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Kara didn’t remember much about her second banishment to the phantom zone other than the icy landscape and her father.


Kara did remember the temperature shock as she stepped out of the phantom zone and into the waiting arms of Alex. Each tight hug was a douse of hot water on her frigid skin, the warmer air almost scalding in her lungs. She had felt alive and she relished every moment of it, too afraid to sleep or slow down as the cold clawing tendrils of that timeless frozen void hooked into her dreams.


She was still coming to terms with her father’s appearance and the subsequent moral dilemma of either being happy to see him, or angry at how he had been responsible for so many horrible things. He tried to be the father she had known but Kara was no longer that naive little child who had watched her home implode. It led to uncomfortable conversations, many of where Kara could see the horror and regret in her father’s expression when she refused to hide or sugar coat the horrors she had faced time and time again. It was petty, but he needed to see it. To see what he had done to her.


After one particular nasty conversation Querl Dox had pulled her aside and suggested she take her anger out on more inanimate objects when her words were nothing but hurt. He reassured Kara he wasn’t taking her father’s side and reiterated that he was more worried about her , proving his point by sitting Zor-El down and showing him through his massive futuristic databanks not only the consequences of his actions but of Kara’s on earth. It had been eye opening for him. He eased up and started treating her as an equal. Still his daughter, but now someone so much more than that. They fought less and settled into a strange arms-length relationship. Zor-El adjusted much quicker than Kara did to the new arrangements.


She was… learning to deal with it.


Her sleeplessness wasn’t without error. Forgotten appointments and sluggish reactions with a shortened temper. Kara had caught herself in time before she made a huge mistake, biting back frustrated words at a teen who had gone joy riding in his parent's car only to find himself rolled into a creek. She had started grabbing quick naps after that. Not long enough to actually let herself fall into dreams, but enough that the edge in her consciousness was tempered. Enough for her to break down and find someone to talk to so she could start to process everything. That had been a difficult step to take, but she took it.


Outside of talking to someone she distracted herself with community outreach, in a sense. It was more that she finally started talking to other aliens, letting her own otherness shine through when conversing about loss and science and the weirdness of having to make a new home. She was still Supergirl, but she allowed herself to finally start being Kara Zor-El in front of others. She wasn’t like her cousin, an alien who only knew earth as his home. She was an unwilling child of two worlds. Forced from her home and transplanted into a foreign place with a task no child should have to be burdened with. It was an understatement to say that she was bitter, but allowing those thorns to be exposed helped her come to terms with things that had been out of her control.


This otherness crept into other parts of her life where she was just Kara.


She sat down and talked about powers with Nia. Science and alien life with Querl Dox. With Alex she had fun learning about anything and everything her sister was curious about from medical science to alien weaponry. With Kelly it was literature in between sparring practice to help her with her Guardian combat skills. She watched the sunrises with J’onn. And Lena?


Kara fell in love with Lena.


It was rather unfortunate, falling in love with your best friend. It became even trickier when you helped her get rid of her brother a second time, the cold steel in her voice haunting as the do it echos in the small parts of your mind. She still remembered how the cervical vertebrae felt under her fingers as she twisted his head to the side. Kara didn’t regret it. The world was better without him, and they would never find where they had buried him.


Lena had wrested Luthorcorp back from the brink for a second time, rebranded it to L-Corp once more, spent a solid few years pushing it away from the weapons R&D it had become famous for, completely rebuilt the board of directors with new investors pushing clean energy and technologies that would benefit the many, and then stepped down as acting CEO on her own terms. Through those years Kara learned how to be the bare and stripped down version of herself around Lena, unwilling to hide away any longer after many conversations with her that felt like pulling teeth.


It had been uncomfortable at first, but slowly-painfully-Lena met her in the middle. They talked about science, about probability and stardust. They were selfish and petty and greedy, uncensored and raw. They were people , exhausted and worn down but still so full of hope and compassion they didn’t know what to do with it all. For an uncomfortable stretch Kara thought that even though they had tried to work through what had happened and tried to exit as their unedited selves that it wasn’t going to work. She swore she could still feel that Lena was holding her away after everything, just a little, and it hurt .


Kara had tried not to let it bother her. She understood what she had done was unforgivable to some. She had thought that Lena had finally forgiven her, or at the very least come to terms and accepted everything. They seemed to be the tiniest of snubs, just easily masked by other duties or a simple text of It’s been a hard day I’m sorry but I need to rest . Just noticeable enough that Kara started walking on eggshells around her again. She was mindful of how many times a week, or a day, she texted her. How many times she asked about meeting up for coffee or doughnuts or a meal. If she thought something was a hint to stay away she didn’t swing by her loft or her new lab as Supergirl in the evenings.


It was a slow, painful strangulation. Like swallowing a mouthful of seawater just as you try to take a breath.


Have I done something to upset you ?


The words had barely been out of her mouth when horror crossed Lena’s face. For once it had been a genuine misunderstanding. Lena held her tight and promised to use her words a little better, and Kara promised that she would do better about not assuming the worst.


Things were smoother after that. Communication was the hardest opponent Kara had encountered.


Things settled around them again. Words had different meanings and implications. They talked and relearned their boundaries that had somehow overlapped in new odd ways. The first night Lena had asked her to stay over because it’s late and we’ve both had a hard day since everything happened put a new linking chain in Kara’s heart. Bit by bit they found their footing again on steady ground, becoming so close it was as if they could communicate without saying a word. Finally, they were at ease and where they needed to be.



“Hey there! Thanks for coming, name tags are over there. Find anywhere on the tables to set your dish.” Kara smiled warmly as she greeted the next guests.


The family greeted her back, blue-skinned National City residents that she had seen at some of her more recent forums the local chapter of Extra Terrestrials Homebound of Science. Their children stared at her in her stately navy robes, wide-eyed and gobsmacked. She gave them a wink and held her hand out palm up-to which the young ones chittered excitedly and placed their cool palms on hers in a happy greeting. They palm-signed jumbled expressions of excitement and ease, and Kara answered their hand-talk with a grin before they were collected and melted into the crowd with their parents.


“Wanna trade? I’m no Supergirl, but I still have a pretty cool suit.”


Winn bumped playfully into her shoulder, dressed sharply in his Legion blues. He and the others had come back specifically for this visit, but also with the intent to take James with them for a short while. Apparently his documentation skills were needed-and then Winn could come back to their present time. Things were changing and the gang was finally coming home, which made this event all the more special for her. Everything was returning to a new kind of normal for the first time in years.


“I could use a break, if you mean it?”


Winn grinned, the warm sunlight bouncing off of his shiny navy mask. “Sure, go mingle for a bit. Try the punch.”


Kara playfully bumped him back and eyed the plastic cup of sea foam green drink. It had a thick layer of melting sherbert on the top. “Is it sweet?”


“Little bit! My gran used to make it like this at house parties when she was still alive. Ginger ale and stuff.”


Kara nodded. “I’ll definitely try it then. I’ll be back.”


“Take your time! Oh-howdy! Welcome-”


Winn jumped to action as the next guests walked in, leaving Kara an opening to slip into the crowd.


