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Come & Taste

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Maki loves it when Yuuta smells like her.

He always does, every morning after spending the night over. His usual crispy scent of wood and musk mixed with sweat that she falls asleep to has been replaced by the clean scent of orange blossoms and honey from her soap. She comes to the realisation a couple of months after he starts sleeping over often, where she usually doesn’t perceive her own scent because of how used to it she is, but notices it on Yuuta when he kisses her cheek in the mornings before offering to cook breakfast.

Maybe it’s her heightened senses, or maybe it’s the way her body has been wired to notice everything about Yuuta first.

In the bathroom, Maki grabs her blue toothbrush from where it was next to Yuuta’s green colored one in the cup by the mirror. Absentmindedly brushes her teeth while a finger of hers runs its knuckle against the soft bristles of Yuuta’s toothbrush. It’s the only thing in this shelf that belongs to him. Maki makes a mental note to buy aftershave so Yuuta doesn’t have to go back to his place every time he needs to shave, but she knows Yuuta’s caught up with the fact that she secretly likes his five o’clock shadow, tickling her neck when he kisses her there.

She walks out of the bedroom and is greeted by the sight of Yuuta brewing coffee, his back towards her. Her heart quietly swells with the thought of Yuuta feeling at home in her space, claiming bits of her day to day life for himself, which Maki will gladly give. Right now, it’s Yuuta standing in the middle of her kitchen, drinking her coffee out of her mug. He’s wearing a white t-shirt of his that he retrieved from a drawer in Maki’s dresser, a drawer used specifically to store his belongings. Hopefully somewhere down the line, Maki thinks, he’ll be willing to share with her something that’s bigger than what fits in a drawer. Hopefully one day, he’ll take all of her.

Maki approaches Yuuta and pries the mug of out of his grip and puts it down on the counter before squeezing herself between his arms that automatically find their place around her waist.

“Yuuta,” she says.


Maki places a hand on his chest, feeling the soft hum of his heart under his skin. “What if,” she begins, trailing circles onto his shirt, “what if I told you that you’re not allowed to leave?”

Yuuta doesn’t seem fazed by her question. Instead, he gives her a reassuring smile. “Leave you? I wouldn’t dream.”

“Well, that too, but…” Maki looks up at him from behind her glasses, pink spreading across her face. “What if I asked you to live here… with me?”

Now does Yuuta’s eyes widen slightly, smile leaving his lips that are slightly parted in surprise. They have known each other since high school, but it hasn’t been that long since he and Maki started dating. He’d like to think that he’d got the ropes at dating Maki, but he honestly did not think that this would happen for another year, or ever, really.  

He shakes his head, and Maki is terrified of hearing his answer when suddenly, he bursts into laughter, hearty and full of relief. “Okay,” he finally says.

“Okay?” Maki repeats, heart threatening to leap out of her throat.


Yuuta bends down and captures Maki’s lips in a kiss, earning a surprised squeak out of her that melts into a sigh as she does into him. He sandwiches her upper lip with his mouth while her fingers curl into his clothed chest. Swipes his tongue over her lips like a magic word that grants him access into her mouth, wet and eager for him. That and the sound of their tongues dancing together, and soon, his large hands start roaming her body, gripping her waist and squeezing her ass, and suddenly, she’s hoisted up onto the island counter.

As the kiss gets more and more heated, Yuuta’s hand ventures lower, fingers hooking itself onto the waistband of Maki’s shorts.

“Yuuta,” Maki breathes, her hands on his shoulders pulling him closer. “Yuuta…”

“Yeah?” Yuuta pulls away slightly to look at Maki’s expression, their faces remain connected by the forehead. “Is this okay? Are you good?”

Maki nods. “Yes. Please…”

So Yuuta continues, carefully peeling off the piece of clothing down her long legs, calloused fingers brushing over hipbones while Maki whimpers against his neck. Soon enough, her cotton panties are on the floor.

Yuuta bends lower and starts trailing kisses up her thighs, one hand holding her legs open, the other on top Maki’s hand resting on his cheek. He tugs on her wrist, making her prop herself up on her elbows to look down at him for what he has to say.

“Consider this my housewarming present.”

Without breaking eye contact, Yuuta licks a bold strip up Maki’s glistening slit, nose nudging her bare clit until his tongue lays flat against the bundle of nerves.

Maki hisses, swallowing a scream that’s eventually coaxed out of her when she feels Yuuta’s two fingers entering her. Knuckles deep in her warmth, Yuuta groans as he pulls out entirely, reveling in the sight of her thick arousal coating his fingers before thrusting them back in and starts pumping in and out of her steadily while her fingers find purchase on the hair in the back of his head.

He adds another finger at the same time as his other hand eases its grip on her quivering thighs and lets them press against the sides of his head, the ringing in his ears got him feeling lightheaded. Gaining pace, Yuuta pushes a gummy spot inside of her that sends Maki lurching forward, the knot in her abdomen tightening and threatening to break with every stroke.

“Yuuta, I’m— hnn, Yuuta… I’m gonna—!”

“Not yet, Maki…”

The squelching sound of his palm slapping against her clit does nothing but spur her on, and Maki shakes her head feverishly, but it’s not enough to make her beg. Only when Yuuta curls his fingers inside of her and envelopes her clit in his hot mouth and sucks that she cries and pleads, a string of please please please that stops abruptly to be replaced by a squeal when she reaches orgasm, pussy gushing all over the counter and soaking the skin of his face.

“Oh, baby…”

A merciless Yuuta does not give Maki a chance to catch her breath as he buries himself further into her dripping cunt and laps on the cum like the good boy he is, always aiming to please. Still panting, Maki reaches out to cup his cheek and lift his face into view: chin smeared in slick, tongue rudely darting out to lick over his lip.

Pushing her glasses up into her hair, he wastes no time and kisses her, giving Maki a taste of her own cum mixing with his saliva—that and her familiar smell filling her nostrils sends her head reeling and her nerves in a frenzy.

Maki grabs him by the face and hungrily pulls him closer. Yuuta smiles amusedly into the kiss, one hand slipping under her shirt to yank her bra down, breasts spilling into his palm. He rolls a nipple between his thumb and index finger until it hardens and tweaks.

Yuuta gives it one last squeeze before his hands slip out to rest on her hips, his lips detaching itself from Maki’s, who whines.

“That’s for cumming when I told you not to yet,” he says, gently booping Maki’s nose.

She pouts, kiss-swollen lips jutting out in exasperation. “Seriously?” she groans. Her finger trails down his abdomen and lands on the waistband of his pajama pants. “But I wanted to return the favour…”

Yuta grabs her hand from where it was hovering in front of his clothed half-hard cock, kissing the tips of her finger and the back of her hand. “And you will,” he insists. “But for now, we gotta get this counter cleaned up and get some food inside you.”

Maki rolls her eyes, but finds herself feeling hungry in her tummy. She sighs and gives in, taking Yuuta’s hand in helping her off the counter.

Yuuta bends down to grab her panties. “Besides,” he says, handing it to her, “now that I also live here, we got all the time in the world to fuck on and against every surface of this place. Don't you agree, Maki?”

A blush visibly spreads across Maki’s face, but so does a quiet smile. She won’t tell Yuuta this, or maybe she will when she’s got him under her skin, literally and figuratively, but she cannot wait until every square-inch of this space has him (and her; them) painted all over it.