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Cheating Father

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“Marcella, meet your new mother Sayo, I married her a year ago after divorcing your mother” Marcella’s father Chikara says in introduction and the redhead looks up and sees a stunning brunette which gets her attention immediately. She never wanted to live with her father but his lawyer was adamant to take her from her mother though he has never been aware of his daughter’s true gender. “Lovely to meet you Sayo, I’m Marcella” the redhead says and kisses her stepmother’s hand “my dad is lucky to have married such a lovely woman just like he was lucky to have married my mother”

The man winces at that last remark since he assumed his daughter not being aware of why he and Tamae got divorced but it seems she does. “A pleasure meeting you as well, never had a daughter before or any children for that matter” Sayo says with a friendly smile while she blushes when she feels her stepdaughter’s lips on her hand. “You have a very charming daughter, my dear” the lovely woman says while looking at her husband when she sees the girl giggle a little in response which makes Chikara feel uncertain but looks away when those piercing heterochromatic eyes of his daughter stare at him.

“Does she know something despite not having seen her in at least two years when the divorce was finalized but I still fought for her custody?” the man wonders but shakes his uneasy feeling before he has to go to work. “What is going on with him? He has never acted like this before” Sayo says out loud and looks at the girl sitting in front of her before taking her seat next to the girl. “That is because I know what he has been up to and why my parents got divorced but all I will say for now is that his reason for being late is suspicious” Marcella says and holds her stepmother’s hand squeezing it fondly.

“What do you mean?” Sayo asks curiously but Marcella presses her finger on her stepmother’s lips before getting close to the woman’s face who looks flustered at how close her stepdaughter’s face is to hers. “I will tell you once we are more close” the redhead grins and puts her stepmother’s hand on her crotch and kisses her on the lips much to the shock of the woman when she could feel a large shaft press against it which makes her gasp which was all Marcella needed to put her tongue inside that mouth.

“Why does she have a cock and why is she kissing mmme” Sayo thinks as she starts to moan a little and starts kissing back without realizing it. Her voluptuous body starts to grow hot and her pussy starts to moisten at this very intimate moment between stepmother and stepdaughter when the redhead breaks the kiss. “Such a great kiss, I hope to get to know you better but for now I have to go to school” Marcella says while she runs off and the brunette stands there still feeling those lips on hers as she watches the long ponytail disappear from her sight before she hears the front door close.

“What was that about and why does she have a cock” Soya thinks while she brushes her lips with the tips of her finger “and why does she kiss so much better than my husband?” she wonders while she could feel her body growing hot when she thinks all about this. She goes to take a shower but while the water runs down her curvy body, her fingers slip between her lower lips while her other hand fondles one of her breasts and starts to moan while she thinks of her stepdaughter instead of her husband.

“Will you come over at my place to do some homework?” Takumi asks Marcella with a shy smile “I’m sure my mom won’t mind you coming over, you know she loves to have you around” Marcella thinks for a minute and grins “oh that seems fine and I would love to see your mother again” she finally responds and her friend smiles before he calls home to tell his mother. “She seems really happy about that news; shouldn’t you call your stepmother and tell her that you will be coming in late?” Takumi says and Marcella nods telling him that is a smart idea as she starts making the call.

“It is so good to see you again Marcella, I’ve really missed you” Tamae says when the herm and her son walk inside and gives Marcella a big hug after greeting her son. “It certainly has been too long Mrs. Kudou, you’re looking as lovely as ever” the redhead says truthfully while she looks the woman deep into those green eyes before she looks Tamae admiringly over from the dark green hair tied into a bun, those sexy glasses to that white blouse barely hiding those E-cup breasts, that knee-high black skirt, those shapely legs covered in those stockings to the black high-heeled shoes.

Takumi’s mother sees those looks and it makes her blush before saying “oh you’re just saying those things to this old and unattractive woman” Marcella shakes her head “not old at all and you are very gorgeous, any man would be lucky to have you” the redhead says and winks while her friend gets into the room after going to the bathroom who wonders what is going on between his mother and his friend.

“Takumi dear, would you be so kind to get these things from the store I’ve forgotten? I guess I was a little excited to have your friend over that I forgot them and don’t worry, I’ll make sure she will be entertained while you’re taking care of this” the mother asks her son who is too shy to refuse his mother so he takes this and looks it over. “Guess I’ll be back in ninety minutes don’t go away” the boy warns with a smirk on his lips before he rushes out of the door to complete the task as soon as possible.

