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Poor Webby darling

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Scrooge hits the yard of his mansion.
Then he gasps. He finds Webby crying in the grass.
He quickly runs to her. "Webby, whit's wrong?", he asks calmly.
"Uncle Scrooge, some mean boy came here and l-look what he did!", Webby whimpers and points at Quacky Patch Doll.
Scrooge looks at the doll.
"Och no, yin o' Quacky Patch Doll's Arms hud bin jibbed aff", he says sadly.
Webby is still crying. Scrooge gives her a firm hug and strokes her hair.
"Shh, it's OK", he says. "I'm here. This naughty wee jimmy wull ne'er titch ye again."
"B-but Quacky Patch Doll...", Webby cries.
"Dinna worry, ah kin fix that. I'll always be 'ere fur ye 'n' protect ye fae bullies na maiter whit. A dinnae know if ah wull ever fin' this laddie, bit if ah dae, ah wull nae let him git awa' wi' it, trust me."
He hugs Webby even closer and kisses her forehead.
Webby smiles tearfully.
He will always be here for her no matter what.