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Meetings Have Strap-Ons

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“This is…an interesting…orientation” Oksana grunts in between thrusts. Eve has her pinned to the leather sofa in the large office on the top floor of the London skyscraper that houses Park Technologies.

Having the CEO of her new company grind into her mercilessly until she felt that she would melt into leather cushions, that her grip on the arm rest couldn’t possibly get any whiter, is not quite what Oksana had imagined the job would be like when she was hired. Actually, she never planned on taking the job. She had applied on a lark despite no relevant background or interest and being entirely inexperienced in the field of…whatever it was this company did. But she needed the money. She had bullshit her way through the interview and found herself sitting in a cubicle that very afternoon being tasked with things she only pretended to have any idea about. But still, she was grossly underqualified.

So, on her fourth day, when she received an email directly from one Eve Polastri, CEO informing her of a one on one meeting, she figured she would be back to job hunting by mid-afternoon.


“Call it my personal welcome to the company.” Eve breathes directly into her ear, grunting with each slow thrust and pressing them ever deeper into the cushions. Oksana stifles a yelp because holy FUCK the strap is pulling deliciously against her insides and teasing at her g-spot in just the right way with even the tiniest movements that Eve makes.

Fuck if she even remembers how they got to this point. She can hardly form a coherent thought. She does remember how embarrassingly quickly Eve had charmed her. But who could blame her; she had a weakness for older women. And frankly? Even at first glance she knew that Eve was the sexiest woman she’d ever laid eyes on. She wore power and confidence well and knew exactly how to wield both with a perfect finesse.

God what a waste of a married woman.

Oksana drags out a long sigh and her eyes drift to Eve’s hands on top of hers using the arm rest for leverage. The glint of a ring catches her eye and she can’t help the smugness that flows through her even as Eve’s cock shoves her steadily toward freefall into the abyss of what promises to be the most intense orgasm she’s ever known.

“I don’t think your husband would like this.” She chides playfully. The leather squeaks under their weight as she scrapes against it. Eve’s pace grows rougher in a way that tells Oksana that maybe she’s touched a nerve, but she mewls at the pleasure of it before remembering herself and burying her face in a pillow. Eve adjust her angle a bit, turns Oksana onto her side, holds a knee close to her chest and presses as far as she can possibly reach. Oksana smiles with satisfaction at the way Eve curses with pleasure before she retorts.

“My husband and I have an arrangement of sorts.” Oksana chances a side ways glance at her boss and it is a mistake. She’s sweaty, her chest is heaving with effort and she looks absolutely heavenly as she edges Oksana. Suddenly Oksana finds her mouth made of cotton and it seems absurd the way her body is making her feel like a school girl with a crush while the very object of her attentions is inches deep inside of her and letting out the most obscene noises that her own husband has probably never heard.

“What…” Oksana gasps at how deep she’s being prodded “What kind of arrangement?”

Eve just chuckles darkly at that and speeds up her pace until the only noises the blonde can muster are lewd little moans as Eve slams into her most sensitive parts again and again and again. Eve just grins and offers her a handkerchief to bite on to keep the noise down, lest someone get suspicious. Not that anyone on her board of directors would dare oust her for something like this if they caught wind. They’ve all done much worse on work time.

On her time.

She smiles down at the mess she’s making of her newest hire and taunts her while Oksana fights not to squeal into the handkerchief.

“You know, you’re being very talkative for someone in your…position.” As if emphasizing her words, she makes a point of slowing her pace and dragging the large dildo against the blonde’s walls at a snails pace so that she feels every last inch in and out. She buries her head into the pillow so that Eve won’t see the way her eyes roll back into her head; because fuck her, it’s good. It’s too good, almost. This is the best sex she’s had in ages. Maybe ever. She knows by now that if she keeps pushing Eve then Eve will push back and it’ll only get even better. So she really can’t resist poking the proverbial bear the next time Eve grinds into her g-spot and she lets out her loudest moan, then shoots a falsely embarrassed, apologetic look over her shoulder.

