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A summer in a demon resort

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A summer in a demon resort


Summary: Demons ambush Yukikaze and her older self at a beach resort.

Tags: mind break, rough sex, non-con, gangbang


A summer in a demon resort

The ambush was sudden and quick.

“Hack! Hulgk!” Yukikaze gagged and choked on the massive canine dick blurring down her throat. Not even half of the beefy member is down her mouth, the knot still rather far away, and she is already kissing consciousness as the wolf demon above her gripping her pigtails and slamming hard in her mouth. A second cock above the one blazing down her gullet slapped the top of her head. Leaking and flicking pre-cum from its tapered head leaking its lust over her face.

Behind her, a horsed demon growled at her tight, slick pussy hugging his black and pink colored cock. Nearly as long as Yuki’s arm, and twice as thick it made a large bulge throb in her tan belly. The near fist sized ball sack swung up against the petite girl’s swollen clit while the monster pulled her back onto his dick by her arm. The force and speed of his hips crashing into her massive, pillowy rear has the force of a freight train and nearly twice as fast which made his sweltering sack slap up Yuki’s twitching clit.

The tanned skinned Taimanin’s feet dangled in the air as she hung between the two monsters into the middle of her hotel room. Her small white two-piece swimsuit is now translucent with her sweat and cum, showed off her small bouncing breasts. Her harden nipples nearly tearing open the fabric as she tried and failed to hold back moans of pleasure.

Yuki gagged and moaned as another climax raced through her body. Her cunt betraying as it happily warped around the hearty horse shaft that barreled into her womb. Her slick drench slick squelched and squirted as the burley veiny cock slammed inside of her. Her tongue poking out of her mouth, sliding under the rampaging doggy dick colliding in her tonsils. Tears welling into her eyes that rolled in the back of her skull while she moaned from another climax rushed through her.

The trap for the demons was sprung as soon as Yuki and her partner had accepted the ‘free’ trip to the resort. A place that is nothing more than a den of demons that use the location to trap women and turn them into sex slaves. Being a Taimanin she could fight, back but the demons are not foolish enough to think that they would never catch an actual Taimanin so easily.

They hid their presence in the room with a spell from another demon and waited until Yuki and her partner entered the room to finally relax after a whole day on the beach. They quickly overpowered her and have used her body for the past hour in her own hotel room. Her fat, round rear tanned red from the monster spankings and groping it. The horse demon enjoys the soft springy flesh as it wobbled and jiggled against his waist.

“Mmmph!” Even though she tried to resist, her body sung praise and admiration for the dick ruining her body. Her eyes spinning up in her head as her pussy relentlessly clapped down on the ruthless horse dick rampaging in her cunt. She flexed her fingers and toes in lust and resistance but more the former as eyes grew hazy with each climax running through her. The demons’ cackling and demeaning words started to sound like music to her ears. Each damning word made her pussy clenching up in delight as pushed her further into debauchery.

The horse demon railing in her tight cunt snorted as he pulled her fully back on his dick and let loose sweltering thick ropes of cum making Yuki climax from the sheer force of the blasts inside of her. His cum thicker than honey gushed and blasted out of her tight cunt in massive rushes of white.

The wolf man felt his own release rush towards him and nearly broke Yuki’s jaw when he crashed his knot past her lips. His top cock slapping her in the forehead as it shuddered and sprayed cum along with the twin stuffed in past her lips. Yuki could not even try to swallow it all even as it oozed out of her mouth. Forcing the monster to pull from her lips and spray her face with his seed. While not as thick as the horse demons, the wolf cum still has a lot of weight behind it as it lathered her face in white.

Yuki hoped in vain that her partner would soon come and assist her. But between the thumping of her heart and the slurping sounds of cum being rocketed in her, she did not hear the moans coming from the shower.


