. 


“Hey.” Viktor greeted Yuuri, walking up to him and placing a hand on his back as a sort of side hug. 


Yuuri leaned into the touch. “Hi.”


“How’s Matvey?”


“Oh! I should go check on him. He was in the nursery last.” 


Yuuri broke away, seeing a little bit of sadness in Viktor’s eyes. The Russian was becoming more clingy and worried the further he progressed into his pregnancy, especially in the past few days he’s been experiencing the Braxton Hicks contractions. As Yuuri went to fetch Matvey, Viktor got everyone’s attention. Everyone except the children paused in their activities. Even Hiroko and Yuri paused their cooking.


“So Yuuri and I went to Russia last month due to a personal issue of mine. But while I was there, I found out that I had more family than I thought.” Viktor blushed, feeling embarrassed. “Over the past several months, you’ve given me a family I never dreamed of. Yuuri has become my whole world and brought all of us together. 


“I’m still getting to know this person, we’ve had all week to catch up and tell stories of our own Russian adventures,” He bows a little, “I hope that you’ll help me welcome him into his mixed family of ours.”


Yuuri was walking out of the direction of the nursery with Matvey close, the Russian looking nervous and shy. 


“Everyone, this is my father, Matvey Fedorov.” Viktor was blushing madly now as Matvey stepped into the space. 


“Hello.” Matvey bows a little. “I am Viktor’s father. We have done tests and it is a match. I didn’t know I had a son until his recent visit. Both Vitya and Yuuri have welcomed me into their home and told me wonderful stories about all of you, so I hope we can get along.”


Everyone then gave him a warm welcome and the party continued. Toshiya had produced a bottle of sake out of nowhere and had begun drinks with Matvey. Yuri brought out his piroshkis which everyone gobbled up. Yuuri especially, the baby kicking up a storm at their piece of the food. They then celebrated with cake then gifts. 


Viktor and Yuuri unwrapped several baby things from onesies, binkies, diapers, blankets, toys, a special gift from Chris for post baby, and lastly a crib that was Yuuri’s when he was a baby. His parents refurbished it, painted it white and brought it in with the help of Matvey and Viktor. They positioned it in the nursery and called it good. 


Yuuri was finally able to see the finished room and shed tears. The periwinkle Yuri had picked out was perfect and matched with the white. The crib sat on the far wall, to the right was a changing table, the left was a dresser. A light blue rug covered the tatami mat and a decently sized rocking chair sat just across the entrance of the nursery. Snowflakes littered the wall and mobile that hung above the bed. Plushies of polar bears, white teddy bears and a white cat from Yuuri were going to be their daughter’s first toys. 


It was amusing in the end, the theme of their daughter’s room. She was going to be born at the end of summer, just a little under two months to go. So having an ice themed room was a bit ironic. 


The rest of the shower went well, they all tried to guess the name, but it was Viktor who would be choosing it, but it would be Japanese since she would be taking his last name. He still wanted to keep it a surprise but he gave the hint that it was simple. Yuuri knew too of course since Viktor asked about it, but it would be kept secret for everyone else. 


The party started to die down and everyone was starting to head home. Chris and Phichit went to go out for some thai while Yuuri’s family, Viktor’s family and Yuri all had Katsudon, despite it being a warm summer day in July. Yuuri really wanted Matvey to have a taste, but only his mother cooked the best. Matvey only talked about his job at the dry cleaners, keeping everything else a secret. 


Once dinner was settled and cleaned up, Yuuri said goodbye to his parents and sister, giving them a hug. He probably wouldn’t see them again until the arrival of Baby Girl. Viktor and Yuuri had much to prepare for with upcoming birthing classes, baby CPR, and parenting 101. Matvey set up his bed with Makkachin, Yuri took the futon to the nursery and the two skaters retired into their room, closing the end of the day.

Chapter Text

Yuuri muddled around the house, cleaning up bits and pieces here and there even if they didn’t need cleaning. Viktor was out taking Yuri and Matvey to the airport for Matvey to return home to Russia. Yuri cancelled his flight and opted to stay and practice before his upcoming season, wanting to be close by for the arrival of Baby Girl. The Japanese man wanted to join him, but after the party the previous day and the third trimester aches getting worse, he opted to stay home and watch Makkachin. The pup was following Yuuri around like a protective charm which made Yuuri worry a little. 


He decided to make another snack and relax on the couch. Baby Girl was moving around and turning so the aches were really getting to him. Viktor didn’t return around until an hour after lunch and right in the middle of a false contraction. Yuuri was squatted, hands gripping the back of the couch as it rippled throughout his front.


“Yuuri!” Viktor quickly shuffled off his shoes and rushed to his boyfriend’s side. 


Yuuri let go of the couch with one hand and frantically reached for Viktor. 


“Yuuri, what’s going on?”


The man in name finally relaxed and Viktor caught him. 


“Ah hah…” Yuuri breathed. “I was returning from the bathroom and it just came out of nowhere.” He panted. “I’m fine, really. She just kicked really hard and it triggered one.”


“Oh okay. I’m glad I made it in time.”


“Yes, thank you.” Yuuri said as Viktor helped him to his feet. “We should relax. Tomorrow we have our first class. I’m excited! The more prepared the better!” The man’s energy changed as he reminded his boyfriend of their preparatory class.


“Of course. I’m excited too.” Viktor agreed. 


Poor Yuri stood speechless in the genkan, trying to make sense of what just happened.



“I’m worn out!” Yuuri said as they entered their home. 


Viktor and Yuuri joined the first time parents group in the birthing class and parenting 101. They learned how to make emergency bags, which Yuuri will definitely research and redo. His hips ached from birthing positions and labor practice, but ached more because a false contraction kicked in the middle of one, scaring the group. Yuuri apologized profusely but the instructor assured him he was alright, as they’ve had labor actually start in their class more than once with other parents. 


Nonetheless, after the class, Yuuri created an appointment to see his doctor about the intensity and more frequent false contractions. He was barely 33 weeks, on his way to 34 weeks so they shouldn’t be so bad. They were supposed to happen, but nothing like this. She was able to squeeze him in into the afternoon but first they needed to take a quick stop at home to let Makkachin out and grab a quick lunch. Yuri was practicing his skate programs and wouldn’t be home until later, around dinner.


Once fed and the dog taken care of they went to the doctor to get checked out. A few locals waved but didn’t approach. Finally they were called back in. Yuuri was poked and prodded, measured and weighed. A different doctor than the last he had entered, a smile across her slim face. 


“Good afternoon Katsuki-san, I’m Doctor Kato. I’m sorry I’m not your typical doctor, but she’s going to be out for a while so I’ve been taking charge of her patients.” She greeted everyone in  Japanese. 


Yuuri and her conversed for a bit, Yuuri translating for Viktor. He was given a blue paper gown and left for him to change before returning with a tech. The two chatted while cold blue gel was run over Yuuri’s stomach and the baby was being measured. 


“Katsuki-san, I just need to look below and then we can discuss your pregnancy.”  


Oh, yes.” Yuuri agreed. 

Viktor held his hand while he was being touched and luckily a false contraction kicked in for the doctor to observe. 


“Katsuki-san, where does it hurt?”


“Ow, My hips, between… ow ow ow, my lower stomach.”


“Okay, just breathe, it's almost over.” She said as he continued to feel and do her job. 


Once the contraction passes, Yuuri is left alone to change back into his clothes. Once he was all good and leaning against Viktor, Dr. Kato returned with her chart and her face into professional mode. 


“So Katsuki-san, basically your hips are widening further to assist in the birth, your carrier opening is strengthening and gaining flexibility for the birth. Because you are a male carrier, I predict you’ll give birth at 38 weeks instead of 40. You have a possibility to give birth at full term so when you reach 38 weeks, we want to monitor for any signs of early labor. Blood pressure is a little high but nothing to be concerned about. Your daughter is healthy and active. I just ask that you eat a little more and rest, lots off your feet. Other than that, you are in shape!”


Yuuri translated for Viktor which brought relief to the Russian. They were still advised to attend classes if Yuuri was up for it, allow him to nest, and pretty much told Viktor to pamper Yuuri. Soon it would be three of them instead of the two and although kids can feel neglected when they get a new sibling, parents feel the same when they aren’t paying attention to what they want as well. 


After their clean bill of health, they headed back to the apartment to once again have another movie night with Yuri wedged in between them and cuddling up to Yuuri. 



The next week, the aches and pains didn’t let up. It was like the Japanese man’s body was telling him this wasn’t going to be a fun experience. Yuri and Viktor were nice and helped him up and got him food and water. Viktor took Makkachin out for her walks while Yuri remained close in case he needed to help. Yuuri felt grateful for all the help but also felt horrible for being lazy about it. 


“No! None of that!” Viktor instantly quieted him before a mood swing striked. “You are growing our daughter. Your body had done so much this pregnancy, and although the worst wasn’t the focus point, they were milestones you got over. This is just another. Once your hips are set, then she will have a smooth welcome.”


Yuuri’s spirit seemed a little better after that, but he decided to remain in bed. The blond teen would often hover by the door, worry clouding him. Yuuri smiled at him from time to time, but eventually Viktor pulled the teen away to go work on his jumps. 


One week later, just three days into the 35th week, Yuuri was not feeling good at all. Viktor still needed to take the dog out and then train Yuri some more so he remained in bed as his hips ached and his daughter endlessly kicked. He threw up in the bathroom not long after Viktor left and Yuri came rushing in. 


“Oi, Katsudon, I brought water and ginger candies.” He said putting them on the counter, scrunching up his nose at the acidic smell. “Do I need to call Viktor?”


Yuuri shook his head. “No. I heard some get sick when they’re in pain. Can you help me up though? She moved and I need to let gravity do it’s thing.”


“Sure.” Yuuri held out a hand and helped him to his feet. 


“Woah…” Yuuri tried to keep his balance. 


Yuri kept his hold on the other’s hands, looking at Yuuri for any strange sign. “What is it?”


“She’s dropped…” Yuuri quietly said as he fully stood and could breathe a little easier. He let go of the teen and felt his belly. He could feel kicks at the top, not where her head’s been. 


“Dropped, what does that mean?”


“Viktor and I learned it in class. It's when the body is preparing for the birth. It can happen as early as 4 weeks before the due date.” The Japanese man informed. 




“It’s too early. I’m only 35 weeks and 3 days…” 


“English, please.” Yuri huffed. 


Yuuri shook his head. “It’s okay. Just because she’s dropped doesn’t mean it's time for her to come. My doctor did say that I might deliver at 38 weeks so it's within an okay time frame.”


“Oh, well we need to tell Viktor then.”


“No!” Yuuri waddled, not walking, waddled after Yuri into the living room, the blond going to get his phone. It felt weird to walk now, it felt like he had a bowling ball in between his legs. 


“Why not?”


“Because I’m not giving birth yet!” Yuuri shouted, a little agitated. “Look, this is something you can’t relate with. It is uncommon and male carriers are still a development in scientific history on biology. A lot of this has to do with the carrier and how they feel. I feel okay, I have been.”


“But you look like you’re in so much pain!” Yuri’s voice cracked, signalling more change was coming for him. 


“Yurio…” Yuuri sighed, walking up to Yuri and giving him an assuring hug. “I’m okay, I promise. I’m not going to lie and say this doesn’t hurt. Its like my hips are being split apart and like I failed Viktor’s quad several times over, but I know I’ll be okay because I want to meet my daughter. I want her to get here safe and healthy.”


Yuri was sniffling a little, nodding to what his counterpart was saying. He finally hugged back and it surprised Viktor when he walked in the door. 



A week after the splitting in half and dropping feeling, Yuuri wasn’t having another great day. Baby Girl was head down for the most part but was now abusing his lungs. He was currently in a bath, a hot one, in the middle of August to quell the cramping. He visited his doctor the day before and they gave him the all clear. He was still on track to delivering his daughter at 40 weeks but was going to play it by ear once he reached 38. 


His stomach was peeking out of the water and looked like a stretched globe. He could identify his daughter’s feet when he kicked and he had fun playing with her. 


The fun and games didn’t last long. Yuuri was able to get out of the tub and get dressed before a false contraction hit as he was drying his hair. He gripped the counter and could feel everything intensify. His knees gave out and his back bowed. 




What made it worse was that Baby Girl decided to flip a random 180 and move to position head first then proceed to kick his bladder, making her upset known. Yuuri lowered himself to the rest of the floor and watched in almost horror as his stomach warped as he sat there shirtless when his baby flipped. 


“Ah ah,” He had to remember to breathe and when he did the pain spiked. “Ah shit !” He shouted. 


Viktor was out training Yuri so Yuuri was alone and he was scared. He focused on breathing and when it eventually passed, he collapsed onto the bathroom tile. He sat up a little bit to get his phone off the counter and texted Viktor what happened. After 10 minutes of laying on the floor, Yuuri got the strength to sit up and stand up. In doing so, Baby Girl kicked hard again and he felt a *pop*.


Yuuri stilled in his crouching position as he looked down between his legs. He quickly dialed Viktor’s number, not moving to interrupt anything as his pants soaked further. 


“Yuuri, I was  just about to call you, I saw your te-”


“Viktor,” Yuuri was shaking so his voice was too. “My water just broke.”

Chapter Text

Viktor skated to the edge after his phone dimmed the music to signal an incoming text. He took his phone and saw that it was a text from Yuuri from almost 10 minutes ago. He frowned at the contents, seeing that Yuuri went through a major contraction and that Baby Girl had flipped again, this time bottom down. He got ready to call Yuuri as he signaled the younger Yuri to wrap it up when his phone started to go off. 


“Yuuri, I was just about to call you, I saw your te-”


“Viktor,” Yuuri sounded scared, which wasn’t good. “My water just broke.”


Oh no. This wasn’t good at all. 


“O-oh okay. Um. We’re on our way home. Call an ambulance just in case. If anything, I'll meet you at the hospital. Oh and call your parents if you can!”


“I-I feel okay now, but yeah I’ll do that and time the contractions. Grab the bag in the genkan. Oh shoot my parents, yeah I’ll call them.”


“It’ll be alright, Sweetheart.” He hung up the phone. “YURA WE GOT TO GO NOW!” Viktor was quickly getting off the ice and unlacing his skates. 


“Huh? What’s going on?”


“Yuuri’s water broke and he’s calling an ambulance. I gotta stop by the house and if anything meet him at the hospital.”


“Shit.” Yuri said as he too started to unlace his skates. 


15 minutes later, they were back at the home just as Yuuri was getting lifted into the ambulance. Viktor rushed up and assured his boyfriend it was going to be alright. 


“Vicchan I’m okay, they are close but not too close.”


“We’ll be right behind you. Stay strong <my love>.” 


He took only a second to see Yuuri being driven off. Yuri dumped a bunch of food in Makkachin’s dish as Viktor frantically asked the neighbor in sloppy Japanese to watch her as he was leaving the back door open for her. The neighbor, an older woman, was happy to watch the pup and congratulated the new parents.


15 minutes after Yuuri was taken away, Viktor had everything he needed and headed to the hospital with Yuri. He kind of sped through the streets of Fukuoka until he reached the hospital. He tossed the blond the keys to lock up and ran inside with the baby bag. 


“Excuse me, you can’t just run in here.” A nurse said when he entered the lobby. 


“Uh, hm,” He had to think of the words. “Katsuki Yuuri, baby,” he pointed to himself. “Father!”


“Oh yes yes, sorry. Katsuki Yuri is in the maternity ward. 3rd floor room 24.” The nurse said, giving him a pass and pointing to the elevator and held up three fingers then a 2 and a 4. 


Viktor thought for a second as Yuri joined him and then headed up to the 3rd floor. Yuri stayed close behind, not being a fan of the crying babies, screaming from giving birth, and sometimes the utter pieces of quiet. Viktor looked down the rooms to see the private room they reserved, a 24 on the outside.


<”Do you mind waiting outside until he’s okay?>


<”Yeah sure. Good luck.”>


Viktor then nervously knocked and when he opened, he was greeted with a very private sight, glad he kept Yuri out. Yuuri was in the middle of changing but Dr. Kato was down in between his legs, fingers deep inside. Viktor blushed but still closed the door behind him, rushing to Yuuri’s side, slipping his hand into his boyfriend’s. 


Dr. Kato finished her examination and took off her gloves. “Well this is unexpected Katsuki-san. It is rare that the baby flips around during labor. Unfortunately because your water has broken, you are in active labor. But because your daughter is in breech position, we have to operate. We can’t wait any longer, otherwise we could risk infection or something worse.”


“What could be worse?” Yuuri grunted, feeling another contraction start. 


Viktor felt his hand being squeezed, indicating it. But he could tell by the tone of Dr. Kato’s voice, that something wasn’t good.


“Depending on where the cord is, it could wrap around her neck. She could kick and jerk it and it could tighten. I’ll go prepare a room for you, but be ready to meet your daughter soon.” Dr. Kato patted his knee and left the room. 


Viktor was confused as he helped Yuuri through the contraction. Then a flurry of nurses came in, helped Yuuri finish dressing, strapped monitors and fluids to him before leaving them alone. 




Yuuri was crying again. “I have to be operated on. She’s breech, it's not right. She could hurt herself.”


“Hey, hey, it's going to be okay.” Viktor held Yuuri to his chest. “She’s going to be safe.”


“She’s too early!” Yuuri was upset not just because he was in pain too. “I didn’t do my job keeping her in there long enough.”


“You kept her in long enough to get this far. She’s a month early, but she’ll get the help she needs.”


