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I Became War For You

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The High Command’s plan to liberate the Expansion Region worked well, on day five of the counter offensive Admiral Delpin’s Fleet Group and the most northern Fleet Group of the Ninth Fleet made visual contact with each other. That was of course just the case for the bigger group of ships linking up, as for example SunTzu already had supported Taskforce Sol coming from the South two days earlier.

The offensive was going well, too well some people in the Galactic Alliance found.


Apart from some voices in the Jedi Order and high-ranking officers also the two Intelligence Service Members Ami Urawa and Ada Wong had doubts on the way too easy going winning streak.

Right now, Ami was on the holo with Ada.

“How’s things really going down there, Ami?”

“We are winning battle after battle with almost no losses. As far as I’m glad about that, I can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong about it. Where are the more modern and larger fleets of Chaos?”

“I’m with you. We have any available asset on Fleet Intelligence on it but can't seem to find any intel. I can’t shake the feeling the enemy is luring us into a trap.”

“I should talk to Rei or Michiru about that, maybe they can sense something.”

“Keep me updated. I’m trying to contact the Jedi and see if they can sense something.”

“Good idea. Incidentally, did you know that SunTzu was fighting alongside us two days ago?”

“Really? Since he’s under the Third Fleet’s command and busy fighting, as always, I don’t get that much of news from him. Do you think he’ll come back?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t think so. But a little bird told me, that he was talking with Rei again. And they didn’t fight.”

“That’s at least something. Looks like they’re over each other.”

“If you ask me, they can talk normally with each other again. Being over each other? Different story.”

“Yeah, but I mean, after being so madly in love, how wonders about that. Sometimes I still feel bad for them, although SunTzu seems to be head over heels for his new girlfriend.”

“There had been a small… incident at a club in Coruscant with her and Minako before we stepped off. I don’t know if I like her to be honest. Did you ran a thorough background check on her?”

“Yup. But everything was in order. The planet she’s the princess of is secluded and a new member of the GA, but other than that everything seemed fine.”

“If everything was in order, than I guess at least her intentions with SunTzu are good. Oh, that also reminds me, it’s almost his birthday. Did he say anything to you where he’s planning to spent that day?”

“Nothing. Let’s see if he’s not in the field on that day. You know him.”

“Yes, fulfilling his Prophecy as Personified War. Honestly, I hope he can and will take a break from war, at least for this one day.”

“I’ll talk to him about it. If the situation permits it, I’ll advise him to take the day off. You know, as commanding officer.”

“That’s good. Alright Ada, I gotta get back to work.”

“Yeah, me too. Was good talking to you Ami. Stay safe down there.”

“I’ll try my best. Bye Ada.”

“Until next time.”


Ami ended the holo call and leaned back in the chair in her small office inside the Far Side. She looked to the ceiling for a moment, letting out a long sigh. Something wasn’t right, she just couldn’t grasp what it was.

She closed her eyes and shook her head, it was time to get back to analyzing the intel found at the last assault. Hard facts had priority over obscure premonitions.



SunTzu and AICA were out scouting ahead once again and were almost on their way back to the Fleet Group of the Corellian Admiral Delpin.

The German also had come to the conclusion that things had been going just a tad bit too smooth this whole offensive so far. Their enemy had suffered immensely more than they had themselves, and not just because they mostly had been engaged by Clone Wars Era capital ships.


As AICA glided through the silent void of Deep Space SunTzu broke his silence.

“AICA, can you look out for any unknown Hyperspace Lanes, from here back to the Fleet?”

“Will do? Nervous?”

“I don’t trust all this.”

“Me neither. I’m keeping my sensors open. Reaching final waypoint in thirty seconds. Want to linger around a bit longer, I’ll put the sensors to their limits?”

“Good idea. Do so please.”


As he reached the waypoint SunTzu stopped AICA and they just hung motionless in space while she reached out with her sensors.

SunTzu looked out into the void, the stars in the background. Where in the hell were the enemies that had bested the defenders of the Expansion Region before?