The community potluck was a smash hit, bringing together humans and alien alike. Nia had suggested the event, earning some impressive eye rolls by calling it ye olde luck of pots after Alex’s nostalgic I miss potlucks . It was simply that, a way to visit with your neighbors and share food. A universal love language of community-and an easy way to make sure there was at least something safe for you to eat. Kara had barely wandered far when an elderly Icoid pressed an empty plate into her hands and led her to the closest table. It was easy to be among them, speaking their languages and eating foods from across the galaxy (or very close replicas) and good old fashioned Earth dishes.


There were hot and cold dishes, meats and vegetables and fruits and grains, two whole tables of sweets. From every flavor profile to every color and texture, there was something for everyone. Someone had even brought a massive molded jello straight out of the American fifties showing off a gorgeous arrangement of earth and alien blossoms. It was a fantastic spread and Kara happily sampled as much as she could handle. The potluck continued on, the children played, and the adults visited in the large gym that they had borrowed for the occasion. Somewhere a boom box had been found and the radio had been turned to the top 40 pop charts by one of the teens.


Nearly an hour and a half into the event Lena finally arrived, slipping in through the side door with the evening sun. She gave a nod to one of the DEO agents posted to keep them safe and greeted Nia, who had been playing some kind of bouncing game with the kids by creating a kinetic barrier trampoline about four inches off the plastic gym mats. Warmth curled in Kara’s chest as she watched her bend down and press a kiss to the top of Dreamer’s head. She had a hard time paying attention to the conversation she was supposed to be listening to as she watched Lena drift through the crowd, greeting people she knew and letting that same elderly Icoid help her get a plate and some punch.


She had just gotten drawn back into the conversation when Lena appeared at her elbow with two fresh cups of punch and small plate of sweets.


“Oh- hi -Lena, hi!” Kara couldn’t help but bubble up and grin as she carefully pulled her into a one-armed hug.


“Sorry I’m late, some reagents weren’t behaving like they were supposed to.” She mumbled into Kara’s shoulder.


“That’s okay, I’m glad you made it. Oh-” Kara noticed the drinks and quickly drained the dregs of her current one. “Thank you.”


Lena set the new one inside her empty cup and held up the plate. “To share. But please- don’t let me interrupt you.” She followed up with an apologetic nod of greeting to the group.


“Not at all, Lena Luthor.” A deep rumbly voice from an alien in the group assured her. They looked as if they were made of granite. “In fact, I am pleased to meet you. Might we verbally spar?”


“They mean discuss .” A small green gnome on a floating padded seat offered politely.


“I would welcome it.” Lena smiled warmly, her brow arching at the challenge.


The conversation continued and Kara was content to listen and pipe up when she found reason enough to contribute. But mostly, she was just happy to balance the plate of sweets on her drink so Lena could have a free hand to emote as she and the granite alien discussed what constituted as special relativity. Kara hadn’t realized she had been staring at Lena’s profile for Rao knows how long when Winn came up and nudged her elbow.


Breathe .” He muttered under his breath and scooped some blue fruity jello into his mouth.


Kara blushed hotly and busied herself with holding the nearly empty plate to take a sip of her warm punch. “ Shut up .”


Winn snorted and didn’t say anything else, but Kara could feel his sure jan between them.


She eyed his bowl of jello. It was beautiful, really. Instagram-worthy with clear vibrantly blue jello, perfectly ripe berries, and the smooth rounded side from the mold was liberally dusted with something golden and mote-like. For some weird reason she could smell it. It was wonderfully floral.


“What is that?” She asked, leaning over.


Mmmh ? Oh-fruit jello. The big arrangement with the flowers.” He answered through blue teeth. “It’s really good. I didn’t know jello could taste like this. And vegan too. I’m not even vegan. I would be if everything tasted like this.”


Kara hummed in thought, then nodded. “I’ll have to try it in a bit.”


“You’ll like it, trust me.” He reassured her and shoveled another large spoonful into his mouth.


Winn wandered away after a few moments when the conversation started going way over his head in astrophysics, and then about twenty minutes later the group make-up shifted and Kara and Lena were able to slip away. Finally she got to greet her with a real hug and pulled Lena into a tight embrace. She could feel Lena’s happy hum through her chest and gave her a little bit of a rock. Lena rubbed between her shoulder blades over her robe.


“Hi.” She murmured, just loud enough for Lena to hear.


Kara could feel Lena smile against her cheek. “Hi. How’s the event going?”


Kara stepped back a little, not even trying to ignore her reluctance. “Good! We had more show up than anticipated, but I’m glad they did. It wouldn’t have been much of a potluck.”


Lena linked her arm with Kara’s and led her back over towards the deserts. “I’m happy to hear that. I know you were worried.”


Kara blushed at the comforting squeeze of Lena’s hand on her bicep and cleared her throat with a shy duck of her head, wanting very much to lean over and kiss the dimple on her cheek. She opted instead for a compliment, which honestly probably wasn’t the brightest choice either but she couldn’t help herself.


“You look really nice tonight. I feel like I’m in a blanket cape next to you.”


Rosy pink colored Lena’s cheeks and she rolled her eyes. “Just an old dress from the back of my closet. You look very dashing, so don’t even try it.”


It was a nice dress. Forest green with a boat neckline and three quarter sleeves. It made her eyes look like the sea after a storm. It also fit her just right and even a between-dimension being with no ocular nerve would be able to see it. There was also a slit above her left knee that Kara was trying very hard not to look at.


“Back-of-the-closet-dress versus blanket cape. I think you still win.” Kara cut her eyes at her as they reached the table.


A good portion of the tower-of-terror jello had already been scooped away, which meant Winn probably hadn’t been lying about it being good. Either way, Kara liked jello and she liked fruit. She could try a little bit and see how it was before taking a larger portion.


“I’m gonna try the jello, do you want me to scoop you some?”


Lena let go of her arm and studied the flower arrangement in the center of the molded gelatinous lump. “I’ll just have a taste of yours.”


Kara rolled her eyes and grabbed two plastic spoons, knowing to scoop a little more. Lena would steal the tip of the slice of her pie if she wasn’t paying attention. When she returned with a styrofoam bowl Lena was still curiously enamored by the flower arrangement. They were gorgeous and somewhat ethereal with large red-purple blossoms weeping motes of golden pollen onto the deep sapphire colored jello. It smelled wonderful , like all of her favorite flowers melded into one on a fresh sea breeze. But not an ocean breeze. It smelled like a home she couldn’t remember anymore. When Kara picked up the serving spoon she noticed a small card taped to the vase, dusted with the golden pollen that she now noticed was barely glowing. The loopy handwriting on the card read;


safe to eat for human and alien alike


Well, that was good enough for her.


Kara scooped a large chunk out, even more than she had planned to, and plopped it into her styrofoam bowl. Something about the blossom’s scent reminded her of easier, happier times, and it compelled her to take what the bowl could hold. She held a spoon out to Lena, who now had her curious gaze on the smooth side of her serving that was glossed with faintly glowing alien pollen.


“Are you sure it’s okay to eat? There’s something… about it.” Lena’s eyes were slits, but she kept taking subtle sniffs.