Yuuri didn’t respond as another contraction spiked. Viktor helped him breathe through the pain. Once it passed, Yuuri relaxed into Viktor’s hold. It wasn’t much longer until the doctors came and started to wheel the Japanese skater away. He had broken down and begged the doctors to have Viktor stay with him. It wasn’t usual to have the other in the operating room, but when one of the nurses recognized who they were, she too asked the doctor to allow Viktor into the room. Another nurse stepped up and got Viktor sanitized while they prepped Yuuri. They had the Russian sanitize his hands, slip on covers and a hair cap before dragging him into the room. 


Viktor could see Yuuri already feeling the effects of the drugs as he took a seat on the stool provided and held his boyfriend’s hand. There was a screen over Yuuri’s chest so they couldn’t see anything. Viktor watched as the loopy man made slight faces. He was numbed up, but could still feel pressure and tugging. 


“She’s going to be okay, she’ll be beautiful.” The Russian skater whispered as he kissed the tanned knuckles. 


“I want her to look like you.” Yuuri smiled lazily as he focused on the light in front of him. 


“She’ll look like both of us.”


The two took a breath together, remembering all the ups and down, the off camera struggles, the personal moments, the dreams, the smiled they shared since they got together. 


Yuuri remembered his morning sickness in Detroit, wondering if he’d ever tell Viktor, if he’d ever make the choice to come home. He couldn’t believe how scared he was. But this pregnancy would be nothing to the future he was going to have with his life long crush and daughter. 


The next breath was joined by a new breath.


The sweet cry of a baby in the room made them gasp. Viktor looked past the screen and despite seeing a gruesome scene of his boyfriend basically open, the small pink mass with waving arms and kicking legs made the world know that she was alive. 


“Hah! Yuuri, she’s here!” Viktor smiled, tears escaping his eyes. 


“That’s good.” Yuuri smiled, still clearly loopy. “Go to her Viktor.”




“Vicchan… Go. I’m okay. I promise.”


Viktor looked to the nurses who assured Yuuri was in good hands. 



Yuuri woke up a number of hours later, his surroundings blurred from the lack of his glasses. Viktor was next to him passed out in the chair and Yuri was on the couch fast asleep. A quick sting of panic entered Yuuri. His daughter was delivered, but she wasn’t here. Where was she?


“Vicchan…” Yuuri loudly whispered. “Vicchan!” He spoke up a little louder. 


The skater who was sleeping woke up to his name being called. “Wha?”


“Vicchan!” Yuuri said louder. 


The silver haired man sat up and looked over to Viktor to see a Yuuri on the verge of crying.  The man was on his feet and at his side in an instant. 


“Yuuri, what’s wrong?”


“Where’s our daughter?” Yuuri choked up. 


“Shh it's okay, she’s okay. She’s in the NICU, and had to be incubated to get her temperature up. She’s in good hands.”


“Okaasan? Otousan?”


“I sent them to a nearby hotel. Your mother was so excited and Mari was crying.”



“I called him but he didn’t pick up. I still left a message.”




“Worried himself to sleep. I haven’t texted Chris yet either or Phichit, I figured you’d want to tell them yourself or together.”


Yuuri let out a shuttered sigh, relaxing into the bed. Viktor moved the chair closer and held Yuuri’s hand, letting him get the emotions out and try to rest some more. Viktor left a kiss on the top of his head as he slipped into sleep again. 



When Yuuri woke up again, it was darker out and the lights were dimmed. Yurio was nowhere to be seen, but the soft talking of Russian caught his attention. He looked over to his right where the previous spot Viktor was in was occupied. This time, Viktor wasn’t alone. The man was shirtless and had a blanket draped over him. One hand was resting on the bum of a little thing while the other was on the back. Small wires poked out from the blanket and a small monitor stood off to the side. 


< “Then your father skated his strongest. It was funny that I didn’t know who he was at first.”>


Yuuri decided to make himself known. He let out a small cough alerting the other. When Viktor looked over, Yuuri’s heart exploded. Fatherhood looked really really good on Viktor. It made his heart beat a little, the hormones still in his system not helping at all. 


< “Oh, Daddy’s awake. Should we say hi?”>




“It’s okay. Nurses said skin to skin is good for development, or what I could make out with my broken Japanese. Do you want to hold her?”


Yuuri nodded, tears in his eyes. He wanted his baby. He slowly opened his gown (since he had one for nursing moms) and Viktor got up slowly, holding the little girl close as he pushed along her monitors. Viktor was careful to position her on Yuuri, the little girl squirming a little and whimpering at the touch of new skin. Yuuri was crying and smiling as she was tucked in on him and he finally placed his hands on her. 


“H-hi Baby Girl!” He greeted her in Japanese. “We’ve waited so long to meet you.”


The little girl who was pink, had almond eyes, wore a pink hat scrunched her face a little before opening her eyes and looking up at them. The parents gasped. She was beautiful, she was perfect. Yuuri was sniffling at how beautiful she was. Never in his life did he think he would be a parent at 22, almost 23. A tiny yawn then came from the little girl, aweing in delight. 


“Viktor, she’s perfect. I know this isn’t warranted since we were both drunk, but thank you.”


“No, thank you. She’s wonderful.”


Yuuri nodded, agreeing. 


Dr. Kato arrived after them being there for 15 minutes, just watching her sleep. A nurse came to take her back to her heated incubator while the doctor talked. She congratulated them before getting serious. 


“So, we need to keep her here until close to the due date. The earliest would be if you carried to 38 weeks, but since you carried to 36, it's not so bad.” She looked at her chart. “As for you, you’ll be staying here for another 3 days unless you feel comfortable after day 2. This is a long recovery, you’ll need to keep mobile to keep strength in your legs and your stomach to work itself back to a pre pregnancy state. I heard you’re a skater so try light yoga like you would stretch before a competition.”


Yuuri nodded and relayed the information to Viktor, the Russian thankful to understand things since they were in a forgeign country for him. 


“Since male pregnancy is different from female pregnancy, males still lack certain aspects. You do have mammary glands, but because you weren’t on extra estrogen they never fully developed. So we suggest a nutrient rich formula to help her gain weight. If she doesn’t take it, then you are more than welcome to change what she’s comfortable with.”


Yuuri translated again before a thought popped in his head. Sure he didn’t plan on having more children later, maybe not until after his retirement, but he still wanted to ask the question. 


“Will I be able to have another child in the future?”


Dr. Kato smiled. “As long as you’re healthy you should be able to. If you decide to plan on it, then I suggest taking extra estrogen. But this is for another time. Rest now. You are allowed visitors tomorrow. We’ll bring your daughter around when it’s time to feed so be prepared.” She stood up and bowed. “Oh and excuse me, I have her certificate. Have you two decided on a name?”


“Name. I know that word.” Viktor lightened up. “Do we get to name her now?”


If Viktor was a dog, his tail would be wagging. Yuuri chuckled. “Yes, we get to name her. Tell Sensei just like we practiced.”


Viktor opened his mouth-



“Oh my, Yuuri, she’s adorable!” Hiroko cooed as she entered the room with Toshiya, Mari, and Yuuri who was staying with them. 


“Okaasan, Otousan, Onee-san, Yurio.” Yuuri lightened up when they entered after Viktor opened the door. 


“She’s cute, Ototo.” Mari smiled, speaking in english. “August 15th huh? I’ll have to put that in my calendar. She’s going to be spoiled.”


“Mari-nee!” Yuuri whined. 


He was a little preoccupied feeding her for the 2nd time that morning. He had eaten his own food and was fit for guests. After they would leave then he would shower but right now he was stuck. It was worth it though.


“I’m glad she is safe. I’m proud of you and Vicchan.” Toshiya praised. 


Yuri stood off to the side, a bit awkward. Viktor walked up to him and gave him a side hug, telling him something in Russian. Yuri got out his phone as Viktor returned to Yuuri’s side and cooed over his daughter. Yuri took the picture and then showed them before returning to his spot, obviously posting something. 


“Chris already wants to ship Gucci baby clothes.” Viktor laughed. 


“Phichit’s already planning his next flight.” Yuuri chuckled. 


The little girl was done and Yuuri positioned her onto his chest and began to burp her. His parents visited for a little more, bummed they couldn’t hold her just yet but understood because of her early birth. Yuuri shared her name and that because Viktor chose it, it was a perfect match for her. The Katsuki family left not long after with Yuri to let them rest. The couple went about their day washing up and taking care of their daughter before checking the result of Yuri’s earlier instagram post. 


It was a perfect picture of them feeding their daughter, her wide eyes looking at them. The caption:


“Sorry for the lack of content. But we’d like to welcome our newest edition!


夏実 ニキフォロフ /Natsumi Nikiforov, born August 15th 2015 at 11:12am


We thank you for your support and ask for your privacy while we adjust to our new lives.” ~Viktor & Yuuri ) posted by @/y_plisetsky

Chapter Text

Meanwhile in Russia… (Everyone’s speaking in Russian here)


Matvey could feel his phone buzzing in his back pocket. It was the middle of August so there should be nothing going on. 


That was a lie.


Matvey was sweating bullets in the dark restaurant. Before him were three photos, photos of important people. One held the image of his son, the second of his son’s love, and lastly the boy that was like a child to the both of them. Icy gray eyes looked up at the other two in the room, one who was his twin and the other of Japanese origin. He never ever wanted to be a part of this. He just got everything and it was on the line of being taken from him. 


“I told you before Mikhail, I didn’t want to be involved.”


“Too late. A rival group has taken interest in the heir of the Fedorov.” The older twin glared.


“As well as my family.” The Japanese man also spoke up. 


“Who is he again?” Matvey asked his sibling. 


The Japanese man sighed. “Nagisa, Hiroto. Head of a Yakuza group and Grandfather of Yuuri Katsuki.”


“Heh these poor boys. Does Yuuri know you’re Japanese Mafia?”


Hiroto shook his head, his face looking oddly familiar to Yuuri’s mother. “He does not know. His maternal side believes I am dead. It was best to set my status as such to ensure their protection. The less they know the better.”


“Okay, then what about Yura?” Matvey asked his brother again. “He has no relation.”


“He’ll be used as a pawn for Viktor to do bad things. They will use him to obtain information and hurt Viktor since the boy is his family.” Mikhail answered.


Matvey felt stuck. He knew the end game, how this was all going to play out. He let out a shaky breath. 


“And for fuck’s sake, answer your phone!”


Matvey listened and pulled out his phone to see several notifications. There were notifications from the family account and a text from Viktor as well as a voicemail. He smiled, tears coming to his eyes. His heart was aching. He then listened to Viktor’s voicemail. 


“What is it?”


“Yuuri and Viktor, their daughter, came early.” He showed the two the picture Yuri had posted online.”


“Natsumi, kanji for summer and beauty. A perfect name.” Hiroto smiled. “I’m a great-grandpa now!”


“I’m a great uncle.” Mikhail chuckled. 


Matvey looked at the pictures on the table and the new one on his phone. His heart was in his throat and squeezing the life out of him. “Is this really my only option?”


“Not only, but the best option.” Both men nodded. 


Matvey was scared and terrified. But it was to protect his family. Once a member of the mafia, always the member of the mafia. Viktor and Yuuri weren’t brought up in this world so they were safe, but now that Matvey made contact, others were finding out, hoping to get a hand on the fortune.


“You both promise me they will be safe. No one will harm them, Katsuki’s family or Yura, not lay a finger on Natsumi or their future children.”


Hiroto brought out the Japanese copy of this contract, Mikhail his. Both men pricked their thumbs and signed both documents. 


“You have my promise.” Hiroto confirmed. 


“As well as mine, Brother.” Mikhail said, standing up and reaching into his coat. 


Matvey saw silver in the corner of his eye and a click before metal sliding in. He nodded, agreeing. “Alright. Thank you. Thank you for keeping them safe.” He could feel the metal against his head, hear the safety click off. 


“I’ve always loved you, Brother.”





“Welcome home <my baby girl>” Viktor whispered to the sleeping bundle who was fast asleep in her carrier. 


Yuuri was discharged from the hospital 3 days after his surgery and the couple would visit when they could until her release which was the current day (but for readers, it is Sept. 12th 2015). Viktor would clean the house, preparing for the baby coming home, leaving a few of her onesies around the house for Makkachin to get used to the baby girl’s scent. If the boys needed to burn off extra energy, Viktor and Yuri would hit the ice while Yuuri would nap. He had at least three months to recover so Viktor deemed him unfit for anything athletic until after the first of the year. Yuuri was okay with that. Yuri was currently out, taking Makka for a walk while they situated Natsumi into her new home. 


Natsumi has been a good girl so far. She was fit for release once she hit her goal weight of what she should’ve been birthed at which was 3.0kg (6.8lbs). She was delivered at just 2.4kg (5.5lbs). So the little girl was close to her goal, just wanted to arrive early and in a fashionable state. A trait she earned from Viktor. 


Yuuri slowly walked in behind him and closed the door normally, scaring the Russian. Viktor jumped a little and quickly tried to shush Yuuri as he dropped the keys into the bowl as he shuffled off his shoes. 


“Yuuri! Quiet!”


“No.” Yuuri was already tired from the paperwork and he just wanted a nap while she was napping. “She needs to get used to our usual noises. Like taking our shoes off and keys in the bin. The sound of the TV or music to your skating. Makkachin’s going to bark and Natsumi will cry, but soon it won’t scare her and she’ll sleep right through it all.”


Viktor was shocked at the information. He did remember something about it when they took the parenting classes to just continue with their normal lives and normal sounds. He sighed, apologizing to Yuuri and suggested he go take a nap. The Japanese man did so while Viktor took care of Natsumi. Yuuri hesitated at first, his carrier instincts kicking in, but he trusted Viktor. 


“Thank you. Let her nap in her carrier until she’s awake. Come get me if she’s hungry.”


“I will.” Viktor kissed the top of black locks. “Get some rest <my love>.”


Hours later after Yuri returned with Makkachin after a self skating session, the pup bounded into the room, shaking her head, jingling her collar. Yuuri was on the couch now, just resting but feeding the little girl. While Yuri put up the leash and took off his shoes, Makkachin slowly bounded over to the couch. Viktor petted her, letting her know it was okay. The pooch was sniffing the air and got closer and closer to Natsumi who was snuggled in her parent’s arms.


All three skaters in the room paused and waited in silence as Makkachin gave a huff before licking the bottom of Natsumi’s sock then turned away and curled up in her dog bed over by the patio door. Yuri and Viktor high-fived while the baby finished her bottle. 


Yuuri then handed her over to Viktor who positioned her to burp the baby while Yuuri went to clean up the bottle. Yuri worried and tried to help but the other Yuuri waved him off. “I need to build my abdominal muscles. It hurts but I can manage.”




“Are your bags packed for tomorrow, Yura?” Viktor asked. 


“Yeah. I’m all set. Going to settle with Deda first before heading back to Yakov’s. Did you ever get a hold of Matvey?”


Viktor shook his head as Natsumi let out a belch before starting to squirm. The three of them laughed but soon went into parent mode when she started to fuss. Viktor repositioned Natsumi in his arms before having an idea. “Yura, take a seat.”


Yuri hesitated before taking a seat on the other side of the couch. Viktor got him to get comfortable and surrounded him with pillows before getting the teen’s arms ready. Yuuri rejoined him on his spot on the couch just as Viktor was slowly placing Natsumi in Yuri’s arms. The teen’s emerald eyes popped with so much wonder and nervousness, he looked a little scared. Natsumi squirmed a little as she was being transferred but then settled when her dark eyes looked at the older teen. 


“Oh, <hello>.” Yuri greeted Natsumi in Russian. 


“Natsumi-chan, this is Yuri-nii.” Yuuri said, stroking the top of his daughter’s head. She looked bald a little, but her hair was going to end up being Viktor’s silver. 




“Onii-san. It means older brother. Like how I call my sister Mari-nee.”




“Its okay if you want to be called someth-”


“No!” Yuri excitedly said. “It’s fine. She’s Japanese after all, so I’m okay with that.”


Viktor and Yuuri smiled at the teen. But soon, Natsumi started to fuss. She was tired and probably needed a diaper change. Yuuri got up and took her to the nursery while he let the two Russians talk. Viktor happily smiled and showed Yuri the secret photo he just took for the family account. Yuri was smiling as he looked down at Natsumi. The blond blushed and looked away. 


“You’re a natural. You’ll make a great big brother.” Viktor praised, bringing the boy into a hug. “Maybe even a parent yourself.”


Yuri shoved Viktor off him, quickly thanking him before settling down for the night.



Life seemed to settle for the small family while Yuuri healed. His scar was looking better each week and he was able to start small episodes of yoga to keep his core muscles in shape. In the beginning of November, Yuuri was able to upgrade to light jogs in the neighborhood. He was set on getting back to his normal weight and getting on the ice as soon as possible. He was about to give up on his skating career but then he had Natsumi and now he’s found something to help him strive for the better. 


Viktor too would work out at home, each parent trying to use Natsumi in their training regime. The Russian father would lay Natsumi down on the floor in her room on a mat while he did push-ups, giving her kisses every time he got lower to the floor. During one of his exercise sessions with Natsumi, Yuuri was out getting grocery shopping. After some warm up stretches, Viktor picked up Natsumi out of her seat and this time laid her on the plush rug they bought, of course still on a baby blanket. 


The little girl kicked her legs and smiled a bit, knowing what time it was. Viktor didn’t work out for long above her, not wanting to fall on her. He looked over at Makkachin’s bed where the pup flicked her tail lazily, but not needing to go out. 


“<Don’t worry Makka, we’ll go for a jog after dinner.>”


Vikor then positioned himself and started his push-ups, kissing Natsumi and talking to her. She was reaching up to grab at his hair and kick her little legs in excitement. 


“Yes, my hair is just like yours! Silver! It means you’re Russian just like Otets!”




“Yes! Otets!” Viktor said slowly as he continued to work out. 