“Oops.” She chirps out sweetly. “Careful, Eve. We wouldn’t want anyone to hear what you’re doing.”

Before she knows it, she feels the sharp sting of Eve’s palm on her ass leaving it’s mark.

“Don’t be a dick.” She admonishes. “You haven’t been here long enough.” And then… “Oh fuck…how do you feel so good?”

“So back to my question.” Eve bounces back quickly after allowing herself a moment to get lost in the feeling of Oksana; the sounds, and the sight of her ruined and sweaty against leather cushions. “What do I need to do to rectify your talkative streak, hmm?”

Oksana grins devilishly and pulls her head up from its spot in the pillow. She’s so close. So very close. Her stomach is coiled tightly with anticipation and she feels Eve everywhere. Her whole body is hyper-aware of her boss’ exertions above her. Her touch and her scent; the soft panting directly in her hair and her ear. They all hit her right in her groin until she feels that tingle that tells her she’s deliciously close to release. Just one more push.

“Find out.” She challenges smugly, shooting a smirk over her shoulder. She feels and hears Eve growl above her at the challenge and then finds her face abruptly pressed down into the pillows again and her ass lifted up and into the hips behind her as Eve rises to her knees. Eve thrusts her hardest and deepest yet, and pulls Oksana’s ass flush back into her hips with each give and take between them. Oksana writhes and howls and bucks beneath her but she’s not done. Just when release is in sight, everything stops and, in her sex-fogged mind, Oksana knows her boss is looking for something inside the drawer on the front of the couch. She’s barely got time to process the familiar buzzing noise before she feels a smile vibrator right up against her clit and Eve slams back home with the strap.

Everything after that is a blur because she actually blacks out for a few moments. And when she comes back to her body, her limbs are still shaking in her post-coital come down and her chest is heaving and well…even if she could form a thought, she’s not so sure she can actually speak right now.

Eve slides off of her feeling rather pleased with herself and smirking like a cat who caught the canary. Oksana hears the flick of a lighter as Eve indulges in a cigarette. She flops over, spent and boneless, to find Eve shrouded in a halo of smoke.

“What the fuck was that?” Oksana breathes. She still doesn’t trust herself to move. Just laying there sprawled on the couch her head feels light and her legs are all wobbly. She has truly been reduced to some sort of amorphous blob.

“I’m very good at what I do.” Eve retorts proudly.

“Obviously.” Oksana’s chest heaves with her heavy breaths. She retracts her thought from earlier. That was definitely, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the best sex she’s ever had. Still, she notices the way Eve is regarding her and she can’t help but feel like there was a little something to the meeting part of that email after all.

“I’m also very good at what I do, professionally.” Which again, Oksana finds to be an obvious statement. They wouldn’t be in a pent house office in one of the largest buildings in London if she wasn’t.

“I notice that you are…not so much.” Oksana’s eyes flit up to her defensively at that. Yeah, she lied in her interview, but she’s still a fast learner, thank you very much.

“What are you getting at?” She finally retains enough feeling to be able to slowly look around for her clothes and put her appearance back together.

“I’m saying you’re not actually qualified to work her and you need a job. So, I’m proposing an arrangement.” She steps toward Oksana with her hands on her hips and a cocky gleam in her eye. Oksana backs away with a scoff.

“You’re kidding. You want me to work for you as your personal prostitute?”

Unmoved, Eve simply gestures to the couch they’ve been abusing for the better part of the afternoon. “Can you really look back at the last couple of hours and say that’s a problem for you?” And god damn this woman is smooth. She already knows where the game is going before she plays her hand. Oksana has to concede that she has a point. Her eyes catch Eve’s wedding ring one last time.

“What’s your arrangement with your husband?” She questions, prodding curiously.

“Oh that?” Eve glances down at her ring. “Well, I pretend he’s not in love with his coworker. He pretends I’m actually working when I stay late at the office.” And she’s very good at snapping back from her negative, dark thoughts. Because whatever trace of bitterness she was just showing gives way to professionalism. She reaches her hand out toward Oksana.

“So do we have a deal?”