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Delta Delta Flyboy

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Jin Ling shouted as he sprinted across campus. His backpack smacked into his bag and the straps threatened to slide off his shoulders as he ran. Upper classmen stared at him as he burst from the theater building and ran through the courtyard by the cafeteria, swinging a right at the library, and then up a set of stairs towards the pre-med dorms.

He had been too distracted at rehearsal and lost track of time. Sizhui had invited him to dinner and he was late. Horrifyingly late. So late that he might as well not have actually been on the same campus as his boyfriend.

Since their disastrous late night fountain talk two weeks ago, things had been a lot better. Sizhui was turning down extra projects in order to spend some more time with Jin Ling, and Jin Ling was communicating more. At least, in his own way. Sometimes that meant him sending an emoji filled text message and then throwing his phone across the room because he was filled with so much anxiety.

When Jin Ling got too dramatic, Ouyang Zizhen had taken to spraying him with a spray bottle filled with water. He told Jin Ling he bought it to spray his plants, but in actuality the bastard kept it on his desk and sprayed Jin Ling everytime he sighed more than twice in a twenty-minute period.

Jin Ling’s clothes were perpetually damp.

He came close to crashing into an exceedingly short girl, whirling around her and yelling “SORRY!” as he dashed away.

Jin Ling’s hair was loose and streaming behind him as he ran. The girls at drama club had decided that it was their latest plaything. They pulled it out his usual ponytail and started braiding it—oohing and ahhing over the thickness and its rich chocolate color. He found the entire process extremely uncomfortable. No one had ever played with his hair before. Normally he kept it up and back in a high ponytail. The only time anyone had ever actually touched his hair is when Wei Wuxian used it as a leash when he was a toddler.

A guy was coming out of Sizhui’s dorm building when he got to the door, which saved Jin Ling from having to enter in the code or ask Sizhui to let him in.

He bypassed the elevator and took to the stairs. Taking two at a time he wheezed and puffed his way up to the second floor. Sizhui’s room was at the end of the hallway, right by the shared bathroom. His name was written neatly in the little placard above his roommates, a mysterious guy who was gone most of the time.

Jin Ling didn’t slow down and used his momentum to run into the door, using his body to knock. Hands resting on the door frame he tried to catch his breath.

Sizhui opened the door and immediately raised his eyebrows. “Are you ok?”

“I’m so sorry I’m late! Rehearsal ran late and then they were braiding my hair and literally holding me hostage so I couldn’t escape.” Jin Ling was staring down at Sizhui’s feet as he tried to regain feeling in his legs.

“You could have texted.” Sizhui said not unkindly. There was a hint of irritation in his voice.

“I know, I know.” Jin Ling stood up. “I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

Sizhui’s eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open. “You…you’re wearing makeup.”

Jin Ling touched his face and remembered that they had done a mini dress rehearsal. The girls had wanted to practice with the makeup under the lights. They had put golden eyeshadow on his eyes, the kind with little sparkles in it that flickered under the heavy lights. Jin Ling had large eyes, at least according to the girls at rehearsal, and they had drawn on heavy theatrical wings. Bright red lipstick didn’t suit him, so they used a more neutral peachy color. He had gotten so used to the gloss he didn’t even taste it anymore.

“Oh. Sorry, I didn’t have time to take it off.”

Sizhui was staring at him. His honey colored eyes flicked from the makeup to his hair then back to his face. His mouth was still hanging open and Jin Ling had never seen him look so alarmed before.

“Is it running or something? I can just wash my face.”

“No.” Sizhui grabbed Jin Ling by the straps of his backpack and dragged him into his room. Bodily he tossed Jin Ling on to the narrow twin bed that had been meticulously made, blankets tucked in perfectly. He wrenched the backpack off and tossed it to the floor before straddling Jin Ling and pinning his wrists to the mattress.

His kiss was aggressive, maybe even down right mean. His teeth clashed with Jin Lings and he bit his lips, sucking them into his mouth.

“Sizhui what—” Jin Ling started but had to stop when Sizhui licked up the outer shell of his ear.

“You went outside like this?” Sizhui growled possessively.

“Well I didn’t teleport here.”

Sizhui didn’t say anything but his fingers tightened around Jin Ling’s wrists. He kissed every inch of Jin Ling’s face and neck, pausing to bite and suck in various places. Even places that didn’t seem that erotic, like his collar bone and the hollow in his throat. Dropping his hips, he ground against him. Pressing against his sensitive erection. Instinctively, Jin Ling’s hips bucked and he tried to increase the pressure.

