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yellow burfder x reader....

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Yellow burfder x reader lol so cute

Reader pov:


*y/n sighs* “uhg… i am SOOOOO lonely right now.” they roll onto their side in bed and start to scream and cry :,( sooo lonely

“I want to see my hOT BABE YELLOW BURFDER” *shreiks in agiony* yn goes out of the room to look for their so cute hot boyfriend to get a little kiss



“I want… i- i want a little- kiss pls pls plssssssssssss” *looks so cutely adorably* yn walks over to burfder and picks hi up in their skinny little stick arms

“Ur like a bowling ball. so cute this is why i loveee u <3” lol

Yellow burfder pov

Im brfter mind “w-woah. They are sooo cute i just want to give them a little kiss rigHT NOW”

“W-wwhy are you looking at me that way burfder……” *smile and blushes*

“B-b-b-becaus i want to… um… give you a little kiss” **he looks up and is soooo cute**

“D-d-d-o you wanna go to a cute little dinner with me??? Pls?????? Pls pls plssss?????”
Burfder was sooo nervous to ask about dinner with yn… becaus the ayre so cute………..

“I-i thought you would never even ask about dinner eVER IN MY LFIFE” yn smiles soo much and blushes

“I just want to give you a little kiss now……” burfder sais so cute

“Nu uh you have to wait until we get in the car stupid woman *screams*” he is so mad

“I am so so so so sOOOOO SORRY YELLOW BURFDER i will make you a sandwich like the stupid woman i am” burfder was so happy

*tehyey get tin the car* “ can you get me a boster seat i am so short island i cant dnot drive right nowo” *looks up frin the floor of the car*

Yn pov lol

“Ok burfder……. I will get you to the car so driving is so fun” *they smile and blush.* *burfder smiles and blush.*

“I will make you a sandwich right after… cute little short bowling ball ^^” yn wants to give burfder a little kiss soo bad……..

*they go to the dinner*

“Order my food woman i am too short to see the menu and my legs do not want tok stretch enough” *screams*

“Ok i will get you olive garden bread sticks : D i lov u burfder…… can i give you a little kiss later pls…..” he looks “NO. you hav to wait so long”

“I am soo so sorry burfder…….. So sorry.” *eats in silence but there is little slurping noises from noodles pasta*

“Hey stupid WOMAN are you done with ur noodles pasta yet i wana go” burfder sais and sOOO MAD

“Yes by lov….. Lets go oyut the door and NOT PAY >: )” they smiles and blush “good job… good woman.”

Burfder pov

Altso in his mind “i want to give them a little kiss kiss so much…. B-but i have to r-restrain myself” he cries

“BUT I CANT CONTROL MYSELEF” he looks at yn………

“I-i wanna give you… a little kiss kiss…. Pleas….” yn looks at yellow burfder

Yn lifts up yellow burfder and blushes…. They kiss so cutely.

“Your mouth is moist”

It was so romantic ^^