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Of Wanton Desires

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Itadori Yuuji was an extraordinary young man. Possessing innate physical strength and ability far beyond what was natural for a person his age, let alone any human, he was able to successfully suppress the Demon King within him, becoming a vessel destined to save humanity.

Sukuna Ryoumen was an extraordinary demon. In his prime, he could comfortably say he had the world in his grasp. Unfortunately for him, he was stuck inside an insolent adolescent shit who refused to entertain him. There was only so much Sukuna could do to occupy himself within the mind of a teenager who doesn’t know shit about anything. And his earnestness, that was the most equally frustrating and entertaining part about Itadori. He was gullible to a fault, yet still somehow knew better than to fall privy to Sukuna’s schemes. 

It seemed no matter how much Sukuna attempted to sway the adolescent, he was just swept back under and suppressed. In all honesty, he grew bored of this back and forth that got him nowhere. Within the depths of his domain and atop his mighty throne of bones, a plan was formed. 

Itadori Yuuji was an extraordinary young man.

Itadori Yuuji was a virgin.



A whistle blow resounded across the track field, announcing the end to the sparring matches between the first years. Itadori stretched his arms out, a grin stretched ear to ear as he caught his breath. He clapped hands with Fushiguro and the pair made their way to Gojou, attentive to hear criticisms as the man sat cross-legged on the bench next to Nobara, who already had her turn.

“Way to go, Fushiguro!” He smiled towards his friend, who nodded back to him silently. It took a trained eye to notice the slight uptick at the corner of his mouth. Eager to hear what his sensei had to say, the two trotted over, but a familiar booming voice echoed in his brain.

How cute, the kid wants to play in the big leagues.

The comment made him slow his pace in consideration. His brows crinkled in genuine consideration as the pair approached the silver-haired sorcerer. 

“Nobara, note how Fushiguro blocked with his right forearm when Itadori closed the gap between him and his shikigami.”

He decided to humor the voice ringing inside his skull this time, half paying attention to Gojou-sensei. What do you want?

It’s admirable, you hanging on to every word your sensei says, hoping one day you will be on even grounds with the likes of me. Sukuna boomed within him. His words were enough to make him lose focus in the lesson Gojou-sensei was trying to give.

Yeah? Well, I’m trying to listen, so shut up will ya?

I bet with a single word from him he could get you on your knees.


The Demon King scoffed. You’re already practically drooling to eat up every word he has to say. A swirl of interest picked up in his gut. Itadori could perceive the disgust emanating from him like a radiator, but underneath he noticed something different crawling in the message akin to a slow rising ichor.

Okay, I’ll bite. What’re you on about? Itadori’s interest peaked, yet his skepticism remained apparent.

Oh, don’t think I don’t know how you feel about him. Your sensei, the most powerful sorcerer. He may as well be your god. A mocking upturn in his tone left Itadori at a loss for words. Just what the hell was he getting at? He was used to the usual sly and spiteful remarks, but it’s been a while since he’s been this chatty. The words Sukuna had chosen though compelled the cogs in his brain to freeze.

Self-reflecting on his feelings towards the man in front of them, chatting away while the other students pay rapt attention, hanging on to his every word, he figured it went a little ways past idolization and adoration if he were to own up to it. But he locked those feelings deep into a box inside his mind and threw away the key. There was no way their teacher-student relationship could go any farther than just a distant crush, a hidden desire to be just as powerful one day. 

And it’s too bad I found the key. Sukuna howled with laughter, its bellows echoing around in his skull. It pressured him to internally sulk just a tad, his ego stained with the admission. A slight blush brushed his cheeks. You can’t hide anything from me, boy.

Alright. So I kind of like Gojou-sensei. Get to the point already. Why are you bringing this up? It doesn’t have to do with any--

An electric zap pushed him out of his line of questioning. His fists clenched into his shorts when he tried not to react visibly. Something had brushed up against his asshole. It was a sensation he’d never experienced before, and he had every reason to believe it had everything to do with the curse occupying his time.

What the hell was that?!   The impression left him frozen and his mind racing.

Just something you wish Gojou would do to you. The curse mocked him when the thing, whatever the hell it was, brushed up against it again, this time staying put and rubbing circles into it. Within his racing and panicking thoughts only three things were certain: it was wet, hot, and as much as he didn’t want anything to do with Sukuna’s antics, he melted into it. He was clueless about what the curse was doing to him, yet he hated that he didn’t want it to stop.

At the mention of his sensei’s name, he remembered he was staring right at him. He was definitely moving his mouth, but no words registered in Itadori’s brain. His eyes wandered up and down Gojou’s body, settling on his long, slender fingers as he expressed gestures to the group. When Gojou’s masked face swept over each of them, he couldn’t help but bite his tongue to stop a whine from rising as they settled on his own. And as so, couldn’t help when he imagined those same fingers pressing firmly where Sukuna was.

Sukuna… please stop…  He really couldn’t take much more of this, not without sacrificing his dignity. The curse only laughed at his plight.

Now, this is a refreshing sight. The malice in his voice mingled with amusement. Itadori felt the attention on him like a spotlight, and Sukuna was a predator with just his eyes peeking from someplace obscured. The overwhelming presence shone hot on his back. This is how it should be, you begging at my every whim. But take a good, long look. You wish it was Gojou here rimming you like the slut you are.

No… I don’t… I don’t know what’s… His mind raced, but his gaze still lingered all over the most powerful sorcerer sitting in front of him. Sukuna rewarded this with a flat swipe over the quivering hole, and Itadori all but crumpled. Panicking, he tore his gaze to nervously glance at his peers beside him. He exhaled a shaky breath when he noticed they were still paying rapt attention to the lesson, whatever it was, and not on him.

Itadori, still at a loss, returned his sights to Gojou, only to find him still staring at him, almost through him. It sent hot shivers down his spine and right to his crotch. This was the moment when Sukuna chose to start pushing in, and Itadori audibly yelped.

