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I was born (for this)

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Max could deny that she wanted, act self-righteous and tell Alec that killing their enemies was bad, but he knew better: they were created for assassinations and wars, they never would be able to be completely normal, and to ignore that was to deny a part of yourself. 

And that part was the reason Alec was restless. While he was glad to be using his various skills for the good of people, he never felt like he belonged in Seattle; there was an itch beneath his skin that kept him restless, and not even his favorite things helped.

And that itch only settled when he left Seattle and met the Winchesters and the supernatural. 

Dean (Sam too, though he and Alec had a rocky start) accepted the transgenic for who he was, accepted him as another brother, and taught him the ways of a hunter. 

Speaking of a hunt. The three of them were currently on one, looking for a pack of shifters in an abandoned warehouse.  Walking quietly as a cat, Alec jumped to the side, narrowly missing being hit by the shifter. 

“It’s your funeral, hunter,”  the beast sneers.

“Pretty sure it’s yours,” Alec says to the shifter, smiling roguishly. 

The shifter snarls at Alec and lunges for an attack. Thanks to being transgenic, Alec matched the monster in strength,  speed, and reflexes, easily keeping up. His blood sings as he is locked in a deadly dance. 

That’s what he missed while living in Seattle. The thrill of a good fight. 

In the end, he won, which is expected. 

“Told ya, it will be your funeral,” Alec says to the shapeshifter smugly effortlessly keeping it in place with his foot on its’ chest. Then, without another word, Alec shoots, killing it instantly with a silver bullet, gunshot echoing in the warehouse. 

Alec smirked victoriously at the dead body, gun still hand, and went on his way, determined to finish the hunt. 

He found his place in the world. He was born to be a hunter - saving people, hunting things, the family business. 

And no one would convince him otherwise.

This is what I was made to do

I was born for this.