In response, Kara scooped up some of the jello in her spoon and popped it into her mouth. She had made sure to get some of the golden side too, and it didn’t really taste like much. But it was good. It was also just jello with fruit in it that somehow was the best jello she had ever tried. Jello was jello. But Kara didn’t understand why it tasted so much better than any of the other times. She hummed in thought and held the bowl out to Lena, snagging another quick spoonful first.


“‘S good.” Was all she could manage. 


It must have been enough to convince Lena, because she rocked into motion and took her own bite. Her brow furrowed deeply as she chewed, eyes never leaving the bowl as the jello slowly stained her mouth blue. They wandered away from the table, nabbing a few more bites before Lena finally found her words again.


“I don’t care for jello, but I like this.” She admitted, almost scowling. “It smells good.”


“You want to run a test sample on that flower pollen, don’t you?” Kara grinned, certain her teeth were a gaudy blue.


“Oh my god your teeth-” Lena laughed, covering her mouth with her hand. “Do mine look like that?” She pulled her hand away and gave her a comic snarl.


Kara stared at her bared teeth, barely blue. “Uhhhhh they’re like. Light blue? Barely?”


Lena relaxed. “Good. That would be a press picture to behold.”


“You didn’t deny it though. You wanna test it.” Kara bumped her shoulder into Lena’s.


“I took a sample when you weren’t looking.” She shrugged and took another spoonful.


Kara stared at her. At the tiny clutch in her elbow. At the tight dress she was wearing. The spoon clutched primly in her long fingers. She leaned in close.


Where are you keeping it ?” She stage-whispered.


Lena swatted her shoulder with her clutch, cheeks pink. “Stop that.”


Kara stuffed another bite of jello into her mouth to stifle her laugh.


They meandered away after scooping another small portion into the styrofoam bowl. Actually small, like she had originally meant to. The gathering continued and spirits were high, the gym was filled with laughter and the children played. Kara thought nothing of it, feeling happy herself. It wasn’t until she saw a few couples getting a little handsy as the night drew to a close that she started having some suspicions. Kara started really getting suspicious when she began to feel a little… punchy. Not drunk, but definitely affected by something that made everything a little bit funnier and everything feel a little bit nicer.


“Hey, Kara?”


She turned to Winn, who was blushing uncontrollably under his mask and holding his jacket in front of his hips. Normally she would have felt embarrassed by what he was clearly experiencing. He was her friend after all, and she couldn’t think of him like that … but she didn’t care this time. In fact, she thought it was a little funny.


“Uh. I’m not helping you with that. Sorry.”


He blushed brighter and scowled at her grin. “No, James will.” He muttered in defense, and then lowered his voice a little more. “But something’s not right .”


“What do you mean?” Kara asked, crossing her arms over her chest. It felt nice to do that, she liked how the fabric felt as is stretched across her shoulders.


“I mean-” He looked around nervously, and Kara realized a lot of the adults were flushed and goofy now-when had that happened?


“-I think something was accidentally spiked.”


It was at that moment that Querl Dox slipped up to them, trying to control his expression. “Supergirl, I believe we have a problem.”


She wanted to take this seriously, but it didn’t really seem dangerous. No one was screaming or yelling. No one was vomiting or bleeding. Kara took a deep breath through her nose and relished the way her lungs filled in her rib cage. She must have been silent for a little too long because Querl Dox leaned in a little closer.


“Did you eat the blue jello?” He asked carefully.


Oh yeah. Winn you were right, it was good .” 


Winn muttered a few curses under his breath. Clearly, she shouldn’t have eaten the blue jello.


“I see. Well. The DEO is running some careful contaminant tests right now, and they are particulate-cleansing guests as they leave. Don’t worry, they have coordinated transportation. The younger children and teenagers don’t seem to be affected.” Querl continued, still trying to keep his face straight even as his eyes unfocused. “I also consumed some of the jello. It was rather exquisite, but seems to have an altering affect.”


“It’s the flowers.”


Lena had appeared at Kara’s elbow without her noticing.


“The pollen, more specifically.” She corrected herself, glancing carefully at Kara.


Her eyes were dark . Darker than any other time Kara had seen them. It did something funny to her already loping heart as she watched her carefully unsnap her clutch. Lena withdrew a thin rectangular container, like something you would hold a camera SD card in. The inside was liberally coated with the golden pollen.


“Here.” She handed it to Querl Dox. “I think that’s the culprit.”


“Resourceful as ever, Lena.” He took it from her and squeezed her shoulder in thanks.


Had Kara been in her right mind she would have noticed Lena inhale sharply and clench her jaw.


“I’m going to test this. Be back in a jiffy.”


They watched him go, and Winn looked back to Kara. “Who says jiffy ?”


She shrugged, feeling comfortably fuzzy around the edges. “If there’s something wrong with the pollen, I think it’s an accident. Do we know who brought it?”


“Rocky Balboa.”


“I- who ?”


“Your rock buddy from earlier.” Winn clarified.


Oh . Wait, rocks eat?”


“I dunno, do they?” He asked, his eyes glassy as he rearranged his coat in his hands.


“How long will it take Brainy to test the pollen?” Lena butted in, her long fingers turning her clutch over and over and over to keep herself distracted. She had also had a lot of the jello from Kara’s bowl.


Winn shrugged again. “Couple minutes, give or take.”


Kara waved to the family of blue aliens as they passed to leave. The children waved back, happy and energetic. The parents looked as if they were strung taught, their hands tightly linked. She at least had the sense to be grateful it was only affecting the grownups in attendance. Was the pollen selective? How curious.


“Kara? What did the flowers smell like to you?”


Lena’s voice was airy, like she was winded. There was a warm weight on Kara’s shoulder and she sighed again, feeling comforted and grounded. Lena had rested her head on her and closed her eyes, presumably to try to stay present while affected by the alien blossoms.


“My favorite flowers. And… a place back home. I’m still trying to remember.” Kara answered, gripping her biceps tightly to keep from reaching out to hold Lena. Normally it wasn’t so hard to hold herself in check. “What about you?”


Lena sighed and Kara swore she could feel her warm breath through the layers of fabric. “…home. And my mother’s perfume.”


Kara knew she meant Ireland.


“What about you, Winn?” Kara asked, trying not to let her slip into the intrusive thoughts that started wiggling into her conscious.


Well… they weren’t intrusive. More like they were the thoughts she never acted on. Like running her fingers through Winn’s hair just because she thought it looked soft. She tightened her hold on her arms.


“Daffodils.” He answered softy. “They were dad’s favorite.”


They stood silently for a moment, watching more people start to collect their leftovers to go home for the evening. And then from Kara’s shoulder;


“That flower is a jackass.”


Kara couldn’t help it, she laughed . It was the funniest thing Lena had said that week. She heard Winn agreeing with her as Querl Dox sped-walked back into the gym like a suburban mom on a mission to burn off her single chocolate chip cookie.


“Non-lethal. Slightly narcotic.” He announced, finger pointed up in a jab. “Well documented too, we’re fine.”


“I’m sensing a but .” Winn shifted, careful not to hold his jacket too close to his hips.


