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Cobra in Dirty Pair-adise

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3WA’s most infamous trouble consultants had been tracking down a man with a bounty on his head. He had a high body count, yet those who were asked about him spoke of him in a positive light. Still, it was the job of the Lovely Angels to bring him to justice. Kei and Yuri were now flying through the stars in hot pursuit of the Turtle, the ship that the man called Cobra piloted. He had been spotted near a leisure planet, and Kei and Yuri knew it was the perfect opportunity to arrest him. Lasers flew through the orbit of the planet, the Turtle dodging their hits.

“Get back here!” Kei shouted. “I’m having trouble keeping up with him.”

“Maybe if you aimed better, we’d be able to land a hit,” said Yuri.

“I can’t land a hit because these new uniforms are riding up my ass crack,” said Kei. “Whose idea was it to work thongs into these?”

Before they departed for their mission, Kei and Yuri had been asked to test a new look for the 3WA’s trouble consultant outfits. They largely resembled the pair’s usual outfits, except with deeper cut cleavage and a thong for the bottom, leaving their ass cheeks fully exposed. Kei didn’t mind it inside their ship, as her ass was usually planted there anyway, but it was becoming difficult to focus on firing her lasers correctly when she felt the string of her shorts digging into her cheeks, rubbing against her asshole. Yuri was having the same problem with her steering, but trying to deny it.

“There he is!” Yuri said, turning the ship hard.

The Turtle opened fire in return. A blast hit the ship’s wing, causing it to begin to spiral towards the planet waiting below. As it was falling, Kei turned the blasters towards the underside of the Turtle. Cobra had been trying to patch through to the ship. He did just in time to see that the pilots were two young, beautiful women. He was so taken by their presence that he didn’t bother returning fire or putting up the shield. So the Turtle fell along the same path as the Lovely Angel.

The small planet was unnamed. It was a largely tropical moon surrounding the leisure planet just below, equal parts ocean and primal forests that looked like the place where mankind had begun. The two ships landed only a short distance from each other, their pilots unharmed but with the engines busted. The doors to the ships opened, and the four persons aboard each of the ships met.

“Cobra! You’re under arrest!” said Kei.

“We’ve finally got you right where we want you,” said Yuri.

“Ladies, I didn’t know we’d be going on vacation together. I haven’t even booked my tickets. Unless you’re trying to upsell me into a timeshare. That’s the only reason I’d have to decline,” he said smoothly.

“We know who you are, Space Pirate Cobra!” said Yuri.

“And I know who you are. The Lovely Angels, from the 3WA,” said Cobra. “I’ve been their most requested for months.”

“That’s the Dirty Pair, not Lovely Angels,” said Kei. “Wait, that’s the other way around. Oh forget it.”

“Cobra, I’ve surveyed the damage to the ships,” said Lady Armaroid, walking up to Cobra’s side. “Both of them will need about twelve hours to be repaired. This moon has plentiful natural resources that we can use for survival and ship repair. Lovely Angels, I will do repairs on your ship as well. We’re in this boat together.”

“Looks like we’re going to be camping together,” said Cobra. “That crash landing left me a little scuffed up. Why don’t we clean ourselves first?”

“We can clean ourselves without your help,” said Yuri.

As Kei and Yuri walked away, heading towards the nearest lake that they could use for a quick bath, Cobra took notice of the new thong uniforms the 3WA had assigned to them. He saw everything. Yuri was the more bottom-heavy of the two, but Kei’s tanned brown cheeks were appealing to him on a primal level. Lady saw the signs of an erection growing in Cobra’s pants. She knew that he was a womanizer, but in the end, he always came back to her. If he fooled around with Kei and Yuri and offered them some money from his last adventure, they wouldn’t mind. The 3WA was all about profit.

Kei and Yuri stripped out of their uniforms at the lakeside, hanging them on the branches of a nearby tree. Kei had darker nipples, a shade of reddish brown, compared to Yuri’s coral pink. Yuri’s areolae were puffier while Kei’s were slightly wider, though Kei had a larger bust. Both of them had bushy pubic hair that grew all the way back to their assholes, only leaving their armpits shaved due to the nature of their outfits, though their pits had gotten quite sweaty. As the two of them settled into the lake, they talked with each other and complained about their problems.

“This is the worst!” said Kei. “We’ve gone missing and we’re stranded with the criminal we were supposed to be chasing.”

