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worlds align prologue

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“This has been the 5th time you have tested on your newest invention Mr marshall!” the seller said as he is searching for the newest steam engine on his storage of other engines. After a few minutes of scowling and searching. He found it. He placed it on the table and looked at porter.


“so? How was the puzzle going Mr porter?”


porter, on the other hand, was stumped while solving a puzzle window, he was lost on a certain confounding puzzle: moving the box to one place while there are a few smaller and taller boxes in the way... He scratched his head in disbelief.


“oh, dear… I wish it’s one of those easier ones…” porter said as he ends up getting stuck in one place.


“well. You can skip it if you want, besides. You have not got all day.” the engine shopkeep said as he leans onto his table while secretly enjoying the brilliant puppet master’s dismay over a puzzle.


“wait, I got it- there we go.”


the puzzle let out a winning jingle and it took a while before he was able to solve it. He breathes a sigh of relief and the window vanished into thin air.


“Great job Mr porter! Now here is our latest steam engine. It will be probably enough to power your pet project but who knows? Maybe you accidentally set your workshop on fire again!”


the shopkeep said as he tease porter as he was carrying the box.


“oh! You heard about that accident too?” Porter said as he was preparing to leave.


“well, when there’s no theatre show coming around this quiet town. Everyone has their ear when they heard something else other than the bombastic theatrics!”


the shopkeep started laughing as the shop’s doorbell rang and porter left with an annoyed yet deadpan expression on his face.


“sigh, you definitely can’t get enough of excitement in this town. Especially the fact that there are other things than theatrics and puppet shows-”


as he walked back to his workshop. In the streets of the ever buzzing Katzenberg. Someone noticed him walking through and is following him from behind


“heard you almost burned your house down, you should’ve contacted me to finish the job porter.”


“oh? Well then I am sorry for not considering si-” porter turned around to see a familiar face. “oh alexander! What are you doing here? And how did you know about my workshop on fire?”


“well, dee dee was panicking when she saw smoke coming from your town.” alexander smirked teasingly. “she originally tried to send me to check to see your alright but my daughter got caught with a sickness, glad you didn’t get burned to a crisp.” alexander cheekily chuckled


“haha! Very funny Alex.” proter rolled his eyes before he noticed the half part of Alex's words. “wait… is your daughter all right? she didn’t catch any concerning illness... right?” porter said concerningly.


Alex stood there for a second, but he returns with: “oh she’s fine, she just got better from scarlet fever. My wife didn’t believe me that we should change doctors.”

“oh for how long???” porter raised a brow while propping himself on the parcel.

“you know those busted doctors who didn’t wash their tools after examining corpses? Well the doctor we relied on used those onto our child, he did change his practice but we decided to turn away and look for another one and what do you know! My instincts were right.”


porter is starting to get wary from the parcel he is carrying. “oh wow, that is a fantastic story my friend- but… um, I am getting wary from carrying this-” he felt the parcel slipping and propped it with his arm. But he knows that it won’t last long.

“as you can see I have a little secret project I am working on, and I should be going by then because several tests were failing and I hope this would work…” porter said


alexander eyed the parcel peerly. “I sure hope that… this experiment of yours won’t get you in trouble. I and the others were looking out for you know?” he said as he looked porter in the eye.


hearing those words from a close friend, porter’s expression brightens. “oh, no need for the concern. I will take care of myself, you know what I am.” he said as he prepares himself to turn back home.


Alexander smiled back, “yes, we will. Now hurry along now. And don’t forget. Contact me if you want that rickety old workshop down if you want to!” he waved goodbye while smirked cheekily again.

“no need for setting explosives on everything again! You got people staring at us the whole time you know-” porter said in the distance as he was leaving in alexander’s provision.

“hehe, yeah. They are.” and then alexander checked around the area there are a few people but none stared at them while they are talking, he then breathes a sigh of relief.

However… alexander wondered: he still can’t get over what was that on his hands… surely he doesn’t plan to invent something that won’t get him in peril… right?

“Nah, he won’t get himself in a perilous situation. But… I hope it stays that way-” he said as he turned away and heading to his ways.


- later that night… -


porter was in shambles, as one of the newest engines he brought earlier was also a failure. As he couldn’t get the invention to work, its fate was the same as all the others, it did shine a few sparks but what is he supposed to do now?


“ARGH- I don’t get it! That was the only power source that I could find in this town- I would afford to buy another but..” porter sighed deeply.

Porter stood up from his seat and skimmed through the notes again. There are still here, and he just skimmed them a few times. but porter knows that they have several questions that he needs to know.

Who was the writer?

Was the machine even real? Although he just build this 1 month ago…

and most importantly… who sent it?

“I could do this tomorrow. I need some sleep tonight- it’s been stressing me out” and when he said that. He started to yawn and looked at the clock. It is 10:25 pm, and he is tired.


“yep, really need some sleep.” he then stretched his arms and started to clean up a little. Before he turned off the lights in his office and closed the door for the night…


not before he heard a knock on the door. He suddenly felt a chill in his spine, he scurried over to his front door and looked through the peephole… none is there.

Paranoid, he grabs the nearest blunt object he could find and grabs a metallic one, and he slowly walked to the door… and grabbed the handle...

Porter slowly opened the door all the while holding a firepit poker in his hand, he looked around. None was there. After a while, he decided to swing open the door. But then something knocked out of his porch, he looked down to see…

another parcel. He scratched his head and lowers down to pick it up, seeing this has no return address, he thought: yet another package… who could be sending me these??? the delivery service doesn’t arrive at this down on this late… night…

he took the parcel back and quickly closed the door, making sure that none is getting him, he turned all of his lights off in his house and quickly ran back to the office, sealing himself off, and turned the lights
back on again.

The office has no windows so he is safe for now. He then opens the newly arrived package very slowly…

inside were the most incredible crystals he has ever seen, and they are plentiful. He marvels at them and took note when he noticed the green hue it shone…

the same color as the portals he saw while all the other power sources tried to open the portal beforehand… could it be???

he swiftly grabs a small piece of the crystal and quickly gets his equipment out on the table again, he checks how much power is enough to power the machine, and sure enough. It is certainly powerful. Even by a single shard of this mysterious crystal.


“this… is incredible… could it be enough to power the device??? I… I  need to test it out” his fists were shaking in excitement.


After setting them all up the last time. He connected all the necessary wires and essential commands to his device… he braced for it as he activate the device…

it starts slowly… it flickers for a while…


porter gets very tense. Hoping that this would work…

please work… please work-


and… the portal successfully opens. It reveals a place! A… place of some kind. It is just a street. But he doesn’t recognize what kind of street it is.


But… it worked… IT WORKED,


porter was overjoyed. But he has to keep quiet as to not disturb the neighbors. He then turns it off by lifting the crystal and examined it for a while.


Porter was ecstatic that it worked, but he has to explore the world tomorrow- as he is very tired and needs to go to bed. He cleaned his office, ONCE AGAIN. And he left the room. Before he realized that he didn’t turn the lights back on-


and thus he tripped in the darkness.