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It’s too late to take a walk on the beach with me

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It’s too late to take a walk on the beach with me

Summary: Yuki’s conflicted feelings over her childhood friend Tatsurou and Fuuma, her commander and close friend, come to a head on stealth mission on the beach.

Tags: NTR, hidden sex, Vanilla

It’s too late to take a walk on the beach with me


“Tatsurou!” Yukikaze hissed at her boyfriend. Her red eyes glowering at the young man as she snarled over him in her black two-piece bikini. The cat-style swimsuit fit the young taimanin’s fickle nature; though if someone was to tell her that she would electrify them with her lighting bullets. Though her bust is not enough to make much cleavage, it still showed off the small curve of her breasts nicely. Thin straps traced her shoulders and wide hips. Making her bikini bottoms almost seem like a string thong than a bikini. Though that is almost true with how her bottom tends to be sucked in between the cheeks of her large butt.

The glaring young girl’s skin is a light tan, with the lightest part of her skin in the shape of a leotard Taimanin suit. Showing just how much she works as a ninja and give her body a delightful mix of white in her bronze skin. She caught the gaze of many men, and some women, on the beach to look at her and the young man under the large umbrella. Though it kept them both safe under the sweltering summer sun, it did not keep the young man safe from Yukikaze’s heated glare from her electrifying amethyst eyes. Her long full marron hair with pigtails tied on the sides with yellow flowers almost seemed to spark with lighting in her anger.

The young man, rather unassuming looking, with short dark hair and bright purple eyes, flinched at the sharp voice of his girlfriend. Though Tatsurou is not bold enough to call Yukikaze his girlfriend, even if both of them wished he would.

“You could at least hold my hand! We have to at least look like a couple!”  The young Taimanin hissed as she leaned over, showing how her bikini bottom just barely covering her large rear, to both glares right into the young man’s eyes and keep her voice low enough for both of them to hear.

“Uh…well…” The young man stammered. Trying to form a sentence and yet he could not come up with anything.

“We-Well we aren’t really dating so…”

Anything but that however would have been better to say.

“Ugh! I am going to scout over there!” Yuki screamed louder than she intended as she stormed off in a rage-filled whirlwind.

“Ah! Y-Yuki!” Tatsurou reached out to stop her but the anger on her face and his own nervousness stopped him.

“…Damn it…” The young man sat on the beach by himself. Cursing his own personal demons.


“Argh! That idiot! We need to at least look like a couple for this mission to work!”

The young Taimanin normally is not so upset with her childhood friend. Being more patient with him as, even with his skills over wind and the power to turn invisible, Tatsurou has always been a late bloomer. Mainly due to his standing as, even though he is meant to take the role of clan head soon, everyone looks to his more skilled sister, Rinko, as the next clan head. It does not help that his oblivious nature when it comes to romance can make it hard for someone shy on such topics like Yuki to make any sort of move.

Even on a mere scouting mission like this where they just have to act like a couple, so they do not draw attention, is a frustrating experience for both of them. And this mission has not only put her on edge, as no one currently knows what their enemy looks like, but she feels their relationship is stuck in a rut.

“What was that kiss for all those years ago….” Yuki sighed. For years, they both have known they like each other. And yet, at sixteen they both haven’t even held hands. Yukikaze has been complacent for a long time, but Tatsurou's confidence issue is getting to her. She can understand where it comes from. Both her and Rinko, his older sister, are considered the next in line to, not only be the heads of their clans but also to be some of the most powerful Taimanin in existence. While skilled Tatsurou is always compared to his older sister

“Damn it Fuuma! Why didn’t you pair me up with you or Ms. Murasaki?”

The thought of her commander made Yuki pause in her thoughts as she walked along the sands to an unknown destination.


The young commander of the task force is only a year older than Yukikaze herself, and he holds the respect of the great Asagi herself. When Yuki had first met him, all she could see is all the many stories and nicknames people had said about him.