“I thought the robot lady with him seemed nice. She did offer to repair our ship free of charge,” said Yuri. “Maybe it’s one of those ‘honorable duel’ sort of things.”

“Yeah, but you saw the guy’s wanted poster. He’s packing a gun in his left arm,” said Kei. “He’s always armed and we’re defenseless right now. If we didn’t need to calm our bodies down, I’d think we were making a stupid mistake.”

“It’s never a mistake to take a bath,” said Yuri. “Feel the water soaking into your joints. The only way this could be better is if it was a hot spring.”

Kei and Yuri were so busy grousing that they didn’t notice the sounds of a predatory, beastial insect-like creature stalking the woods near them. It had heard the sounds of the ship crashing, and came to investigate. The ships had landed near its territory, and the insects could get very territorial. Kei and Yuri heard the buzzing noise, but by the time they got out of the water and to their blasters, it might be too late.

That was when Cobra, his left arm’s prosthetic removed to reveal the Psychogun, fired a beam across the sky. It lit up the night like fireworks, blasting through the insect’s head and causing it to collapse to the ground. Cobra resheathed his weapon, ignoring the insect’s corpse in the background as he approached the girls. “Who are these two bathing Artemises I have happened upon? You won’t turn me into a stag, will you? I’ve never been one for stag parties.”

“You saved us,” said Yuri.

“I aimed for the part of its body that won’t release pheromones to alert the rest of its kind,” said Cobra. “I couldn’t ignore two ladies with a fine pair of asses like you two. You’ll find there are much worse criminals than me out there to pursue.”

“We do owe you a debt of gratitude,” said Kei. “What exactly do you have in mind?”

Cobra stayed at the lakeside. He looked inside both the Turtle and the Lovely Angel, and found sleeping bags and some basic cooking equipment. With the less dangerous animals and fruits native to this place, it would be easy for him to cook up something warm and delicious for dinner. He lit a fire a short distance from the lake, using a pot to start cooking dinner. The smells of simmering meat and fresh fruit lured Kei and Yuri out of the water. They hadn’t eaten since the mission began, and the uniforms running through their ass cleavage weren’t helping.

“Do you angels want some booze?” asked Cobra.

“We’re not of age,” said Kei.

“Next year, dammit!” Yuri said.

“If you’re not drinking, then I won’t either,” said Cobra, tossing aside his oxy-cigar. “I want to be in my best mental state before the night begins. Come over here, ladies. Dinner’s almost ready.”

Cobra had prepared a quick stew, thrown together from what Lady’s research had told him about this area. He passed around spoons to Kei and Yuri. They were wearing only a towel, providing them some cover against the night air. Even in their towels, Cobra could see Kei’s cleavage and the shape of Yuri’s hips. These women were in the prime of their youth, their bodies sparkling and voluptuous. The closest experience he could think of was when he had spent the night with Bonny and Secret.

“We’re always being yelled at by the boss,” said Kei. “If criminals handed themselves over quietly, we wouldn’t cause so much damage.”

“You’re so purehearted, Kei. Causing damage is a part of the job. A necessity,” said Yuri. “Mr. Cobra, what brings you to these parts?”

“I was informed there was going to be a bacchanalia out in the woods,” said Cobra. “Looks like I found it unexpectedly. It’s been a while since I’ve been with a flesh and blood woman, and there’s nobody on this planet except us. What else is a man and woman to do to pass the time?”

“Just because I’m looking for a boyfriend doesn’t mean I’m not open to casual sex,” said Kei. “It’s the least I can do.”

“I get first dibs,” Yuri said. “He clearly likes women with longer hair and perkier asses more.”

“You’re both beautiful,” said Cobra. “Let me pitch a tent and we can get the show going.” He smirked, but he did mean literally making a tent. Keeping out the elements at night was important, even on a planet like this one. The rainstorms at night could be harsh for any unprotected travelers. Lady had advised them to stay outside while she dove into the engines to repair the ships’ most vital functions.

Cobra unbuckled his belt and removed his red clothes, stripping down to nothing. He was now naked alongside the girls. The man was in shape, even if he no longer had the boyishly handsome face of his youth, before he had gotten plastic surgery. Kei and Yuri blushed red, covering their mouths and trying to hold back their breath. Even soft, the man was hung. He had the biggest dick either of them had seen, and his balls were nothing bad either. They hung down with a weight to them that said this man had stamina. Kei and Yuri silently nodded to each other, agreeing that sharing this man was the only way either of them would make this night pleasant without breaking out into a gunfight.