He kept kissing her tummy and tickling her with his nose and on the 3rd time, the sweetest sound that Viktor had heard so far entered his ears. Natsumi had laughed. The Russian parent took a double take before going to sit on his knees. 


“Oh, was that funny <little princess>?”


He then lightly danced his fingers over the sides of her belly and she continued to kick her legs. But the sound didn’t return. She was still smiling though as he was saying her Os.


Yuuri returned home 15 minutes after his little encounter with the laugh and he excitedly told Yuuri. The Japanese man seemed a little sad at first but Natsumi heard him and started to kick in her chair and sounded like a monkey in excitement. 


“Oh yes, Otousan is home!” Yuuri greeted his daughter as he picked her up. “Were you a good girl for Otets? I heard that you laughed!”


Natsumi just stared up at him with wide eyes before letting out a huge yawn and her eyes beginning to drop. Natsumi loved napping when Yuuri was holding her. 


“Oh Otets wore you out!” The Japanese man chuckled, Viktor shrugging as he went to put away the groceries. “It’s okay to nap, you’ll be ready for our jog later.”


Viktor joined him on the couch after and the two cuddled up with their daughter, soaking up the quiet moment. 



“Ah, this feels so good.” Yuuri said as he slipped into the onsen. It was his birthday week and they decided to spend the week with his family. It was good for him to visit the onsen to help his healing process, his family would get to bond with Natsumi and with Viktor-


“It is divine in the winter.” Viktor also let out a relaxed sigh when he entered the water, taking a seat next to Yuuri. 


With Viktor, they finally had a private moment to themselves. Sure they trained together but one of them was always giving attention to Natsumi, which is what you did when you were a parent. Even when Yuuri was pregnant with his daughter, they were never really alone. Yuuri’s bump was there and took up a lot of space. Not to mention they’ve only really explored each other when they made Natsumi and Yuuri asked that one time for some help, but other than that, they’ve been busy with other things. 


“I didn’t know how much I needed this, we needed this.” Viktor continued as he brought Yuuri closer to him. 


Yuuri turned into the touch, resting his head on Viktor’s chest. He let out a sigh, the little bit of guilt of leaving their daughter alone melting away. This too was also one of the first times they’ve been away from their precious girl who does have time for themselves. There had been times where they wanted to spend close time together, but Natsumi would wake up at the right moment. They would try to wait it out but she would keep screaming and they had to get her before the neighbors complained. 


The moment they entered Yu-topia, Natsumi was practically taken out of their hands by his mother and then they were shoved into the onsen by Mari. They were excited to have a little time to themselves but still the cloud of worry hung over their heads. 


"She'll be okay. She's in the same building." Yuuri assured himself aloud. 


"Your parents raised 2 great kids. Natsumi will be fine." Viktor looked down at Yuuri with adoration and love. 


Brown eyes matched blue. Their heartbeats began to pick up. They got warmer than the onsen itself and both could feel themselves rise. Viktor wiggled an eye brow and as much as Yuuri wanted to pounce on him right then and there, it was a rule to not have sex in the onsen. That didn't mean they could share heated kisses and electrifying touches. 


Their short lived 15 minutes were up as the two were beginning to feel dizzy. They helped each other out then to rinse before joining their family. Toshiya was sitting at one of the tables holding Natsumi while Hiroko was taking pictures. 


"Oh Yuuri, go sit next to your father!" His mother was excited. 




Yuuri sat down next to his father and Natsumi was happy to see him. Hiroko took a few more photos before shoving Viktor and herself in, asking a guest to take a few snaps. 


"Mom, what's the occasion for photos?" Yuuri asked her while Viktor took Natsumi from Toshiya's arms and the two fell into a small conversation. 


"I want Nat-chan to have photos of her grandparents. Your father's passed when you were young and I don't remember my father. He died when I was young so I have no photos of us. Call it memories in the making."


Yuuri knew his mother's family was choppy but he never knew her father died. He followed his mother to Vicchan's old alter room and pulled out a dusty album. She opened it and the first photo was of a young man who looked almost like Yuuri. 


"This is Nagisa Hiroto. I was named after him. He was a great man, served our country for a couple of years too before injuring his leg and he couldn't anymore. Instead he started to raise a family. He worked hard from what my mother told me but his life ended too soon. If I could see him again I would thank him for being with my mother. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have the family I have now." Hiroko was getting a little emotional and so Yuuri hugged her. 


"It's okay Mom. I'm sure he'd be happy to have you as his daughter."



Natsumi was soaking up all the attention from Yuuri's family and friends. Yuuri's 24th birthday arrived and their closest friends showed up to surprise the Japanese skater. Phichit, Chris, and Yuri were on a break and decided to visit. It was the first time meeting Natsumi except for Yuri. The teen lit up in excitement upon seeing the 3 month old. 


"Finally something that makes him smile." Phichit snickered by Chris. 


"Be nice Phichit. It's like getting a sibling. You should know of all of us." Chris brushed him off. 


"Yeah yeah."


Yuuri was helping set up while Viktor was helping Yuri hold Natsumi. The teen was still nervous but was surprised at how strong the little girl had gotten. She even smiled upon seeing Yuri, going to grab his hair. 


"Are you excited to see Yura-nii?" Viktor asked before she got a hold of a good chunk of hair and pulled. 


"Ow! Natsumi, don't pull!" The teen grumbled and gently took her hand away from his hair. 


Natsumi seemed to not like not being allowed to touch the pretty soft stuff and started to whimper. 


"Ah, no, don't cry." <Viktor, what do I do?>


<Don't give it to her. She needs to learn. I did the same with my hair. She cried but learned.>


They didn't hear her whimper but her eyes getting droopy. Viktor took her back, saying something about it being her nap time and excused himself to put her down in Yuuri's old room. 


"Wow. He's so… different." Phichit commented as he stepped up to Yuuri to help.


"Vicchan? He seems normal to me. Then again this is what I see everyday. The world will see him differently when I get back into skating." Yuuri shrugged. 


The Thai skater's voice then dropped to a whisper. "Have you talked to him about what you two want to do after next season?"


Yuuri shook his head. "We were supposed to talk after Worlds but it got brushed under the rug. Right now our focus is Natsumi and getting my body back into shape. I've only just started to get fit for the ice." Yuuri took a look at his rounded hips, thick thighs, and pudgy stomach. Losing baby weight was harder than binge eating weight. "I've been feeling really great lately so I'll be able to go up the stairs and get back into Minako's studio."


“That’s great!! All of us miss both of you on the ice. Just take your time.”


“We are. Although sometime in the future Yurio I still have our competition over who gets Viktor.”


“You’re still worried about that?” Phichit wondered.


Yuuri set the plates down. “I’m always worrying this is going to end, Peach. That Viktor will wake up and leave us, he’ll go back to Russia.”


Phichit didn’t know what to say, just rubbed Yuuri’s back. 



“Dammit.” Viktor cursed in English under his breath. He wanted to throw his damn phone but couldn’t.


“Still no answer?” Yuuri asked as he returned from the bathroom, fresh from a shower.


“No… I… I should’ve expected this to happen.” Viktor sighed as he took a seat on their bed. 


It had been a couple of weeks since Yuuri’s 23rd birthday. Yuuri still had his doubts but he buried them for the party. Afterwards the small family returned to their home and continued with life, leading up to Viktor’s birthday when the Katsuki family was going to join them there. Viktor had been trying to get a hold of Matvey to invite him for Christmas and birthday celebration with a New Year's ring in, but ever since Natsumi’s birth, the phone would never pick up. 


Yuuri felt sorry for Viktor. He took a seat next to Viktor, leaning up against him. 


Viktor wanted to say something, but instead he choked up and let silent tears fall. Yuuri too got teary eyed. 


“I’m… sorry Vitya…”


“D-don’t be.” Viktor whispered heavily. “You and Natsumi are my family now.” He took Yuuri’s hand. “You’ve become my family the moment you accepted me.”


“We’ll always be here for you.” The Japanese man looked into the Russian’s eyes and wiped away his tears. “We love you Vitya.”


Viktor couldn’t stand it anymore and finally closed the giant gap between them and sought comfort in Yuuri. Finally the two of them, after so long, had made love. 



Viktor and Yuuri sat down to eat dinner while getting ready for the New Year. Viktor’s 27th birthday came and went without a hitch. They got greetings from their skater friends and several posts from their fans. Viktor was soaking up all of the attention. Yuuri and Viktor got closer now that they shared a night together, both sober and clear of mind. Natsumi, luckily, slept through that night and didn’t wake until early morning. Viktor was surprised to see that Yuuri’s wild side was how he was even when he wasn’t drunk. 


They were saying their prayers when the doorbell rang. 


“Were we expecting guests?” Vikor asked as he started to stand up. 


Yuuri remained at the table holding Natsumi and testing some of the more solid foods. She was still being picky about them and wanting to stay on the bottle. It would come in time.


“Stay here with Nat-chan. I’ll be right back.”


Viktor made his way to the genkan and slipped off his slippers and opened the door. 


His heart stopped. 


He swore he saw Matvey, but it wasn’t?


“Uh... Konbanwa.


“Oh my, do you speak English? Russian?” The man who looked too much like Matvey, yet with glasses and a nicely pressed suit. He was giving off a vibe of authority and importance, along with a hint of bad news. 


“Oh yes, I do.” Viktor stepped out and closed the door behind him, the need to protect his family inside coming full force. 


<Perfect!> The man replied in Russian with a smile.


<Mind if I ask what you’re doing here? We aren’t dealing with any press or anything right now.> Viktor crossed his arms. 


<I’m here for you, Viktor.> The man said, hands moving to be in his pockets. 


Ice chilled Viktor’s veins. It had to be about Matvey. He stopped fooling around. 


<What happened?>


The man’s smile dropped and turned serious. <Matvey is dead.>


The shoe had dropped. Viktor’s eyes went up to the familiar grey ones. <How?>


<First off let me introduce myself. I am Mikhail Fedorov. Elder brother to Matvey Fedorov. I am the current head of my group->


<No. But whatever.> Viktor clicked his tongue. <I didn’t know him well anyways. Thank you for telling me what happened. I can sleep better now->


<Viktor.> Mikhail’s voice clipped. <My brother wasn’t a part of my group or any mafia affiliates. I made sure of that. I protected him from everything. But there was a threat.>


<Why are you telling me this!?> Viktor growled.


<Because… Matvey was happy.> Mikhail looked to the ground. <He was lonely, abandoned by everyone, even me. We met up before he visited here and he was so overjoyed when he found out he had a son. I wanted to at least let his newfound happiness know of what happened.>


Viktor was stunned and he still didn’t believe this man in front of him. He believed that Matvey had his slice of whatever with Viktor and left. But for Matvey to be dead…


<He gave up his life for you.> Mikhail said with a sad voice. <He thought it was the only way to protect you, to really put an end to it. He did it for your boyfriend and your baby. I only came here to tell you what happened and to let you know you are safe.>


<Whatever. Are you good? Have you done what you needed to do?>


<Y-yes, of course. I’ll get out of your hair.> Mikhail’s confident personality seemed to shy at the sound of Viktor’s angry and annoyed voice. 


Viktor was going inside when Mikhail addressed him one last time. 


“Vicchan, take care.”


Viktor paused at the accented English. He looked back but Mikhail was already walking to the waiting car. Viktor then knew that wasn’t Matvey’s brother, but Matvey himself. By the time Viktor chose to chase after him, the car was driving off. 


The Russian returned to dinner, seeing that Natsumi was finished and Yuuri was reheating their food. His brown eyes lit up and he gave a small smile. 


“Is everything alright?”


“Oh yes. Just a crazy fan that found our house. I asked for privacy and threatened to call the police. Spoke in Russian to really scare them off.” Viktor smiled back. 


“Wow, they must really miss us.” Yuuri chuckled. 


“In due time.” Viktor said, walking up to Yuuri and holding him in his arms. He fought to keep the tears at bay. 


“Of course. In due time.” Yuuri hugged back.



“So, deliver the message?” Hiroto asked as the Russian entered the vehicle.


“Yeah.” The man took off the glasses and fixed hair. He hated being his brother. Nothing was ever good coming from the dead man. But now, now , everyone was safe. “I think he got it.”


Hiroto reached for the hand and brought it up to kiss. “It’ll be okay, Matvey.”


“I know. Thank you, for everything Hiro.”

Chapter Text

Yuuri, Yurio, and Viktor had set out on a jog/bike ride to the Ice Castle. 


Yurio was visiting for their bet to try to get a chance to have Viktor become his coach. Yuuri was trying his hardest to prove to Viktor that he could be successful and not keep him because they had a baby. After all, Viktor had come to Japan in hopes to become Yuuri’s coach, only to have a huge bump in the road. But they could never see the little girl as that. Viktor rode on a bike while the younger two jogged behind him. 


It was an important day so the young couple asked Yuuri’s parents to watch Natsumi. They were happy while the trio started on their hard work. Yuuri was excited to get back onto the ice. The road to get to the ice was long and hard, and there was still so much work to do. Raising a baby and being an athlete wasn’t the best combination, but he was still doing his best. Some days he envied Viktor for having a fit body and being able to skate whenever he wanted. 


Shaking his head, not wanting to be lost in his headspace, Yuuri laced up his skates, the teen doing the same next to him once they reached the Ice Castle. Yuuri was determined to give it his all this season. Everyone was encouraging him and he wanted to prove to other male carriers that you could come back to anything after you have a child. 


The two of the same name stepped onto the ice. Viktor was already ready to go and was running around in his head. Any free time he got not giving pointers to Yuri or raising Natsumi or taking care of Yuuri while he was pregnant, Viktor was perfecting these two programs to teach them for this moment. 


“I’ve had this music set aside for a long while. I would like us to listen to it first before we go any further.”


Viktor clicked the remote for his speaker and a soft theme started to play. The light airy music filtered through the rink, making Yuuri feel like he was floating on a cloud or being embraced by someone with nothing but love and adoration, like Viktor was treating him gently. 


“This skate has two parts, each with a different theme. On Love: Eros and Agape .”


Love? Yuuri didn’t think he’d ever done a theme on love before. After all this piece did feel like the never ending love for someone, almost like how he had loved Viktor for years before he met and skated against him. Though, Viktor still didn’t know just how much he loved Viktor. Sure he was horrible in voicing it and expressing it, but his love for Viktor was special. Even when the champion skater didn’t recognize him at the Grand Prix, he continued to love Viktor. His love for Viktor that started out as a fan crush, to an actual crush, and now raising a child together, had mashed itself into a new form of love.


“Have you ever thought about love?” Viktor asked, breaking Yuuri’s thoughts. 


Thought? No, but felt, yes. He didn’t think love was a philosophical thing to experience. So he and Yuri both denied it, though Yuuri’s was more of confusion.


“Okay, then let me ask. What do you feel about this piece?”


Yuuri didn’t need to think. He felt as if this were him, himself. “It's clear and innocent, as if the person doesn’t know what love is.”


Yuri looked away at the answer. “I don’t like it. It makes me sick.” He mocked, sticking his tongue out. 


Viktor’s face remained blank as he switched the music. A more upbeat tune played in the rink, like it was a hot dance, a rush, as if trying to capture something before it escapes. To stake a claim. Maybe this is what Viktor felt about him. Chasing him to Japan, then trying to stay for the baby, and hopefully to train. If he could also place it, the reminder of Viktor’s family could be snuck in like a road block, causing him to trip while he continues to hunt. 


“It’s completely different.” Yuuri comments as he takes in the music.


Yuri lightens up. “Viktor! I want to skate this one!” The teen’s drama switch flipped on and he was no longer the innocent boy that Yuuri had come to know over the past year. A side glance was pointed towards the older Yuuri in a challenge. 


Ignoring Yuri’s interest, Viktor continued. 


“The first piece is On Love: Agape. The theme of it being unconditional love.”


So Yuuri was right. He seemed determined. If he could skate this one, he would surely win. He had so much love to share with the world. His parents, his lover, his daughter. 


“And this piece that is playing is On Love: Eros. This theme is sexual love.”


Sexual love? Well he was close. But for Yuri to skate it? I would fit since he is a growing boy and finding himself through puberty, so he could use it to experiment where he lies. The blond Yuri was determined to skate this one. 


“For this competition on who I get to train, I’ll have you skate these themes opposite of each other. You are free to use them for the upcoming season. I’ll now assign them.”


This is it, Yuuri was going to get it and he was going to ace it. 


“Yuuri you’ll skate to Eros !” Viktor pointed at him. “Yurio, you’ll skate to Agape !”


That was a surprise to the both of them. Just what was the champion thinking!? Both Yuuri and Yuri stared at him in shock.


“What!?” Yuuri gasped. 


“Hell no! Switch them! I am nothing like that piece!” Yuri shouted. “Why isn’t the piggy doing Agape ?”


“Because he already knows it. We share a daughter.”


“Huh?” Yuuri was caught on the cross fire.


“But he also already knows Eros ! You two created said daughter!”


“We were drunk, it doesn’t count.” Viktor pointed out. “Besides we haven’t-”


“Viktor, enough!” Yuuri waved his hands. He really didn’t want to discuss their lack luster sex life to a teenager. 


“Moving on!” Viktor clapped his hands. “You have to do the opposite of what people expect. How else will you surprise them?” His heart smile was spread across his face.


Both skaters still stood there stunned. 


“I believe you both have these hidden feelings in you. You just haven’t truly explored yourselves that far yet. From the audience, they only see you as a piggy and kitten. Yuuri had been off for a long while and had a baby so everyone thinks he will be distracted. Yurio, you are known for your feisty side already with your short temper, so to show them you have a soft side will earn you new points and open a window to a new style of skating.”


What Viktor was saying was true. Everyone would think they would all skate the same, like nothing changed and they would be buried and forgotten as other skaters rise. 


