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Dancing the Night Away

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The pounding beat resonates with her, reverberating through her body like a delicious earthquake.


She hadn’t wanted to come to the club tonight. This really isn’t her scene. But Jesse had been so goddamn insistent, Beca hadn’t been able to keep refusing. To make sure he wouldn’t get the wrong idea, though, she had made sure to also invite every single person in the room at the time. Which happened to be the entire department, really.


She had lost track of all of them by now - some of them refused to dance, choosing to sit and drinks and be dull. Others were off dancing elsewhere, with their friends or with people they had just met here or by themselves - Beca doesn’t care. 


Jesse is probably looking for her, but she couldn’t care less about that either.


She’s in the middle of the dancefloor, by herself, surrounded by anonymous bodies. It allows her to really lose herself in the moment, arms raised high as her hips sway to the ever-shifting beat of the music.


It’s hot and the club smells of sweat - she herself smells of sweat, covered by a thin sheen of it partly due to the oppressing heat and partly because of her continuous dancing.


She feels a body moving up against her back, hard and muscular and a good few inches taller than herself. He isn’t the first and won’t be the last, Beca knows. She feels his erection poking her butt through the thin material of her dress, just as his arm moves to encircle her waist. 


With a twirl and a shimmy and a hop-and-a-skip to the side, she moves out of reach, continuing to dance by herself. She loses herself in the music, but is aware enough to see the man awkwardly shuffle off the dancefloor, much to the amusement of a group of peers, pointing and snickering at his failed attempt.


It takes a few minutes before another makes an attempt, and it coincides with the moment Beca spots Jesse, making his way across the dancefloor without even bothering to hide the fact he’s looking for her. He has two drinks in his hand and looks annoyed at the dancing mass around him. 


She briefly - very, very briefly - considers letting this new guy dance with her, if only to dissuade Jesse from continuously pursuing her as more than a friend. She dismissed the thought, moving out of his reach again and dancing herself behind a group of women to keep herself out of Jesse’s line of view.


It’s childish, she knows. But she’s having a good time and doesn’t want it to end. She sees Jesse making his way off the dancefloor again, one of his drinks now empty - probably on the floor, Beca grimaces - and she’s relatively certain he has given up his search for her. At least for the time being.


She raises her arms above her head, throws her hair back and closes her eyes as she once again surrenders to the music. 


She doesn’t know how much time passes before she opens her eyes again, but when she does, she instantly notices the hottest and sexiest woman she’s ever seen looking at her.


She’s a redhead, with her long hair smoothly falling past her shoulders as she, too, seems to live for the music. She’s not wearing anything special - just some tattered jeans and a red shirt and high brown boots - but she’s making it work for her, and Beca hasn’t seen a girl like this. She’s never seen a girl and instantly thought about how she would look without her clothes, in her bedroom, upon tousled sheets.


Beca has always been relatively confident in herself, but when she opens her eyes and instantly finds her gaze locked with this woman… she panics.


She turns on the spot, leaving the girl behind her as she continues to dance in place. She mentally facepalms for messing up. She might’ve had a chance with this girl, right? Having turned her back on this woman - literally - could only have come across as a rejection of sorts…


She puts a little more force in her movements, forcing herself to let the music take her over again. Yeah, she messed up, but she isn’t going to let that ruin her night. She allows her hips to sway to the beat again, gathering up her hair and lifting it out of her neck for a moment in a futile attempt to cool down a little.


When she lets her hair tumble down again, she feels a presence behind her. It’s not like it had been before, though. This doesn’t feel intrusive or clingy. Whoever is behind her is leaving the more-or-less respectable distance of a few inches between their bodies, as if testing the waters.


Beca gathers up her hair, moving it all over her left shoulder so she can inconspicuously glance over her right shoulder and give herself a heart attack.


The gorgeous redhead is right behind her , still dancing. While she’s not initiating any contact, she’s also not moving away. Beca realizes, with a startling clarity of mind, that this girl isn’t just coincidentally dancing behind her - they’re too close for that, and their movements are too synced. 


She continues her movements, waiting to see what the girl’s next move will be. She waits, and she waits, but there is no contact at all, save the few brushes of an arm against her back, or a hand against the back of her arm - nothing meaningful.


She waits a while longer, before throwing her hair over her other shoulder and glancing sideways. She pretends to check over towards the bar - accidentally spotting Jesse sulking on a stool - but really just checks to make sure this stranger is still behind her.


She is, barely half a step behind her. Her glance wasn’t long enough to be sure, but she seemed to be enjoying herself, a pleased little grin pulling at her lips.


Beca very quickly and very carefully considers the odds of her misreading the situation. She doesn’t want to be like so many guys in this club, but she’s willing to take the chance now. Closing her eyes, she takes a deep breath, and on the next beat rolls her hips back, effectively pushing her ass against the stranger behind her.


