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The treasure hoarders shout something unintelligible as a projectile flies out from the misty gray veil of a deployed smoke bomb. Ganyu spots it immediately and raises her bow. She takes a heartbeat to aim and releases a charged shot, the arrow bursting into shards of cryo upon impact that leaves the treasure hoarders below screaming and scattering.

“Ganyu!” Keqing’s shout rips Ganyu’s attention away from the second projectile that soars over her head. It lands with the sound of shattering ceramic, but Ganyu can’t pay it any mind. Keqing’s thrown a lightning stiletto into the air and Ganyu follows the line of sight to see five— no, six exploding barrels tucked into a crevice just above the mouth of the cave.

Ganyu’s blood runs cold when a pair of treasure hoarder marksmen outside raise their crossbows and fire. Her head snaps back and her bow flies out of her hand as Keqing tackles her backward into the heart of the cave.

Ears ringing, back aching, Ganyu pushes herself up with a groan. Light filters in from minuscule gaps in the wall of freshly fallen rock, illuminating the plumes of dust that float up from the dirt floor. Keqing is sprawled across Ganyu’s lap and her sword lies an arm’s length away.

“Keqing, are you all right?” Ganyu asks, gripping Keqing by the shoulders to push her into a sitting position. Keqing’s head lolls before she shakes herself, twin-tails fluttering in the still cave air, and blinks her eyes open.

“Well, that was efficient,” she says with a cough. Ganyu lets go of her as Keqing draws away to sit back. Her features twist into a slight grimace as she stretches her legs out and begins to dust off the front of her dress. “If we’d have seen those barrels sooner, maybe we could’ve cleared them out even faster.”

Ganyu nods but gives the pile of rocks blocking the entrance a wary look. “That was dangerous.” She moves closer to inspect the obstruction and picks up her bow on the way. Maybe with a couple of charged shots . . .?

“It worked out,” Keqing says from across the cave. Ganyu glances over her shoulder to see Keqing half-bent over to pick up an abandoned crowbar, jam it into one of the crates that had fallen from the stack during the scuffle, and pry it open. “Looks like everything’s here,” Keqing announces as her finger darts from box to box, lips moving soundlessly as she counts.

“That’s good,” Ganyu starts, “tha- that’s good to hear.” Her voice cracks halfway through the word as Keqing tosses the crowbar with a careless flick of her wrist and starts to stretch. Ganyu had always known that Keqing was small but strong; she’d just never paid attention to it. She would usually avert her eyes as Keqing twisted left and right, fingers interlocked high above her head, the slender, lithe line of her body visible for once through the intricate design of her dress.

But for some reason, Ganyu can’t bring herself to pull her gaze away. There’s an odd, unfamiliar heat building beneath her collar. The bell in front of her throat almost feels too heavy for once, like it’s stifling her breath, and Ganyu’s fingers itch to reach behind her neck to undo the bow.

“I don’t usually get the chance to do fieldwork like this, so I’m glad you asked for my help,” Keqing continues, completely unaware of Ganyu’s mounting crisis. Ganyu wants to—is she panting? Ganyu can’t tell—she wants to press her hands into the slim curve of Keqing’s waist and drag her palms down over strong, stockinged thighs.

Then Keqing smoothly folds in half to touch her toes, and Ganyu’s bow slips from her hand. It clatters as it hits the rocks strewn across the dirt floor. Keqing startles at the sudden noise and turns.

Ganyu’s blood feels thick in her veins. Each heartbeat pounds hot and heavy in her ears, her throat, her chest. Something’s wrong.

She says as much out loud, or at least tries to, but her words come out garbled and Keqing rushes over, eyes wide.

“What is it?” Keqing’s hands are outstretched and flutter helplessly between Ganyu’s flushed face and trembling shoulders, unsure if she should touch. “Poison? We need to get out immediately, Ganyu, you need-”

“It’s . . . it’s not poison.” The words slur on Ganyu’s tongue and her lashes flutter as she struggles to keep her eyes open. The heat and ache are utterly foreign and yet familiar enough for her to know exactly what it is: arousal. Or, to be exact, an induced heat for illuminated beasts.

Ganyu drops into a kneel as her legs become too weak to hold her upright, and she works through the thickening fuzz in her mind to ease the growing worry in Keqing’s frown. “The treasure hunters,” Ganyu says through shallow gasps, “they must’ve gotten ahold of an old adepti concoction. A- a potion.”