“I want you two to be up to my standards by next week, if not, then I won’t choreograph the programs for you. I know you two are fans of mine, so you’ll do just fine.” Viktor winked, putting his trust into them. 


“Fine, I skate to Agape . I’m debuting in the senior division so I’ll do my best. So you better give me a winning program.” Yuri agreed finally but also lightly hoped. 


“It's not up to me, it's up to you if you win or not. You’ll be the one skating it after all. I already know I’ll win if I skate it.”


Yuri kicked the ice in frustration. If I win, you’re going to train me in Russia and you’ll be my coach. It's what I’ve always wanted. Why I originally came here. No more messing around!”


Viktor remembered the original reason why Yuri showed up. He lightly laughed. “Sure.”


Yuuri’s heart stopped. What? Viktor would go back to Russia? No, he promised to stay. He promised that Yuri would train in Japan if he were to coach the teen. His family was here. Or was this his window to escape? Yuuri had his family to help take care of Natsumi, so if Viktor left, then he could leave. 


“Yuuri, what about you?” Viktor now asked the elder Yuri. “What do you want to do if you win?”


With a shaky breath Yuuri spoke up. He needed to keep Viktor here. He had a daughter to raise. At this moment, Yuuri was going to fight. This was his new purpose. 


“I want to eat pork cutlet bowls with you and Natsumi.” Gosh he sounded so stupid but eating cutlet bowls meant victory for him. Sure he ate them when he didn’t win and when he was pregnant, but it was also time to return to the reason for eating the high calorie dish. With newfound determination in his mind and confidence filling his heart he spoke again. “I want to keep winning and eat katsudon as it’s meant to be eaten, over a win but with you and Natsumi.” He took a step forward. “I’ll skate to Eros ! I’ll give it all I’ve got!”


“Perfect! Excellent enthusiasm!”

Chapter Text

Once they settled down, Yuri and Yuuri stood behind the barrier while Viktor took to the ice. Viktor could tell Yuuri was worried about Natsumi. The Japanese man probably was thinking that.  “This is On Love: Agape . Yurio, please pay attention.”


Soon the music started to play as Viktor skated out the moves. Yuuri could see he was in deep concentration. He was like a swan, flying into the sky. His long wings soaring into the clouds before curling up to land and perch in the water, head looking towards the sun.


Yuuri was staring in awe as Viktor skated, seeing the difficulty and challenge behind the steps and spins, the jumps for later.. He knew Viktor could skate since he was the one to perfect it in his free time during the pregnancy. Glancing down at the teen who was now dead set in learning the program, he worried. Yuri was still a growing boy so this next season his physique could alter. Before they knew it, Viktor finished. 


“Something like this? What did you think?” He was smiling in between breaths. 


“I got it.” Yuri said confidently.


A surprise clapping echoed over the rink. Yuko had shown up, joining the watch of practice. Both Yuris waved at her. “I couldn’t help myself but watch.” she smiled back. 


Everyone relaxed after the surprise visit when Viktor announced it was Yuuri’s turn for his program. Once again, Viktor took to the ice and an entirely different song began to play. Yuuri got ready to watch, determined to finally skate something that could help him win, and gain back his much lost confidence.


Instantly, Viktor’s body sent chills down his spine and warmed his heart in a special way, and apparently it triggered a ‘minor’ nosebleed. Yuri tended to her while Yuuri tried to stay focused. His heart was racing and he almost felt his body light up again. 


I may not remember how our daughter was made, but the way he moved makes me feel like he’s ready for a second child! There’s no way I can skate this! He wants me to skate THIS?!


The thoughts stopped and Viktor was now facing him. “So, how was it?”


Yuuri stuttered for a moment trying to find the right words while also trying not to spring a tent in his pants over his life long crush. This all felt different than what he was used to. Yuuri was used to the caring and compassionate Viktor who was a fantastic father. Yuuri was used to watching this man on TV and hearing about him in the news. Yuuri however wasn’t used to the Viktor who was teaching how skating might be. So it felt like a teacher-student relationship. 


“Er, it was very Eros !” Yuuri nervously spoke.


“Wasn’t it?” Viktor smiled, seeing hope for the Japanese skater. “Though I’m not so sure about your quads.” His finger was on his chin. 


“I can land a toe loop, but Salchow only in practice.” Yuuri embarrassingly admitted. “But I’m determined to try!” He tried to hype himself up. Yuuri really wanted to skate again, he really wanted Viktor to stay and be proud.


Viktor, who was in deep thought, eventually spoke after a few minutes. “Then start with the basics, I’ll teach Yurio first.” Viktor confirmed. 


“Eh?” Yuuri was shocked. He had been practicing as he lost his weight to get to the point and now he was being brushed aside!?


“I can’t teach you anything if you don’t have a basic grip on it.” Viktor confirmed. “Plus, you’re still getting used to being on the ice after having Natsumi.” Viktor could see the slight hurt in Yuuri’s eyes. “Plus I’ve done a little research about your skating while I came up with these programs. How many times have you messed up while competing?”


Yuuri’s hurt grew more. 


“I know you have the skill. I know in your heart you can skate your program. Why can’t you skate?”


Yuuri’s tiny bubble popped. He looked at the ice. “I lack confidence…”


“Right.” Viktor poked. “You have confidence in many other things. For example, your help in running your parents’ inn, doing daily tasks, and taking care of our daughter. For skating you lack it greatly. So it is my job to help you build this confidence.” Viktor skated closer and took Yuuri’s chin and bottom lip into his light hold of his thumb. His voice dropped low, almost seductively. “Only I know your true Eros . I want you to see it for yourself and tell the world what you do with it.”


Crap crap crap! He’s too close! Yuuri thought, blushing madly. 


Luckily Yurio got fed up and started screaming across the rink. “Oi! I thought you were gonna teach me first, Old Man!”


“I’m coming!” Viktor called back. But before he left, he gave one last bit of advice to Yuuri. “Just think about what would be your Eros .”


Yuuri was shocked at the question. Him? Eros ? What was that supposed to mean?



After doing basic training, and hearing the two Russians talking to each other and discussing how Yurio’s program would go, it was time to go home. Yuuri was already done for the day, ready to relax. His head felt like it was going to explode. It didn’t help that when he also opened the door to his parents’ inn to pick up Natsumi, she was crying. 


Yuuri quickly set his stuff down and slipped off his shoes, Viktor slowly coming in too, his mind in thought. Yuuri almost slid across the polished floor in search of his baby, his instinct calling to him. He wasn’t a skater anymore, he was now a parent. He found Mari rocking Natsumi in the laundry room but the little girl looked as if she wasn’t remaining still. 


“Nat-chan!” Yuuri called, and the girl paused before starting up crying again. 


“Yuu-chan. She just started to cry. She was sleeping the whole day, but then woke up crying. I brought her in here so she wouldn’t disturb the guests while I made her bottle. Mari handed over her niece. 


Yuuri took Natsumi and began to look her over. He noticed her face was red and she was running hot. Natsumi was squirming around, clearly uncomfortable. Yuuri also started to rock her and get her to calm down. 


“She’s running a small fever.”




“It’s okay, I just got to cool her down. She sounds stuffy too.”


“I’ll go get a sink ready.”


Yuuri brought Natsumi out of the laundry room and she was beginning to settle down. Viktor finally showed up, his mind finally caught up with him that his daughter was crying.”




“She has a small fever, Mari’s running her a bath. You can go back and let Makka out.” Yuuri was tired and just wanted to relax, but he couldn’t because now he had to do his 2nd job.


“Fever? Will she be alright? Are you staying the night?”


“I don’t want to move her too much. She still has a bed in my old room. We’ll sleep there. Just go home and get some sleep.” Yuuri continued to rock Natsumi. 


“I don’t want to leave you alone.” Viktor was also worried. 


“It’ll be okay. I’ll call you if anything gets worse.”


“Yuu-chan, the bath is ready.”


Viktor didn’t seem to like that answer. He too was worried about Natsumi’s sudden fever. She was bright and happy when they dropped her off this morning. Rarely any guests hung around the lobby in the morning and there were only a few out now. 


“Can I help bathe her?” He asked, seeing that Yuuri was already tired from training. 


It took a second but Yuuri nodded and the two went into the bathroom, Mari leaving to give them some space. Natsumi on the other hand was not having it. The cool water freaked her out and she started to really cry, kicking in the water and splashing it all over Yuuri. Viktor was helping wipe her down but could see the younger man trying so hard to keep it together. He wasn’t just physically tired, but mentally, especially after all the work Viktor put him through.


“Sshh, it’s okay Nat-chan.” Yuuri tried to calm her down but she wouldn’t. 


< “My beautiful little lady,” > Viktor started to sing lightly in Russian, one of the tricks when she didn’t want to go to bed or have a nap. < “Eyes shining so bright…”>


Yuuri could see Natsumi hearing the melody of her other father and calmed down a little. She was still fussy but at least stopped kicking and resulted in whimpers and a wobbly bottom lip. They finished cleaning her up and dried her off before dressing her in another onesie. Viktor brought her into Yuuri’s room and continued to sing until she was asleep. Outside the room, Yuuri was changing out of his shirt, already getting ready for a shower after his long day. Viktor stepped out of the room and into the hall, the other baby monitor in hand. 


“Out like a light.” Viktor whispered. 


Yuuri didn’t look up at him, his shirt placed in front of his stomach to hide his scar. “Thank you.”


“It’s nothing <my love>.” Viktor assured. “It's what I’m here for.”


“I know…”


“I’m staying the night. Go shower up while I get us some dinner.”


“But what about Makka-”


“I’ll text the neighbor, she loves Makka. Now go relax. This is the downtime. Enjoy it while you can, because we’re going to have to start setting some boundaries soon.” Viktor tried to push him along to relax. 


“Boundaries?” Yuuri was confused, pausing while turning to face Viktor. “What boundaries are you talking about?”


“The typical ones. Separating work from home. When we are on the ice, we focus on the ice. When we are home, then we can be parents.” Viktor said as if it was going to be easy.


Yuuri froze. “ Are you kidding me? ” He asked quietly in Japanese. Viktor understood that. “Are you kidding me!? Separating work from home? Viktor, you know we can’t do that!” Yuuri said in a loud whisper.


“We’re going to have to if we want this season to get you a medal.”


“A medal is the least of my worries right now, Viktor!” Yuuri pointed at the Russian’s chest. “Natsumi is sick so of course I won’t be able to focus as much as I’ll try but if something goes wrong and I was on the ice instead of being her father, I would never forgive myself.”


“Yuuri I didn’t mean it like that.” Viktor knew he fucked up. 


“You sure did!” Yuuri glared. “I’m not like you to where I can just turn off my emotions and skate like I’m on autopilot!” Now Yuuri fucked up. 


Both stood in the hallway with such hostility towards each other. Footsteps could be heard and Mari peaked her head in, there to see if her niece was alright but saw the argument. Having had enough, Yuuri took a step back and left, heading to the shower. Viktor stayed in the hallway fuming before he saw Mari. 


“Do you have an extra futon?”



Natsumi’s fever went down but then spiked back up in the morning during breakfast. Viktor already left in the early morning to exercise while Yuuri was a little behind. He wanted to care for his daughter, but he also had a job to do. Hiroko and Mari both assured him she was alright. Yuuri trusted his mother since she already raised him and his sister. 


“Oo!” Natsumi whimpered as he got ready to leave. 


“I’m sorry sweetheart, I’ll be home later.” 


“She’ll be fine Yuu-chan. I’ll call you if anything happens.” Hiroko told him while she held her granddaughter. 


Giving one final kiss to the little girl, Yuuri set off to the rink. He jogged the whole way there and when he got there, Takeshi was working behind the counter and offered to help him stretch. 


“Viktor isn’t here yet.” 


“He’s probably with Yuri.” Yuuri rolled his eyes. 


“You two fighting?”


“Yes. He thinks I should separate work and home. But Natsumi caught a fever so I can’t help but be worried.”


“Ah yes, the first fevers.” Takeshi reminisced. “It can be rough, and I’ve got three, one fever right after another. We were young at 18, almost 19 years old.” He shook his head. “I can see Viktor not understanding it.” He looked at his skating friend. “Something’s telling me there’s something else.”


Yuuri looked horrible for a moment before opening up. “I may have called his skating automatic…”


“No way, really?”


“I didn’t mean it!” Yuuri confessed. “I was just so frustrated and tired and I wanted to focus on Natsumi but he wanted to talk about the ice and I said something in the moment.”


“Are you going to apologize?”


“I will when he apologizes first.” Yuuri huffed, crossing his arms. 


In that moment, the doors to the Ice Castle opened and in walked Yuri and Viktor. Both had coffees in hand. Yuuri turned and looked away, beginning to stretch on the bench. 


“Good morning Viktor-san!” Takeshi went into work mode. “The ice is good!”


“Thank you Nishigori-san!” Viktor smiled. “<Let’s go Yura.>”


The two Russians went into the rink, leaving the room with the doors clicking behind them. Takeshi then helped Yuuri with his stretches, the two of them falling into a conversation about what had happened the previous day. 


“He knows what he’s doing and I could tell that Eros is a particular story that he wants me to tell.” Yuuri acts out his thoughts of what he thought the story was about leaving Takashi excited. 


“But it doesn’t feel like it’d be you. You’re softer than this.”


“Right!?” Yuuri declares. “That’s what I thought. I’m sure if Viktor skated this season, he’d kill it!”


Takeshi shrugged. “Eh, I don’t know. I remember when you skated Viktor’s winning skate. You looked pretty attractive, even to me.”


Yuuri sighed. “Yeah, well I can’t just copy Viktor. Plus I was close to four months pregnant then so the pounds were already there.” He began to frett. “He’s right. I’ll never get a medal or ever get as good as him, or better.”


“You want to go further than Viktor?”


“Eh? Oh no not at all! I don’t think I’ll ever be better than him. I’ve got too many things going on to even think about going beyond him!”


“Heh, I guess not. You’re inexperienced in a lot of things. Skating is one of them. I mean you, beat Viktor?” Takeshi lets out a gut laugh. 


Yuuri feels he is doomed. But then a buzzing in his pocket distracts him. It’s his mother. His stomach drops. He hadn’t been gone for two hours. 


“Hello? Mom?”


“Oh! Yuu-chan. I know you didn’t leave that long, but Nat-chan isn’t well. I want to take her to the hospital but I need you or Vicchan here.”


“Right. I’ll be there. Vicchan’s busy.”


Yuuri started to gather his bag and head out. He thanked Takeshi on his way out for listening and even forgot to warn Viktor about what was going on. At that moment, Yuuri only had one thing on his mind, and that was to see to Natsumi’s health.

Chapter Text

It was well into the evening when Viktor had enough. Going over and over the routine for Yuri was starting to get too much. Although the teen had spirit, he was too focused on winning than the theme of the skate. Yuri had just a hard exterior and walla around his heart, that he never knew of what love really was. By now the teen’s stamina was running out and so Viktor called it.


<“Okay, stop!”>


Yuri did so, breathing hard as he faced the older skater. 


Viktor wanted to address the issue before Yuri swept it under the rug. <“I’m not seeing something right here.”>


Yuri, clearly upset, grumbled at his rival. <“But I’m doing everything you told me to do.”>


< “You are skating fine, but there is always room for improvement. Although how you are skating, I don’t sense any of the theme that this is about. I see nothing of Agape , any love, in your work. You have the confidence to do this skate, but this isn’t some flashy place to show off.”>


Yuri was surprised at the criticism. “But you, you’ve skated this whole time without fail!”


Yuri’s backtalk reminded Viktor of the conversation he had the previous night with his own Yuuri. He knew that Yuuri wasn’t really upset, he was just getting out his frustration. He wouldn’t lie though that calling his skating is like being on ‘autopilot’ did hurt. Yuuri grew up being his fan so he never ever got to see the effort put into his form of skating, only the result. 


< “Fine! Then what is Agape to you?” > Yuri’s question brought him out of his thoughts. 


Viktor smiled. <“It’s a feeling. I could never give it a description. Have you not even given that a thought when you are skating?”>


Viktor has experienced different kinds of love throughout his career. The paternal love that Yakov once gave him when he was at his worst. The love he felt for his friends when they liked to talk with him, or when they won their own medals and competitions. The brotherly love he felt for Yuri when they became close. The love for Katsuki, Yuri as he seduced him at the Banquet. Then finally the love he can give to his daughter and cherish her. Yuri’s Agape could mean anything to him too if he put his mind to it.


< “You’re quite funny.”> Viktor lightly chuckled. < “How about we go to a temple to clear your mind. Yuuri’s taken me once and it was so clear.”>


Yuri just stared back at him in shock. 



Yuuri sat with a fussy Natsumi and a worried Hiroko as they were waiting for the doctor. They managed to squeeze her in, to their luck, so it was just a waiting game. When they did arrive at the doctor’s office, the little girl calmed down and was lightly napping between whimpers. 


The door opened to the little room and the pediatric doctor stepped in. She was an older woman, but close to Hiroko’s age. The two actually seemed to know each other from the super markets so it was nice to see a familiar face. 


“It's nice to see you, and you too Natsumi-chan!” She poked at Natsumi’s belly in a playful manner, catching the little girl’s attention. “She is an adorable little girl, I can see she is developing your eyes, Katsuki-san. Her hair is like snow!”


“She gets it from her father, she’s half Russian.” Yuuri informed her. They then went over a bit more of her medical history and she was able to pull the files from the hospital he had in Fukuoka. 


“Overall, she’s on track for development and becoming quite the perfect little girl, despite being a few weeks premature. But that’s obviously why you aren’t in today, Katsuki-san. Can you tell me what’s going on?”