She very briefly feels the roughness of the denim jeans through the thin material of her dress. She waits for the redhead to respond, but again, nothing happens. Biting her lip, Beca ponders her next move. The girl hadn’t moved away, which she would probably have done if the attention had been unwanted. Then again, her move had been so brief, it could easily have been passed off as an accident.


Gathering all of her courage, she takes half a step backwards and effectively grinds her ass against the woman behind her, leaving absolutely zero doubt as to her wanting this. 


She lets out a long, unsteady breath when she feels the woman’s hips perfectly mirroring her own, and a hand softly coming to rest on her hip. It’s barely even there, hard to feel even through her thin dress and Beca feels herself craving a more solid connection. Still, it’s a start.


Beca feels the stranger’s hips moving with her own, but it’s still the only real point of contact they share, and she begins to feel a little exasperated by this woman. How much clearer does she need to be? With a soft grunt - or maybe it was a groan - Beca rests her own hand on the redhead’s, pressing it firmer against her hip.


The entire world seems to shift on its axis with that small move, as Beca feels the redhead’s groin pressing against her ass more firmly, the hand now almost a vice on her hip, keeping her from moving away. 


Still, she doesn’t doubt the woman would disengage immediately if Beca were to give any indication of not being okay with this. But she is, very much, okay with this, leaving her hand resting over the redhead’s as she pressed her ass even firmer against the woman and now really groans when she feels her soft, warm body pressing up against her back entirely.


Beca is all too aware of the fact this woman is now effectively grinding up against her, and quite honestly she is loving every second of it. She gathers up her hair again, swinging it over her shoulder to clear the other side and glance over her shoulder. Her breath catches at the proximity of their faces, the redhead face only a few inches from her own now.


Like Beca, this woman smells of sweat, and a fruity kind of alcohol, and it’s driving Beca insane. In a futile attempt to get closer, Beca presses even further back. While it doesn’t actually achieve anything, it seems to get the message across as she feels the redhead’s other hand latching onto her hip as well, briefly, before letting go again and sliding further, coming to snake across her stomach and pull them flush together.


With one hand on her hip and a strong arm across her stomach and their bodies flush together, Beca feels drunk. She hasn’t had nearly enough to drink for her to actually be drunk, but she can feel herself getting drowned in the music and the woman behind her. Still wanting more.


She isn’t sure what she wants, or how to convey it, so she closes her eyes and dances as if there is no tomorrow, revelling in the feeling of the body behind her, so well-attuned to her moves that she can follow every single sway, never losing contact.


It isn’t long before Beca begins to notice the hot puffs of air against the side of her face, irregular and fruity. The redhead’s face is practically resting on her shoulder, hovering right beside her own, and she knows that she could bring their faces together if she craned her neck just right. She wonders if she wants to. She knows she wants to, but she wonders if she should.


Without conscious thought, she lowers one of her arms, bending it backwards and running her hand through the woman’s hair. It’s soft, and damp from their exertion, and her fingers get caught on a few knots making her accidentally pull on the red strands.


She doesn’t regret it, though. She can both hear and feel the soft, rumbling groan it earned her, the redhead’s mouth so extremely close to Beca’s ear not even the pounding music could drown out such a minute sound.


She leaves her hand where it is, against the woman’s neck with her fingers caught in the hair. She doesn’t consciously do anything else, but with their dancing, she inevitably ends up pulling on her hair again, not hard enough to hurt, but definitely enough to be felt.


And every time she does, she feels the fingers of the hand resting against her stomach twitching.


She allows it - encourages it - with a firmer press of her ass against the woman behind her every time the fingers twitch. She’s aware they’re traveling down a slippery slope, even if she has no idea where their journey is taking them.


At the next soft pull of the woman’s hair, Beca feels something warm around her earlobe, and then the scrape of teeth, and then the flick of a tongue, and she cannot tamp down the shuddering moan that escapes her. 


She feels the woman chuckling against her back, ever so briefly, and then the teeth are back taking a firmer hold of Beca’s earlobe and giving it a tug, and Beca is pretty sure she could just about climax in her panties, right here in the middle of the dancefloor, if they keep this up.


She’s painfully turned on, and while she finds it hard to believe, she seems to have the same effect on the woman who is now very firmly pressing her crotch up against Beca’s ass. The world tilts again when she feels the woman give another tug on her earlobe, before disengaging and - without further warning - latch onto Beca’s pulse point.


Beca tangles her hands into the woman’s hair again as she, very enthusiastically, sets to work leaving a mark on Beca’s neck, all scraping teeth and sucking lips and licking tongue, and it’s wet and sloppy and Beca loves every second of it, making sure to voice her appreciation with a ragged moan.


Her vocal expression seems to trigger something, even if it was all but lost in the pounding beats and shouting people. Beca feels their dancing falter for a moment, as if all of their brain function is re-routed to something else - somewhere else


With a start, she feels the redhead’s hand twitch against her stomach again as their dancing resumes, and then it slowly, almost hesitantly, creeps a little lower, stopping right around the waistband of Beca’s panties. Her dress being the flimsy, thin piece of sexy trash it is, the stranger has to feel where her fingers are now idly scratching.