Jin Ling had never seen Sizhui like this before. He was panting through his nose, eyes blown and angry.

“Sizhui! Sizhui! Stop!! That hurts!” Jin Ling whined as her jerked at the hands holding him down.

His whine seemed to get through to Sizhui. He sat back and blinked, looking up at the grip he had on Jin Lings wrists. With a soft gasp he let go. There were red finger marks on Jin Ling’s pale skin.

“I…I’m sorry…” the angry look was off his face. He couldn’t stop staring at the marks he left. He looked like he might vomit. “I…”

“Hey, hey.” Jin Ling said softly, cupping Sizhui’s face and keeping him from running away. “What’s wrong?”

Sizhui rubbed his face, pushing Jin Ling’s hand away so he could bury his face in his hands. “I can’t.”

Jin Ling sat up. “Talk to me. We said we would do that, right? No more stupid miscommunication shit.”

Without removing his hand Sizhui groaned. “I was irritated that you were late. I was ready to lecture you and then you showed up at my door—panting and looking like that. You were fucking gorgeous. I’ve never seen your hair down and I realized…” he paused and Jin Ling could see his jaw working, like he was gritting his teeth. “Someone else had been touching your hair and face. I hated it. I hated it so much that I just needed to…possess you. I wanted to make you mine.”

Jin Ling was taken aback. He thought he looked stupid with the makeup, and his hair was a sweaty mess from the run. He tried to process what Sizhui was saying. To a kid who was adopted, who grew up longing for love from an austere faster father, possessions were a rare thing. Something that was only his. Something he didn’t ever have to question or worry about.

“Sizhui,” Jin Ling said softly, peeling his hand away from his face. “I’m already yours. I always have been.”

Sizhui looked up from under his eyelashes at Jin Ling. He looked so soft and sweet that Jin Ling wanted to laugh. How could he go from horny possessive rage monster to cute and shy in a matter of moments?

Jin Ling reached for his hand and laid back on the bed, dragging Sizhui with him. Resting the hand over his heart he gently kissed Sizhui’s lips. “You already possess my heart. I want you to possess my body now.”

Sizhui blinked down at him in confusion.

“I don’t want to wait anymore, Sizhui.”

Jin Ling’s shirt hadn’t even hit the ground before Sizhui was working on his jeans. His normally graceful movements were halting and jerky. Hands shaking with nerves. Jin Ling laughed and dragged him down for a kiss.

“I’m nervous.” Sizhui said with a huff, resting his forehead on Jin Lings.

“Me too.”

“I was going to make this special. Candles and a nice dinner.”

“There’s no candles allowed in the dorm.” Jin Ling pointed out.

“I know. There were plans for a hotel.”

Jin Ling raised his eyebrows. “Really?”

Sizhui nodded with his eyes closed, inhaling Jin Ling’s scent and enjoying the feel of their bodies pressed together.

Jin Ling had an idea. Freeing his phone from his pants pocket, he flipped on the flashlight and set the phone on the bedside table.

“There.” He said with a smug smile. “Mood lighting.”

Sizhui’s lips spread out into a beautiful smile. He laughed so hard his chest rumbled and Jin Ling could feel it through his body. Jin Ling kissed his smile. He kissed him while he laughed and then when he stopped laughing and the mood went from light to heavy. Sizhui’s hands mapped out over Jin Lings torso, thumbs brushing against his lean torso.

Between his hands sliding along his skin and his lips on his, Jin Ling felt like he couldn’t breathe. His lungs were screaming but their screams were a dull roar compared to the lust building up in him. He rolled his hips up against Sizhui’s and tugged at his shirt. They had been skin to skin like this once or twice, but there was always an end in sight. This time he knew there would be no end.

Sizhui thumbed over Jin Ling’s nipples. Jin Ling gasped and his eyes flew open, lips stuttering against Sizhui’s.

“Are your nipples sensitive?” Sizhui asked with a smirk.

“…” Jin Ling said, blushing so hard he thought his face might burst into flames.

Sizhui didn’t seem to believe him, and he lowered his head to lick at the pink buds. Jin Ling gasped and his fingers buried into Sizhui’s back. Tongue on his nipple, Sizhui’s hands fumbled with their pants, yanking Jin Lings off without grace.