As soon as the boy leaves, Tamae grabs Marcella by the wrist and pulls her in for a deep kiss. “Mmm I missed kissing you my love, you really should see me more often” the green-haired woman purrs seductively while her starts to take her blouse of. “Mmm you are one stunning woman, I’m kind of glad my father cheated on my mom with you or else I would have never met you” Marcella whispers and kisses the milf deeply while they both get naked quickly. “Mmm agreed, if I never cheated on my husband while your father cheated on your mother I would never been with you” Tamae says in a heated tone with now the two of them completely naked as their skin touch without hindrance.

“Mmm let me give you my phone number after we’re done so you can call me and we can talk or fuck or both” Marcella moans softly while her shaft hardens from looking at and kissing the beautiful woman and grabs a condom from her schoolbag but she is stopped by the milf. “No condom this time, I want you go in raw and make me your woman from now on even if I’m aware I will have to share you” Tamae whispers before she nibbles on her lover’s ear. “I would love nothing more than to make you my woman, the only reason I come here is to visit my girlfriend” the redhead grins.

“I’m your girlfriend? I’m so happy to hear that” the woman grunts while she pushes that shaft into her hairy pussy. “Ooooh mmm fuck hell yes! You have been the moment we made love the first time aaah fuck I love how your pussy feels” the herm moans when her lover starts to move up and down her pole while their breasts rub against one another. The two of them kiss deeply while the mother moves up and down as they make deep and passionate love with the futa’s shaft is lodges deep into the woman’s womb.

Tamae moans deeply in the kiss while her hips keep moving up and down with her pussy holding tightly on her girlfriend’s shaft. “Mmm fuck I never loved my husband or any boyfriend I had in my life as I love her” she thinks while her snatch starts to tighten around that shaft which signals her orgasm closing in. That girlcock throbs and leaks deeply in to the woman’s womb when Marcella suddenly breaks the kiss asking warmly “are you sure you want me to cum inside you?” which makes the milf more determined.

“Oooh yes please cum inside me aaah I want to be yours from now on aaah please let me carry your baby” Tamae moans and begs when she plants her lips deeply on those of her lover while she starts to squirt all over the redhead’s lap and crotch. Seconds later and Marcella starts to pump her seed deep into the woman’s womb, load after load gets released and the woman only gets up when she feels that her girlfriend pumped every drop of seed inside her. Tamae’s is blushing red with heat when she feels her womb filled with Marcella’s seed “so full of your seed, I’m sure to be pregnant with your child soon” the green-haired woman giggles before they go for the next round.

An hour later and the two of them lay in the marital bed of Tamae and her husband cuddling and kissing after all that passion. “You were great as usual” Marcella says with a smile looking deep into her lover’s beautiful eyes before whispering “I love you, my love” Tamae giggles and blushes at those words “I love you to and I have decided to leave my husband for you, I can’t live without you and I’m sure I will get along and have some fun with those other two after you settled your score though I feel you’ll love them as well and as much as we love one another” Tamae coos while licking one of Marcella’s nipples.

“Hehehe I’m sure you will and I would be glad when my revenge is over which would be the moment I can fully give my heart to you and the other two but I can still say that I love you” Marcella says and kisses Tamae passionately on the lips which the woman happily returns before they quickly get dressed so that they will not get caught by Marcella’s friend walking in on them after the wonderful time they just had.

They get to the living room and just when Marcella hands Tamae her phone number, Takumi gets home with the items he was sent out to get. “I’m glad you’re still here, hope mom kept you entertained you enough” the boy says completely unaware of what happened between his mother and his friend. “Oh yes, she has been one of the best companions I could ever imagine and it has been nothing but fun spending time with her” Marcella says with a grin and gives Tamae a quick wink who blushes before she gets in the kitchen.

“I’m home!” Marcella shouts and hears a familiar voice coming from the kitchen. “I’m in here and almost done with dinner! You’re father will be in late again!” Soya announces when her stepdaughter walks into the kitchen and looks at the beautiful woman with admiration who blushes a little when she remembers what happened earlier today. “I’m not surprised that he isn’t here but I’m glad I get to spend some time with you” Marcella says both agitated and happy as she gets behind the beautiful woman who wears her usual green sweater and long white skirt while a necklace with a heart locket attached to it is around her lovely neck.