Everyone turned to look at him, the heat of their stares turned the spotlight into overdrive. Fuck

“I- uh… I gotta go!” He swallowed, then turned heels. Pushing past his peers, he raced towards the dormitory, heart stammering in his chest. He had half a mind to cover his aching erection, pleading that it didn’t show through the loose-fitting uniform. He hoped that whatever gods existed that nobody noticed. As soon as he fled the member disappeared, but Sukuna sneered with laughter while he ran. 

What? Are you bothered by something? Don’t tell me you were caught up in some fantasy like a schoolgirl.

Oh yeah, and I wonder who I should thank for that!  He cursed at the curse. Just what the hell was that? Silence. Answer me, demon.

A favor. 

His smug presence pissed him off. But what pissed him off more was the guilt. What had overcome him? How could he seriously think of his sensei like that? The shame swirled in his gut and rose like bile, but what pissed him off the most was that even with the guilt and shame, he craved it. The realization sent a stone-cold rock to the bottom of his gut.

Upon reaching his dorm room, he promptly slammed the door shut and banged his head against it. Groaning, he brought up his hands to his face. There was no way he was ever going to live this down. He was already dreading answering the surge of questions Nobara would inevitably bombard him with. 

He wanted to sink to the floor. He wanted to run. He wanted to rot. None of that mattered though, because soon enough the sensation that left him aching for more came right back around. His hand raced towards his mouth while a moan quickly escaped his lips. His other hand plunged towards the rim of his pants, desperate to get rid of the garment and lay witness to the horrors of the reality between his legs. He had to see what exactly was happening. 

The task proved difficult. With shaky legs that hitched with every teasing swipe, he managed to clumsily step out of them along with his boxers and stepped into view of his full-length mirror. The sight only made his cock throb.

Presenting his rear affirmed his suspicions. Sukuna had summoned a mouth right above his asshole, his tongue lapping between the crests of his cheeks and finding purchase at his hole. He had no time to be horrified, because as soon as the sight revealed itself, the curse brushed his tongue harshly, reveling inside him.

Enjoying yourself?

F-Fuck off.  Itadori stammered, cheeks flushing. At this point, his knees were giving out. He collapsed onto his bed, quickly letting go of the use of his gelatin legs.

Be more grateful, brat. I’ve hardly started. 

Without hesitation, the tongue circling his hole plunged in and Itadori thrashed, gripping his sheets with white-hot knuckles in a last-ditch effort to stay still. Despite his efforts, the moan that escaped his throat was inevitable. The wet member slipped in with ease, its shallow thrusts consuming his mind.

Flashes of the earlier scene flood through his mind. Gojou, sitting so nonchalantly on that bench, casually grinning while he spoke to them. Itadori stared at the way his adam’s apple bobbed, how the air would escape his toothy grin. When he spoke the words he couldn’t register, it sent shivers down his spine. It pooled into his gut, overwhelming and hot. 

Itadori gasped as the tongue filled him up, the sensation something he could have never comprehended. It burned when it stretched him open, but it only proved to make the building pressure inside him expand with desire. His brain, gut, and groin drifted to more thoughts of his white-haired sensei. Those long, slender fingers pumping in and out of him while he whispered praises and assurances. He wanted nothing more than to be the subject of Gojou’s attention and affection. 

Writhing, confusion seared his thoughts yet his mind grew fuzzy. Why are you doing this? He asked, pleaded, whined, helplessly.

The tongue escaped and resorted to prodding teasingly at his entrance. He chased the high, audibly whining at the new empty sensation left behind. Quickly, he darted his hand to his aching cock to pursue the high he built up. 

Not so fast. The wandering limb froze before it could even think about starting to pleasure him as if it had a mind of its own and had no intention of obeying its owner. My, my. I’m surprised how fast of a slut you’ve become. Who knew all it took to gain the upper hand was only just a tongue. The curse’s disgust flooded through his brain. Tch. You boast and goad about how strong you are, but look at how easy it is to make you crumble. Pathetic. You want to be filled? Be fucked? 

The tongue prodded at his entrance and Itadori squirmed. The member only sat there, waiting, pulling back when he sought after it. Whimpering, he nodded his head.

What was that? The curse cooed, and Itadori bit his lip. Don’t get coy on me now. Speak.

“I-I…” His hips shimmied under the intense pressure. “Please…” He could feel the Demon King’s intense gaze scrutinizing his entire soul. He swallowed, summoning the courage to say his desires. “Please, do it again.” His hips came crashing down to search for what he yearned for, but it pulled away again. He groaned, and the curse just laughed at him.

Oh, how easy it is to get you begging beneath me. If I knew you were such a cockwhore, I would have done this sooner. What is it that you want, Yuuji?

That voice, booming and malevolent in his head as always, couldn’t help but sound sultry to Itadori’s ears. His question was an oasis, tempting if he could only just reach it. 

“Please fuck me…” He whispered it like a mantra, shaking his head. This was almost unbearable. He pushed down all the shame that admission caused, wanting nothing more than to return to that haze-filled bliss from the constant plunging. “Whatever you were doing before, with the tongue… Please, do it again.” He shook his head and gasped when the mention of his tongue rewarded him with a small swipe of it. “I don’t… I don’t know what’s going on… But that. I want that. Please!” He rutted into the member that only served to tease him. 



There is nothing more revolting to me than a bitch who whines. But luckily for you, he heard your cries. 


“Why don’t you come on out, sensei?” Sukuna called out into the dorm, his voice teasing out the word sensei like there was nothing sweeter. It was grating, and Itadori’s heart sank. He was exposed, panting, and wanted nothing more than to crawl away and die from embarrassment. “He’s all prepped for you and everything.” He cooed. 