Fire seems to course through her veins as the fingers dip another inch lower, and Beca thinks to herself how she would probably let this woman lift her dress up, plunge her hand into her panties and have her way with her right here, right now, in the middle of the dancefloor, bystanders be damned.


They get dangerously close to testing whether Beca would actually let them get that far. Her dress is already short, and has ridden up from their vivid dancing, and now she feels the redhead’s fingers softly pattering against the bare skin of her thigh, stealing her breath away.


Before things can get any more out of hand, Beca makes a split-second decision.


She grabs the hand on her thigh and yanks it up, moving her other hand out of the redhead’s hair and taking a step forward. She immediately laments the loss of their contact, and a quick glance over her shoulder shows the woman behind her with an expression that could only be a mixture between disappointment, shock, and regret.


Beca doesn’t have time for all that, linking their fingers and dragging the redhead across the dancefloor, into the direction where she - vaguely - remembers having seen the bathrooms. She knows she must’ve dragged them in the right way when they stumble right into a long line of impatiently waiting people.


“Don’t have the fucking time for that,” she grumbles under her breath, taking a firmer hold of the redhead’s hand - who has made no move to let go or move in any other direction than the one Beca dictates - and leads them towards the exit.


The cool summer breeze hits them as soon as they step outside, a world of difference with the oppressive heat inside, and Beca hears a pleasant, airy sigh from her companion. She spares a quick glance towards her, meaning to check in with her, see if they really were on the same page. When she does, she feels the woman with her red hair and impossibly blue eyes step closer again, hand coming to rest against the small of her back, fingers softly scratching at the material of her dress.


Frenzied, Beca waves a cab over, ripping the door open and scurrying inside, giving her companion a relieved grin as she follows before giving her address to the cab driver. She’s not looking forward to the ride - it’ll take at least fifteen minutes and not touching this woman feels like torture.


She’s part way relieved and part way concerned, because the woman seems to feel the same. Instead of securing her seatbelt, she moved closer to Beca, snaking an arm around her back and pulling her in, wet mouth latching to the side of her neck that had not yet been marked before.


She throws her head back, moaning, sparing but a fleeting thought to the cab driver who is definitely watching them through the rearview mirror. “Eyes on the road, you sleaze,” she grunts, tangling her fingers in bright red hair again and tugging the woman up.


She really is unfairly pretty with her red hair and her blue eyes and the light coating of freckles across her cheekbones, and her long lashes that flutter as Beca takes a moment to study her face, eyes drifting down to her kiss-swollen lips, even if they have not even actually kissed yet.


Beca feels that’s a mistake that needs righting as soon as possible, and uses the hand in her companion’s hair to pull her forward into a kiss. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting, wasn’t even sure what she was planning beyond her intention to kiss this woman.


She certainly does not expect it to be a sweet and gentle, almost shy press of their lips, both of them sporting enamored grins as they part. Beca watches, dazed, as the woman averts her eyes, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m Chloe,” she suddenly blurted, and Beca only now realizes it’s the first thing this woman has actually said since they began dancing. “Just throwing that out there.”


“Right,” Beca nods. “Beca. Me. Um, shit, I mean, I’m Beca.”


The woman - Chloe - giggles lightly, softly snaking her hand past Beca’s face and into her neck, pulling her closer again. Where their first kiss was soft and gentle, this one rapidly turned passionate as Beca feels Chloe’s teeth nipping at her bottom lip, and her tongue lavishing the same spot immediately after to chase away the sting.


She willingly - eagerly - parts her lips to dart her own tongue out, engaging in a playful match to conquer Chloe’s mouth, both of them softly groaning as their kiss rapidly escalates.


She has absolutely no sense of time as they kiss like that, Chloe now practically in her lap, still trying to scoot closer and closer. She feels like they don’t break apart until there’s a very audible cough from the driver’s seat. 


“We’re here, ladies. Have been for like, five minutes,” he grins into the rearview mirror. 


“Ugh,” Beca grunts as Chloe reluctantly pulls back, looking a little sheepish at having been so lost in their kiss. “You’re the actual worst,” Beca tells the cab driver, reaching for some cash from her purse and haphazardly dumping it, not even bothering to count.


They step outside, the humid night air refreshing after the pungent smell of the cab they both hadn’t really noticed until they left it. Chloe stands next to her, looking around first, and then up at the building in front of them.


Beca takes her hand and drags her forward smiling tightly as the doorman lifts his hat at them and opens the door. “Miss Mitchell,” he greets her pleasantly.


“Hello Michael,” Beca nods in return, smiling apologetically as she drags Chloe into the foyer and they rush past him towards the elevators. 


Beca’s been doing well for herself over the past few years, but she’s not usually one to parade her wealth like a peacock. She hardly ever has anyone over to her Manhattan penthouse because… well, that’s just not really her thing. 