Yuuri went into the events of his daughter’s health. Her slight fever, her ragged breath, her sniffling, and a few other symptoms that would lead towards a cold. 


“I see. Well it isn’t common to have a cold in May, it could be seasonal allergies. Perhaps a pollen that her other side might be irritable here but fine over in her other father’s home country. It can happen with mixed parents.” The doctor theorized. “What are her main environments like? Where does she go more often than not?”


“Oh, um, well our house in Fukuoka is fairly clean. My boyfriend has a poodle. Then she’s with us at my mother’s inn, Yuu-topia and is watched by my parents and my sister Mari. Sometimes she comes with my boyfriend and I to the rink and we bundle her up, if not she’s in the office with the rink owners who are my friends.” He gave a description. 


The doctor thought for a moment before continuing. “Your family runs the last hot spring here in Hasetsu, right?”


“Correct.” Hiroko answered. 


“Hm, the building is quite old too. I’m sure you do your best to clean up, Hiroko-san, but there still can be a lot of dust. Does anyone, family or guests smoke?”


The two Katsukis looked at each other. “My daughter smokes.” Hiroko answered. “But she hasn’t smoked inside Yuuri since he was pregnant. She doesn’t want it around them.”


“Does she still handle Natusmi-chan often?” The doctor asked, concerned. 


“She does. Natsumi adores her.”


The doctor made notes in her chart. “If it’s alright with you, I’d like to run some tests. I have a feeling this information, plus her premature birth is what’s going on. But don’t worry, with the proper care and correct medicine, Natsumi-chan will be a healthy child.”



Yuri rubbed the back of his neck while he and Viktor returned to the onsen after a brief visit to a temple. He wasn’t sure why they went. Nothing woke up within him to find his Agape . He just thought it was stupid. 


“Go relax in the onsen. I need to find Yuuri.”


Viktor sounded irritated, which he was. Yuuri never showed up for practice and when they left, Yuuko said she never saw him when she changed shifts with her husband. There had been no text, or call from the japanese man so not only was he worried, but he was irritated at the lack of communication. 


So the blond headed towards the showers just as Yuuri was coming down the stairs, his eyes slightly puffy from crying. It's like that’s all he did was cry. Yuri ignored him and left the two idiots alone. 



“Yuuri!” Viktor addressed the skater. “Where have you been-what happened?”


“I had to take Natsumi to the hospital.” Yuuri said, his voice rough from his obvious crying.


“What!? What happened? Why didn’t you call me?” Viktor was trying to hide his frustration in his voice, but Yuuri looked ready to snap again. 


“She’s fine, she’s fine.” Yuuri started, his bottom lip starting to quiver. “Follow me so we can talk privately.”


“What about Natsumi?”


“She’s down for a nap. Just come on.” Yuuri took his hand and dragged him outside to the front so they could talk and not disturb guests. 


Outside, Yuuri looked at the ground trying to make sense of his words. Viktor waited, but they also needed to go home so they could tend to Makkachin since the neighbor was worrying over them. 


“Are you going to tell me?” Viktor started softly.


“Natsumi has asthma.”


It felt like Viktor’s world stopped. There was no way his little girl had developed something like this. He shook his head, wanting to know more. “How bad is it?”


“Well the doctor suspects with her premature birth and her environment, it's not a good combination for her.” Yuuri looked at Viktor with worry.




“The doctor tested her against pet dander, dust, and cigarettes. Natsumi has a slight reaction to the pet dander and her breathing acts up around dust and the scent of cigarettes.” Yuuri relayed the information. 


“So this means…”


“Dammit Viktor, it means she can’t stay here and she can’t be around Makka!” Yuuri lashed out like Viktor was being dumb. “I’m sorry my English isn’t clear enough. No Onsen! No dogs!”


Viktor flinched at his tone. “Well no need to get mad about something we can’t control, and I never said anything was wrong with your English! I’m just as worried as you are, so stop taking it out on me!” The Russian retaliated. He calmed for a moment. “What’s got you so worked up?”


“It’s nothing, I’m just scared for Natsumi.” Yuuri wrapped his arms around himself, a sign of closing off. 


“Yuuri, talk to me, stop hiding it.”


The japanese man didn’t say anything. 


“Fine then. So how do we treat her asthma? Do we keep her home, find a babysitter? Let your parents come to our house? Put Makka in a room away from her?”


“I’ll stay at home.” Yuuri answered. 


Viktor didn’t like that answer.


“Oh no. No you are not staying home.” Viktor put his foot down.


“What? What do you mean I can’t stay home? What’s wrong with staying home to take care of our daughter?” Yuuri was getting teary eyed again. “If I could I would just go back to my original plan, just not tell you and quit skating.”


Viktor approached the upset man and gently held him. “Yuuri, Yuuri, stop, right now stop!” Viktor said, making Yuuri stop. “Are you still upset about yesterday?”


Yuuri didn’t say anything. 


“If you’re upset, you need to talk to me, I’m so tired of stressing this.” Viktor sighed. “I’m sure Natsumi getting sick at this time isn’t helping at all, but you need to calm down for a moment.” Viktor was going to be that rock for Yuuri whether the skater wanted him to or not. 


“There are several things we need to address here before you get into that head of yours.” Viktor tapped the side of dark hair. “You will skate this season. I know how badly you want to skate whether you say it or not.”


Yuuri only nodded.


Viktor continued. “I know you want to be a parent for Natsumi while skating, which you still can, but I see that reasons like it is when we can be parents when we have to. But if she’s fussy, has a dirty diaper, or she lost a toy, your family can handle her. Your mother and father raised her, Minako is like an aunt to you and Yuuko is a mother herself so she knows what to do. We have a support system so she’ll be well cared for.”


Yuuri nodded again. 


“Skating is our job. We are doing this also as a job to provide for her.” 


Another nod. 


“And you’re forgetting something.” Viktor’s voice dropped. “I’m not skating this year. Remember? I took the year off to coach and to be a father for her. If it seems like I’m pushing you hard at the start with this mental practice of what your Eros is, it's because I am. I need you to be confident enough that you can compete on your own if something happens with Natsumi while you’re out on the ice. I need you to trust me so that if something like this happens again, we can do our jobs without any worry. Do you understand?”


Yuuri was crying at this point and nodding. Viktor brought him into a hug and rubbed his boyfriend’s back. 


“I want to drop everything too and be there for her, Yuura. But I also need to provide for her. I love her with all of my heart. I’m sorry if I come off as cold hearted or that I don’t care.”


Yuuri gasped. “I’m s-so sorry for c-calling your sk-skating autopilot! I kn-know you put s-so much work into ev-everything!”


“Shhh, quiet, take deep breaths. I know you didn’t mean it. It stung, but I know you didn’ mean it.”


Yuuri nodded while Viktor walked them back inside. 


“Go to the baths. I’m sure Yura is already there. Relax while I check up on Natsumi. We can talk about what the doctor said afterwards.”


Yuuri obeyed and headed to the onsen where he found Yurio already getting ready to head into the spring. The teen gave him a look before heading in, not waiting a second to hit the water. 




Yuri and Yuuri slipped into the water feeling the heat instantly melt their stress away and let them exhale a large sigh. Yuuri cleared his head for a moment about Natsumi and focused on his money making job. Although it had only been a day, he still needed to think of what Eros meant to him. 


I’m 23 and I have no sex appeal. No wait, that’s a lie. Sober me has no sex appeal. I can’t just show up to the ice drunk now, can I?


The doors to the onsen opened up again, this time revealing Viktor. The Russian in all his naked glory still made Yuuri become flustered and turn into a tomato. He moved over, Yurio unphased by Viktor’s body, so the larger Russian could fit in. 


“She’s out like a light. She had a rough day, didn’t she?”


Yuuri nodded. “She isn’t as affected in my old room.”


“That’s good. Yura and I are going to head back tonight for changes of clothes and to get Makka. I don’t want to jostle her too much so you can stay with her.”


“Okay. Thank you. I plan on bringing her to the rink tomorrow. Takeshi offered to watch her.” Yuuri said, leaning against Viktor. 


“That’s alright.” Viktor agreed. Then they stayed silent as they finished out their soak.



Afterwards though, both Yuris could keep their heads up, both resting on the table while Viktor gobbled up his food as if he hadn’t eaten in a week. Yuuri was so tired that he was starting to space out, all while thinking about what Eros meant to him. 


It’s got to be something that makes you lose control, something that you desire and want others to desire, much like how Viktor performed. 


His eyes were focusing on a poster for food his parents had for a menu item and even though there was food on the table in front of him, the food on the poster looked amazing. His binge eating habit wanting to kick in. His eyes focused on the image and the picture of Katsudon, his favorite food in the whole world. 


A sudden thought hit him. He stood up, slamming a hand down on the table. “I get it! It’s Katsudon! That is my Eros!”


Yuuri was met with an awkward silence. But then Yuuri realized what he said. 


“Oh…no wait…”


Viktor paused his eating and smiled. “Okay. Let’s start with that. It's special and familiar.”


Yurio smirked. “Really?”

Yuuri blushed really hard and excused himself from the table. “ There’s no way I just said that, how embarrassing!”  He said to himself in his native tongue while making his way up to his old room to check on Natsumi.

Chapter Text

After that whole day, getting a plan from the doctor and clearing the air with Viktor, Yuuri was ready to get back into gear with his ice skating. He was still embarrassed that he chose Katsudon as the one thing that made him think of Eros , but when Viktor pointed it out it made sense. 


In the Russian’s opinion, Katsudon was like a frequent lover for Yuuri. He grew to love the special food over the years until it was presented that he should only eat if he won competitions. So it was like his relationship with the chicken dish was a forbidden love. Yuuri had to earn his way to eat it. But then he was feeling down, his mother knew how to cheer him up so the food became a comfort. Once Viktor showed up, it was ripped from him and he was back to square one with the food. He would have to regain the trust in order to eat it again, and he knew that once he won his first competition of the season, that first bite was going to send him to heaven. 


It was a bit confusing to Yuuri as Viktor explained but to sum it up, Katsudon x Yuri Katsuki was like an on and off again relationship.


So Yuuri took the ice, finally. Viktor tried his best to explain the step sequences from his own experience eating Yuuri’s favorite food and tried to apply it to his boyfriend’s skating. Yuuri was doing alright, but he could see that Yuuri still needed a lot of confidence. 


However, Yurio was already a few steps ahead. All he really needed was that Agape to really set the stage. After that it was lots of hard work and grinding to get to a basic senior level. The teen was still growing so throughout the season even he would change so he needed to learn to adapt to those changes. Already he had good legs to balance and his body fluidly moved on the ice. Viktor was certain that Yuri had a chance at the gold already.


“Hm… Another temple?” Viktor thought aloud as Yuri skated by, the blond catching him. 


“Just tell me if I need to fix something!”


The next part of training was the spins and smaller jumps. They needed to work their way up before really getting into it. 


Lastly, it was just more training, more and more training. Natsumi loved the fresh air when Yuuri would take her on jogs. She cooed and clapped as he ran up and down the steps while Takeshi watched her. It made Yuuri want to try harder. 


As for Natsumi, she was doing better. They set her up with a mask that would give her small doses of her inhalant if she needed it. It wasn’t too severe, but the doctor said it could always get better or get worse depending on the situation and environment. However Natsumi would always have asthma, a side effect from her early birth. 


Mari had gone to quit cigarettes entirely. She felt horrible that her habit was irritating her niece and she cried to her younger brother how sorry she felt. Yuuri didn’t blame her one bit and she made sure he didn’t blame himself either since she was born early. 


Makkachin wasn’t allowed to be around Natsumi so often unless she was outside. Viktor hated that he felt like he was abandoning the old pup, but somehow Makkachin knew. The poodle once cuddled with Natsumi on the floor but soon the baby started to get fussy from being too close and couldn’t breathe. Makkachin tried to play with her a few more times but everytime she would be fussy. So Makkachin just avoided her unless they were outside. 


Oh, and one last thing about Natsumi:


“Yuuri! Viktor! Come to the office, quick!” Yuuko called out one day during a light practice. The two paused in their skating, Yurio also taking pause as the two slipped on their guards and headed to the office. 


Yuuko was watching Natsumi for them as they trained when she saw Natsumi playing with one of the chairs for guests. Before she knew it, Natsumi had pulled herself up and was standing! Viktor and Yuuri entered the office, looking for their little girl before seeing her standing up, gripping the chair’s cushion. 


“Vicchan! She’s standing!” Yuuri knelt down to get close but still gave her space. 


“Oo!” The little girl called. ‘Oo’ was her version of Otousan and ‘O’ was Otets. ‘Yu-yu’ Was Yurio. 


“Hi sweetheart!” Yuuri greeted. “Are you walking?”


“O!” She laughed, seeing Viktor too and smiled a toothy smile. 


Natsumi was already growing up so fast and it made Yuuri want to cry. She already had some teeth coming in, she was always crawling around, she already knew who they and Yurio were along with Mari and her grandparents. She was starting to eat more solid foods and now walking!


“Natsumi, do you want to walk to Otets?” Yuuri asked her, but she was oblivious to the question, just stomping her little feet and laughing. 


“Natsumi, come to Otets!” Viktor called, drawing her attention. 


He held his hands out to catch her. Instead, Yuuri got behind her and slipped his fingers into her grip and held her up, slowly walking her towards Viktor. Her chubby legs took the steps slowly and wobbly but eventually Yuuri helped guide his daughter to her father.


“Hooray!” Viktor cheered, picking the little girl up. She was giggling and laughing at the praise. “Keep this up and you’ll be on the ice in no time!” 


“If she wants to.” Yuuri reminded his boyfriend. 


They had already agreed to not push the sport onto their daughter. She was free to look into any desire she wanted to do with her life, but that was a worry for another year. Right now she is only 9 months old and still growing. 


“Of course, I wouldn’t want her to lose her own dreams.” 


Footsteps behind them made them turn to see Yurio. He looked a little annoyed but when Viktor’s eyes sparkled and the Russian told the other Russian what had happened, the teen had relaxed a little. He congratulated them and asked to take a lunch break which they were all happy to do. Yuuri thanked Yuuko for watching Natsumi for the morning practice before the small group left for lunch. 



As the days leading up to the competition Viktor was thinking about the two skaters and with all their hard work, he just felt there was something missing. He was carrying Natsumi while getting some shopping done. They needed some baby food since the little girl was starting to eat more solid foods. She loved her teething cookies as well. 


“O! O!” Natsumi called. 


“Hm, what is it sweetheart?” Viktor asked, holding her little hand while he shopped.


Natsumi was seated in the cart, playing with a small teddy bear plushie with snowflakes on it.




“No, Otousan isn’t here. He’s at home resting.”


“Hm.” She nodded, her brown eyes focused on him now, following him as he pulled colorful boxes off the shelves. 


Since moving to Japan and being around their people for 14 months, Viktor had picked up on the language and had in his spare time, tried to learn the language. He hoped to take some classes after the competition to really get to know his boyfriend’s language, especially for Natsumi. Primarily growing up in Japan, she’ll mostly speak Japanese with English and Russian as her 2nd and 3rd languages. 


Viktor smiled at his daughter’s response. She was only 9 months old and very smart. Already starting to walk, knowing who her family is, and excited when she commercials on TV when Viktor would watch Russian TV. Commercials he did before coming to Japan would still be on his country’s TVs and Natsumi was excited to see him. Viktor couldn’t have been more proud. 


“Do you want to see Otousan?”


Natsumi didn’t respond, just kept looking at her father. 


While Viktor continued to shop, he thought about his two students per say. Yuri was doing well, could skate the program with ease, but he was missing the emotion in it. He even suggested a waterfall when Yuuri looked at him oddly but gave directions to a place. Little did Yuuri know he was to join Yurio as well.


The two boys had talked, complained too, but it seemed to do wonders for Yurio in the end. The boy looked relaxed when he and Yuri returned from the waterfall. Yuuri had explained a little of what happened, but both were tired from the seemingly clear experience. Really it was now up to them to get to skating. 


“Who do you think will win?” Viktor eventually spoke up, almost spooking the girl. “Otousan or Yuri-nii?”


Natsumi beamed up when she heard her pseudo brother’s name. “Yu-yu!”


“You want Yuri-nii to win? Well I want both to win. We’ll have to see.”


“Oo! Yu-yu!”



It was the day before the competition and both young skaters. Both were nervous as to getting their routines right and pleasing Viktor. But really they were missing the point in pleasing themselves, especially for Yuuri. 


Viktor was out grocery shopping with Natsumi so he wouldn’t be in until later. He claimed that he wanted to spend a little time with his baby girl as well as give them some time away from him to de-stress. 


Yuuri wanted to do one last thing for his routine, and the only person he could ask, was none other than Yurio. 


“Where’s Viktor?”


“He took Natsumi shopping, he also wanted to give us a break.”


Yurio rolled his eyes. 


Yuuri frowned. “Don’t do that.”


“Do what?”


“Roll your eyes! Viktor is a good father. I-I’m glad he is taking care of our daughter…” Yuuri trailed off, feeling insecure again about it. The feeling of possible abandonment from Viktor had faded since he now knew Viktor was staying. But it still would resurface sometimes here and there, making him wonder if Viktor was really staying for all of it. 


“So what did you want to ask me?” Yurio looked at him, brushing off the comment. “You looked like you wanted to ask me something.”


Yuuri blinked, clearing his mind before returning to the task at hand. “Could you please teach me… how to do a Salchow-”


“A Salchow!?” Yurio interrupted. 


“A quad Salchow.”


The blond just looked at him. 



“Let’s go check up on Otousan and Yuri-nii!” Viktor exclaimed to his daughter as she started to wake up from her nap. 