It was only then that Sukuna continued his onslaught against his quivering hole. Itadori gasped and curled his toes at the sudden intrusion. His face burned red and as much as he wanted to cover his mouth to stop him from blurting out whatever obscenities were being exclaimed, it was no use. The most he could do was writhe under the rush of adrenaline. 

“Well, I’ll be damned.”

The voice of his sensei cracked made him flinch, the situation becoming all too real. And to confirm his horror, he turned his head to the voice and saw him. Gojou Satoru stared down at him, one hand perched at his hip, the other on his chin. He seemed contemplative, but the heat of sensing his gaze bearing down on him while being subjected to such succulent torture forced a moan to escape his throat before he could stop it.

Gojou’s eyebrows shot up in interest. “You know…” He tilted his head up as if pondering something before shooting finger guns his way. “When I noticed the cursed energy amassed around Itadori’s crotch, I didn’t know what to expect, but I didn’t expect this. ” He blew a low whistle and dropped his voice to sultry honey and it drove him wild. It proved difficult to focus on the situation before him while he lulled back into the wanton lust, a title wave of haze he got lost in. He had never explored this new side Sukuna was bringing out of him. Much to his dismay, he couldn’t deny that he hated it either. And with the scrutiny of being the center of attention to two figures who may as well hold the balance of the world at their disposal, all he could do was allow himself to follow their beck and call. The more he thrashed about, tears pricked in the corner of his eyes, the more he found himself wanting that, craving it.

He almost closed them, getting wasted in chasing the pleasure, but Gojou leaned down near the side of his bed to get eye level with him. 

“Are you okay, Itadori?” His blindfold didn’t prevent his laser-focused earnest glare from reaching him. Itadori nearly forgot the seriousness of what could potentially happen, his mind so fogged up. But the reassurance from his sensei comforted him, and in that moment of clarity, he nodded his assent.

“Mhmm…” As confident as he tried to sound, the utterance dipped into a half-moan that had his cheeks flushing another shade deeper. 

Gojou let out a breath and reached out to brush some of the tufted hair that lay sweaty on his forehead away. Itadori leaned into it as much as he could, the curse still relentlessly driving itself in and out, bouncing the student on his bed. Throughout the course of Gojou’s appearance, Sukuna was getting greedier and rougher with how he handled him. Loud thuds emanated from the bed while the frame pushed into the wall with a rhythm. 

“Would you look at that? Didn't know you were raising whores, but I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree these days.” Sukuna teased. Itadori could feel the mouth moving on his cheek, but any attempts to silence it would be in vain, as he was vulnerable to every whim the curse put him through. 

Gojou removed his hand from Itadori’s forehead, seemingly unfazed by Sukuna’s taunts, but kept his vision locked on him. “Hey.” He called, grabbing the student’s attention, and he followed it like the only rope that could pull him to safety. “None of this is your fault. If you want me to stop, just say the magic word, okay?”

At that moment Itadori swears that smirk was from an angel, and for the first time since this whole situation presented itself, he felt stability, safety. “You’re here. I-I know I’ll be oka--” As he consented, he bit his tongue when Sukuna knocked him backward. 

Gojou nodded, reaching up to couple Itadori’s cheek. “That’s what I like to hear. Sensei will take care of you.” 

He leaned into the embrace once he swiped his thumb to wipe away a stray tear that was forming, but then the finger moved down and was shoved inside what Itadori assumed was Sukuna’s stray mouth as he could feel the curse revolt inside him.

“And you.” The sorcerer dropped his tone. “That’s not very nice of you to say, now is it? I’m afraid you’ve made a mess of the situation. Luckily I’m here to pick up the pieces.”

Sukuna growled at the intrusion, biting down on Gojou’s thumb. It drew blood, but his tongue swirled around it, wiping it clean. Once he withdrew the Demon King taunted, “Those are big words for someone who’s about to defile their student.”

To that his sensei had no reply, just a look of hatred directed at the curse. He simply sighed and shrugged the look away. He stood back up and maneuvered himself to the end of the bed, with a full view of the damage Sukuna had done, was still doing. Itadori squirmed under the attention, his eyes following his every move and soaking it up. 

It was then that Sukuna’s member that defiled him stopped and slowly removed itself from him. Itadori let out a moan at the loss, hating being even emptier than before. He arched his back to follow the fleeting feeling but to no avail. The mouth had disappeared completely from his rear. The one on his cheek remained in a sickening, twisted, maniacal grin. 

“The cockwhore’s all yours.” 

He ignored this yet again and tentatively placed a knee on the mattress, leaning down to touch Itadori’s exposed thighs. Instinctively he closed them, sensing bashfulness creep across his cheeks. He didn’t know what he was hiding for, he craved touch. He wanted Gojou and he needed more. Biting his lip, he looked away, but the man rubbed gentle circles into his thighs. The sensation made him take in a shaky breath, and he exhaled, breathing out the tension that melted away from his body. His nerves were on fire, and every little touch Gojou gave him ignited him. 

The white-haired sorcerer moved his massaging hand to Itadori’s knees, which were locked together, and placed a gentle kiss on one. 

“Open for me?” A simple question. One with many implications, all of them he was more than happy to oblige. He nodded, at a loss for words, and slowly opened his legs apart. Still blushing furiously, a timid hand sank down to cover himself. 

Gojou massaged circles into his kneecap with his thumb and lowered his head down, leaving a trail of pepper kisses up his thigh. The ministration sent electric waves straight to his cock, and he tried to cover it more out of embarrassment. Even the hot breath on his exposed skin granted him shivers. As he closed in on him, he felt his hands shift to rub at both thighs, and almost jumped when he nuzzled against the limb that shielded his pride. 