“You live here?” Chloe’s choked question comes when the elevator doors open and Beca leads them down a short hallway towards the penthouse apartment. 


“Yeah,” she nods, fumbling with her keys to get the door open. She wants to get to know Chloe, and for Chloe to get to know her too, but not right now. Right now, she does not want to be talking. She’s still stupidly horny and she really needs them to move this to the bedroom. 


Or any other horizontal surface. Soft or otherwise.


The door finally opens, and Beca uses her shoulder to push through the opening, their joined hands allowing her to pull Chloe in as well before slamming the door shut, harder than strictly necessary. 


“Um, should I offer you, like, a drink, or…?” Beca murmurs, suddenly all too aware that her own desire doesn’t mean she can’t at least try to be a good host.




“Yeah,” Beca is quick to nod. “That’s kinda what I was thinking, too.”


She leads them to the bedroom at the end of the corridor. She waits patiently as Chloe takes in the spacious room and the massive bed at the center, before turning around, eyes hooded and roaming up and down her body. “That’s a really nice dress, Beca,” she murmurs softly.


A pleasant shiver runs down Beca’s spine at the way Chloe says her name, setting all her nerves on end. 


“Can I take it off?”


“Yeah,” she nods instantly, shivering as she feels Chloe’s warm, soft fingers hook under the hem of her dress, blunt nails scratching against the sensitive skin of her thighs as it’s lifted inch by inch. Beca feels the cool air hitting her crotch as the dress lifts higher, then up her stomach until it is bunched underneath her breasts.


“God, you’re fucking gorgeous,” Chloe breathes reverently, before moving the dress up higher, revealing her bra and then, with some jostling, removing it entirely. Beca looks at herself in the mirror for a moment, glad she chose, on a whim, to wear her fancy black lingerie.


She had most certainly not expected to pick anyone up at the club, but the black lace looked good against her pale skin, so it was a definite win for her tonight. Chloe seems to agree, looking over her hungrily.


“Let the record reflect,” Beca states boldly, “I feel you are wearing far too many clothes.” Her bold statement tapers off into a sharp hiss as Chloe presses two fingers up against the soaked lace of Beca’s panties, applying just the right amount of pressure.


Chloe seems to take pity on her, removing her hand and smoothly pulling her shirt over her head, leaving her in just her jeans and her bra, and gracing Beca’s eyes with a smooth expanse of skin she hadn’t expected to see just yet.


She lifts her hands, resting them on the button of Chloe’s jeans and glancing upwards, hoping her question - or request or whatever - is clear enough. It seems to be, as Chloe snares her bottom lip between her teeth and nods, looking both anxious and excited.


Beca fumbles a little with the button - she’s not exactly used to undoing anyone’s buttons but her own - and manages to jerk the zipper down after having the little piece of metal slip from her trembling fingers several times.


The wait is worth it, though, when she finally peels Chloe’s jeans down her legs, revealing a very lacy pair of navy blue panties, matching her bra. Somehow, Chloe apparently kicked off her boots sometime between entering the apartment and now, but Beca chooses not to spend too much time wondering about that while she’s got this literal goddess standing in front of her. 


Beca blinks in surprise when Chloe suddenly drops down into her lap, effectively straddling her while reaching behind herself to unsnap her bra, letting it sail through the room without another look as to where it might land.


She can’t help her eyes glancing down, hands instantly coming up to caress the soft curve of Chloe’s breasts, watching with rapture as the flesh of her nipples pebbles. Chloe let out a soft coo, running her hands through Beca’s hair, giving a soft tug to lift her face.


Beca cranes her neck up to meet Chloe halfway, allowing herself to be pulled into a slow, sensual kiss. She groans as Chloe licks into her mouth as if it were second nature to her. Growing bolder, she allows her hands to cup Chloe’s breasts, feeling the hardened nipples pressing against the palm of her hands as she massages the pliable flesh.


Chloe bends closer, nails raking down Beca’s back and resting over the clasp of her bra. Rather than verbally telling her to go for it, Beca bends forward, capturing Chloe’s nipple between her lips and suckling it lightly, groaning as she feels the tension in her bra snap away.


Chloe’s hands immediately reach for her breasts, deft fingers pushing and pulling exactly the right way to coax moan after moan from Beca. Her moans of pleasure turn into a disgruntled huff when Chloe pushes her down onto her back.


“You are so incredibly hot,” she grinsdown at her, before fucking in, taking one of Beca’s breasts in her hand and suckling the nipple of the other into her mouth, her warm, wet tongue running circles over it. “I’ve been wanting to do this since the moment I saw you dancing,” she continues, lips brushing against Beca’s stiffened peak with every word. “Can I take off your panties?”


Beca wordlessly lifts her hips, allowing Chloe to remove her panties. She’s grateful the redhead doesn’t mention how absolutely soaked she is down there. It’s actually mortifying how much this girl turns her on.


“Yours too?” she asks, voice sounding more needy than she intended. Her eyes snap downwards as Chloe nods, hooks her fingers underneath the waistband and shimmies out of her panties, tossing them over her shoulder. 