Keqing straightens suddenly. “And what are the effects of said potion?” Her voice is low and serious, the edge of roughness sending waves of arousal tingling through Ganyu’s fingertips and toes.

I want to touch her, Ganyu realizes, clenching her fists at the dangerous thought. She’s already wet and nearly dizzy with Keqing’s proximity but forces herself to explain.

“For humans, it’s a fast-acting aphrodisiac.” Ganyu bites her lip to stifle a moan as she watches Keqing’s eyes widen and pupils dilate. For illuminated beasts, it's a bit more effective, Ganyu wants to add, but she thinks Keqing can already tell.

Keqing’s gaze has already trailed down to where Ganyu’s kneeling with her thighs pressed together, squeezing occasionally as the waves of desire ripple and spread through her.

“Is there an antidote? Or . . . do you need my help?” Keqing’s voice is impossibly soft. Her face is tilted down and while Ganyu can’t make out Keqing’s expression in the shadows of the cave, the possibility of it being one of pity has enough embarrassment deepening the blush on Ganyu’s face that she momentarily breaks through the haze of pleasure clouding her judgment.

“I couldn’t ask that of you,” Ganyu says hurriedly, shuffling backward as she catches herself leaning into Keqing’s space. “It would be too unseemly of me, not to mention unprofessional-”

“You don’t have to ask. I’m offering,” Keqing cuts in. She pins Ganyu with a look of sure, fierce earnestness that has the tension loosening in Ganyu’s shoulders—only to quickly gather even more tightly in her lower stomach.

Ganyu squeezes her eyes shut and prays that she isn’t making a mistake. “Okay,” she breathes. “Okay. But let me see if I can do something about it first. Before- before you, um, try.”

Keqing gives Ganyu a nod. “Do what you must. I’m not judging.”

Ganyu’s hand trembles as she reaches back to unfasten the clasp beneath the bow behind her neck. “I’m sorry, with my outfit, I have to- I can’t-” Ganyu draws in a sharp breath the weight of the bell pulls the front of her top down to her midriff, exposing her hardened nipples to the cool air. “I’m sorry,” she repeats, “you don’t have to look if it makes you uncomfortable.”

“I’m not uncomfortable,” Keqing says as soon as the word leaves Ganyu’s mouth. “You don’t have to apologize for anything.”

Quite the opposite, actually: Keqing seems to be watching Ganyu with a fixed interest, and the openness of her stare has Ganyu shifting where she sits. She doesn’t want to think about Keqing looking at her breasts, but that’s what she’s doing, isn’t it?

Ganyu leans back on her palms and slowly draws her legs in front of her. She’s not trying to be seductive about it, but she can’t help but wonder if Keqing is anything more than curious. As Ganyu pulls a glove off and dips a hand into the front of her bodysuit, she wonders if Keqing likes what she sees, if she would ever want to touch.

Her breathing quickens at the thought of Keqing’s hands on her. Ganyu doesn’t want to make it too obvious, so she spares a discreet look. She’s already indulging; may as well go all the way with it. Keqing’s gloved hands are clasped neatly in her lap as she’s seated cross-legged and straight-backed.

Ganyu follows the outline of long, slender fingers and the graceful curve of bent wrist up to lean, bare forearms. Keqing is so strong and so beautiful. She thinks back to the deftness that Keqing displays on the battlefield, the hidden strength in her swordswoman’s hands, and Ganyu’s breath catches on another moan.

Keqing blinks at the sound. “Are you comfortable?” The unexpectedness of Keqing’s question causes Ganyu’s hand to twitch, and her palm skates over the sensitive skin of her lower stomach. All of the muscles in her abdomen tighten and Ganyu gasps as her pussy echoes with a flutter.

“I-I’m fine,” she manages. Ganyu’s legs part as her hand slides lower, all pretense of modesty abandoned as the heat inside swells to a near unbearable degree. She’s wet—she’s so, so wet that Ganyu can feel herself soaking through her leggings.

She’s still got the front piece of her bodice covering the bottom half of her bodysuit, so it’s fine, isn’t it? But what's not fine is the fire licking through her body; Ganyu’s already close, and just the sensation of her own fingertips brushing over the soft skin where hip meets thigh has her legs shaking. The one arm propping her up threatens to collapse as Ganyu gives a full-body shudder when she finally reaches her clit.