AICA couldn’t find anything, so one hour later they were back at Admiral Delpin’s Fleet Group from the Third Fleet. Which now had joined forces with the Fleet Group from the Ninth, which had came in from the South. An Armada of over thirty capital ships was floating over Woostri.

Thirty ships were a lot but there were even more ships out there, protecting planets or on recon missions, alone or in small flotillas.


Part of one of those small flotillas was Taskforce Sol.

Along with a Bothan Element, consisting of a Bothan Frigate and a Bothan Cruiser, and three Gozanti Class Carriers with some TIEs from the RASP, the four ships were patrolling around Qat Chrystac, close to the border to the Mid Rim.

The three Corvettes and the Gladiator were a few hundred thousand kilometers away from the planet, a few dozen kilometers behind the three Gozantis.

The two Bothan starships, the most modern of the small flotilla, were scouting ahead of the rest, heading west.


On the bridge of Taskforce Sol’s flagship, Artemis and King Endymion, later one with a cup of coffee and the accompanying saucer in hand, were looking out into the vast nothingness of space.

Both Rei and Michiru had said that they had an uneasy feeling ever since they had left for Qat Chrystac. Both couldn’t sense and predict anything more precise though, not even through Michiru’s Deep Aqua Mirror.

In response security and surveillance was tightened, and Hotaru and Haruka both had stayed near their starfighters in readiness since ever the Taskforce had entered the system.

But so far nothing had showed any indication of enemy ships, not even reconnaissance drones. And Qat Chrystac hadn’t reported any abnormalities as well.


It was as quiet, and the quietness made the Inner Circle of Royal Tokyo even more tense. If both Rei and Michiru had premonitions it was clear that the enemy would attack. The how and in which strength was a different question though.

But while the Senshi were all tense and nervously anticipating the inevitable, Mamoru and Artemis tried to keep a cool head. Together with the rest of their flotilla they sure had a lot of firepower and accompanying starfighters on their side. If there was an enemy they would be able to handle him.


SunTzu had just finished a small meal and was thinking about to get some rest at the small cabin he had on the Strident-Class Star Destroyer Virtue of Drall.

As he wandered through the corridors of the ship he noticed he wouldn’t get any rest, much less sleep, in anyways. The enemy was out there, ready to strike, he could feel it.

And the pilot knew he had to find them before they would attack from the shadows.

At the next crossing of paths he didn’t head further to his quarters but changed the direction towards the ship’s hangars.



When he settled down in AICA, the ground crew hastily beginning to refuel her as they hadn’t expected SunTzu leaving so fast again, the AI informed him that Anniten had sent him a message, asking again when he would be back.

SunTzu took a glance out of the already closed cockpit onto the flight mechanics around his A-Wing, he still had a bit of time.

“AICA, please call Anniten.”

She picked up quickly, as if she had either been waiting next to the communicator or already had it in her hand

“Hey Loverboy. I was waiting for your call.”

“Hello beautiful, I’m about to head out for another patrol but since I have a minute before lifting off, I thought I’d call. How are you?”

“Hm… bored, I guess. I really want you back here with me. I need you to take care of me. And I need to be kissed.” She paused for a moment before she continued. “Ugh. Please come back already, I miss you.”

The promise of hungry kisses and fiery sex sounded more than desirable but no matter if he didn’t know what brought him into that Bacta tank on Kamino, he know the Galaxy had brought him here to do one thing. And this was fighting, no, winning this War.

“I have to apologize but I can’t. I miss you too and believe me I’d rather be with you but I have a job to do. And with every enemy I take out, I save lives. I hope you understand the importance of my work here.”

“Killing and maiming individuals?”


“I’m sorry, I just can’t see why you make all this fuzz for wanting to be with me and then rather stay in a war zone, risking your life.”

“Okay, listen. You don’t have to understand why I’m doing it. But you have to accept it, there won’t be any discussion about it.”

An annoyed sigh from the blonde heiress was her first answer.

“Okay, fine. Whatever." A small pause. "Fuck, do you know how much it turns me on when you act all bossy?”

