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Taehwan pushes the cart as he walks towards the beverage aisle. The moment he saw the photo Yeonwu sent him, he dropped the hot sauce he was holding, good thing it landed on the tissue pack in his cart. He couldn't believe that he and his boyfriend are in the same place, buying groceries at the same time.

What a coincidence indeed.

As Taehwan approaches Yeonwu's location, he removes some of the products he needed from the shelves he passes by. Like a few tubes of toothpaste, that pack of soap that was on sale and etc. He looks at the grocery list in his hand, needing to pick up a few more snacks, chips specifically, and cereal.

There you are.

A small smile shows on his lips as he finally sees Yeonwu. The shorter male is checking on his phone, a nervous look on his face while his other hand holds a carton of almond milk. Laughter threatens to spill from his throat, thinking of how adorable Yeonwu's brows are furrowed in concern as his teeth nibble on his bottom lip anxiously.

But then again, everything about Yeonwu is adorable in Taehwan's eye. From his little habits to Yeonwu in general. He's so whipped, I swear.

Taehwan quietly advances to an unsuspecting Yeonwu, his movements soundless as he stands behind the male's back.

Thankfully, there's no one around to see him acting like a creep. If I was there, I would've chucked a beer can at his face the moment saw him. Even if he isn't doing anything sketchy.


Taehwan wraps his arms around Yeonwu's waist and pulls him towards his body, making the latter let out a high-pitched sqeak, hand letting go of the milk carton that gladly lands in the cart.

Just like what Taehwan did earlier with the hot sauce.

They're really boyfriends, huh.

"T-Taehwan?!" Yeonwu gasps in shock, body tense and fingers gripping the arms on his petite waist.

Taehwan chuckles quietly, his thumb carressing Yeonwu's hand as an apology for his sudden actions. He leans his lips near Yeonwu's ear, hot breath fanning his skin.

"Hey, baby."

Yeonwu turns red. Like, tomato red.

I mean who wouldn't explode in a bright shade of crimson when your boyfriend, who's surprisingly in the same store as you, suddenly appears and hugs you from behind, whispering a greeting with such a deep and hot voice?

Yeah, not Yeonwu apparently.

Yeonwu hides his face with his hands, still not really over the shock but there's now an air of shyness around him. Taehwan, being the asshole he is, just coos at his boyfriend's timidness, a smirk planting itself on his face.

"Awe, is that the way you greet your boyfriend? Not even saying a "hello" back?" He teases, faux hurt in his voice.

Yeonwu looks up, peaking shyly at him through the gaps of his fingers. Taehwan bites the inside of his cheek as he tightens the hold around the smaller's waist, as if to ground himself, and not pounce on Yeonwu and smother him with kisses right in the middle of an empty grocery aisle.

"Taehwan..." Oh no, he's pouting.

Pink lips reveal to be pursed in such an adorable pout as Yeonwu uncovers his face. The red hue in his pudgy cheeks watered down, but he's still blushing all cutely, awe, baby.

Fuck, he's so cute.

Taehwan swoops down and swiftly presses a quick kiss on Yeonwu's lips, catching him off guard, for the second time around because he's a sneaky bitch like that.

"D-Don't do that! We're in public!" Yeonwu whisper-yells, a flustered expression his face while Taehwan just smiles, "I don't see anyone around," he retorts, eyes darting around the deserted aisle, like he's trying to say that there's no one here except for the two of them and shelves filled with dairy drinks, sugary sodas, etc.

Yeonwu let's out a sound of embarrassment and shakes his head, leaning back on the bigger man's chest, the shock finally dissipitating. Taehwan hums, chin resting ontop of Yeonwu's head, a warm hand stroking his clothed stomach gently, the both of them
in their own world.

A world where there's only two of them.

Yeonwu breaks the silence first. "What are you doing here?" he asks, curiosity evident in his soft voice. Taehwan tilts his head to the side, gesturing to his cart parked next to a rack of beer cans.

"Getting groceries," Taehwan says simply while Yeonwu sputters. "Damn, baby. You're smart but you can be so dense sometimes," he teases, again. What a douche. "I-I know that...!" Yeonwu moves away from Taehwan's body and whips around to meet his eyes, "I just want to know how you knew I was here."

"Oh," he gets his phone and shows the picture Yeonwu sent earlier, "I recognized the shelves and the arrangement of the drinks and thought, I could've sworn I walked past this aisle earlier, and I realized that you were indeed here, buying groceries at the same time as me."

