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pay no worship to the garish sun

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Rain drummed at the windows as Jose woke. Ugh. I don’t want to go to work today. It was bound to be a dreary day, and all his muscles ached. He stretched carefully, detangled himself from the disheveled covers and rolled to kiss the woman beside him, only to be rudely greeted by an empty spot beside him on the bed. 

He shoved some hair out of his face and sat up with a slightly undignified groan. The small apartment Carmen stayed in was sparsely furnished; a bed, an eternally disarrayed closet, a little table with a couple chairs. It took longer than it should have for Jose’s eyes to land on Carmen sitting on the table. He felt suddenly awake and flushed; she was wearing his uniform. It was too big on her; the pants miles too long and the open jacket falling haphazardly off her shoulders. The effect was maddening. She smiled brightly at him and shrugged it a little farther down her arms.  


Jose could hardly untie his tongue long enough to respond. “Good morning...why are you wearing that…?”

She pouted and flounced over to the bed. “I thought you’d like it!” Straddling his legs on the edge of the bed, she let the jacket slip further off her shoulders as she trailed a finger along the scratches and marks she had covered his chest in the night before. He kissed her. She guided his hands to her now-bare waist and grinned at his shiver when her own hands strayed a little lower. 

“I do! I—god, I do—but I really can’t stay home today,” he gasped, “I have to be on patrol by 7.” 

She sighed and pulled at his hair teasingly. “I suppose you’ll be needing this, then?” 

“I’m afraid so,” he replied when he could catch his breath and break his gaze away from her dark eyes, disastrous hair, perfect neck. These moments with her never felt long enough, even after nights that left them both ruined and too tired to move. She was intoxicating. He hardly remembered his life before they met, and could even less imagine his life without her now, even if every touch seemed to bring him closer to damnation. 

“Well,” she bit sharply at his jaw,“I suppose you’ll have to take it by force from the horrible scoundrel of a woman who stole it, then.” 

He let her shove him roughly back on the bed and gave the dawning morning light no further thought.