The glass door of the shower shook and rattled from the tan woman being fucked against the glass by the orc behind her. The monster holding the short haired woman by the neck as it raged its hips into her massive fat rear. Her face a deranged mix of pleasure as her tongue drooled over the steamy glass window while she tried to hold back, and slut crazed grin.

Though the demons did not notice it, the orc is also fucking Yukikaze. Form the future, the older version of the lighting Taimanin is only taller by a small amount. It would be hard to tell under the one-piece swimsuit, but she lost the milky white skin tone tan in the shape of a one piece for a full body one. Giving her skin a healthy bronze glow compared to her younger self. She also cut her hair. Giving her a more mature look with her short cut hair framing her face. The only thing that seems dot have stayed the same between the two is their small bust and large bouncy ass.

“Your ass is slutty than a succubus!” Something the orc is thoroughly enjoying as he slapped and groped the woman’s quaking rear. His fat wortty cock barreling deep into the older lighting taimanin’s tight pussy. Slamming deep into her womb and make a small lump in her belly. Her large tan ass, firmer than her younger self, clapped and jiggled against his stomach.

“Ahh~! Haa~ C-Cock-Nyaah~!!” The older Yuki’s ass stung a flaming red that is cooled by the water of the shower. Coming back from the beach, she is still in her white one-piece swimsuit. It now translucent, showing off her small perky bust sliding against the foggy glass of her shower door. Her stiff pink nipples gliding up and down as the monster plowed her cushiony ass from behind. One hand gripping her short auburn hair, pushing her slovenly drooling face against the glass while the other slapped her ass relentlessly.

The monster enjoying the ripples of flesh when his hips collide with her cheeks and his hands crashed down on her tush. His fingers vanishing in the thick flesh of her rear as he smacked and groped the wobbly cheeks.

“Haaa~!” Yukikaze came wildly. Her fingers clawing at the glass, her knees buckling while she drooling and moaning. Her lust dripping down her legs from her fifth orgasm that hour. The Orc behind her relentless in his goal to break her into his perfect little cum dump. Something the older woman is getting closer to with every thrust of the monster’s burly cock.

“Take it you fat ass bitch!” The monster bellowed as he unloaded and a silly amount of his cum deep inside her. Ropes of gooey spunk slammed into her womb, filled her pussy, and rushed out of her slit all in one shot. Her belly expanding slightly from the sheer amount of gooey spunk being rushed inside her as the orc laughed at her moaning from above her. Her pussy spraying a tsunami of her lust on the bathroom floor as another climax hit her hard enough to make her body go limp.

Yuki went slack as the monster deposited its load inside her. Shivering at each thick burst of cum surging in her abused fuck hole. Moaning weakly as she felt the massive cock pop out her, the monster’s cum dripping out her like sludge as the beast gave a few weak ropes of cum on her large backside before giving it another taunting slap as if he owned it.

She thought the beast to finally be done however it ripped her from the glass door by her hair and slammed her on her shoulders. Her toes bent to her ears and before she could register what the monster was going to do, his massive green prick spread her tiny asshole open with no warning or preparation.

“Haa…. ahh…” Yukikaze was knocked unconscious by the monster’s cock spreading her rear and forcing her climax that sprayed a shower of her lust over her face. She was awoken by the orc’s demeaning rude slaps on her squishy thighs and ass.

“Cumming right from getting your ass fucked! Just like a good slut!” The demon cackled as the older lighting Taimanin could only moan, fully drunk on the orc’s cock that made her orgasm none stop. Her pussy flexing and quieting randomly. Giving her no rest and the monster pounded her into the tile floor of the shower.

The demon relished in the feeling of his new slut’s tighter hole hugging his cock. Though he had to move a little slower, given how tight Yukikaze’s asshole is, the way her sensitive wall worked his member is far more pleasurable than her cunt. He rammed down hard, shaking the ground, as he felt his cock start to rumble with a climax.