The failed clan leader. The one eye Taimanin. Those names she heard about before she could even see the man himself. Thinking him nothing more the bastard son of a failed tyrant like many people in Gosha village.

‘If anyone should have a confidence issue it’s Kotarou…’ And yet, the young man has pushed past all of it. When she heard him command the battlefield, giving her, and the almighty lady Asagi, orders that lead them to victory after victory, she could not believe it. And she saw him training day in and out, even though the demons they face could kill him so easily, she started to understand just why Asagi asked him of all people to lead them. Even though most, if not the entire village would not care for him, some even wanting him dead, Kotarou sill pushed forward to prove himself.

‘He’s still bad at shooting games though.’ The thought brightens Yukikaze’s mood swiftly. He has that odd effect on her. Being able to make her smile, read her like a book. Far more understanding than Tatsurou is when it comes to relationships.

‘Is that why he put me and Tatsurou together? To get us closer?’

“Hey, there little lady~.”

The young Taimanin was snapped out of her thoughts by a sleazy voice speaking out to her.

Four grown men, far older than her and all of them wearing unfriendly smiles in their swimming trunks, walked up to Yukikaze. The one in the middle, the youngest in his late twenties, with a fiendish tattoo on his face.

“What’s a cute girl like you doing out here by yourself?” He tried to look friendly, but his smile never reached his eyes.

They are demons. Most likely the very same demons that have been kidnapping men and women from the beach to do whatever they pleased. It is the task force’s targets right in front of Yuki.

And she is holding back the urge to shiver.

The powerful lighting Taimanin, who has felled stronger demons than the ones in front of her, cannot summon her guns and blast them all away.

The demon group they are after are smart. They have evaded every other team that has looked for them and keep changing their base. If they get a hint of a Taimanin in the area they would leave without a trace. Hence why Kotarou came up with hiding among the crowd. Keeping their weapons locked up and scouting for their base. And once they found it they would fall back and return to slaughter the devious group.

“Don’t tell me your boyfriend dump you?”

“What loser would do that to such a sweet girl?”

The demons started to surround her, but she can't fight back. She is never been without her ninja skills. She could try and blast them all with lighting killing them in one go, but she does not know if there are more demons in the crowded beach. And if even one gets away, the mission would be a failure.

“I-I u-um…” The normally bold lighting Taimanin could not form any words. Her shyness and worry clouding her mind. She closed her eyes in a vain hope to clear her thoughts and come up with something.


“Whoa! Kirin! There you are!”

A young man with his right eye closed, raced up to the group. His midnight blue hair is short and neatly cut and framed his face nicely. A visage that at first looks like a thug or delinquent, but his seemingly kind smile said otherwise. His skin a healthy bronze as he stood nearly as tall as the four men. His one golden eye, the other permanently closed looked at Yukikaze in worry who widen her in shock as the young man, Kotarou Fuuma, grabbed her hand.

“The hell, are you?” One of the men snapped.

“Her boyfriend. I was looking for her everywhere, but I guess she got lost.” Kotarou chuckled as if he was talking about the weather. Even though he fully knows the demons in front of him can cut him down in an instant.

“Yeah righ-“

One of the men made a move to grab Yuki, but Kotarou was inhumanly fast at pulling her closer to him. It was a subtle gesture, but the speed was something the demons took note as suspicious.

And Kotarou took note of their suspicions.

“Anyway, we better be going. Later.” The young man turned and walked into the crowd. Pulling Yukikaze behind him as they squeezed through the wave of people.

“Hey!” The men snapped before they gave chase.


“Damn it where did she go!?”

One of the ‘men’ that had cornered Yukikaze snarled. Now in the form of an ox-headed demon, one of the demons snorted as he steams out of his nostrils in frustration.

“Are you sure she was a Taimanin?” A dog-headed demon barked.

“Of course, I am! Bitch smelled just like one!”

“You said that last time. You just like chicks with fat asses’ man. Let it go.” A demon with red skin and long elf ears chuckled.