The man placed a chaste kiss on the back of it and bit gently into the skin. Itadori let out a breathy exhale once he slipped his index finger into his mouth. He almost couldn’t believe the sight in front of him. Gojou, chest down and ass up, worshipping his thighs almost reverently, while he sucked on his finger. His tongue swirled around it before leaving it with a slurp. Replacing his tongue, he brought a hand up to it to caress his own cheek, and Itadori forgot altogether why it was there in the first place.

“We can’t have that, now, can we?” He practically purred, guiding it into his hair. The pearl white locks were incredibly soft, and Itadori instinctively kneaded and threaded his fingers in it, almost caught in a trance. However, fingers curled into fists when knuckles traced his cock. He let out a gasp and Gojou chuckled, shifting to lean in closer to him. 

Just lightly brushing over him left him a whimpering mess. The hand not raveled in the sorcerer’s locks wandered up the back of Gojou’s neck, pulling him closer as he arched into his touch. His palms traversed territory he never thought possible. Only in his imagination would this have ever played out. Every time his mind drifted into theoreticals it was slammed back into the present moment by the electrifying sensation of him teasingly grazing his length. 

His body refused to sit still, and once his hands roamed, he found his fingers slipping under the fabric of his blindfold. Shivering at the notion, he murmured. “Can I?”

 Gojou wrapped his fingers around his leaking cock and stroked, seemingly pleased with the request. “You don’t even have to ask. Anything you want.”

Everything in that moment was searing while the pressure of having his full attention bearing into his soul made him melt. Yet still eager, he fully slipped his fingers underneath the blindfold and lifted it above Gojou’s head. Snowy lashes framed the most arctic neon snow-blue eyes he’s ever seen. Those eyes, brilliant and perfect, stared right into him. His breath caught in his throat under the gorgeous oppression he was under as if time was frozen itself. 

He was thrown back into the moment when his galvanizing hand tugged around him. He bellowed out a moan once he swirled tantalizing circles at the head. 

“That look,” his sensei bit his lip, “filled with lust. Tell me, is it for me?” He leaned down, almost face to face with him. His majestic eyes searching his soul, half-lidded, a smirk playing on his lips. Without much thought, Itadori blurted out.

“You're beautiful.”

This caused Gojou to exhale a laugh, and he could feel the breath like fire on his skin. “I know.”

Their proximity only lasted a moment, but it stretched for eternity. Just Itadori, flayed out beneath Gojou, arching into his touch and gaze. Eventually, he pulled back, leaving Itadori’s hands to wander his body. That too only lasted for brief moments, and he was left watching while Gojou stripped his shirt off of himself.

The sight compelled him to gulp back a breath. He had always guessed how he would look shirtless because he often wore loose-fitting shirts that only teased the skin underneath. The view he had now, however, took his breath away. He knew that he would be muscular yet lean just because of his build and stature, but witnessing it before him left him speechless. 

Gojou heeded the attention no mind, and he then reached down to brush palms against Itadori’s uniform shirt, groping him through the thick fabric. Traversing lower, he tucked his hands underneath the hem. He ran them kneading over his waist, abs, and sides. The contact had him jerking shakily under his sensual strokes. 

“Let’s get this off you,” he hummed, snaking them up further, bunching up the material until it went discarded over his head. The cold air forced a shiver to rip through him and the man above him wasted no time getting right back to business. He studied how Gojou placed his index and middle finger into his own mouth, sucking on it while making such delicious noises. Their eyes made contact and Itadori’s mouth went dry as he moaned around them, lids half closed with desire. Jeez, he really knew how to put on a show.

I suppose a thank you is in order.

“Sh-Shut up.” He stammered, cherry red. When Gojou turned his head, questioning, Itadori shook his head. “Not you. Sukuna thinks his opinion means something.”

His sensei popped his fingers out of his mouth, looking amused. “Hey, curse. If you’re going to interrupt us, why not share with the class?”

A mouth formed at his cheek once again. “I was commenting on how easy it was for this pipsqueak here to turn into such a slut.” Sukuna sneered. “They make them easy these days. All it took to get him begging was a tongue up his ass. Completely untouched.”

His toes curled when he felt something prod at his entrance. He whined at the now-familiar sensation and hissed once it entered him. Instead of the odd singeing stirring he was accustomed to, it was a gentle stretch of his muscle. He peaked his eyes open, which had knitted shut at the intrusion, to find that Gojou had sunk those same digits he had in his mouth prior into him, and he was studying him intensely. 

“You were right about one thing,” Gojou admitted, his eyebrows raised with surprise. He took his time pushing his digits in and out, testing the waters, surprised at how easy Itadori was taking him in. He focused his gaze on the young man. “You’re taking me so well.” A purr grazed his throat.

He threw his head back when the fingers scissored him open, the stretch a pleasant kind of sore. One that was pleasantly different from the malevolent treatment he received earlier. He could sense acutely just how Gojou was stretching his inner walls. And with the scenarios he was indulging in earlier, it was like a dream come true. 

His hands couldn’t sit still. With a mind of their own, they hooked around Gojou’s neck and kneaded into the muscular flesh, wandering down his front, his sides, his back. Without thinking he hooked his legs behind the sorcerer, instinctively dragging him closer in and thrusting his hips up. It was as if a silent plea overtook him.

“Such a whore, you open your legs for the closest thing that will stick anything in you.” The curse intervened, and Itadori stifled back a mewl to the insult. 

Gojou’s free hand snuck up to lay a shushing finger upon Sukuna’s lips. Clicking his tongue, the next words he uttered dripped with lust. “Such bold words. I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to fuck you both while I’m at it.”

Before Sukuna could retort, Itadori yelled out a moan when an electrifying sensation jolted through his entire body. Whatever Gojou had done, it left him seeing stars through his clenched eyes and knitted brows. 

“Found it.” He sang, establishing a sweet rhythm, one that left him raking his fingers down his back, bucking his hips wildly while his legs wrapped tighter around him. He clung to him for dear life, completely at his mercy as he hit that spot that sent him flying over and over again. “You’re doing so good.”  

