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The Time Kento Yamazaki Got His 🍒 Popped

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Disclaimer: I do not own either of the two Japanese actors. If I could own my very own Japanese actor, I'd love for him to be, Kento Yamazaki. I’d make a profit out of him. Because, I’d set up my own "Kissing Booth". But, it would be a "Fucking Booth" instead. A booth where every single male actor whose ever worked with Kento Yamazaki and who has ended up falling for him, gets a turn in the Fucking booth and gets to fuck him.

Warning: RPS (Real Person Slash), malexmale, crude language, sexual content

Rated: NC-17

Pairing: Masataka Kubota & Kento Yamazaki 

"What are you doing, Kubota-san??? Let me go!!!"




Right now the older man had some very perverted plans in mind. Being 6 years older than Yamazaki-kun gave him a great advantage.


"Quit moving, sweet boy."


"Please!! Don’t do this!"


"Don’t force me to do this..."




Kubota with agile and rapid movements took off the cute man’s t-shirt and jeans. The younger man was left very confused. But, he reacted when he noticed that he was only wearing his underwear. The older man noticed the confusion in his costar and put a dress on him. It was rather short, by the way. He also made him sit on the bed.


"Kubota-san? What... what am I wearing?"


"I wanted to see what you looked like with less clothes on, you know? Because, you’re almost always wearing layers and layers of clothes outside of set."


"But this is a woman’s dress!!!"


"It doesn’t matter, really. It looks great on you."


Kubota ran a hand on Yamazaki’s leg and Yamazaki scooted farther away from him.


 "Please, don’t touch me there. Stop acting weird, Kubota-san."


Kubota wasn’t stopping. Quite the opposite, he was even using both hands now. One was keeping itself busy with one of Yamazaki’s legs and the other was tenderly caressing his face. He was trying to not scare him.


"Yamazaki-kun. I don’t know if you’ve noticed by now. But, I like you a lot."


The younger man turned to stare at Kubota for a few seconds. But, he moved away afterwards.


"I don’t like being touched in weird ways."


He wanted to run out the room. But, he couldn’t.


"Kubota-san, please let me go."


"I won’t. I want you to stay here, with me."


He lifted his boy up and carried him to the couch. He sat him on his lap. Yamazaki snuggled up against Kubota’s chest.


"Now tell me, sweet boy. What do you want?"


"I’m... really scared." He whispered.


"Of me hurting you?"


"Ye-yes... no... I’m..."


"Are you a virgin?"


"Ye-yes... I’m scared. I’m scared of you not... wanting me."


"What are you talking about? You’re the only one who makes me feel this way!"


"It’s because, you... you’ve had a lot of girlfriends. You have probably become accustomed to them not having a... you know what."


"So that’s what this is about, huh?"


He grabbed Yamazaki by the chin and kissed him. He savored his mouth, to later on stop for a few moments and then start kissing him once again. Yamazaki couldn’t move. Because, he didn’t want to break the kiss. Truth be told, he actually liked it. He started blushing and his cheeks turned as red as humanly possible.


"Do you believe me now, sweet boy?"




"I want you. Because, you’re not dirty and lewd like all of the women I’ve been with. They only wanted sex. I truly like you. Now please, relax and smile... If you’re not ready to do this. I won’t force you."


"Masataka... I want to... know what it feels like... with you."


"Are you sure, Kento? I don’t want to hurt you."


"Yes. Besides, you already put the dress on me."


"I’ll start slow, okay? Calm down."


He kissed his lips. His pink and plump lips. Then, he moved on to his dainty neck. Kento had a skin so soft and smooth that whoever touched it, would want to roughen it up. But, that was not Masataka’s case. He wanted to thoroughly enjoy it.


He slid one hand and started to gently caress a leg. Kento, let out a quiet moan so softly that it could barely be heard. But, the older man did hear it.


"What was that noise?"


"It was you, sweet boy."


"I’m sorry."


"No. Don’t apologize. It’s alright. In fact, I like that you like it."


Then, Masataka ran a hand over the other’s chest and lowered one of the dress’s strings. With every second that passed by, the more Kento blushed and also... moaned.


"It feels... strange."


"But, you’re comfortable. Right?"


"Ye... yes, aah, Masataka. It feels really strange."


The older man slowly took the dress off of him. He loved seeing Kento Yamazaki’s cute and innocent nature come out. He looked so enticing like this, with just his underwear on, hard and... virginal.


His caresses all over Kento’s body were becoming more and more bold. From between his legs and he started to pinch one of the other man’s nipples.


"Ah! Masa... taka, what are you doing? It feels weird."


Masataka had a massive hard-on underneath his boxers.


"Kento, don’t panic with what I’m about to do."


"Huh? What are you going to- Aaah!!"


Masataka inserted a finger inside his virgin entrance and soon after, started adding in another finger.


"Masataka, why... why are you- Aaah! It hurts!"


Sweet tears where coming out of those big childlike eyes of his.


"Kento, do you want me to stop? Am I hurting you? Tell me."


The older man stopped what he was doing and stared at Kento. Who looked so vulnerable and defenseless.


"Don’t worry. Ju... just do it gently, please."


He gave him one of his shy smiles that made him look even cuter and younger than he what he already did with that adorable babyface of his.


Masataka continued and inserted one last finger. Once Kento was ready, he took ahold of his cock and guided it gently inside of him. Until he was buried all the way to the hilt.


"Ngn... ah..."


These were all new sensations for Kento.


Masataka gave slow and gentle onslaughts so that he wouldn’t hurt his sweet boy. These thrusts were turning faster and deeper with each passing minute. Kento’s moans were unconsciously becoming louder each time. They were moans full of pain and pleasure.


"Ma... Masataka, I love you. I lo... love you so much! Ah!"


"Me too."


Kento held on tighter to the other. Because, it hurt and he didn’t want to be far away from Masataka.


"Kento, I’m going to co... come inside you."




Together they reached climax.




The two men both yelled out in unison.


The next morning...


Kento was still sound asleep. He was snuggled up against the older man’s chest while, Kubota was already fast awake. He was caressing his Yamazaki-kun’s puffy cheek.


"You don’t know how happy you’ve made me, Kento."


The older man went back to sleep.


"Masataka, I love you."


Kento talked in his sleep.