“Let me finish here and I boss you around in the bedroom.”

“Okay, whatever you do, hurry. I want you as soon as possible.” She paused for a moment.

“As soon as I can allow myself I’m on my way to you.”



“Okay. But hurry up and come back to me as soon as possible.”

“I will. Talk to you later.”

“I hope so. I’ll be here, daydreaming about you.” That said, in a very seductive tone, she hung up and SunTzu smirked.


I really hope those enemies show up soon, so we can wrap up here.



A short span of time later SunTzu was out in Space with AICA again. This time he was joined by the Star Sheriffs in Ramrod, as Intelligence Officer of the Star Sheriffs, April shared SunTzu’s apprehension of a sudden enemy attack.

They decided to scout in a half circle around the two fleet groups and jumped a few light seconds between every recon scan.



Two more hours after they had left the combined Fleet Group, SunTzu and the Star Sheriffs were at the third last of their waypoints, the most southwestern one, when suddenly a radio call from the Virtue came in.

A fleet of enemy ships, this time Imperial designs, had arrived at their location and was starting to attack.

Immediately AICA began to calculate a Hyperspace Jump back to the fleet.



Mamoru was about to empty his third cup of black coffee, he wasn’t sure if Artemis wouldn’t intervene if he’d tried to take a fourth one, when suddenly six stars in the distance seemed to become brighter.

His eyes widened as he realized that not the stars had become brighter but that six ships had entered the system.

“Sensor Contact, six capital ships. Standby for identification.” The ensign at the sensor station reported in. Shock was heard in his voice as he continued after a moment.

“I read two Lancer-Frigates, two VSD Ones, an Impstar One and an Immobilizer.”

“Friendlies?” Artemis asked the young officer but the man didn’t respond immediately.

“No.” Mamoru stated beside Artemis as his glance was fixed on the three Star Destroyers which had opened fire on the two Bothan ships.



AICA was about to be finished with her calculations when she reported an update of the situation to SunTzu.

“There’s reports coming in from all over the area, almost all of the recon and patrol elements are under attack from overwhelming enemy forces.” The AI paused for a second. “I just got word that Taskforce Sol is under attack from MULTIPLE Star Destroyers as well.”

SunTzu’s heart sank into his boots, the way AICA had announced that sounded worried. And AICA was very seldomly worried. He feared for the worst.

“AICA, postpone the jump.”

SunTzu called in Ramrod.

“Guys, head back to the Virtue. I’ll need to help Taskforce Sol, they’re under a heavy attack as well.”

The seconds seem to become longer as he began to make preparations for a combat jump.

“Negative Warlord. April radioed in with the Fleet Group, it seems they’re good on their own. We’re with you.” Saber Rider replied.

SunTzu had to swallow hard before he answered.

“Thank you, guys.” He finally pressed out silently.

“Hey that’s for what friends are there for, partner.“ Colt came in.

“Exactly, let’s go and safe our friends, First Knight of Crystal Tokyo.” April chimed in with a reassuring sounding voice.

“Alright then. AICA, a course.”

“Already on it. Ramrod, stand by for coordinates and course.”



The jump took them unbearable long twenty minutes and they fell out of Hyperspace a few dozen kilometers away from the Far Side and a second earlier than expected.

SunTzu froze in his pilot seat when he looked at the Taskforce, his blood froze in his veins.


An Imperial-Class-Destroyer was looming over the ships and raining down turbolaser fire on them. Behind it the two Victory-Class ships were in mid of the wrecks of four smaller ships that once could have been Gozanti Cruisers.

A few kilometers apart was an Immobilizer-418-Cruiser, it’s Gravity Well Generators restricting jumps to Hyperspace.


The Companion was at the edge of loosing her shields as she tried to shield the front of their flagship, the Starstruck beside her was already badly damaged, parts of her midship had hull breaches and there were fires onboard.

The Far Side itself had no shields anymore and the larger Star Destroyer’s fire had left deep wounds into her frame already, she wouldn’t take much more any longer.

And then SunTzu noticed the Nomad’s Luck, or rather it’s ripped apart carcass, floating next to the Far Side.