“Oh, screw you!”

The red-skinned man sighed, “Look that guy she was with isn’t a Taimanin. Didn’t smell like one at least.”

“Then how the hell did he move his hand so quick?” The ox man snorted. Stomping the sands in rage.

“Dude looked fit at hell. Maybe he knows kung-fu? Look I saw some chick all alone with some massive tits. Let’s go pick her up and you can have fun with her alright?”

Kotarou kept as still as a tree as he hugged the stone wall of the rock on the edge of the beach. Yukikaze standing under him as she silenced her presence as well. Her face blistering red as it is pressed between the rock and Kotarou’s tones fit stomach. Neither of them making a sound as the demons argued just beyond the rock. Barely even ten feet away from them. Reminding her of their time at the pool. Nearly being caught by their friends if it was not for Kotarou’s quick thinking and hugging her to look like a couple. She did not want him to let go back then. And even now…

Yuki’s hand tentatively reaches out for Kotarou-

“Grr…fine.” The Ox demon grumbled as he and his party stomped away. And shaking Yukikaze out of her daze.

“They’re gone.” Kotarou sighed after a few minutes of silence. Pushing off the wall and peering around the corner. “At least we know they are here. Let’s stay here for a bit to make sure then contact the others.”

“F-Fuuma…” Yuki’s voice sounded mousy as she held her hand to her chest in a pitiable way to stop it from hammering away.

“Hm?” And Kotarou is too focused on the mission to notice.

“What…what type of girl do you like?”

“Huh?” However, that brought him out of it. Nearly snapping his neck to turn to Yukikaze who’s face is blistering red.

“Just answer the question!” The young Taimanin shouted in embarrassed fury.

‘She’s nervous.’  The young clan head surmised. ‘Can’t blame her. She isn’t used to not being able to use her Taimanin arts. Unlike me….’

The young head sighed. ‘We should work on that when we get back.’

“I…don’t really have a concrete preference. As long as she can well, I guess, deal with me I don’t mind. If but if had to pick…. Someone shorter than me, I guess. Doesn’t mind video games. She can’t be a pushover obviously. She’s got to be tough to deal with all the crap I go through. Aanndd maybe to smack me around when I need it heh heh.”

‘I was trying to be as generic as possible, but it sounds like I described her huh?’ The young man thought with a flaming blush. Turning his head to gaze out at the beach instead.

‘Keep your cool Kotarou. You know how she and Tatsurou feel about each other…’ The young man gave a deep sigh as he tried to calm his own feelings. Admitting to himself long ago that he should give up on loving Yukikaze. Only a blind fool would not notice how she and her Tatsurou feel about each other.

It is a classic tale of childhood friends falling in love. And Kotarou himself holds no animosity towards Tatsurou. They are even friends with one another trying to help each other push past their failings. Kotarou himself had put the two together in hopes of them getting further in their relationship.

No matter how much Kotarou wants to take Yukikaze in his arms, he would not break the bond the three of them share so easily.

“Anyway, we should get moving- “

“I…” A light tug on his swim shorts made the young man look back at a blush. Yuki’s eyes, shaking with worry, looked deep into his own as she spoke.

“I like guys that are taller than me. With silly d-dark blue hair. Smart. But they suck at shooting games. Work way too hard and needs to be smacked to get them to relax. Always worrying about others…. And have one eye.”

Kotarou swallowed hard. Easily putting two and two together, but still tried his best to avoid the outcome.

Looking at the sand, Kotarou tried to hide his blushing face. “You…. Maybe you should tell that to Tatsurou.”

“I am telling it to you.” Yuki urged. Taking a step closer to him.

“Y-Yuki…. Tatsurou loves you. You two have been together for so long. And- “

“Does he?” Yuki gritted her teeth. Tightening the grip on Kotarou’s shorts. “I’ve tried everything save screaming at him. And even then, I don’t think he’ll take the hint.”

“I-I can’t betray him like that Yuki. No matter how much I want to….”

