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The Poola Blossom

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Keell was pretty sure no one had noticed when he’d grabbed a seed a few months ago back on Rodia. After a firefight and a tearful reunion with an ex, who’s going to pay attention to a poola seed? And yet here he was, taking care of this little bit of home. Teener once told him that horticulture was grounding and good for his anxiety. He had that adorable confused look that he gets when Keell called him my little whore-ticulture in response. Teener was always so earnest in his joy for simple things. It’s one of the cutest things about him.

At this point, Keell was certifiably deep in thought; letting his mind wander as it would. Normally his thoughts moved too quickly, jumping from thing to thing, creating complete discussions in his head that were over and done before someone finished talking to him. There were only a few things that could help that. Alcohol slowed things down, but he was working on getting away from that… He settled on danger. There was nothing like fighting for its life to make a mind focus, but there’s only so much of that you can survive before the danger wins out. He thought to himself what would Teener say here? Teener always has a pretty good response. Laughing, he thought Family. Teener loved those trashy holovids the Quick and the Querulous. Apparently, the 9th one just came out, and Teener was going to be setting up movie night on the Aurum for later this week. You know… maybe Da’am Tor Etto was right. Family was important to him. He just hadn’t really realized until recently that family wasn’t exclusively blood.

After a few minutes of daydreaming about the weird little family on board the Aurum, Keell’s hand brushed up against something on his poola plant. Quickly looking down, he saw the beginnings of a blossom! Poola blossoms were one of the most beautiful natural sights on Rodia, and he’d helped one grow here in space! Poola cultivation was notoriously difficult. They require care and attention to thrive and years upon years of work to reach their full potential. Even with all that work he had ahead of him, he was still proud.

After the excitement waned, he shook his head and set back to work. If he didn’t finish this system diagnostic, SD was going to kill him. In a tranquil moment amid the beeps and hum of the Aurum, his thoughts lingered on the idea that maybe he wasn’t all that different from his poola plant.