The heavenly feeling was fleeting, though. Gojou hastily removed his fingers, leaving Itadori to groan at the loss. 

“Be patient.” The man moved a hand to couple his cheek, and Itadori nuzzled against it. He was too distracted to notice how he used his other one to line himself up with the young man. And before long, he sensed something push into him. He gasped at its girth that stretched him wider than anything thought possible.

His nails dug crescents into the sorcerer’s back, and he opened his tightened eyes. The sight presented in front of him made his cock throb and his heart melt. He could only see half of Gojou’s length, and even that was fleeting when he slowly sank inside of him. His brilliant blue orbs observed him and a gentle palm still caressed his face. Those digits turned his head to look at him, and once they connected Itadori softened. 

“That’s right. Look at me, Itadori. Fuck, keep making that face for me.” It was then that Gojou pushed himself all the way to his hilt. Even fully pressed inside, the sensation wasn’t uncomfortable. It only took a moment for him to gain his bearings. And at the moment it was the first time he had ever seen Gojou visibly falter. His sensei bit his lip, scrunching his brows as he searched Itadori’s face for any signs of distress. 

“It’s okay. You don’t have to be gentle.” Itadori brought his wrapped hands around to Gojou’s chest, taking his time memorizing his muscles. With a show of certainty, he bucked his hips to try and get him in deeper. Gojou let a smirk play on his lips, leaning in with flushed chests to whisper in Itadori’s ear. With a purr, a deep growl emerged from his throat, and he could feel its vibration. 

“So good. You’re surpassing my expectations.” He shivered when Gojou bit and sucked at the shell of his ear. “You never fail to surprise me in the best ways.” Traversing lower to suckle down his neck, he pulled himself out almost completely, before pushing right back in. He panted and squeezed his limbs harder as if it was an insurmountable task to bring Gojou any closer to himself.

He set a slow pace, one that left him grasping and hyper-aware of every touch graciously given his way. The student clawed at his back, and Gojou hummed into the open mouth kisses that swept down into the base of his neck, suckling on his collarbone. Bringing his free hands to tenderly paw at his nipples, Itadori let out a yelp. Under the onslaught of Gojou’s hands, tongue, and cock, he was left drooling and shaking. Unabashedly moaning into the room, he felt Gojou’s lips curl into a smile when he continued pressing kisses into his skin.

“That’s it. Good job. You’re stretching so perfectly for me. It’s like I’m made to fit you.” He pressed one last peck of reverence while he parted, shifting back to observe the young man beneath him. Itadori felt the flush return tenfold once he noticed how much he was affecting Gojou, too. There was a slight dust of pink on his cheeks as ruffled snow hair fell over half-lidded eyes riddled with lust. The sorcerer brought his arms to lift his legs, hooking them over his shoulders. The small of his back was lifted off of the bed, but he wasn’t left unsupported. Gojou shifted his legs to support the backs of his own, and in the process reaching even deeper than before. 

It wasn’t long from the adjustment for Gojou to start thrusting again. This time, at a rougher pace. Itadori felt the crunch in his back when he was practically folded in half as Gojou fucked him. He bent over him, pumping in and out, effectively pinning him on the mattress. Itadori felt the ache stretch truly throughout his whole body. 

The rough pace was not interrupted as Gojou shifted his angle, and a scream erupted from his already sore vocal cords. Now, the pistoning snap of his hips hit the same spot that his fingers found earlier. Every time, each thrust hit the bundle of nerves that could make him explode and then some. 

 He felt the sting of tears prick in the corners of his eyes. Clenched teeth and spasming muscles were all he could make of himself as a heavy weight pooled in his gut. The tears gathered up and welled while the combination of stimulations proved too much. Just when one spilled down his cheek, a familiar wet member licked it up, scoffing.

“The bitch is actually crying,” Sukuna mocked. And while the disgust had a sharp tone, Itadori was incapable of stifling back a moan under both the words and the touch. Gojou kept up his quickening pace, but this time acknowledging what the curse had said.

“And it’s absolutely encapsulating, seeing those tears flow for me . Shit, the things you’re doing to me right now, Itadori, you have no idea. You’re perfect.” The onslaught of remarks from both parties combined with the immense physical adulation gave him no time to prepare for his unraveling.

“I-I...I’m-” He tried communicating, arching into the entire world around him that contained just them, but before he could finish this sentence the world came crashing down. White consumed his vision as he was pushed over the edge, an explosion of everything came colliding into one mass that overtook him. Howling, he came in waves, and the world was drowned out in the pleasure of it all. It took him moments to come back to, and he realized a hand reached out to ruffle his hair.

“Good job. You did so well.” Gojou’s sapphire eyes were filled with nothing but soft admiration, and it engulfed Itadori in wonder. He lay, sensing the sweat drip down his naked back, slowly coming back to reality but still faded in a haze, taking deep calming breaths. “Now sleep.”

And sleep came easy.



“You.” Gojou stared at the transforming body beneath him. He was filled with anger, with resentment, towards the Demon King and his schemes. He still couldn’t believe the transpiring of events, but his hand had been forced. Now, he had successfully put Itadori under and could solve this problem at its root. Ignoring his hard-on that was now an exposed erect mass cherry red in the air, he pressed the issue. “ Your fun’s over. Say your goodbyes.”

“Aww… And after all that effort I went through to get someone like you laid.” The curse that had effectively taken over his student’s body pouted, a faux pout laced with snark edged his words. Black tattoos scrawled his body, and two sets of glowing vermilion eyes pierced their gaze towards him. He lay underneath the sorcerer, obsidian talons drooping from the back of his hand that lay resting on his chin, hiding a shit-eating smile.

“I do just fine on my own.” He shrugged off the comment, wary of whatever schemes he still had planned. The Demon King lay obediently observant for now under him, and he took the bait. “More importantly, what has piqued my curiosity is why you’re doing all of this.”