Yeonwu blinks, mouth opening and closing like a fish. Suddenly, a small giggle stumbles out of his mouth. His cute giggles turn into full-blown laughter. He places a hand over his mouth, muffling the sound as his shoulders shake.

Pfft, can you really blame him for bursting into chuckles? The situation is funny, that's a fact. We just can't relate since we're lonely fuckers with no lover who're in the same shop as us. We're that single. Someone hit us up and slide in our dms and maybe even our pant—


Taehwan watches as Yeonwu continues to laugh his ass off, the corners of his lips turning upwards and a warm feeling encasing his heart. He loves it. He loves the way Yeonwu's eyes crinkle whenever his smile reaches his ears. He loves the slight tinge of pink that graces his soft features whenever he's happy. He loves how his laughter sounds like the type of music you'd never get tired of listening to, no matter how much you've heard it.

He loves him.

"Ah, fuck," Taehwan mutters, taking a step forward to hug the boy who's laughs are subsiding. He firmly clutches Yeonwu's slender body, almost possessively to be honest, and nuzzles his nose in his soft locks, breathing in the scent of the vanilla shampoo he uses.

"Why do you have to be so adorable? It's annoying," he voices once Yeonwu calmed down.

He gently lays a hand on Yeonwu's cheek, making him look up, warm eyes focused on his lover's face, "It's getting hard for me to not need to see you all the damn time," he absolutely loves the sight of Yeonwu heating up, "It's unfair."

Taehwan lowers his head, their foreheads touching and noses brushing against eachother. Yeonwu's heart thumps against his chest as his hands gripping Taehwan's shirt, the cotton wrinkling under his fingers.

The male opens his mouth, the words rolling off his tongue like thick honey, a seductive cadence in his low tone,

"You're making me needy, Shim Yeonwu."

The aforementioned boy blushes furiously as his eyes widen like saucers. He did not expect that. He really didn't. Oh my god, he must be looking like a freshly-painted red wall right now.

Yeonwu buries his head on Taehwan's chest, his brain going haywire because of his man's words. He has forgotten that Taehwan can be quite a mystery box at times. Where you will not know what scheme he'll pull out. It makes you guess what his next move will be.

That's why it's called a mystery box, you dumb bitch.

"Y-You can't just say that!" Yeonwu complains, "People might hear you and you know how gossip works, we might even get banned from this shop," that's quite a stretch, don't you think, Yeonwu?

Taehwan shushes him with a kiss on the forehead, "No one heard me, no one's even here," he reassures, "there's no need to worry, baby."

Wow, what a turn. A few seconds ago, you were basically making Yeonwu's knees go weak but now you're all gentle? What the fuck.

Yeonwu huffs quietly and looks at his wrist watch, finding that it's almost 7pm. "Oh no," Taehwan looks at Yeonwu upon hearing the slight worry in his voice, "The shop's about to close and I'm not done getting the stuff I need yet."

"Show me your list," Yeonwu gives him the piece of paper filled with items and sees that he still needs to get half of the products written on the list. Which is kinda a lot.

"I'm going to help you," Taehwan declares, walking back to his temporarily abandoned the cart, "Besides, I only need to get cereal and chips before checking out."

"But—" Yeonwu closes his mouth when Taehwan gives him that Stare™. The kind of stare where you have no room for "but"s or excuses.

Yeonwu pushes his cart next to Taehwan's, while the taller is mentally dividing the list into two. With the two of them going separately to go get stuff, it'll be faster.

"You go get the biscuits, deodorants, ramen noodles and soap while I go get the rest," Taehwan says, "We'll drop your groceries at your dorm first, before we go to my apartment."

Yeonwu looks at him, surprise and confusion etching on his face while Taehwan smirks slyly, a dark glint in his eyes, "What? At least repay me back."

"I'm—" Yeonwu sentence got cut short when Taehwan grips his chin, tilting his head up to meet his mischievous orbs. His lips grazes the shell of his ear, making the blushing boy shiver,

"First, we'll eat dinner and then, I'll eat you, baby."


Yeonwu feels like fainting as his whole body turns hot with arousal. He cannot believe this man, holy SHIT. How dare he turn him on while doing groceries, what the fuck.

Taehwan pulls away, grinning. He can see right through his body language. He knows that he's slowly slipping into submission. It's quite funny actually, since all he did was whisper a promise of a long night of love-making where Yeonwu will be limping afterwards with Tarhwan's teeth marks all over his pale skin.

Yep, funny.

With one last peck on Yeonwu's plump lips, Taehwan starts moving his cart, saying over his shoulder with a cocky smirk,

"Meet you at the counter, baby."