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The End Is Nigh with Lyrics

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Here I go, another dark day

Wish in my house, I could have just stayed

I must run from the apocalypse

If only afterlife was easier than this

Here I go, into a new world

Full of danger, but I'm pretty sure'll

Hang on tight 'til the very end

So that I can make a new friend

My game's fucked up, so now I must go

Grab some tumors so I can grow

Spikes and ghosts

Toxic water and croasts

From, from the depths of Hell up to the sky

Maybe there is still hope for me

I should open my single eye and see

Here I go, during a dark time

Through a land that's scary yet sublime

No chasm too deep for me to pass

No mountain too steep for me to climb

Here I go, into a new world

Moving so fast, I think that I'll hurl

But I must pull through so that then

I can finally make a new friend

Dying over and over again

'Til I finally find that damn friend

Lava and moss

Feeling so lost

Buildings are crumbling before my eye

I know that there should be a chance in this grim hour

As I jump across each decaying tower

Here I go through a very tough time

Hopefully in the end I will be fine

Now I must race the doomsday clock

Through these badlands full of jagged rocks

Here I go into a new world

Where the soot falls, where the cold winds swirl

I'm a little black blob they call Ash

Lone survivor of a massive blast