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can't keep my eyes off of you (and that might be a problem)

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A tired teacher slowly looks up at the shriek of the bell.

“Ok class,” he calls out, “your homework is to practice making an abomination and having it do some sort of household… chore….”

He trails off as he looks around the classroom to see students clamoring out the door, not listening to a word he’s saying.

“Or don’t…. I guess….”





The lilac-haired witch turns to see a beaming human bounding towards her. Warmth spreads through her chest at the sight.

“Hi!” Amity smiles softly. “Are you ready?”

“Heck yea! Let’s get this show on the riggity-road!” Luz is practically vibrating with excitement. “It’s so cool that I get to walk home from school con mi novia increíble now!!”

Amity laughs in agreement, flapping her ears and fidgeting with her hair to calm her embarrassment. While she doesn’t speak this “Spanish” that Luz has told her about, she can tell what the gist of the sentence was. She’s still not used to the way Luz showers her with affection and praise on the regular.


They start walking. Luz skips back and forth around Amity, as they talk about things like what they think is to come for the next Good Witch Azura book and what to do next about getting back to the human realm.


Eventually, as they make it to a grove of trees, the conversation fades out and they walk in comfortable silence, admiring the colors of the forest.

In the human realm, Fall brings a wide array of beautiful colors to the trees. Fall in the Boiling Isles, however, is on a whole other level.

Colors you would never expect to occur in nature flourish in every direction, turning the forests into kaleidoscopes of pastel indigos, vibrant fuschias, lush scarlets, and colors that Luz doesn’t think she’s ever seen before.


As they pass under a tree with pale pink flowers blooming from it, a gust of wind shakes loose a flurry of petals. They spiral about, blowing Amity’s hair around her face. Amity pauses, tucking some hair behind a pointed ear and closing her eyes, breathing in the crisp autumn air with a serene expression.

Butterflies erupt in Luz’s stomach, fluttering around with each twirl of the wind, and Luz finds that she can’t seem to tear her eyes away from her girlfriend.

Girlfriend, she thinks, incredulously. This is my girlfriend! I’m the luckiest little nerd ever!

Suddenly, Luz is torn from her thoughts when her foot catches a tree root. She lurches forward as gravity and the momentum from walking pulls her down hard and fast. With a thud and an oof, she lands flat on her stomach on the leafy ground.

Amity’s eyes snap open.

“Luz! Are you alright?”

“ow… yeah…” she groans meekly, in response.

Amity’s hands are at the ready, poised to defend the two of them from whatever the threat is.

She quickly scans the surroundings for the perpetrator, but there’s no sign of any horrifying beast-demon, bug-demon, or titan forbid worm-demon. You can never be too careful on the Boiling Isles.

Amity’s eyes travel back to Luz, who has rolled onto her back, closed her eyes, and hung her tongue out limply, in a dramatic show of being dead.

Amity laughs at the sight of her dork splayed out on the ground with petals and dirt in her hair and on her clothes.

“… what.. uh.. happened?” Amity asks the faux-corpse, amused.

Luz not-so-subtly peeks an eye open. When she meets Amity’s gaze, she quickly shuts it.

But, alas, it’s too late. Her ploy has been discovered. Sighing, Luz opens her eyes and sits up, brushing herself off. She picks at her pant leg, clearly avoiding eye contact.

“I… tripped over a tree root... heh..” She scratches the back of her head. “In my defense, though, it came out of nowhere! It definitely tripped me on purpose!”

Amity rolls her eyes, smiling as she kneels to help Luz up.

“You should really watch where you’re going Luz,” Amity admonishes, her cheeks briefly going a little pink from the premarital hand-contact, “you could get seriously hurt. You know how the Boiling Isles are.”

Luz pokes her bottom lip out in a pout. “Aw poo, no fair! I’m totally a cautious person.”

Amity arches an eyebrow.

Luz huffs, crossings her arms. “Well, it’s your fault I fell, anyways!”

Amity blinks, taken aback. She furrows her eyebrows, confused.

“Wh- what? Luz, how in Titan am I at fault for you falling?” She asks in bewilderment.

“You’re so dang stunning that I couldn't stop looking at you instead of where I was going!” Luz exclaims, waving her arms around for emphasis.

Amity’s eyes widen in surprise. She presses her lips together in an attempt to hide the pleased grin that’s threatening to split open her face, but her pink, flapping ears fully give her away.

“Shut up…” she mumbles, playfully shoving Luz’s shoulder.

Luz stumbles back dramatically and gasps, flinging an arm to her forehead in an approximation of an overwhelmed Victorian Era woman.

“¡Ay, mi amor! How you wound me! Thine biting words doth verily make it seem as though thou holds no affections towards me.”

Amity watches on, entertained, as Luz continues her odd spiel.

“No matter! I do, indeed, know that that is not the case! Nay, it is of my knowledge that you, in fact, luuuurve me!” Luz finishes her monologue with a shit-eating grin, wriggling her eyebrows.

Amity bites back a smile and crosses her arms, her face still warm.

“You’re such a goober,” she says in false annoyance, eyes sparkling.

“Awww but I’m your goober, right Ami?” Luz teases, winking at her and making kissy motions. Amity can tell that she’s hoping to get another reaction.

Instead of taking the bait, however, Amity spots an opportunity.

She walks closer to Luz, who watches her curiously, intrigued by the sudden shift. Amity pauses a little under a foot away from Luz’s face. She chews her lip nervously, glancing at Luz’s lips, then meaningfully looking back into her eyes.


Luz goes still, her eyes widening in understanding. Her gaze flickers back and forth between Amity’s eyes and lips.


Amity places her hand softly on Luz’s jaw.


Luz’s eyes flutter closed, letting Amity’s hand guide her gently forward.


Amity leans in closer.


she can see a small, faded scar on Luz’s temple.




she can hear Luz’s shaky, nervous breathing.




her eyes are closed, though she doesn’t remember when she shut them.




their lips are so close together that she can feel Luz’s breath as it noticeably hitches.


Amity pauses, doesn’t move any closer.


her other hand makes its way into Luz’s hair. it pauses there for a moment, then retreats.


their lips brush for barely a moment... then…


Amity takes a slow step back, her hand leaving Luz’s jaw as the distance between their faces widens.


Luz’s whole face has taken on a reddish hue. She sways a little on the spot as her eyes flutter open, her expression dazed and confused.


Amity stands there, smirking. She holds out the hand that had been in Luz’s hair. There, between her index finger and her thumb, a pink flower petal sits. “You had something in your hair,” she states.


Luz gapes at her, stunned.


Amity’s shoulders shake slightly as she holds back the laughter threatening to escape.


“You- …wh- ”


The corners of Luz’s mouth quirk upwards as she processes what just happened.


“…you sneaky WITCH!


Laughter bursts out of Amity like water from a dam. She doubles over, her hands on her knees to steady herself.


“I… S- SO.. G- GOT YOU!” She manages to force out, water leaking from the corners of her eyes.


Luz stands there, grinning and shaking her head in amazement.


Amity staggers a bit, then plops down heavily on the ground, still cackling, the laughter having made her legs too weak to stand on.


At this, Luz starts to giggle too.


Amity lets out an unintentional snort, and now they’re both shrieking with laughter.

At some point, Luz ends up on the ground alongside Amity. They’re falling into each other, trying and failing to get words out between convulsions.

It takes about 15 minutes for the laughter to die out. Their stomachs are sore and cramping, and their clothes are dirty and covered with foliage. They don’t seem to mind it, though, as they stand up hand-in-hand, smiling softly at each other.