Sukuna scoffed and humored him, raising an eyebrow at the inquiry. Gojou watched the muscle contort in his face, moving the intricate tattoos with it. All four of his ruby red eyes squinted in smugness as he indulged him. “And why would I tell you that?”

“Because,” Gojou unfurled a finger gun, “ it’s my turn to get what I want. Seriously, making me fuck my own student? That’s not nice of you.” He hummed, teasing a frown on his lips. 

The curse crossed his arms and huffed out a click of his tongue. “You’ll have to do better than that. I won’t hesitate to slice your head off the moment I get bored.”

Gojou then waggled his finger in Sukuna’s face. “I’d like to see you try.”

“In due time.” He sneered, his sharp canines exposed. Even when in a vulnerable and submissive position, Sukuna left no room for weakness in his wake. 

Gojou tried not to allow his gaze to wander. Even though he had seen the same body beneath him moments before writhing in pleasure that he had created, looking at how exposed the curse was seemed scandalous. He was no virgin innocent, and there were no firsts he had left, but damn he blamed his erection for the way his mind was wandering. Leaning over him in almost the same position he just fucked Itadori in made him bite his lip. Still, he persisted and quipped back. “Those are bold words for someone I just folded in half and fucked.”

Furious energy filled the ambiance of the room, and before Gojou could react Sukuna had raised himself off the mattress to lock stares with the sorcerer. Arctic blue met violent red as Gojou confidently met his gaze. Sukuna snarled, and Gojou could sense the lividness steam out of him. “I am being gracious because I find your game amusing. Don’t count on it much longer. Would you like to try again?”

Gojou raised his eyebrows at the audacity. Feeling bold, he dipped a finger down to swipe along the curse’s abs. “That’s not what the drying cum says on your stomach.”

“You’ve chosen violence, so be it. I will not be gentle nor considerate when I take what I want from you.” Bemused, any trace of the playful tilt of his lips dropped. 

The covert meaning from his phrasing had Gojou’s cock twitching, betraying him. Even with the looming threat, he was only brazened. His vision was already fixed on his lower stomach, it took no effort to lower it, and he recognized that was his first mistake. Despite having already felt up Itadori’s already impressive length prior, Sukuna somehow made it even more intimidating. Two thick black stripes ringed it near the base, and even as it hung half-mass, a prickle of doubt emerged in his mind that he might have eaten more than he could chew. 

“Why don’t you get a better look if you’re going to stare?” Sukuna interrupted his thoughts. A quick fist grabbed onto his snowy hair. A sharp tug erupted a cry of surprise from the man when his face was led right to the thick member. He reflexively snapped his eyes shut once he pressed it against his face. “What’s the matter? Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet.”

The iron hold forced him still and he attempted to gain his bearings by stabilizing himself with a scrambled grip against Sukuna’s thighs. Opening his eyes, the stiffening member stood tall, twitching when his breath met it. The curse half thrusted and the impressive length brushed against his lips, slathering a drop of precum on its surface. Gojou took a moment to steel himself, half-regretting the actions he knew he was going to take next. But he quickly tossed the guilt aside to gung-ho into what he was now going to call the greater good and steadily wrapped his lips around Sukuna’s cock.

“Well, that didn’t take much convincing.” The curse loosened the grip on his head slightly, instead taking both hands to massage his scalp roughly. Gojou slowly consumed the hardening member, bobbing his head back and forth, feeling it expand and pulse on his tongue. “You’re much more agreeable with a cock stuffed in you.”

Gojou didn’t have a moment to even acknowledge the statement before Sukuna forced himself to the hilt in his mouth. The burn was awful, and the suddenness of it made his eyes shoot open, but he didn’t cough or choke. And once he understood the harsh language, he couldn’t suppress the moan that vibrated throughout his throat, visibly drooling. The sorcerer clenched bruises into Sukuna’s thighs when he suddenly proceeded to set a cut-throat rhythm. 

He would have gone flying, if not for the clawed hands forcing him in place. And yet despite this, his own cock throbbed. He was incapable of subduing the wet, slapping, and gutturally lewd noises that left his mouth. As the cock abused his throat freely, tears pricked his eyes. He was utterly lost in his own head and pleasure that it took him a moment to realize Sukuna was speaking aloud.

“But you like that, don’t you? Hearing yourself unravel at a stiff cock? Fuck, look at you, pathetic slut. The world’s most powerful sorcerer brought to his feet once a dick is shoved his way. You better slurp it up reverently because once I decide to stuff you with this, it will be as much lube as you’ll get.”

His eyes shot open, the realization dawning on him, yet the curse kept relentlessly slamming himself to the back of Gojou’s throat. His thick white lashes fluttered up and his mind simultaneously froze and raced when their sights connected. Plastered with a shit-eating grin on his face, Sukuna absolutely ate up everything Gojou was giving him. The power trip drove both of them mad. His god-like stance towered over him, and somewhere deep within the sorcerer, he found that he liked being able to give up some control. He couldn’t recall the last time he met someone his equal, who was able to humble him.

“Fuck, those sounds. I’m surprised nobody has come around looking. I wouldn’t doubt if you wanted the entire school to know how much you enjoy being a cocksleeve.” The curse roughly pulled Gojou off of his dick. A spittle of drool dripped off of his lips, and the force caught him off guard. Dragging him up by the hair to meet his face, he hissed at the harsh tug. Sukuna brought a sharp talon to flick at a tear that had formed, inspecting it with fascination, until he brushed it away. “Today’s your lucky day, because I have a special place in mind where you can scream all you want and no one will hear.”