Yuki bit her lip at those words. Her shoulder shaking in, angry? Sadness? Kotarou could not tell but he has to comfort her. That is all he knows.

Kotarou placed a kind hand on his friend’s shoulders. “Love isn’t easy. Tatsu is just shy-gah!?

Suddenly pinned Kotarou’s back to the rock behind him.

“Gah!? What the- this strength!”

“Tatsurou this! Tatsurou that! Fuck him! I’ve been shaking my fat ass in front of that cuck’s face for years and he still. Can’t. Take. A HINT!” Yuki snarled in a rage-filled snarl as she pinned Kotarou to the wall with only three fingers.

The young commander noticed something about his comrade as she spoke. Even though Yuki is far stronger than him as a Taimanin, not even she should be stronger enough to pin him with just three fingers. There is a powerful glow in her eyes and her tan line vanished. Giving her whole body a healthy tan. A fang grew from her mouth as claws formed. Lighting surged around her, but instead of the normal green and yellow color, it is blacker than death.

‘Shit! She’s activated her demon form!’ Kotarou paled as the realization hit.

Asagi had pulled the young commander away from the team to speak to him in private one day. Telling him a secret of the Taimanin that very few know, all Taimanin have demon blood in them. The stronger the Taimanin, the stronger the demon blood in their veins. And the stronger the demon blood, the higher chance they could transform into a demonic version of themselves.

Asagi had already shown him her demonic form; an alternate version of herself called Kage, and that demon is lustful in every sense of the word. Lustful for sex, blood, chaos, all things any demon craves. The almighty Taimanin told him this as most of the Taimanin under him do not know how to control their inner demons. And if they were to get out, it would be up to him to calm them down.

“But you…my sweet Kotarou~.” Yuki purred as she pushed herself onto Kotarou, the softness of her. Trailing a finger up and down his chest. Nuzzling into him as she looked up at him with love and lust-filled eyes. “You see me for all that I am. And you want it. Just like I want you.”

However, Kotarou is nowhere near as powerful as most of his comrades. And given their demon form enhances everything about them, fighting to crave their battle lust is suicide.

“Please Kotarou….” Yuki whined as she pouted at him. Her hands tracing his sides. Gliding along his muscles. The demonic ninja hummed at the feeling of her hands groping his firm form.

Fuck. Me….”

The young man swallowed knowing what he has to do, but not having the moral fiber to do it. Not that Yukikaze gave him much of a choice however as she pulled down his shorts. Getting his incredibly stiff dick to spring free of it confides as the monstrous member betrayed him. The long girth prick nearly smacked Yukikaze on the nose and it bounced in her face. Looking like it belongs more to an orc than a human with its half an arm length, and wrist thick girth. Veins crisscrossing along it to the bright bulbous head that twitched with lust.

“Uwaa~…it’s so big.” Yuki sighed in bliss as she rubbed her face against Kotarou’s cock. The thick, musky scent of the young man’s cock made the lust-crazed demon girl shiver and pant. She buried her nose into the burly cock as she wrapped her hand around the beefy member. Her fingers not even touching each other.

“Muu~ Stupid Kotarou. Hiding this from me~♥.” Yuki giggled as she gave a long, sensual lick from the base of Kotarou’s cock, to the tip of the shaft’s head. While Kotarou bit his lip to hold back a moan, Yuki held nothing back with a cry of delight at the virile male taste assaulting her tongue.

“Mmmm…I saw Tatsurou before. It wasn’t half bad. But this…” The demonic ninja gave a polite kiss to the bulky cock head. “This will break me in half~♥.”

Yuki opened her soft lips and took the cock in her mouth.  Bobbing her head up and down Kotarou’s cock taking more and more of the shaft past the head. Sloppily taking half the dick in her mouth, her neck already bulging outwards as she loudly drooled over his prick.  Pumping her small hand around it with her electric lustful eyes gazing up at him.