But Sol hadn’t given up yet and was still shooting back, even the Starstruck from her last functional laser battery. They wouldn’t go down without a fight but against the mile long Star Destroyer it seemed futile.


“No.” SunTzu stated quietly and put all she got into AICA’s engines. “Ramrod, take out that Interdictor.” He said in a dead serious voice as the A-Wing shot forwards.

A wave of burning anger, endless rage, and pain because he had lost friends and comrades on the Nomad’s Luck and the other ships, as well as gut-wrenching anxiety for the people he loved on board the Far Side and in their starfighters rushed over him, and channeling all this emotions only helped him gain even more determination to achieve his one single remaining goal, to protect and save his friends.

He had been too weak back then, too weak to save Marvin and Gistess, but he wouldn’t fail this time. And if not he would die protecting them. None of the people he had come to love the last year would die today.

He would always keep his promise and his vow to Neo Queen Serenity to protect her and the Senshi.

And all these emotions, the Ill and the noble, the good and the bad, hitting at once made SunTzu feel like an invisible wall around him was breaking apart. Like a shadow around him, that now vanished.

He finally gained full access to his Force Powers again. More Force-Power than ever before began to flow into him, through him and further through his hands into AICA.

The A-Wing’s shields began to glow yellow once more, and the glow grew brighter and more golden than ever before and she accelerated so fast that it was almost impossible to keep track of her with one’s eyes.


I kept my distance, protected them from afar, didn’t wanted them to become a target and it still happened!


On the bridge of the Far Side Neo Queen Serenity, next to her husband, daughter and the Inners, ready to use their powers to beam their Royals out of the ship. Sailor Pluto was also beside them, the ancient Senshi ready to break the taboo to stop time to make sure her Majesties would survive and all of them observed how the ship of her First Knight came rushing in.


With unbelievable force and speed the golden glowing arrow rammed into the downside of the ISD and for a moment everybody, even Yuichiro who has standing besides his girlfriend, gasped, Sailor Mars the loudest. But even Sailor Pluto’s gasp was audible and they all held their breath until the upper frame of the Star Destroyer looming over them exploded and the golden light broke out and speeded further on, right into the bridge of the large warship.

Like a high velocity bullet through a watermelon, AICA penetrated straight through the bridge structure and came out at the backside, the inside of the bridge being sucked out into space, like tissue following a bullet exit after a headshot.


“Did you just see that!?” Michiru asked her girlfriend in disbelief from her place at the backseat of the Voyager but Haruka was too busy taking down a TIE-Interceptor that tried to get on Hotaru’s Y-Wing’s tail.


While Terra Squadron stayed between the capital ships of the Taskforce, trying to not get hit by turbolaser fire and catching any enemy starfighter that got too close to the formation, the Voyager and Hotaru’s Y-Wing were in between the ISD and the Taskforce, keeping the enemy bombers at bay. Hotaru took out the bombers while Haruka and Michiru took care of their fighter escorts. By now it had become tiring as there seemed to be no end of incoming ships.

While SunTzu and AICA had smashed through the Imperial-Class, which was followed by explosions all over the Impstar's frame now as it was beginning to break apart, Ramrod had aimed for the Interdictor-Cruiser and had let off a first salvo of two dozen missiles, which was immediately followed by a second salvo. The fourty eight missiles overwhelmed the Cruiser’s shields and then hit for a devastating effect, the round bubbles on the ships frame, where the Gravity Well Generators were located at, exploded at the same moment AICA shot out of the Star Destroyer’s bridge. The possibility to jump away into safety was given again.


“All Galactic Alliance ships in system be advised, retreat to Hyperspace immediately. Callsign Warlord and Ramrod will cover your retreat. Dear enemy, you just fucked with the wrong task force.” SunTzu announced over an open comms channel while he headed further into the cloud of starfighters where Voyager and Hotaru were located in.


