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One More Floor

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The guild has sent a few of their members to the Forsaken Tower to assist in the elimination of the Blue Dragon, Thundersnow, that has recently taken residence there. Additionally, they have also been encouraged to help restore the old mining town, The Outlook, at the base of the Forsaken Tower.

To assist in their explorations of the tower, they will each be given a soul stone. The soul stones will be tied to their souls and the location, The Outlook. This will ensure that if the members’ soul stones become depleted in the tower, or more commonly referred to as ‘dying’, they will be revived back in town.

The soul stones may also be temporarily linked to any other members for revival measures. However, the soul stones that have been provided have a limit of linking to up to four people at a time. There is also a risk of the soul stones malfunctioning if more than four soul stones are depleted and the users are revived simultaneously at the designated location. Because of this it has been decided that any members that participate in exploring the tower must do so in groups of up to four members.

It has been established that there are several statues that will restore the soul stones to their original energy condition. This provides further incentive for the guild to provide soul stones to the participating members.

The guild will not hold responsibility for any mercenaries that attempt the tower as they are not members of the guild. As such, they will not be provided with soul stones from the guild.

Mercenaries have access to lesser soul stones. Lesser soul stones have the ability to link with other soul stones but do not have the ability to link with a designated location.

The Guild Master, Calhoun, will also be staying in The Outlook for the duration of the assignment.

Currently, only one party has volunteered to explore the Tower. The party is composed of one sorcerer, one paladin, and one priest. Their names are as follows: Aura Orbin (The sorcerer), Lissa Springflare (The paladin), and Ray Dustshine (The priest).