Kara’s clothing was starting to feel like it was clinging to her skin. She wasn’t sweating, but it felt nice . She tried not to move.


“Mmm-I’ll explain at the tower. Come.”


Querl did his suburban mom speed-walking back out of the gym and Winn laughed weakly. “I’m trying not to.”


Lena snorted and picked her head back up. Her cheeks were flushed but she seemed put together well enough. “Let’s go, Winslow. Think of Snapper Carr in a hot pink g-string.”


Why would you say that -“


Kara followed after them, Winn waddling and Lena managing to walk as if she were on a runway. Or Kara thought she was, she was too busy staring at how her hips swayed with each step inside that tight green dress. A couple different rock songs from the eighties were racing through her head about the shape of her when she glanced up and saw J’onn walking towards the granite-looking alien packing up the remainder of the blue jello.


A smidgen of reason bored through the haze rapidly setting on her and she changed directions, heading off J’onn and reaching the guest before he did.


“Hey, so, um. Thank you for coming, I really liked the jello. But, um, maybe use earth flowers next time.” Her last suggestion was more of a whisper and nod to the still-weeping blossoms. “They’re gorgeous but… slightly mmmmmmm… not something appropriate for public.”


“No? Could you explain?”


Kara bobbed her head from side to side for a moment. “They’re in our database as a, um, substance .” The last words was given some weight.


The granite alien studied her for a moment, looked back to the flowers with a quiet grinding sound, then tilted their head. “I apologize. I had no knowledge of such effects. I was eager to share the fruits of my home world.”


“Oh-did you grow those yourself?” Kara found herself distracted by the smell of flowers and home .


“Indeed. Most laboriously. Your earth soil is too nitrogen based.” The alien nodded.


J’onn had paused next to her elbow, listening and recognizing what Kara was doing. He was a little fidgety and she wondered if he had eaten some of the pollen as well.


“They’re beautiful, I’m happy I got to see them.” She grinned, losing the battle with the cottony warmth in her chest to remain professional.


“Many thanks.” Somehow, Kara could tell that they were touched by her compliments. “I will… refrain from bringing them to events in the future. Unless there are certain protocols I must follow for cultivation? Exposing so many to adverse effects was purely accidental.”


J’onn inclined his head and nodded at Kara to bug out. “The DEO is in understanding this was an accident, and no charges will be pressed. We are happy to review the botanical import regulations with you at your next convenience-“


Kara didn’t hear the rest as she strode away, the grinding serene smile of the granite alien still reverberating in her eardrums after she waved a polite goodbye. The evening was warm for fall and the leaf litter was sweet smelling on the breeze as she stepped out into the parking lot, letting one of the stationed agents run a laser device over her just outside the door. There was a black DEO SUV next to the crosswalk, already with Winn and Querl loaded in. Lena was standing with her hand braced on the side of the vehicle, looking like she was being pulled in about six different directions. 


She was beautiful. She was terrifying. She was a powerful mortal goddess.


Kara wanted to kiss her.


In a terrifying moment of loose control, she almost did right there on the sidewalk in front of thirty other people without thinking twice.


Kara. Stop .”


She blinked and stopped, her hand resting on the SUV as she leaned in close. Too close. She could feel Lena’s breath puffing across her lips. Kara hadn’t realized that small sensation could feel so overwhelming. Heat boiled up under her skin and she turned and pressed her forehead into the cool metal of the SUV. It helped, a little . It was as if all of her basic self control was casually being set aside. Not in the sense that something else was controlling her. It was just her inside her own head telling her what to do. Or rather, telling her it was okay. Clearly, she wasn’t in full control of her faculties.




Her voice was surprisingly a rasp and she heard Winn cackle inside the SUV.


“Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?”


She cracked an eye open and glared at him. Kara was in no position to retort, she was feeling it now. She sucked in a deep breath and took two full steps back, her fingers fumbling at the shoulder clasp of her robes.


“I’ll meet you guys at the tower, I uh,” She glanced at Lena, who hadn’t moved. “-I need some fresh air. Maybe.”


The truth was she didn’t trust herself to keep her hands in her lap. Lena must have read her mind about flying because she shook her head, concern creeping through her haze.


“Why don’t you sit in the back with Winn, I’ll ride in the front and Querl can sit in the third trunk seat. You can roll the window down back there.”


“It’s fine-”


You’re high .” Lena stated bluntly in Kryptonian. “ We all are. Get in the car .”


Kara gawped at her a moment, but her tone made her rethink. If she got in the car, she at least wouldn’t be next to Lena. She could open the window and close her eyes, and not have to worry about getting lost in the clouds. Lena’s firm tone also made her blush. If she got in the car maybe she would hear that firmness again.




Again she was surprised by her own voice jumping up three octaves. Winn laughed louder, clearly punchy now as she clambered into the back seat after Querl bodily tumbled over the middle seat into the trunk with an oof .


“Lena were you the DD in college? That was a I’ll put you in a headlock if you don’t listen .”


“I didn’t have time for friends in college, Winn.” She answered primly, easing herself carefully into the front seat. “I just don’t want you making a fool of yourself. We’re ready, Agent Vasquez.”


The agent in the driver seat eased the SUV into drive as they shut their doors and smiled through her gas mask, equipment issued when they realized something was off. “You’re lucky we sent the press away.”


Dude, my boner would have been on the evening news .” Winn hissed. Querl made a sound of agreement.


Kara laughed and rolled the window down a couple inches. All of the glass was tinted and a new forcefield technology shield had been installed recently on top of the standard bullet-proof safety features. Plus, she was there, and she was as good as any bullet-proof glass even while intoxicated. Agent Vasquez peeled away from the curb and drove them back out into the city, taking the round-about way on back roads to avoid traffic cameras. It wasn’t standard procedure, but the passengers were all extremely high profile individuals who happened to be spaced out on alien pollen.


She didn’t want to admit it, but Kara was glad to be riding in a car. Flying would have probably rendered her incapacitated and floating in the bay, if the simple breeze from the window was this nice. It was cool on her flushed face, refreshing as it ruffled her hair. Kara let her eyes slip closed and enjoyed the fresh air on the ride back. She was so caught up in how nice it felt she was surprised by how heightened all of her senses were by the time Agent Vasquez rolled to a stop in the underground garage.


Everything felt… nice .


It was the polite way to put it.


Her robes were just heavy enough to feel like someone was draping their arms over her shoulders, and her skin tight bodysuit… well. She was trying not to move too much.


“I’ll get out and make sure you all walk through the decontamination chamber.” Vasquez informed them, popping her door open.


“Don’t look at me, Susan. I’m a disgrace.” Winn groaned and nearly rolled out of the SUV and onto the pavement.


“Schott, I do not want to touch you, but do not make me haul your ass through security.” The agent griped, watching him hunch over and puff his cheeks out.


He straightened up with a grimace and waddled around the front of the car. “Hey Kara, what was that band of comedians? They had that song called Jizz In My P-


OH my god, you shut your mouth.” Lena bellowed over Kara’s cackling.


“I still think we should have stopped for pizza.” Querl stated morosely, as if all he could think about at the moment was food. He had been talking about it the entire ride back to the tower.