There’s a neatly trimmed line of red hair at the apex of her thighs, and Beca desperately wants to explore this new region she’s just uncovered. Before she has a chance to do so, Chloe’s hands lands on the inside of her thigh, tickling its way higher and forcing Beca to part her legs in desperate need.


She’s glad to realize Chloe isn’t teasing her, fingers instantly pressing up against her heat, one digit sinking deeply into her while another rubbed rapid circles around her clit. Within half a minute, Beca feels her breathing become ragged, already speeding towards an orgasm.


“Stop, stop,” she pants, not wanting it to be over so quickly.


Instantly, Chloe’s hand disappears. Beca wants to slap herself for putting that worried expression on her face, watching her as she bites her lip, frowning as she slowly backs away.


“No, no,” Beca hastily amends. “I didn’t mean stop, like, as in stop. Just… I was getting really close and… Well, didn’t want this to be over in less than a minute.”


Chloe’s hand moves back, carefully. “Ahw, babe, don’t worry about that. Just relax and have a good time.”


“Yeah, okay,” Beca nods, laying back and getting comfortable again. She moans softly as Chloe’s hand sets back to work, one finger sinking into her again while her thumb resumes its rapid circles over her clit. Within a minute, she’s just about ready to orgasm already again, no longer bothering to try and keep it back.


Even if she had, it would have been futile. The moment Chloe leans forward and presses her hand more firmly against Beca, while at the same time taking her nipple into her mouth and softly grazing it with her teeth, Beca feels all the pent up tension breaking free.


It’s like there is electricity coursing through her body, activating random muscle spasms and arching her back and completely making her lose control of her vocal cords as she cries out Chloe’s name.


Opening her eyes, Beca notices Chloe hovering right above her, one hand still firmly perched between her legs. “You look so damn hot coming all over my hand.”


Beca feels herself flutter around Chloe’s digit at those words, already horny again. Or, more accurately, she never stopped being horny. “Are you too sensitive or can I continue?”


“Um,” Beca stammers. “Shouldn’t I like, return the favor?”


Chloe shrugs casually. “Later, sure. But I definitely want to see you come again.”


“Okay, I’m game,” Beca nods. Chloe nods in return, grinning excitedly as her finger slowly pulls out of Beca, before plunging in deeply again, repeating the motion several times, ever so slowly.


Beca isn’t overly sensitive, her body already receptive to Chloe's actions again. Still, she appreciates Chloe’s slower pace. “That good?” Chloe asks, genuinely.


“Oh hell yeah,” Beca groans, bringing her hand up to reach for Chloe’s breast, running the pad of her thumb over the pink peak. 


Chloe lets out a breathy chuckle, speeding her hand up just a little. “Well, look at you. You’re so ready for me again, aren’t you babe?”


Biting her lip, Beca nods, palming her own breast. Chloe swats her hand away, replacing it with her own. At the same time, she adds a second finger inside Beca and latches her mouth to the side of Beca’s neck, setting to work on an undoubtedly impressive love bite.


Beca’s now moaning and writing, her senses overwhelmed by Chloe’s actions. It’s clear the redhead knows what she’s doing, speeding her hand up even more, now firmly pumping into Beca’s cunt, every thrust punctuated by a wet slap when the mouse of her hands connects with Beca’’s center. “You look so hot with my fingers inside you,” Chloe rasps against the side of her neck, before softly biting her earlobe again.


It’s almost physically impossible for Beca to be this close to another orgasm, yet here she is, writing underneath the weight of Chloe’s body as those devilish fingers rapidly pump in and out of her, filling the room with their lewd sounds. “Are you going to come for me again, babe?”


“Yeah,” Beca practically cries, throwing her head back in ecstasy. Chloe’s hand briefly flits away from Beca’s breast, instead pulling Beca’s face down to connect their mouths. The kiss is unlike any of the kisses they shared before now. Before, they had been equal, both of them wrestling the other for dominance. 


There is no wrestling in this kiss. Chloe is in charge, and they both know it by the way Chloe claims Beca’s mouth. It’s passionate, it’s dirty, and Beca absolutely loves the way Chloe’s tongue moves as far into her mouth as Chloe can make it, all the while still amping up the speed of her hand.


And just like that, something inside Beca snaps and she feels another orgasm, even stronger than the one before, crashing over her. She feels like she’s been hit by lightning, all of her nerves firing their signals into her brain at once. Chloe’s hand doesn’t stop, or even slow, this time, continuing it’s punishing assault and drawing the orgasm out longer and longer until Beca lets out an ear-shattering shriek and snaps her thighs together, effectively trapping Chloe’s hand, finally causing it to still.


Beca takes a few minutes to catch her breath, marveling at the change in Chloe, gently stroking her cheek with the back of her hand right now, whispering sweet nothings as Beca recovers from an earth-shattering climax. “I know I said it before, but holy shit, you’re so hot,” she whispers reverently. “I kind of want to see you come again…”


“Again?” Beca balks.


