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you're stuck in my head, stuck on my heart

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Andie had given her permission, she had said it so casually, she can ask out Holden, she can go out with the guy she has been crushing on all year. Then why the fuck is she not jumping with joy, why isn't she texting Maddie, why isn't she trying to figure out the perfect way to ask him out, why isn't she excited about this?

Liv ponders this for three days straight until Andie a little too casually asks, "So, have you asked out Holden yet?"

"Not yet" She replies, leaving it as vague as possible and praying that her friend would not ask her any follow up questions

"Why not?"

Now, Liv is an actress so she tends to know lying when she sees it, and she especially knows bad lying. Andie is lying right now but Liv cannot for the life of her figure out what she would be lying about.

"Liv? You alright" Andie asks, and she realises she has been just standing there, pointedly not replying to what is at its base a simple question

"I think I'm just nervous, me and Holden have been friends for a bit now, just normal romantical nerves"

"That makes sense, if you need anything just know that I'm here"

"Thanks, Andie, you know you're a really good friend"

Andie is a good friend, she has been there for Liv more than anyone not related to her ever has, and it never felt like a burden on her, Liv never felt like she was being selfish asking her for a favour or even just for advice, and in return whenever Andie asked for something from Liv she didn't just not feel burdened, she felt flattered and excited. Even when Andie has asked for her help cleaning her freaking roof gutters, Liv was just excited to get to spend time with her. Weirdly she had never felt that way around Holden-


Of course.

And because Liv is not known for controlling her impulses she shouts to Andie as she is heading off down the hallway, "Hey, wait!"

A few people turn around but luckily that includes Andie who just makes a slightly confused face and walks back to Liv, "Sorry, I thought that was the end of the conversation?"

"Oh it totally was" And the proceeds to gesture and lightly pull Andie towards a corridor because this isn't quite the thing you want to do in front of your classmates, and if Liv had thought this through at all, it isn't actually the sort of thing you do at school at all, but she really, literally hadn't thought about it one bit

"You are a strange one aren't you, now what's up?"

"I'm an idiot"

"Well, no you're not"

"It's you, it's always been you, god I am so silly"

"You really have to clue me into what you're talking about"

"Oh wait should I ask Holden for permission, he is my friend after all? But no, you're right it is a dumb code"

"Liv, I will try to say this as clearly as possible. What. Are. You. Talking. About?"

"Do you wanna maybe go out sometime? It's not a big deal or anything"

Andie shakes her head for a solid ten seconds and Liv would think that's a bad sign if she wasn't grinning the entire time, "You put me through the wringer a bit, didn't you?"

Liv doesn't know what to say to that because she had but she also just hadn't known, and it doesn't look like Andie is particularly mad at her, so all she does is slowly, giving Andie time to pull away, puts her hand in Andie's hand and give her a quick kiss on the cheek. And the blush that arrives on both of their faces is enough of an answer to whatever questions will come next.