“Ngh! Hangh!” Kotarou kept his hands on the stone wall, cracking it with the urge to grab Yuki’s head and throwing his hips into her face. Her mouth griping him in a gentle but firm grip. Warm and wet, Yuki’s mouth swiftly along his shaft. Her full plush lips not letting up on their sucking even as she painfully choked on the burly dick.

“Does this feel good Kotarou?” Yuki giggled as she pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. This time kissing the base of his shaft. Her nose buried into the young man’s pubic hairs with him thrusting his hips in her face involuntary.

With a long, painfully slow drag backward, Yukikaze popped the cock from her mouth. Spit and pre-cum dangling from her lips while she kissed back up the cock. Licking the head with her tongue, her bright purple eyes staring longing at him. “Does my slutty mouth around your dick feel good?”

“Yuki! You really should- “

“Nope~.” Yuki giggled as she swallowed Kotarou’s cock whole in one single dive. Only gagging once as dug her face in the young man’s groin. Making sure to take a deep breath of his scent before quickly sidling back with a lingering kiss on the head of the cock.

“I am not going to stop until you shot all that yummy cum down my throat~.” Yuki’s kisses trailed down the young man’s meaty member to his weighty ball sack.

“Muu~. You’re holding back a lot.” Yuki giggled as she took both of his testicles in her mouth. Her cheeks mimicking a chipmunk as they balloon out. Swirling them in her mouth and moaning in bliss while Kotarou struggled against his baser instincts.

“Come on. What are you worried about?” Yuki pouted as she pulled her lips from the young man’s sweltering testicles. Her demonic eyes looking shamefully disappointed at Kotarou’s impressive restraint. Jerking his cock up and down with her hands while she nuzzled her cheek against the slimy dick. “Me and Tatsurou aren’t even dating. I don’t belong to him.”

“I could belong to you though.” Yuki hummed with a kiss at one ball sack. Making Kotarou grit his teeth as a blot of lust shot up his back. The demonic voice of the girl he is in love with, sending quakes through his body.

“You could have me at any time, any way you want.” Yuki giggled while licking up his cock.

“In the school.” She placed a loving kiss on one side of the cock.

“On a mission.” Then another on one of its girthy veins.

Jerking his cock, Yukikaze looked up to him. With honest lust and love in her eyes. “I’d be your happy little slut Kotarou-kun~♥.”

“Argh damn it!” Kotarou lost his restraint for a moment as he grabbed Yuki’s head and slammed it fully down his cock. Making Yukikaze happily giggle through her moaning gags as she wrapped her arms around his waist. Encouraging him to go as hard as he could against her face as he pounded her throat until he slammed her face down on his crotch.  Making her swallow his climax that roared out of her sealed lips. Gushing out of her nose and spilling out of her lips as his cock pumped a river of gooey thick semen with each jerk of his hips.

Kotarou released her when he realized his mistake but that did not stop the lustful demon from drinking his seed. Her mouth locked on his cock as it shot, hot, thick ropes of cum down her throat.

“Mmmph!” Yukikaze hummed as she dragged her lisp back, sucking all the way until Kotarou’s cock gave one last pump of his seed down her throat. As she pulled back from cock until she was back at the head again, Yuki’s tongue snuck out from her lips and licked up the lingering jizz dripping down her cheeks. Finally popping her lips off with a sigh, Kotarou’s cock still full of life, bounced from her mouth.

“Hauwaaa~…. Sho…thick…~♥.” Yuki moaned as she twirled the young man’s seed in her mouth. Reveling in its texture and flavor before swallowing the whole thing. The sight making the young commander blush while Yuki licked her fingers as if she just had a delicious meal.

“Mmm…I think I am pregnant already…” The sultry demon hummed. Tracing body with her finger from her cleavage to her crotch.

“Yuki we really shouldn’t…keep going.” The young man still tried to appeal to the small amount of humanity still in his friend. But Yukikaze only laughed. Her voice sounding like a sweet chime even though the intentions behind her sweet smile are utterly sinful.