“Mr. Cobra!” the two of them said together.

“Just Cobra is fine,” Cobra said. He lay back on a blanket that had been set up near the tent, his hands behind his back, his muscular body illuminated by the first of the stars coming out from behind the black curtain of night. Kei and Yuri threw aside their towels, baring their naked bodies and approaching Cobra with a look of jealousy and lust, eager to throw themselves at his dick.

Kei and Yuri, their butts visible to either side, went up to Cobra’s legs and wrapped their breasts around his dick from either side. Kei and Yuri’s hard nipples overlapped, each of their tips pressing against the others’ areolae as Cobra’s cock poked out from between the four breasts, the tip shining with precum. He felt his balls rubbing against the underside of their breasts. The weight of Kei’s bosom made him quickly rise to a full erection, throbbing and getting long enough for the girls to reach forward, ready to begin sucking.

The Dirty Pair opened their mouths, drooling into their cleavage and soaking Cobra’s cock in their saliva. Kei massaged his shaft with her breasts, squeezing it between her pillowy cleavage. Kei’s large, soft breasts felt as fluffy as her hair. Cobra looked at her with a smile, running his hands through her hair and thanking her for giving him a really great titjob. Yuri was crying out, her nipples sensitive from Kei’s pressing against her own. Yuri rubbed her breasts up and down, going against Kei’s side to side to compete with her. Both of them wanted Cobra to cum, fighting to be the one who claimed to make him shoot.

“Don’t get haughty just because you’ve got big boobs,” said Yuri.

“You’re always more focused on your own pleasure than the guy’s dick. Not a very caring lover,” said Kei.

“Kei!” Yuri shouted.

While Yuri was fuming, Kei opened her mouth and pulled Cobra’s dick to her side. Her lips closed around the glans, sucking on it and slurping his precum. He had the refined taste of an older man, and the sweat that lined his cock was the right flavor of salty to sate Kei’s taste. She lowered her head, taking as much of his thick, long shaft into her mouth as she could, sucking and slurping at his dick. Cobra grunted happily, pleased with the skill of Kei’s blowjob. He had been with three sisters before, but two hired guns was a new experience.

“Sush a meaty cock,” said Kei.

“Stop hogging his hog. Let me lick it,” said Yuri. Kei let Cobra’s dick pop out of her mouth. Yuri grabbed it, swirling her tongue around the shaft to wipe off Kei’s saliva and replace it with her own. She sucked, focusing on the underside of Cobra’s glans. All the while, the two girls kept rubbing their breasts against his member. His balls were starting to tense up in preparation for blowing their load. They could sense the heat of his cock, yet they weren’t prepared for what was to come.

Yuri let his cock spring back to the center of their breasts. As Kie and Yuri pressed their nipples against each other, they brought Cobra’s dick to its breaking point. The man had incredible sexual stamina, but even he could only take so much from a beautiful lady.

As the two women’s breasts pressed together, Cobra’s cock erupted with the hot white spunk of his first load. It shot into the air like a party popper, raining down on their naked bodies. It landed on their faces and splattered across the tops of their breasts, rolling down into their cleavage and covering their nipples in semen. The smell of raw cum filled the air, and Kei and Yuri felt their pussies growing wetter. Hungry for cock, they played a quick game of rock-paper-scissors to determine who would get to have him first. Yuri won, which she had no shame in flaunting.

Yuri bent over in the grass, waving her plush ass in the air. She smacked her butt cheeks with her hand, showing Cobra her pussy, covered in bluish-black hair and dripping with love juice. “Come on, Mister Space Pirate,” Yuri said coyly. “Don’t you want a piece of this? Come and get it.”

Cobra approached Yuri. She saw his cock, glimmering like the Psychogun, underneath the starlight near the planet. It was as hard as it had been before, with drops of semen still dripping from the tip, lubing it up for easy entry. Cobra’s large hands grabbed onto Yuri’s backside, spreading open her cheeks to get an easy look at her pussy. In a single stroke, his cockhead spread open her lips and plunged all the way inside, until it was at her womb. Yuri let out a loud, ecstatic yelp when she felt her entire lower body submit to the girth of Cobra’s rod. Sweat dripped from her forehead and fell off her nipples, appearing like morning dew on the grass.

“How does that feel?” asked Cobra.

