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What Have I Done Wrong?

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Tony groaned, his face buried in his arms, head still heavy and sick from the engineering work he had done. 

There was a soft ‘poof’ and Tony found himself in a cloud of green. Loki. He thought. Who else would it be? 

“Stark?” The unmistakable soft voice of Loki whispered, searching for the mortal genius. When the mischievous Scandinavian God stepped closer to Tony's work table, Tony couldn't but admire his long and lean body. His heart bloomed with warmth but was suddenly replaced by anger. 

“Loki?!” Tony shrieked, but the feeling contained in his voice wasn't happy or delightful, Loki shivered at it. 

“Yes?” The god replied, but didn't dare to turn to face Tony. 

“Where the hell did you go?!” Tony yelled angrily. Loki frowned, but didn’t make any move to offend the mortal. “You just poofed and freaked me out, then just after we started our relationship, you poofed away and left me in a sobbing mess?!”

Loki was speechless to that. 

“Didn’t you know how much I loved you, and how much I care about you?! All I wanted is just you to be safe from every kind of danger! You disappeared into thin air and didn’t come back until now! It has been 3 weeks!” Tony shouted with rage and stood up from the work stand.

“Anthony-” Loki started, wanting to tell Tony the truth why he went away.

“What have I done wrong, Loki? What made you so upset? Why did you leave me?!” Tony continued to bicker with Loki. 

“Let me explain!” Loki snapped, interrupting Tony’s words, magic exploding out of his hand. Tony snapped his mouth shut, keeping silent as Loki’s reason was said, “Do you know what I think about you, Stark? You're just a pathetic mortal who lives in a mortal world and you do not love me! All I receive is just fake, fake, love. I do not trust you, Stark.” 

An angry tear dropped from Tony's eye, “Tell me, Loki, what makes you feel like that? What have I done wrong?!” Tony screamed. 

Loki took a deep breath and softly whispered at the Midgardian. “I'm so sorry, but I could not build a relationship with you. This is strange to Asgard and the Allfather, even to me. I… I hope that you can find a partner in the future who can fit you. I do not fit you. I don't deserve to love, or to be loved.”

“Loki! No! You fit me, don't you feel that? If we're just friends… I… don't feel this! What's that throbbing in my chest? What is the feeling of being warmed by someone I love?” Tony answered, his anger started to fade away. 

“It is just your imagination, isn't it? You don't love me at all. Even if you want to kiss me, you may, but I won't let you.” That broke Tony's heart. 

“Loki- Don't go!” Tony said, one of his hands reaching out to Loki's leaving body. 

“I won't love you back, Anthony , but your presence in my life will be treasured and never be forgotten.” Loki said over his shoulder. His eyes were filled with sorrow and sadness, but he tried to hide it, Tony could tell. 

“Please, I'm sorry but-” said Tony, walking up towards the god who lowered his head. He held out a hand and placed it on his shoulder. Loki flinched a bit. 

“L-Let me go! I already told you I don't love you, Stark!” Loki yelled back, his hand exploding a burst of magic which sent Tony back against the wall. 

Tony's breath came in gasps, “Didn't you know how deep my love is for you, Loki… I had fallen for you since our first meeting! Don't you understand?” 

“Is this what you are going to say? I'm a God, the God of Mischief, I'm not going to play fair to you all pathetic mortals.” Loki said hurtfully, “Love me, but I would not return what you have given to me. 

“Tell me, you actually love me, right? I know you do, I know you.” Tony explained to the Silvertongue, “You might be the God of Lies, but you know you can't lie about love.” 

“I-I…” In front of his crush, Loki couldn't say anything. 

“Tell me, please, if you don't love me or anything. Just say something which is straight from your heart, Loki.” 

“I loved you, I really did.” Loki said, blushing from his sentence, “But I'm so sorry, that I could not stay here on Midgard anymore just to love you back. The Allfather doesn't allow that. I'm sorry, I have to go back.”

Tony's eyes looked pleading, but he knew he couldn't fight the Allfather. 

“Take some chance to meet me sometime?” Tony suggested, Loki nodded back and vanished in a glimpse of green and gold.