“That does sound like fun and it would be a good idea if we’re going to be living together from now on” the brunette says with a warm smile when she suddenly feels the redhead’s breasts press against her back and something big grind against her sexy ass when she suddenly feels arms around her waist. “My father is so lucky to have found another beautiful woman to marry, I don’t get why he does what he does” Marcella whispers lovingly and blows on the woman’s earlobe before whispering “if you were my wife I would try to spend every single night with you” Sayo giggles a little and for some reason she leans in against her stepdaughter because she has been wondering as well why her husband works late for free.

“Dinner is ready, let’s talk some more during that and get to know one another” Sayo tells the futa as they go to the dinner table where they talk about one another with Marcella flirting a little more with her stepmother.

Later that evening Sayo lays there in bed naked twisting and turning unable to sleep when she opens her eyes and sees the spot next to her still empty. “Feeling lonely?” she hears her stepdaughter ask and looks at the redhead who stands there as naked as she is. “It just feels weird being alone in bed while you’re married” Sayo confesses while she looks at her stepdaughter’s nude body who walks to the bed and joins her stepmother in bed. “No worries, I won’t try anything but if you want to cuddle…I won’t object” the redhead says with a smile and the mother notices those heterochromatic eyes for the first time.

“That would be nice” Sayo giggles a little nervously but excited as well when she feels Marcella’s naked body against her body and those arms wrap around her waist like the herm did earlier in the kitchen. “Somehow this feels more comfortable than with my husband as odd as it may seem” the brunette thinks and starts to snuggle against her stepdaughter feeling saver and more at ease with the redhead than she did with her husband yet she starts to feel aroused as well when she feels that pole against her buttocks.

“She is such a beautiful woman, my dad doesn’t deserve her like he didn’t deserve my mom” Marcella thinks and snuggles against the woman. The herm feels aroused a bit but she feels at ease like she does with Tamae “now I want her to be mine as well as greedy as it may sound but I think I’m falling slowly for my stepmom like I did with the other two” and tenderly kisses the woman in the neck when she thinks that her stepmother is asleep. Sayo blushes when she feels the tenderness of those lips and fights the urge to giggle “am I falling for my own stepdaughter?” she wonders for a second before she actually falls asleep.

In the middle of the night the lovely woman wakes up to see her husband in bed with his back turned towards her when she feels something hard press against her rear. “It’s her cock” she thinks in shock since it feels bigger than what her husband has “wow didn’t expect to be this big when it is hard and she is a lovely girl as well” She wonders what she should do because she could feel her own excitement growing and slowly lifts her leg up which cause the shaft to get between her thighs once she lowers her leg.

“Someone seems a little excited” she hears Marcella whisper from behind which almost causes the woman to yelp in surprise when she feels the redhead’s hands on her breasts. “You are a very beautiful woman, I could see myself falling for you” Marcella whispers tenderly in the brunette’s ear while her fingers play with those nipples. “B-but I’m your stepmother married to your father” she stammers softly as to not wake her husband up. “And you’re a charming and beautiful woman as well with needs and a desire for love as well, you deserve so much more than him though I’m glad that you did because it is the reason I met you” Marcella whispers sweetly and honestly.

Somehow those words makes her feel happy, it has been months since someone called her beautiful. Sayo feels that girlcock start to move between her thighs and giggles a little but she does not feel it right to have that dick inside her lower holes though she realizes that if they continue like this, the bed would be a mess and her husband would find something out what happened between the two of them.

The woman lets go of the shaft much to the disappointment of the herm but the redhead watches the woman go down the sheets and suddenly feel something wet around the head of her shaft. “Is she giving me a blow job?” the herm thinks while trying not to moan when she feels her dick go between those hot lips and bites her lower lip to prevent her moaning to awaken her father. “Mmm fuck not yet” Marcella thinks while she could feel her arousal grow but does not want her father to find out about her plans though that plan has changed ever since she started to feel for the women she initially planned to just use.