“I’ll order you some once we get upstairs. Let’s go.” Vasquez compromised, gesturing him into motion.


The four of them let the Agent herd them all into the glass decontamination chamber with minimal prodding, Querl piping up that he did need to tell them about the botanical properties of the alien blossom’s pollen they had mistakenly consumed. Their murmured jokes turned into yells of surprise as the system vented blasts of cold decontaminate fog onto them from every direction. Winn’s nonononono as Vasquez pried his hands and jacket away from his hips were over-the-top hilarious to Kara as Querl T-Posed next to him and spun in a circle. She unclasped her robe and made sure to twirl it through the fog at the Agent’s instruction, and spun again completely to let the cool decontaminate wash over the rest of her.


Mercifully, the vents closed and clean sterile air cleared out the chamber a moment later. Kara happened to turn and catch Lena tossing her hair over her shoulder like a shampoo commercial model. She was a little ruffled and still pink-cheeked. The delicate muscle jumped in her angular jaw when she realized Kara was essentially staring at her, and stretched her long fingers wide down by her hips. Her dark eyes dropped to Kara’s mouth. Lower to her neck, her chest. Her hips. And then drug back up her body as the tip of her pink tongue wetted her lips. Kara had just taken a step towards her wanting to rake her fingers through her mussed, silky hair, when Vasquez called out alright let’s move it .


Lena blinked owlishly and blushed, glancing back up at Kara’s face for one bashful moment that sent her into an achy spiral. She was following the agent before she could do or say something so Kara took a bracing inhale and followed after them with Winn and Querl Dox. The elevator ride up to the living quarters was mercifully short and they spilled into the commons, finding Nia and M’gann already waiting. It looked like they were meditating.


“Right!” Querl clapped his hands together making everyone startle, Nia yelled.


Inaratamris Rutilus . Colloquially known as the weeping crimson firefly blossom. Most colorations of the species are reds and blues and purples, all have that delicious golden pollen that also happens to be mildly narcotic to many warm-blooded species.”


“Will everyone be that bad?” Nia asked, eyeing Winn who was leaning on the closes support pillar peeling his mask off his sweaty face.


“Nnnnno. Fortunately if you only inhaled the pollen you’ll have a much milder, ah, trip . If you consume a small quantity you’ll experience some effects.” Querl answered, steepling his hands in front of his stomach.


Lena huffed. “What if more than a small quantity was eaten? What classifies as small?”


“In this instance, small would be… miniscule. Perhaps the equivalent of an eighth of a pinch .”


“And if more was eaten than that?”


Kara wanted to reach out and take Lena’s hand to comfort her. She could tell she was fighting harder than the rest of them to stay present.


“Pardon me, but you’ll be high as balls.” He shrugged. Nia snickered.


“There were children there.” M’gann warned.


“The pollen only affects fully developed brains, it’s too sophisticated of a plant when looking for potential pollen carriers. Adults are more likely to travel further than adolescents and children. However that’s also why this particular species from Serenitatem is so heavily regulated. My guess is our potluck guest was not familiar with earth’s intergalactic import regulations.”


“That’s what they told me.” Kara piped up, trying to feel useful even as her bodysuit and compression underwear felt like hundreds of warm hands caressing her skin.


Querl pursed his lips, his head tilting in thought. “It would make sense. We’ve contracted them for geological endeavors, not botanical.”


The elevator dinged and J’onn strode solemnly into the tower commons, Alex and Kelly and James in tow in varying degrees of giggle fit. A few more agents remained in the stalled elevator with a single red-purple blossom still weeping golden glowing motes of pollen, safely sealed in a glass container on a trolly cart. He stopped just inside the space and propped his hands on his hips.


“How many of you ate the jello?”


Winn, Querl, Kara, Lena, and Kelly raised their hands. Vasquez was on her phone ordering a couple pizzas with the DEO’s funds, gas mask removed and hanging around her neck. The Director grimaced.


“Querl. What does it do?” He rumbled.


For once, the Brainiac paused and the color on his face deepened in a rare blush.


“It’s most common side effect is… enhancement.”


Winn started laughing raucous. “ I could have told you that .”


James strode over to him and shushed Winn gently, careful not to touch him. Querl balked for a moment, but hurried on when the Director pinned him with a questioning glare.


“I-yes. It’s an enhancement that encourages the individual to seek pleasure in some form whether that’s sex or food or sleep-but it doesn’t entirely remove your inability to make you do something you don’t want to. Some cultures use it to aid reproduction, some use it to address harbored desires, some use it to commune with their gods. If you’re content, you’ll simply feel good. Nothing more. Its primary concern is survival and spread. Forcing the host into dangerous situations would threaten its fruitfulness. It essentially turns you into a puddle of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. And the alien equivalent, of course.”


“How long until it wears off?”


“With decontamination protocols followed and exposure removed? Twelve hours, give or take.”


The Director nodded, grim faced. “It’s settled. You’re all confined to the tower until we clear you tomorrow. Get some rest, watch a movie or have a snack. Stay. Here.


There was a half hearted murmur of protest, but they all knew they were thoroughly out of commission. No way would they be able to assist on any kind of job or emergency tonight. The group broke up and the Director told Kara that he would fill in for her tonight if need be, which was an issue she realistically knew she was probably worried about… but she wasn’t quite in her right mind. As James was leading a brightly blushing Winn down the hall to the spare bunk rooms Querl looked around forlornly.




Nia got up and went to him, smiling gently as he sat on the couch with a pitiful expression. “It’ll be here soon, baby. Just hang on, okay?”


The Brainiac nodded and leaned into Nia’s side as she sat down. Kara looked away when she ran her fingers through his hair, feeling as if it was probably something she shouldn’t stare at. J’onn had joined M’gann in meditation off in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, their squared shoulders warmed by the setting sun. Thin black headbands with winking blue lights rested on their temples - neuroblockers to protect them from the human’s racing thoughts. Kelly was whispering some things she wished she hadn’t heard into her Sister’s ear as they also wove down the hall to the private rooms, Alex’s face bright red as she shushed her. Kara decided when she went to bed she would definitely be turning on the little red sun emulator to dampen her own hearing.


It wasn’t too late, so Kara decided she’d wait a little bit until the others were settled in their rooms and hopefully asleep. Or resting. Quietly .


She was still acutely aware that Lena was still standing by one of the couches watching her.


“Should we do a puzzle?” She asked weakly, looking anywhere but at Lena. Kara wasn’t sure what would happen if she did.


“I don’t think we have any.”


“Oh. Uh, crossword?” She turned, looking at the tables and shelves, a little thankful when Nia pulled Querl into the little kitchenette to try to look for a temporary pizza replacement.


“Kara,-” The staccato click of her heels drew close and Lena paused right in front of her.


“Solitaire?” She looked at the ceiling.


“Darling, look at me.”


Her voice was achingly gentle but Kara shook her head, balling her lips over her teeth. The pollen was fully in her system now and she knew she would only get looser as time went on. She didn’t want to do anything stupid that might hurt them tomorrow.


Why not ?”


Kara wasn’t expecting her to speak in Kryptonian again and it sounded lovely, even in her rough human accent.