Ganyu presses down farther to gather her own wetness on two fingers then draws back up to start rubbing tight little circles. Her vision flashes white with every pass and she’s openly panting now, far too gone to care. Her nipples are so hard that they ache. Ganyu sinks her teeth into her lip as her eyes fall shut on a whimper.

She doesn’t hear when Keqing gets up to move behind her and only realizes that she’s there when Keqing murmurs, “Is this okay?”

“Yes,” Ganyu says on a breathless exhale. Her horn hits something as she tips her head back, and the sensation elicits a molten spike in her swirling wash of pleasure. Ganyu shudders, her arm giving out only for her to fall against Keqing’s chest.

Keqing’s warmth and smell drive Ganyu even closer to the edge. Her imagination runs wild: Keqing could so easily reach forward and take Ganyu by the wrist, replacing the fingers circling through slick heat with her own. Or Keqing could wrap her arms around and touch the breasts that have been begging for attention.

Ganyu’s close. Just a bit more, it wouldn’t take much—Ganyu’s inner thighs are smeared with her own arousal; she’s so unbelievably wet that she can hear herself, and the thought of Keqing hearing her too makes her breath hitch.

She leans more fully into Keqing’s embrace and reaches up to palm her breast with her newly freed hand. Her nipples are so sensitive that it almost hurts as Ganyu runs her thumb over the peak, pulling gently and pinching and—

“Just relax,” Keqing hums right by Ganyu’s ear. The timing and the husky timbre of her voice let Ganyu know, without ever opening her eyes, that Keqing’s been watching. That she’s been paying attention, and whatever she sees is turning her on.

It’s enough. Ganyu’s hand digs into the soft swell of her breast as her muscles lock and she comes, thighs shaking, pussy clenching, clit throbbing in time with the drum of racing heartbeat sending pulses of strong, steady pleasure through her body.

The wave crests and recedes slowly, slowly, but Ganyu continues with the firm circles on her clit. Her orgasms aren’t usually that fast nor powerful, but this time, Ganyu feels like she needs more. The unnatural fire and tension in her lower belly is abated, but barely. The aching heat still burns in her limbs.

Ganyu clenches her jaw as she blinks rapidly to clear the tears of frustration that spring up, pulling her hand out of her outfit. It’s not enough.

“Better?” Keqing asks. She’s seated unmoving behind Ganyu, and her closeness offers Ganyu a sliver of comfort.

Ganyu reaches back to close her hand around Keqing’s leg, arm, anywhere she can touch. She finds Keqing’s offered hand and lets the contact ground her as she takes long, deep breaths. “No.”

Keqing is already still, but she seems to freeze up behind Ganyu. “Do you need another?” she asks finally, soft and unsure.

Ganyu doesn’t want to read into it. She can’t, not when they both still have to go back to work after this, and Ganyu’s gone far enough as is. The induced heat is disorienting and uncomfortable, bordering on pain, but she can muscle through it. Ganyu’s gotten through worse; she can’t imagine the remnants of this potion in her bloodstream being any worse than the horrifying humiliation she’d have to face when they get out of the cave.

Ganyu’s gone silent long enough for Keqing to sit up and closer. Her long, purple hair brushes against Ganyu’s bared back and shoulders and her skin burns at the touch. She’s hot inside and all over. It takes every bit of willpower to keep from wriggling against the seam of her leggings.

Unbidden, Keqing’s hand that Ganyu’s been holding glides forward, slow enough for Ganyu to stop her at any time. Ganyu knows that that’s what Keqing means: you’re in control. Her hand comes to a rest on Ganyu’s navel where tight, black fabric meets burning skin.

Ganyu’s eyes are fixated on the contrast between the dark purple glove and the exposed skin of Keqing’s wrist. She wants to flip Keqing’s hand over, press her tongue, her teeth against the delicate pulse point, and find out if her heart is racing as fast as Ganyu’s.

“No?” Keqing asks, fingertips caressing a bit more deliberately against Ganyu.

She doesn’t even need to consider. “Do you need my help?” “I’m offering.” “You don’t have to apologize for anything.” Ganyu’s nodding before she finished saying yes, and she catches a glimpse of Keqing’s profile as she leans over Ganyu’s shoulder.