“God I’m falling for her as well” Marcella thinks while her hips start to move along the sucking movements of her stepmother. Her pole starts to throb and leak pre in the woman’s throat with her orgasm closing in. “She’s so good at this” her mind says while she looks underneath the blanket loving the thing she is seeing but it sends her over the edge as a hot wave of cum shoots into her stepmother’s throat who gulps all that salty whiteness down her throat greedily.

“I shouldn’t have done this but the taste is so good and he should not see the mess it would otherwise be visible but now I want more” Sayo thinks after swallowing all that semen and gets from underneath the blankets while looks into those heterochromatic eyes that looked at her so warmly that she could not help herself but kiss her stepdaughter on the lips who returns it. “This is wrong but I love it, she kisses so well but we can do this only this once” the milf thinks while kissing passionately before they break the kiss and she tells her stepdaughter this who only smiles as they cuddle before falling asleep.

“I’m glad you two are getting along so well so fast” Chikara tells them the next morning when he walks in the room last while the two ladies are already having breakfast together. “Well she is a charming and beautiful woman and I like her and she does need some company since you are “working” so much” Marcella replies with a hint of sarcasm not lost on her father who winces at first before looking suspiciously at her. “Does she know?” he thinks again while looking at his daughter with whom he is aware he has no real connection with and basically took her from his ex to spite her even if he is the one that wanted the divorce while she had plenty of reason to ask for it herself.

The father is the first to go and gives his wife a kiss on the cheek more out of habit then actual feelings when Marcella gets up as well. “It is time for me to go to school just remember that I work on Friday’s after school and on Saturday all day, so I’ll be coming home later but I’ll be back as soon as possible” Marcella says and gives her stepmother a tender kiss on the lips before she heads out a second later.

“I wonder why my heart flutters more when she kisses me than when he does? She is a kind and warm person, perhaps I feel attracted to her more than to my husband?” Sayo thinks while she giggles a little when she thinks about it before she gets ready for the day. “Maybe some flowers would be nice” the brunette thinks as she starts her daily chores.

Marcella returns home, after staying with Tamae for an hour, where she gets greeted by a warm smile from her stepmother with whom she has dinner with after she did her homework. “A shame you’re father is not here to get to know you better, it feels like I know you better than he does” Sayo giggles a little while she squeezes Marcella’s hand. “You’re too kind but honestly I like spending time with you more than I will ever do with him” the redhead says with a warm smile on her face while she looks into her stepmother’s brown eyes whose heart starts to beat faster as the two of them keep looking one another in the eyes.

“I think I’m really falling for her to” Marcella thinks while she feels like she is drowning in those eyes before she leans in and starts tenderly kiss her stepmother on the lips. Sayo looks surprised at first but she starts to kiss back even though it seems wrong, it does not feel like it. Slowly they start to kiss more deeply and it becomes more passionate with each passing minute while they hold one another close into their arms until it is getting late.

“Would you mind if I sleep with you in your bed? Just sleeping, I can’t take it any further…yet even if I did that to you a few days ago. At least until I get my feelings all sorted out” Sayo asks and the redhead nods. “That is reasonable, I think I should do that as well since I feel I might be falling for you as well” Marcella confesses as they walk upstairs together holding hands until they get to the bathroom to brush their teeth and go to Marcella’s bedroom where they get naked before going to bed where they kiss one another before they both fall asleep in the other’s arms.

“Where is Sayo?” Chikara wonders when he gets home and then finds his wife in bed with his daughter with the two of them smiling in their sleep. “At least it will keep me from getting caught and they seem to get along so well” Chikara smirks while he takes a quick shower and heads to bed.

A few days later and it is Friday and Sayo decides to get some more flowers. She heads to the flower shop and gets greets by a woman with short violet hair in what seems a pixie cut who wears a choker around her neck with a black and violet top with a beautiful belt around her waist and a pair of blue jeans on her lower body. “Hello Sayo, it is good to see you again” Nao greets her looking at her with a friendly expression on her face. “Hello Nao and yes you do have the best flowers in town and I would love to get a plant for someone who has grown dear to me” the brunette says when she suddenly hears a familiar voice behind her.

“Hello boss lady, I’m here for work…oh hello Sayo” Marcella says with a smile and gives her stepmother a quick kiss on the lips. “Oh you two know one another it seems and your…guest is here again so get to the back and make sure she is pleased with your services because she is one of our best customers” Nao grins with a slight heat in her tone while she watches Marcella get to the backroom where a female hands grab a hold of the herm and closes the door behind the futa.