I’m afraid .” She muttered, unable to lie. Unable to brush it under the rug.


Stupid pollen.


Afraid ?”


Lena’s voice was even softer and Kara had to look at her now.


Of doing something unwise. Of losing you .”


Lena was already a little flushed, but her cheeks warmed into a blush. Her dark eyes dropped to Kara’s mouth again for a long lingering moment before she forced herself to close her eyes to break her line of sight. She pressed her lips together and inhaled slowly through her nose, the motion drawing Kara’s eyes to her chest. She had to clench her fingers into her robe to stop her hands from wandering without permission. Lena exhaled and let her eyes focus on Kara’s face again. There was something beautifully soft in her expression and affection swelled uncontrollably in Kara’s chest. Lena took a half step forward but paused just inside Kara’s space, careful not to actually touch her.


“You won’t.” She reassured her softly. “Do you want to sit on the balcony?”


A safe out.


Kara nodded, not trusting her voice. The balcony would be safe in the setting sun and hopefully not too strong of a breeze. Lena stepped back-with some effort-and they silently trooped out of the door and onto the small sheltered balcony. It was large enough for four so they moved some furniture and settled into two of the low chairs out of the wind. Lena sighed next to her, leaning her head back and letting her eyes slip shut. Her hands splayed and flexed on the arms of her chair as she steadied her breathing. Kara could tell she was starting to sweat along her hairline.


“You’re really trying to fight it, aren’t you?”


She kept her voice low even though it was just the two of them. Kara didn’t want the wind to hear how in awe she was. Lena didn’t answer for a long moment, focusing on her breathing before softly clearing her throat.


“I’ll lose eventually.”


Kara could already hear the gentle resignation in her voice. But there wasn’t any self pity, just a stated fact. Still, Kara admired her resiliency.


“...I’ll try to fight it with you.” She decided, feeling like she picked the right answer when Lena smiled softly.


Some amount of time passed, long enough for the sun to set and the stars to come out. Kara had given Lena her robes at some point when she saw her shiver, and seeing her bundled up in them sated a little part of her brain. It crept up on her but soon her thoughts were of nothing but Lena and her bodysuit felt stifling. She wanted to be out of it and naked in her sheets, unconfined so she could breathe . Staying out on the balcony for much longer would only tempt her more towards Lena. And it was already pretty strong.


“I’m… going to go draft some emails. Or something.” She finally spoke up, her voice a rasp against the pollen racing through her system.


“Are you okay?” Lena asked a moment later, her voice just as rough.


Kara sat up slowly, breathing steadily through her nose as her suit slid a little across her skin. She clenched her teeth and rose to her feet in one smooth motion with a shaky exhale. It felt a little too good and she bit back a whimper. Never had she experienced something so full-bodied before.


“I’m losing.”


Kara looked over at Lena and her composure nearly shattered at her feet. Lena was looking at her as if she were made of stardust. Like she was the moon. Her last meal. Kara watched her silently as she also stood, haltingly, with a face so scrunched from concentration the little helpless quirk of her brows almost brought Kara to her knees.


Lena straightened up and eased Kara’s robes over her arm in a loose fold. “Me too. I’ll walk you down the hall?”


She was already pulling the door open, the dim light from inside reflecting along her profile.


“You don’t have to.”


“I want to.”


Kara was glad everyone else had cleared out of the commons, she was sure the neediness in Lena’s voice would have turned some heads. There were pizza boxes stacked on the trash can and Kara could smell the leftovers in the fridge. But that wasn’t what she was hungry for. She swallowed thickly and nodded, allowing herself a glance at Lena’s flushed face. She heard her best friend let out a quiet relieved huff and led her through the space, pausing for her to catch up at the mouth of the hall to the private rooms.


Lena was moving slow .


Her steps were carefully measured and Kara’s robe was clutched tightly in her white-knuckled grip. She looked exactly how Kara felt, overly sensitive to anything that touched her and nearly blasted out of her mind. They were both hanging on by a thread at this point, multiple threads that they had been worrying at for years. Kara wasn’t so sure they were going to survive the night.


Their steps were carefully measured as they paced down the hall, glancing nervously at each other as they heard that the occupants of the other rooms were very much not asleep. The closer they came to the two rooms on the end of the hall the more Kara wanted to finally let go and do something about the old emotions that were deeply rooted in her heart. They felt new and raw tonight, bright glowing red and laid bare. She was certain if you cracked her chest open on the floor of the commons area there would be no blood, only her love for Lena.


Their shoulders brushed on accident and they both inhaled sharply, warmth crackling through their bodies even just from the gentle touch. Kara knew at that point she was truly and utterly screwed, and it took a monumental amount of effort not to stop them right there and pin Lena to the wall.


But they were finally at the door of Kara’s temporary quarters, flushed and desperately trying to breathe evenly. Kara finally let herself look at Lena in the low hall lighting-and gave in. She rocked forward and pressed her forehead into Lena’s, nearly going cross-eyed as she tried to look at her. Lena panted across her lips, clutching Kara’s robe into her stomach as if it would hold her together. She knew that this would be the last chance to wait , for whatever they were waiting for. But instead Kara found herself whispering;


“You can come in. We don’t have to do anything. We could just talk.”


Lena’s breathing sped up, and she tilted her face towards her. The touch of her lips in a gentle kiss was unlike anything Kara had ever felt. A surge of happiness rocketed through her veins and she tried to kiss her back through a gasp, pleasure seeping through her bones. For a long breathless moment all they did was stand there, lips barely brushing as they slowly succumbed. Kara felt like there was a sun in her ribs.


“Could we do that?”


She barely heard Lena say it, but she felt it against her lips.


Kara knew what that meant.


She nodded awkwardly and fumbled for the door.


“Y-yeah. We could do that.”


Lena crowded into the room after her, dropping her heavy navy robe and clutch just inside the door. As soon as Kara slid the door shut behind her she pressed in, finally kissing Lena full on the mouth the way she had fantasized about. Lena whined and curled her arms around Kara’s neck, breathing hard through her nose against her cheek. She wasn’t sure when, or how , but Lena pushed her back towards the small twin bed after a few long moments of heavy kisses. Her high heels were kicked off along the way and Kara slapped her hand on the switch to the red sun emulator. The room dimmed quickly and the surge of sensation from the dampening of her powers took the strength from her knees.


Kara sat heavily on the bed, haze creeping in on the edge of her vision as Lena hastily removed her boots and kevlar socks for her-and then her arms were filled with her warm body pressing her back down onto the mattress. Kara happily relaxed, too focused on kissing Lena as she settled on top of her.


She felt deliciously high. Everything felt nice from the way Lena was kissing her to how her body felt pressing her into the small bed. Kara splayed her hands flat to her back and couldn’t stop touching her. The subtle shift of her ribs from her breathing, the slide of her shoulder blades as she reached up to cup Kara’s jaw. Lena licked into her mouth with a sigh and Kara couldn’t help but whine. She held Lena a little tighter and fell into the kiss.


“Touch me?”


Kara hadn’t realized she had mumbled the words until Lena slowed, kissing the line of her jaw.




