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After a long journey, the guild members finally arrived at the old mining town. The town was already inhabited by a few scattered people, and some of the buildings had been restored with the limited resources on hand.

The group examined their surroundings, taking in the decrepit town. In their immediate vicinity there was an old, empty fountain, a building that was somewhat restored, and two abandoned buildings. The sorcerer groaned, her shoulders slumping slightly.

“Does this town even have a proper place for us to stay?”

“We can always camp out in a tent!” The paladin interjected, perhaps a little too joyfully.

“Maybe we can use one of the abandoned buildings? There’s a lot of them around here.” The priest commented, he gripped his staff close to himself.

The sorcerer sighs, but before she could respond an old man walked up to them.

“Hello everyone, are you from the guild?” The old man asked.

“We are.” The sorcerer answered.

The man looked rather happy at the answer.

“Good Day young Novices, welcome to The Outlook.” He greeted.

The man gestured to their surroundings. “We arrived here just a little while ago, to see if we could restore the town to its old glory. See, around 10 years ago some evil presence took over the Tower and the Keltonite Mines beneath it. Without access to the mines, the town could not cope for long and it was eventually abandoned.”

He shook his head solemnly, then looked toward the group with a light in his eyes. “Now with the help from your guild I hope we will be able to start restoring this area and eventually take the Tower back!”

The man beamed at them expectantly.

“Of course, we’ll help!” the paladin exclaimed, hopping a little in place. The priest nodded eagerly, excited to assist the town. The sorcerer made a single confident nod before speaking.

“That is what we’re here for, and the information is appreciated. But may I ask who you are?”

“Ah, yes, my apologies. I am Mayor Michael Ross, but you can call me Mayor Michael. I will be watching over the progress of the town. If you ever need to find me, I am often at my desk in the town hall.”

Another round of nods came from the guild members. The interaction seemingly over, Mayor Michael departed from the group in the direction of the building nearby. ‘Probably the town hall’, the sorcerer inferred.

“What do we do now? Go to the mines?” The priest asked.

The sorcerer shook her head.

“We should probably meet with the guild master first. That and it would probably be best if we were to rest before entering the mines.”

The sorcerer surveyed the area and spotted an elderly woman. Gathering her energy, interacting with people was exhausting honestly, she approached the woman. The elderly woman noticed her and greeted enthusiastically:

“Hi! I know everyone around these parts and then some more.”

The sorcerer stalled a little in her approach at the greeting, before continuing onward.

“Hello, do you know where Guild Master Calhoun is?”

The elderly woman nodded; a hand gently placed on her face. “The guild master is in the Guild Hall. It’s a little up North of here. Just look for the sign pointing to “The Broken Ace” and I’m sure you’ll find it.” She leaned in a little. “I heard guild master Calhoun is some kind of ‘Ace’ around the realm, but you should already know that I suppose? One has to wonder why he named the Guild Hall “The Broken Ace” really.”

“Woah, that is weird!” The paladin nodded as she bounced from foot to foot.

“The mayor, Michael Ross, is really trying to get this town back in order.” The elderly woman continued. “Lance Grey was selected by Michael as the town prefect because of his strong skills in administration and organization.”

The sorcerer made a small sound of affirmation, “That’s nice to know, but we really must be goi-”

“Smith John Barro apparently had a troubling past before he decided to join us up here.”

The priest spoke up, “Are you sure he wants you telling people tha-”

“Even though trader Darren Epps is a fair man, his prices could be a bit up there. At least his keys stay the same price…”

“We have to-”

“Elianda is a close friend of mine and a great apothecary. She should be around here somewhere, if not, she might have snuck into the mines to restock her supply.”

The elderly woman was gently stopped by a hand on her mouth. The paladin beamed brightly, “Thanks so much for talking with us, but we need to meet with our guild master!”. The paladin removed her hand once she had said her piece.

The elderly woman looked a bit bashful, “Yes, yes, of course. Please excuse a curious old bag. Don’t be afraid to come back with more gossip.” The curious old bag smiled and waved as the group left.