“That customer is a demanding one but she pays good money and she seems really into Marcella” Nao smiles gently at Sayo “and how do you know her? Are you her girlfriend to?” she asks curiously. “N-no I’m her stepmother and I do would like get her plant though” the brunette says which gets a bit of a sad expression on the violet-haired woman’s face when she gets from behind her counter to help her customer. “Ah so she is the wife” Nao thinks while pointing out a few plants she knows that her assistant likes.

When Sayo leaves, Nao puts an ear against the backdoor and could hear a lot of moaning sounds coming from it. “Oh god, I want to be with her to! I’m so horny and alone” the widow thinks while she could only imagine what sorts of naughtiness is taking place in that backroom and starts to masturbate.

An hour later and the door opens and Marcella and Tamae walk out look a little flustered after that intense lovemaking that they did. “You are the best fuck ever, can’t wait to get my divorce finalized and be completely yours my beloved” the green-haired woman says before she kisses the redhead before she walks up to the shopkeeper and orders her usual much to the delight of the owner. “We need to talk after we close the store” is al Nao tells Marcella who nods since there has been some sexual and loving tension between them for a few weeks now.

“You wanted to speak to me boss lady?” Marcella asks when the shop is closed and they filled all the empty spots of all they have sold. “Yes and please call me Nao” the woman orders gently “I have a feeling what I want to talk about especially now that I’m aware that one of my customers is his wife” Nao looks nervously while holding her biceps and then looks her employee in the eyes. She does not know how to continue biting her lower lip but finally finds the courage to speak again “but lately I have been having these feelings for someone else despite him being here every night”

“You mean my father, I have been aware of that and also that you have been listening in at what happens between me and my girlfriend but I don’t mind because I have become to like you more than just my boss” Marcella says and steps closer to her boss “I have been feeling the same way about you as I do Tamae and unlike my father I’m honest about this. I’m sure he never told you this but I love you as much as I love my girlfriend and stepmother” the redhead confesses and could see the violet-haired woman start to relax more.

“So could you love me despite me being the other woman for your father?” Nao asks nervously but she looks surprised when she feels Marcella’s arms around her and starts to snuggle against the redhead. “Of course I can, you are a very kind, smart and beautiful woman besides…” and she then whispers something in her boss’ ear who gasps at this revelation before she finds the futa’s lips on her lips. The woman’s heart pounds in her chest and could feel the herm’s heart pounding to while they kiss deeply and passionately.

“I feel so warm and so different when I kiss her, I love her…I can see that now and know that I have to share her but I don’t mind, the other seem kind and fun to be with as well” Nao thinks while her tongue is deep into her lover’s mouth. “Can I be your girlfriend to?” she asks the redhead warmly “I don’t think I want to be with your father ever again” she swears. “I would love nothing more than to be your girlfriend as well, because I have grown to love you ever since I started working here”

“I love you to; please make me your woman as well! I want you to make love to me and cum inside me” Nao asks while she removes her clothes and watches Marcella do the same looking in awe at the sexy body and how big her shaft is. “You are at least twice your father’s size” Nao giggles when she gets on her knees and starts to lick that thick shaft. “Mmm your cock tastes so much better and a little of her is still on it” Nao thinks before she starts to suckle on those big orbs and it hardens from the woman’s attention.

“Gladly, I want you badly and put my seed inside you to claim you and your womb as mine” Marcella giggles before she places Nao on the counter with those sexy legs spread wide as she lays there with her pussy dripping on the counter when she gasps the moment that sausage slides inside her twat. “Oh god you feel so good aaah don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied by him again! More please! Go in all the way!” Nao moans and begs her new girlfriend who starts to go straight into her womb and she loves it while shivering in pleasure.

“God, we’ve should have done this sooner” the woman moans and the herm agrees to this. The redhead leans in and presses her breasts against Nao’s back who looks back at her lover when they start kissing passionately. “Mmm god I want to pump my cum inside her so bad aaah fuck what a woman” Marcella thinks as she keeps thrusting her pole deep inside her new girlfriend’s wet snatch. Her hands grab Nao’s c-cup sized breasts fondling them while they continue to kiss deeply as they surrender themselves to the other.