“Will you take my glove off?” Keqing wiggles her fingers against Ganyu’s stomach. It tickles slightly but Ganyu shivers for a completely different reason as she lets go of Keqing’s hand to tug at the glove. Her own hand shakes almost too much to grip properly, but the slow reveal of tendons, of bare knuckles and long, calloused fingers has Ganyu’s mouth watering.

She wants to take Keqing’s fingers into her mouth and suck, but Ganyu knows that she really doesn’t need to. There’s heat gathering between her legs—if she could stand, she’s almost sure she’d be dripping wet—and Ganyu shivers again, a whine escaping the back of her throat as Keqing lies her palm flat.

Every muscle jumps at Keqing’s touch. Her hands are cool, but maybe that’s because Ganyu is so entirely flushed that she’s overheating. “Just relax,” Keqing repeats in that same quiet, hoarse tone. She sounds as breathless as Ganyu feels.

Keqing’s other arm wraps around Ganyu’s waist to drag her backward into Keqing’s lap. Ganyu squeaks from being suddenly jostled, but the sound shifts into a moan when she feels the press of Keqing’s clothed breasts against her naked back.

“I’m going to start now,” Keqing whispers. Her mouth is right by Ganyu’s ear and each quick breath warms the shell of it. Ganyu actually can’t help it now—she wiggles her hips, legs parting wider in needy desperation, and her hand lands on Keqing’s forearm again. Not to stop her, but just for something to hold onto.

Thankfully, Keqing doesn’t dawdle. She wastes no time slipping beneath Ganyu’s skin-tight outfit and sliding all the way down.

When Keqing’s fingers meet Ganyu’s lips, they both gasp at the same time. Ganyu, at the delirious tease of contact, and Keqing with an awed mutter. “You’re wet.”

“Of- of course I am,” Ganyu huffs. Her hips twitch of their own accord, pressing forward to seek more, and Keqing obliges. It’s all maddening white heat as Keqing seems to take her time exploring, firm fingers pressing gently against her swollen clit before moving down to circle her hole. The arm around Ganyu’s waist hasn’t loosened, so she can only lean back into Keqing’s embrace and try her best to bear with Keqing’s patient exploration.

But the third time that Keqing dips a finger into her and draws back out before Ganyu can do anything but gasp and tremble, something in her snaps. “Keqing, please,” she whines, voice pitchy and breathing ragged, “please, please, I can’t-”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to make you beg.” The genuine surprise in Keqing’s voice is immediately accompanied by a blissful, beautiful stretch as Keqing begins to fuck into Ganyu. There’s hardly any friction; it’s all fullness and pressure and Ganyu groans, long and low, as Keqing easily slides in a third finger.

“Good?” Keqing asks. Ganyu feels like it takes seconds for her to hear and minutes for her to process.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she chants, eyes squeezed shut. Ganyu wants to rock into Keqing’s slow, careful strokes, but she’s limited in her range of motion. Keqing’s fingers are winding her up from the inside out, drawing pure, heady relief from the burning ache that it’s almost as pleasurable as the inevitable orgasm Ganyu is rocketing toward.

It might be the potion, her own horniness, or maybe Keqing truly is that skilled with her hands, but Ganyu’s being louder than before. It also feels like Keqing is pressing in harder, forcing Ganyu to openly gasp and whimper into the spacious cave. The sound of her own fucked out voice echoing back at her makes Ganyu impossibly wetter.

And every time Keqing sinks knuckles-deep, she curls her fingers on the outstroke and has Ganyu arching her back into the motion. Maybe it’s seconds, maybe it’s hours, but Ganyu gathers her far-scattered wits to shakily announce, “I’m close.”

“Touch yourself,” Keqing suggests. The mere sound of her voice has Ganyu teetering precariously on the edge, but she’d already come once—she needs a little something more to tip her over this time, and she's quickly getting desperate.

With a groan, Ganyu’s gloved hand returns to her tight nipples while the other, still slick with her wetness, she shoves into her bodysuit to draw one finger around her aching clit.

If she’d had a clearer presence of mind, Ganyu should’ve fully undressed before any of this started. It’s a tight fit and this bodysuit is going to be irreparably stretched out, but the flex of Keqing’s strong wrist where it’s pressed against Ganyu’s serves to ramp her tighter, hotter, higher.