They had gotten the shopping done fairly quickly and returned just in time for her nap. He put her down and then made some lunch for himself while settling down to watch some hockey until Natsumi woke up. It wasn’t until an hour later when he heard the fussing on the monitor and went to check on her. She was awake and needed a change. After said change and a little bit of food and a bottle, Viktor grabbed the diaper bag and strapped her to his chest and rode the bike that was given to him to use by the Katsuki family and rode to the Ice Castle. 


Yuuko greeted him at the door as he arrived at the Ice Castle. He wanted to hand over his daughter but he wanted to surprise the boys. Plus Natsumi wanted to see her other daddy. He could hear them already skating which put a smile on his face. 


“Ready to see Otousan?”


“Oo!” Natsumi waved her hands. 


He opened the doors and was surprised to see the boys cooperating together on their own. “Oh? What were you practicing?”


Yuuri seemed to lighten up at the sight of his daughter. But instead the boys split apart to continue their practices. 


“Oo!” Natsumi called out. “Yu-yu!”


“Hush darling, let’s let Otousan work.” Viktor adjusted his daughter’s jacket and went to sit down on the bench, taking out her favorite bear and a couple of cereal puffs. Viktor half watched the skaters, trying to just spectate today while he watched his daughter. Yuuri joined him to take a break and to see his little girl. 


Yurio was skating around, really getting into his routine, but that missing piece was there. His agape had finally shown its colors. <“Looks like Yura found his agape.”> He whispered to himself. “He’s ready for the next stage.”


Yuuri perked up. Next stage? Would he have a next stage too? If he worked hard to get his pork cutlet bowl, then would he get there?


“You’re next Yuuri.” Viktor said, taking Natsumi who had crawled back into his lap. 


He got onto the ice and began his routine, remembering the music as he moved across the ice. 


I can’t seem to find my eros though. I love the pork cutlet bowl, the flavors, the smell, the memories. But it doesn’t seem enough to make this my program.


Yuuri let out a sigh and finished his program, still not 100% about it. Instead he put up the skates for the day and turned on the parent mode. Seeing his little girl smile burned away any stress he had about tomorrow.

Chapter Text

After Natsumi had been laid down for bed, he joined Viktor and Yurio in the dining area. Minako had also shown up for a few drinks. She asked about Natsumi and if they were prepared for the skate with their costumes. Both Yuuri and Yuri went pale. They were so caught up in the event that they forgot costumes. 


Viktor set down his mug of beer. “Paah! Don’t worry, I called in a little favor from Yakov and spent extra to overnight them, they should be here really any time.”


Sure enough the door was answered and it was the delivery man with his suitcases. The boys all brought it into Viktor’s room, but tried to remain quiet for Natsumi as she was sleeping in the other room. Yuuri was in heaven, literally geeking out of the entire history of Viktor’s outfits from his juniors to senior competition. Yurio however didn’t care as much but Yuuri was getting louder and louder with excitement with each outfit he found. 


“Oi, don’t get too excited, you’re basically married to the guy. It's just an outfit so you better not pick anything better than me!”


Yuuri then stopped at one and knew this had to be it. It was black with some black mesh mixed in. There was a small flare skirt at the hips and some white rhinestones on the right shoulder.


“Oh I remember this, you wore this in one of your junior competitions!”


Viktor blushed. “It was before I cut my hair short so it was still long. I had it to represent gender neutrality since I was still learning who I was.”


Yuuri was captured. “I’m going to wear this one!”



Yuuri was still up after Viktor put away the suit cases once the boys picked theirs out. Yuuri went to check on Natsumi while Viktor already went to sleep. The Japanese skater was nervous to say the least. He had gotten the program but he still felt he wasn’t good enough. Making a silent leave, he went to Minako’s apartment to ask her for a small favor. She wasn’t pleased to be woken up, but he promised to make it up to her. 



Finally the day of the Onsen on Ice, Battle of the two Yuris had arrived. Natsumi had a fussy morning which Viktor said he’d handle since Yuuri didn’t join him in bed until early in the morning. She was having a little trouble in the morning breathing so while he made her food, she placed the mask on and soon she was all smiles. Hiroko was going to watch her while they went on with the competition so as to not bring a distraction to the boys. 


Natsumi cried for a little bit, knowing her parents were leaving but an hour later, Hiroko turned on the tv for the event and Natsumi was smiling and shouting at the tv from her bouncy seat, waving to her Otousan and her older brother figure. 


Hiroko listened in to her son while her granddaughter babbled on. 



“Here we have our skaters for today, Plisetsky, Yuri and Katsuki, Yuri. So Viktor’s come up with these short programs and we hear you’ve been working hard, especially with a little one at home, Katsuki-san. Could you tell us a little how you feel about today?”


Yuuri was almost sweating buckets with how nervous he was. This was his first ice competition since the Grand Prix he failed almost a year and a half ago. Plus going through with a pregnancy, he trained hard to get his body back into shape and keep it in shape. But no, instead of talking about his experience, he asked for people to visit his parents’ hot spring, his brain completely fried.


(Hiroko chuckled. “Otousan is so funny isn’t he Nat-chan?”)


In a whisper, Yuuri’s reporter friend Morooka-san whispered off camera to not promote tourism, but his skating, his voice a little airy from the humor.


Yurio could only understand a little of the translated Japanese form being with them for long enough that he answered. “I’m going to crush him and take Viktor back with me to Russia.”


Morooka-san whisper-thanked him, seeing as that was what they wanted. They wanted to rile up the fans for the event.


“Now we’ll get a word from Viktor, the temporary coach and judge of the competition!” Morooka moved out of the way and sighed, seeing Viktor also promoting the small town. He face palmed, earning chuckles from the rest of the crew. 


“Welcome to Hasetsu!”


Both boys were trying their best to stop him, Yuuri was completely embarrassed.


“I already made that mistake!” Yuuri pouted.


“Stop with the dress-up! It’s going to make us look stupid!” Yurio growled. “Just go get ready.”


“You’ll be deciding who you’ll be coaching with whoever wins.” Yuuri made him sound a little desperate. He secretly decided that this would make or break his career. If he chose to coach Yurio, then he was going to quit skating and raise Natsumi. 


“Oh right.” Viktor paused. He had forgotten. He was just having fun. 



Yuuri went into focus mode as viewers were taking their seats. He slipped in his ear buds to focus on the music and anything but what was about to happen. Yurio was supposed to go first.


Yuuko had come to get Yuri. The teen unzipped his trainer suit and the woman started to blush, pointing out his outfit, which he kept hidden. It was white and silver with multi-colored rhinestones. It was stunning on him. Viktor still stood off to the side, lost in thought but also focused himself. Yuuko then pushed Yuri out and it was time. 


Morooka-san announced that Yuri was taking to the ice. These short programs were going to carry over into the next season, so a lot was on the line for both boys. Viktor eventually went out to the rink, giving Yuuri a kiss on his way out. 


“I want to watch.” Yuuri whispered, being serious. 


“You can, but don’t let it affect you.” Viktor said back, his mind already on Yuri. 


Yuri took to the ice, doing a circle to present to the fans before setting stage in the middle. Viktor noticed the boy’s demeanor changed. He looked soft, vulnerable, yet prepared and serious.


“Plisetsky will be skating On Love: Agape.” Morooka said.


Music flooded the ice rink and Yuri began. Yuri was like a swan on the ice, almost floating across it. The crowd was sucked into the performance, no one could look away. He was nailing his jumps and his combinations of steps sequences, he was an angel. 


(“Yu yu!” Natsumi said to the TV.)


Yuuri looked on as he did and was shocked. This wasn’t the Yuri he was working with. He tried to think what had changed? Memories of the waterfall Viktor forced them into came to mind. He realized that day, the teen had a moment of clarity where everything came together, that his puzzle became complete. Now watching him skate was intense, it was like seeing a creation come to life. What monster had Viktor created?


The program ended and everyone erupted from the stands. 


“Yura! That was great! The best one by far!” Viktor shouted onto the ice. 


Yuuri clapped too. Yurio was great and had the potential of a senior skater when he entered the division in the next season. Yuri had made all his jumps! Viktor was zoned in, he also couldn’t tear his eyes away. Yuuri was starting to become nervous. Already, Yurio was going to win, so then Viktor would be his coach, they might have to move to Russia, this could be Yuuri’s last skate-


He could feel the floor begin to turn into jelly as his legs began to shake. He was letting it get to him, the thing Viktor told him not to do. If Viktor went back to Russia-




He looked up and saw Viktor right there, so close in front of him. 


“It’s your turn.” Viktor said gently. 


Yuuri blushed and felt caught, almost embarrassed. He was spiraling and Viktor knew. 


“Um… I’m… I’m going to be the best Katsudon that’s ever been eaten. For …. You and Nat-chan.” Yuuri declared between them, “Nat-chan is at home, so here, please watch me.” Yuuri hugged him, not only because he was scared, but because Viktor was his boyfriend, so he needed that support. “Do you promise?”


“I promise.” Viktor said, trying hard not to hug back. He was in coaching mode. “I love katsudon, you and Natsumi.”


With that support, Yuuri took to the ice. Morooka announced his turn to the ice. Yuuri glided out, doing a circle as well. 


“He’ll be skating On Love: Eros!”


(“OO!” Natsumi shouted when Yuuri got on screen. Hiroko giggled as she picked up the little birl and brought her close to the screen. 


That’s Otousan, yes! Let’s cheer for him! ” Hiroko waved to the tv. “ Good luck!”


“Ga! Oo!”


Good girl!” )


Yuuri was a little embarrassed about his reason for eros, which was his favorite food, but the food was better than remembering a drunk night from a Grand Prix. That would’ve been a flop. He didn’t know how well be moved, but apparently it was good enough to get him knocked up. 


The lights came on him, the crowd quieted, the music started. Yuuri began to skate. 


Yuuri wondered who he was skating for, and there were several answers. He was skating for Viktor, skating for Natsumi, skating for his friends and family, but most importantly he was skating for himself. He stayed in focus as the music carried him away over the ice, it was his turn to float. He was right to ask Minako for help the previous night. He wanted to be seductive, he needed to show the skating world that he could become attractive. Attractive enough that he captured the Viktor Nikiforov.


He flubbed one of his jumps, but it wasn’t the time to stress about it. Everything else was going to be perfect, or as perfect as he could get it. His last jump combinations he nailed and he ended the program flawlessly. He finally let go of the skate and opened his ears. 


The crowd was cheering him on, his own people were cheering him on. They were welcoming him back to the skating world, as if his hiatus never existed. It felt good to be home, but he still had to wait for the final answer. So for now he smiled and waved to his people, thanking them for their support. 




Viktor called to him with open arms. Yuuri skated over and accepted the hug. It felt good to be in his boyfriend’s arms. 


“That was some of the best katsudon I’ve eaten!”


“Uh, thanks.” Yuuri stepped back a little. 


“Mind if I say something?” Viktor asked, his smile as joyful as ever, completely betraying what he was about to say next. 


Viktor started to lecture him right then and there, in front of everyone. Yuuri was so embarrassed! He wavered in Viktor’s light grasp and fell back onto the ice. He let out a laugh.


“I get it, I get it. But this is what I can do after being off for a year and a half.” Yuuri said, sitting up. “I still have improvements,” If I still wanted to skate. Is what he left out. 



“Yurio! Wait!” Yuuko found the blond sneaking out, his bag packed, and getting ready to head back to the onsen to get his other bag. “You’re already leaving without knowing who won?”


Yuri didn’t want to face defeat. “I already know the answer. I’m an outsider here too, Japan needs their hero back.” He eventually looked up to her. “I can’t split them up. I don’t want to do that to Natsumi. She deserves both her parents.”


Yuuko could see his own struggles in his words. 


“I’m going to stay under Yakov for this debut season. It’ll be less stressful for them too. So… <Goodbye>.”


“Then. Goodbye.” Yuuko accepted his choice. 


“I’m not running away. I’m still going to win the Grand Prix and put the pig in his place. Tell him for me.” With that he turned and continued his way to the onsen to grab his things and fly back to Russia. 



Yuuri felt a little unfair that he won, but it wasn’t by default. Viktor said he would explain over dinner how he chose Yuuri in the end. But it still felt good to win. It was awkward standing on the podium with just Viktor. He hoped Yurio would join them for dinner one last time before going home. 


“Congratulations on winning the Onsen on Ice! Could you please give the fans a few words?”


Yuuri was stuck on what to say. He felt Viktor’s embrace grow tighter. So he took the mic. “I’m going to fight and do my best to win the Grand Prix with Viktor! Thank you everyone, really for the support.” But real quick he needed to give a little message. “Natsumi-chan! We love you!”


“Hi Natsumi!” Viktor waved. 


(Natsumi was waving back. “OO! O!” Her bottom lip started to wobble and she started to cry. As she did, Yurio entered the onsen and she saw him. “Yu yu!” She was snotty and making grabby hands at the teen. 


“Hi Natsumi.” Yurio took the little girl for a moment. “I’m going home to Russia, but I’ll bring you something the next time we meet.” He promised her.


“Have a safe trip.” Hiroko said in her broken English to the teen.


Yurio handed Natsumi back. “Thank you. Good bye.”)



Once everything was wrapped up, Viktor and Yuuri returned to the onsen to pick up Natsumi before heading back to Fukuoka. Their small stay at the onsen for the event was over and it was time to go home. Makka needed to be let out since the neighbors were watching her these past few days, and the family just needed to get back into a routine for a little while. 


There was still so much work to do. Yuuri still needed a free program, and in a few months they would be celebrating Natsumi’s first birthday. Plus Yuuri wanted to take Viktor out more around Japan since they’ve hadn’t a chance between this event and raising their daughter.


They got home and Viktor let Makka out while Yuuri went to place the sleepy girl in her crib for bed time. His mother already fed her and was starting to fall asleep on the car ride home. After she was laid down and resting, The two grabbed a quick something to eat before relaxing in bed themselves. They took turns showering in case Natsumi woke up and needed her medicine, but once cleaned up and the exhaustion finally hitting them, they let out a sigh. It was over. 

Viktor was staying here. He was going to be with him and with Natsumi. He was going to skate one more season before putting up his skates for good. But then what? What if Viktor wants to continue coaching? He’d have to go back to Russia then since Yakov was close to retirement and Viktor could train Yurio then. It was all too much. He didn’t realize he was crying until he felt a thumb on his cheek to wipe away the tears. He turned to see Viktor with a sympathetic look on his face. He just opened his arms and the Japanese skater crawled right over to him, letting out the stress that had been eating him for a year.


“I’m here, Yuuri. For you and Natsumi. I won’t go anywhere.”

Chapter Text





Yuri was careful in giving his grandfather a hug upon seeing him after picking up his luggage. After spending his time in Japan there was something about home that couldn’t be beat. Seeing the older Plisetsky was warm and something that would never be replaced. Yakov luckily gave him two weeks off to go home in Moscow to think about his upcoming season before returning to St. Petersburg to train.


“How was your flight and your time in Japan?” Nikolai asked, all smiles and offering to take a small bag. 


Yuri handed it over, keeping his shades on so he wouldn’t be stopped by fans or reporters. “Thanks.” He took a sigh. “It was different. Normally I go to these places to compete, never to explore so it was… entertaining.”


Nikolai smiled at his grandson. “You’ll have to give Viktor and his friend a big thank you the next time you see them. It was nice of them to take care of you while you were competing. I hope you had some fun?” Nikolai knew about his grandson’s gruff outer appearance to other skaters but deep down he did care about some people he skated against or interacted with outside him and his mother. 


Yuri gave a small smile after a pause when he got into his grandpa’s truck. “Yeah, I supposed I did. Oh I should text them I landed.”


He pulled out his phone and let them know he was safe in Moscow and even took a quick selfie of him and his grandfather to put on the family account. 


<Back home in Moscow with Grandpa> #Moscow #Home 


The blond teen napped in the car while his grandpa drove. Jetlag was starting to set in and he couldn’t wait to take a big nap and snuggle with Potya. He didn’t mind Viktor’s dog, but Potya was his baby. She was his comfort, she understood him, and was always there for him. 


Once back in his home, his grandfather helped with his laundry while he took a shower then retreated to his bedroom. He usually did this after traveling whether it was here or in his room and Yakov and Lilia’s house. He needed time to catch up on sleep, his homeschool work, and unwind, readjusting to his own time. 


Potya found him not long after as he left the door open and she headbutted him as he relaxed in his bed. He could feel himself sink into his mattress when he could feel the emotional after effects of everything. He was still a teenager going through puberty so even teen boys could feel a flurry of emotions. But for him it was a little different. He actually missed the small family in Japan. 


At first when Viktor just went over and he found out Yuuri was pregnant, he didn’t care too much, he still wanted to beat the Japanese skater in the sport. But then that day, when Yuuri had to be taken in for his baby to be born, something in Yuri switched. He was more worried for him and hoped it was all going to go right. 


Yuri’s world stopped when Viktor placed Natsumi in his arms. Yuri felt something inside him awaken and immediately wanted to protect her from the world. He’d never admit it to the two parents. During each video call and now this most recent visit, Natsumi had already grown so much. He wasn’t her parent but he sure considered her a little sister. 


As he laid there in his bed he never realized how quiet it could be. He heard his grandfather messing about the kitchen but it was quiet compared to what he was exposed to. There was no padding of dog paws on hardwood, hushed whispers of English mixed with Japanese and Russian, soft whimpers of Natsumi to he hushed by a Japanese lullaby. 


Combined with being tired, and a place to open up without exposing himself, Yuri let go. He hugged Potya as he sniffled. He missed them. He hated to break down like this but now realizing a lot, jetlag kicking in, and slight hunger, he wanted to go back. 