“Holy shit, you’re thick,” Yuri said. “Look, Kei. You can see where we’re connected. Start fucking me, space pirate.”

He moved his hips with a steady rhythm, thrusting in and out of Yuri doggy style. Yuri’s moans were loud enough that they could be heard from a distance in the wide open forest. Out here in nature, she embraced her basest instincts, as if begging the creatures of the forest to watch them copulating. With each thrust of Cobra’s dick, her breasts shook back and forth and her ass cheeks jiggled. Yuri couldn’t see Cobra’s face, yet she didn’t need to. Everything about him she wanted to know was spreading upwards, warm and tingling, from her lower body.

“You’re such a slut, Yuri,” said Kei. “Don’t forget about me.”

Kei cozied up to Cobra. She wrapped her breasts around his muscular arm, the softness hugging him from the side. The warmth of Kei’s breasts against his body made Cobra harder inside Yuri, causing her to let out a gasp when she felt the entrance to her pussy widening even further. Kei ran her hands across Cobra’s chest, breathing softly in his ear and feeling up his form. He wasn’t all muscle. There was some fat in there. The man was in good shape in general, and despite his age being older than hers, Kei had never fallen in love with a man so deeply and so quickly before.

As Kei caressed his chest, she bent down and licked across his nipple. Cobra was surprised that a woman was playing with those. Kei rolled her tongue around his areola, watching as the tip got hard enough for her to suck on it. Cobra laughed as small buzzes of pleasure traveled down his body, making his balls become excited and his dick throb inside Yuri’s wet pussy. He kept pounding Yuri, going harder and rougher on her pussy. Yuri’s moans were rising in intensity while Kei continued teasing his nipples. Cobra was already somewhat sensitive from the first shot, and Yuri’s pussy was far too good around him for him to hold on much longer.

“What a beautiful ass. Like two white peaches underneath the moon,” said Cobra. “Lovely Angels, do you want me to cum inside you?”

“Yes!” Yuri and Kei said.

Cobra gripped Yuri’s butt cheeks so tight that he left fingerprints on her ass flesh. He blew his second load, cumming hard inside Yuri. Her folds were overfilled with cum, flowing back out of her pussy and rolling down her thighs as it mixed with her love juices. Yuri was panting heavily, sweating as she came seconds after. She had never felt so exhausted and overjoyed after having sex before. Her ass remained raised in the air, spilling its contents onto the grass. Yuri turned back to Kei. “I drained him hard. Your jungle pussy can’t make him cum harder than I can!”

Kei lay back on the blanket, spreading her legs. While Yuri kept her bush trimmed a little to prevent any stray hairs from showing out of her skimpy uniforms, Kei let it grow to where it went around to her butthole and gave her a faintly visible happy trail. She spread her legs, showing her pussy and hard clit to Cobra. She was sopping wet, waiting for him to penetrate her and take her body. Cobra placed his hand on her breast, rolling his fingers around the tip of her nipple. He loved the cute way Kei moaned when her breasts were played with, getting her worked up for the main event.

“Cobra, if you don’t mind being with a tomboy like me...” said Kei.

“I don’t mind at all,” Cobra said. “You’re beautiful, Kei.”

His dick was covered in semen, saliva, sweat and Yuri’s pussy juice. It was slick and hard, and slid into Kei slowly. Kei cried out as it spread open her lips, pushing deeper inside her. She clenched her pelvic muscles, clamping her pussy folds down on Cobra’s cock to keep him inside her warm and sticky pussy. She was blushing bright red, trembling with pleasure as Cobra leaned over, looking into her eyes. Kei no longer saw him as an outlaw to apprehend, but a man she wanted to spend more time with. Yet both of them traveled the cosmos. This may have been the only time their paths would cross.

Cobra began fucking Kei, moving his cock in and out of her with hard thrusts. Each piston pounding made Kei’s breasts wobble, beads of sweat rolling down her curves. Kei moaned seductively, her body giving into pleasure. Cobra refrained from kissing her, but instead kept his hands on her stomach, holding tightly as he kept moving back and forth. The squelching sounds coming from between her legs reached Yuri’s ears, turning her on and making her jealous. Once with Cobra wasn’t enough for her. She saw the two of them going at it in missionary.

