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Indominus Rex: The Lethal Killer Is Tamed

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Who knew, the only mortal in its kingdom, the famous Tony Stark, attempted to interact with this monster? 

Very funny, but also a risky try, Anthony, Loki once told Tony, but that stubborn human didn't listen. 

Hmph, Lokes, watch and see, He said and Loki sighed, but gently kissed Tony's forehead, encouraging his darling, wishing him good luck. 

Back in reality, his lover was patting his back and telling Loki that he'd be alright. 

“Just don't kill yourself okay? Stay safe. I want you to come back alive, not heartbreaking news.” Loki said, stroking Tony's fluffy hair. 

“I will miss you, dear Anthony.” Loki smiled sadly, kissing Tony deeply on the lips again. 

“Me too Lokes.”

And the next day he set off. 


Ding-- Loki's alarm clock rang. It was 6:00. Why so early? Just to watch his lover leave. 

“Tony! Anthony! That early?” Loki shouted when Tony mounted a Triceratops. 

“Babe just a day, and I'll be back with you okay?” Tony groaned, adjusting the saddle beneath him. 

Loki walked up and pulled his mortal lover into a crushing kiss. 

“Well, alright.” Loki threw his hands into the air with disapproval, but left Tony alone with the dinosaur anyways. Tony watched and smiled.

“Ready- Yah!” Tony yelled cheerfully and snapped the reins of the Triceratops, and it turned away and ran into the large fields. 


On their way, Tony and the Triceratops met a lot of dinosaurs. Tony watched the sunrise while the Triceratops took a rest munching on leaves. 

It was really different from their world. The New Region was such a heaven for both creatures and people, although it was just Loki and Tony there. 

Tony sighed, admiring the beautiful view while he stroked the dinosaur's back. 

When both of them finished their break, they started their journey to the Indominus's den. 


It almost took two hours for both of them to get to the cave. But when Tony finally saw the creepy place, he shivered. 

There was a deep rumble from the cave and the Triceratops let out a deep cry. It started to paw the ground and tried to rampage into the deep unknown. Fortunately, Tony pulled the dinosaur back and dismounted it carefully, then rubbed reassuring circles on its back. 

“Hey Tops, just a little more.” Tony tried to hide his fear. 


A huge roar echoed through the cave and Tony trembled violently. So the Indominus Rex was awake the whole time. 

There was a shadow. A huge one. 

The shadow started to come close. 

“Stop!!” Tony yelled, but of course, the dinosaur ignored his cries. 

Tony was trembling more and more, the creature which was slowly coming closer was really terrifying, oh how Tony wanted Loki to be here and hug him now… 

The huge creature stomped closer. More fear flooded though Tony's body. His clutch on his steed's reins grew tighter and tighter. 

The Indominus Rex… was truly frightening. It had red and glowing eyes, its skin faintly grey. Sharp sabour teeth peeked out from its horrendous mouth, threatening Tony. 

The dinosaur roared and charged towards them, scaring its intruders. 

Tony let out a scream when the creature yanked him down the Triceratops. He watched as the Indominus Rex devouredhis steed. 

“Anyone! Help!” His voice was filled with fear as he knew there was no one except Loki in this place… He shivered on the rough rock-covered floor, not caring about the pain it was giving him.

No more hope… 

Tony backed away, trying to get out of the cave. Suddenly-

A green and golden light shone the whole cave, the Indominus Rex threw its head back and roared. 

Loki…?!  Tony thought, hope coming back to him. 

When the smoke and light cleared, Loki's long and lean body came to view. His eyes shone emerald green, which was one of Tony's favorite things. 

“Don't you dare. Hurt my Anthony!” Loki yelled, pointing at the dinosaur, shaking with rage. Both his hands exploded green magic, and the magic was thrown towards the dinosaur's body. It shrieked in pain, flinching away. The Indominus Rex tilted its head and roared loudly. 

Loki rushed towards his partner and hugged him tightly in his arms. Tony looked up, eyes narrowing to see his lover's pretty face. 

“He's saying that you're an intruder, and it must hurt them, no matter who you are.” Loki whispered. 

Tony nodded and stroked his lover's cheek, whispering back, “Okay.”

Loki stood up and the mortal followed, slowly walking up to the dinosaur. Tony trembled and clutched towards Loki, huddling close to the god. 

“Loki… I'm scared.” Tony said. 

“Sh. It's okay. I'm here.” Loki shushed him and touched his head.

As they got closer to the Indominus Rex, Tony reached out his hand and touched the monster's lowered head. It didn't flinch. It closed its eyes and softly hummed. 

Loki was holding his other hand but released it when he felt that Tony should touch the dinosaur. Tony did want to. He stepped closer and the Silvertongue backed away, leaving the two some time. 

“What makes you so evil, my dear Dino?” Tony whispered to the creature, taking its head in both his hands. Loki smiled. 

The Indominus Rex growled silently and hissed, speaking to Tony. 

Maybe you're the one who can train me, Stark. 

Tony shuddered at the sentence, And I'll silently be dominated. 

“L-Lokes…” Tony shivered and walked away from the dinosaur, rushing into Loki's welcoming arms. 

“Sh… Anthony.” Loki patted Tony's back with comforting touches. Tony frowned and wrapped his arms around his lover's thin frame. 

“Let's go?”

I'm tamed, Stark, bring me home? 

Two Dimorphodons flying into the cave was unexpected. They squawked, flapping their wide-spread wings and swooped at the Indominus Rex. The dinosaur, of course, pawed at them, gapping its mouth and soon, both of them disappeared. Into the monster's stomach. 

“Of course.”

As the Indominus Rex crouched down, the mortal pulled the Jotunn up onto its back. Its skin was rough, but Tony didn't care. All he wanted to do was go back home, not stay in this cave, although the mage was next to him. He would do anything to protect him. 

Softly, Tony reached out a hand and patted the Indominus Rex's neck, urging it to go forward. It walked towards the end of the cave, finally, seeing the light. 

Tony smiled when Loki wrapped his arms around his waist, resting on him. He then said, “This is going to be weird, every dinosaur knows that this I-Rex won't be tamed…” 

“Or maybe I am its tamer, but I don't know?” Tony smirked and stroked Loki's side. 

“Oh, Anthony, maybe you're right.”