They quickly walked past the old fountain. “Once this fountain used to be full of water.”
a dumb oaf commented as they passed.

The sign was located with little trouble, and the group climbed the stairs up to the guild hall. Once inside the stone building, they quickly found the guild master standing by a table. He was a tall older man, with a long white beard.

The paladin waved excitedly. “Guild master Calhoun!”

The man turned around and examined the group with a steady gaze before offering a nod in greeting.

“Took you long enough.” Calhoun crossed his arms. “As you know, our guild will be dealing with both the Tower and the restoration of the town. So, you will also be in charge of collecting any ore you find in the mines and the Tower. The townspeople have set up an elevator of sorts to help with the collection.”

“Is there a place for us to sleep?” The priest asks.

“There are a few rooms upstairs you can use. They’re a bit dusty but that’s not my problem.”

Calhoun stares at the guild members once more before seeming to come to a decision.

“You all are novices are you not? If you help me rebuild the Guild Hall, I’ll train you, for a fee of course. It should be in your own interest, as a member of this guild.”

The paladin immediately raised her hand, jumping a bit.

“Yes! Yes, we accept! It would be an honour learning from you!”

The paladin’s outburst startles the other two members, but they nod eagerly once they recover.

“I’ll do my best to learn!” The priest joined in.

The sorcerer offers a simple “Thank you.”

“Good. You also have the soul stones that were provided?”

The group nodded.

“Then I’ll see you after you attempt the mines.” At that, Calhoun deemed the conversation at its end and turned back to the paperwork on the table.

“We should head upstairs for now. It was a long journey to get here and I don’t doubt that the Tower will be treacherous.” The sorcerer states. She then left to go upstairs without waiting for an answer from the others. The priest and the paladin hurried to follow her.

The two caught up to the sorcerer in one of the bedrooms. The room contained a set of four beds with chests at the end of each bed. The beds were placed so that the room was symmetrical with two beds on each of the side walls. Each bed was fitted with simple grey sheets. The two windows on the far wall were falling apart, the glass cracked and missing in certain places. The curtains did little to cover the damage as they themselves were torn and ragged. The beds, though a little rickety, seemed to have been tampered with recently, the rest of the room had a small layer of dust with occasional cobwebs.

The sorcerer, after seeing the state of the room, was torn between deciding to clean first, or nap first. In contrast, the priest immediately turned around and found the nearest closet for some cleaning supplies. The paladin followed suit with the priest’s decision and grabbed a nearby broom. The sorcerer, upon seeing that her companions had decided to clean first, resigned herself to her fate and helped them clean the room.

The group did what they could to clean the room. They mostly focused on the dust and cobwebs, though both the priest and the sorcerer left the cobwebs to the paladin. The beds and the windows would have to be dealt with at a later time.

Once the room was reasonably clean, the group stopped to observe their work.

The priest looked rather proud of himself, “It’ll be easier to sleep now without the dust.”

“And the bugs!” The paladin chirped. The sorcerer shivered a little at the reminder.

As the group went about putting away the cleaning supplies, a soft rumble disturbed the quiet. The sorcerer and priest stared at the paladin, who simply smiled and pointed at her stomach.

“Ah ha ha. Looks like my stomach is making the rumblies.”

The sorcerer nodded, “We haven’t eaten in a while, we should probably grab something before sleeping”.

Another rumble, albeit a little louder, answered.

The priest flushed a little, “I think my stomach has already agreed for me.”

With everyone in agreeance, the group finished cleaning up and headed downstairs.

Upon arriving on the ground floor, they once again approached Guild Master Calhoun, much to his disapproving gaze.

“What is it? I doubt you have already attempted the mines.”

The priest looked a little sheepish, “Is there a place where we could find food?”

Calhoun merely points his thumb to what seems to be a wooden pantry before returning to his paperwork.

The group finds the wooden pantry to be filled with rations. The rations are a little dry, but it's sufficient in satiating their hunger.

With their bellies satisfied, they retreated to the bedroom and settled in their uncomfortable beds.

The rest will be needed for the next day’s exploration.