A single blink and his surroundings vanished before him. In its place a dark ambiance engulfed them, a heavy atmosphere of pressure pushed down on all sides, oppressive in nature. His knees sat on rigid bone instead of the plush mattress. The pair knelt at the base of what appeared to be a mound of bones, a throne atop the spire. Taking in his surroundings, he figured this was Sukuna’s domain expansion. “Tacky,” was his only comment, though he hummed at the scandalous use of the ability.

If Sukuna heard or acknowledged the statement, he didn’t show it. He quickly flipped Gojou onto his stomach as easily as if he were a ragdoll. Two aggressive hands gripped at his pants, ripping them apart. He discarded them to the side, scrunching his face as if offended by the material. Before Gojou could remark that those were very expensive and worth more than the curse itself, Sukuna massaged fingers into his mounds. He arched into them, recovering from the unruly conduct of himself to continue their game from before. A thick length prodded at his entrance, and he turned his head back to see Sukuna lining himself flush against him. Shit . The realization dawned on him that he had no plans to prepare him for his entry. He preemptively squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his teeth to await the inevitable. 

A single clawed finger ran down his spine, resting at the small of his back, and the gesture was almost pleasant. The moment didn’t last though, and soon he felt movement behind him. His breath caught in his throat when his ass was stretched uncomfortably wide. The intrusion was slow and steady, but the impact left behind was tremendous. His hands grasped at bare bone beneath him, holding on for dear life.

“Fuck,” the Demon King hissed, “with how tight you are I could mistake you for a virgin.”

Eventually, he reached the base. Gojou had never felt so incredibly full in his life. For good measure, Sukuna thrust flush against the hilt, trying to get even deeper. After a moment, he pulled almost all the way out of the sorcerer, and Gojou let out a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding. The air escaped his lungs in a groan, though, and Sukuna wrapped both hands around his hips, his claws poking into his skin. 

A clap resounded in the oppressive domain, as the curse pistoned himself back to the hilt. Buried deep inside Gojou, he let out a gasp and clenched his fists. Sukuna swiveled his hips, feeling Gojou morph around his length, and the motion left him moaning. Seconds dredged by, Sukuna taking immense pleasure in the situation before he set a brutal pace. The force sent him flying, yet the digits clinging to him brought him back each time to snap against his cock. Even with the unforgiving rhythm, each thrust loosened him up more and more. 

Wet slapping sounds echoed in the heated space while he bounced on Sukuna’s dick. His hips pushed downwards, forcing him flush against the uneven floor. The movement rutted his own cock against the terrain, and he hissed at the sensation.

Keeping the pace, Sukuna let his arms trail up Gojou’s spine. His fingers outlined inflamed scratches that lined his back. “The schoolboy has already done a number on you,” the curse pondered aloud, still trailing raised beds of skin. He leaned down, and Gojou could discern the chastising whip in his voice. “We can’t have that.”

Suddenly, negative curse energy flowed through him. It almost came in waves, as if each thrust siphoned off a little more each time. Those taloned hands ran circles up his back, and Gojou noticed his skin clear up in mere moments. Sukuna let out a satisfied huff and playfully dragged a single nail down his spine. It stung, deliciously so, and he bowed into it. Once the finger left his back he almost arched into the absence, but his mind halted when a powerful smack struck him across the ass.

“Argh! Shit!” He exclaimed, and Sukuna sent a wandering hand to rub at the reddening cheek.

“It’s about time I left my own mark.” The curse almost purred out the words, and Gojou’s cock throbbed hearing the implication. 

Without stopping his onslaught, Sukuna flipped Gojou onto his back like he weighed nothing. He yelped with surprise, and the curse’s arms traveled up his stomach, holding him in place and feeling him up as he continued pounding. 

The new sight formed deep arousal within his gut. He could see Sukuna’s massive cock that somehow had fit down his throat earlier, relentlessly smashing away, disappearing within him, and he could feel it all the same. He could see Sukuna’s tattooed body expertly snapping his hips to meet his, the way a slight sheen of sweat covered them both. He could see himself tremble with every movement, and for the first time today, he felt completely overwhelmed. 

Gojou cried out when Sukuna dug his claws into his stomach. His arms scrambled to grasp at the curse’s shoulders to ground himself. The talons traveled up in strokes, feeling and massaging on the up, and raking his claws downward, continuing to fuck into him all the same. It was a shattering amount of both pain and pleasure that had him leaning into the growing familiarity of the rhythm. 

The sensation shifted. Now, with every laceration came a burning singe. Gojou peered down to witness the curse’s palms and nails glowing incandescent, the heat not unfamiliar to the same domineering aura that filled the room, but in a physical sense. The motion hurt, but it still contained the edging high of dancing the line between danger and desire. His toes curled and his body ached as the fingers raised cauterized wounds into his flesh.

“You look much better branded,” Sukuna growled, ceasing the ability in favor of running his usual hands all over the new marks that now covered the sorcerer. 

Then, the curse coupled his pectoral muscles, sneaking his fingers up to rub gratingly against his perk nipples. Immediately Gojou’s limbs scrunched when electricity coursed through him. His head bent back against the torture as Sukuna mercilessly squeezed, twisted, and grated the sensitive nubs. The arousal pooling in his gut was almost threatening to burst, and he could tell he was reaching his end.

“Gojou Satoru. Who would have thought all you needed to be humbled was a good fuck?” With his he accented a few thrusts and deftly moved his fingers in a way that left him writhing, moaning at the treatment. “Careful now, wouldn’t want you cumming over a demon.”

The curse slipped a hand down to brush over Gojou’s cock. He arched into the feather-light touch, his member throbbing and leaking profusely, only for Sukuna to wrap his fingers tightly towards the base. He squeezed hard, and the sorcerer choked back a sob. 

“What’s that? Do you need something? Whores don’t have a place to speak.” Even with an iron grip around his cock, he still fucked him steadily. Sukuna spat on him, scanning and relishing every reaction Gojou gave. All he could really do was stare daggers into the curse’s many eyes with the promise of a threat that his brain was still lagging behind to give. The Demon King leaned down to almost press his face against his, now ramming flushed into him. The curse was all he could see, perceive, touch, the presence overbearing his senses.