No one had ever touched him before, but the knowledge that it was Sizhui gripping him was so much more intense. He felt like he might come just from Sizhui’s fingers experimentally brushing against his erection.

“You’re already so wet.” Sizhui whispered in his ear, voice strained and husky.

Jin Ling shuddered but didn’t trust himself to speak. Sizhui rubbed him up and down, thumb swiping along the veins and along the tip. Jin Ling felt like he might shake apart. Eyes closed and his entire body tense he felt like there was too much stimulation. Just the feeling of Sizhui’s naked body pressed to his was sending him reeling.

Something cold pressed against his ass and he flinched.

“Sorry, sorry. I should have…I’ve never used lube before.”

Jin Ling looked at Sizhui and noticed the faintest of blushes on his cheeks. He didn’t think he had ever seen him really blushing before. There was such a look of concentration on his face that Jin Ling thought like he might be falling in love all over again. Sizhui was achingly hard. His arousal pressed up against Jin Ling’s stomach, thick and heavy. Despite that, he was going slow, taking his time to make it good for Jin Ling.

Sizhui inserted a finger and Jin Ling hissed at the sharp sting. He had never really done this to himself. The thought of doing it was…scary. But when it was Sizhui, it was ok. He wasn’t afraid of the pain.

He kissed the pain away. Tongue lapping at his lips and licking into his mouth while his finger experimentally moved in and out of Jin Ling’s sensitive place. Somehow, he was able to use his hips to rub against Jin Ling’s erection, pressing their hard cocks together.

Later, Jin Ling would be impressed with his dexterity, but now he was trying not to completely lose it.

Sizhui had two fingers in Jin Ling, rubbing and curling them until he finally hit that sensitive spot. Jin Ling cried out, thighs tightening and hips bucking. Sizhui antagonized that spot, taunting Jin Ling and grinning while he trembled and came apart.

“I’m sorry I can’t wait.” Sizhui said as he grabbed for a condom and slid it over his leaking head. The noises Jin Ling were making was too much. The way his fingers grabbed at him and the small moans and grunts of pleasure spilled from his mouth.

Jin Ling bit down on his lip as Sizhui pressed into him. He was enormous. It was insane. He cried out and clung to Sizhui, ducking his head into his shoulder. Sizhui’s strong arms held him tightly as he slid inside, going slowly until he was fully hilted

“Are you ok?” he asked, lips pressed to Jin Ling’s hair. “Shit you feel so good.”

Jin Ling snorted. “Did you just cuss?”

Sizhui rolled his hips and Jin Ling whined, nodding his head frantically for Sizhui to keep moving. He started slow; his eyes squeezed shut in focus.

The pain was subsiding and slowly a blooming sense of pleasure started. Head falling back Jin Ling tried to breathe and focus on the feeling of being full, of the warmth radiating from Sizhui His hair tickled Jin Ling’s neck as he bowed his head and teased those sensitive nipples again, tongue laving at them until they pebbled up erect. Following with his teeth, nipping them.

There was a warmth developing in his belly, warm arousal pooling and flowering. His hand moved on its own, grabbing his own erection and pumping it jerkily.

His orgasm hit him like a car wreck. Thighs tightening and the heat exploding from him. Heels burying themselves into the mattress he arced up against Sizhui, crying out with a guttural grunt.

Sizhui snapped his hips and dropped his head onto Jin Ling’s chest, gasping as he came. Seeing Jin Ling finally come apart was too much for him, it sent him over the edge.

They lay collapsed together for a long while. Their hearts beat together and the sweat on their skin cooled. The sticky mess between them was uncomfortable, but not enough for them to let go of each other.

Sizhui kissed up Jin Ling’s neck. “That didn’t go the way I planned.” He mumbled.

“What do you mean?”

“Ugh.” Sizhui groaned. “I planned on making you come twice. I wanted to taste you and…but you felt so good. God, that was heaven.”

“Ohmygod shut up.” Jin Ling covered his face with his hands. “Stop talking. You have to stop talking.”

Sizhui kissed his palms until Jin Ling laughed at how ticklish it felt. “Thank you for trusting me.” Sizhui said seriously, eyes warm and soft.

Jin Ling scrunched his face up. “Obviously. There’s no one else I want.”

They fell asleep holding each other. Later that night, they tried again. It was a little smoother, a little more practiced. It would take a while before either one of them had confidence in themselves, but the two were more than willing to keep practicing.