A soft knock made him pause at his decompressing. Nikolai had food ready. Once again it was his favorite, pirozhky. Nikolai set the plate on the teen’s nightstand while taking a seat on the side of the bed and running a hand over the blond locks of hair in a comforting motion. 


“It’ll be okay.”


Yuri sniffled some more. Only nodding. 


“It’s okay to miss them too.” Nikolai said. “Family is what you make of it. I’m proud and happy for you, Yurochka.”


Another nod. 


“You’ll see them again and by then you’ll have improved. I saw your performance on a neighbor’s computer. I’m not good with the technology stuff but I still cheered you on. You are growing and improving. But you are also still young so it's important to cherish the time you have with others.”


“D-don’t go talking all old o-on me, Deda.” Yuri smirked a little. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. “I’m going in August again though.”


“So soon? That’s only in a few months.” Nikolai raised a brow. 


Yuri blushed. “Natsumi turns one in August. She might not remember but I do want to surprise her. I know it would be during important training time-”


“Yura, it’s okay. The little girl is like your sister, da? You are a single child so having someone like her to bring you joy and being someone she can look up to is good.”


Yuri lit up and grabbed his phone, opening it and grabbing a piece of food while showing him pictures of him and Natsumi that he snuck. Nikolai cooed at the little girl and praised Yuri for being a good brother figure. Yuri then swiped at the next photo and it was one of Natsumi asleep in her crib, passed out, her hand gripping the white tiger plush he got her. 


Nikolai picked up on his grandson’s behavior and smiled. “Focus on skating. You can think about that stuff later.”


Yuri blushed hard and tried to defend himself but instead stuffed his mouth with the hot food. Nikolai chuckled and ruffled his hair before leaving him alone. 



The Sunday after the competition Yuuri had woken up in a fog. 


It had been a week since the competition between him and Yuri. After a night to unwind, he and Viktor sat down to talk about training and where they would be. The Ice Castle was offered since it was familiar and not active as the one in their area so it would help with the focus. They could stay at his parent’s onsen during the week and any time they had off, they would come back to Fukuoka for a break. Viktor felt it was a better option since Yuuri’s family could also help watch Natsumi on intense training days. 


So they packed up and headed back to Yuuri’s parents which Hiroko and Tatsuya were excited to be with their granddaughter. Japanese folk could be some of the more close knit people when it came to families, often with the grandparents living with their children and helping in raising the grandkids and further generations. It was generous and kind, but it also created strong bonds. 


But as Yuuri woke further, pushing away the memory of the decision, he nearly jumped out of his socks. He was late for his first training session with Viktor. He quickly changed clothes and made his way downstairs. Natsumi was already dancing to a TV show his parents put on for young children. She spotted him and tried to take a few steps before falling to her butt and aggressively crawling towards him. 


“Oo! Oo!” She said happily. 


“Good morning to you too, Baby.” Yuuri gave her a few kisses. 


“Oh Yuu-chan, Vicchan already left.” Hiroko said as she popped out from the kitchen. 


“I know, he’s not going to be happy about it. I should go.” He kissed Natsumi once more and handed her off to his mother. 


Yuuri slipped on his shoes and took off, the panic still setting in. He booked it to the Ice Castle and burst through the doors. 


“Vicchan, I’m sorry! I forgot to turn on my alarm!” He saw the Russian standing in the middle of the rink, his back turned to him. “Uh…”


Then Viktor turned around and gave his signature fake smile. “Good morning <My love>! Only Natsumi learning my name has had me waiting this long too.”


Shit Viktor was not happy. Yuuri launched himself onto the ice, bowing deeply he could almost touch his toes. He was about to get onto his knees and apologize further, when Viktor stopped him. 


“Rest is important as well. Plus we are parents. I trust that you know I put Natsumi in my care this morning and she was well with Hiroko-san?”


Yuuri blushed. Viktor was a great father as well. He nodded, confirming that Natsumi was a happy baby. 


“Good. Then lace up!” He clapped his hands and waved the skater off. 


After that, the two started to work on perfecting Eros. Yuuri was going to use it in his upcoming returning season. He remembered Viktor saying something about coaching fees so long ago but that had been buried as Yuuri had paid him by giving him a daughter to cherish forever and that would never have a price tag. 


Yuuri continued his jumps but apparently his body wasn’t ready for them yet. He kept flubbing them. Viktor then pointed out that this usually happens when he has something on his mind. It made sense. He would now have to add mental exercise to his training.



Later that night, once they had eaten dinner and Natsumi had been put to bed, the two decided to relax in the hot spring. It was starting to get warm out as Summer was approaching so spending nights in the spring were going to be far and few in between. His parents business would start to slow a bit but their baths were still open for a few hours in the evenings. 


Yuuri sank into the hot water, letting the spring work its magic. His muscles loosened up and he could feel the exhaustion drop his eyes. The water also felt good on his scar, which had been tugging just slightly from some of the activities. He thought about his scar. In three months, it would be the anniversary of it as well as his daughter’s first birthday. He would need to start planning it soon. 


His thoughts were then broken when Viktor spoke up, signaling his arrival. 


“We should change your jumps in the program, probably take out the bigger ones.” He said it so calmly but it was still a shock to Yuuri. 


“But!-” Yuuri turned around to see his boyfriend’s glory and he turned back around, his face flushed. He did look sexy with his hair back though, he hoped to see that more. “I want to win the Grand Prix this time. I want to win!”


“I get that, but you have great stamina, you also don’t want to wear yourself out. You could do one quad and get a perfect score in the rest!” Viktor smiled back. 


Still Yuuri wanted to do better. This was his comeback season! He wanted to make his family and Viktor proud for his 2nd Grand Prix. He barely made the cut the first time. There was so much riding on this, he didn’t want to let anyone down.


“Yuuri~” His name was drawn out. “I guess I never really explained why I wanted to become your coach, minus us sleeping together and your drunk request, and giving me a daughter…”


The Japanese skater looked up from his seat in the hot spring. Viktor took his hands and brought him up a little while crouching down over him on the edge of the onsen. 


“I was drawn to the music, the melody you created with this body of yours. Little did I know you were already pregnant. So now I want to create a program to match what you can do in this body. You were sexy in that video and now I want to maximize it to a great potential.” 


Viktor’s blue eyes were almost staring into his soul and once again he was star struck and not believing that he was dating this man. Viktor’s eyes were like oceans that Yuuri could get lost in and find a place to call home. 


“This was a feeling I had while waiting to contact you or vice versa and your work in this program confirmed it!” 


Viktor brought Yuuri out of the water, his body now exposed to the colder air. Viktor started to get touchy and the younger man wondered if he snuck some sake before entering the baths. He was being posed in Viktor’s arms while the Russian continued to talk about his programs. 


“Oh! You should produce your free program!”


What!? ” Yuuri exclaimed. “But… I always skated to my coach’s best judgment-”


“Come on Yuura! It’s more fun if you come up with it yourself!”


“Ow ow ow!” Viktor was stretching him out and posing him like they would in practice but this was in a public bath! Embarrassment was flooding through him. 


They were so lost in their own world about skating that when they turned around, the locals were looking at them through the glass in shock and wonder (wondering how a man could stretch like that!).




Yuuri then smacked his partner in the arm lightly and got out of the bath, wrapping his towel around his waist and leaving, apologizing to the guests on his way out. Viktor too wrapped up and chased him down, apologizing too. 



“Just call him.” Viktor lightly begged while they got dressed. 


“I… but I haven’t spoken to him since I broke off our agreement.” Yuuri stammered. 


“It won’t hurt to try. Plus I’m curious myself. Why did he choose for you?”


“Ugh, alright, I’ll call him.” Yuuri took his phone out of the locker and dialed his old Coach’s number. After a few rings, a cheerful italian accented voice answered. 


“Yuuri, Ciao ciao!” The man seemed happy to hear from him. “It’s been a while, I hope things are good, congrats on the baby!”


“Ah yes, it has, and thank you. Sorry for not contacting you sooner about everything.” Yuuri sighed. 


“No worries! I am happy you’re doing well. I hear Viktor is your coach now!”


“Ah… yeah. He is.”


“I hope training is good then?”


“Ciao ciao, Celestino!” Viktor joined the phone call. “I’m Yuuri’s coach, Viktor!”


Celestino huffed, already annoyed with the irresponsible skater. “Playing in Japan are we? I’d knock it off if I were you.”


“Harsh, just like Yakov.” Viktor pouted, but he moved right along. “So how come Yuuri never got to pick his music for his programs?”


“Eh? Well I usually select the music which I think is best from their progress but I leave the option open for them to choose for themselves. Yuuri only showed interest in his own music one time. He mentioned it was composed by a classmate of his. I quite enjoyed it. But…”


Yuuri could remember when he asked Celestino to listen to it. He was excited to skate to this piece but then-


“I asked him if he could win with this music. Instead he asked me to choose his music for him.” Celestino sighed. “Yuuri’s self confidence was never his strong suit. He would usually rely on others for his answer. I mostly wanted him to rely on himself.”


Viktor listened, knowing already how terribly the Japanese skater’s confidence levels were insanely low, even after all his progress and the two raising a child together. 


“Hmm, Okay. Thanks!” Viktor confirmed he was listening. 


“Uh, wait, Celestino. I’m going to get it this year at the Grand Prix. I’m going to be the best skater I can be.”


Celestino chuckled a little on his end of the line. “That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear since the last Grand Prix. Anyways, I’ll be rooting for you. Tell your baby that Papa Celestino says hello!” His voice then dead panned. “Bye Viktor.”


The phone call ended. 


Yuuri let out a sigh of relief. “I’m glad I got that out of the way. I have been nervous to talk to him.”


Viktor though wasn’t too happy. “Yuura… you still happen to have this piece of music he mentioned, do you?”


“Uh… well…”


“Why didn’t you ever bring this up? We’ve been together for a while now, and the reminder we’ve got is a daughter…”


“R-right. I’ll go look for it.”

Chapter Text

Skating in circles, Yuri began to think. Earlier he found out from that woman in Japan, Yuuri’s friend, Yuuko, that the Japanese skater was starting to rise up in the skating world. The news that Yuuri was going to create his own program was a small shock to him. It felt that just yesterday that the Japanese skater was fat with a baby and scared of everything, including the blond himself. But now he was a strong parent and was becoming an even stronger skater. 


Remembering that Grand Prix, he knew the challenge thrown to the older skater was semi serious, the older skater not understanding his rough English at the time. But since Yuuri and Viktor spoke it to communicate he had grown to learn some more on his own. He hoped Yuuri understood that Yuri was going to get serious. Their little stunt just a few weeks earlier was nothing compared to what Yuri was capable of. 


Those around him, his coach and rink mates, looked on as Yuri obediently worked on practice. Some worried, some were curious. They didn’t know what Yuri had gone through in Japan. They didn’t know how hard Viktor trained him, forced him to find a calm mind, work together with the other Yuuri and well, the fun he didn’t want to admit that he had. 


Every time Yuri returned to Russia it hurt now. He loved Russia, it was his home, the people, Viktor, Yuuri and Natsumi were his newfound family now. Nikolai, his grandfather, encouraged Yuri to return to them when he had breaks in school or competitions. Yuri didn’t want to abandon his grandfather, but the elder didn’t think so. 


“You’ve found good people who care about you and won’t hurt you, embrace that.” Nikolai said after a couple of days when Yuri returned home and got a text ‘from Natsumi’. It was a little video of her babbling and trying to slobber Yuuri’s phone. 


He continued to skate, thoughts running his mind but before he could get to some real practice he was called off the ice. A new person had arrived. She looked serious, almost like a teacher you really didn’t want to mess with in school. She was tall, lengthy and despite her obvious age, beautiful. Yuri was curious about who she was. 


“Who’s this lady?” He uninterestedly asked. 


In a swift motion, she grabbed him, began touching him, inspecting him, looking at every nook and cranny of him, testing his flexibility. She was firing off comments like no tomorrow until Yuri had enough. Then there was something about ballet.


“Oi! What’re you doing!?” He snapped.


“I have decided to create a new free program for you.”


Yuri was surprised. Just who was this woman?


“Don’t think I didn’t see your little stunt in Japan, young man. After assessing you, I’ve come up with a set of goals for you to accomplish. One that will turn you into a prima ballerina.” She had spoken seriously. 


Yuri had no idea what she was on about but seeing Yakov behind her, almost silently pleading with him to obey her. It had to do with skating somehow. 


“Are you willing to sell your soul to me in order to rise high?”


Ah, that’s who this woman is. Yuri decided she was a demon. But if her sincerity is what could get him a goal to complete his wager against Yuuri, then he was willing to take it. 


“If you want me to sell my soul, when I’m allowing you to use me as you see fit.” He agreed, a sly smile on his face. 


The woman seemed pleased with his answer. “I’m Lilia Baranovskya. Go home and pack. You’ll be living with me to ensure you fulfill your agreement.”


Both Yuri and Yakov’s jaws dropped. 


“Yakov, you’ll be joining too.”


Yuri stood frozen for a second while Lilia and Yakov continued to speak. Him, live with her? Away from his grandfather? Away from his friends? Why did he agree to this without discussing her terms?


“Wait, what about-”


“Family? Friends?” She hummed. “Well I suppose you can still visit your grandfather. But if you want to succeed, then you don’t need so many distractions. Yakov here will monitor that part.”


Yuri felt defeated already. He looked over to see that Yakov was also not pleased with that. The blond teen remained quiet as he tried to calm down his inner turmoil about his family. 



“Oh? Looks like Yurio is also arranging a new free program with his coach’s ex-wife.” Yuuko told Yuuri as he was cleaning his skates. 


Yuuri knew that Yuri and Yuuko kept in touch with each other for some reason. But it was to know that Yurio had made a friend during his stay here. 


“How about you? Did you find your music yet?”


Yuuri sighed. “Not yet. I let Viktor listen to the one that I originally wanted but he wasn’t too happy with the idea of it. I guess it is a bit outdated. A lot has changed since then.”


“I’m sure there are other ideas you can come up with.” Viktor had told him.


Hours after practice on the technicalities, Yuuri let Viktor go home first to get Natsumi while he went to run. He tried listening to his music again and could agree with Viktor that it fell flat. This is why he allowed Celestino to choose his music and make his programs because his own confidence was flat as well. 


Yuuri wanted to have confidence like Viktor, the ability to create his own programs to the music that fit the story he wanted to tell. He wanted to do that for his next season after he flopped the Grand Prix, but the happy baby that greeted him at the door had changed those plans. 


“Hello Natsumi-chan!” Yuuri said as Viktor handed him the babbling girl. 






“Oh Yuu-chan!” Hiroko greeted, as she heard her granddaughter. “You heard right!”


“I’m a bit confused.”


“She’s trying to say ‘Oto’ but needs a bit of work.” Hiroko tapped the little girl’s nose.


“She called me Oye earlier.” Viktor lit up with a smile. “She’s getting better every day!”


Yuuri smiled, congratulating Natsumi before giving her a quick hug and handing her back to Viktor so he could shower. They ate dinner like normal after then went to put Natsumi down for bed. Yuuri told Viktor to head to bed while he helped Natsumi with her medicine before she could fall asleep. When she did, he remained in the room to research his own program.


What was something that Yuuri could use to create his free program? The scene from when he got home how Natsumi’s vocabulary was improving reminded him of growth. Just like his daughter who would be turning one soon, Yuuri too had grown since his years in Detroit. He had competed against Viktor Nikiforov, his childhood idol and hero, had drunkenly slept with him, birthed a daughter, and skated against Russia’s 2nd strongest and rival, Yuri Plisetsky. If that wasn’t growth, he didn’t know what was. 


His mind was coming up blank for the music though. Taking a break, he looked at social media to see what others were doing and to take a break when he saw that his best friend, Phichit, was back in his hometown in Thailand training. An idea popped in his head and quickly dialed his friend, hoping to be quiet as Natsumi slept. 


“Phichit-kun!” He quietly yet excitedly greeted. 


“Yuuri-kun!” His friend greeted back. “How are you? Are you in Natsumi’s room?”


“Ah yeah, I needed the space to think and she needed her medicine, she’s been raspy again.”


“Poor little girl.” Phichit sighed. 


“She’ll be better in a little while.” Yuuri looked back to the crib and smiled. “Anyways, I see you’re back home.”


“Yeah, figured I’d finish my degree and head back home. It’s not that fun without you there.”


The two reminisced for a second before Yuuri got onto the topic at hand. 


“Hey, Phichit, do you remember the demo I tried when I wanted to do my own music?”


“Oh right, that one student. She was nice.”


“Yeah, she was, it got scrapped too, I felt so bad.”


“Right. She did like you a little bit too. Did you want to see if she’s available again for another demo?”


“If you knew where she was.” Yuuri sighed. “She’s really the only connection I had to create some great music. I’m determined now that I want to give her another shot.”


“Of course! I’ll ask some of my friends in Detroit if they can find her.”


“Thank you, Phichit.” Yuuri smiled. Natsumi began to stir when Yuuri got a little too loud. 


They said goodbye and Yuuri began to clean up. Yuuri checked on Natsumi one last time before joining Viktor in bed, hoping his luck could pull through. In the morning Phichit had emailed him with the information and Yuuri had contacted her, asking to compose it to his skating career and even caught up with her about his life and meeting Viktor while having a child with him. She was happy to hear from him again, congratulated him, and promised to do her best.


Meanwhile Yuri was working his damned best trying to defy Lilia’s instruction and become a better skater than he was before, working hard on ballet and becoming a prima like he sold his soul to become.



“Should we have cake?” Viktor tapped the pen on his lip as he thought aloud.


“Are you seriously asking me that?” Yuuri huffed from his spot underneath the Russian skater. “ Move!”


“Sorry <my love>.” Viktor leaned down to kiss Yuuri down his neck. “I’m just so excited.”