“Hmm, I have an idea.” He said, feigning the hint in his tone that alluded to this being on the fly. His voice dropped. “Say, why don’t you make a certain kind of vow with me.”

The sorcerer froze, wariness creeping into his fucked-out brain. He knew how to play this game, often finding himself dancing the thin line between dangers on his own whims. “And if I refuse?” His sore, abused throat managed to goad, sounding a little less confident than he’d like it to.

“Oh, don’t give me that shit. I know you’re letting me fuck you to the ground just so you can seal me away again inside this child .” Gojou shifted uncomfortably underneath him. Damn, so he’d figured him out. Sukuna continued, a hint of suave desire playing on his tongue, making Gojou’s gut swirl with lust. “But I have a better idea, one that will benefit both of us.”

With this, his pistoning hips stilled, somehow resting where it just grazed his prostate. Gojou reflexively squirmed at the electricity, biting his lip, but Sukuna had effectively pinned him. His body went against what his mind wanted it to do, and he internally cursed at how he allowed himself to be swayed so easily but the curse. Sukuna stared intensely down at him, relishing his struggle, before proposing his deal.

“Become my personal cocksleeve, and after I’m done here I’ll let the boy take over, no questions asked.”

The words took a moment to process in Gojou’s head, the implications not quite clicking. It was a lot to process, but no matter what the binding vow was, the fact that it came from the Demon King instantly made him wary. Though, he wasn’t sure if his original plan would fall through now that Sukuna had openly admitted to knowing it. Still, there was no way he would accept anything from him, even if presented on a silver platter. He was aloof, but he wasn’t stupid. As if the curse could read his thoughts, he spoke in a sultry voice so close to him that it had him shivering.

“Sounds like someone doesn’t want to cum.” With a small snap of his hips, he teased his prostate. A thumb swirled the head of his cock, and he once again melted under the touches. He continued these small motions, enjoying the sight of Gojou unraveling. His body kept attempting to buck, drool dripping out of his mouth, and his mind was racing through his limited options.

 Sure, he could end this now. He could turn on infinity and flip the situation in his favor. But what was the fun in that? This whole game the two of them were playing depended on Gojou’s willing complacence, which his curiosity was more than happy to surrender over. The whole point of Gojou letting the curse have his way with him ended in his favor: sealing him away again. Now though, his loose plan was figured out, and it was his turn to play his hand. The danger was exciting. Yet, he couldn’t tell if his logic was sound or he just really, really wanted to cum. Either way, the sorcerer sighed out a breathy moan and strung together words he may come later to regret.

“Fine. I accept. Fuck, just hurry it up.”

The sinister grin that exposed predatory teeth drove Gojou to shiver. “Pleasure doing business with you.” And without hesitation, the grip on Gojou’s cock loosened, choosing instead to pump back and forth, twisting in every delicious way. The sturdy length within himself also snapped back into action, pummeling that bundle of nerves each time. 

Gojou sobbed. Crying out every time Sukuna pounded into him, the climax he had lost previously had built back up in no time. The unforgiving pace set by the curse left his body shaking, coming undone, letting himself go like never before. After countless thrusts that made him howl, the curses' own rhythm grew increasingly erratic.

The sorcerer let out a slew of expletives, rocking from the onslaught of the thick cock. The stretch reached deep inside him, filling him up nicer than any other phallic member before. Sukuna applied just the right pressure to the wrapped fist that gave him an expert handjob, and all of his limbs curled as he reached that peak. 

Screaming, Gojou released all over himself and the curse’s hand. It milked his orgasm, and he jutted with every spurt of cum that spewed from his cock. White static filled his vision while he came down from the highest high he’s ever experienced, panting. Sukuna gave a few more powerful thrusts before smashing himself all the way to his hilt and shooting his seed inside him. He felt the cock twitch along his inner walls, and he moaned one last time around the fullness of it all before Sukuna pulled out. 

Sooner than he could register, the Demon King shoved his fingers into Gojou’s open mouth. They were slathered in the thick salty liquid that was his own cum, and he had no choice but to swallow it down to prevent choking. 

“You’re my bitch now, and I won’t let you forget that anytime soon.”

Those were the last words the curse had uttered to him, drenched in smugness, before Gojou was ejected out of his domain expansion. He took a moment to collect himself, rubbing at his throat with remote disdain for the taste. The moments they shared almost didn’t seem real as besides the sour taste in his mouth and the deep scars that lined his body, which now that he was taking the time to look at, there were many deep burn wounds, all proof was slowly fading away. Yet, he was almost sad to see them go when he used negative curse energy to quickly heal himself up. Too bad he couldn’t heal his soul. 

 Itadori lay passed out beside him, limbs stretched out on the dorm room bed. It was rare for him to reflect, but seeing the results of his actions directly in front of him got him thinking if his intervention was really the right choice. He had been beyond pissed off at the curse, putting on a front to keep Itadori feeling safe, that Gojou was in control of the situation. 

But a growing knot twisted in his stomach at the guilt of the deliberate manipulation directed at his student. Shit, he knew the kid harbored feelings for him, too. He shook off the thought, that’ll be a problem for a different day, one where he wanted to open the giant can of worms of the domino effect that was the consequences for his actions. A day where he would process what happened just now, and what his actions would be in the future. Not now though. Now, he wanted to disappear for a while.

It was then that he remembered that Sukuna had torn his pants apart. Huffing with annoyance at the reminder, he snatched his uniform and blindfold off the floor. Before teleporting to his room far away from this mess, he looked back one last time. Snoring, Gojou could almost make out the faint trace of a smile on Itadori’s lips. Wagging his head, he thought to himself.

I’m definitely seeing things.