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For the man she loves

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Rachel smiled brightly as she and Alec entered the club and found a place to sit. Alec, being the true gentleman helped her sit down. 

“Wait here, sweetheart, I’ll go get the drinks,” kissing her on the cheek, the transgenic went to the bar to order drinks. Rachel watched him go with a loving smile. The beginning of their relationship wasn’t easy, given he was sent to kill her and her father, then she was two years in a coma, and Alec was hunted down by a snake cult, and her father disapproved of their relationship. But they managed to overcome these obstacles and were in a loving established relationship. It wasn’t without its problems of course, but it worked and that’s what mattered. 

As for today, they got off work much earlier than usual and decided to spend the evening out, so they came here, and Rachel liked the place so far. 

At that moment, Alec came back with their drinks, and the brunette snapped out of her reminiscing, focusing on the present.  

The next hour, the two of them spent laughing, talking, and dancing, in short  just enjoying themselves when something caught her boyfriend’s eye; a smile immediately fell of Alec’s face then and he cursed:


“What is it?” Rachel asked with concern. 

“Max is here.” 

Now it was Rachel’s turn to frown and curse internally. 

Out of all Alec’s friends, Max Guevara was her least favorite person. Don’t get wrong, she was grateful to the x5 for saving the city and her boyfriend’s life a few times, but the way she treated Alec and everyone around her like they were dirt and the way she acted like she was the goddess come to earth and only her problems mattered, had Rachel disliking the leader of TC, to put it mildly, and the feeling was mutual because, to quote Max: “She didn’t get how such a nice girl could love such a jerk like Alec.”

And now Max was here, in this club. The couple did not doubt that once she saw them she would come over and start mocking Alec like she did many times before and possibly spoil their date out of envy. 

Just fantastic. 

“Here she goes,” Alec muttered under his breath, so only Rachel would hear him. They were right, and now Max was approaching them. Her boyfriend plastered on a fake grin. “Hey, Maxie,” he said as Max came closer.”I see our fair leader decided to take a break. Good for you, maybe you loosen up a little.”

“Quit being a smart ass,” Max snapped right away, which wasn’t surprising - Max was quick to anger. “What are you doing here?”

Alec raised an eyebrow at the fellow transgenic. “Um, Max. As far as I’m aware this is a free country and I can go whenever I like with my girlfriend after work.”

Max’s face darkened at the word “girlfriend” and she looked at Alec’s hand that was around Rachel’s waist with poorly concealed envy and hate.

“Why is it a jerk like you gets to be happy while I can’t even touch the man I love?” she asked, voice full of bitterness.

Oh no, she just didn’t. That’s it, Rachel had enough.

“Don’t you dare,” she spoke up, angry. Max looked at her in confusion. Alec didn’t say anything, letting Rachel handle Max, but ready to jump to defense at any moment. “Don’t you dare to blame Alec for the things he had no control over. Yes, I don’t know what it’s like not to touch the person you love because of the virus, but if you truly loved Logan you two would have found the cure already. Instead, you pushed him away and blame everyone around you, begrudging them their happiness. Logan  loves you unconditionally, but I doubt he would like this petty girl I’m seeing, so you should stop such behavior.”

Max gaped at Rachel for a second before she scoffed out a “whatever” and left in a huff. 

“Wow,” Alec breathed out once Max was gone. Rachel glanced at him and blushed, seeing the awe and love as her boyfriend looked at her. “You shut Max up.  That was... wow.”

“It was her fault for trying to blame you,” Rachel replied with a grin. “She just got what she deserved.”

“Yeah, she had that one coming,” Alec agreed with an amused snort. “God, what I did to deserve you?” he asked with wonder and adoration.

Rachel just smiled and led him back to the dance floor where DJ turned on the music for the slow dance and they joined the other couples, basking in the love they saw in each other’s eyes. 

Rachel may be a nice girl , but for the man she loved, she would tear anything and anyone apart. And he would do the same for her. 

Because they loved and cared about each other.