“I am too, Vicchan, but this is about us relieving some stress.”


“I know I know.”


“Vanilla.” Yuuri replied, yanking Viktor into another kiss and wrapping his legs around the slender waist. 


Sure the two were in the middle of sex, but with Natsumi’s first birthday coming up and Yuuri trying to figure out his music, Viktor suggested they would de-stress for a little bit. It had also been a long while since the two of them shared an intimate night. Yuuri was still very shy about these special times. 


But after two rounds of some satisfaction, the two were able to get a full night’s sleep before Natsumi’s babbling woke them up the following morning through her monitor. When morning came, the two were still in bed as the sun rose, the monitor silent. Yuuri gasped, instantly sitting up. The motion of Yuuri throwing back the sheets, hitting Viktor in the face, and scrambling to put on a robe at least then the sliding door clicking open, had woken the Russian up as well. 


Yuuri ran to Natsumi’s room, opening the door and not seeing her in her crib. Panic started to set in as Yuuri searched for her. Viktor sleepily stepped into the hall. He had thrown on a pair of sweats and yawned as Yuuri ran past him and down the stairs. Viktor slowly followed. 


As soon as Yuuri got to the bottom step he heard the joyful noise of his daughter coming from the kitchen. He quickly approached the kitchen, only realizing that he forgot his glasses. Ignoring it for a moment he peaked in, seeing his mother cooking away and Natsumi in her highchair, shirtless, eating bananas. They were slightly mashed but small enough that she wouldn’t choke on it. Some of it was even in her hair while most was smashed on her face and running down her chest. 


“Yuu-chan! Good morning!


“Good morning.” Yuuri sighed. “Why didn’t you wake me up to feed her?”


“Yuu-chan, you and Vicchan have been busy, you looked like you needed the rest. Don’t worry so much about Nat-chan when we can help.” Hiroko assured. 


But it made Yuuri feel like a failure. He’d been more focused on skating rather than paying attention to his own daughter and take care of her. He bit his bottom lip lightly. 


“Oye!” Natsumi smiled as Viktor appeared behind Yuuri. 


The Russian placed a hand on his boyfriend’s back, giving him a spot of comfort. In his broken Japanese he attempted a thank you. “Thank you, Oka-oka-san.” 


“You are welcome, Vicchan.” Hiroko smiled. “Oh, Yuu-chan, I asked Yuuko-chan to reserve the banquet room at the Ice Castle for Nat-chan’s birthday party.”


Some relief brought Yuuri back to his senses. “Thank you. Viktor and I decided on Vanilla for the cake and icing, it’ll be lighter for the summer heat.”


“Wonderful! I heard Yuuko-chan’s girls were putting together the decorations.”


Yuuri and Hiroko continued to speak in Japanese about Natsumi’s party while Viktor cleaned up Natsumi and went to change her diaper before bringing her to their room to watch some tv. Yuuri joined them later after taking a shower then the two men flipped spots. Viktor returned to see the two look-a-like snoozing for a morning nap. He took a snapshot and posted it on the family account instantly gaining attention. 



Yuri stepped out of the station, hoping no one would spot him. He was good with disguise this time and really only had a few days to be here before going back. Yakov had helped him ‘sneak out’ with the lie that he was going to his grandfather’s when he was actually flying to Japan to visit his family here. Lilia didn’t know much about his family here, and he wanted to keep this one piece of a life to himself. 


He strolled down the street, looking at grabbing a few things for his rinkmates back in Russia on his way back and trying not to rush his way to the Ice Castle. He knew Yuuri’s Thailand friend and Viktor’s Swiss friend was going to be there as well as Yuuri’s family and friends from the area. The two decided to throw a western style party to get everyone together. Viktor even sent him an invite, but Lilia had taken his phone that night and Yuri forgot to reply which worked in his favor of surprising them. 


Already feeling embarrassed to drop his tough outer appearance in front of Chris and Phichit of all people, he wasn’t here for them, he was here for Natsumi. He was here for his sister.  He wondered if the little girl would remember him. He pretty much went silent upon his return to Russia as he was training for the upcoming season. 


Swallowing his pride just this once, he started to hurry towards the Ice Castle. The only ones who knew that he would arrive were Yuuko and Yuuri’s mother, Hiroko. Yuuri wanted to bring Natsumi the cake and surprise everyone. The party was already underway in the banquet room when Yuri arrived. He took out his ponytail, letting his blond hair fall, hopefully making it easier for Natsumi to remember him. He shed his disguise and greeted the two women just as Hiroko went to inform the party that the cake was ready. 


Yuri couldn’t help but smile to himself. Sure this whole thing was cheesy and dumb but it meant a lot to Yuuri and Viktor. Yuuko handed him the small cake that Hiroko made for Natsumi (a larger one for the guests would be brought out later) and lit the candle. Yuri then knocked on the door for Hiroko to open and the room turned to see who it was. 


Yuuri and Viktor had Natsumi seated in their laps. She was babbling and patting the table with her small hands and wearing a blue dress with tiny flower clips in her hair. She had grown so much in the recent months, Yuri’s heart ached that he missed out. 


Viktor and Yuuri gasped upon seeing the blond as everyone sang a happy birthday to the baby. Yuri set the small cake down. Natsumi looked at the flame of the candle for a minute but her eyes were wide. 


“Nat-chan, blow out the candle.” Yuuri whispered to the little girl, but she was focused on the blond. 


“Natsumi-” Viktor started but was cut off by his daughter. Yuuri quickly blew out the candle so wax wouldn’t get on her cake. 


“YU YU!” She wiggled out of her parents’ grasp and toddled over to the blond teen. “Yu-ni!”


The blond was stunned, so she did remember him!


“H-hi, Natsumi.” 


Natsumi climbed into his lap, earning a few ‘awe’s from the crowd, Phichit was snapping away and eventually later that day a new photo was posted to the family account. It was a photo of Yurio holding Natsumi while the little girl was clapping her hands and Yurio was smiling, captioned: 


“Welcome home Yura-nii!”

Chapter Text

Getting back into the swing of things it was time to figure out Yuuri’s program. The Japanese skater was still trying to figure out his music choice one that would fit him. He needed to choose fast as it was the middle of August and the season started in two months. In the meantime he was still trying to get the Eros side down.


“What’s the matter with not trusting yourself?” Viktor asked while Yuuri was trying to get his breath back after some practice. “Didn’t you ever have something with anyone before Natsumi and I?”


“Hah?!” Yuuri, who was lost in his mind with a good thought for once barked back, catching them both off guard, and wondering where this question was coming from “Oh wait, no no, I didn’t mean to-”


“Oh right, I don’t think you’ve had anything other than us…” Viktor pointed out. 


It made it sound like Yuuri had a pathetic and lonely life before getting pregnant while drunk. But Viktor didn’t know how much of a blow that really was. Yuuri loved his family, he loved his poodle, Vicchan, he loved Phichit. But to think that Yuuri didn’t have anything before Natsumi or the real Viktor came along? It made Yuuri feel sick. 


Yuuri then managed to avoid him for the rest of the day. He couldn’t bring himself to even talk to Viktor. He even went to sleep in Natsumi’s room just so he could wrap his head around it. Viktor could be a very oblivious person. 


Yet… Yuuri couldn’t help but feel guilty. He tended to make himself feel small, unnoticeable, a speck of dust that no one would pay attention to. Yuuri also obviously had the skill of pushing people away. His anxiety got the best of him, telling him that he was worthless and no one would love him anyway. 


The following morning Yuuri had an overwhelming feeling of nausea, making him rush to the bathroom to empty his stomach. Natsumi who was just waking up babbled her tiny worries about him while she remained in her crib. Once he felt his stomach cramp subside, he felt better. It was odd and out of the blue. Sometimes his anxiety would cause him to get sick, so he chalked it up to that. 


Returning to the bedroom, he scooped up Natsumi, changed her diaper and went to relax on the bed, cuddling the girl for a small morning nap. 



Viktor knew he said something stupid the previous afternoon and he tried to get Yuuri to talk but the Japanese skater refused, shutting himself off for the rest of the day. He even avoided Natsumi for the evening which didn’t make anything better. 


So when Viktor waited for Yuuri to show up at the rink and never did, it was time to put his foot down. Yuuri had a tendency to hide in himself whenever something was troubling him and Viktor said something to upset him. He didn’t mean to make it sound like Yuuri never loved, just that it seemed from what little Yuuri had opened up about, that he’s never been in another relationship besides Viktor. 


Viktor however has been in a few, but they’ve never ended well as he’s chosen his skater career over the person, which is what helped him into a lonely life. It all changed when Yuuri had revealed he was pregnant and that Viktor was the father. Sure he was going to put in effort to coach Yuuri, try something new, but this was also his chance and window to taking on a family life for once. 


Making his way back to the onsen he knew that he needed to fetch Yuuri. He greeted Makkachin at the door and made his way upstairs to Natsumi’s room, sliding the door open. Yuuri was on his bed with Natsumi in his arms, the man looking a little green. So he’s worried himself sick?


“Yuuri, good morning.” He smiled. “Let’s go to the beach. Bring Natsumi along too!”


Yuuri didn’t respond except for a nod as Viktor turned to leave, preparing Natsumi’s bag. A few minutes later, the family was out the door and heading towards the ocean. Natsumi babbled about the waves and cooed at the seagulls in the sky. Her little hand pointed up as it poked out from her jacket. It was a cloudy day with a small chill, signaling summer was close to ending. Yuuri didn’t want her to catch a cold or activate her asthma any further.


“The cries of the seagulls…” Viktor started to speak. “They’ve reminded me of St. Petersburg at first. I lived there for so long, busy with my skating I never paid attention. I never thought I’d wind up here.” He meant to say that you never know when life changes, at any point in your life, and you never notice the little things until you get a change of scenery. 


They took a seat, Yuuri setting Natsumi down and keeping a close eye on her. She ran around with Makkachin, throwing sticks for the pup. 


“Did you ever have anything like that before Natsumi and I?”


Yuuri had to think, well he had been since the night before. “When I was abroad, in Detroit, I remember one classmate. She was very talkative, loud, and insistent on getting to know me. Someone else I knew who was also in the skating program had gotten into an accident, I thought their rink days were over. I went to the hospital to check on him, and she was there. She tried to comfort me and I was a fool, shoving her off me. It was very rude of me now that I remember.” Yuuri opened up a little. 


“Hm?” Viktor hummed, keeping an eye on Natsumi as well. “What happened?”


“I didn’t want to come off as weak. She was always there, always trying to care for me and I didn’t like it. I tend to just close off when I’m anxious or stressing over something, shoving others away. I realized however that it was the first time someone treated me as if I were weak and I acted inappropriately. My family, friends, and Minako-sensei never tried to coddle me if I was feeling down or in my headspace.” 


He hoped Vikor could understand. Viktor had tried to be like his old classmate, be pushy and insist on fixing the problem. 


“No one let me forget they were there for me, but also didn’t push me into a corner.”


Viktor sighed though smiled as Natsumi chased Makkachin around, the poodle keeping her steady in the sand. “You aren’t weak, Yuuri. I don’t see you as weak and neither does Natsumi here, not even your family.” 


Yuuri remained silent as he watched their daughter, listening to the waves and the gulls. 


“Do you want me to stay?” Viktor asked. “Or do you want to keep this as coach and student, or co-parents to Natsumi?”


“What? No no no, it’s fine.” Yuuri said. “Please just be you.” Yuuri stood up, trying to ease Viktor’s suggestions. “Being with you is fine. I’ve admired you for so long. I’m sorry if I’ve made you worry because I can’t find the right rhythm, or the right way of love for these programs. I just didn’t know how to express my doubts. I promise to keep up with my skating.” Yuuri vowed in the end. 


Viktor extended a hand, allowing Yuuri to take it and help him to his feet. “I accept. I expect great skating from you, and I’ll do my best to understand your version of love.”


“Oyo!” Natsumi said as she toddled up to them with a clump of seaweed in her hands. 


The scent of saltwater hit Yuuri’s nose and he paled at the scent. 


“Oh!” Viktor took action and got the sticky substance out of her hands and grabbed a wipe from the back to wipe her hands. “We don’t touch that, Natsumi-chan, icky!”


“Ky! Ky!”


“Yes, icky!” Viktor picked the little girl and called Makkachin over to put her leash back on and turned to see Yuuri trying to control his breathing. “Yuuri?”


“I’m fine…” He held up his hand for a moment. “I don’t know what came over me.”


“Nausea?” Viktor wondered.


“Yeah. I haven’t eaten yet either.”


“Huh? Why not?”


“I… I was sick this morning too…”


Both men turned to look at each other, their eyes wide. 


“No, Viktor, not possible. We’ve used protection.”


“It breaks sometimes, and I toss it without checking.”


“I can’t-”


“It explains this mood swing, aversion to smell and random nausea.” Viktor pointed out. 


“No. I won’t-” Yuuri started to get teary eyed.


Viktor brought him into a hug, kissing the top of his head. “It’ll be okay.”



“Here, I grabbed the nearest one.” Viktor said as he handed over the paper bag. 


Natsumi was down for a nap so they were able to have this moment to themselves. Yuuri took the box and went into the bathroom. In the few short minutes Viktor was alone, he began to pace. He was both excited and worried. Excited because he’d love to have another child with Yuuri and be here for the rough part that he missed last time with Natsumi. On the other hand he was worried and scared. Yuuri was supposed to skate this upcoming season and if this was positive, it was Viktor’s fault again for not being careful. 


They always wore protection and since there wasn’t a birth control developed for male carriers, it was always a risk. But male carrier pregnancies were also uncommon in itself. Yuuri had a rough time carrying Natsumi to the end and she arrived premature. There was always the risk that this one couldn’t make it or worse, Yuuri could die. 


However, if Yuuri wanted to give up this baby, then Viktor would agree. Neither of them were ready and they had enough time now to recover before the season if Yuuri still wanted to skate. Though Viktor would bring up that this would be their only pass. He believed that unless the child was forced or if there was something medical where a parent needed to have the child aborted then grant the wish. But abortions shouldn’t be used as a birth control, especially to male carriers. If they end up pregnant whether that be in the middle of a season, or at the end of Yuuri’s carrier, they will keep it. 


The door to the room slid open and Yuuri looked upset. Viktor walked up to him and kept his hands together. 


“It’s positive.”


Viktor’s heart sank. Guilt flooded his stomach. “Yuuri, I’m so so sorry.” His voice choked up. He was going to ruin Yuuri’s career for good. “I-”


Yuuri this time hugged him, consoling him. “It's okay, Vicchan.” Yuuri sniffled. “It’s just one test. It could be a false positive.”


“I’m still so sorry.”


“We’ll figure this out.” Yuuri tiredly said, letting Viktor go and setting the test on their dresser. “Just don’t breathe a word of this to Okaasan. I’ll head to the rink and make an appointment there. Just watch Natsumi please.”




“Vicchan, accidents happen right?”


Viktor let a little anger flare. “If you are, don’t call it an accident. I’m the one who didn’t check, blame me-”


“I’m not going to blame you. Its my fault too-”


“No it isn’t!” Viktor argued back. All their moments from their talk earlier disappeared. “You don’t have birth control. If anything I’m just like that girl-”


“VIKTORU!” Yuuri shouted back, silencing the Russian. “You are nothing like her. This is an accident and I’m going to figure this out. A little nausea and mood swings are also results of stress. I remember what it feels like to be pregnant and I don’t feel pregnant .” Yuuri dropped his voice. “It’ll be okay. If truly is positive we’ll figure this out.”


Viktor remained silent after that. He needed the space to think and left Yuuri alone, taking Makkachin with him on a jog while the both of them thought of a solution.



“You are not pregnant, Mr. Katsuki.” His doctor informed him. 


Relief washed over Yuuri like a tidal wave but feeling so good. He could continue to skate! See Viktor, let’s not jump to conclusions .


“Thank you, so so much!”


“These are slight symptoms of stress. Are you having any extreme bouts of stress?” His doctor asked, looking over the chart. 


“Physical, no, but emotional and mental, yes. I’m trying to figure out the music for one of my programs as well as trying to figure out the theme.”


“Yes, mental stress can cause stress elsewhere. I recommend taking breaks often, spending time doing something else like reading or playing with your daughter, something that won’t let you freely think. Please speak to your partner about this too. It's also his job to make sure you’re in top shape for this since he too is your coach.” The doctor advised.


“Of course. Thank you so much for your help, Sensei.” Yuuri bowed and excused himself. 


He was happy and sad at the same time. Happy to know he can continue skating, but a little sad because one day he would love to extend his family with Viktor. Deep down he knew one day he would be able to do so, but thankful it wasn’t today. 


He returned to the rink where Viktor was waiting, allowing Natsumi to slide around on the ice safely while in her stroller. Yuuri, feeling giddy, quickly threw on his skates and went to join Viktor. Inside Natsumi was giggling and babbling as Viktor skated her around. 


Yeah, I’m glad I’m not pregnant right now. I need to focus on what’s in front of me right now. Yuuri thought with a smile. One day I hope you’ll join us, Yuuri wished to his future 2nd child. 


Viktor stopped when he saw Yuuri and skated over to the edge. “So?”


“Negative!” Yuuri was almost too happy but he was just so relieved. 


“Negative!” Viktor too smiled. “Oh thank goodness. I still feel horrible for putting you through that. I’ll make sure to check for tears next time. I’m so sorry.”


“It's okay, Vicchan, I told you it was probably stress, which it was. I’m worrying too much over this music. I’ll send her an email tonight then let’s return to Fukuoka for a few days to unwind, explore the city.”


“That sounds perfect.” Viktor agreed. 


He took Yuuri’s hand and kissed it, helping him onto the ice so they could spend a little family time together.