The man’s broad back was the main thing in her view, followed by the spot where Cobra and Kei were connected. His dick dipped into her pussy, emerging covered in a sticky film of nectar. She saw Kei’s butthole, puckering and twitching on its own in response to the stimuli coming from the hole above. She also saw Cobra’s ass. When he wore his form-fitting red suit, Yuri had gotten a look at his well-toned ass. The man had a butt that was as sexy as her own. Kei had made her round more intense when she played with his nipples, and Yuri wanted to return the favor.

Yuri got close to Cobra’s asshole. Cobra liked to be the dominant one in his relationships, but if he trusted a woman, he had no problems letting her play with him. He’d had his ass fingered before. Yuri was going bolder. She got close enough to smell it, taken back by the manly scent, and then started licking it. The taste was somewhat more bitter than she expected, but Yuri licked it all the same. She rolled her tongue around Cobra’s ass, coating it in her saliva and sucking up the sweat, before wriggling the tip of her tongue down into his butt.

She wasn’t able to reach his prostate, but having a woman’s tongue inside his ass took Cobra by surprise. Kei felt his dick grow bigger inside her, and she let out a cry. “Yuri! What are you doing back there?”

“It’s called payback,” said Yuri, looking up from Cobra’s ass before diving back in. Yuri slurped her tongue around the insides of his ass, teasing it and making him throbbing hard inside Kei’s pussy. Cobra thanked Yuri for her trouble, and kept thrusting with repeated motions, growing faster and stronger as Kei’s folds wrapped around his girthy shaft. Yuri changed her target of attack, moving her mouth from his tongue to his balls. She popped one of his heavy testicles in her mouth, brushing her tongue against his sack and warming them up for another big release.

As Yuri played with his body from behind, Cobra looked into Kei’s eyes. “Are you still going to arrest me now?”

“Why would I arrest the man who made me cum?” Kei asked sweetly. “This is the best night of my life.”

Hearing those words whispered, Cobra pushed one more time into Kei. Yuri felt the incoming orgasm in his balls. Cobra sprayed his load inside Kei, filling her folds with ropes of hot, white cum. Like Yuri, Kei was overfilled until it flowed back out of her pussy and onto Cobra’s dick. Cobra pulled out his dick, now at a still impressive half-mast, and saw Kei’s sweaty body lying back on the blanket. She placed her hand on her stomach, feeling the fresh load of cum Cobra had just blown inside her. Her entire lower body was tingling, unable to think of anything but his dick.

“Who was better?” Kei and Yuri asked a few minutes later. The sweat had cooled their bodies down and they had recovered their stamina. Cobra and the two of them were still raring to go.

“I can’t choose. You were both incredible,” said Cobra. “Let’s keep the festivities going until our bodies fall asleep on their own.”

They kept fucking long into the night. Lady couldn’t hear the sounds of their fornication over the noisy repair work she was doing on the ships. When the morning dawned, Lady went looking for Cobra and the Dirty Pair. They weren’t at the campsite, though the smell of sex still lingered where they had been going at it. From the shape of their clothes, they hadn’t bothered to get dressed since the sex began. Lady detected Cobra’s signal coming from a natural hot spring a short walk away from the ships.

Cobra was sitting in the bubbling hot spring, the two officers at his side. Kei and Yuri were rubbing up against him, pressing their breasts against his body and letting him grope their asses. They looked refreshed after finally getting some sleep, but the state of their bodies made it clear they had been having some more sex in the hot springs after breakfast.

“It’s a shame we have to part,” said Yuri.

“Cobra, you’ve obviously had hundreds of girlfriends,” said Kei. “I have no doubt I’m the best.”

“You mean me,” said Yuri.

“How many times did you cum last night?” asked Kei.

“Must have been three times in each of you,” said Cobra. “I’m not a man who chooses. It’s better to have a woman on each arm than encourage such beautiful ladies to fight. I have enough affection for everybody.”

“Cobra, Lovely Angels, the repairs to the ship are complete,” said Lady. “Please dry off and get dressed. If the 3WA finds out we went missing, they’ll start investigating.”

“Looks like it’s time for me to take off,” said Cobra. “Thanks for the memories.”

“No, thank you,” said Kei and Yuri in unison.

They boarded the ships. Cobra watched Kei and Yuri’s asses in their thongs as they headed towards the cockpit. There was more treasure out there in the universe waiting for him to find it, and more cases for the Dirty Pair to take on. Kei and Yuri would omit this from their reports, leaving it to be a pleasant secret known only to a few. Their pussies still remembered, and hoped for the day when their paths would cross with Cobra again. It was only a matter of time.