AICA was glowing less golden now, destroying the Star Destroyer, had costed a lot of energy, but SunTzu wasn’t done yet, still incredibly fast and using multi-lock missiles to open up the formations, he pounced into the enemy starfighters to clear a retreat for his former wingmen and his protege.

“AICA, you know what to do.” He announced as he helped Michiru clear their tail of TIEs.

“Someone is taking over our navcom and calculating a jump.” Haruka announced over the radio.

“Here too.” Hotaru chimed in, surprised.

“Terra One here, also happening to all of us.” Odegana announced.

“Sorry girls, but he wants you in safety.” AICA announced after she had used the datalink of the Taskforce’s snubs to hack into their navigational systems and began the sequence to a jump into safety. She also had done the same with the whole Terra Squadron.

“I’m not going, I’ll stay here fighting at your side!” Hotaru came over SunTzu’s comm.

“No, you’re not Firefly. You did good but this is my fight now.” SunTzu replied to the young aviatrix.

As soon as he said that the eight starfighters accelerated involuntarily into Hyperspace and out of the battle, while SunTzu finished the rest of the enemy fighters.


On board the Far Side, Artemis had just made sure that the Starstruck and Companion were good to go to jump away as well.

“We should leave as well, the damage we took is too heavy.” He emphasized to King Endymion again and the young king nodded.

“No. Wait a moment.” The Neo Queen chimed in suddenly. “Put me on the comms channel to the First Knight.” She ordered the crew and earned herself bewildered looks from her Senshi, her admiral and her husband. 


SunTzu had just finished the remaining starfighers, the three Outers had gotten a lot of them as well already, and now took course towards one of the Victory I SDs, as it was now moving out of the debris of the destroyed Gozantis. The other VSD had maneuvered towards Ramrod and was trying to hit the smaller, faster and more agile mech-turning-capable ship while the Star Sheriffs shot salvo after salvo into it's weaker going shields.


“Warlord?” Usagi came on in SunTzu’s helmet.

“Neo Queen Serenity, you have to leave the system, it’s too dangerous. And the Far Side is damaged badly.” SunTzu replied with urgency in his voice.

“What about you?”

“We’ll cover your retreat.” He swallowed hard. “I’m sorry about the Nomad’s Luck, but you really need to go now.”

“Come with us.”

“Negative, I’ll cover your retreat, but you gotta go now! I'm begging you, your Majesty!” His voice had a beggin tone now as the VSD released it’s fighter complement.

“You saved us. Let’s go home. Together.”

SunTzu didn’t answer and for a few seconds nobody said a word.

“SunTzu.” Serenity finally pleaded.

“Usagi. I’m sorry but please. You guys have to go. It’s too dangerous.”

Serenity stood there for a moment, watching AICA pounce into another wave of starfighter. A lump was forming in her throat.

The First Knight of Crystal Tokyo had saved them and the Taskforce but she just couldn’t get through to him, to join them again. So many lifes lost and still he wouldn't come back to safe them from more harm.

Mamoru, who had been at the workstation of the Lieutant overseeing the navigational control, walked back to his wife and embraced her, while she still looked at AICA, explosions visible in the cloud of dogfighting snubs, her Senshi having their gazes on their Guardian's ship as well.

Minako laid a hand on Rei’s shoulder, earning her a look from Yuichiro, while Mamoru nodded to the Lieutant again and three seconds later the stars outside became white streaks of light as they jumped to Hyperspace and into safety.

While Rei cleared her throat and then took Yuichiro’s hand to lead him out of the bridge and Usagi slumped down at her husband’s shoulders, Setsuna still stared at the point where SunTzu and AICA had been moments before.


The Senshi of Time thought she had seen everything before, nothing unusual was left to see for someone who had been around for millennia, but apart from the Royals of Crystal Tokyo such display of raw power was something new even to her. But what really occupied her mind was that SunTzu really had held his word. He saved them all and he made sure that Hotaru was in safety as soon as he had arrived.

Maybe she should at least forgive him. Only forgiving him, nothing more though, she told herself.

“Sets?” Sailor Venus’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts and she immediately turned her head towards the blonde.

“Let’s go, the med bay needs us.”