Her legs are starting to shake, again. Ganyu’s nearly there; she’s so painfully close that she’s almost hypersensitive as Keqing’s strong fingers and devastating rhythm wreak havoc on her concentration. Ganyu’s head falls back against Keqing’s shoulder, her world narrowing to delicious fullness from the stretch of Keqing inside of her.

Keqing lets go of Ganyu’s waist to move her hand up, grazing a pert nipple on the way, until her open palm rests against Ganyu’s bared throat. She’s not squeezing or putting any sort of pressure whatsoever, but Keqing holds Ganyu against her with a hand on Ganyu’s neck—and the silken texture of the violet glove on Ganyu’s skin is what finally shakes her apart.

She shatters. She comes.

Ganyu isn’t sure if she says anything or even how loud she gets as her orgasm rips through her. She’s completely lost in the sweeping tide of ecstasy that renders her incoherent. Without meaning to, she’s reached down to grab Keqing’s thigh, and her nails dig into hard muscle as she arches hard. Ganyu can feel Keqing fucking her through the orgasm, drawing out her pleasure in the best of ways as the fire finally dissipates from her trembling limbs.

When Ganyu comes to, blinking the misty haze from her eyes, Keqing’s fingers are still inside her. She squeezes them lightly and shivers at the responding ache. Ganyu’s lips curl upward in an unconscious smile.

“Now,” Keqing says and clears her throat. It reverberates through her chest, and the vibrations make Ganyu moan softly as Keqing withdraws her fingers. “Are you feeling better?”

Ganyu can’t take her eyes off of the glistening wetness that slicks Keqing’s entire hand. A bit of it already rubbed off on Ganyu’s outfit as Keqing took her hand out, but enough of it remains that the urge to suck on Keqing’s fingers returns in full force. It’s no longer painful now that the effects of the poison have receded, but the urge is no less compelling.

“Yes,” Ganyu answers finally when she realizes that she’s been quiet for a moment too long. “I’m much better. Thank you.”

With a clearer state of mind, Ganyu struggles to ward off the flood of embarrassment that threatens to heat her cheeks an even darker red. “You’re very, um, good with your hands.” Her own twist into the front of her clothes, slightly damp with sweat. “Do you need me to- That is, should I . . .?

“I’ll be okay.” Keqing reaches around Ganyu to start pulling up the front of her bodysuit and carefully brushes Ganyu’s hair away from the nape of her neck to fasten the bow that holds everything together. “There will be people expecting us back at Yuehai Pavilion. We shouldn’t be gone for too long.”

Dread coils in the pit of Ganyu’s stomach. She’s still feeling the lingering effects of an extraordinary orgasm, but shame cuts through the pleasant fog like a sobering splash of cold water.

“R-right. I think I can break through the rock pile with a charged shot or two.” Ganyu avoids Keqing’s gaze as she scoots out of Keqing’s lap and moves toward the bow she’d dropped earlier, but her knees nearly buckle the moment she rises to stand.

Keqing catches her by the elbow. “You’re sure you're all right now?” She’s wearing her worried look again, the small furrow in her brow betraying her usual calm and collected persona.

Ganyu gently pulls her arm away. “I’m sure. I apologize if I’ve inconvenienced you with this incident, Lady Keqing.”


Ganyu doesn’t turn around as she picks up her bow and raises it for her first charged shot. The familiar drag and draw of condensing cryo energy help her clear her head with the flakes of scintillating frost sparkling through the air, and Ganyu takes a deep breath as she releases.

The rock wall shudders and heaves, great slabs of stone rumbling to the floor from the exploding spray of cryo arrows. Ganyu readies another shot and ignores Keqing’s footsteps that approach behind her.

Her aim is unsteady with her shaky arms, but there’s a final, dramatic crash as Ganyu’s second arrow flies true. Sunlight pours into the mouth of the cave right as Keqing’s hand lands on Ganyu’s shoulder.

“If you’re amenable, we can continue this . . . conversation after we get off work later,” Keqing says haltingly, the end of her sentence pitching up like it’s a question. She’s got her sword in hand, held loosely at her side, as she stares straight ahead. Ganyu’s never heard this hesitance in Keqing’s voice before, and something about it causes warmth to flicker back to life in her core.

Ganyu takes a breath and nods. “I would love to,” she exhales, ducking her head to hide a smile as she steps out into the bright afternoon sun.