“Oh, Kotarou-kun! I love that about you know. How, even in the face of someone who can tear you limb from limb, you still try to put up a fight.”

However, her joyful smile turned into a playful evil one. “But you’re going to fail today.”

Yukikaze bent over, placing her hands on the wall, and spread her legs. Pulling her swimsuit bottom to the side and spreading her pussy. Showing off her vibrant pink, dripping slit as she wiggled her hips at him.

“Look at how wet I am. If you don’t take me, who knows what I’ll do. This is all your fault Kotarou-kun. So, take responsibility.” The devilish ravenous grin on her lips sent more than a lustful shiver down Kotarou’s spine.

With no other option, Kotarou gave a silent apology to Tatsurou and walked over to Yukikaze’s large infamous ass. The young man is reminded of small taimanin’s most alluring feature; her butt. Even though Yukikaze is the shortest of the main task force, she still has the widest hips, and, to put bluntly, the fattest ass out of all of them. Her mother, the lovely and deadly Phantom Taimanin, Shiranui Mizuki, has the largest breasts of all the women in the village; an impressive feat considering how many well-developed women are in the village.

He lost himself into groping her plush rear. His fingers vanishing into the meaty backside as he rubbed her large tush. Her bottom may as well be half her body weight with how large it is. Kotarou always has a hard time paying attention to anything else when Yukikaze is on the field with him. It is the reason he’s never behind her as he would have to fight the urge of watching her booty bounce and ripple.

“Muu~ K-Kotarou-kun~ Stop teasing me~.” Yuki’s purring snaped the young man out of his lustful daze.

‘Crap. Nearly fell into her pace…’ Kotarou’s goal is to please the lustful Taimanin, but if he goes too far, he may end up becoming demon Yukikaze’s love slave.

“Alright then. I’ll take you up on that offer.” Taking a firm grip on Yukikaze’s tiny waist, Kotarou pushed his cock in as deep as he could into the tiny demonic girl. His cock is fully enveloped in a viper-like grip snuggly wrapped around him. Hot and slick, the young man did not try to move as already Yuki’s greedy sex is already trying to milk him dry.

“Ooohh~♥!! Yessh~~♥♥!!” As Yuki felt her pussy be stretched to its limit from Kotarou’s cock. Her belly stretching a little in the shape of the young man’s cock as it throbbed in her cunt. Her face already twisting into a drunk mess of pleasure. Her tongue hanging out as her eyes roll in her head. The smile on her face is one of deranged desires.

“Y-Your cock~♥! It’s-It’s perfect for me~♥!!” Yuki babbled as Kotarou swing his hips in a swift, rough motion. The few times he has laid with a demon woman, most of them wanted it rough and hard. Not in a masochist sort of way; though he has been with a few like that. But whispering sweet nothings and gentle motions never seemed to be that common with the demon women the young clan head has been with.

“Ah! H-Harder Fuuma! Fuck my fat ass harder!”

Though he has a feeling he is on the right track.

Kotarou squeezed and smacked the young ninja’s jiggling tush as his cock rampaged inside her. Groping her firm rear as he let out all of the perverse ideas he has whenever he sees the petite ninjas glorious behind.  Leaning over, he kissed and bite at her neck and back, but he did his best not to leave any marks, even though he wanted to. With one hand glued to her ass the other sneaking around and groping her small breast. Her hardened nipples poking through her bikini top as he twisting and pulled at them.

Taking advantage of her short height and ravaged her body as his thrust began to left her feet off the ground. Yuki’s hanging just above the sands as her loud wailing catching the attention of a few passersby who blushed at catching just a glimpse of their animalistic rutting.

“Cumming~♥♥♥!!!” Something Yukikaze really enjoyed as she climaxed around his prick. Her pussy squeezing his dick in a vice as it gushed and sprayed out her lust over the ground. But the young captain held his ground as he kept pumping away at her. While Yukikaze drooled and moaned with her eyes twinkling in delight, Kotarou did his due to drown the demon in lust.