“Well, only if you’re up for it,” Chloe smiles gently, giving a one-shouldered shrug. “I promise I’ll be more gentle this time.”


Beca briefly considered the situation. She isn’t unaware of the fact Chloe is definitely the leading party in this little encounter of theirs. And while it’s not exactly a problem , Beca still feels like she should at least have some input. “Alright,” she ends up nodding. “But I want to make you cum after.”


“It’s a deal,” Chloe grins excitedly, pecking her on the lips as her fingers slowly pull out entirely. Even though she just came twice in less than five minutes, Beca laments the loss. She groans throatily as Chloe runs her wet finger around Beca’s nipple a few times, before latching her mouth to her breast and licking it clean again with a rumbling moan of appreciation. “You taste so good,” she groans as Beca’s nipple slips from between her lips.


Beca isn’t at all surprised when Chloe begins crawling backwards, occasionally leaving a kiss or a nip or a bite at some random place on her body, but mostly just really in a hurry to get her face between Beca’s legs. “This okay?” she checks in before going any further.


“Oh, hell yeah,” Beca grins down at her. 


That’s all Chloe needs to hook her arms under Beca’s legs, duck down, and run her tongue over the length of her sex, from her opening all the way up to her clit in a single broad stroak. Even over the sound of her own moan, Beca can hear Chloe’s appreciative groan from between her legs.


After that first, not so tentative touch, Chloe really sets to work, licking up and down in broad strokes for a few seconds, before dipping her tongue ever so slightly inside Beca, making her yelp. When the tongue retreats again, it’s immediately replaced by two fingers, slowly dragging in and out, curving just the right way. Chloe takes Beca’s clit into her mouth, grinding her tongue against it as she suckles.


After her last two orgasms, Beca figures she has some stamina built up now, something to make her last just a little longer against this sensory assault. And while it is true she isn’t being propelled over the edge just yet, she already feels her third climax of the night building deep inside her.


Somehow, Chloe’s fingers seem to touch magical places inside Beca that she never even knew existed, and Beca already knows she needs this girl in her life forever, because she’s now ruined for everyone else. 


“Oh, don’t stop, Chloe. God, keep going, just like that,” she moans, pushing herself up to her elbows so she can watch. It’s a glorious sight, this breathtaking woman with her eyes closed and her mouth buried between her legs, so focused on her task she probably hasn’t even realized she’s being watched yet.


The speed of her fingers speed up again until she’s, quite frankly, unceremoniously pounding into Beca with every thrust, her tongue somehow never failing to hit the exact right spot at the same time. She moans again, tangling her fingers in Chloe’s hair and tugging her tighter against herself. 


Chloe’s eyes instantly snap open, finding Beca’s and holding her gaze through the sheer intensity and lust in her eyes. 


Chloe continues like that for a few minutes, and Beca continues to inch closer and closer to yet another orgasm. “You’re going to come for me again, babe?” Chloe asks, her voice sounding cute despite their current situation. “God, you look so sexy.”


Beca is about to respond and confirm she’s close again, but the words die in her throat as Chloe’s tongue grinds against her clit again and her free hand comes up to take a firm hold of Beca’s breast, fingers flicking and pulling and pinching at her nipple in a way that is rough, but not unpleasant. Not unpleasant at all.


Finally, the onslaught of sensations becomes too much, and Beca’s pleasure peaks again. Chloe seems to sense it beforehand, doubling her efforts in a mad sprint towards the finish, until Beca shrieks out her name and her legs snap together, trapping Chloe between her thighs, hoping she isn’t hurting or suffocating her.


Her orgasm seems to go on and on, a continuous thrumming in her veins, until it finally peters out and she can relax her muscles again. Laying on the bed, entirely boneless, she hisses as Chloe withdraws her fingers and places a final, chaste peck on her clit, before climbing up the bed and laying herself next to Beca.


“That was amazing,” she grinned, Beca’s arousal glistening around her mouth and chin.


“Ugh, you’re telling me,” Beca sighs contentedly. “Definitely the best sex I’ve ever had.”


“Hm, I agree,” Chloe hums easily, her fingers now tracing random patterns across Beca’s breasts. “And you’ve barely even touched me yet,” she adds with a wink.


“That’s your fault, though,” Beca counters. “I wanted to but you were adamant about doing me like, three times in a row.”


“Well, what can I say?” Chloe shrugs. “You’re pretty irresistible.”


“I’m not complaining,” Beca smiles lazily. “I’ve been thoroughly ravished for now. Looking forward to returning the favor.”


“Hm, sounds good,” Chloe grins, looking Beca up and down and biting her lip.


“What are you thinking?”


“Um… I was thinking it’d be really hot if you’d let me ride your face,” she admits slowly, a soft blush turning her cheeks red, as if they hadn’t been having sex for the past thirty-or-so minutes.


“I think…” Beca starts, cupping Chloe’s breast and squeezing it softly. “That’d be really hot.”