Perfect teeth nipped at her earlobe and a warm tongue laved sloppily at the skin behind her ear, the small hollow where her neck met her jaw. The sensation wiped her brain of higher cognitive thought. Kara slid her hands down and gripped tightly at Lena’s rear, pulling her hips into her. Her powers had been drastically dampened, but she still managed to shift Lena a little further on top of her so her thigh slotted between hers. Lena gasped and mumbled something unintelligent into her ear as Kara tugged the slit skirt of her dress up around her hips with slow reaching fingers.


She didn’t need to clarify any further as Lena pressed her thigh in and kissed her so hotly Kara decided that she didn’t really want to think anymore that evening. Touches moved past a tentative, almost terrified, gentleness as they finally relaxed out of the tension that had been eating them alive for years. Kisses grew dirtier and more demanding, alternating between breathless moments and the languid drag of lips. Curious touches turned to heavy petting and fingers clinging and digging into softness, Kara moaned helplessly into her mouth when Lena pressed her thigh tightly into the apex of her thighs in a slow grind.


It felt right, the way Lena tugged at her lip with her teeth as she drug her nails down her ribs over her suit. It felt right , the way she moved against her, on top of her. It spurred her to reach behind her neck and jerk down the hidden zipper of her suit. Lena slid her hand under her back and helped her draw the zipper down to her waist, smiling goofily into lips. Kara wriggled her arms out of her suit unable to keep her vocal cords quiet as Lena smoothed her hands flat across her skin, skimming across her shoulders and chest, her nails lightly scratching down her stomach. Each touch felt magnified under the lamps and the botanical narcotic, leaving her nearly shivering as wave after wave of base pleasure rolled through her. Lena shushed against her lips, but only briefly before she was kissing Kara again as if her life depended on it. Or trying to, Kara’s hands had found the zipper of her dress and were tugging it down.


Lena sat up, almost startling Kara as she straddled her thigh and drew her hands flat down her body to the golden belt still clasped about her waist. Her hair was inky in the red-amber glow of the emulator, mussed from Kara’s hands around her shoulders. Her dress was looser across her chest, gaping in the back thanks to Kara. Long fingers found the hidden latch in her belt and it hit the floor with a metallic thump .


There were many things in life that didn’t surprise Kara anymore, but her jaw dropped as Lena finished pulling the zipper down the back of her dress and then peeled it up off her body. She was soft curves and lithe limbs, moon-lit fair skin decorated with a smattering of freckled constellations dyed amber in the emulator light. Lena tossed her dress to the floor and reached back down, panting, and hooked her warm fingers into the bunched fabric of her suit. Kara let her strip the rest of the suit off of her, still slack jawed as she was freed from her clothing. Her brain short-circuited as Lena prowled back up her body and settled onto her again with eyes as dark as her hair. Fathomless.


Lena’s bare skin against hers felt positively sinful.


Everywhere they touched Kara felt as if she were going to combust. She could have cried with how good she felt. How good Lena felt. Kara knew a large part of this was thanks to the pollen and its chemical characteristics, but she couldn’t help but wonder how much of it was actually just her . Her brief curiosity was demolished when Lena pressed her bare leg up into her again, slotting her own hips over Kara’s thigh in a tentative grind. She was so hot against her, a heavy drag that twisted the heavy coiling knot in her belly tighter with each slide of her leg.


Kara couldn’t tell which way was up. Lena was everywhere, her lips stealing her breath, her touch setting her alight. Her thigh had found the perfect angle and Kara didn’t even care that she was making a mess on her thigh. She could feel Lena through her thin underwear too, leaving a wet stripe on her skin and she had never wanted to taste someone so badly . Kara couldn’t stand it any longer, she was going to shake to pieces.


Lena, please -“


Lena hummed into the soft skin of her neck, lips sealed over her pulse as she attempted to suck a mark into her skin. The sharpness of her teeth as she nipped at the spot and then soothed it with her tongue left Kara breathless. She pulled Lena’s hips roughly into hers, relishing the throaty moan vibrating into her skin.


Please .” Kara rolled her hips more boldly onto her thigh, her voice rough and demanding.


Lena hummed some sort of pleased emotion into her throat and started dropping kisses down the side of her neck. She planted a few along her flushed chest then pushed up and pulled Kara’s underwear down, her nails dragging against her hips and thighs. Lena pulled so hard on the garment it stretched out and stitches popped, and Kara’s leg kicked off the side of the bed as she pulled her feet free.


Lena raked her hand through her hair almost flippantly and bent down, crowding in between Kara’s legs on the small bunk. Her palms were hot on her knees as she eased her legs apart and her breath even hotter as she panted against her. Kara’s blush was blushing as lips ghosted across the soft skin high on the inside of her thighs. She was certain her heart was going to leap out of her throat when perfect white teeth grazed where her lips had brushed. Then a warm tongue.


Even with her faculties hindered, Kara’s certain the first drag of Lena’s tongue on her clit is the closest she’s gotten to a real religious experience.


White-hot pleasure crashed into her hips and her body couldn’t decide if it should tense or slack. Lena was bold and thorough, exploring every bit of her until she had found how to make Kara melt into a trembling mess. She could feel sweat dewing on her heated skin as Lena sucked her into her mouth, the heavy knot in her belly tightening again as her brand of a tongue massaged her clit.


Kara whined an ear-burning colorful curse as two fingers pressed into her, stretching around her just as she pressed her tongue broad and flat to her clit. The new slick friction had her clutching at the cheap memory foam pillow, her mouth falling open in a nearly silent cry. She could barely keep her eyes open to watch her dark head and slender pale shoulders between her legs.


It only took a matter of moments for Kara to be reduced to a puddle of garbled words and jittery energy, nearly putting her fist into the drywall when two fingers became three. Her thighs were shaking around Lena’s shoulders, the pillowcase mangled in her crushing grip as she slowly and steadily tumbled into release.


She couldn’t breathe, the overwhelming wave of pleasure freezing her breath in her lungs as she spasmed around Lena’s fingers. It was a complete and utter sensory overload. Kara’s mind dipped into nothingness, black and white and red-gold fireworks crackling across the back of her eyelids as she squeezed her eyes shut. Her orgasm was mind-numbingly intense as the sun that had been trapped inside her ribs boiled over and sent her back arching shallowly off the small bed. She was solely focused on Lena still touching her. Still prolonging the heat under her skin even when she took a desperate breath and her release waned. Her hips jumped weakly into Lena’s mouth as her tongue laved softly over her clit again, almost too sensitive to the point of discomfort. Even with her clumsy fingers reaching for her, Lena stayed at her hips and gently worked her up into another orgasm quicker than Kara thought she was capable of. The muscles in her stomach ached from clenching.


Kara didn’t recognize the breathless strained moans coming from her chest as Lena replaced her mouth with her thumb and started pressing wet kisses to her abdomen. Lena mumbled something about how warm she was and buried her fingers into her, thumb still massaging at the firm bundle of nerves as she kissed up her stomach. The hand that wasn’t still stroking into her wormed under the damp band of her sports bra and pushed it up and over her breasts. She was close enough now that Kara could pull her back up to her, even though she really liked how her mouth felt on her chest.