Grabbing her neck, Kotarou titled her head up for a forceful kiss. His tongue twirling around with her’s as his thrusting got harder. Pushing her forward into the rock wall with three slams of his hips and with the fourth he released a torrent of semen inside her. Snarling in her mouth as his sticky seed filled her womb, making her climax again as his thick semen plowed into her hungry pussy.

“M-Mohph…. K- Kotarou -kun…” Yukikaze purred deliriously in Kotarou’s lips. Wiggling her hips needly even as he let the last gooey ropes of spunk fire deep inside her. Not an ounce of cum leaking from her as the young assaulted her lips. His cock just as hard as before even after two grand climaxes. Sometimes the young man thinks his Taimanin power went all the way to his dick with how many rounds he can go; he has even tried out a few demons.

‘I guess even that can come in handy at times like this.’ Kotarou thought as he is more than prepared to give the demon girl more than what she can handle. Picking her up, Yukikaze swiftly wrapped her legs around his waist. Not once taking her lips off his as he started thrusting up inside her. Her hands racking his back as she moaned into his neck. Her slovenly lust-driven face is facing the sea and the few people that passed by as Kotarou slammed up into her. His hands never leaving her ass he groped and rubbed her cheeks.

“Um excuse me. Captain Fuuma?”

Kotarou’s communicator in his ear suddenly beeped to life. With the voice of Tatsurou in his ear.

‘Shit!’ The young captain is brought back to reality as he is reminded he is womb deep into the childhood crush of his friend and teammate.

“Wh-what’s wrong Tatsurou?” Kotarou tried his best to sound normal even though Yukikaze is giving playful, but angry nips at his neck for not paying attention to her. He would have found it cute, if not for the fact that the guy that loves her is talking in his ear right now.

“W-Well I haven’t seen Yukikaze since she stormed off. Is she with you?” Tatsurou spoke nervously on the other end.

“Ngh!” While Yukikaze’s pussy locked up around his dick and she nibbled at his ear. The demon woman knowing just who he talking to as she shook her hips on his prick. The knowing grin on her face, while alluring, pissed him off.

“Y-YEAH! Yes, she is. We erm, were found by the enemy and had to make a quick getaway.” The young clan head tried to keep his voice even as Yukikaze rocked her hips in time of his own. “W-we-Ngh- Are currently resting, but we did find the demon’s hideout.”

“Really?” Tatsurou said. But oddly his voice sounded a lot closer than it should be-

‘AND GOD SHITS IN MY DINNER ONCE AGAIN!’ The only thing that stopped Kotarou from cursing in damnation of every deity in existence at the fact that Tatsurou is a little less than thirty feet away from them, is Yukikaze’s tongue being shoved down his throat.

“Then I’ll head right- “

“NO!” Out of the corner of his eye, Kotarou could see Tatsurou stop in place. He would have relaxed a little.

“Haaaah~!” If Yuki did not let out a sudden moan that made the oblivious Taimanin look around.

“What was-

“W-We’ve already altered the enemy! If anyone else shows up they might leave. No. met up with Ms. Murasaki and wait for me and Yukikaze out the rendezvous point. We’ll be there in an hour- “

Yuki nip at Kotarou’s neck just as her pussy clamped down around him for another climax

“TWO! Two hours!”

“O-ok.” Tatsurou nodded. Letting the topic drop much to Kotarou’s relief.

“Um, C-Captain Fuuma?”

“Y-Yeah?” The young man bit his lip. Both at how Tatsurou kept talking and how Yuki’s pussy kept clenching down on him.

“I um I just wanted to say thank you for trusting in me. I know I am not the most powerful Taimanin but still, you brought me along anyway.” Tatsurou said with an embarrassed blush as he started to walk back to his beach umbrella. “Maybe I’ll be brave enough to confess to Yuki one day.”