“I’m going to cum, still want me to cum inside you?” Marcella asks gently between her moans after minutes of rough pounding. “Oooh yes please pump it all inside me and make me a mother of your child” Nao groans and moans in utter bliss when she feels that her womb getting filled with that hot and fertile seed. “Aaaah yes mmm cumming so hard” the woman roars and starts to squirt all over her lover’s crotch while load after load gets released inside her. Nao gets on her back once Marcella pulls out and starts to kiss the futanari deeply on the lips before that fat cock slips into her ass as they go and make love for the next hour.

“Damn, I love you so much but I know you have to go but I’m glad I will see you again tomorrow and you should have that talk with your stepmother now because he will come this evening and I will refuse him this time because I have found another” Nao smiles and gently rubs her girlfriend’s cheek gently who nods kissing the woman one more time before she gets dressed.

“You have a good point, I have been putting it off ever since I got to know her better” Marcella smiles softly and Nao nods. “You have become less angry and more loving after you met us three” Nao says warmly “as well as gentle and I’m happy to be your girlfriend now as well, I love you my beloved but go now and go to the other one you love and make her your girlfriend as well” The redheaded her smiles and nods kissing her lover one more time before she departs.

“I’m home, my dear” Marcella shouts and gets in the kitchen where she sees her stepmother working on dinner but she could see that she is not happy. “Is something wrong?” the herm asks when she sees the brunette shake and then turn around to jump into her stepdaughter’s arms crying. “I wanted to be happy so I could give you a present but your father told me he is going to be late again! After a year of being married, he has always worked over time and I don’t think I can take it much longer” Sayo says in tears “why does he do this? Am I not beautiful enough or worth it? Why is he avoiding me?”

Marcella sighs and shakes her head “it’s not you and I wanted to have this talk with you this evening though I have been hesitant because I care for you so much” she tells her stepmother “but l think you should first turn the stove off before we continue” Soya sniffs and nods before she does so. They sit down in the living room on the couch and Marcella holds the beautiful woman’s hands “please let me tell the entire story before you respond and talk” to which the woman nods still shaking.

“Basically my father cheats on his wives to put it bluntly and it one of the reasons I dislike him so much. When he was married to my mother he started cheating with Tamae who was the woman in the backroom of that store. You have met Nao who he has cheated on you with but like Tamae, he never mentioned that he was already married since he removed his wedding ring every single time though Nao is going to end things with him tonight. At first I was so angry at Tamae for her part in it but I learned to love her and when I heard he got remarried, I wanted to take my revenge out on you as well” Marcella confesses and sees the shocked expression but she smiles warmly.

“But I changed my opinion on all of them as I got to know all three of you and fell in love with you. I no longer hold any anger towards you nor do I want to exact my revenge on you but my father is another matter. He is such an asshole to cheat on you and use those other women for his own ego. You’re all too good for him and I’m so happy that you changed my mind so I could feel love for you, Tamae and Nao. I know it might not be the right and it might never be but I love you Sayo” Marcella confesses and lets the woman know that she is finished with her speech.

It takes a few minutes for the stepdaughter’s words to process in Sayo’s mind but then she speaks “I guess it makes sense now that despite all that overtime he worked, the income always remained the same and should have been higher than it is but I didn’t want to believe it. When you came here, I hoped things between him and me would change for the better that he would be home more often but that didn’t change. The only thing that changed was that I wasn’t lonely anymore and I have you now, I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive at first but I warmed up to you quickly and I could not be happier to have you here” the woman says before she looks up and Marcella deep in the heterochromatic eyes.

“After what you told me, I can no longer hold myself back nor deny my own feeling towards you” Sayo tells the herm while she wipes away the last of her tears and finally smiles for the first time this evening. “I’m happy that you came to live here despite the circumstances and I am happier to get to know you so I can tell you this…I love you, Marcella. I want to be with you and the other two forever, after all this I’ll gladly divorce him so I can be with you…will you have me as your girlfriend and maybe more depending how things go in the future?”

Marcella smiles and leans in to gently kiss Sayo on the lips before she lovingly whispers “I would love that and let’s invite the others tomorrow over since I’m sure he will claim to work tomorrow as well and give him the message then but tonight I want to make love to my beloved girlfriend” Marcella tells Sayo and then starts to kiss her deeply on the lips which the woman gladly returns because she is no longer the stepmother.

