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worlds align prologue

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within the puppet master’s shop, there were many things he created. Such as puppets, dolls, toys, magnificent stories with all of the above. But most of all.


He is a very talented inventor. He wasn’t just the puppet master, he is also helpful to those who needed his inventions and puppets.


As he was finishing up the repairs for today he received a knock by his door. He went to his door and looked through a peephole and see a local mailman. “mr porter marshall? Are you in here?” he raised an eyebrow…


none sends him a package before... But he decided to open the door, the mailman is in an average height. Wore white long sleeve, long blue pants, a blue hat with black rims and a messager bag, he saw the parcel in front of him. Assuming he has to carry all to himself.


“ah! Hello there sir, you were expecting a package… I don’t know who sent you this though…” porter tilted.


“really? Was there no address?” he said as he eyed the package.


“yep!” the man cheerfully replied. “it is not a bomb though- if it is then it would be very bad!” he said in a joking fashion.


which only made porter stared at him with disbelief. “All right…?”


he then opened his bag and give him papers to sign in “welp! Okay, Mr porter. Sign here, I have a pen on the ready!”


he said while opening the cap of his extra pen.


And so porter got the pen. written his name and signature and handled off to the mailman. He thanks him in response and sent on his merry way, sending letters to the other neighbors in his street.


He picked up the parcel and closes the door, and went to his office. He went to check the address which was usually stamped on by the mailing company but strangely. It didn’t have anything. Which concerned porter.


He went on to stare at it for a few minutes. He is still being suspicious about the box, but he would never know if he didn’t open it and see. After a few minutes, he gives up and just opened the package to see what’s inside…


the contents inside of the package were just a few parts of some contraction and a letter. He first picked up the letter from the pile and opened it. It was a couple of notes, they looked like pages from a journal. He looked at them one by one.


And as he read someone’s journal notes. He read the first page as an introduction of a man, whose name was unfortunately scratched off. He is a researcher of other worlds. He only has this journal to write his progress on a project that he worked on.


Porter read more of this man’s entries, they are out of order, and couldn’t get the whole picture. But the fact that there are other worlds beyond his gives interest to Porter.


It is certainly interesting and he wonders he could make something like that…


however, his hand became still when one of the notes had sketches of a strange device.


Perfect! He thought.


He decided to work on it now. And see how it works. Will it actually lead to the other worlds? Who knows? And so, he pins the notes into the board, sits down on his desk. And begin writing ideas and blueprints, based on those said notes.


He gathered all of his tools onto his workshop and started from here, one by one. Sketches, prototypes, and tests were all done week by week. And surely. He was close to finishing it. In a month or two.