“Y-You’ll do it I am sure. G-Gotta cut you off bye!” Kotarou cut off his communicator and turned his glare at the mewling demon girl in front of him.

“Ar-are you trying to get us caught!?” Kotarou snapped as he took his frustration out on Yuki’s hungry pussy.

“I am sorry! I am sorry for having a slutty cheating pussy!” Yuki roared in delight as Tatsurou walk away from them. Digging her nail in his back as the young clan head rampaged as hard as he could inside the tiny slut.

“Punish my slutty pussy Kotarou~♥! Mark it as yours~~♥♥♥!” Yuki roared maddeningly as she felt Kotarou’s cock pulse and thunder with another climax on the way. The young man cursed under his breath as he let loose another viscous and thick amount of cum inside the cock-crazed ninja. Her pussy spraying her clear lust-like shower over Kotarou’s waist. Her eyes rolling in the back of her head as the young man’s cum, far thicker than before actually spilled out of her overstuffed muff. Tickling down her leg as her body quivered with every pump of jizz in her.

“A-Are you ok know? Yuki?” Kotarou asked as he felt her nails relaxing from piercing his skin as cum dripped out of her.

“N-No…” Kotarou felt the young ninja flinch. And then noticed her tan return to her while the electricity in the air died.

“Phew…your back…” The young man let out a long, stressed breath. Though he had avoided a physical death, there is still the mental and social execution of the fact that he not only has laid with his friend’s crush but also an infamous Taimanin in his school.

‘Screw Shiranui’s, or even Rinko killing me. If the school finds out about this, I may as well hang myself…’

“I-I don’t…” Yuki’s voice is still small as she buried her face in his chest. “I don’t want to let you go Kotarou. I know…. I know I am betraying Tatsurou but…”

Looking up at the young man, her bright violet eyes gazing hard and long into his dark yellow ones. “Please. Kotarou?”

The young man did not answer as he placed a sweet kiss on Yuki’s lips. His hips thrusting softer than before. His hands holding her in a loving manner as he pushed her back against the rock to hidden themselves better.

“N-Ngh...H-Harder…” Yuki panted while Kotarou kissed her neck. wrapping her hands around him, happy with his answer.

‘Guess we won’t be returning for a few more hours…’ Kotarou thought as he began a long, happy road to hell.


“Where are those two?” Murasaki sighed as she and Tatsurou wait for Kotarou and Yukikaze to return. Crossing her arms over her white bikini top. Making her large breast shake a little in her frustration. The rendezvous point is a secluded part of the beach far away from other people by a cove. It was three hours since Kotarou sent out the message and he still has not shown up yet.

“Sorry. We had to make sure none of the demons were following us.” Kotarou’s voice made Murasaki sight in both relief and annoyance.

“You are starting to make me wonder why lady Asagi made you the commander of the task force, Fuuma.” Though her words are biting, Murasaki could not the relief in her voice at the young man looking alive. Though Yuki’s face is aflame with a blush for some reason.

“I something wrong Yuki?” Tatsurou asked as she noticed her face is rather flushed.

“Eh!? W-Well- “

None of them noticed Kotarou’s hand gripping Yuki’s rear form behind. His hand is lost into her meaty ass as his finger is buried in her pussy to keep his cum from leaking out of her. The amount is beyond ridiculous, and it is sure to be noticed it even a little spill out.

“S-she's just a little tired.” The young commander came in quick with a response. “We had to run as we found their base and was nearly caught.”

“Where?” Murasaki asked with a nod.

“Two miles southeast from here. Hidden in the woods by a lake. They put up a barrier to stop humans from finding.” Kotarou broke down every detail of his findings. With his middle finger shoved up Yuki’s cunt, he can still feel his cum resting in her.

Afterward, the mission was a success with zero casualties. Though Tatsurou took notice that Yuki and Kotarou seemed a lot closer than before. While he is glad they are getting along so well, he wondered why Yuki offered to take care of Kotarou’s injuries in that love hotel.



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