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Two Queens Stand Before Me (a friend-fic)

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Chapter 1: daddy Finnick

With each new sunrise, the amount of contestants in the arena diminished. She must admit, at first when Taylor's name was pulled from the large glass bowl filled with he names of the mothers and daughters that surrounded her, she felt sick. She barely had anything in her stomach due to the poor circumstances in district twelve and yet she thought she may throw up something the size of a horse. When Taylor arrived in the arena, she contemplated letting herself be the first kill, but now, with her being in the final four, she felt a rare and surprising sense of hope. Taylor was then reminded of the lyric from the queen Lana of Del Rey "hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have". That quote is orgasmic. 

Taylor is currently hiding in a tree about half way to the top. What she did not know was another contestant had already climbed that tree, and when he saw her approaching, climbed a few more branches so he could plana sneak attack. But as time went on, he couldn't find it in him to kill her. He watched her for a creepy amount of time, completely forgetting everything was being broadcasted on national television. He wondered was she was thinkin about... He got so lost in thought, he hadn't noticed she had noticed him and is now holding a machete to his neck (kinky ;]). But just like him, Taylor couldn't find it in herself to kill such a hot bloke (lmfao British word). In Taylor fashion, she somehow managed to fall out of the tree and smack her head against the root at the bottom. She was knocked out. Finnick cackled because that shit is funny as hell. But then he was concerned of course and so he jumped down, took of his shirt (ha ha.. nice) and used the rest of his water to dampen it and pressed it against her head. 

Taylor's eyes fluttered open after a while and she suddenly remembered what had happened. She felt very embarrassed. 


Chapter 2: The Bitch in the Sky

After Taylor and Finnick had been chatting for a few hours, it was announced that the other two tributes had killed each other; one speared the other but before they died, she whipped out a machine gun (still a mystery how she got that), and shot at her murderer... 

Taylor and Finnick looked at each other, knowing what that meant; one had to kill the other now. Suddenly, the familiar face of Abbington Kootney the Third (head of the Capitol) appeared in the sky. This was very strange... Abbington only appears when the hunger games are officially over. Abbington began to speak: 

" Greetings my sexy beasts! T'is I, the baddy from the Cappy, Abby! Me and a celebrity guest have come up with a brilliant idea to end the Hunger Games this year. Most of the country loves this new romance and so in order to have a less violent ending, you love birds will have a new ending. Be prepared to sissy that walk, and one of you will sashay away..." 

At the end of Abbingtons speech, Finnick looked at Taylor confused. Taylor was confused as well, but not for the same reason as Finnick. You see, Finnick isn't familiar with drag queens, but Taylor is. Her confusion was what the fuck was RuPaul doing at the Capitol?


Chapter 3: YAAASSS

Suddenly, the RuPaul was seen descending from the sky, Trina Vega style:


Is Victorious: Season 2: Who Did It to Trina? on Netflix Spain?


RuPaul, looking fabulous, spoke into the microphone: 

"Two queens stand before me. The time has come, for you to lip sync For. Your. Life. Tonight, these two queens will perform a lip sync to the countries national anthem: Fearless written by Taylor Swift. Good luck, and Dont fuck. it. up."

Suddenly, the Fearless began to play. Finnick was bewildered. Gobsmacked. Absolutely and inexplicably confused. What the fuck is happening. 

Taylor whispered "just lip sync and dance, no questions now"

"There's somethin' bout the way
The street looks when it's just rained"

Finnick and Taylor begin to lipsync and move around a bit...


By the end of the lip sync, Finnick had perfected twerking which was something the country (and Taylor) definitely wanted to see. 

The two queens served. They gave charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent! The final decision was in the hands of RuPaul. 

"Taylor Rush, shantay you stay." 

Taylor's heart sank. She felt relief for about 2 seconds before she felt a stinging in her heart. 

"Finnick Odair............ shantay you also stay. No queens are going home tonight." 

Just as Finnick rushed (no pun intended) over to Taylor to pick her up and give her a giant hug, RuPaul started giggling.

"I lied. There is a queen going home tonight, and its ME! The Hunger games must end." 

Before anything could be said, Ru whipped out a Glock and shot Finnick and Taylor. They died together, still in an embrace. RuPaul was wheeled back up into the sky. 


the end!