After minutes they move upstairs and go into Marcella’s bedroom where they start to undress falling on the bed where they kiss one another passionately. The herm breaks the kiss and slowly kisses Sayo’s body while she makes her way down that sexy body. “Such a tasty pussy, time to repay that blowjob” the redhead says and dives deep into that cunt, her tongue wiggling deep into the brunette’s pussy who starts to moan and grinds her pussy against her girlfriend’s lips. “Oooh baby it has been so long since someone licked me like this aaah it feels so good” Sayo moans while her honey pot leaks and feeds her lover who swallows every drop down her throat.

“Mmm fuck I’m going to cum aah please swallow all my juices” Sayo moans and roars while grabbing her lover’s head to keep her on as she sprays her juices into the redhead’s mouth. “Such delicious juices” Marcella purrs and looks up at her new girlfriend licking her lips clean which makes the woman giggle a little. She stops Marcella from grabbing a condom from her night stand “don’t I want you to cum inside me without it, your father never wanted to give me a baby while I want to be a mother and whom better to impregnate me but the futanari I love so dearly”

“You have no idea how happy that makes me, my love” Marcella whispers while she looks her girlfriend in the eyes before she pushes her pole deep into that moist slit and kisses the woman she loves passionately. The brunette starts to moan in the kiss feeling loved after a very long time while she thinks “no it’s you who has made me happy” a tear of joy running down her cheek while she wraps her arms around the neck of her lover. Marcella moans in the kiss as well while she moves her hips, she thrusts her rod deep into that wet pussy as their climax closes in.

“I’m going to cum inside you and impregnate you, my love! Please take all of my seed and we’ll be together forever with the other two” Marcella moans loud and thrusts faster and faster. “Oh yes do it aaah please I want to have your baby” Sayo screams and roars when she orgasms, a second later Marcella screams as well and starts to pump her load deep into the woman whom she has grown to love after meeting her.

“I’m so happy right now, I have three of the most beautiful women in the world as my girlfriends and each possibly pregnant” Marcella says ecstatically “I’m such a lucky person” Sayo giggles at this statement with a blush when she hears the compliment while she holds her lover close “I’m just as lucky to have found someone who loves me so much but we’re fun from done” and winks which makes Marcella chuckle and nods before changing positions as Marcella grabs that sexy ass as Sayo is on all fours.

“I can’t believe Nao kicked me out and broke up with me yesterday, at least I found something to do to keep my cover because my wife is naïve enough to believe anything I tell her” Chikara growls while he had time to think of what to do next when he opens the door of his home after spending the entire Saturday at an amusement park. “It is awfully quiet here, Marcella should be working at that cunt’s shop but Sayo should be here making me dinner” he tells himself out loud when he hears noises coming from above.

He makes his way upstairs and follows the sounds coming from his bedroom. He puts his ear to the door and could hear moans coming from behind it. “Those are clearly moans coming from women” he thinks with a grin expecting his wife to lay there naked awaiting him to come and fuck her. He opens the door and to his shock he sees his wife and the two women he used to cheat on both his wives with being sexually busy with one another but then he notices a fourth person there whom he recognizes as his daughter who fucks his wife with a cock way bigger than his, Tamae is licking Nao’s pussy who in turn kisses his daughter deeply on the lips with hot and steamy passion.

“W-what is going on in here?” the man stammers when all four turn to him with grins on their faces. “We’re making love with our girlfriend Marcella” Sayo tells him with that girlcock buried deep in her snatch. “Mhm we are all hers now and she shot her seed deep into our wombs” Tamae says to Chikara who looks at them in utter shock. “We are all in love with her and will spend the rest of our lives with her” Nao says with a grin on her lips when his daughter replies “I love them all so dearly and gladly spend my life with all three of them”

Chikara looks in utter horror as he watches his life go down the drain when he sees the love between these four lovers. He has lost all this and will not admit it to himself that it is his own fault as he walks out of the room. “Don’t forget the envelope on the dinner table!” he hears his wife shout before he falls down the stairs because of the distraction but he gets up unharmed if a little bruised. Chikara walks to the dinner table and grabs the envelope which he opens. His eyes widen when he reads the first word “divorce” and then gets out of the door after signing the papers while upstairs the four of them continue to make love.

And they lived happily ever after.


The End