In a flurry of movement, Chloe pushes herself up and onto her knees, impatiently waiting for Beca to gather up her hair and get it out of the way, before swinging her leg over. The moment she does, Beca gets an exquisite few of Chloe’s sex, the strip of red curls leading her eyes to soft-looking pink flesh, glistening with arousal.


And just like that, it disappears from her view again, coming to hover a few inches from her mouth instead. Unwilling to wait for Chloe, who looks like she’s about to check in and ask if Beca is sure, she instead sticks out her tongue and lifts her head a little, making first contact and earning her a surprised gasp.


When she lets her head rest on the bed again, Chloe’s cunt follows suit, firmly pressing up against Beca’s waiting mouth. It’s hot, and wet, and leaves absolutely no doubt to how much Chloe enjoyed pleasuring Beca. Beca is pretty sure she’ll enjoy returning the favor just as much, using her tongue to lick every spot she can get to.


“Holy fuck, you look so hot between my legs,” Chloe moans, shifting her weight and grinding her cunt against Beca’s mouth. “Lick me, baby, yes, just like that.”


Chloe knows what she wants and doesn’t seem shy about taking it, using Beca’s mouth and tongue like she owns them, moving over it to get Beca to focus exactly where Chloe wants her to. Which is completely fine by Beca. In fact, it’s incredibly hot to have this woman quite literally riding her tongue, grinding away against her face to bring herself to orgasm.


Beca feels the urgency of Chloe’s movement increase alongside the volume of her moans and obscenities. Beca’s more than content to let Chloe ride her face and use her tongue as she pleases, feeling heat and wetness gathering between her own legs again as the redhead’s legs close around her head, only partially blocking the sound of her very vocal orgasm.


To be honest, Beca’s sad the experience is over when Chloe lifts her weight off Beca’s face, looking down and running her hand through Beca’s hair. “You okay down there?”


“Totally,” Beca grins, knowing she has to look like a complete mess right now.


“Can I… Can I go again?” she asks, both excited and a little insecure.


“Oh hell yes,” Beca nods, hooking her arms around Chloe’s legs and pulling her flush to her face again, softly lapping at the redhead’s entrance to allow her clit some time to grow a little less sensitive.


Chloe remains still for the time being, content to let Beca do as she pleases while she’s tangling her hands in her hair, moans slowly building again. Beca still has no idea how long they have been going at it, but she estimates it’s at least ten minutes before Chloe begins rocking her hips again, taking what she needed from Beca. 


Hearing the moans picking up again, Beca extends her tongue as far as she could, moaning almost as loudly as Chloe when her thighs snap together again and the entire world is drowned out. 


She smiles lazily as Chloe lifts her weight again, getting off Beca and listlessly dropping down next to her, sighing happily and staring up at the ceiling. Grinning, Beca turns to her side, pressing a kiss to the side of Chloe’s face. 


“You’re amazing.”


“Hm, you’re pretty amazing yourself.”


“Up for another round?” 


Chloe chuckles lowly. “Sure, but I don’t think my legs can support my weight anymore.”


“That’s fine,” Beca grins, lavishly running her tongue across Chloe’s nipple before placing a peck on it. “All you need to do is lay here and be pretty. Preferably with your legs spread for me,” she winks.


Taking position between Chloe’s legs, Beca uses the opportunity to properly look and admire the sight in front of her. Chloe’s cunt is glistening with arousal and saliva, beautiful pink flesh exposed right before her eyes. 


Biting her lip, Beca slides a single finger inside, all the way to her knuckle, before pulling it back and immediately adding a second, pumping them in and out in a slow but steady pace. She wraps her lips around Chloe’s clit, taking a page out of her own book and grinding her tongue in tight little circles. She has to wrap her arm around Chloe’s legs to keep her hips from bucking out of her reach.


“Oh, that’s good, don’t stop baby,” Chloe chants, hands twisting in the bedsheets.


Having no intention to stop, Beca doubles down, upping the tempo of her fingers as she tries to control Chloe’s hips, and limit their movement. Chloe continues to moan Beca’s name, amongst a string of obscenities, telling Beca she’s definitely doing it right.


She is prepared for what’s coming when she feels Chloe digging her heels into the mattress. Barely a few seconds later, she violently pushes herself up with a loud and seemingly endless groan. With considerable effort, Beca manages to move with her, her tongue slowing down but not letting up until Chloe’s hips are firmly back on the mattress, and she’s left a panting mess. 


Dropping down next to her, Beca lets out a pleased hum when Chloe turns onto her side, cups her cheek and presses a kiss to her lips. She takes stock of their situation, both of them naked, panting, with disheveled hair and one another’s arousal smeared across their faces, and lets out a girlish giggle. 


Without asking anything, Chloe joins her laughter, grabbing Beca’s arm and pulling her close, half on top of her own body. Beca allows the redhead to use her as a blanket of sorts, letting out an amused snort when she feels Chloe’s breathing evening out, eyes closed and lids fluttering lightly. 