Kara pulled Lena up and rolled her over with a grunt and clumsy tug. Lena’s shoulder hit the wall with a thump and her hand withdrew from her to clutch at her hip. Kara missed her almost immediately but she was too eager to return the favor, her hands itching to touch and explore. Lena opened her mouth to protest, but Kara reached down and pulled her ruined underwear to the side.


Soft was the first word that Kara latched onto when she touched Lena for the first time. Soft and warm and slick -she pressed two fingers into her slowly to savor how she felt touching her like this. Lena’s mouth fell open in a deep gasp and her head lolled back onto the mattress as she stretched around Kara’s fingers. It was a somewhat awkward angle but Kara was determined even through her heady fog of arousal and her pulse beating heavily between her legs. Lena felt too good and even better as she started curling her fingers into her with each firm pump of her hand. The long column of her throat was entirely too enticing and Kara leaned in to taste her skin. She wanted to taste her, but she felt too good around her fingers to stop what she was doing. She wanted Lena to feel good now , not in the thirty seconds it would take for her to shuffle them around. Patience was currently not in her vocabulary.


Kara relaxed into her, working through the burn in her forearm as Lena clung to her. She held her close with her arm trapped under her ribs, her lips tingling against the vibration of Lena’s voice in her throat. She added her thumb to rub against the firm little bundle of nerves at the top of her sex and blunt nails dug into her back. It didn’t take long for Lena to roll her hips into her hand, her nails raking across her back as the pitch of her moans grew higher and breathier. When she started to stiffen against her Kara picked her head up and watched her face as she came around her fingers. Her perfect brows were pulled together and up, lipstick smudged mouth parted in a silent scream of ecstasy. The rhythmic squeezing around her fingers was divinely addicting. Why had they waited this long?


Lena finally took a breath, the tension in her body going slack after a long moment of suspension. Kara waited a moment just to watch her breathe, and then sank down onto the mattress. Her fingers slipped from Lena and she greedily stuffed them into her mouth. Words were not in her vocabulary at the moment to describe how she tasted, but she sucked each finger clean. She wanted more . There was a bottomless well in her chest that wanted more of Lena and more to give Lena, more than she probably had to give. The warm body shifted next to her and pulled Kara’s focus from her damp fingers back to Lena. Her eyes were still impossibly dark and darting between Kara’s mouth and hand. Kara swallowed thickly and let the wellspring inside of her speak.


“I don’t want to stop.”


Lena exhaled raggedly with a me either and pressed into her, kissing her hotly and rolling her back onto her back. Her hands were already wandering, cupping Kara’s chest and helping her peel off her bunched up sports bra, but Kara stopped her from much else and started pulling her further up her body.


“Let me taste you.”


Lena hastily kicked her underwear off with a fuck and clumsily climbed up to straddle Kara’s jaw. Kara shifted her shoulders to get more comfortable and curled her hands over her thighs as she sank down onto her tongue-



Somewhere over by the door of the tiny little bunk room Lena’s alarm on her phone went off.


The generic chiming pulled Kara up and out of sleep and into a groggy serotonin-hangover of the century. Even though the red sun emulator had been switched off and she had technically recovered, she somehow still felt sore and thoroughly fucked. She groaned and nearly tripped out of the tiny bunk, tiptoeing to the clutch lost in her navy robes as quickly as her tired body would allow her. She found Lena’s phone and stopped the alarm with a sigh of relief, bleary eyes temporarily blinded by the screen. As an afterthought she found her phone in her suit and blinded herself again to turn her alarms off.


Lena sighed from the bed and Kara left their phones on the small work desk before climbing back into the bunk and the warm circle of Lena’s arms. Kara settled back into bed with a tired sigh, smiling into the shared pillow as Lena curled her arm over her ribs and tangled their feet. She remembered most of the previous evening and how it had gone from frantic to a low sizzling heat before settling into kisses and cuddling and murmured words of affection. They had poured out all of their words the night before-even the big L word. It had been past time anyways, and it was just a matter of making up for lost chances.


“Is anyone else up?” Lena whispered, her voice rough from sleep and hours of use. Her thumb stroked under Kara’s shoulder blade as she perked her ear up and listened. All was still.


“Not yet.”


Lena sighed, her breath ghosting against her clavicle as she shifted forward and rested her forehead against Kara’s chin. The wordless request to be held made Kara’s heart ache and she happily wound her arm over her slender shoulders, tilting her mouth down to press a kiss into the slope of her hairline. They laid there for a few quiet moments, but Lena’s thumb kept stroking against her back.


“If we get up in a few minutes we can get cleaned up and leave before everyone else.” Lena murmured.


Kara huffed a small laugh. “Good idea. I’d rather save the awkward group conversation for later.”


Lena nodded, and paused again. Kara could practically hear the gears turning in her head and waited, perfectly content where she was.


“And, um. Then you could come back to my place? The bed’s a little bigger.”


That woke Kara up.


She blinked her eyes open and wriggled down to meet Lena’s eyes in the dim room, her heart fluttering high in her chest.


“You never call out of work.”


“I don’t want to miss this.” Lena moved her hand from Kara’s back to her jaw. “I don’t want to miss you .”


Affection welled up in Kara’s ribs and she opened her mouth to speak, but Lena gently pressed the pads of her fingers to her lips to hush her. Her eyes were so intense Kara closed her mouth and nodded, letting Lena speak. The warm finger tips ghosted across her cheek as Lena inhaled;


“You’re more important than work. Than meetings and money and I don’t need to be present to monitor everything. I’ve wasted too much time watching you and not telling you that I love you and dammit I am going to take every chance I get. My heart is yours, Kara Zor-El, and for once in my goddamn life I want to put my selfish wants first and-and just love you-” 


Lena’s voice broke and her brows pulled together as she focused on keeping herself speaking, her mouth twisting with emotion for a heartbeat.


“I meant everything I said last night, and everything I did. I’m not ready to let you go just yet, even if it is to go to a useless board meeting.”


Kara didn’t bother to wipe at the hot tears prickling her eyes and instead reached out to smooth her thumb over Lena’s cheek.


“Why are you crying, that’s not fair.” She teased with an obvious wobble in her voice.


Lena laughed and turned her face into the pillow, messy hair shifting down around her. “I can’t help it.” Her whine muffled in the pillow.


“Well stoppit, I’m supposed to be crying.” Kara traced her hair behind her ear, uncovering her face.


Lena peered up at her shyly, her eyes shining. “Does that mean you’ll come home with me?”


“Yes, I love you, I’ll always come home with you.” Kara wiped another tear away, blinking against her own. “But I’ll save my heartfelt word-vomit for your bed, if that’s okay? I need to think of some good metaphors.”


Lena rolled her eyes, but she was betrayed by the curve of her smile. “I guess , I’m so embarrassed now.”


“I’ll make sure to say something truly self-mortifying.” Kara reassured her and leaned across the last couple inches to kiss her eyebrow.


“You better, you owe me-” Lena grumbled and lifted her face out of the pillow for a proper kiss.


Kara happily obliged her, and then tucked her face into Lena’s neck with a watery laugh a rolled them over for a few more private moments of affection.