“Enjoy my cum up your ass you little slut!” The orc gave a victorious cry as he filled her asshole with his seed. Far thicker than his last load, the honey thick spunk gushed out of half-conscious Taimanin’s ass. Oozing out her rear ahs his and her cum slashed on her cock dizzy face. Her tongue hanging out her mouth as she panted and moaned in delirium.

“Heh. You’ve got the perfect ass for a breeding cow.”

A cock drunk grin is the only response the orc got as he gave one last slap rump.


Night had fallen with a full moon. It lights up the spit sticky faces of the two Yukikaze’s giving long tender licks to the horse cock between them. The black studded collars around their necks jiggled from their tags shaking and the monsters behind them slamming into their prosperous fat asses.

The orc, having taken a liking to the older Yuki, pulled back on his leash as his cock barreled into her asshole hole. Cum leaking from, her gaping pussy in thick glops on the carpet while she placed long kisses on the demons heavy set testicles. A glowing womb tattoo gleaming in the night along with the sliver tag on her collar reading ‘fat ass whore 2’.

The younger Yuki could barely keep focus on the massive cock towering over her and her future self as the wolf behind her has both of his hands buried in her fat rear and both of his cocks inside her. Her belly bulging in the shape of his duel knotted canine pricks starching her abused asshole to its limits. Her own tag, reading ‘fat ass whore 1’, shock with greater violence than her older self as the wolf is relentless in his job of fucking the once cocky Taimanin stupid.

“Mmm…haa…ngh…” The two Taimanin sluts took turns sucking what they could of the beefy member through their moans and back arching orgasms. Taking in the flat head of the cock in her mouth, the older Yukikaze dragged her lips up and down half of the cock. Her tongue tickling the underside while her younger self tried as best as she could to tend to the rest of the cock. A hard enough task given its grith, but the wolf demon slamming into her from behind made it nearly impossible.

“Suck it right damn it!” The horse demon snarled as he grabbed the younger Yuki by her pigtails and slammed his whole cock down her throat in one go in frustration. Snapping her choker, the horse demon threw her face into his cock while crashing his hips up into her face. All the while Yuki kept blinking in and out of thought as the unfathomable pleasure of the demons abusing her holes sent her reeling in drinking delight. With the wolf demon slapping her ass for good measure.

“Ngh! Haa!” The older Yuki could only moan in the monsters near head sized testicles as her asshole is ruined by the orc once again. His hands never leaving her fat ass as he increased the pace of his pumping to an inhuman degree. Too cock drunk to do anything, she could only let the monster’s ball sack slap in her face while her younger self in asphyxiated by the cock above her.

The horse demon snarled as he pulled Yuki down into his rough pubic hairs and unloaded his fertile, rich cum down her throat. It shot from her nose and form her ballooned cheeks until she pulled off her mouth and rudely slapped her face with his spasming prick. Coating her in his cum as she coughed for air.

The older Yuki got the same treatment. As the wolf demon bent over to shove the younger Yuki’s face in the horse demon’s taint, the older Yuki was subjected to the same fate. Her face absolutely ruined on the monster’s cock. Oddly her choker didn’t break from the stretching of her throat, nor did she gag as much as the older woman has much more experience ins sucking demon cock than the former thought.

“Haaa~!” Still, it did not stop her from climaxing around the shaft as the orc’s repeated slaps on her wiggling red ass.

The horse demon ejaculated again, his stamina unending, however this time he dragged the younger’s Yuki’s face up so his cum could cover the both of them. Thick long roped of cum fired from his cock splattered and slap on her their faces as orgasm after orgasm hit them. The other demons joined them. The explosive climaxes bloating their bellies with cum as rammed their cocks deep into the chocolate skinned sluts.

So lost in their pleasures, the two lighting sluts did not notice the walls beginning to moan along with them. Other demons staking their claim on the many unsuspecting women in the hotel. Not that they would care about that. As their role as a Taimanin has ended as their lives as demonic cockslevee begins.