Even before she opens her eyes, Chloe knows she’s not in her own room. She knows because light is streaming into the room from the wrong side. She knows because the smells are all wrong - amazingly good, but wrong. She knows because these bed sheets feel like silk, and she definitely doesn’t own silk bed sheets. 


And she knows because she can remember last night. She remembers it vividly, and hopes the memory will forever be embedded into her mind as it is now. 


She slowly opens her eyes, realizing Beca isn’t in the room with her. She ponders the immediate future for a moment, wondering what to do now, where to go. She and Beca had fun last night, she’s relatively certain the brunette will feel the same. 


She hadn’t seem overly intoxicated, Chloe considers. They had been two consenting adults, having a lot of fun together. But the fact that Beca isn’t here now might indicate she’s trying to avoid Chloe, which would be a bad sign.


Chloe had really been hoping this would become a regular thing, if she’s being honest.


She sits up, the sheets bunching around her waist, and looks around the room. It’s a massive bedroom, and she can see the high-rise office towers of Manhattan looking out the window. She doesn’t come to this part of town very often, but she recognizes the building a few blocks away, sporting the BeMitchell logo - the company worked with some of the world’s most famous musicians, and produced some of Chloe’s favorite music.


She’s startled out of her thoughts when the bedroom door opens and Beca comes shuffling in backwards. Chloe grins, seeing Beca’s wearing nothing but an apron, and is carrying a hefty tray with breakfast foods. “Oh, you’re awake,” Beca smiles, setting the tray down at the edge of the bed.


“Yup,” Chloe chirps, making a show of raking her eyes up and down Beca’s body. “I like your outfit,” she whispers, licking her lips for good measure.


“Down, girl,” Beca chuckles, indicating the tray. “Breakfast first. After that, I’m open to suggestions.”


Chloe reaches for one of the bagels, taking a bite and chewing. She wasn’t kidding about wanting to have sex with Beca again - she did look ridiculously adorable wearing only that apron - but even more than that she wanted to talk, and check whether they’re on the same page.


She quietly chews her bagel until she hears Beca clearing her throat, making her look up.


“I um… guess I misread the situation,” Beca grimaces, wringing her hands. “Judging by your silence and frowning, this was just a one-night stand, and I should have just let you make a graceful exit.”


“No, that’s-”


“It’s okay,” Beca interrupts her hastily. “I um… I don’t regret anything or whatever. Like, last night was amazing. And yeah, I mean, I guess I was planning to ask you out for lunch or whatever. But um… It’s fine, I get it. We just… I guess, well, I figured we had pretty good chemistry and would’ve liked to get to know you better. But yeah, like I said, it’s okay. You can just um, finish breakfast and then leave. Or just leave now, if you want. I-”


“Beca, would you shut up for a second?” Chloe interrupts. “As adorable as your rambling is, you’re way off mark.”


“Off mark?” Beca hedges, and Chloe knows people well enough to see the spark of hope flickering in Beca’s eyes.


“Way off mark,” she repeats. “I don’t regret anything, and I don’t necessarily want last night to have been a one-and-done kind of thing. Lunch sounds nice, and I would like to get to know you better, too.” 


“Oh… That’s pretty cool.”


“It is,” Chloe confirms, continuing her bagel and smiling as Beca grabs a piece of buttered toast and proceeds to spread strawberry jam on it. 




“Have a nice evening, Miss Mitchell!” the doorman smiles politely as they exit Beca’s apartment building, hand in hand. It’s a different man than last night, Chloe realizes, thinking back. And just like that, something in Chloe’s mind clicks.


“You’re Beca Mitchell,” she blurts, stopping them in the middle of the sidewalk.


“Yes?” Beca responds, clearly confused.


“You’re the founder and owner of BeMitchell Productions.”


“Yes,” Beca nods, still looking confused. “So?”


“You’re like… a legend in the music industry. Not to mention one of the richest women in the country!”


“So I’ve been told,” Beca grins casually, taking Chloe’s hand and leading her down the sidewalk. “I figured you knew that when I took you home last night.”


“No, I had no idea,” Chloe admits sheepishly. “Didn’t think I’d run into a celebrity.”


“I’m not-”




“Yeah, okay.”


“So… lunch?”


“Yeah,” Beca nods. “There’s a quaint little place one block over that I think you’ll like.”


“Sounds good,” Chloe smiles, wordlessly following along with the brunette. It isn’t until they’re already seated at their table that she decides to voice some of the questions bouncing inside her mind.




“Hm?” the brunette hums, looking up from the menu.


“Are we… Is this a date?”


Beca puts the menu down, looking like she’s pondering the question. “I’d say that this is a casual outing,” she speaks slowly. “But only because I want our first date to be something more than just a quick lunch in a quaint little cafe. I was planning to… Chloe, would you like to have dinner with me? Tonight, or like, some other night? Whenever?”


“Yeah, tonight sounds pretty awesome.”